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Fly away

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The day started out the same as every other day. 

Izuku got up and stretched, popping and cracking his joints. 

There was a small sting in between his shoulders but he didn't pay it any mind. 

He gathered up his clothes for the day and his toiletries and went to take a shower. He set his stuff on the bench outside of the stall and stripped himself of his pyjamas. 

He stepped into the stall and pulled the door shut. 

Turning the water on he felt his muscles start to relax as all the tension melted away. He poured out a small amount of shampoo into his hand and started to wash his hair. 

The shower room door squeaked open and shut and small footsteps came closer to Izuku's stall then paused and retreated a moment later and the door squeaked open and shut again. 

Izuku ignored it but the feeling of deja vu made itself present in his gut.

When he was done with his shower he opened his stall door and steam poured out, reaching just up to his muscular but skinny hips. He was really tall so it was a lot of steam.

His clothes were gone but his towel remained untouched.

He sighed and tied the towel around his hips. It reached just above his knees. 

His body was really defined and he had an eight pack above a very prominent and sexy "v" in between his hips. 

The sides of his head were shaved but the rest of the hair in the middle was really long. 

He blow dried his hair before brushing it and pulling it into a neat and tight bun. 

He walked back to his room and put up his stuff before getting on a pair of light blue, silky soft, briefs. 

He went out into the common room and crossed his arms. 

 "Alright, who stole my uniform?" He asked leaning up against the doorway. 

Everyone turned to look at him then blushed. 

He raised an eyebrow expectantly. 

Mineta was practically drooling. There was a uniform folded up on the chair behind him.

 "Mineta, it's not very nice to steal people's clothes." Izuku drawled and calmly walked over to him with a light sway in his hips. 

 Everyone's jaws dropped open a little as their faces became even more red.

Izuku grabbed his clothes and started to get dressed, not caring if his classmates were watching. 

Before he could slip on his shirt Mineta snatched it and put it in the kitchen sink and turned the water on. 

Izuku sighed again and got his uniform jacket and buttoned the two buttons on it. He left his tie off and got his shoes on. He would come back for his shirt later. 

He left the dorms and headed for the school.

Everyone was staring at him with a blush on their faces as he walked through the halls to his class. 

Around the corner he found some students bullying a boy with wild lavender hair and eyebags. 

"Hey, leave him alone and go to class." He told the boys in a commanding but soft tone. 

The boys turned around to sneer at him but then their eyes widened and they blushed. The boys nodded and scampered off. 

Izuku bent down and held out a hand to the lavender haired boy. 

"You okay?" He asked. 

Lavender blushed a deep red and nodded without looking at him. He took Izuku's hand and Izuku hauled him to his feet. 

The boy tripped with a yelp but Izuku caught him and held him to his chest.

"Careful, I don't want you to get hurt." Izuku said gently and steadied the boy without letting go of him. 

Lavender blushed even deeper and hid his face in Izuku's chest. 

Izuku chuckled and lifted Lavender's chin with his thumb and pointer finger to where he was looking at him. 

"No need to be shy, kitten. I won't bite." Izuku smiled softly. 

"K-kitten?!" Lavender squeaked. 

Izuku just chuckled again.

"You remind me of a little kitten when you try to hide. I'm sure my boyfriend would agree." 

All the girls around them had nose bleeds and we're looking at them with hearts in their eyes. 

'So fucking cute!' they all thought. 

Izuku took out his phone and started to take a picture but Lavender his his face in Izuku's chest again. 

Izuku smiled and took the picture anyway. 


Sexy broccoli: [image attached] 

Sexy broccoli: I've found a cute kitten. 

Blue flame bae: so fucking adorable. 

Blue flame bae: can we keep him? 

Sexy broccoli: maybe, I just need to ask. 


Izuku tapped Lavender's shoulder and held out his phone for the shorter boy to read. 

After he was done reading the boy squeaked again and covered his face with his hands and his in Izuku's chest again. 

Izuku just smirked. 

"Would you like to be our kitten, Kitten?" He asked, taking Lavender's hands away from his face. 

Lavender looked away from him as his face went from raging deep scarlet to a light pink blush dusting his cheeks. 

"I-I don't think you or your b-boyfriend would want me a-after you know what my q-quirk is..." He told Izuku.

Izuku frowned. 

"Why, what's your quirk Kitten?" He asked.

Lavender looked down at the floor and the blush went away. He tensed up and told Izuku. 

"It's brainwashing. I can take control of anyone who responds to me." 

Lavender closed his eyes tightly and tensed up even more. 

Izuku smiled softly at him and brought him back to his chest. 

"Is that all? That's not a bad quirk, Kitten. You would be an amazing hero with that quirk." Izuku told him and ran his fingers through the boy's wild hair. 

 "R-really?" He asked quietly. 

"Of course. I wouldn't have said that if I didn't  think it was true." 

The boy was quiet for a moment and Izuku could feel his jacket getting a bit wet but that was okay. If he needed to cry then Izuku wouldn't stop him. 

"My name is Shinsou Hitoshi." He said after a while and sniffled.

"Midoriya Izuku." He replied. 

 After exchanging numbers and addresses Izuku walked Hitoshi to his class and kissed him on the forehead before leaving to go to his own class.

When he got there there was a dry shirt folded in his chair. He took off his uniform jacket and pulled the white shirt on. 

Everyone in the class practically drooled as he finished dressing and sat down. 

Today was going to be a long but good day. 

He could already tell, he even got a cute Kitten boyfriend this morning. He and Dabi were going to spoil him so much!