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“Yoongi, change into dry clothes before you do anything, okay? I don’t want you to get sick.”

“Yeah, yeah, got it.”

Seokjin and Yoongi had just gotten home from the cafe the elder worked at. Yoongi had taken a liking to visiting Seokjin on most days. They didn’t interact much when Yoongi was there, but the hybrid always made sure to show up within the hour before Seokjin’s shift was over so that they could walk home together. The hybrid only ever ordered his regular drink before sitting in the corner and waiting, watching Seokjin unabashedly. Seokjin thought it was really cute how the younger set up a routine just so he could see Seokjin a little sooner in the day instead of waiting for him to get home. It was nice knowing someone looked forward to seeing him.

(Seokjin stifled a laugh as he watched his boyfriend waddle into the small coffee shop. He’d been anticipating it, but it was still funny to see the little hybrid show up at the exact same time whenever he came to visit.

Seokjin stood at the cash register, waiting for Yoongi to make his way over so he can take his order.

“Hello! How can I help you?” Seokjin questioned, putting on his best customer-friendly voice despite just talking to Yoongi.

Yoongi looked at him with a soft smile, looking absolutely adorable as always. He wore a bucket hat on his head with little holes on the top just for his kitten ears and he was adorned in all black clothing. He would’ve looked intimidating to anyone else, but not Seokjin. Yoongi stood there with a hand fiddling with one of the earrings on his ear, looking shy and nervous despite it just being Seokjin in front of him and despite how he always ordered the same thing every day. His cheeks were a little pink. Being in public was always different than back in the apartment.

“Hello,” Yoongi replied shyly. “I’ll just have an iced americano, please.”

“Of course.”

After giving Yoongi back his card (Seokjin only pretended to use Yoongi’s card, using his own instead to pay for Yoongi’s drink. But he didn’t need to know that.), Seokjin turned around to prepare his drink. He could feel the hybrid’s eyes on his back as he worked, so he made sure to turn around at least once to throw him a wink, effectively flustering him.

“For Yoongi!” Seokjin called out as he moved towards the counter where his boyfriend was waiting. Seokjin made sure to brush his fingers along Yoongi’s when he reached over to grab the drink from his hands, making him blush and look at the drink instead of at Seokjin’s face. Seokjin grinned triumphantly at the deeper red settling on Yoongi’s cheeks when he read what was actually written on the cup.

For my BABY <3

Yoongi only covered his face with his free hand, trying to hide the smile on his face as he muttered about how stupid his boyfriend was before he silently walked away to his designated corner.

Seokjin smiled as he watched Yoongi waddle away. The smaller man was so cute; it seemed that no matter how long the two of them have been in a relationship, he would always manage to get flustered every time Seokjin flirted with him. And Seokjin always tried to take advantage of that simple fact. He loved to see the small smile on Yoongi’s face and the dusting of red on his cheeks, can you blame him? Yoongi never complained either.)

But today Yoongi was really… moody? He seemed almost dismissive and out of it when he’d come to visit him, not as happy to see him as he’d been the past days he’s come to visit. Sure, he still came, but it was almost like he didn’t want to? Seokjin just took it as one of Yoongi’s mood swings that came with being a cat hybrid. That and also the fact that it had rained today. Yoongi always hated the rain, hated how it was cold and made everything wet and heavy. There was only so much an umbrella could do to keep him dry.

Seokjin watched from the door as Yoongi threw himself onto the couch. The hybrid curled into himself and just lay there as Seokjin watched him. He looked like he didn’t want to be bothered and today was his lucky day because Seokjin had somewhere to go anyway.

“You remember I have someone to meet today, right?” Seokjin called from the door. No answer. “Okay, well you can just stay here because it doesn’t look like you want to go. Make sure you eat something for dinner because I’ll probably be eating with them tonight. Also, make sure to change out of your wet clothes before-”

“I heard you the first time,” Yoongi grumbled from the couch.

“Damn, okay, still moody I see. See you tonight then.” And with that Seokjin was back out the door.

In truth, Yoongi felt awful. He woke up in the morning with the worst stomach ache and was almost set on not moving a muscle the whole day but the damn cat side of him told him to get up and follow routine. Even worse was that when he went out of the apartment to make his way to the cafe it just had to be raining. He doesn’t even remember seeing any rain clouds the day before! Yoongi didn’t bother going back inside the apartment to look for an umbrella so he’d just ventured out in the rain with only his hoodie. Thinking back on it now it was probably a stupid idea. Unfortunately for Yoongi, even seeing Seokjin couldn’t lift his mood and he ended up taking it out on him.

(“What are you doing?” Yoongi asked with a raised eyebrow. Seokjin had wrapped an arm around him and pulled him close as soon as they stepped out of the shop. Seokjin usually didn’t hold him this close in public. Yoongi was quite shy in public, getting easily overwhelmed when too much attention was drawn to him and hence the reason why Seokjin tried to initiate as little PDA with the younger as he could manage.

“What do you mean ‘what am I doing?’” Seokjin responded casually as he opened his umbrella before holding it over their heads, “It’s raining and I know you don’t have an umbrella. You came into the shop soaked.”

“Well it’s not my fault you took the only umbrella we have,” Yoongi shot back.

“Well I didn’t think you would come in this weather,” Seokjin responded in the same tone as Yoongi, “I thought you’d stay home since you hate the rain.”

“I told you I was coming yesterday. Did you not listen to me? I thought you’d appreciate seeing me today, did you not?” Yoongi crossed his arms and frowned as the walked.

“Of course I listened to you, I just didn’t think you’d pull through with the unexpected change in weather. And I do appreciate you coming to visit, I’d just appreciate it a little more if you stayed home where it was warm and dry instead of getting yourself soaked. You could get sick.”

Yoongi whipped his head in Seokjin’s direction angrily. “I’m not that weak, you know? I’m not going to get sick that easily, you can stop worrying about me like that. It’s not that serious.”

Seokjin stopped walking to look Yoongi in the face. He was getting annoyed at the younger’s stubbornness that had seemingly surfaced out of nowhere. His mouth was set to a firm line as he looked down at the hybrid who had his arms crossed. “I’m not saying you’re weak, Yoongi. Believe it or not but I worry about you and I’m just doing my best to make sure you’re taking care of yourself, not because I don’t think you can, but because I love you and don’t like seeing you anything less than happy and healthy. I don’t know where this stubbornness is coming from but it’s getting on my nerves and I’m not gonna stand here and take it just because you refuse to accept and listen to anything I say today. If you wanted to argue with me today, you shouldn’t have come visit. Now let’s go home and warm ourselves up,” Seokjin ended by reaching for Yoongi’s hand, a plea for a silent truce to end whatever feud they’d gotten themselves into. Yoongi had taken his hand silently, too stunned to say anything after the scolding. Yoongi’s tail hung limp for the rest of the walk home.)

Yoongi buried his face into the couch cushions at the memory of being scolded just a while ago. He was embarrassed and ashamed. Seokjin didn’t do anything wrong and Yoongi had been mean to him for nothing. Oh man , he even told Seokjin to stop worrying about him! What if Seokjin thinks he doesn’t appreciate him in his life anymore!? What if Seokjin thinks that he thinks Seokjin is annoying?! Yoongi felt like crying. He felt like shit for more reasons than one. His stomach still hurt really bad.

Yoongi curled into himself more as he held his middle. Maybe the pain would go away if he took a nap…


Seokjin snorted to himself at the sight of the cat hybrid still situated on the couch where he’d left him. Still in his very damp clothes. And looking obviously sick. It was way past their usual dinner time and judging by the state Yoongi was in, it was obvious that the younger hadn’t eaten.

The younger’s face was a little flushed and he was struggling to breathe out of his nose, breathing out of his mouth to compensate. His black hair was splayed out on the couch and Seokjin could see how Yoongi’s brows were furrowed, even in his sleep. The kitten was curled into the tightest little ball Seokjin’s ever seen him in.

As if sensing his presence, suddenly Yoongi’s eyes were fluttering open and Seokjin waited for his eyes to focus on and settle on him. Seokjin smirked and crossed his arms as he leaned on the wall he was next to.

“You’re sick,” Seokjin stated matter of factly once Yoongi’s eyes settled on him, “I told you you’d get sick, didn’t I? Yet here you are still in your wet clothes when I told you to change. You didn’t eat either, huh?”

Yoongi stared blankly at Seokjin before flipping himself over so that his back was facing the elder. Seokjin gasped dramatically, “Yoongi! Ignoring me isn’t going to change the fact that I’m right,” the oldest continued to tease him. This was only his fun way of getting back at Yoongi for being a little brat earlier today. “If you weren’t so stubborn and had at least changed your clothes you wouldn’t be like this. Ah, what am I gonna do with you?”

Seokjin walked up to the little ball on the couch. “C’mon, Yoongi, look at me…” Seokjin trailed off as he took in the smaller. He was shaking. “Yoongi?” Seokjin called out, he was a little concerned now.

When he heard Yoongi produce a small sniffle, Seokjin gasped for real. He made him cry . “Oh my god, baby, I’m sorry I was just joking around,” he rushed out as he went down on his knees. This was definitely not the response he was expecting. He expected Yoongi to roll his eyes and deny that he was right. Not for him to cry at the light teasing. He didn’t mean to make the younger feel worse. “Yoongi?” Seokjin called out softly as he reached for his shoulder to turn him over. His heart twisted in pain at the sight of tears on the younger’s face and his trembling lips.

“Oh, baby, I’m sorry-”

“You’re making fun of me…” Yoongi whined as he brought his hands up to sob softly in them.

Okay. Okay, he’s really emotional. Noted.

“I’m sorry, that was really mean of me. I know you’re sick-”

“I feel awful a-and you’re making fun of m-me,” Yoongi sobbed again, cutting Seokjin off as if he didn’t hear him. “Y-you’re supposed to take care o-of me, n-not make fun.” Yoongi tried to roll over again to face away from Seokjin but the elder stopped him by holding onto his shoulders. Seokjin frowned at the sight of tears continuing to flow out of the kitten’s eyes. This Yoongi clearly didn’t want to listen either but was more pitiful than anything.

“I’m sorry, kitten,” Seokjin spoke again, moving his hands up to cup the younger’s round cheeks and rub at the wetness there. He then moved his hands to scoop Yoongi up so that he could sit across his lap when he moved onto the couch. Yoongi was stiff in his lap and he looked down instead of at the elder’s face. Seokjin sighed before cupping one of Yoongi’s cheeks so that his could kiss the other. “I’ll take care of you, don’t worry. I love y-,” Seokjin didn’t get to finish before Yoongi suddenly pushed him away and began sprinting down the hall.

Well… that hurt. Yoongi’s never rejected him so harshly before. Or really… ever. Was Yoongi really that pissed? Sad? Seokjin’s mind was running over what he’d done wrong and how he could make it better especially when Yoongi was in this state.

Seokjin was suddenly snapped out of his thoughts by the sound of… gagging.

Oh my god ,” Seokjin muttered to himself before he found himself sprinting down the hall Yoongi had run down and into the bathroom. He froze at the door frame at the sight of his poor Yoongi… hunched over and puking into the toilet. He felt his own eyes watering at the sight.

Seokjin slowly approached and knelt down beside Yoongi, bringing a hand up to rub up and down his back as he continued emptying his stomach into the toilet. Yoongi’s hands were gripping onto the toilet seat so hard, his body lurching forward with every hurl. Seokjin inhaled deeply at the sight of tears clinging to Yoongi’s lower lashes, trying not to cry himself.

“It’s okay, baby, let it all out. You can do it,” Seokjin encouraged, trying his best to sound calm for Yoongi. When Yoongi reached blindly behind him with one of his hands, Seokjin gladly held on with the hand that wasn’t rubbing his back, rubbing small circles on the back of it.

Soon enough, Yoongi was left to only dry heaving, his stomach no longer having anything to rid itself of. Once it was over and Yoongi was only gasping for air, Seokjin let out a sigh of relief. This really wasn’t what he was expecting when he came home.

“Yoongi? You okay?” He questioned, hand still resting on Yoongi’s back. Yoongi didn’t answer, only spitting into the toilet one last time before turning around and snaking his arms around Seokjin’s neck immediately, wanting to be held after the awful ordeal. Seokjin cooed and comforted the sick hybrid, hugging him tightly as he wrapped his legs around Seokjin’s torso, latching onto him completely.

The two of them sat on the bathroom floor until Yoongi calmed down some. Once Yoongi loosened his hold on Seokjin, the older pulled away to have Yoongi face him. The younger’s face was blotchy and his eyes were rimmed red. His ears were flat against his head and he looked so, so sad. Seokjin cupped Yoongi’s cheeks, rubbing away the wetness with his thumbs. Yoongi wasn’t crying anymore, he just looked very upset and understandably so.

“It’s okay, baby. It’s over now, yeah?” Seokjin tried to cheer him up. Yoongi only nodded and made grabby hands for Seokjin, wanting to be held again but he was denied. “We need to brush your teeth first. We can cuddle in bed after, okay?” Yoongi pouted but made his way to stand up anyway. Seokjin was pleased to see that Yoongi listened immediately. “I’m going to get you some water and medicine,” Seokjin announced before leaving without waiting for a response.

Seokjin was at a loss for words and just went straight into caretaker mode. He knew Yoongi was sick just from seeing him when he came home but for him to throw up like that? That was unexpected. He was shocked but felt more pity for Yoongi who was already in a weird funk since the day started if his weird mood meant anything. Getting sick and puking was a nice way to top it all off. Poor Yoongi…

Seokjin sighed to himself as he searched through their cupboards for medicine. The two of them rarely got sick so he just really hoped he would be able to find something appropriate for Yoongi’s condition, it’s too late to go out and get something if they didn’t. It was nearly midnight. Yoongi probably wouldn’t want to be alone right now either.

The elder did a little victory cheer in his head when he found something for the cold Yoongi probably had. Nothing for his upset stomach but he figures it should be okay… he wasn’t going to throw up more than once, right?


Seokjin was broken out of his thoughts by the small whining coming from behind him. Yoongi stood at the entry to the kitchen, looking small. Seokjin regarded Yoongi’s appearance for a moment.

“You’re still in your damp clothes. And you haven’t eaten dinner, huh? You should probably eat something now that your stomach’s empty. I also found you some medicine. Go change while I make you something to eat-”

“I don’t want to eat… I want to sleep.”

“But Yoongi-”

“Please?” Yoongi whined softly and so quietly. He was holding onto this tail as he pleaded, looking at Seokjin with glassy eyes.

Seokjin gave in and nodded, “Okay. You can’t take the medicine on an empty stomach though…”

“It’s okay, it’s just a cold…” It wasn’t okay to Seokjin, but he’ll listen to Yoongi this once.

Seokjin nodded in understanding and walked up to Yoongi, kissing him on the forehead before leading them to their shared bedroom. “Let’s get you changed into some warm clothes,” Seokjin smiled, trying to lift the mood for them both. He let Yoongi sit on the bed while he rummaged through their closet, pulling out Yoongi’s biggest, black sweater and some sweatpants. He quickly changed into some sweats himself before helping Yoongi strip of all his clothes and into the dryer ones.

Once the two of them were ready for bed, they climbed into the warm sheets to cuddle each other to sleep. But despite Yoongi’s claims of wanting to sleep, it seemed like he just couldn’t. Sensing Yoongi’s consciousness, Seokjin brought his hand up to stroke his cat ears before speaking up. “Something wrong?”

Yoongi buried his face deeper into Seokjin’s chest. “My tummy hurt…” he murmured, voice muffled in the cotton of Seokjin’s shirt.

Seokjin contemplated for a second before speaking. “How long has it been hurting?”

“Since this morning…”

Ah, that made more sense.

Silently, Seokjin reached his hand down to Yoongi’s stomach, rubbing small circles onto it.

Yoongi looked up at Seokjin to give him a weird look and Seokjin only smiled in return. “I’m giving you tummy rubs.” Yoongi just blinked in response but Seokjin knew he enjoyed it when a low purr erupted from the smaller’s chest. He continued rubbing small circles onto the younger’s belly until he fell asleep.

The next morning, Seokjin had gotten up early to prepare Yoongi something to eat before he took his medicine. He allowed the younger to go without it the night before but he wasn’t going to allow the younger to go on longer than that.

Once Seokjin was finished preparing the simple and awfully bland porridge for the sick hybrid, he made his way to fetch the younger who he left sleeping in their bed. Upon reentering the room, Seokjin was met with an already awake Yoongi.

“Oh, you’re awake. I made you some food, baby, so come eat it before you take your medicine.”

No response.

“Yoongi, did you hear me?” Yoongi did, in fact, hear him if the way he glanced at the older then turned away from him meant anything.

Seokjin stared at the younger’s back from where he stood at the door frame. Was he upset again? The day just started and Yoongi was already in a mood… Seokjin was at a lost, trying to figure out what he’d done already to make Yoongi not want to interact with him. A sick Yoongi was already presenting itself to be a hard one to deal with…

Seokjin walked out of the room without saying anything, coming back in with a bowl of porridge and a cup of water with the few pills for the younger since it didn’t seem like he wanted to leave the bed.

“You don’t have to talk with me if you don’t want to,” Seokjin spoke softly as he set the items down on the bedside table, “But you really need to eat so I made you some porridge and you need to take your meds before you get more sick, okay?”

Yoongi avoided looking at Seokjin’s face as he spoke to him. Seokjin sighed as he looked down at the younger, worry and a tinge of hurt gracing his features. It was clear that a sick Yoongi was an overly emotional one, one that reacted a lot more harshly when something upset him but Seokjin didn’t know how this Yoongi would react to him nagging or bothering him too much. He didn’t want to lecture Yoongi while he was like this, afraid that the cat hybrid might get angry at him and give him an even colder shoulder if he nagged him about taking care of himself or even worse, cry. He figured he’d be gentle with this Yoongi, trying his best to avoid another episode like what had happened last night, but he was also afraid that being too gentle wouldn’t get Yoongi to do what he asked him to in his stubbornness.

Seokjin reached down to thread his fingers through Yoongi’s hair. The younger was still ignoring him, but he wasn’t out right rejecting his affection so Seokjin figured that Yoongi wasn’t that upset with him for whatever he’d done. “Can you at least tell me if your stomach still hurts? Yes or no?” Seokjin pleaded. There was a tense silence, one that made Seokjin worry about how he was going to take care of the younger if he wasn’t going to tell him how he felt, before Yoongi softly shook his head, still staring at empty space. Seokjin sighed in relief, Yoongi was still somewhat responsive.

Seokjin slid his hand down from the top of Yoongi’s head to his cheek before leaning down to kiss his temple softly. “I’m sorry for doing whatever I did to upset you. It wasn’t my intention,” Seokjin spoke against the younger’s skin before standing up straight. “Please eat and take your meds,” the elder gestured to the items on the table, “I’ll be outside if you need me.”

Seokjin sat out in the living room for about an hour and a half before he realized that Yoongi was in fact not going to come out for any help if he needed it. Deciding that enough time has passed, Seokjin sighed before reentering their room, hoping that his sick boyfriend had at least eaten his food and taken his meds. He was also hoping that Yoongi’s mood had gotten better.

But alas, Seokjin was proven wrong once again. Seokjin stared wide eyed at the untouched bowl of food and meds on their bedside table. Right next to a very much awake Yoongi tapping away on his phone, not once having acknowledged Seokjin since he stepped into the room.

At that moment, Seokjin threw the prospect of being gentle right out the window.

Min Yoongi.

No response. As expected.

Seokjin pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to calm himself down before he spoke to Yoongi again. He didn’t want to act like Yoongi’s parent, but he really felt like that at this moment rather than Yoongi’s boyfriend. He was frustrated as hell. Yoongi was so passive and docile last night and had woken up in a complete 180 mood. Seokjin was gonna go crazy. Cats were something else.

“Yoongi,” Seokjin started again, looming over Yoongi’s figure on the bed, “I told you to eat over an hour ago and you still haven’t touched your food. Now it’s gone cold. And your meds are still here, do you want to get better or not?”

Seokjin watched as only one of the ears on Yoongi’s head twitched in response.

“Why are you ignoring me? Ignoring me isn’t going to help you get better since you’ve clearly decided that you’re not going to leave the bed all day. You need to talk to me, Yoongi.”

“Why are you so noisy?”

Seokjin was stunned into silence before he grew pissed.

“Oh, so now you wanna talk? Maybe I’m being ‘noisy’ because a certain someone refuses to do the bare minimum I ask them to do so that they could get over the cold that they have.”

Yoongi snorted to himself, still looking at his phone instead of the older man standing above him. “I didn’t ask you to take care of me. I can take care of myself.”

“Did we not just have this exact conversation yesterday?” Seokjin asked in disbelief, “Whatever. I’m gonna get you a new bowl of food.” Seokjin picked up the untouched bowl before leaving Yoongi’s side. He stopped at the door to look back at the smaller man. “You know, I woke up early and spent quite a while making this to help you. The least you could do is eat it.” Seokjin left the room before he got to see the way Yoongi’s ears fell to rest on his head.

When Seokjin returned, he placed the new bowl of food next to Yoongi before sitting on the floor. Yoongi’s ears perked up at the noise before he turned around for the first time to look at the older man. “What are you doing?”

Seokjin crossed his arms as he looked up at the sick hybrid. “I’m gonna sit here until you eat the food I made for you.” The two of them just stared at each other in a weird silence before Yoongi spoke up again. “If you’re gonna be here, you can at least come up here and hold me since you failed to do that this morning.”

Seokjin’s eyes widened at the revelation that Yoongi’s sour mood correlated with the fact that he had to get up early to make the food Yoongi refused to eat. “Are you kidding me?” Yoongi flinched slightly at Seokjin’s exclaim of disbelief. “That’s why you’re upset with me? Because I got up early to make you food?!”

Yoongi had the audacity to be taken aback. “Yeah?”

Seokjin leaned back from where he sat on the floor, getting a clearer look at the smaller man above him. His hair was a mess and his skin looked real dull. He looked as if he hasn’t slept in days when he’s really been resting and doing nothing all day. Seokjin shook his head in disbelief, feeling a little bit too calm for the situation. “Yoongi. You could’ve just talked to me like an adult instead of ignoring me and being petty over nothing. I would’ve gladly held you if that’s what you wanted but how am I supposed to know if you don’t speak to me? I can’t know everything. And now you won’t eat the food I made because of what? I know you don’t hate it, you’ve had it before. So is it me? You’re so upset with me that you refuse to eat the food just because I made it? You won’t eat it because it’s the reason I wasn’t in bed with you this morning? You haven’t even taken the medicine I gave you. In fact, you haven’t taken any medicine, Yoongi. You don’t look any better and I’m worried about you.” Seokjin paused in his lecture to stare at Yoongi’s scarily blank face. He wasn’t getting any reaction out of the smaller man. He doesn’t know if Yoongi recognizes that he’s wrong or could understand his reasonings at all. If he could understand his concern. Little did Seokjin know that he was right and Yoongi was only too stubborn to admit that.

“Don’t you have anything to say to me?” Seokjin spoke up again, exasperated at the one sided conversation.

“Stop treating me like a child.” That’s not what Yoongi wanted to say. But he couldn’t help himself.

“I’ll stop treating you like a child once you stop acting like one.”

Yoongi narrowed his eyes at the elder, his tail starting to flick in irritation from under the blanket.

“Did you want me to feed you like a child too? Since you refuse to do anything yourself?”

Somehow this is what finally pushed Yoongi, being looked down upon. Being treated like he was a child. All rationale left and a growl built up in Yoongi… right before it got caught in his throat and started a coughing fit.

Seokjin was in shock for a moment, registering that Yoongi, his Yoongi, had just growled at him. Well, tried to anyway. What shock and slight anger possessed Seokjin left the moment Yoongi started coughing and choking on himself.

Seokjin sat up on his knees before crawling up to Yoongi, placing his hands on the younger’s arms in what was hopefully a comforting notion. “Yoongi, are you okay?,” the elder tried to look at the younger’s face before his hands were smacked away, the cat hybrid still coughing. Seokjin brought his hands to his chest as he stared at Yoongi in shock. “Y-Yoon-”

“Get… Get out.”

Seokjin frowned, Yoongi was really upset now.

“But Yoongi-”

“I said get out! ” Yoongi yelled in the midst of his coughing. Seokjin flinched. This was the first time he’d ever heard Yoongi yell. He’d never been the type to raise his voice at anyone.

Seokjin took one last look at Yoongi, his little Yoongi who was glaring at him with his face all red from his coughing fit, before stepping out of the room wordlessly.

Seokjin stood out in the hallway in shock before running his hands down his face and sliding down the wall next to their bedroom door, seating himself on the floor. Everything that just happened suddenly hit him in the face and made him feel like an idiot for how he behaved. That little episode was so much worse than Seokjin could’ve ever imagined with Yoongi in this weird state. And part of it was his fault. Seokjin had a horrible habit of wanting to get the last word in, wanting to be in control of every situation even though it wasn’t always possible. Seokjin should’ve known that, should’ve known that right now everything was dependent on Yoongi. Maybe he did know when he’d decided to treat Yoongi gently, knowing he was far too sensitive while he was sick and that he shouldn’t let his behavior get to him. But it did. And as soon as his resolve snapped it was like he forgot Yoongi wasn’t really himself in this moment. It was like he forgot that Yoongi was acting more on his emotions right now. He probably was too, the younger’s sour mood rubbing off on him.

Seokjin rested his forehead on his knees as he groaned, remembering how Yoongi had growled at him. He really took it too far and he felt so bad. Yoongi’s only growled once before and that was when he was looking out for Seokjin (if “looking out for Seokjin” meant protecting him for a very innocent Jungkook). He would’ve never thought that Yoongi would growl at him. Seokjin felt like an idiot. He was usually so level-headed, able to stand strong for Yoongi to lean on. What happened? He was a horrible caregiver. A horrible boyfriend.


A dull ache made itself present in Seokjin’s neck as soon as he woke up. He doesn’t even remember falling asleep. He was still seated by the door, slouched awkwardly against the wall at an angle that hurt his neck and back. Not to mention his ass hurt too. Seokjin stretched his limbs as he slowly woke up. It felt like he didn’t rest at all, feeling very emotionally drained. Seokjin sat in the hall for a while, collecting his thoughts before checking the time on his phone. Seokjin’s eyes widened when he saw how much time had passed. He really wasted the whole day napping without even meaning to nap in the first place. He still felt really shitty. Yoongi hasn’t gotten any care at all since falling ill. He vaguely recalls telling Yoongi that he’d take care of him the night before.

Still in a self deprecating mindset, Seokjin got up and opened the door to their bedroom, anticipating another argument but without having the energy to go through with it level headed.

Yoongi was asleep. It was actually Seokjin’s first time seeing him resting with his own eyes. He would have been relieved if it weren’t for the fact that Yoongi looked five times worse than last time he checked on him. The lack of attention to his sickness seemed to have made the symptoms worse. He breathed harshly in his sleep, breathing solely through his mouth with his congestion. Seokjin could hear slight wheezing coming from his lungs. His brows were furrowed in his sleep as he gripped his favorite blanket tightly, not seeming relaxed in any way. His skin was blotchy and his lips were dry, he just looked neglected. Seokjin feels like he’s been neglecting Yoongi.

A part of Seokjin said that he shouldn’t, but another part of him couldn’t stand the sight of Yoongi like this, so he reached a hand out to shake the younger awake.

Seokjin watched at the younger peeled his eyes opened, looking as if he struggled to do so with heavy eyelids. Yoongi rubbed his eyes as his vision focused on the sight above him. His hyung was looming over him and he sighed internally to himself, ready for another lecture.

“What do you want,” Yoongi groaned, his voice sounding a lot more hoarse than he expected. His throat felt so dry.

Seokjin’s mouth opened and closed a few times, trying to figure out what he wanted to say before he decided to get straight to the point. “Please take your medicine…” Seokjin held out the pills in his hand for the younger to see.

Seokjin watched painfully as Yoongi snorted at his request. Oh god, he’s not going to listen to me again.

“You’re not going to make me eat your food again?” Yoongi continued, attitude still there despite his shitty conditions.

Oh. Yoongi thought he was demanding. Thought he was annoying. “No. Just please take your medicine.”

Yoongi narrowed his eyes at the elder. “I don’t want to.”

Seokjin chewed on his bottom lip nervously. “W-why not?” He felt like he was digging himself into a deeper hole.

But then Yoongi didn’t respond. He only turned his back toward the elder as he lay the other way. Seokjin didn’t know if this was better than Yoongi outright telling him that he was sick of him. Didn’t want to have anything to do with him. But being ignored wasn’t really great either.

“Yoongi-” Seokjin was cut off by a nasty cough coming from the younger boy. Seokjin watched the way Yoongi shuddered right after, taking deep breaths after the harsh coughing. It made Seokjin feel so much worse. It was his fault Yoongi was like this.

“Yoongi, just take your medicine please?” Seokjin spoke so, so softly, scared of provoking the cat hybrid when he just needed him to do this one thing. But Yoongi continued to ignore him. Seokjin’s eyes started to burn from the frustration and worry coursing through him.

“I’ll leave you alone, if you take it,” Seokjin tried to bargain. He laid a hand on Yoongi’s shoulder, desperate for him to listen. He gasped when Yoongi shook his hand off, unable to stop the first tear from falling.

“Yoongi, please, I’m so worried about you. You need to take the medicine before you get worse, it’s almost been a whole day and you haven’t taken anything, haven’t eaten anything,” Seokjin was on his knees, forehead resting on the bed sheets as he tried to control the tears he didn’t mean to come while his hand rested on the bed, begging Yoongi to take the medicine. He was so tired.

“Please, kitten?” Seokjin couldn’t stop his voice from cracking.

Yoongi’s ears stood up at the sound of Seokjin’s voice cracking and the quiet sniffling coming from the other. He also called him kitten. Not Yoongi, but kitten.

When Seokjin became quiet, Yoongi got confused. Did he give up? He was still there but he wasn’t speaking anymore. Yoongi lay there silently, trying to listen to the older man behind him but it was silent. Yoongi debated whether or not he should turn around before finally doing so, curiosity getting the best of him. What he saw made him freeze. Seokjin was looking at him, has been looking at him, with tears running down his face. Yoongi stared wide eyed at the older man, never having seen the sight before. Seokjin never cried. Well, he cried over movies but only small things like that. Yoongi’s never seen him cry like this. D-did Yoongi make him cry?

Once Yoongi got the attention of the older man, he seemed to remember where he was and sat up and away from the bed. “Oh, sorry,” Seokjin wiped at his tears, “Did you want me to leave?”

Yoongi felt like he’d just been slapped in the face at the tears running down Seokjin’s cheeks. He felt like he was suddenly awake, not just physically. Before Seokjin could move, Yoongi was grabbing the pills from Seokjin’s hand and downing them with the water that’s been sitting by his bed since this morning.

Seokjin sat shocked by the sudden enthusiasm from Yoongi and couldn’t even brace himself for when Yoongi leaped out of bed to wrap his arms over his shoulders, knocking them both down onto the floor with the force of the embrace.

Seokjin groaned at the thump of his back hitting the floor as Yoongi sat on him and grabbed his face to rub frantically at the wetness on his cheeks. “I’m sorry, hyung. I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry,” Yoongi cried out as his own tears began running down his cheeks. He didn’t mean to make his hyung cry. He never wanted to make his hyung cry. He leaned down to rub his cheek on Seokjin’s neck before kissing up his neck to plant kisses under his eyes where the tears were falling, trying to show Seokjin the most amount of affection as he knew how. Trying to cheer him up.

Another 180 from Yoongi and Seokjin was so confused, but the moment Yoongi began crying as well he was on alert. Seokjin cupped Yoongi’s cheek, leaning him away from frantically scenting his neck to get a better look at his face. As soon as he saw Yoongi’s distraught face his bottom lip began to tremble. “Oh, Yoongi. I’m so sorry, I-”

“No,” Yoongi interrupted, “Why are you sorry? I-I was the one being a difficult brat. I’m sorry I should have listened-”

“No, no! I pushed you too hard and I was being too controlling. I know you’re sick I should’ve handled things better. I know you don’t feel well but I still-”

“You were just doing what you had to do. I was being too stubborn to listen to you, you weren’t even giving me hard tasks to do. I was- I was just being mean for no reason,” Yoongi rubbed his eyes on Seokjin’s shirt, “I’m sorry, hyung, I don’t like ignoring you. I was so mean to you-”

“No, baby, I was being unreasonable as well. I was mean too-”


The two of them were running in circles and it seemed like neither of them wanted to accept that the other was in the wrong.

Seokjin sighed before rubbing his thumbs under Yoongi’s eyes. He smiled up at the smaller man, happy to have him in his arms again. “How about we just say we were both in the wrong, hm?”

Yoongi stared down at the taller man, he didn’t want Seokjin to think he was in the wrong, but he also didn’t want to argue anymore so he nodded. Yoongi laid down completely, head tucked in under Seokjin’s chin as they held each other. They both had their flaws, they just had to accept it now.

“Just… just know that I appreciate everything you do for me, even when I-,” Yoongi paused, remembering how he behaved before. “Even when I yelled at you and-and growled at you.” Tears started flowing out of Yoongi’s eyes again. Why had he done that? Oh man, if Seokjin thinks that he hates him now…

Seokjin held Yoongi’s head to his chest as he cried, his own tears now dry. “Okay, okay. But I’m also sorry for making you that upset. I should’ve known not to-”

“No more apologies,” Yoongi interrupted, “Remember? You can’t know everything.” Seokjin smiled to himself, Yoongi did listen.


There was no telling how long the two of them stayed holding each other on the hard floor when they were so content in each other’s arms. Yoongi would cough here and there, jolting on top of Seokjin but the elder figured there wasn’t anything else to be done since Yoongi had taken the meds so they continued to stay there. Seokjin would just rub up and down Yoongi’s back before returning back to running his fingers through his hair while the younger hugged his body, legs around his torso and arms around his shoulders. It was only when Yoongi’s stomach growled loudly that he remembered that Yoongi hadn’t eaten all day.

Seokjin sat up, pulling the cat hybrid up with him. The two smiled shyly at each other before Seokjin made the move to stand the both of them up, reaching his hand out silently for the younger to take. Once Yoongi wrapped both of his hands around Seokjin’s own, they made their way out to the kitchen.

Seokjin scooped a bowl of porridge for Yoongi and himself, doing a little victory cheer in his head that the food wasn’t going to waste.

“Oh, are you eating too?” Yoongi asked, still standing close to the elder as he prepared their food. He didn’t want to wait at the table when Seokjin asked him to.

“Yeah… I haven’t eaten anything either,” Seokjin admitted quietly, handing one of the bowls to him.. He didn’t want Yoongi to feel guilty at the fact that Seokjin was too busy worrying about him to take care of himself, but he knew he would.

“Oh… I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“Yes it-,” Yoongi stopped at the look Seokjin was giving him telling him to drop it, “Okay.”

The two of them ate in silence, too hungry and tired to make conversation. It was only when Yoongi started crying again that Seokjin was broken out of his thoughts.

“Huh?,” Seokjin put his spoon down, “Why? Why are you crying?”

Yoongi was facing away from Seokjin with the heel of his palm pressing into one of his eyes, very obviously trying to stop himself from crying. Seokjin was confused, they were just eating.

Yoongi let out a wet laugh, “Sorry, it’s stupid. I was just remembering how I refused to eat your food earlier and now I feel bad now that I’m finally eating it.”

Seokjin smiled, “Ah, you’re so silly. It’s not stupid. We already discussed this, don’t feel bad.”

Yoongi looked back at Seokjin with wet eyes, but he was smiling too. “I know, just let me cry over this.”

Seokjin nodded, going back to eating his food while he watched Yoongi finish the rest of his bowl with wet eyes.

Once the two of them finished and washed their dishes, Seokjin resituated them onto the couch. He was about to move back up to fetch a wet towel before Yoongi moved up with him, still gripping his arm.

Seokjin looked at Yoongi in question. “You can stay here, baby, I’m just gonna get a towel.” Yoongi looked like he wanted to say something but he remained silent. “You can tell me if you want something. Remember, we need to talk to each other.”

Yoongi opened and closed his mouth before finally speaking, “I don’t want you to leave me.” And maybe his words had more implications than one.

“I’m just going back to the kitchen.”


Seokjin smiled, “Okay, whatever you wish.”

In truth, Yoongi just felt really bad for how he behaved the whole day and staying close to Seokjin now was more reassuring to himself more than anything. He wanted Seokjin close and wanted Seokjin to want him close to reassure himself that Seokjin wasn’t still upset with him. He knew Seokjin wasn’t upset, but he craved that physical affection and reassurance.

Yoongi stuck to Seokjin’s side as they moved around, shadowing him around the apartment until they sat back down on the couch. Seokjin pressed a cold, damp towel against Yoongi’s cheek, wiping his skin down before moving to the rest of his face. It looked like Yoongi was enjoying the pampering. His eyes were closed as Seokjin continued with his task, a slight purr rumbling in his chest.

Seokjin pressed the towel to the back of Yoongi’s neck as he took in the expression of bliss on his face, his head tilted backwards to get closer to the cool towel. Seokjin chuckled at the sight, “You like that?”

Yoongi nodded, “It’s cool.”

“You were so warm earlier.”

Yoongi opened his eyes, understanding the implications behind those words. Yoongi had gotten himself more sick by refusing care.

“Ah… yeah,” Yoongi mumbled in embarrassment.

Seokjin pinched Yoongi’s cheek. “Is there anything else you need?”

“I think the medicine made me sleepy… hard to keep my eyes open.”

“Alright, I’m tired too,” Seokjin said as he stood up, ready to knock out. He looked down at Yoongi who was still seated, looking up at him with round eyes before lifting his arms to indicate that he wanted to be carried. Seokjin chuckled before leaning down so that Yoongi can wrap his arms and legs around him as he scooped him up by his ass. “You’re such a bab-,” Seokjin cut himself off, remembering how angry Yoongi got when he called him a child earlier. But then Yoongi buried his face in Seokjin’s neck and mumbled back “Yeah, I’m a baby,” and then the nervousness wracking his mind dissipated in a second.

Seokjin placed Yoongi on their bed but remained standing. “Okay, I know you’re sleepy and I am too but I feel gross and I want to take a shower, what’s your plan?” He knew Yoongi didn’t want to be left alone, so he let the younger decide what he had to do.

Yoongi thought it over for a second. He really just wanted to sleep but he hasn’t showered in 2 days. He was also kinda sticky and sweaty from overheating in bed all day, being wiped with a towel wasn’t really enough to get rid of the sticky feeling. He also didn’t want Seokjin to leave him while he showered.

“Can I shower with you?” Yoongi blurted out before thinking it over. Yoongi slapped his hands over his mouth in shock over his own words. Soon enough his face was turning bright red, it didn’t help that Seokjin was equally as shocked. Oh god, did he really just ask that? He should take it back before-

“A-are you sure? Do you want that?” Seokjin’s face was red too, but he seemed to be more in control than Yoongi who was trying to bury himself in his hands.

Yoongi peaked at Seokjin through his fingers. Maybe it was the fact that Seokjin looked nervous too that he nodded his head. It was new territory for them both, it was fine.

Seokjin nodded stiffly, “Uh- okay. Let’s get washed up before we knock out.”

Seokjin led them both to the bathroom to get undressed, his motions almost robotic. They both turned away from each other in their shyness. They’ve changed in front of each other before, but going completely nude wasn’t something they did often. Seokjin wasn’t going to lie, he did look back to look at Yoongi in the midst of their changing and got ass in return. Yoongi had a cute butt. Little did he know that Yoongi looked back at him too. (He wanted to lay himself against the span of his back… he was so broad .)

Seokjin turned on the shower to warm up before he moved to stand behind Yoongi, hugging him from behind. He knew Yoongi was probably nervous about seeing… the front, so this position would surely calm him down.

“I feel like I’m gonna pass out,” Seokjin exclaimed loudly, trying to act casual for Yoongi who seemed to go completely stiff. He was nervous.

“Well then, we better shower fast.”

Once the shower was deemed warm enough, they both stepped in. They relished in the warmth of the water before Seokjin offered to wash Yoongi’s hair. Feeling Seokjin’s fingers carding through his hair and massaging his scalp and kitten ears had felt so good that Yoongi almost fell asleep right then and there. His back was fully leaning on Seokjin’s front, ready to fall asleep, and he didn’t realize until the older nudged him so that he could rinse the shampoo out. They had washed their own bodies after that, Yoongi not quite ready for Seokjin to touch everywhere and Seokjin respected that.

After stepping out and drying off, the two of them rushed to change, ready to sleep as soon as possible. Seokjin had almost fallen asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. He practically did nothing all day, but it was a really emotionally draining one. He had his eyes closed for a short while before a poke to his cheek woke him up. He opened his eyes to look at Yoongi whose eyes looked like they were drooping and ready to shut right then.

Seokjin just watched Yoongi, waiting for him to tell him what he wanted now that he had his attention. Yoongi scoot closer to Seokjin, wrapping his tail around one of his legs before whispering, “I want a kiss.”

Seokjin smiled softly and sleepily, “You’re sick.”

“I know.”

The older of the two chuckled softly before leaning in, kissing the corner of Yoongi’s mouth. Seokjin pulled away after a few seconds, “That’s all you get.”

Seokjin then wrapped his arms around Yoongi’s shoulders, pulling him in to hug as they both submitted themselves to sleep.