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stars are only visible in darkness

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Rachel stood on the broken marble tile, shifting her feet nervously. She was in the Gods throne room (what was left of it) and was standing directly in front of Zeus. Zeus, King of the Gods, the man who was about to decide her fate forever. 


Gods she was tired. And in a lot of pain. How long has she been awake? Hours? Days? Why did her left ankle hurt so bad? Was she bleeding? Her shirt was sticky and her side screamed- wait, was that a bone sticking out? The brunette began to sway on her feet, fighting the urge to collapse. This decision was taking forever to be made, and if it wasn’t made soon, she might as well hang out with Hypnos for awhile. She closed her eyes briefly, trying to relieve her exhaustion and pain. 




Rachel’s eyes slowly opened, and she tried to focus on the God in front of her. Zeus was glowing- literally. The air smelt of ozone and her hair started to become stat-icy. There was a storm brewing around her, distracting Rachel from the group of teenagers to her left, all staring anxiously at her. 


“My name is Rachel,” she mumbled. In hindsight, it probably wasn’t the wisest thing to say to an angry God, especially one that could zap her into a pile of ashes. She saw her father Apollo smack his forehead and briefly grinned. 


Zeus gripped his Bolt tighter, and had to take a moment to gather his thoughts. 


“You really didn’t think I would let you get away with the stunt you pulled, did you?” He gritted out, slamming his Bolt down, making a new hole in the already destroyed tile. 


The brunette jutted her chin out, and stood as straight as she could. She winced, grasping her side. She nearly collapsed as she felt something sticking out  of her side. She vaguely registered the moving figure to her left being restrained by a few other people. 


“Excuse me, Zeus. I didn’t realize I needed permission from you to protect the throne of Olympus, while you were busy doing whatever the hell you wanted,” she gutted out. “And last I checked, your children,” she motioned to all the Gods with her good hand, “Were the ones who stepped up to protect your home. We were the ones who held down Olympus. Your teenage children with limited battle experience! What do you have to say about that? That we had to do all the work and-”


Honestly, her little speech had the potential to be a great addition to the “Top ten Rachel Berry rants” if she could’ve stayed conscious for the rest of it.


Instead, she collapsed onto the dusty floor, vaguely registering the scream of a very familiar voice, until she closed her eyes and prayed for Elysium. 



“You know Rachel, when I said Camp opens at seven in the morning, I didn’t actually mean come at seven in the morning.”

 Rachel hopped out the van, her backpack slung over her back and her right hand shielding her eyes from the sun. It was a beautiful morning at Camp Half-Blood, and the beginning of another great summer. Ducks were quacking, surely being fed by Brittany. The Camp was quiet overall, as it was pretty early. She had just arrived after spending a month with her dads in the city, touring various colleges for her future.  

If she had one after this summer, anyways. It was always risky living in a highly demigod concentrated area for long periods of time. It also didn’t help when you were considered one of the top archers in history (she wasn’t just blowing up her ego again- she was told by many people!).

“Kurt, as the head counselor of the Apollo cabin, it is imperative that I come early and on time. After all, you’re the one who sent out a distress signal to all the head counselors” she briskly pointed out. “Besides, why the signal? Is something wrong?”

 The annoyed boy quickly straightened up, his face darkening. Rachel noticed the fast change, and she winced ever so slightly. The pool of dread sat like a rock in her stomach, and suddenly the clear blue sky didn’t seem so appealing anymore. 

“It’s time, isn’t it?” she whispered quietly.

 Kurt nodded once, and quickly turned on his heel, briskly walking to the Big House. Rachel followed after him, trying to keep up with his quick strides.


“Hey owl fucker, when I said you could come into my cabin at anytime, I didn’t actually mean any time!” 

Quinn rolled her eyes at the jab, and yanked the covers off the Latina in bed. It was very early for a Monday morning, as many camp activities didn’t take place until ten. But, Quinn hasn’t slept well in years, and when she got the distress signal, she was already getting ready for the day. She knew Santana wasn’t about to get up at the ass crack of dawn, and Brittany was probably being followed by a flock of ducks somewhere. It was her job to gather the couple and drag them to the Big House.

She opened the window dramatically, chuckling when she heard Santana hiss at the sunlight that seeped through. 

Santana got up slowly, and Quinn turned around quickly.

“Santana, why the fuck do you sleep naked?” Quinn whispered, rubbing her eyes to rid of the picture in her head.

Santana smirked. “You know it helps my girl breathe at night. Besides, I’m head counselor so I get my own little room in here,” she paused, throwing on an orange t shirt and jeans, “Wait, how the fuck did you get in here? We pretty much barb wired and booby trapped this cabin to death.”

Quinn shrugged. “I’m the daughter of battle strategy. It wasn’t that hard. By the way, we gotta find Brittany. She’s probably-” Quinn said, before she was cut off by Santana. 

“She’s at the lake by the strawberry patch. She likes to go there when she doesn’t sleep well. Come on Olive Oil, lets go get her” the Latina said shortly, clipping her sword to her belt and taking off.

 Quinn rolled her eyes, and stepped over the trip wire and ducked under the swinging hammer that guarded the door.  

Stupid fucking cabin with its stupid fucking traps,” Quinn mumbled under her breath.

Just as she reached the door, she was smacked in the face by something blunt and flat. She fell on her butt, and immediately grasped her throbbing nose. Her eyes watered in pain and she groaned, feeling blood trickle down her face.

“That’s for cursing Ares Bitch” Santana said, grinning. She held a shield in one hand, and held out the other to help Quinn up. 

 The blonde glared up at her. 

“Fuck you Santana Lopez”.


“Alright bastard children and unwanted babies, listen up!” 

The quiet chatter stopped immediately, all eyes gazing at their leader, Coach Sylvester. The steely eyed woman was a freaking legend in greek world- she single handedly took down a hydra, stole a golden apple, and survived a trip to the Underworld and back. She was their leader, a tough, cold, distant leader, but one that wanted the best for the kids no matter what. Her second in command was a measly satyr named Mr. Schuester. He was annoying and kind of creepy, always lurking by the kids during dinners and sing alongs around the campfire. The only reason Coach hadn’t killed him yet was his status as Pan’s follower. Otherwise she would’ve ended him, the kids all know it. 

The head counselors were all sitting around a large ping pong table. It was their home base- where they gathered to discuss plans and strategies. It was also a place for head counselor dinners- which explained the stains on the table.

Rachel, representing the Apollo cabin, sat next to Kurt, who represented the Aphrodite cabin. He was engrossed in a conversation about beachwear with Sam, the son of Poseidon. To her right, Tina (daughter of Hades) was arguing with Puck (son of Hermes) about the most accurate portrayals of Hades in film. Santana (daughter of Ares) was sleeping on the shoulder of the daughter of Demeter, Brittany, while the girl pet Lord Tubbington happily. Finn, son of Hephaestus, was trying to catch Rachel’s attention through a series of what the boy must have thought  a “sexy wink” looked like. He was faking miserably. She looked away, and focused on the girl who was sitting next to Coach Sylvester.

Quinn Fabray.

 The blonde girl was hunched over several scrolls of papyrus (why she didn’t use paper, Rachel couldn’t figure out) and was writing furiously on them. Rachel squinted, barely making out the beginning tells of battle plans. She frowned, the pit in her stomach growing heavier. This meeting was getting less and less exciting by the second.

Rachel shook her head, and tried to focus on the girl. Her hazel eyes were flickering back and forth, and she was muttering something that was too hard for Rachel to hear. Now was one of those times Rachel wished she had super hearing powers like the Hecate kids, instead of light powers. She could blind Quinn, but not hear her. A pity. 

 The brunette’s eyes wandered over the girls face, frowning at the light bruises on blonde girls nose. Where did that come from? That wasn’t there when Rachel left camp. Blonde hair fell over the girl’s face while she frantically wrote. He tongue poked out slightly, making Rachel smile at the cute image. Quinn Fabray, Camp bad-ass, looked like a cupcake while writing. How adorable.  

The blonde girl absolutely mesmerized Rachel, and she couldn’t figure out why. 

 “Close your mouth honey, your gay is showing,” Kurt chirped quietly, a smirk on his face. 

Rachel scowled, her face heating up. She was kind of leaning too far over the table to be considered disinterested in the Athena girl, so she sat back in her chair and crossed her arms over her chest. 

“I am not gay Kurt Hummel, and you know that,” she huffed.

 Kurt hummed, tapping his fingers on the table. “Sweetheart, I’m a descendant of the goddess of love. I can practically feel the heart eyes wave off of you. You have it bad!”

 Rachel opened her mouth, and was about to tell him where he could stick the heart eyes he felt, but was cut off by Coach. 

 “Anything you want to share with the group, cherub baby?” The woman said coolly, eyes daring Rachel to retort back.

 Rachel shrank back under the glare, and looked at the table. “No”.

 “Thank you so much midget. Now as I was saying, it’s time to prepare. The time has come, the biggest test of your miserable lives. The test that will determine whether we live or die at the hands of evil; the test that decides if you’re a true demigod or a weak little satyr like my friend William here,” Coach said, jerking her head over to the meek looking Mr. Schuester.

 Finn already looked confused, his brow furrowed deep. 

“What do you mean Coach? What’s the test?”

 Coach rolled her eyes, taking her knife out of its sheath and flipped it around in her hand. “ Kronos, you sack of potatoes. I know your dad was thrown off Olympus by Queen Hera herself but Gods sometimes you act like you were too,”.

 Finn frowned deeper at that, and raised his hand. “Who’s Kronos?”

 The whole table groaned and Santana smacked the boy with a banana peel, causing an uproar of laughter. Coach slammed her knife into the table, rubbing her eyes to stop herself from just strangling the oafish boy. 

 Quinn had looked up from her plans, and cracked a small, toothless smile. She caught Rachel’s eyes, and smiled bigger.

 Rachel smiled back, feeling the sinking rock of doom in her stomach grow lighter. She didn’t know why, but it felt comforting to share a little smile with the girl. 

 “Anyways, before Finnept over here decided to open his mouth, it’s time to plan. Shut up and listen. Fabray, begin,” Coach yelled over the noise, motioning to the blonde girl at her side to stand.

 Quinn stood up straight, and started to pin her plans on the board behind her.


 “Okay, so here’s the main problem.” 

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Quinn bent down and picked up the celestial bronze shield, which was laying haphazardly on the cracked concrete. She secured it to her arm, making sure she didn’t lose it again. After all, it was a Daedalus invention, and she was pretty sure her mother Athena  would crucify her if she lost it.


The Athena cabin was standing outside the Empire State Building, shortly after holding off Kronos’ first wave of giants. Thankfully, Quinn didn’t lose one soldier of hers. 


She couldn’t say the same for the other cabins.


It was a shame that they lost Lauren Zizes of the Dionysus cabin, and Blaine Anderson of the Apollo cabin. Quinn knew Rachel was hurting at the loss of one her siblings, and she made it her mission to find the brunette and comfort her. She turned around and made a beeline into the building. 


Instead, she ran straight into Santana, who still wore a smirk despite the death and destruction they had just witnessed.


“Jesus spider spawn, you look like hell. I can’t relate- this battle barely rivals a night in the Sin City.” She said, faking a yawn. 


Quinn rolled her eyes. Santana couldn’t help but throw in the fact that she’s from Las Vegas every two minutes. But, Quinn didn’t dare call her out on it, as she could still see the Ares fire burning in the Latina’s eyes. Instead, she shrugged, and picked her next words carefully. 


“Santana, have you seen Rachel? I need to check on her.” she softly said.


Santana’s smirk got impossibly bigger, and she spun  her sword lazily in a circle. 


“Ah, not even a battle with an ancient god could steer you away from getting into the archers pants. She’s in the lobby-” Santana paused, sobering slightly. “She’s  in the lobby helping heal others and making Blaine’s shroud.” 


Quinn nodded, swallowing slightly. She lightly pushed past Santana and was about to grab the door handle when she felt Santana’s hand grip her shoulder.


The Latina spoke softly, her voice calm for once. “Quinn, you need to be careful. I know you have a need to know everything that’s going to come, and you can’t do this yourself right now. You cannot ask her. You can’t change fate,”. 


Quinn felt the knife in her heart twist, air pushing out of her quickly. She took a shuddering breath in, and tried to take back control of her body.


“I know. But she needs someone to help her through this. I need to be there for her,” Quinn said softly. 


The Latina nodded quickly, and let Quinn enter the building. 



It had been hours, and they were still going over battle plans that were drawn out by Quinn. Rachel adored the girl immensely, but she was two seconds from shooting herself with her own arrows.

The other campers were getting just as restless. Finn has fallen asleep on the table, snoring softly. Kurt was drawing out outfit ideas instead of battle routes; while Sam played with the water in his cup, making waves in and out of the cup. Puck was stealing cash from Finn’s wallet while Santana picked at her nails with her pocket knife. 

Sensing the loss of concentration, Quinn was beginning to falter. Rachel loved the tenacity and love Quinn had when presenting her impeccable plans, but not everyone else did. No one could relate exactly to the mind of an Athena kid; they all would rather run onto the battlefield and just start swinging. It explained why Athena kids lived longer.  

She knew that Quinn was about to give up, she could sense the disappointment coming off the girl in waves. One positive to being an Apollo kid, is the link Rachel has to everyone’s emotions, feeling them and being able to adjust her reactions accordingly. So, it was up to Rachel to help the girl out. Rachel stood up, and slammed her hand on the table, jolting everyone awake. Finn fell out of his chair, just as Puck stuffed his wallet back into the now awake boys pocket. Santana hissed a loud “DIOS MIO LYRE FUCKER”, as she had cut her hand on her knife.

But, everyone looked at Rachel nonetheless, bracing themselves for a long-winded rant on battle strategies. Even Quinn looked at her expectantly, a silent thank you in her eyes. Rachel let herself bask in the waves of Quinn’s gratitude.

“Okay, listen up. I know listening to battle plans isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but we need this. The Gods- all of our parents- are fighting Typhon, the tIran monster who is currently destroying America as he makes his way here. We have to stop the ancient God of Time, Kronos. We, as in a bunch of teenage demigods. So I suggest that we all wake up, because the prophecy is about to come alive, and if we’re not careful, it’s going to come true,” she said forcefully.

Fear, annoyance (from Santana no doubt) and determination wafted off the campers, and Rachel took that as a good sign.

Finn fiddled with the metal car he was taking apart and putting together, his brow furrowed. “What’s the prophecy again?” 

Santana growled, the orange embers in her eyes burning brighter. “Tinker Toys, the prophecy which states one of us” she motioned to the kids around the table, “Will die in this battle. Golden Girl, repeat the prophecy.” 

Rachel gave a small smile to the nickname, as it was one of the nicer ones Santana dished out. Rachel cleared her throat, and recited the ancient prophecy that determined their very near future.


“There comes a day when the sun turns bright, and the  eldest father shall bring forth an end to the gods light. 


It shall be on the day that the seas turn to dust, and the destruction of power a young death must. 


Upon that day the mark of the Golden One becomes the savior of all, defeat will finally take place in the city’s downfall. ” 


Rachel finished the last chunk of the prophecy quietly, her stomach aching. She looked down at her hands, which were shaking uncontrollably. She sat down quickly, trying to avoid the somber gazes of her peers.  

“Well, we can all safely say one of us is about to die a nice death, and we may or may not stop the end of times. Who’s hungry?” Santana drawled, but Rachel could feel the anxiety roll off her. She gave the Latina a small nod, and Santana blinked back slowly. 

Quinn chewed on her lip, her hands still full of papyrus. “I think we should discuss the prophecy in deeper detail, but after lunch. Let’s go to the pavilion and begin again after.”  

Everyone nodded, and slowly emptied the room. No one really spoke, but they all knew what was said in this room had to stay between the head counselors only, as this would cause a camp-wide panic.  

Rachel got up, following Kurt. She went through the mental checklist in her head of what she had to do instead of eating lunch; the first one being going to her cabin and dropping off her bags from this morning. She could also use a shower and probably some time alone in the archery range. She really needed to clear her mind.

 She was so deep in thought that she jumped when she felt a hand wrapped around her forearm, pulling her back into the room. She yelped , but immediately softened when she sees who grabbed.

“Can we talk?” Quinn said softly, loosening her grip a little bit.

Rachel nodded. She had too much to do, but she dropped it all for this girl. 


“Let’s go to the spot.”




Rachel notched another arrow onto her bow, tongue poked out in concentration. She was down to her last one before she had to paddle across the lake to retrieve ones she previously shot. 


She was quite fond of her bow, a golden boy with musical notes running up and down the flexible yet firm wood. She had made it the first day she arrived at camp, after she was claimed during the campfire. Her father seemed to have a knack for the dramatics too, as he decided to claim her the minute she ended her performance of “Don’t Rain on My Parade”. She was teased endlessly for it for weeks. 


Rachel was trying to work out her feelings, and normally she would turn to singing first; but that wasn’t helping. Besides, the amphitheater was reserved for Santana’s “extracurricular activities”- which was just an excuse for alone time with Brittany. 


So, here she was, standing wobbly in a canoe, shooting arrows across the lake and onto her makeshift target board. It was calming and effective for battle practice purposes. She was quite glad she had persuaded Sam to put an anti-flip spell (is it a spell if you’re a water demigod?) on the canoe so she couldn’t embarrass herself further. 


Rachel shot the last arrow, hitting the bullseye yet again. She had hit every target square in the middle- perfection was quite easy! 


She began to paddle to the other side, until she felt the canoe shift violently to the left. Rachel yelped, pulling her bow out before she remembered she had no arrows left. 




The canoe rocked to the right, and Rachel clung on, trying to push it to the right. Suddenly, something grabbed her straight out of the canoe and thrusted her into the water. Rachel screamed, her voluminous voice unheard under the water.


She opened her eyes and began to punch wildly, not being able to see what she was hitting. Just as quick she was pulled under, she was brought back up to the surface. She was then treading water with her attacker. 


“Gods Rach, you punch hard!”


Rachel shook the water out of her eyes, and gasped loudly. “Quinn! I didn’t know that was you! Why would you do that? I could’ve drowned us!” she yelled.


Quinn laughed, a true, belly laugh that rivaled the music Rachel loved (which is saying a lot, as she’s the musical prodigy of the camp).  Rachel stopped fuming, and couldn’t help but soften up and laugh with Quinn.


“So, you come to the lake to work through stuff too, huh?” Quinn asked, still grinning.


Rachel nodded. “Sam tricked out this canoe for me, and I usually just shoot across the lake. Why are you here?” 


Quinn shrugged. “I saw you doing your thing and decided to surprise you. You know I have fantastic sneak skills with my hat,” she said, motioning to her Yankees cap that was tucked in her pocket. We…” she trailed off.


Rachel felt waves of anxiety come off the girl, so in the midst of treading water, she reached out and touched Quinn’s cheek gently. The blonde girl blushed, but her anxiety calmed into slower waves. Rachel nodded, letting the girl know it was okay to continue.


“We should make this our spot, you know? Just make a raft that we can hang out together on. Maybe shoot stuff or just talk our way through things like normal demigods.” Quinn said lightly, teasing Rachel a bit. 


Rachel rolled her eyes, but was pleasantly happy with the hope and grace radiating off the blonde girl.


“We can totally do that. Can you-”


“Make a plan? Rach, you should already know I’ve planned it all out. You just have to pick the colors!”


Rachel smiled, and tackled the girl in a hug that made both of them sink into the cold water. 


When they surfaced, Rachel said, “This is our spot now. But just know, I’ll get you back for that Fabray. I’ll concote a better plan for attack than your little Daedalus computer ever could!”


Quinn rolled her eyes, amusement evident. “Sure sure Golden girl. Whatever you say. Let’s get back to the shore- I’m cold and it’s s’mores night.”


Rachel held onto the girls hand, and they shouted to Sam to push them back in with the waves. 



Rachel opened her eyes, letting the memory fade from her eyes. Apollo’s love for drama and the ability to look into the future, meant that she could replay memories in her mind like a movie, but that also meant she saw into the future. The brunette vaguely knew what was to come, and that terrified her. 

Quinn could sense that the brunette had gone into “memory mode”, so she waited until Rachel came back to her. Rachel eventually sighed, and let her head drop onto Quinn’s shoulder. The blonde girl put her arm around Rachel, and held her close. Neither girl had spoken since they floated onto the raft, but novels worth of questions were in their heads. Instead, they opted to watch the campers eat at the pavilion from afar, and watch the water creatures below them swim along.

Quinn was the first to break the silence. “You know who’s going to die, don’t you?” she said quietly. Rachel stiffened next to her, unable to stop herself from clenching up. 

“Yes.” she said in a small voice. “But I’m not going to tell you.” the brunette quickly said, just as Quinn opened her mouth.

Quinn sighed, frustration evident. “Rachel, you know I can make a plan right? I could find a way past this prophecy, I could stop it all. I can help save us if you let me.” 

Rachel took her head off Quinn, and faced the girl instead. She looked into the hazel eyes, hazel eyes that were sometimes grey when Quinn was extremely emotional. The wise, calm, eyes that told all. That Rachel had studied for years, that drew Rachel in. Without breaking eye contact, Rachel grasped the girls hands.

“Quinn, you are the most brilliant girl I know. You are also the prettiest girl I know. I know you could stop this war with all that knowledge in your head- you could end wars before they start, you could protect all. But I can’t let you do this. It would destroy you if I let you. This has to happen- exactly the way the prophecy said. You cannot change it. I’m sorry.” Rachel said, her voice wavering slightly. 

Tears sprung in both girls' eyes, and Quinn sighed, suddenly pulling the brunette into a long, hard hug. 

“Promise me you won’t die? I can’t lose you. Please.” The girl softly begged into Rachel’s ear.

Rachel’s heart twisted even more, but damn it to Hades, she was a good actress, and a good liar. Apollo made sure of that. She couldn’t betray the visions she saw, not even to the girl that cared for her the most. 

“I promise Quinn. I promise.”

 Lightning crackled above the girls heads, ozone covering the air. Zeus was challenging Rachel, and she knew she had to let it all play out the way the Gods intended it. 

It was a done deal. 

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“Please tell me you didn’t bring Lord Tubbington to a freaking battle!”


Brittany frowned down at the cat in her arms. “Well, no. He decided to come by himself. You know I can’t  force him to do anything- he’s an independent cat Rachel, he can make his own decisions!”


Rachel pinched the bridge of her nose, trying to pick her next words very carefully. She was starting to get a headache from the anger wafting off Santana, and she really didn’t want to get speared yet. Even with the dark tinted sunglasses Santana wore, Rachel could still see the red flames burn behind them. Quinn was next to Rachel, and the blonde girl could tell what was about to happen. She moved in front of the brunette slightly, as if to protect Rachel from the Ares girl. Rachel touched the small of Quinn’s back in a silent thank-you. The blonde girl shivered at her touch, but Rachel didn’t seem to notice.


“No Brittany, I suppose you can’t control him. Can he at least wait in the building? I don’t want to lose him.” Rachel sighed, glad to feel Santana back off a bit.


The Demeter girl nodded happily, and skipped into the building. Rachel turned to the other 40 campers in front of her, all who were waiting for instructions. 


“Okay. According to Quinn’s video shield, Kronos’ army is on the move. Sam is currently trying to get the Hudson and East River spirits to cooperate, and I’ve sent the Hephaestus cabin to the Holland Tunnel to set traps. Now- Puck- take the Hermes cabin to-”


The Mohawk boy, who was playing with fireworks, immediately interrupted her. “Can we loot? We’re bored and the whole city is asleep sooo..”


The Hermès cabin cheered behind him and started to beg. Puck smirked, a smug look on his face. Because the Hermès cabin was the biggest cabin, holding almost half the campers in front of Rachel, the noise was deafening. Santana saw Rachel’s annoyance, and got the Ares cabin to start yelling for no reason. 


Annoyance and anger was building up quick in the tiny archer, and she didn’t try to stop it. “No, Puck. If I find that any of you have looted this sleeping, defenseless, mortals, I will personally castrate you one by one. Or, I will charm you and you will never not be able to speak without rhyming. I will make everyday of your lives a miserable poetic hell. Do I make myself clear?” She snapped. 


Waves of fear washed over Rachel, only fueling her own fear and rage. “Puck, take half your cabin to the Manhattan Bridge, and send the other to the Brooklyn Bridge. We will communicate through cell phones- take one from a random mortal, contact whoever you need to, and then toss it away. Now GO!” 


Puck immediately scrambled his cabin together, and they took off to their respective destinations. Rachel stood there, clenched fists. She now had a full blown headache that seemed to make her whole body ring out in pain. She was also irritably warm. 


“Rachel.” Quinn murmured, touching the brunette’s arm hesitatingly. Rachel snapped her eyes up to meet the blondes, only to find that Quinn was shielding her face from Rachel’s. Rachel swept her eyes over the rest of the campers, and found out they were doing the same thing.


“Gods you’re like the sun! Not because you light up our worlds but because it hurts to look at you!” Santana spat. Quinn turned around and shot her a dirty look. Santana gave her one right back.


“Rachel, you’re glowing. You need to calm down or you’re going to hurt yourself again.” Quinn said, urging the girl to walk away with her.


Rachel’s face burned, partly from her embarrassment, and partly because she was actually quite hot. She hated that she was hyper emotional, and when she was feeling too much, she often started to glow like the sun. If she let it get too far, she would start to burn. It’s a good thing she was quite tan already or she would be sunburned all the time. 

Both girls remembered the argument between Kurt and Rachel, about which was Barbra’s best song, and it resulted in a teary Kurt and severe burns on Rachel’s arms. It took her fellow healers 5 days to fix the burns, and Quinn had been there for all fI’ve. It was simultaneously the best and worst five days of Rachel’s life. 


Rachel took a few deep breaths, and immediately felt herself start to cool. She flashed a small smile to Quinn, who smiled back shyly. She heard Santana whistle behind her. 


“I’m sorry. I’m really stressed, and I know everyone else is, but after what I saw last night-” she faltered, looking off into the horizon. 


Quinn frowned, and tugged on the now cooled-down girls sleeve, trying to get Rachel to look at her. “What did you see Rach?”


The brunette turned away. “You know I can’t tell you Quinn. I wish I could.” She said softly.


Quinn clenched her jaw, and nodded. She knew she couldn’t get the brunette to tell her, and it was killing her inside. She instead pulled the small archer into her arms, and hugged her tightly. The brunette relaxed into her arms, and they stayed there for a bit. 


“Hey Odysseus and Penelope, stop making out and come direct us or some shit. Or I’ll do it myself and we’ll just charge now!” 


Rachel rolled her eyes, but began to pull away. Quinn pulled her back in, and touched their foreheads together. “Are you okay?” 


Rachel closed her eyes, and let herself fall away to this mesmerizing girl. “I  will be with you by my side .” She felt Quinn smile, and she couldn’t help but grin back. This girl would be the death of her. 


The two pulled away, and Quinn reached for Rachel’s hand. Rachel frowned slightly, sensing an emotion she had never felt roll of Quinn before. It was calm and slightly hesitant, but so full. It felt like the waves Santana expresses for Brittany. 


Could it be..? 


Rachel shrugged it off, as it wasn’t the time to fool herself. She would untangle this feelings after the battle.


Hand in hand, the pair walked back to the campers. Rachel cleared her throat, and began to finish directing. 


Kurt, take your cabin to the Queens-Midtown Tunnel. Set traps and be prepared for giants- it seems like that’s where they’re heading too.” Rachel said firmly.


Kurt and his siblings squealed and clapped. “That’s where the Givenchy perfume store is! That would be perfect for traps! Thanks Rach!” He said, quickly kissing Rachel on the cheek and leading his campers away.


Rachel just stood there, perplexed, but shook her head. 


“Okay.. uhh anyways. Quinn, take your cabin to the 59th Street Bridge. That’s the best area for all of you to set up surveillance and activate plan 23.”


Quinn’s siblings all nodded behind her, and looked at her expectantly, waiting for confirmation to move. Instead, Quinn turned around, and motioned to Mike to lead them. 


“I’ll be there in a second, okay? Start walking and we will start the plan as we see fit.”  Her siblings nodded, and followed Mike.


Rachel frowned, but saw Quinn’s face, and knew she wanted to say something to her. She nodded slightly, and finished directing the rest of the cabins.


After she sent the Ares and Demeter cabin to set a perimeter around the Empire State Building, she turned around to the stubborn blonde. 


“Quinn, you know you have to help your cabin mates. You are the most intelligent fighter we have, and they need you to lead.” Rachel gently chided.


Quinn blushes a rosy pink, and just as she opened her mouth to reply, a mighty roar shook the buildings around the two girls. Glass shattered from windows, and the sun began to dim under a rather enormous shadow.


“On second  thought, maybe we should save the talking for later,” Rachel said in a small voice, as the roar sounded again. “Quinn, go, my archers and the Ares kids can handle whatever it is. Help your cabin” 


Quinn nodded, closing her mouth, her eyes darkening. She turned on her heel, and began to run to her siblings.


She took one last look over her shoulder, seeing the girl she loved notching an arrow in the street alone as the buildings shook. She saw Santana and her siblings circle around Rachel, weapons out, ready to take on whatever was coming. Quinn forced herself to look away, and set off in a dead sprint. 


She hoped she would be able to tell the girl how she felt, before it was too late.





Rachel looked up from the fruit bowl she was picking at, to meet the eyes of Finn Hudson. She sighed, this really wasn’t the time for one of his ill-timed romantic gestures. But, she was a good person. So she straightened up, clasped her hands, and listened to the boy.


“So I uh know you like shooting arrows and stuff..”


She raised her eyebrows. Could he really be this aloof? “Yes, my father’s Apollo, so I like arrows a little, I guess.” 


Finn grinned back at her. “Yeah! So I decided to make something for you, wanna come down to the forge with me after dinner?” He asked, hope evident in his eyes.


Rachel sighed, and looked across her table to find Quinn staring intently back at her from the Athena table. Her normally hazel eyes were a stormy grey, and she was quite obviously upset with something. She got up quickly, told her brother Mike something, and stormed away. Rachel was so engrossed with the scene unfolding in front of her, that she almost forgot to answer Finn’s question. The boy tapped her shoulder impatiently, and she snapped her eyes back up to him. 


She sighed. She might as well get this over with, they had another head counselor meeting at dusk. 


“Yeah Finn, let’s go.” 


The boys eyes lit up. “Great! Let’s head to the forge! Kurt’s already there cause I was helping him build and new wardrobe. He’ll be so excited to see you down there!


Rachel smiled. She couldn’t help it- his excitement was contagious. She grabbed a grape and popped it into her mouth as she followed the boy to the Hephaestus cabin.



Rachel has barely taken a step out of the Hephaestus cabin when something grabbed her and slammed her back against the side of the cabin.


Rachel shrieked, but immediately stopped when she saw who it was. 


Of course it was Quinn.


The blonde girl had whipped off her invisibility cap with her right hand, still gripping Rachel’s shoulder with her left. For a moment, both girls looked at each other. Brown eyes met dark grey eyes, and Rachel felt the tension still the evening air. Before the archer could open her mouth, Quinn interrupted her quickly. 


“Do you like him?” 


Rachel was taken aback, clearly unprepared for that question. She reached out with her left hand to touch Quinn, but the girl jerked back. Rachel recoiled, hurt. 


Why was the blonde acting so strange? 


“Quinn, I-”


“No Rachel! You can’t like him- you can’t be with him! He will hold you back! You are the most skilled person in this camp, and you’re destined for greatness, literally! You’re Apollo’s golden child, the chosen one in every freaking art form. You cannot date that loser forger who’s probably just going to make tinker toys the rest of his life? Don’t you get it?” Quinn said rapidly, breathing quickly and unevenly. The girl’s eyes were stormy and wild, and there was something behind it, something Rachel couldn’t decipher.


Rachel reached out again, and held the hand that was pushing into her shoulder. “What don’t I get Quinn?”


Quinn opened her mouth, as if she was going to say what she wanted to say, but quickly deflated. She let go of Rachel’s shoulder, but still held the girls hand. Her eyes slowly melted back to hazel, and she stared at the ground. 


“You just can’t date him, okay? You deserve the best and only the best. And it’s not him.” She said softly. With that, Quinn dropped her hand and stalked towards the Big House. 


Rachel stood there, a little shocked at the encounter. She rubbed her shoulder, soothing the ache. 


“I know he’s not the one, but who is?” She said softly.


A devious laugh broke the silence, making Rachel jump again.


“You’re a real idiot sometimes Rachel Berry,” said Kurt, slipping out of the shadows. He had a gleeful smile, and something was glittering dangerously in his eyes. 


Rachel pressed her hand to her heart, trying to even her breaching. “Gods Kurt! How long have you been standing there?” 


Kurt laughed. “Long enough to hear your little angsty sapphic chat. By the way, she’s right.” 


Rachel frowned, irritation growing. “Who’s right?”


Kurt rolled his eyes, and crossed his arms. “Oh don’t play dumb with me prophecy girl. Quinn was right that Finn isn’t meant for you. At all.”


He stepped closer to Rachel, and whispered in her ear, “ but I know who is.” 


Rachel pulled back so quick, that she smacked her head on the wall of the cabin. She was in pain, but that didn’t stop her from pushing the boy lightly back.


“Kurt Hummel! You tell me right now! Who is?” She shrieked.


Kurt held his hands up in mock offense. “My my Rachel Berry, even you should know not to force fate. Besides, if my mother was right, you should know soon. You’re destined for an epic romance, you know!” 


Rachel’s jaw dropped. She knew she was destined for… a lot of things. But a romance? Much less an epic romance? That just didn’t happen to any Greek hero. 


The boy in front of her smiled bigger. He couldn’t wait for Rachel to figure out what’s been right in front of her all along. Seriously, the girl was a prodigy in practically everything, and she could see into the future, but she couldn’t see what was right in front of her. Apollo kids, always so theatrical but so oblivious. 


He held his hand out to the still shell-shocked girl. “Come on Golden Girl, we have battle plans to review!” He sang. 


Rachel took his hand, frowning. Stupid Aphrodite kids. Always so smug and smart in the romance department. She’ll get the truth out of him soon, she can be almost as persuasive as his charm speak. Maybe over a broadway movie night. 


The two walked to the Big House, chatting aimlessly about battle-fashion. They were so engrossed in conversation, they didn’t notice the bushes next to them shift, a flash of blonde hair disappearing back into a navy baseball cap. 



“Quinn Fabray you stop it right now!”


The Athena girl laughed harder, as she shoved Rachel back into the water. The two were practicing in “The Ring” which was just a rodeo-like water arena for aquatic fighting (it wasn’t filled with more than a foot of water at a time, due to drowning reasons). Sam Evans, the Poseidon boy, decided it was necessary for all warriors to be able to fight in aquatic areas. “You never know when you’ll be thrown into a river”, he would always say. Thus, last year's summer project was constructing it. 


Except tonight, the girls weren’t sword fighting. They were fighting with giant foam noodles. Quinn had convinced Rachel that they were “vital practice tools” and that “all Athena kids were taught this”. The girl knew Rachel was too curious to say no, and here they were. 


But, it was just a game for Quinn to knock the girl down as many times as she could. Quinn was damn good at smacking Rachel down with the foam noodle, and Rachel was being too talkative to hit Quinn. The brunette was lucky that she was a daughter of Apollo, she would’ve been an awful swordsmen.


It was midnight, the day before Rachel was about to leave to go back into the City for awhile. Quinn could visit Rachel, but the blonde was too nervous to ask. It was too intimidating to ask the little star if she could tag along. It was probably too dangerous anyways- two powerful demigods in a big city together? That’s a huge risk that Quinn wasn’t willing to take. Instead, she decided to drag Rachel out of bed and into The Ring, to fight with the noodles. It would make up for the time she will miss with the girl.


Rachel huffed, soaking wet, and stood back up once more, hands on her hips. The brunette was undeniably adorable when she was scowling. 


Lucy Quinn Fabray!” 


Quinn stopped laughing immediately, scowling back at the girl. The brunette smiled smugly back at her. She had finally hit a nerve. The girl gripped the pool noodle, pointing it at the blonde’s throat as if it were a sword. 


“Now that I’ve used your rear name, I hereby demand your white flag, now please!”


Quinn rolled her eyes, still annoyed. She instead took her hat out of her pocket, quickly put it on her head, and disappeared. 


“Quinnnnnn we promised no object or light power use in The Ring!” The diva pouted. The water was chilling her bones, and she was starting to shiver. Plus, she couldn’t detect where the Athena girl was, due to the fact the girl moved silently and swiftly. Seriously, who could move without a trace like that in water? And the girl isn’t even a Poseidon kid! 


Rachel yelped when she felt arms snake around her waist and lift her up. She reached blindly for the hat, and when she grasped it, she yanked it off quickly. Quinn gasped when she felt her cover blown, and decided to dunk the smirking girl in her arms. The brunette shrieked when she felt the cold water wash over her again, but she was luckily yanked out quickly. The brunette dropped the hat, and used both of her hands to rub the water out of eyes. Quinn was still holding her like a baby, and Rachel felt the girls silent laughter against her side.


“V-very funny Quinn. Put me down so I can warm myself up!”


Quinn hummed. “But I like holding you like the baby you are.” She sing-songed.


“You HATE it when you get zapped by the light, so put me down or so help me I will give you a sunburn!”


Quinn dropped the girl back into the water without warning, and laughed as she ran away. Rachel huffed, picking herself back out of the water. She wrapped her arms around her waist, and concentrated. She thought of warmth, the sun, fire, and glowed. Suddenly, she was dry and comfortably warm. She opened her eyes, and started to wade in the water over to Quinn. The blonde girl was at the other side of the rink, staring at the moon intently.


Rachel nudged the girl with her elbow, and the girl uncrossed her arms to pull Rachel to her side. Both of the girls stared up at the moon, and Rachel could feel the melancholy slide off the girl. She waited for the girl to open up.


After awhile, Quinn held Rachel a bit tighter. “You know, I was going to join The Hunt.”


Rachel blinked in surprise. “You were really going to join, even with Kitty as the leader?” She said in disbelief. Quinn nodded, a small smile spreading across her face. 


“It was a few years ago. I didn’t really feel like I had any reason to stay at camp. I didn’t really have many friends, and had no strings attached to this place. When Kitty came to recruit, I almost joined. Even though the girl rivaled Santana in bitchiness, she was persuasive. But as you can tell, I didn’t go through it.” The blonde girl admitted.


Rachel was shocked. Her Quinn, the bubbly, goofy, yet intense and intelligent girl she knew, a huntress? How absurd. The girl was built to lead armies, build cities, create and renew. Not to follow someone else’s orders. Rachel snaked her arm around Quinn’s waist and squeezed softly. 


“What changed your mind?”


Quinn hummed. “You did. You came to camp and stayed here. You forced me to be your friend, to listen to musicals, sing and dance with you. You, my little stubborn pain in the ass, with an absolutely lovable personality, and beauty that rivals Aphrodite .” Quinn paused. “I’m really going to miss you Rach.” She said even softer. 


Rachel buried her face into Quinn’s neck, trying to stamp down her tears. She dearly loved her friend, flaws and all. She was excited to go back to the City with her fathers for awhile, but Gods, she wanted Quinn to stay with her. She was going to ask Quinn to stay with her, but the girl had shown no interest in joining Rachel. It was probably for the best anyways, two powerful demigods in a big city was risky. 


“Can you sing to me? Please?” Quinn whispered, glassy eyes still looking at the moon. 


Rachel nodded, and began to sing, “When the rain is blowing in your face..”


The two swayed softly together, complete oblivious to the world. 


They did not notice two figures sitting on the beach behind them, watching the pair like a movie. 


“They’re gayer than us, pretty boy.” Santana observed, playing with her pocketknife.


Kurt nodded, “And they don't even know it.”




It was well after midnight when the group was released from the Big House. They had finalized their plans, they had two days to prepare before Kronos’ army landed in New York. Which meant one day of camp preparation, and one day to clear the city somehow. The group voted to send Marley, daughter of Hecate, to try and persuade her mother to help the demigods, and not Kronos. Hopefully it would work, or they were about to face more obstacles than they want too.


Bleary eyed and yawning, one by one the kids went back to their respective cabins. Rachel was just about to leave, thanking the Gods that she could finally sleep, until she felt someone yank her back into the house. Seriously, could she not go anywhere without getting thrown around?


She turned around to face a very much awake Coach Sylvester, and suddenly felt very awake. She gulped, knowing that an after-meeting chat was never a good sign


“Y-yes Coach?” She stuttered out, wringing her hands nervously. She winced, because she couldn’t feel any emotions from the tall woman. She guarded herself very well and it was impossible for Rachel to get a feel of the conversation to come. 


Well, shit. 


The Coach held her hand out to hush the girl. “Shut your trap Streisand, we have people still in the room. Schuester, scram before I twist you like a balloon animal. And Fabray, really? I wasn’t born yesterday you know, take the cap off and leave the room!”


Mr. Schuester scampered out of the room, as fast as his goat legs could talk him, while Rachel gaped at the disgruntled Quinn Fabray in the corner of the room. The blonde girl whipped her cap off, annoyance and anger wafting off her so strong, Rachel’s head was beginning to ache. 


“I was just testing my cap out,” she said lamely. Coach snorted, and crossed her arms over her blood-red tracksuit.  


“Sure thing Fabray. And I willingly hired Will Schuester to be my number two. I guess we’re both shitty liars. Now head back to the Athena cabin before I lock you in a room with spiders.” 


Quinn gulped, her eyes comically wide. She crossed the room quickly, but stopped by Rachel, who was still rooted in her spot by the door. “Talk to me after, okay? Outside your cabin.” The blonde whispered. Rachel nodded, still paralyzed. The Athena girl nodded back, satisfied, and left swiftly. 


“If you stand out there with that stupid hat on, I WILL not hesitate with the spiders, Fabray!” Coach called out after Quinn. A groan was heard outside the window, and the woman smiled victoriously. “Seriously, she gets Daedalus’ laptop and she suddenly thinks she knows everything about the nooks and crannies in the camp. Amateur. Anyways, sit down Berry. We need to talk.” Coach sat behind her desk, and gestured for Rachel to sit down in the chair in front of it.


Rachel quickly sat down, adjusting her orange t-shirt. She was far too tired to stay for long, so she didn’t beat around the bush. 


“What’s up, Coach?” She said. The Coach snorted at the question, and took her glasses off and rubbed her eyes. She suddenly look thousands of years older, and much more battleworn. Rachel could almost sense.. what was that? Sympathy? Whatever it was, it was minimal, but very powerful. 


“I know you’ve seen the end, Berry. I know you’ve opened your loud mouth just enough to tweak the plans just enough so they don’t test the Fates too much, I know. I’m glad that your loud mouth hasn’t told anyone either, because that’s just too much knowledge for any of these peabrains. But you, Ms. Golden Girl, seem to be holding it together well enough.” The Coach bluntly said.


Rachel frowned, uneasy. “Thank you, but is there a question in there?”


The Coach sighed heavily. She leaned forward on the desk, clasping her hands together. 


“I’ve seen the end as well. I need to know if you’re prepared to make the sacrifices that need to be made. If this camp is to live on, I need to know that you can handle it.”


Rachel swallowed difficulty. “You’ve seen it too?” She said in a small voice. She grasped her hands together, trying to stop the shaking. The Coach observed her, and nodded slightly. 


“So what’s the answer Berry? Can you handle what’s to come? Even if your loved ones have to perish to save us all?” The Coach pressed forcefully. 


Rachel thought of all her friends, family, and.. Quinn. She didn’t have a choice, her fate was written off already, and she knew what was coming. But she couldn’t fail any of them- no, she had to do this. She couldn’t fail.


Rachel lifted her chin, meeting Coach’s gaze. “Yes, yes I can.”


The Coach nodded, apparently satisfied. She swallowed, and took a deep breath.


“For what it's worth, Berry, I’m sorry. This can’t be easy.” The Coach said softly, motioning to the girl that it was time for her to leave. 


Rachel got up, and paused. “It’s okay. It’s been written in the stars,” she paused, “and nobody can save me now,” she said softly.


The Coach didn’t react to the last part, but Rachel felt the sympathy ooze out as she left the Big House. 


Rachel walked slowly to her cabin, kicking stones as she went. Just as she reached her door, she saw a figure come out of the darkness, and she knew who it was. Those hazel eyes were a beacon that Rachel would always follow. Instead of speaking, she just held her hands out for a hug. The blonde obliged, and they stayed like that for a few minutes. 


“Life isn’t fair.” Rachel said after a while, her voice slightly muffled by Quinn’s shoulder. 


Quinn’s heart twisted. “I know it isn’t little star. I know.”


The pair stayed like that for awhile, just melting in each other’s embrace.


Two figures sat upon the roof of the neighboring cabin, watching the pair together. 


“We gotta stop meeting like this, Hummel.” 


Kurt smiled slightly, nudging the Ares girl with his shoulder. “Yeah, we do. It’s getting a bit stalker-ish, even for an Aphrodite boy.”


Santana grinned briefly. “We’re gonna have to be there for both of them, Kurt. Especially with what’s coming. I really can’t bear to live without either of them.” The girl admitted softly. 


Kurt sighed, feeling the sadness he had been trying to hold back release. 


“I know Santana, I know.”

Chapter Text


Rachel sighed, picking up her arrows from the fallen Lydian Drakon. The creature had come from literally nowhere- it wasn’t detected on the video shield or even from any of the huntresses across the city. Rachel has no idea how it got through before Kronos’ army even crossed the rivers. However this monster got through, it didn’t matter. Rachel was damn lucky she had the Ares cabin with her- because otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to defeat it. It was a Drakon that could only be defeated by an Ares child. Thankfully, Santana was feeling particularly motivated and destroyed the monster quickly, while the Apollo kids shot arrows to try and find a chink in its armor. It didn’t work, but it was a helpful distraction.


Santana was a force of nature, she had dodged, sliced, and completely annihilated the huge monster. Rachel was absolutely appalled to watch how Santana took it apart. Well, she watched parts of it, because Santana actually was on fire. Literally- she was blessed by Ares,  and red fire surrounded her as she cut and diced the monster. It’s poisonous spit couldn’t touch her, and those gnashing teeth only tasted her sword. Due to the blessing, she was temporarily invincible. Blessing or not, it was the most incredible thing the brunette had ever seen, and Rachel is lucky that the fiery Latina is on their side.


But that just meant they had a giant dead Drakon in the middle of the street they were patrolling, and about 16 campers to try and move it around. 9 Ares kids and 7 Apollo kids pushed and shoved the dead monster, trying to avoid the poison leaking out, and the teeth scattered along the concrete. Eventually, they gave up and just let it be a giant roadblock.


She could feel the tension rising across the sleeping city, and she knew the prophecy was starting to play out. She sat down on a pushed up piece of concrete, and hugged her middle. Goosebumps were becoming a permanent fixture on her tan skin, and she shivered, despite it being a nice summer day. Her stomach was all knotted up, and she could barely eat or drink the ambrosia Santana was trying to force down her throat.


“For the love of Hades Berry, just eat the damn thing. I just destroyed a Lydian Drakon all by myself and barely broke a sweat! You look like you’re going to yak all over your precious bow!” Santana sneered, trying to force another slab of ambrosia into Rachel’s hand. 


Rachel shook her head, and pushed the slab away. “How long until everyone gets back?” 


Santana shrugged, and picked up the phone she had previously made a few calls on. The only good news for the campers was that the army was about 15 hours away from touching Manhattan. For some reason, their boats had stilled on the water, and Sam couldn’t figure out why. Hopefully it meant a later attack, but Rachel was feeling extremely uneasy about the entire thing. So, she had called back all the campers after they had set their traps, and told them to all gather by the hotel next to the Empire State Building. 


“Well I called Britts, doughboy, extra virgin olive oil, and stilettos about five minutes ago. FedEx and his merry band of robbers should be here in a minute, and the others shouldn’t be that far behind. What’s got your panties in a twist Berry?” Santana said, putting the phone she held onto the ground and smashing it with her sword. 


Rachel shook her head, and adjusted the bow on her back. Her fingers were trembling quite a bit, and her normally bright eyes were dull, unfocused. Santana noticed all of this, and knew the girl was seeing...something. The brunette was getting more and more visions every passing hour, and she was getting more unstable. Well, more unstable than she usually was. 


She bent down to match the brunettes eyes, and she reached out tentatively to touch her shoulder. “Rachel, what do you see?” 


The brunette shuddered under her touch, and her hands trembled uncontrollably. Her mouth was dry, and she was trying to focus her eyes on the Latina’s face. 


“I see death. A lot of death. And I don’t know if I can stop it.”


Santana froze, feeling as if her fire had suddenly been extinguished. She tried to search for the right words to try and calm the stoic girl in front of her, and the right words to calm herself down. 


“Berry, is… is the death all… all of them or us?” She stuttered, cringing at her wobbling voice.


Rachel lifted her eyes to stare into Santana’s, and the Latina felt worse as she saw the lack of life in them. 


“I don’t know.”


Santana swallowed, suddenly finding her throat incredibly dry. She sat down next to the girl, and pulled her into an awkward half-hug. She looked to the skies, and prayed to the Gods to give her the right words. 


“Berry, you’re strong, ok? Your father wouldn’t have given you this prophecy if you couldn’t handle it. You have done well already, dealing with the weight of whatever you’re seeing. Just know we care about you, and that we are here to kick some ass too. Okay?”


The brunette nodded against Santana’s chest, and she felt the girl relax. Good. 


Santana suddenly laughed, making the brunette jerk up out of surprise. That only made Santana laugh harder, tears building up in her eyes. The brunette looked at her incredulously- it was as if the Ares girl had lost her mind!


“S-sorry Berry. It’s just that-” Santana gasped, wiping tears from her eyes. “It’s just that, this is the quietest you’ve ever been since I totally kicked your ass with my rendition of ‘Don’t Rain on My Parade’.” 


The brunette scowled, and shoved Santana lightly. “My rendition was way better! I thought we weren’t going to talk about this ever again!” She huffed, trying to appear angry. It didn’t really work though, because her resolve cracked, and suddenly she was crying of laughter.


The Aphrodite and Demeter kids found the two laughing on the slab of concrete, all puzzled and a little concerned. 


“So, did the Drakon suddenly give Santana a heart and untwisted Rachel’s panties or is the world just officially ending?” Kurt teased, his eyes glittering with happiness. Santana flipped him off mid laugh, and Rachel just laughed harder.   It was refreshing to see the two girls get along, and laughing too. It had been a tense couple of days for everyone, and this was a nice break. 


Brittany appeared next to Kurt, Lord Tubbington in her arms. “It’s nice that they’re laughing. I was almost afraid I wasn’t going to hear laughter for awhile!”


Kurt nodded, and smiled back at the Demeter girl. He opened his mouth to ask her something, but she was back in her own world, growing daisies out of the concrete while singing to her cat. Footsteps and chatter turned Kurt’s attention away from the other girls, and he saw the Athena and Hephaestus kids were back. He frowned when he saw his half-brother deep in an argument with Quinn. He started to make his way over, hoping to protect Finn from Quinn’s sharp wit.. and knife. 


He heard snippets of the argument as he walked over. 


“ do not get to decide that for her!”


“...she needs a man, why can’t you see that?”


“...That’s it, I’m about to show you what a properly made knife looks like up close!”


Kurt immediately grabbed Quinn’s hand, which held the knife she was about to use on Finn. “Hey, hey, we’re all friends here, let’s just put that knife down, okay here we go.” He shook the knife from Quinn’s hand, letting it fall to the ground with a clang. He got in between the two, a hand on Finn’s chest and pushing Quinn back with his other. 


Quinn huffed, anger dancing in her eyes. “Kurt, take your half-brother away from me before I actually kill him.” She said through clenched teeth. Kurt nodded, and started to lead the disgruntled boy away. 


Kurt took one last look over his shoulder, at the blonde girl whose eyes were stormy grey. She gave him a slight nod, and turned away.


He was SO not going to let her off the hook for this. He’s a fantastic charmspeaker, and he will get an answer sooner or later. 




The campers were all sprawled out in the lobby of the Empire State Building, sleeping in piles. It took awhile for the last camper to fall asleep, and Kurt was trying to stay awake himself. When he saw Rachel finally doze off, he gingerly stood up, and stepped over her body to wake up the blonde next to her.


“Quinn.” He hissed, lightly pushing her with his shoe. The girl just mumbled something and rolled over, an arm draped lazily over the archer next to her. Kurt rolled his eyes. Lesbians.


He pushed her harder with his foot, and she finally opened her eyes, blinking up at him confused. Kurt had to admit, she was absolutely radiant when she was all sleepy. If he wasn’t so gay, he would definitely be deep in love with her now. Probably. 


He motioned for her to follow him, and she yawned back in response, rolling back over. 


“We’ll talk later. ‘M sleepy.” She muttered back. 


Kurt sighed. He really didn’t want to use his charmspeak on her, but desperate times call for desperate measures. He squatted down carefully, and made his voice sugary sweet.


“Quinn honey, follow me. It’s important!” He cooed.


The blonde girls eyes snapped open, becoming cloudy. “Important.. yeah.. Following you.” 


Kurt smirked. For someone so guarded and brilliant, she was damn easy to charmspeak. Rachel’s impact on her was bigger than the blonde must care to admit. 


He stood up, offering the blonde girl his hand. She took it, and he led her to the outside of the building, carefully stepping over the entwined Santana and Brittany. Kurt’s smirk got bigger when he realized Santana was being spooned- this will come in handy for blackmail purposes.


He whisked the blonde girl to the side of the building. He noticed her eyes were starting to clear up, and she was getting irritated.


“What? Why are we out here- wait! Did you CHARMSPEAK me?” The girl half whispered-half shrieked. Her fists balled up, and she instinctively reached for her knife that was usually buckled at her side, but mentally cursed when she realized it wasn’t there. Rachel had convinced her to take it off so she could relax, and Quinn couldn’t say no to her.


The boy held his hands up in a mock surrender. “I want answers, and you’re going to give them to me or I’ll charmspeak you into doing some… unpleasant things. Now what did you and my brother get into today?”


Quinn closed her eyes, and pinched the bridge of her nose to try and alleviate her annoyance. She could very easily walk back into the bundling and sleep; but she knew Kurt wouldn’t let this go without some nasty trickery. Stupid Aphrodite kids. Always flirty and cunning little shits. 


She took a deep breath, her eyes still closed. “You won’t tell anyone about this, yeah?”


Kurt nodded and motioned to her to start talking.


She sighed. Well, here it goes. “I heard you corner Rachel that night outside the Hephaestus cabin, about knowing her ‘epic love story fate’.” The girl paused, licking her lips nervously. “I also heard you say that Finn isn’t the one for her.” 


Kurt arched an eyebrow. Damn his overexcited Aphrodite romance genes. He should’ve been more careful; this just complicated a whole bunch of things. He nodded for her to continue.


The girl blew out the air from her lungs, trying to get this over with. “And Finn apparently was listening too. But he only heard the ‘epic love story’ part.” She gritted out, her fists balling up again. Her eyes were getting greyer by the second.


“He thought it would be cool if he asked me for tips about asking Rachel out. He decided that she needed a man to help save her. SAVE HER. Rachel freaking Berry!” She practically yelled. Kurt held a finger to his lips, trying to convince her to stay quiet.


He winced. His stupid, stupid tool building brother with zero common sense. Gods, this was a mess. This is not what his mother showed him- it was supposed to be a glorious love story! Well, once they figure out their feelings. Now it’s a mess all thanks to Kurt’s big mouth. 


Kurt created his throat. “Is that all he said?” He whispered. 


Quinn’s eyes were nearly black with rage. “No. He told me that Rachel was his, and his only. He said it like she was his prize that he’ll keep on one of his stupid fucking celestial bronze pedestals!” She hissed, slamming her hand against the building wall. 


Kurt chewed his bottom lip, trying to carefully think out his next words. He quite honestly wanted to march into the building, and smack his brother over the head with his shield for a few hours. It was tempting, but wasn’t going to solve anything. 


He reached out, and gently laid his hand on the blondes shoulder. She had ducked her head away from him, trying to hide her tears. But, her shaking shoulders and quiet sniffles gave it away. 


“Quinn honey, you do know that the lover (he cringed at his choice of words) really isn’t Finn, right? He’s not the one. I’ve seen the story play out, I know it’s not him and won’t be him. But I think you know who it is.” He said softly, rubbing her shoulder. 


Quinn slowly lifted her head, still trying to hide her face. “Don’t give me false hope Kurt. Don’t do it. I can’t live with that. She’s…” A sob broke up her words.


Quinn covered her mouth, trying to regain her composure.


“I love her Kurt. And it hurts so much. How do I make it stop?”


Kurt’s eyes were getting a bit misty. He was honestly trying to compose himself as well. He leaned in close to her, as if he was going to hug her.


“The pain doesn’t stop. It will never cease. It will feel like thousands of days in the Fields of Punishment. It will always feel like a knife to the heart. But it’s so rewarding once you finally have that person you love.” He whispered.


The blonde shivered at his words, and he started to walk away. 


“The ball is in your court Quinn Fabray. It’s your fate too, you know.” And with that, he disappeared back into the building. 


The blonde girl leaned heavily on the building, trying to remember how to breathe. She was good at putting a facade on, acting as if she was okay. She could flip the switch again. Eventually, she felt well enough to put on a brave face and go back into the building. Just as she started to walk back towards the entrance, she tripped and fell on a piece of upturned concrete.


“Di immortales.” She hissed, wiping gravel off her hands. Her knee was throbbing something fierce, and Quinn knew that it was bleeding. She muttered a few more curse words, and got back up.


“You should be more careful, you know.” 


Quinn looked up quickly, and groaned when she saw who the voice belonged to. 


“Oh, So now you’re here?” 




“No, you can’t pack an entire chariot !” 


Santana dropped all the knives she was holding onto the table in frustration. “Then what am I doing here!”


Rachel was already fighting a full blown migraine, and Santana’s spiking anger levels were not helping. She rubbed her throbbing temples, trying to suck in deep breathes to push away the nausea. The brunette was in the forges with Santana, Kurt, and Quinn, all of whom were nominated as the official ‘war packing crew’. It really was just the four of them fighting on what weapons to bring vs what weapons they thought were cool. So far it was a lost cause as Santana fought with them on every weapon they picked up. Which caused Kurt to start whining about the clashing weaponry, and Quinn to start arguing with the Ares girl on the logistics of taking 274 knives to the city. It was getting exhausting and the tiny archer could barely handle it. 


Luckily, they had already counted the number of swords, arrows, bows, shields and armor that they were taking, but knives and the chariot was last. The chariot was the Ares cabins’ prized possession, a gift from their dad. It was a celestial bronze base, but painted blood red. It was full of spikes, looped with eternal Greek Fire, and smothered in razor wire. How the kids operated it without dying themselves, was mystery Rachel couldn’t even begin to fathom. 


The archer grabbed the side of the table they were all standing around with one hand, the other still massaging her left temple. She closed her eyes and clenched her teeth tightly. “Santana, we can't pack a chariot as Finn broke our last extension luggage carrier. He accidentally stepped on it, remember? Now we have to either use it on the way there or forget about it. And you’re going to have to work out a deal with Kurt here on lending you a Pegasus.” She gritted out. 


Kurt turned smugly to Santana, arms crossed over his chest. Santana’s eyes were getting fiery, but the Aphrodite boy wasn’t backing down. The two began to bicker, Santana waving around a knife and the boy trying to charmspeak her down. It was going to be a hopeless argument, as they were too closely linked and too stubborn to let go. Quinn watched amused, tapping her fingers lightly on the table. Rachel was getting dizzier by the second, the high emotions and stuffy heated room not helping in the slightest.  The room started to sway and Rachel gripped the table with both hands. Quinn noticed the change in the brunette, and reached out with one hand.


“Rach? You don’t look so good, are you alright?” She said tentatively.


The brunette shook her head slightly, and opened her mouth to reply. Before she could get anything out, she teetered over and collapsed onto the ground. 


“Rachel!” Quinn shouted, immediately dropping down to the girls side. The two bickering teenagers immediately stopped, stared at each other, and then dropped down next to the blonde. Quinn was gently shaking the unresponsive brunettes shoulders, panic rising in her chest. 


Santana pushed the blonde into Kurt’s arms, who held her back as she swore and struggled. The Latina may be the child of the war god, but she was also pretty skilled at first aid as well. It helped during battles because Ares kids always dove in headfirst, swords out. Quinn was too, but this was too personal for the blonde to focus. 


Santana felt the girls throat, relieved to still feel a heartbeat. She saw the girl was pale, and breathing fast, beads of sweat rolling down her face. She was too warm to the touch, and the girl was starting to shake. 


“It’s too hot in here.” Santana muttered, and scooped up the girl in her arms. She began to quickly move out, and realized she wasn’t being followed.


“Well, pressed citrus and lover boy, you coming? She’s overheating and this damn glorified boys locker room isn’t helping. Let’s fucking move out!” She barked, turning back around to start walking. Quinn followed, rapidly dragging a concerned Kurt with her.


 When they got out of the cave, Santana spotted a shaded tree and immediately set her sights on it. She gently laid the brunette down, Quinn kneeling down next to her. Kurt staggered over and plopped down next to Quinn. He could see the blonde shake, and grabbed her hand, sensing that she needed comfort.


The Latina touched the brunettes forehead, relieved  that she was starting to cool down. She snapped her fingers, and Kurt handed her a water bottle. How he knew that she needed that, she’ll never know. Maybe she’ll go without the chariot after all. The Latina gently poured water on the brunettes head, relieved to see her shiver in response. 


The girl began to blink, and a small whimper escaped her lips. Quinn let out a strangled sob, pressing a shaking hand to her lips. Santana rolled her eyes at the dramatics of the Athena girl’s reaction, but couldn’t stop the sigh of relief that she emitted as well. Kurt let out a soft gasp, still holding onto the blonde’s hand. 


Santana propped the brunette up against the tree, and handed her the water bottle. The brunette nodded a small thank you, still pale and sickly. She took a few shaking sips, and laid her head gently against the tree. 


“Santana, can I talk to you alone?” She whispered, eyes closed. Her head was still throbbing painfully; frankly, she couldn’t think with Quinn’s anxiety and Kurt’s relief pouring down on her like concrete. Every emotion was suffocating her, all over again. Surprisingly, the normally angsty Ares girl wasn’t emitting anything, and that helped. 


Rachel’s eyes were closed, and she didn’t see the wordless exchange the Ares and Athena girls were having. Quinn was daggers at Santana, her stormy grey eyes obviously challenging Santana to make her move. Santana’s eyes were getting redder by the second. Kurt realized that what he did in the next few seconds would determine all of their futures, so he instead grabbed the blonde girl and started to half drag her away. 


Let.. me .. go.. you sonofabitch! Why do you smell like roses?” The blonde screeched, trying to claw her way out of the boys arms. Luckily, he was stronger thanks to Sam and Puck’s workout routines, so he held his own. Santana wore a shit eating grin, and she mock waved at the Athena girl, who only fought harder to be let go. When the fiery duo finally disappeared from the tree line, the Latina turned back to the still shaking brunette.


“Okay emotional Ellen, What the hell was that shit?”


Rachel grinned, but the smile didn’t reach her eyes. Her hands were trembling again, and she clenched her jaw as a wave of pain rolled over her. 


“It’s getting worse the closer we get to it,” she croaked out softly. She fiddled with the plastic water bottle in her hands, trying to even her breathing. 


Santana stared up at the sky, silently cursing the Gods for giving this burden to the brunette. Sure, she was a huge pain in the ass with her rapid monologues, Broadway knowledge and big mouth, but she still held a special place in many campers hearts. Under that annoying exterior, she was the kindest, softest, and most thoughtful person around. Well, maybe second to her Britt. The Ares girl sent a silent fuck you to Zeus, and the sky rumbled in response. She held her middle finger back up to the sky.


“Did you pass out because of the heat or because of what you were feeling?” She said, suddenly nervous. She wasn’t used to seeing the usually annoying girl this quiet and, well, ruined


The girl shrugged, sweat still glinting on her pale forehead. “A combination I guess. My empathy link to all of you is heightened and I feel every emotion you feel, except it’s extreme and I can’t control the headache that builds up. It was also really hot down there too.” 


Santana nodded, feeling a little guilty herself. She knew she had a temper that could start wars, but hey, that’s not her fault. She didn’t ask for her dad to be the god of war. She promised herself to try and control it as best she could, even though that was a hefty demand. 


“Is there anything we can do to help?”


The brunette stared off in deep thought, her brow furrowed. “I don’t think so. This is just something I have to deal with until I- I mean, um, until it all happens I guess.”


Santana frowned at the stuttering, but decided now wasn't the time to force answers out of her. She stood up, and dusted off her pants. 


“Can you walk on your own?” She said, holding her hand out to the brunette. The girl nodded, but buckled a little as she stood up, still feeling dizzy. Santana scoffed at her headstrong attitude, and put her arm around the girl’s back and let her lean on her. 


“C’mon Berry. Let’s go find your girl before she claws out Lady Burberry’s eyes out.” 


Rachel decided to ignore the “My girl” comment, it wouldn’t help the situation. Plus, she was feeling emotionally drained and physically shitty already, she couldn’t open that bottle of nectar now.


“Have you ever thought of being a medic? Your fireman's carry skills are quite impressive.” She teased, poking the girl with her free hand.


Santana mock dropped her, shocking Rachel, but both ended up giggling. They slowly began to make their way up the hill, leaning on each other.




“Are you absolutely positive that you don’t want any nectar? How about some ambrosia? Do you want more water?”


Rachel was laying down in the infirmary still trying  to recover. After Santana dragged her along the path, she was immediately forced to the infirmary by a frantic Quinn and a disheveled Kurt. 


Her brothers Jesse and Blaine, both skilled healers, had checked her out and determined that she needed rest and relaxation. The two boys left for awhile, sensing that Rachel needed alone time. It wasn’t much relaxation for awhile, as Quinn was still panicking and offering Rachel six thousand different things. The girl’s constant motion and building panic was beginning to make Rachel feel ill again, but she was too nice to try and kick the girl out. 


Rachel counted to ten and closed her eyes, breathing deeply. She was so very fond of the most brilliant girl in camp, but Gods she could panic like no other. How could someone to brilliant and intuitive act panic like this?


Rachel shifted over to the left side of her cot to make room. “Quinn, can you please just sit down?” she said, patting the bed.


The blonde stopped pacing, and immediately sat down. She stared intently at Rachel's face, as if she was trying to figure out how she worked. The brunette sighed; she knew what Quinn was trying to do. Quinn wore the same face when she was trying to decipher plans on Daedalus' computer.


Rachel gasped at she felt another wave of nausea overtake her, and clenched her jaw to keep herself from vomiting. “Quinn, honey, you know I think the world of you, but you need to stop worrying or I will pass out again.”


Quinn blushed profusely, knowing her emotions were extremely powerful to Rachel. But it was so hard to stop feeling this strong for this girl, Quinn lo- cared, cared for her too much.


“I just don’t know how I can help fix you.” she admitted softly, reaching out to brush hair off from Rachel’s sweaty forehead. The girl sighed from the cool contact of Quinn’s palm on her forehead. Well there’s an idea. Quinn reached over to the bedside table next to her and grabbed a cold towelette, wringing it out and laying it on Rachel’s forehead. The girl groaned softly in relief. 


With her eyes still closed, Rachel blindly groped for Quinn’s hand, entwining her fingers with the other girl’s. “I’m not ruined like some kind of building Quinn. I’m just… feeling a lot more than I used too. It used to just overwhelm me a bit when I felt everyone’s strong emotions, but lately I’ve been succumbing to every emotion. It’s just taxing me.” 


Quinn eyes softened. She didn’t know what this beautiful girl did to anger the Fates themselves- but she didn’t deserve the hand she was dealt. Being a child in which bears the biggest prophecy in centuries ? An everyday curse knowing the fate of everyone at Camp depends on whatever the brunette sees? That’s just wholly unfair. The blonde couldn’t fix that- not by a long shot. But she could lo- care for her and support her. 


Quinn curled up next to the brunette and rested her head carefully on her shoulder. The brunette sighed happily and relaxed into Quinn’s touch. 


“You’re never going to tell me what you’re seeing, are you?” Quinn whispered so softly, hoping Rachel didn’t hear her. 


The brunette hummed softly, and held Quinn’s hand tighter. They both knew the answer to that. The blonde let out a ragged sigh, and just laid with the girl. 


Outside the screen door of the infirmary, the pair was being watched. The peeping toms, (Santana and Kurt obviously) were gagging at the love scene unfolding in front of them.


“Gods they’re so pressed- can't you work your lover boy charm and do something? They’re making me sick!” scoffed the Latina, crossing her arms over her chest. 


Kurt rolled his eyes. “Yes Santana, let me go get my love wand and tap their foreheads with it, and maybe they’ll make out!” He said mockingly. The Latina scowled and grabbed the knife on her belt threateningly. He wasn’t scared of Santana, they were kind of half siblings in a way. She wouldn’t hurt him-well, as far as he knew anyways.


“Well what’s going to get this shitty season of love island to end?” 


The boy picked at his cuticles, deep in thought. “Nothing I guess. We just have to let them figure it out.”


“I hate when you say things like that.”


“I know, previously pressed lemon.”


“Fuck you Burberry boy.”


Kurt smiled and pat Santana’s shoulder. “That’s my Ares girl.” He cooed, earning a slap to the back of the head that was so loud, the Gods probably heard. 


Chapter Text

“You do know I can see you, right?”


Quinn poked her head out from behind the giant cake she was holding. “So? I thought you liked my obtuse side.” the blonde teased, her eyebrows waggling.


Rachel chuckled at the sight. “Yeah, you're right. I do enjoy a spontaneous Athena girl in my cabin late at night,” she paused, realizing that Quinn was in her cabin at midnight. “Wait, how did you get in here? You normally have to recite a long winded limerick about love to get in at a time like this. Wait- where are my brothers? Lee! Jesse! Bla-.” the girl was abruptly cut off by Quinn’s hand covering her mouth.


“Tsk Tsk miss Berry! Here I am trying to do something cute for your birthday, and you are just worried about your brothers. How are you the only female child of Apollo anyways? Also, I picked the lock and delivered a perfect limerick, thank you very much. ”


Rachel licked Quinn’s hand, the girl shrieking and drawing her hand back. The brunette smiled smugly, and sat up straighter on her bed. “Quinn Fabray, I have told you multiple times that my father just didn’t want another girl. I’m not sure why- it probably has something to do with a silly prophecy or something.” she shrugged. 


Quinn carefully put the enormous cake onto Rachel’s nightstand before flopping down on the bed beside her. “And what prophecy would that be? Tiny archer who can’t stop singing Broadway show tunes gets to fight a monster or something?” Quinn teased, laughing as Rachel elbowed her in the side lightly.


“And even if it were Fabray, I’d still save the world with the grace and beauty Barbra demonstrated in Funny Girl .” she huffed. She tried to act mad, but the grinning blonde next to her cracked her usually stoic facade. Damn this Athena girl.


“Sure Rach. Whenever you get sentenced a prophecy, you better tell me everything about it! Otherwise that's just cheating on your best friend.” Quinn said solemnly, but humor still glinting in her hazel eyes.


Rachel rolled her eyes but held her pinky finger out. “Yeah yeah. I will.”


The two girls linked pinkies, and giggled at the sight. How silly it was for two teenagers to make a pinky promise. Well, it wasn't sworn on the River Styx, so it was fairly feeble. 


Rachel turned her attention back to the birthday cake. “You do know that it is-” she checked her watch, “-11:59pm right? And it is almost my birthday so…”


The blonde sat up quickly, and gathered the cake back into her hands. It was a marble cake with vegan whipped cream frosting. It was Rachel’s favorite and Quinn was incredibly relieved that she was able to sneak out and grab one at the vegan bakery a few blocks away. She quickly stuck sixteen, slightly bent candles into the cake (they were in her pocket, and may have gotten slightly squashed by the other gift she had in there), and held out the cake expectantly.


“Do me the honor, fire girl?”


Rachel smiled, and waved her hand over the cake, igniting the candles with small flames. Quinn softly began to sing her happy birthday, and Rachel blew out the candles just as she finished.


Quinn put the cake back down on the table, and pulled the brunette into a tight hug. “Happy Birthday honey” she whispered softly. Her lips ghosted Rachel’s ear, sending shivers down the brunettes spine.


Rachel hugged her tighter, feeling tears build up.“You are the most special person in my life Quinn Fabray. I’m so thankful that the Fates let us meet. You are more than you know.” 


She felt Quinn’s breathe catch a little, and the girl sniffled. Rachel just sat there in her embrace, rocking slightly. Finally, the girls pulled apart, smiles wide and eyes watery.


“We better eat that cake, huh?” The blonde chucked.


Rachel nodded, and exited her room. It was nice being the only girl and head counselor, she got her own little secluded room. She padded over to her brother Lee’s desk while Quinn got the cake ready to be cut. He always had extra cutlery due to his love for food. He should’ve been a Dionysus kid, but somehow he was an Apollo kid. The Fates were weird. 


Rachel opened the drawer, and rummaged through them, nearly cutting her hand on a broken arrowhead. “Di Immortales” she muttered. She found the plastic cutlery box, and began to make her way back to her room. Rachel reached for the doorknob, but couldn’t turn it. Goosebumps crawled up her arms, and she began to feel dizzy.


Rachel fell to her knees, dropping the plastic cutlery. She closed her eyes to try and alleviate the dizziness. 


“Quinn?” She weakly muttered, trying to find the door. Her hand didn’t find wood, but it found soft grass instead. Rachel immediately opened her eyes, and was instantly blinded by beaming lights. She shielded her eyes, and realized she was kneeling on a large expanse of meadow, in front of what could be the sun itself. 


“What the fu-“


A strong yet gentle male voice cut her off. “Hold that swear Rachel. I didn’t raise my children to rhymes in couplets and create masterpieces of poetry to swear!”


The light dimmed, and in front of Rachel was her father, Apollo. 


Rachel’s stomach dropped suddenly, and she felt weak. This couldn’t be a good sign, your god parent coming to you while you were completely lucid. Well, it wasn’t good when they came to see you at all. 


He seemed to sense her fear, and smiled sadly at her.


“We need to talk, Rachel.”




Just as quickly as Rachel was summoned, she was back in her cabin, standing in front of her door. She was clutching the cutlery too hard, and cold sweat began to bead on her back. 


“Rachel! Are you coming? It’s been like five minutes and I know Lee’s drawer isn’t that bottomless!” Quinn chirped, oblivious behind the door. 


Rachel’s mouth was dry, and she was filled with a sense of utter dread. Everything was about to change, but she had to eat cake first and celebrate her birthday.  


The Fates sucked. 


Rachel composed herself, pasted a strong smile on her face, and grasped the doorknob. She tried to stop her hands from shaking- which they never did. She was going to allow herself to enjoy this moment and deal with her fate later in the morning.


She had a birthday to celebrate. 


Coming honey!”




“Rachel! Rachel!”


“Will somebody shut her mouth! Now!”


“Is she okay San? I’m scared..”


“Blondie I swear to the Gods if you don’t stop squirming..”


Rachel’s eyes snapped open. She was breathing hard, sweat trickling down her face. Her fingers were gripping the dingy bedding of the cot. She hasn’t had that dream in a while and it sucked that it came now, in the infirmary.


The brunette’s eye focused a little more, and widened when she took in her audience. Her brother Jesse had an arrow notched and pointed at Quinn, who was being held back by a frazzled Santana and Kurt, while Brittany was hiding behind Lee, who was trying to pull Jesse back. It was like a weird renaissance painting that Rachel wasn’t prepared for.


She sat up slightly, propping herself on her elbows. She moved slowly, careful not to startle anyone. She calculated how quickly she could end this impending fight, and just as she opened her mouth, she was cut off.


“You don’t get to touch her- We are her bloodline. Not you Fabray. You’re nothing .” Jesse snarled. Lee tugged him back harder, desperately.


Quinn’s eyes turned charcoal and she stopped struggling. “What did you just say to me?” she hissed, and Kurt winced as the blonde’s nails dug into his hands.


Jesse’s snarl morphed into a smirk, and he relaxed his grip on his bow. His bow was cherry red with gold string. It said St. James along the shaft, written in cursive Times New Roman. It was one of his worst traits- his love for Times New Roman. Rachel would’ve rolled her eyes at his theatrics, but he crossed a line. Lee let go of Jesse, looking wary at his brother.


Jesse ran a hand through his curls, and tugged Lee to stand next to him. “You really think you know how to handle her? You don’t even know the first thing.”


Quinn’s eyes were the darkest Rachel had ever seen them- practically black. Rachel shivered at the sight. Quinn had never been this angry in front of her, or anyone really. Santana could feel the energy change in Quinn, so the latina let her free hand trail down to her belt to grip her sword handle. Kurt gulped loudly and pulled out his comb knife (his actual knife didn’t go with his outfit today). Brittany cowered behind Lee, and flowers started to push out of the floorboards due to how nervous she was. 


Quinn spoke through her teeth. “I know her better than you two ever will, St. Jackass.”


Jesse dramatically clutched his heart, staggering. “My my. Fabray has insulted me, I’m wounded!” he grabbed Lee’s shoulder and straightened himself up. “Like I said Fab gay , we know her best. We’re her brothers- you’re nothing but the side piece that’ll ride her chariot to fame.” he sneered.


“Jesse, stop.” Lee said quietly, tugging his brother to stand down.


Santana stepped in front of Quinn, who looked like she was about to start slashing throats. “Ok listen jackass, as much as I hate to admit it, we-” she motioned to Kurt, Brittany, and Quinn, “-are her best friends. We know her. She’s with us all the time- we even completed two quests together! Hades, she even knows how to get into my cabin. If that doesn’t say close, I don’t know what does.”


Jesse snorted and stepped closer to the Ares girl. He tucked his bow onto his back, and leaned in close to the girl in front of him. He beckoned Quinn to step forward, and she did so, her onyx eyes still dimming.


Do you hear her night terrors? Do you know how many times she sees us dying? Do you even know what that visions she has are about? Because we do.” He whispered softly, making sure only she and Quinn could hear him.


He grinned at their confused and guilty faces. “Have you ever asked her how she got the prophecy? How our dad told her? When he told her? How about why she can’t sleep with her door closed anymore? Huh?”


Quinn’s eyes began to lighten to a soft grey, and her hands began to tremble. Santana’s eyes were starting to glow, the fire inside of her igniting.


Jess stood up straight, and stepped back to be next to Lee. “You’re pretty shit friends, I must say.”


Santana got right up into Jesse’s face, eyes hot. “Careful Jackass. There’s no telling what I’ll do once I let the flames take over.”


She turned towards Lee, her hand firmly on her sword. “Don’t get me started on you.You hated that she was selected by Sylvester to be Head counselor. You forgot her birthday last year- and when her birth mom kicked her out, you said that it wasn't worth your time to help her out. You knew Shelby didn’t want her and yet you let her fall apart by herself.” She smirked at Lee’s darkening face, and swiveled back to Jesse.


She poked him hard in the chest. “Lets not forget the time you tossed her first ever bow into the labyrinth entrance because she could shoot better than you. Or how about the time she was hurt in capture the flag and before you healed her, you yelled at her for losing the game first? Listen, I’m an Ares kid but that’s just some cold shit. Face it, you’re just two of her brothers who can’t stand her abundance of talent and rarely hang out with her because she’s better than you ever will be!” she finished, pushing Jesse back.


Lee surged forward and shoved Santana onto the floor. Thankfully, the floor was now a soft meadow, so it didn’t hurt. He pulled out his bow and his quiver as Santana scrambled up with her sword out. Rachel’s normally level-headed brother was angrier than she had ever seen him, and she knew it was time to act. 


“Lee, stop!” she cried out, staggering out of bed. Her quick movements caused her to see stars, and she vaguely heard Quinn gasp and Jesse drop his bow. Her vision was blurry as she groped around for something to grab. Brittany hurried over and propped the girl up against her side as Rachel tried to remember how to breathe. When she opened her eyes again, she had another painting in front of her. Santana had her sword out and at Lee’s throat, while the boy held his hands up in surrender. Quinn had her knife out and pointed at Jesse while he had a notched arrow at her face. Kurt had his comb knife unsheathed and was just holding it out meekly.


“Give me the word Berry and I’ll slice Lee to pieces. You could take his new quiver!” Santana snarled. Jesse’s scowl furthered and Quinn hummed her approval, neither camper taking their eyes off one another.


“Tell them what you see Rachel or I’ll tell it!” Lee shouted, grimacing as Santana dug the point of her sword into his neck. 


Rachel nudged Brittany, who wrapped an arm around Rachel’s waist to help stand stable. “Lee, stop. You and I know we can’t.”

The two siblings stared at each other for a while, trying to silently will the other to stand down. They were so focused on each other, that they both startled at Santana’s combat boot stomping on the floor.

“Well this has been so fun watching you empaths try and talk through toddler speak, but I’m about to slice him open like a watermelon so someone better start talking.” Santana drawled, her sword tip pressing into Lee’s throat. The boy winced as a small bead of blood appeared and began to trickle down his adam apple.


A slight movement to her right caused Rachel to tear her eyes away from her brother. The brunette noticed that Quinn was bouncing slightly`on her left heel, and was dragging her top lip across her teeth. It was a tell tale sign that Rachel had come to know as Quinn’s planning ticks. Clearly Jesse wasn’t picking up on it, because he was starting to relax his bow, the arrow slowly disappearing from Quinn’s face. 


Rachel knew what she had to do, and it wasn’t going to be fun. She closed her eyes, and leaned heavily on Brittany. The blonde noticed her weight sagging, and chose to say nothing, but daisies were starting to push out of the ceiling cracks. 


Rachel concentrated long and hard. She had to let all her energy sap into her mind. She began to take deep, ragged breaths. Brittany twitched nervously next her.

Suddenly, the room was filled with a bright yellow light. Swords and arrows clattered to the ground, and anguished yells filled the room.

As quick as the light turned on, it was turned off just as fast.




"You're joking.”

Rachel frowned at Quinn’s tone. “No, why would I be?”

Quinn held up the water balloons in her hands, and gestured to the two tubs filled with water balloons. “Why would we egg the Ares house with water balloons? Also why am I helping you?”

Rachel let out an annoyed sigh. She had been planning a raid on Santana’s cabin for awhile now ever since the she-devil decided to chain lock the Apollo kids in their cabin and put the key into a bewitched shield and toss it into the lake. It had taken Sam 6 hours to find the hidden shield, and then another 3 for the Hermes and Athena kids to crack the lock. Rachel’s brothers had gotten into four arguments and had pulled out their bows and arrows on each other several times. Rachel had to use her empath skills to try and calm them down, and had to duck from flying arrows more than once. It was one of the worst days of Rachel’s already short life. 

Now the two girls were in the shrubbery behind the Ares cabin, making water balloons out of a tub of water and the rubber balloons. Rachel would fill them while Quinn tied them, and so forth.

She tossed another water balloon into one of the overflowing tubs. “You know why we are egging the Ares cabin. It’s the perfect revenge arc! And you are helping me because you love me, duh.”

Rachel was too busy filling up more balloons to notice Quinn gulp and flush.  The blonde cleared her throat, and tried to calm her face down. “I do, indeed. But aren’t water balloons kind of a tame prank?”

Rachel twirled around to pick up an already filled up balloon, and flung it at Quinn. The girl squealed, expecting to be doused in cold water. Instead, the water balloon clung to her abdomen. The blonde girl opened her eyes, surprised. She tried to remove the water balloon from her stomach, but it stuck to her like glue. The water balloon froze, and was a block of ice on the girl’s abdomen. 

“Rachel what the fuck- get this thing off of me!” 

Rachel snickered and snapped her fingers. The water balloon unfroze and doused Quinn in cold water. Quinn cursed and shot the brunette a dirty look. Rachel beamed back, pleased with her invention.

“They’re Apollo / Poseidon balloons. Basically, Sam had tricked the water into freezing as soon as it hits contact. I’ve messed with the rubber so it won’t break until I snap my fingers!”

Quinn nodded, eyes twinkling. “So they’ll just be weighed down and angry?” 

Rachel’s smile warmed the shivering girl up, and Quinn drunk in the brunette’s smile like it was a warm cup of hot chocolate. She was suddenly buzzing with anticipation and excitement. Rachel frowned, noticing her shivering. She closed her eyes and Quinn suddenly  warmed up, no longer chilled to the bone. 

Quinn offered her arm out to the brunette, who took it willingly. 

“Okay arrow baby. Let’s go get em.” Quinn said, pulling the girl in for a side hug.