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Solangelo One-Shots

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You. Will's soulmate words. Those were undeniably the most boring soulmate words he has ever heard. How will he know who it is, he thought staring at his arm as if it killed his cat.

"Don't worry. You'll know when it's time", said Naomi, his mom, washing the dishes left over from his birthday party. He had just turned 15, the age you get your soulmate mark, which he had to admit was rather random, but here he was.

He had always wondered how. The one time he asked his mother, she simply said, "You just do". He decided not to ask further. His mother was divorced, after all. 


Who's your partner, Nico? Nico couldn't believe it. He actually had a soulmate. Grabbing his aviator jacket off the hook, he covered the dreaded spot on his shoulder. He ran out of the door, thoughts swirling in his mind. As he reached the bus stop, he stopped suddenly. (see what I did there?)

Percy Jackson. His former crush. It was a secret between him and his friend group that he was, indeed gay. And he would like to keep it that way. Besides, Percy still had a grudge on him because of the whole "not my type" thing. 

He immediately ran towards Nico, all eager. "Hey Nico, did you do the math worksheet?". 

"Yes, Jackson. I'm guessing you didn't."

"You guessed right." He grimaced.

"Whatever. Get it from Annabeth." They all shared the same math period. Surprisingly, Percy got into Algebra 2. Then, the bus came. Percy went inside and plopped down on the seat way too close to Annabeth, who was smirking at him. Nico got on, making a decision to sit in the back seat, pushing his backpack into the seat beside him. Soon,(too soon, he thought) they reached Goode High. Sighing, he trudged inside behind Percabeth.


He loved school. School was where you could hang out with people your freaking age the whole day (#onlychild). Oh yeah...and school stuff too, he supposed. Then, the bell rung. He groaned, for classes was the only thing he didn't like about school. Shame. 

The bell rung again. Even better. He was late. Running towards his class, he desperately hoped that this teacher was nice enough to let him off on his first day of school. Will opened the door, wincing when it creaked. He immediately noticed Nico, the cute boy, sitting in the back, so he sat right next to him. The teacher cleared her throat, introducing herself as Ms. Lu, their math teacher to Will. Then, she pulled out a huge portfolio of homework he missed out on, and handed it to him. Great. Homework. She cleared her throat again.

"Today, we will be doing an enlarging project. No choosing partners. I have a jar here with your names. I will choose. Use your time wisely, for this will be due by the end of the week", she said, taking out a large Mason jar with little strips of paper. She, again, cleared her throat, as if she had a cold.


Percy took the strip, eyes widening when he saw Annabeth's name next to his.


Cecil smiled, that little trickster, and took the slip. He looked at it, and he shook his head dismally at Will. Dang it. Not Cecil, then. He hoped he would be with somebody good at math, at least. 


Will hoped it was Nico.

"Who's your partner, Nico?", he asked playfully. Nico suddenly looked like he forgot how to talk. He choked out something Will couldn't decipher. Then, he steadied himself, and repeated himself.


Will immediately felt his face get warm, while Nico took off his jacket and showed him the text in his skin, reading Who's your partner, Nico? In return, he showed Nico his answer on his arm, asking, "Do you want to go out with me?".