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Back in Black

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I don't own Harry Potter or Characters, only this fanfiction's plot

Only going to say this once, this story is in 3rd person, so sorry if you're that one weirdo who likes first person

Sirius leaned against the stone wall of his holding cell, hysterical laughter having faded to somewhat loud sobbing as the weight of all that had happened seemed to suffocate him more than any Dementor could even dream of attempting.

It had been all his fault, he suggested it, he thought it was ingenious: the ravenclaw in him, James had said. He'd never felt more stupid.

It had all been Peter, he'd been the traitor, he'd been throwing hints and shade at other members of the Order, trying to make him more paranoid. Paranoid enough to think Remus, their Remus of all people, could have possibly been a Death Eater of all things.

His only solace was that Harry was safe, he was probably on his way to Alice and Frank's: The Longbottoms were good people, Sirius knew they'd give him a bottle and everything would seem like a terrible nightmare to the lad.

Sirius was so enveloped in his own grievances he didn't even notice the tall man walk into his cell until his familiar drawl resounded off of the walls, "Dear Lord, Sirius I'd have thought you'd have more respect than this."

Looking up Sirius felt like laughing all over again, there his grandad stood, he really was in hell.

"Get up," Arcturus said suddenly, "I've gotten you out on bail, we'll talk more about your little scene once we're somewhere that doesn't insult my sensibilities."

Sirius mind went blank, "What..?"

Shaking his head Arcturus hauled him to his shaky feet, talking about how he, "Had some decent robes for him to put on before they braved the public," but Sirius barely registered it.

He didn't register anything for a while, the glare the aurors gave him while he signed some forms, or the robes his grandad gave him to put on, he didn't even register the crowds of bustling witches and wizards as he was steered towards the floo.

No, Sirius' mind didn't register much of anything, not for a while that is.

Sitting in a chair in Grimmauld's Place Sirius shakily accepted a cup of tea from his grandad as the older man sat infront of him. Sipping his drink Sirius steeled his nerves as he asked the question which he knew he didn't really want the answer to.

"Why did you pay my bail?"

Voice weaker, more meek than he intended, Sirius was still somewhat impressed that it didn't crack as he spoke. Arcturus raised an eyebrow as he contemplated his grandson, the man looked as shell-shocked as one could get.

"You're the only heir the Noble and most Ancient House of Black has, I wasn't going to just let them throw you in without a trial. I expect you to behave from now on, of course, but that's a small price to pay when your alternative is Azkaban."

"I deserve Azkaban."

Lip twitching Arcturus frowned, "Now don't tell me you went through all the trouble of joining He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and turning your friends over to him, only to croak after the fact?"

"I didn't do it."


Setting his tea cup roughly on the table Sirius stood in front of his grandad on shaky legs, eyes flashing dangerously as his jaw clenched and, not unlike his mother, face became a furious shade of red as his temper failed to reigned in, and as expected he began shouting,

"I would have sooner died and dance my way to hell with a chicken on my head before I joined Voldemort-" here Arcturus visibly winced, "-Let alone sending him after my brother and his BABY! Do I really strike you as the kind of guy who would kill a BABY?!"

Slumping back on the coach Sirius felt his steam run out, mumbling under his breath, "That filthy rat, however trustworthy he may seem, apparently is.. I'm such an idiot.." tears started falling again as Sirius shook, threatening to break out in a new fit of sobs.

"We're going to have to prove that Sirius, your bail is only good for a week, then you'll have to go to trial. I will ask you not waste my money and get a hold of yourself."

Jumping slightly Sirius looked up at his grandad, who now stood above him with a look of disappointment on his face, a look he hadn't seen since his sorting.

"You claim you didn't betray your friends, that you never even joined He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Yet you're willing to go to jail for another man's crime? The same man who is responsible for the deaths of your supposed brother?" Pinching the bridge of his nose Arcturus let out a pained sigh, "Does Azkaban just sound fun to you? Do you have some sort of Dementor fetish we don't know about? Or is this some new attempt at rebelling against us? Because I can't think of anything short of retardation that would make a so-called innocent man think prison sounds like the right spot to spend the rest of his miserable life."

"I don't want to go to Azkaban, grandad.. I just deserve it, I killed my fri-..Friends.."

Sighing Arcturus sat beside Sirius, gently grabbing the boy by his chin and brushing his arrogant grandson's hair back so that Sirius had no choice but to look him directly in his eyes, "Now Sirius, can you honestly sit here and tell me you think it's a logical train of thought to claim you both killed the Potter's, and yet didn't betray them?"

"If I had agreed to be their secret keeper- if I hadn't suggested-"

"It was still their own decisions to follow whatever boneheaded advice you gave them," Arcturus said as if he was stating that the earth was round, before narrowing his eyes and adding in a more serious tone of voice,"Quite frankly, they shouldn't have even asked you to put yourself in that much danger to begin with."

Sirius fell silent, so Arcturus finally asked, "Did you or did you not raise your wand towards James Potter and his excuse of a wife?"

Putting his tongue in his cheek Sirius shook his head.

"Then you didn't kill him, plain as. That makes this entire thing a bit easier, now-" standing up Arcturus clapped his hands together and called a certain House Elf, who looked just about as pissed as can be to see Sirius. "Kreacher, if you will please go fetch the rest of the family. I'll need them if this plan is going to work."

Sirius wanted to ask the question, "what will work?" But in reality he already knew what his grandad was planning, he had already admitted to it, hadn't he?

Arcturus Black was going to keep him out of Azkaban.

First chapter of my first story, I've always loved the classic Sirius-Raises-Harry-cliche, so I've decided to subvert the trope by adding in the Black family along with some other surprises further down the line

Obviously, we don't know much about most of Sirius' family members, but alas, for I will fill in the blanks to the best of my humble abilities. The main change from canon is that Arcturus cares more about furthering his families bloodline, interested or not I'll be updating this in due time.

Enjoy lol

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(I don't own Harry Potter or its Characters)

Sitting up in bed Sirius felt somewhat disoriented, hearing his mother's familiar screeching at whomever had been unfortunate enough to set her off. Sirius could almost forget he had lost three-quarter's of his family within a few days.


After having put some new robes on (which had belonged to his only biological brother) Sirius braved whatever trials God had set for him and made his way into the living room, where his mother was giving his grandad a piece of her mind:

"-You come into MY house, disturb MY life, and expect me to defend that wretched, deceitful, lying no-good, shame of my flesh-"

"It's nice to see you too, mother."

Whirling 'round some would have half expected Walburga's head to snap right off her neck at how fast she turned.


"Me." Sirius drawled, brushing his hair out of his face with a casual elegance. Watching his mother struggle to articulate as her face became a startling red was somewhat amusing, he might have laughed if it wasn't for the fact that they did actually need her for this plan to work.

"If your father was here-"

"-He'd be overjoyed that his son is being as obedient as he is," Arcturus cut in, giving his daughter-in-law a significant look. "Walburga, I understand personal feelings are in involved here, but your father and I will not tolerate this level of disrespect."

"He abandoned us! Why should we come to his rescue now? His choices, he should have to live with them!"

Sirius clenched his jaw as his neck turned red, he took a deep breath and started to walk past his mother, he'd let his grandad sort this out.

"He was a child at the time, and Sirius's situation-"

"Is the direct result of his disobedience and shameful world views."

"Views you didn't properly correct." Arcturus snapped, "You knew he was surrounded by mudbloods and muggle-lovers, yet you neither took him out of Hogwarts or ensured he understood why things were the way they were."

Walburga eyes flashed dangerously as she screeched, "I made him understand plenty! His shame, his disgrace, his very personality is a burden on my soul!"

"It's not my personality, mother."

Turning towards the man both parties thought had left the room, they saw his fist clench on the doorknob as he was about to leave the room, "That isn't what sorts you, I have tried to explain this a hundred times already, and it seems I'm still only talking to hot air."

"You see, Arcturus?! This ungrateful, shameful, abomination-"

Whirling around Sirius gave his mother a significant look, "What's so shameful about being noble? Isn't that in our precious family title?"

Fully facing Walburga, who sputtered as she struggled for an appropriate response, Sirius gave out a bark like laugh, "Again I don't know why I bother, you don't care why I was sorted in Gryffindor, you don't care why I started to disagree with the notion that only purebloods deserve to breathe, you don't care how I felt about the whole situation either. "

Walking closer Sirius gaze hardened, "And most importantly, mother, you don't care why I left in the first place. What drove me to it? Couldn't concern you less."

Sirius wasn't surprised when his mother backhanded him, cutting his cheek with her many rings, or when she raised her wand to curse him as she always did when they got in a row. What did surprised him was what happened next:

For just a moment (when he didn't feel the familiar sting of the cruciatus curse) Sirius feared he might have pushed his insane mother a little too far, and that she had actually used the other unforgivable- the one that killed you.

Looking up he was downright shocked to see his mother stock-still, muscles frozen, prettified. His grandad put his wand back in it's holster, before helping Sirius back to his feet.

Sirius watched Arcturus warily as his grandad examined his cheek, wondering what kind of game he was playing at.

"A little bit of dittany and silver outta heal this, go on into the kitchen and ask your granny if she'll fix you up."

"What about-?"

"I'll handle your mother. There is much we need to discuss, but it can wait until you're emancipated."

Sirius gave his grandad a nod, before he sulked off into the kitchen (only because be needed to eat anyways), and as luck (or fate) would have it, Sirius didn't even need to ask for his granny to start fretting over him

Pollox sighed, running a hand down his face as he thought over what his cousin had just told him.

"You're sure?"

Leaning more on the back of the chair, Arcturus frowned, "I just about witnessed it."

"I knew.. I knew Walburga was tough on the boy, but I never imagined-"

"She would use that on a child?"

The silence hung in the air, neither said it, but Pollox knew all too well what this would mean for his daughter.

"She's old, if Sirius forgave her, maybe.."

"Sirius isn't the type to forgive so easily." Arcturus pointed out, "Let alone someone like Burga, we both know she'd never apologize."

Pollox didn't say anything, only gazing into the fireplace as the embers flickered, praying silently to God his grandson would be merciful when they approached him.

"He is right you know," Arcturus continued, looking over at his cousin, "About the sorting. It's more than the overblown personality test most take it for, and if he was implying what I believe he was.."

"You don't have to say it, I know very well what it means.."

Sighing Arcturus straightened, walking in front of his cousin to stir the fire, "You realize, even if Sirius were willing, I cannot simply let this go, right?"

Being met with silence Arcturus turned to give his cousin a significant look, "Your daughter has done the unthinkable, probably ruined our heir, you honestly believe I will let her go unpunished?"

Sighing Pollox shook his head, "I just wish it could be avoided, I'm.. I'm angry too, you realize? He's my grandson too, and to think my own-"

Setting a hand on his cousin's shoulder Arcturus gave the man a sympathetic look, "I understand, I may have to do the same to my own son, depending on what Sirius has to say on the matter."

The two men sat in silence, both understanding what would be done to their children.

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(I don't own Harry Potter, or its Characters)


"Fuck that."

"I told you he wouldn't go for it, " Narcissa drawled, filing her nails as she listened to her relatives bicker.

"Sirius, without your mother there must be some changes-"

Fixing his grandad with a look, Sirius said definitively, "I'm not going to lie on stand."

"Then you will end up in Azkaban."

"I know I could prove my innocence! If they just checked my wand, or let me have some veritaserum-"

"They'd hardly believe you, it's a well known fact that most of the Noble families teach their children occlumency, so veritaserum wouldn't make a difference." Narcissa said matter-of-factly, "As for the wands, yours was snapped and Pettigrew's was blown up, so it's up to you to convince the jury."

"And it should be with the truth!" Sirius seethed.

"Siri-" Sirius whirled around on his grandad, who was looking down at him in barely veiled irritation. Then, speaking as though speaking to a child, Arcturus asked, "Surely you realize how stacked against you this trial is going to be?"

Walking circles around his grandson, like a vulture who had found a handsome carcass, Arcturus Black started listing off the many unfair facts about the trial Sirius was about to get.

"Firstly a gag order was not inacted before anyone could publish anything about what has transpired. Meaning, my young and foolish boy, the jury will have already been convinced of your guilt before we have even entered the court room.

Secondly, that muggle-lover Dumbledore is convinced he was directly told you were their secret keeper. Hearsay it may be, people are stupid and will not understand this is not sufficient evidence to convict you.

Thirdly, this is an emotional time. The Ministry is under pressure from the public to clean this mess up, and you being innocent is nothing more than a slight inconvenience as far as they are concerned. The fact they tried to sentence you without trial is prove enough of that."

Sirius stiffened as Arcturus fixed him with a pointed look, "Suffice to say, The Dark Lord's supposed right-hand man going in there spouting nonsense about the currently beloved Peter Pettigrew being a Death Eater is not going to win you that trial."

Sighing, Sirius sat on the arm of the coach, "What would you have me say, then?"

"A well crafted lie." Arcturus said as if it were obvious, "You're going to make the jury sympathize with you, and use their empathy to your utmost advantage."

"Whatever you do, don't do what Bella did." Narcissa spoke up, pointing her nail file at her baby cousin, "She didn't listen to a thing we just told you, and now she and her husband are going to spend the rest of their lives in Azkaban."

"What did Bella do anyways?"

Narcissa gave a sorrowful look, "She attacked the Longbottoms, tortured them into insanity."

Sirius felt like he was about to have a stroke, Frank and Alice were...? Oh God, Harry.. He must have been..

"Were.." Sirius managed, swallowing as he continued to spit out, "Did Neville and Harry..?"

"Neville is fine, and if my understanding is correct Harry Potter wasn't with the the Longbottoms."

Sirius felt a rush of relief flood him, or rather his heart had restarted and thus circulation had rightly returned to his body.

"But.. If Harry isn't with them, is he with Remus?"

"From what I've been told, your godson is living with some of his muggle relatives." Arcturus informed, watching his grandson curiously as he visibly bristled.

After a moment's pause Sirius asked incredulously, "My godson is being raised by.. by- mu-muggles?"

Looking back over at him Narcissa raised a single dainty eyebrow, "You seem awfully upset for someone who constantly advocates for muggle rights, is there a problem?"

"Yes there is a problem!" Sirius exclaimed as he stood up, running his hand through his hair as he started to pace, "I fought so that muggles and muggleborns wouldn't be killed or enslaved, not so that they could steal my godchild!"

"It's hardly stealing Siri," Narcissa pointed out, "With you currently being on trial, and the Longbottoms out of commission, it is perfectly within the laws you fought to preserve to hand him over to them as they are his closest living relatives."

Sirius visibly steamed at this, earning a knowing smirk from his cousin, "I fought for their right to not be killed- I would have never- this isn't-"

"It is going to be if you don't win your trial."

Sirius grit his teeth at that, hypocritical or not he'd be damned before he let Harry- his brother's son- be raised as a muggle by complete strangers!

Giving a resigned sigh Sirius ignored the looks of satisfaction he received when he asked, "What exactly do you want me to say?"


If anyone is wondering what the initial plan was, don't. I didn't think about it farther than the Blacks were going to say Sirius was with  them  the week-of-misery happened, thus giving Sirius an alibi in the form of several public figures.

But Walburga is a cunt, so Arcturus has to think of something else

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(I don't own Harry Potter or Its Characters)


To say Sirius was nervous would be an understatement, to say he looked it would be a lie. Following his grandad through the Ministry of Magic Sirius Black held his head high with a well crafted pokerface resting upon his attractive features, ignoring the whispers and glares he received with practice ease as he entered the lift that would take him to his trial.

Walking into the courtroom, having all those witches and wizards staring down at them, Sirius let himself look somewhat frazzled. Guilty thoughts floating on the outskirts of his mind, just enough to seem unintentional. Walking over to the chair in the middle of the room, he sat and allowed the golden chains to restrict his movements.

Barty Crouch peered down his nose at Sirius and his grandad, as he started the debriefing;

"Sirius Orion Black, you stand before the Wizengamont accused of not only betraying the Potters to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, but also murdering twelve muggles and the wizard known as Peter Pettigrew, how do you plead?"

Looking Bartimus Crouch in the eye Sirius held his head high, as if he were sitting on a thrown, and declared, "Innocent."

Laughs echoed in the court room at that, but Sirius paid them no mind, not breaking eye contact with the man who had tried to do him away without trial.

"I suppose you have an explanation as to why you betrayed James and Lily Potter to Voldemort, then?" The Chief Warlock asked.

Arcturus narrowed his eyes, glaring into the eyes of Albus Dumbledore, a man who dared insult his Ancient and Noble House by not ensuring his grandson a fair trial.

"I wasn't their secret keeper," Sirius said sadly, eyes becoming glassy as he spoke, "I wish I had been.. They'd still be alive if I hadn't refused them."

Albus Dumbledore's gaze became steely as he next spoke, "James Potter told me he was going to make you their secret keeper."

"So you believe it fair to send my grandson to jail because a dead man told you he was going to make Sirius their secret keeper, should he actually accept the position?" Arcturus asked incredulously, "That's nothing but hearsay, you cannot convict him from that."

Murmurs throughout the Wizengamont erupted, before Bartimus Crouch hit his gavel, recalling order.

Once there was once again silence, Barty Crouch looked Sirius in his now tear filled eyes as he spoke coldly, "You claim you refused to be the secret keeper of your best friend, who was being hunted by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, why would you do that?"

"Because I was SCARED!" Sirius exclaimed, eyes wide as he started to tremble, letting the guilty thoughts take on more shape as he choked back a sob, "I was so fucking scared.. I already had cousin Bella after me, among other Death Eaters, I.. I knew I'd definitely be killed if he took interest in me.. I didn't want to die.."

The Wizengamont remained silent, aside from the furious writings of Rita Skeeter, as she wrote the proceedings of the trial down, and the choked back sobs of the man on trial.

"You mean to say you were a coward, and refused to keep your friends safe?"

Tears rolling down his face Sirius gave a weak nod, "I wish I'd done it.. I always admired James for his bravery but.. I didn't want to die.."

Resting a hand on his sobbing grandson Arcturus set his furious gaze on the jury, "Dumbledore had already offered to be the Potters secret keeper before James Potter refused him. The Potters had no right to ask my grandson to needlessly put his life on the line just so that James Potter could prove a point."

Stunned whispers spread throughout the court, whether it be from his grandad's attack on the beloved war heroes or his revelation that Dumbledore was also now a suspect, Sirius didn't know.

Seemingly weighing his options Albus leaned forwards, peering down on Sirius as he asked, perhaps more kindly, "Who was the Potters secret keeper then? And why did you attack those muggles in the streets?"

Sniffling, Sirius looked up at his old headmaster miserably as he shrugged, letting himself feel even worse, "I haven't the faintest idea, I.. I thought since they asked me, they might've asked some of our other friends.. So-so I went and sought Peter out, but he thought it was me and we got into a fight.."

Swallowing Sirius let more tears roll down his face, letting grief mix in with the guilt as his shields loosened some more, allowing anyone who was a legilimens to see just how bad he truly felt about this.

"I'm sure he hadn't meant it.." Sirius went on, "Pete had always been a rather unskilled wizard.. But he tried, he tried to fire off a spell and.. And accidentally blew himself up instead, and.. Seeing his body, or what was left of him.. I... I lost it.."

Breaking down into a new fit of sobs, Sirius was vaguely aware of his grandad rubbing his shoulder as the verdict was given.


Truly hope you enjoyed this chapter :) I had a lot of fun writing it, playing around with how Sirius would respond and the like

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(I don't own Harry Potter or any of its characters, only this fanfiction's plot)

Hearing a knock on the wall Arcturus looked up, Sirius standing in the doorway looking like he wasn't sure if he should continue walking into the den or not.

"I take it you're here to give thanks?"

Arcturus watched the man as he nodded meekly, listening as his grandson quietly admitted, "You were right, I wouldn't have been freed if I'd gone in there and done what I wanted.."

Nodding approvingly Arcturus motioned for his grandson to sit, waving his wand as he summoned a tea set and some scones.

"You are young, it will be awhile before you are able to see sense without a guiding hand."

Accepting his tea Sirius looked down as he shrugged, "I'm still grateful, even if people think I'm a coward."

Arcturus looked over at Sirius, somewhat amused, "You want something, you wouldn't be this pleasant otherwise."

Sighing Sirius looked into his tea cup, "Am I that obvious?"

"To me you are," Arcturus stirred his tea, "Whatever it is, it can wait. I have something I need to discuss with you."

Sirius looked like he wanted to protest, but looking at his grandfather the boy gave a resigned sigh and nodded, knowing it was better not to fight it.

"Did your parents ever harm you?"


Locking eyes with his startled grandson, Arcturus made it clear he was not joking around as he repeated his question more sternly, "Did your parents ever raise their wands to you?"

Giving a nod Sirius cocked his head to the side, much like a confused puppy, "What is this about?"

Sputtering somewhat, Arcturus gave his grandson a disbelieving look, "What do you mean, 'What is this about?'? You just told me.. You just told me your parents hurt you!"

"I don't understand, you say it like it's news or something.."

"Are you under the inane impression that I knew about this?"

Giving a small nod Sirius visibly flinched when his grandad stood up, tensing as the man set his hand on his shoulder, preventing him from looking away from him.

"Sirius Orion Black, I want you to listen to me and you listen good. I have never and will never permit someone, not even my own son, to harm a single hair on your head, do you understand me?"

Silence was met as Sirius stared up as his grandad, not quite believing what he was hearing.

"Do you understand me?" Arcturus repeated, silver eyes flashing fiercely which immediately elicited a hurried nod from his grandson.

Sighing Arcturus bent down on his knees so that he was looking up at Sirius, taking the teacup from the boy's trembling hands.

"You realize I'm not angry with you, right?"

"I.. I don't.. I thought you knew?"

Giving Sirius a hard look Arcturus allowed his occulemency walls to fall, so that his boneheaded grandson wouldn't be able to misunderstand a damn thing he said.

"Child abuse is not a joke, Siri. I would have removed you in seconds if I had even the slightest suspicion that you were not safe in my son's home."

Swallowing thickly Sirius felt his eyes water as he shifted through his grandad's mind, feeling an array of emotions flood his head, but strongest of all being simple relief.

Reaching up Arcturus gently cupped his grandson's cheek, gently wiping away the tears that managed to fall.

"Did your mother use the cruciatus curse on you often?"

"It's.. It's the only one she ever used after I was sorted.."

"Not that anything you could do would ever warrant it, what harebrained reasons did she deem worthy of such a horrendous punishment?"

Taking a deep breath Sirius shrugged, "I.. Try not to think of it, it varied I suppose.. Of course there was my sorting itself, but.. I'd rather not talk about the specifics."

"I take it my son knew about this treatment?"

Nodding Sirius tried to avert his eyes, only to be gently steered back to look in his grandad's eyes, "Did he also use that curse on you?"

"No.. Not usually.. I always preferred it if he punished me.."

"Sirius your father may be my son, but you don't need to downplay what he has done for my sake. Did they do this to Regulus?"

"No, no.. Reggy was their perfect little angel," Sirius chuckled bitterly, "He could have killed Kreacher and they still would have praised him, while I could never do anything right.."

Arcturus grimaced at that, "That's why you started acting out in third year.."

Leaning back Sirius rubbed the tears from his face as he shrugged, "I could never win, so what was even the point in trying? No.. No one cared I never scored anything but an O in transfiguration, no one cared how often I called that filthy stalker a mudblood, no one cared how hard I tried.."

Shaking Sirius violently shook his head, "None of it mattered, I was nothing but a stupid Gryffindor to all of you, nothing I could ever do would make up for something I hadn't even wanted to happen!"

"Sirius, I need you to understand I never knew about any of this.. I thought you were simply behaving abhorrently to behave that way, I can only apologise for not realizing.."

Sniffling Sirius bit out, "Why did it even matter that an old hat decided I was more Noble than Ambitious? Mother acted as if I had killed a man, probably would have taken it better to be honest.."

Standing up Arcturus gently lifted Sirius's chin, having him look up at him.

"Your mother was wrong, she and my son had no right to harm you in this way. I would not have allowed it even if you had been born a squib."

"But uncle Marius-"

"Was treated kindly until he was of age," Arcturus said, cutting him off as he continued, "Once Marius was of age, he was blasted off of the tapestry so no one could ever try and harm his descendants."

Seeing the confused look on Sirius's face, Arcturus sighed, "Black's protect our own, Sirius, as I have already said. Your mother did a terrible job in making you understand this."

Walking around the coffee table Arcturus ran a hand through his graying hair, contemplating how to best explain this to his grandson.

"You're under the impression that we are a cruel family, yes? That we beat our children for getting into the wrong Hogwarts house, and that we disown anyone who even associates with someone we disprove of?"

Sirius meekly nodded, "Well most families don't threaten to use the unforgivables when someone upsets them, or won't do what they want.."

Arcturus sighed in exasperation, "Siri it's called joking. It's not meant to be taken literally-of course I realize why you must have taken it literally, but did you ever actually see any of us follow through?"

Gaining a shake of the head Arcturus turned back towards his grandson, "That's because we never harm family, and we do everything we can to prevent harm from falling upon us. Which is where the disownment trend falls in."

Walking back towards Sirius, Arcturus retook his position beside his grandson, gently taking the boy's hand to keep him from shaking too much.

"If Marius hadn't been disowned, his descendants would have appeared on the family tapestry. Anyone who was ever invited over from that point on would be able to see who they were, gain their names.. It would have put them in terrible danger of extremists like You-Know-Who and his followers. My uncle did it to protect him."

"But what about Aunt Cedrella? She was disowned for marrying a Weasley."

"A Weasley with a horrible gambling problem," Arcturus supplied, "Why the Weasleys lost their fortune.. Septimus being a muggle-lover was simply a sad coincidence, but I can assure you they would have been cut off regardless."

"What about Phineas? He simply was for muggle rights.."

Sighing Arcturus gave Sirius's hand a squeeze, "If being a muggle-lover was enough to get disowned you would have been gone by your fourth year. No, there was more to it than that.. The best way I can phrase it is that he was overly.. Promiscuous.."

Raising his eyebrows Sirius received a nod before he could even ask.

"It was necessary to disinherit him, or else the family fortune was at risk of going to any half-blood bastard he drunkenly sired."


"Andromeda was a little more complicated.. She had of course had a row with her parents over her choice in suitor, and that soon got out of hand when they became engaged." Laughing to himself Arcturus shook his head, "Crazy girl blasted herself off of the tapestry 'to make a point'. Said if they couldn't bother to suck it up and be apart of her wedding, she certainly wouldn't bother to be apart of their lives at all. If your mother had bothered to explain this to you, you'd have known all of this."

Shifting through his grandad's thoughts and intentions Sirius felt his throat become dry as he realized he was telling the truth, or at least he was under the impression it was the truth.

"So.. Disownment is for protection.. Unless the disowned choose it."

Being given a nod Sirius gently wrapped his fingers around his grandad's, a funny feeling settling in his gut.

"Why did you believe I was disowned?"

"Similar reasons to Phineas, your mother claimed you were always running off with one of local muggle girls.. I assume this wasn't true?"

Sirius quickly shook his head, "Lord no, I may like to flirt but that's.. Hell, I was only sixteen why the hell would she say that?"

"Because she knew I wouldn't have approved of it for any other reason," Arcturus supplied, laughing as Sirius face dusted a light pink color.

Looking down Sirius fidgeted some, before being brave enough to ask, "What happens now?"

"Now I'll have to inform the family you aren't the one who is being disowned-" Sirius snapped his head towards his grandad, much like his mother had before, "-It wouldn't do not to be able to track our family tree beyond this point."


"Sirius, again your views aren't enough to disown you for." Arcturus reminded, "Even if they were, I'd still make an exception. It's hardly your fault no one ever sat you down and properly explain things without having a wand to your throat."

"Mother isn't going to like that," Sirius said, laughing wetly as he wiped at his eyes again.

"Your mother doesn't get a say, as she will no longer be recognized as a part of this family."


Rolling his eyes Arcturus raised his eyebrows at his grandson, "She harmed a member of this family, lied about them, and disowned them for simply trying to escape her abuse while they were still a child. How can you not expect me to cast her out?"

Blinking Sirius looked down, shrugging, "I just didn't realize.. I don't know.."

"This will most certainly be an adjustment, and I can't promise no one will be bitter about seeing Burga go, but I can promise you no one will blame you."

"Will Uncle Alphard still be disowned?"

"No.. I think not, he has no children and giving his godson money is hardly something that would put them in danger in any case. Was he aware of what was happening?"

Shrugging Sirius pulled his knees up, "I thought everyone knew.. I'm not so sure anymore, he was always kind to me though."

Nodding Arcturus rubbed Sirius's back lightly, letting him roll the information in his head some more.

"Do I have to see her again?"

"Your mother? Don't worry, I won't make you even look at a picture of her if you don't want to."

Nodding Sirius took a deep breath before looking up at his grandad, "Pops is going to be upset, he always loved my mother.. Is he going to be okay?"

Smiling softly Arcturus tucked some of his grandson's long hair behind his ear, "He will be, he will just need some time. He's one of the ones who may be a tad bitter for a little while."

"You know.. I wouldn't have left if.. If it had stopped, I.. I-I just couldn't handle it.."

Grimacing Arcturus nodded, "I already know that, Siri.. I may not have approved of Dorea's boy or those people who raised him, but I'm glad they were able to help you."

Swallowing Sirius looked back up at his grandad, "What are we going to do about my godchild? I know you didn't like James all too much, but.. He's still my responsibility.. and they are having him raised by muggles."

Taking a deep sigh Arcturus continued to rub his grandson's back, "We'll have to get in touch with MCPS, do you have any idea where he is?"

"Hagrid took him from me, Dumbledore's orders apparently.. I'm not sure what he did with him after that."

Eyes narrowing Arcturus pulled his shields back up as his mind started working in overdrive. Regardless of his opinion on the half-blood, he'd be damned if he let that muggle-lover win.

Very long, but very fun to write and hopefully read as well.

MCPS stands for Magical Child Protective Services

In a lot of stories where Sirius must return to his family for one reason or another, the author tends to either completely ignore the fact Sirius had an abusive childhood or just pretend it didn't happen, which I don't like for obvious reasons

So I'm going with this middle-ground, Sirius was abused- but only by his parents

Also, James in this story was adopted by the Potters when Dorea and Charlus died when he was a baby. Just my personal head canon as to what happened with that whole situation, it's okay if you don't like it I'm just stating the situation to avoid confusion

Skeeter's arcticle will come later, this is set the night of the trial after they got home, so it wouldn't be out yet

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Chapter Text

(I don't own Harry Potter or its Characters, only this fanfiction's plot)

"Sirius Orion Black: The Coward of Gryffindor"

Everyone knows about the defeat of You-Know-Who on the thirty-first at the hands of Harry James Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived .

Rumors have been circulating since that fateful night as to what happened, how a mere baby managed to defeat the darkest wizard of all time, and- what some might fight more important- how He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named even found the Potters when they were under the protection of a Fidelius Charm.

Sirius Orion Black III was who many thought to be the culprit, any doubts fading fast when Black was allegedly seen murdering twelve muggles and the late Peter Pettigrew, Order of Merlin, first class in broad daylight.

Though Black turned heads when he revealed that instead of being a blood thirsty killer, he was little more than a coward who was out to save his own neck.

Black saying, "I was Scared!.. He was after them.. I didn't want to die!"

Though Black's tear-filled testimony was very convincing, many are of the opinion that Black is simply lying.

That the scion of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Black is taking advantage of the incompetence of the aurors who were at the scene- who destroyed valuable evidence by snapping Black's wand in a fit of rage before confirming the spell he last used, which nullifies any and all muggle testimonies- and should just admit to his wrongdoings.

So I suppose I'll have to ask you, is Black truly a sheep among wolves? Or has he pulled the wool over the eyes of everyone?

Sirius grimaced when he finished reading the article. 'The Coward of Gryffindor'? Really?

"I told you, you shouldn't read that bile," Melania, who Sirius often referred to as granny, groaned. "Skeeter wrote it, and she never has anything nice to say."

"I don't want to be ignorant to how the public views me," Sirius sighed, this must be been completed cosmic justice, some huge prank Jamie was pulling on him from beyond the grave.

Frowning Melania waved her wand, the dishes floating gracefully as she settled them on the dining room table. "Still doesn't mean you have to torture yourself, drive yourself up a tree if you worry about whether those muggle-lovers like you or not."

"So who's coming tonight?" Sirius asked, deliberately changing the subject.

"Everyone pretty much," Melania shrugged, "Except maybe Lucretia. The Prewett twin's funeral is tomorrow, so Tia and her husband have been trying to help Molly plan the service."

Sirius nodded solemnly, "They were good men, died fighting like heroes."

Melania sighed, tears welling up in her eyes, "I remember when they were small.. Always such sweet children, if only a little cheeky at times.. To think they.."

Sirius hesitated for a moment, before awkwardly setting a hand on his granny's shoulder. Jumping slightly when the woman wrapped her arms around him, shaking as she cried.

Sirius hadn't been hugged by her since.. Since the last time he'd seen her, the Christmas of his fourth year.

Pulling away from her grandson Melania wiped at her eyes, "I think I'm going to send Molly a care package, she might not appreciate it.. But I have to do something."

"I think she might, it's the thought that's counts anyways.."

Sirius fidgeted at dinner that night, knowing what his grandad intended to do as soon as they were done eating.

It didn't seem like anyone had realized his mother was absent- or had been absent for several days, but he supposed they must have assumed she was off sulking over the fact 'the stain of her flesh' was in her home.

Largely, Sirius desired to be absent from the room when his grandad unleashed hell upon them all. However, Sirius just didn't feel right in leaving the man to deal with the situation himself. Even if the man might've preferred it that way..

Currently, Narcissa and her Death Eater husband were discussing Lucius's upcoming trial.

"Abraxas suggests we say he was under the imperius curse, many noble families are going down that line."

His Grams, Irma, tapped her glass, nodding as she said, "My niece did the same. We were worried it wouldn't work at first, but those muggle-lovers don' know enough about magic to question it. Especially when a big sack o' gold ends up in their laps."

Tsking Sirius took a sip of his wine, muttering "Corrupt bastards." Under his breath, earning a laugh from a few of his family members.

"What can yer' expect from politicians? They don' care about our society, just making things look nice so that the public likes em'." Grams sighed, Narcissa rubbing her grandmother's back sympathetically.

"At least we benefit from it. Did you here what they're doing in France?"

Sighing, Cassiopeia- or Aunt Cassie, as Sirius called her- grumbled, "Don't remind me, honestly to think they'd let a half-breed run a school!"

Raising his eyebrows Sirius looked over at Aunt Cassie, "Hm? I don't think I've heard of this.."

"Oh honestly, Siri! You need to keep up with these sorts of things," Cassiopeia scolded, "Beauxbaton hired Olympe Maxine, and anyone with eyes can see she's got giant in her."

Shifting a bit uncomfortably Sirius took a sip of his wine, Narcissa unknowingly doing him a favor and responding in his stead:

"I worry for the children the most, who knows how she thinks? To think they'd do this right after everything that just happened."

"Probably a political statement," Arcturus offered, "A way of showing the public how they stand after staying so neutral during the war."

A murmur of agreement floating around the table, several members going back to their dinner.

"I just don't think they should use children to do it." Lucius seethed, "Give the oaf a nice office if they want, but a school is just asking for trouble."

Sirius shrugged, "There is a bit of practicality to it, though." Sirius tried not to stiffen when all eyes fell on him,

He probably should have kept his mouth shut.

"Explain." Lucius demanded, a vein in his neck bulging in barely concealed anger.

"What I mean is," Sirius looked up, meeting the man's eyes for the first time since the war ended, "Half-giants are more.. Durable.. Than us. I've seen one in action before, man didn't even have a full education- couldn't use magic- and was downright terrifying on the battlefield, took at least eight stunners to take him down and even then he wouldn't be unconscious. People might think it wise to keep one on hand, especially after the war."

"You mean as a body guard." Arcturus asked, gaining a nod from his grandson, "I see what you mean, even a little giant blood can allow a wizard to take spells that'd leave even the strongest pureblood bedridden for days."

"But to make her Headmistress-"

"Puts her in a position where she can't fuck up," Pollox cut in, "If she were simply put in as protection, she might get more slack if she behaves like a savage, since that's practically the reason they hired her. But as a headmistress a certain amount of bullshittery and ass-kissing is required for her to keep her job."

"I.. I suppose you have a point," Lucius conceded.

"It's a bit ingenious if you think about it, like that," Cassiopeia admitted, "On one hand, the school gets browny-points for diversity, and a meat shield if anyone decided to stand against it.. On the other, if she does give in to her nature, she'll suffer much larger consequences than if they had just given her a ministry desk job."

Giving a tight smile, Sirius said, "Glad you see my position."

Nodding Lucius took a sip of his wine, "I must congratulate you on your victory, most of us thought you were thoroughly screwed. So it gives me a bit more confidence when it comes to my trial."

Shrugging Sirius moved a bit of his chicken around, "I told them what the public would want to hear, it isn't very shocking that a Black would value themselves over another, so no one questioned it much."

"You're more Slytherin then we gave you credit for, shame the sorting hat put you among mudbloods all those yours ago.. Our time at Hogwarts would have been more.. Pleasant had it not made such an error."

Nodding Sirius gave a sheepish smile, Narcissa groaning as she remembered what he did to their table seventh year.

"You were absolutely terrible, it took me weeks to get the red out of my skin."

"In fairness," Sirius said, gesturing with his fork, "That was in response to Nott. I swear I still have glitter in my-"

"Alright." Lucius cut in, "I see your point, it was mutual. I would hope we can put aside our differences now, as we are all on the same side now."

Sirius stared at Lucius for a moment, before nodding.

"Of course, though I see no harm in good fun every now and then," Seeing Lucius stiffen Sirius laughed, "As long as it's done in jest, anyways. We have to keep things lively somehow."

"Trust me, Draco keeps our lives exciting enough." Narcissa sighed, "You'd think he were a banshee, always screaming and wailing whenever we put him down.. If it weren't for House Elves I think I'd lose my mind!"

"Just you wait," Druella groaned, rolling her eyes at her daughter, "This is the good part, trust me. Then they'll start walking and talking, and before you know it they are raving about how they don't need you, start making their own decisions- you'll go around the bend worrying over them!"

Narcissa nodded somberly, "I know, I just wish he'd sleep more often.."

"Well Harry used to like it when I took him for a ride- something about the bumping calmed him I think- maybe it'll help Draco?"

"Like.. On a broom?"

Shaking his head Sirius laughed, "That motorbike I had, I think a broom would have made him sick."

"That can't possibly be safe!" Narcissa interjected, "Muggles don't have anything holding their vehicles together but twisted metal-"

"Woah, relax. I took the whole thing apart and fixed it with magic. It's basically an oversized broom now, except I can ride it on the ground to go in muggle places." Scratching his chin Sirius sighed, "I think Hagrid still has it actually.. I'll need to ask for it back if the man hasn't already sold it."

Narcissa didn't seem to comforted by that, "Well, I think we'll just stick to doing what we've been doing in any case. I just wouldn't be able to trust anything of muggle origin."

"Well you could try an' mimic it," Irma shrugged, "If you're as miserable as you're sayin' it couldn't hurt to try. I suggest you charm a basinet to bounce him behind you an' go for a walk."

Narcissa nodded, "I might just try it, thanks Grams."

Arcturus looked over his family critically as they all settled into the drawing room, looking somewhat confused when they noticed Walburga- as the woman was still petrified- but kept their mouths shut.

Sirius, for his part, kept his head down when he walked into the room, not even able to muster up fake confidence when faced with what was about to happen.

"I'm sure you're all curious as to why I've gathered you here, the answer is simple." Arcturus began, glancing at his grandson before breathing a sigh, he wished the boy would have sat this out.

"There will be a change in disownment, as there were some wrongfulness done by one of us. I'm sure you've all noticed Walburga-" gesturing over to his stock-still daughter-in-law, Arcturus knowing full well that they had, "She is guilty of harming a member of this family, lying about them, and forcing them to cast themselves out."

Various reactions were met by this statement, some horror, some skeptical, but Sirius couldn't help the guilty churn of his stomach as he glanced at his pops: Pollox Black was very pale, eyes watering as he gripped his wife's hand, his jaw set as he watched on like one would watch a hanging.

"I only became aware of this a few days ago, when I caught her about to use an unspeakable on the person in question. I will unpettrify her now, if only so she can witness what I'm about to do."

Sirius immediately covered his ears when his mother's screams filled the drawing room. "-UCIO!" reverberated harmlessly off of the walls as Sirius's mother gestured downwards, where he would have been had his grandad not intervened.

Blinking confusedly, Walburga looked around as she took in the shocked and angry faces of her family.


Her gray eyes landed on Sirius, face turning a brilliant red as her beautiful face twisted into an ugly snarl, "You! What did you do!? You ungrateful, SHAMEFUL, HORRIBLE CHILD?! You dare raised your wand and-"

Arcturus eyes narrowed, the woman continuing to rant before he cleared his throat, earning her attention for the first time since she was unfrozen.

"Sirius didn't do a damn thing, Burga. I stepped in when you attacked him, you should be grateful I didn't just kill you where you stood."

Blinking Walburga whirled on Arcturus, "Kill me?! For what? He disrespected us, mocked our Noble and Ancient House! Used it to defend his moronic lion ridden hide-"

"Sirius pointed out a fact about the sorting, that's it." Arcturus stated plainly, "It's a gross misconception that the sorting is solely dependent upon personality, as in reality it is also the values one has that sorts them. Sirius was telling you quite plainly why he was sorted into the House of the Brave and Noble, and I don't care if you found it disrespectful, you have no right to use that spell on one of our own."

"But he's not one of our own! He left! Off to tomcat around with mudbloods and muggles like the whore he-"

SMACK! The sound of flesh hitting flesh resounded off of the walls, quiet settling in as Walburga held her affronted cheek.

"I will not tolerate you speaking about my grandson like that, do you understand me?" Pointing his wand at the woman, Arcturus eyes were full of fury as he resisted giving her a taste of her own medicine, "We both know that is a lie, Sirius ran from you! You, the woman who was supposed to love and protect him- only to use that blasted curse on him for any kind offense he committed."

Eyes hardening Arcturus grip tightened on his wand, "Worst part is I had to see it first hand to realize, makes me wonder how exactly you treated those boys before the sorting.. It doesn't matter now, does it? Hardly change what I'm going to do to you."

Swiftly, Arcturus flicked his wand towards the tapestry, a loud scream punctuating the blast that removed the abusive woman from their family history.

"Be glad I don't want to drag Sirius to court, otherwise I'd have had you Kissed for this. Get out of my face and never dare insult me with your presence again."

Walburga looked as if she were about to say something, but cut herself off when Arcturus eyes narrowed. Giving her son one last look, Walburga Black Dissapparated from Grimmauld's Place for the last time.

I wasn't going to write this at first, but then felt that it would be a crime not to

I hope you like this, and how I've written the Black family so far- as it can be a bit difficult to write so many characters at once- and enjoyed Arcturus 'Pruning the Rose Bush' as Bellatrix would say

Anyways, please remember to favorite, comment, and most importantly enjoy!

Chapter Text

(I don't own Harry Potter or its characters, only this fanfiction's plot)

The room was deathly silent, nothing but Arcturus's deep breaths resonated as everyone seemed to realize what had happened,

Walburga Black had been disowned.

Taking a deep breath, Arcturus glared at the tapestry before blasting his son off as well. Shooting him in his stupid, treacherous, deceitful face until their was a large hole surrounding where he'd at one point been on the Black family tapestry.

Afterwards Arcturus schooled his features, "In this home we take care of our own, keep them safe. Let it be know that I will never allow abuse to go unpunished in this house."

Turning back towards the group, Arcturus took note of the absence of his cousin- no matter, he'd find him later. Most in the room were alternating between staring at his grandson and where he had just removed a rather large stain off of the tapestry.

"Now, I'll do something a little more pleasant. As again, there have been family members who have been wrongfully cast out."

Watching his grandad wave his wand, Sirius stared a little mesmerized as he watched several of the burns fade, leaving no trace of what had been done to those sections of the tapestry. His own name shone brightly, as if his mother had never defiled it.

"I doubt any of you will have any arguments about this," seeing no one correct him Arcturus nodded approvingly, "I think we're all done here, then."

Sirius stood shakily, only to be nearly knocked over by his granny crushing him in her arms.

Squirming slightly Sirius patted the woman on the arm, not being able to say much as his windpipe was compromised.

"Melania I think you're killin' 'em," Irma laughed, ruffling his hair as his granny sheepish let him go.

Wiping her eyes, Melania sniffled, "I'm sorry Siri, it's just- I can't believe- I helped raise that girl! To think she'd- I just.."

"It's alright, Granny, breathe. I understand, you didn't know."

"I always thought something was wrong." Narcissa grumbled, "It was always a bit strange to here you were tramping around with the local muggle girls, despite the fact I never had seen you with a witch at Hogwarts."

Grimacing Sirius gave his cousin a pained look, "Can we please not call it that?"

"Well I'm certainly glad everything is back in its proper order," Cassiopeia interrupted, leaning against the doorframe as she watched the other women fuss over her nephew. "I do hope Kreacher doesn't take it too hard, he was practically in love with Walburga."

Snorting Sirius rolled his eyes, "If I didn't think she'd sell him for a few galleons I'd have half a mind to give the old berk to her, nasty little Elf.."

Shaking her head Sirius could distinctly hear his Aunt Cassie whisper, "Some things never change.."

It wasn't until much later that Sirius was able to slip away. Tiptoeing down the halls that still creeped him out to an extent, intending to go down into the kitchens to see if his father's stash of bourbon might still be there.

Though walking into the room Sirius immediately spun back around when his eyes landed on the back of Pollox's head. No matter what his grandad said, he knew the man must've been pissed.

"You know you're louder than a banshee on stilts," Sirius immediately cringed, one foot hovering as his escape was foiled, "Stop fooling around and get your arse in here."

Swallowing Sirius turned around and, feeling like a little kid again, meekly walked over to the intimidating man who was nursing a bottle of something that was definitely not water.

Waving his wand Pollox summoned Sirius a glass, filling it with a generous amount of whiskey before downing his own once more.

Taking a seat across from his pops, Sirius awkwardly accepted the glass as he watched the man continue to throw back shots as the bottle was drained.

Raising his eyebrows at Sirius Pollox leaned forwards, "You're not drinking, you dying or something?"

"What?- er no, it's just.."

Sirius stuttered as his pops watched him expectantly, the man's face still splotchy from his previous grieving.

"I'm just.. I'm sorry," Sirius bit his lip when he felt his eyes well up, taking a breath as he tried to control his breathing, maybe a bit of alcohol would help..

"What the fuck do you have to be sorry for?" Pollox asked incredulously, "Not being immune to the cruciatus curse?"

Seeing the look on his grandson's face Pollox sighed, wiping his hand over his face.

"Listen Sirius-" Scooting his chair over, Pollox rested his hand on Sirius's shoulder, "I'm not angry with you, nor do I blame you for what has happened."

"How can you not?" Sirius snapped, shaking slightly before he steeled himself, fingers digging into his palms.

"I was the one sorted into Gryffindor, home of the mudbloods and muggle-lovers.. I ruined this family without even trying, and now.."

"-And now my fuck-up of a daughter is paying for her own shitty decisions in the most mundane way possible." Pollox finished, hand slipping off of Sirius's shoulder as he took the whiskey they both knew the boy wasn't going to drink, he wasn't nearly drunk enough for this.

Sniffling Sirius wiped at his face, avoiding his pops eyes as the man studied him. He hated this, he knew his pops must've been angry, furious even.. he'd barely spoken to him after his sorting, but to have raised his mother..

"You're an insecure fuck, you know?" Flinching Sirius snapped his head in his pops's direction, "I mean here I am, offering companionship and whiskey and you're crying thinking I'm trying to poison you or something."

Shaking his head the man laughed, "You're just like Burga was, she'd break an heirloom and even after I magicked it back together she'd convince herself I was on the verge of blasting her off of the tapestry."

Sitting up Sirius shrugged, "I just don't see how you can just be.. Okay after everything that's happened.."

"I'm not," Pollox said simply, finger running over the edge of his glass, "My daughter tortured my grandson, and now I'll never see her again."

"But you said-"

"That I don't hate you, Sirius. Fucking hell, why must I have to hate you to be sad over this?"

"If I hadn't been sorted into Gryffindor this wouldn't have happened- I caused all of it-"

"Shut fuck up."

Seeing Sirius flinch, Pollox sighed leaning on the table some, "It's not your fault your mother wasn't raised right, it's mine."

Biting his lip Sirius laid his hand on his pops shoulder, gently rubbing it as he thought of what to say.

"Mother was.. She went a little crazy when I was sorted into Gryffindor, that's hardly your fault.. Something just wasn't right in her head, uncle Cygnus and Alphard would have been the same way if it were because of you and Grams."

"No but it is- I.. You were never told what happened, were you?"

Blinking Sirius cocked his head, answering that no, he didn't know what his pops was going on about.

"I was born in 1912, now think about when your mother was born."

"12..20..25.." Sirius eyes widened, "Merlin.."

"I just about shit myself when Irma told me I got her pregnant," Laughing bitterly Pollox leaned back, covering his eyes with his hands, "I was so fuckin' scared, didn't know what we'd do or how we'd raise a baby while we went to school."

"What did you do..?"

Looking over at him, Pollox paid no mind to the tears rolling down his own face, "Well of course our parents put the fear of God in us, I did some reflecting, and.. After a few weeks, I grabbed my balls and an engagement ring and made Irma a promise, that'd I stick by her through it all."

Looking down at his wedding ring Pollox sighed, "Woman drove me crazy at times, prophet even more so- it was quite a scandal at the time- but.. but it hardly seemed to matter when your mother was born."

Pollox stared sadly at his empty glass of whiskey, "It was hard at times, both Irma and I had school to finish, so Walburga was taken care of by other members of the family for a majority of the year in the beginning.. Maybe if I'd have dropped out, took tutoring instead, she'd have had her head screwed on straight, be more like her brothers."

"Mother.. Pops mother may have had an.. Unconventional childhood but, you did your best. It wasn't like she grew up unloved or uncared for, she just didn't get to see you often."

Sighing Pollox wiped his cheek, "I promised myself the day she was born I'd protect her, make sure nothing happened to her but.. But I can't.. Not- not from this.. There isn't a fucking thing I can do to help her out of the shit she's buried herself in."

"It's still not your fault," Sirius insisted, "I realize this doesn't help you.. But.."

Sirius sighed, biting the bullet, "Muggle parents don't always live near where they work, and because they can't travel like we can they may have to leave their children with relatives for extended periods of time. But those muggles don't end up the way my mother did, not anymore than kids who have parents stick around. Sometimes.. Sometimes people just do horrible things with no logical explanation."

"I wish I could believe that, I do.. it's just.. I know I could have done better, said no to certain things or yes to others. Paid closer attention to her.." Wrapping an arm around Sirius, Pollox sighed, "I should go find Irma, she'll be running out of anger soon, and will need me sober enough to cry on."

Getting up Pollox rolled his shoulders, bones popping as he straightened. Heading for the door, Pollox stopped before saying, "I mean it Siri, don't go thinking being Gryffindor warranted this."

Nodding Sirius gave his pops a smile, watching the man he felt he knew much better walk off to comfort his wife.

Lots of emotions going on here, I'm sorry if you're not into mushy stuff

Anyways for some reason most people write Pollox as this hard-ass grouch with a stick up his ass just because he spawned Walburga, despite the fact he had a kid at 13 and also spawned uncle Alphard whom I refuse to believe was anything but a cool guy

So I'm doing something different, hope you like him so far

Chapter Text

(I don't own Harry Potter or its characters, only this fanfiction's plot)

Sirius relaxed as he let his granny pull his hair back, tying his hair off with a black ribbon before kissing his temple.

As much as the woman had fretted over him previously, Sirius had been somewhat shaken by how much the woman hovered over him after his grandad had blasted his mother and father off of the tapestry.

It had been a few days since then, and Sirius was still getting used to seeing his own name shining brightly once more.

Since their respective talks, his grandfathers had been working with MCPS to track down little Harry, and now had a solid idea of where he might be.

"Thank you," Sirius murmured as he softly kissed his granny's cheek, "I look muggle enough?"

Wrinkling her nose the woman laughed, "Couldn't look muggle if you tried, though you certainly would fool one of them."

It was true enough, any wizard worth his salt would be able to recognize his heritage by just glancing at him. Though that wasn't to say Sirius dress shirt and slacks would look out of place in muggle London.

"Thanks, will you be alright here with Narcissa? I know she's been going a bit bonkers, what with Lucius's trial coming up."

"Oh I'm sure she'll drive me absolutely mad, that is if her mother doesn't do her in first. Here," Laughter in her eyes, his granny gently pulled out a few strands of hair, shaping his face quite nicely. "Now you best get a move on before Pollox changes his mind about this."

It had already been decided that since the family they suspected had Harry was muggle, they wouldn't reveal that they were wizards.

Walking down the stairs Sirius gave his grandfathers a sympathetic smile, while he may have been comfortable enough in most muggle apparel- he knew for a fact this was killing the two old men to an extent.

"So you didn't choke on Macmillan's perfume in there. Fuck. Well, Arcturus it seems I owe you a new hat to help hide those grey hairs you insist aren't there." Pulling up his jacket Pollox stood and made his way over to the front door, calling over his shoulder, "Let's get a move on, ladies!"

Shaking his head Arcturus rolled his eyes, "Least I have hair."

After leaving Grimmauld's Place, the Black men begrudgingly took the Knight Bus all the way to Surrey, Little Wringing.

Sirius followed the two older men into the little neighborhood, Arcturus trying but failing to mask his disgust at being in a muggle village. Pollox, finding this rather amusing, kept jabbing his cousin in the side whenever he noticed something particularly boring and ordinary, revelling in the facial expressions he received from the man.

Sirius tried to suppress a grin as he watched the two, it reminded him strongly of what he and Regulus had been like before..

Shaking his head the Black heir looked around, taking the place in: Sirius supposed it was a nice place, if a little fake feeling. Everything felt almost a little too neat for his tastes, it gave him a bad feeling..

Arcturus walked up to the door of Number Four, Privet Drive- swatting his cousin away as the man tried to steal his hat- before knocking on the door as if he wasn't surrounded by absolute children-

At that moment the door opened, revealing a rather horse-faced woman, who blinked at the three men in confusion before putting on a fake smile.

"Can I help you?"

Flashing a charming smile Sirius put his hand out, as he knew his grandfathers would not be comfortable making the pleasantries.

"Hi, I'm Sirius, and these are my grandfathers-" He said gesturing to the two older men, who couldn't have possibly looked old enough to be his grandfathers to the muggle woman, "-You may have heard of me already. See, I'm James' older brother, may we step inside?"

The woman's eyes had widened as soon as James' name had left Sirius' mouth. A look of disgust and fear settling onto her face as she backed away from the door, managing to stammer out, "You're.. You are.. you're one of them..."

Sirius shared a look with with his grandfathers, a silent conversation happening within seconds.

"'One of them?' What nonsense are you spouting woman?" Arcturus bit out, obviously already not liking getting a taste of his own medicine.

Mrs. Dursley eyed them cautiously, "You.. You must be! If you're his brother," Shaking here head she continued, "Lily said once it runs in families.."

"I'm afraid I was adopted actually.. So hereditary doesn't work with me. Again, what are you talking about?"

At this Petunia allowed herself to relax somewhat, had he not been told? She supposed it was possible.. Had that awful boy not told them all about that horrid school, she may have eventually forgotten all those freakish things her sister had been able to do..

Petunia had been so preoccupied with her momentary relief of Sirius' supposed adoption (which wasn't a total lie, mind you) she managed to completely overlooked that Sirius' grandfathers could very well still have still been magical.

"Nothing.. Nothing.. Would you like some tea?"

Sirius smiled and nodded, stepping inside he took in the nice, neat house. He didn't hear any crying, so that must have meant Harry was down for a nap. That was good, least the boy would have energy to play when he saw him.

Mrs. Dursley set right to work on getting the tea prepared, biscuits out, and served in record time. Most certainly in hopes they'd forgive her previous behavior.

Stirring his tea, Pollox spoke up for the first time since they had entered the muggle home, "Is your husband home?"

Mrs. Dursley shook her head, "He just left for work a little while ago."

Nodding Sirius took a biscuit, "He works with cars, doesn't he?"

Mrs. Dursley smiled and nodded, though her lips became slightly pursed, "I suppose Lily told you that?"

Sirius nodded, eyes becoming glassy as he spoke, "Yes she did, I miss her something awful."

Arcturus reached over an gently rubbed his grandson's back, whispering something in his ear that was unintelligible to the muggle sitting across from them.

"Yes, it's a shame she died. Did they tell you what happened?"

Sirius, being the product of several generations of Slytherins, was a very good liar, if he should say so himself.

Being the stellar liar he was, he let his lip tremble as he bit out, "They died in a car crash, what else is there to say?"

"It's a shame, really. At least their son survived." Arcturus sighed, Pollox resisting the urge to roll his eyes at the two.

"I- yes of course, I just didn't know how much you knew yet. It's only been a few weeks after all."

"We understand, the boy is just having a hard time is all."

Taking a sip of her tea, Petunia sighed as she nodded, "Understandable, I wasn't particularly close to my sister, but I still feel sick anytime I think.. It's just so sad."

Looking up Sirius wiped at his eyes, nodding at the muggle infront of him, "The funeral will be in a few days, given my family is arranging it we felt it best to come ourselves to invite you."

Petunia seemed to relax, as if another worry had been put to rest, "I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it. My son, you see, is only a year and a half and I just don't trust anyone else to watch him."

Cocking his head to the side curiously Pollox asked, "Is Harry not with you?"

Bristling, Petunia shook her head, "I'm afraid her son isn't here."

Arcturus shared a look with his cousin, gently running his hand along Sirius's spine.

"That is a shame, see-" Pollox said, leaning back in his chair as gave an over dramatic sigh, "Sirius here is his legal guardian now, as he was the boy's godfather. Sadly, someone fucked up and handed the boy off to someone else after the accident. We're trying to track him down right now."

Meeting the woman's eyes Pollox narrowed his, "You're sure you don't know anything? Not a fuckin' clue where our boy might be?"

Shaking slightly Petunia shook her head, "I-I'm sorry, I wish I could-"

They all heard a crying sound, it sounded like it was coming from another room in the house.

"It looks like someone's woken up, if you'll excuse me for just a moment."

Naturally, when Mrs. Dursley was out of sight the three wizards immediately walked out of the kitchen in search of wherever the fuck Harry Potter was.

They barely had to take two steps for this to be answered, as the men practically froze when the saw Petunia frantically fumbling with a lock that was on the cupboard under her stairs, a wailing sound resounding from within.

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The decision to go muggle was a practical one, as Sirius is aware of Petunia and Vernon's aversion to magic (just not how far they'd go because of it) so pretending they aren't is just the smart thing to do if he is going to get Harry without a lot of fuss

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Chapter Text

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Sirius felt his heart stop, time itself seemed to have frozen as the two parties in the room just seemed to stare at each other.

Finally, Arcturus seemingly gathered his senses and marched right over to Petunia. Grabbing her roughly as he slammed her against the wall.

"I take it we'll find the boy in there?"

Trembling Petunia swallowed thickly, "He's.. He's.."

"Grandad, I can't get this to unlock, can you..?"

Turning to Sirius, Arcturus gave his wand a wave and unlocked the cupboard under the stairs, where as expected, Harry Potter lay. Before turning back and stunning the horrified muggle.

Reaching forwards, Sirius gently scooped his wailing godson up and into his arms.

"Shh.. It's okay... It's okay, I'm here.." Gently, Sirius rubbed his godson's back, doing his best to soothe the child as he stood up and faced his grandfathers who were discussing what to do with the woman.

"Those filthy muggles deserve far worse, we might be able to have them tried in our courts if we use the relations act of 75'."

"Yes, but the act of 03' would give them a lighter sentence due to them being muggle.. We'll still need to get muggle law involved regardless.."

Trailing off Arcturus looked over at his grandson, "Is the boy alright?"

Looking down Sirius gently brushed his wild hair back, the boy's sobbing having quieted down somewhat, "I don't think he's in any serious danger, might need a bath and some food, but he'll live."

Giving an approving nod Arcturus turned his head back towards the filth beneath his feet, "What do you think, Sirius? Half a sentence in Azkaban or a full term in muggle prison?"

Looking at the woman Sirius snarled, "I'd kill her if I thought I could get away with it. Harry is an important person in the wizarding world, whether I like it or not, so we might be able to use his status to get them a harsher sentence in our courts."

Grinning Pollox clapped him on the back, "Gryffindor you may be but you still think like a snake, I think that'll be best. You go get the boy changed and fed, we'll owl the ministry so that they'll be ready to transport them after they go through the muggle system."

Walking up the stairs Sirius looked around, opening doors until he managed to find the Dursley's bathroom.

Setting Harry on the counter, Sirius rolled his sleeves up before removing the dirty old onsie his godson was trapped in. Dropping the thing on the floor Sirius braced himself for when he removed the lads nappy, knowing full well it must've been rather full.

Harry for his part was still crying, but now he was reaching up wishing to be held again. Sighing Sirius bit the bullet and took the rank thing off his godson's bottom.

"Ew.. Can't believe they made you sit in this, you'll probably have a rash.."

Turning the shower on Sirius got right to work, Harry's cries turning to sniffles as the filth and grime was removed, obviously feeling loads better.

A few minutes later saw Sirius bouncing Harry on his hip as he entered the muggle nursery, gently setting him on the changing table as he went about drying his hair some more.

"I'm sorry you had to stay here," Sirius said, getting a new nappy out for the lad, "It's my fault really, I should have never let that oaf Hagrid take you from me. I promise I won't do it again."

Sirius was just putting baby powder on his bum when he heard a gurgling sound behind him, whipping around Sirius locked eyes with the blue-eyed child who was standing in the crib behind him, reaching out for the stranger to pick him up.

"You must be the muggles son.." Sirius tried to glare at the giggling child in disgust, before sighing in defeat, "Suppose it's not your fault 'yer mum's a right bitch."

Finishing with the diaper, Sirius lifted Harry back in his arms and gave him a kiss on the cheek, "That's much better, isn't it?"

Harry sniffled, burying his face in his godfather's shoulder.

Sirius sighed, gently rubbing the boy's back. Reluctantly, Sirius set Harry in the crib beside his cousin, before squating down to at eye level with the bigger babe.

"Can I trust you with Harry while I make your lunch?"

Being answered only in baby-babble, Sirius straightened back up as he examined the nursery more closely, "Now then, where would that muggle hide your food.. Might be in the kitchen, actually.. Damn I need to get a new wand.."

Scratching the back of his head Sirius starting searching. Eventually, Sirius found it after he went back downstairs (informing his grandfathers about the muggle baby) before he came back up with two bottles.

Sirius didn't know exactly what he was expecting to find when he came back up, but he hadn't expected to see Harry floating the toys around the crib for his cousins entertainment. He was almost tempted to leave them as is, as they seemed to be having a grand ole time.

Setting one of the bottles on the changing table, Sirius picked Harry up -which resulted in the fluffy toys losing their ability to fly- and let the lad get down to work on the bottle.

The muggle boy gave a slight cry, reaching for his own bottle to no avail.

Smiling, Sirius messed up his blond hair, adjusting Harry as he said, "Don't worry, you'll get yours in a minute."

Puffing out his cheeks the muggle boy smacked the hand away, fussing as he fell back on his bum. Looking over at the bottle the boy lifted his hands in a similar manner that his cousin had before and, like magic, the bottle started wobbling over to him.

When Sirius finished making sure Harry was fed and burped, he turned back around and almost dropped the lad when he saw the muggle boy had somehow gotten his bottle.

"How did you.." looking back to the changing table Sirius cocked his head, did he get out and grab it..?

Sirius's pondering was halted when the nursery door was thrown open, his pops barging in to inform him that, "The Ministry owled back, everything's set up. Now we only need to figure out how to get the muggle cops here."

Smiling Sirius adjusted Harry as he gave a nod, "I'll be down in a moment to help, once mister Mystery is done with his bottle anyways."

Looking over at the blond lad Pollox gently petted his head, much like a dog.

"You know, I've never actually met a muggle before today. I don't really see what you see in them."

"Well most are more pleasant than that harpy." Sirius said crisply, "Otherwise I think I'd have actually joined the Death Eaters."

"I suppose I'll have to take your word for it, for now."

Hearing his cousin call for him, Pollox rolled his eyes, shouting "I'm coming, dear!" Before heading back down the stairs.

Setting Harry in the crib, Sirius pick up the now full blond, looking at him curiously.

"I don't see any bruises.. Then again I can't see much of you.."

Poking the boys cheek Sirius sighed as the baby laughed. Maybe Harry had magicked it over to him..? Settling the Mystery-Boy on his hip, Sirius looked over at his godson, who was now sleeping softly in the crib.

"I think I'll leave him here for a little while, couldn't have slept too well under the stairs. I'm not sure if I could have carried you both down the stairs in any case. Let's go see your bitch of a mum, yes?"

Walking down the stairs Sirius could hear talking, well perhaps more like shouting, coming from the kitchen,

He supposed the muggle must've woken up.

Walking into the kitchen he could see the woman was sitting in a chair- most likely not out of her own free will- with both of his grandfathers wands pointed at various vulnerable parts of her body.

"So you feel being magic is a valid reason to neglect my nephew?" Pollox asked, voice icy as he stared down at the woman.

"He's a freak, you're all freaks.. It's not natural, we never even wanted him in the first place!"

Sirius brows forwarded, "Why would you take him, then?"

When Mrs. Dursley locked eyes with Sirius she turned a violent shade of white, "My baby! Oh God.. You're cursing my Dudley now!? You despicable hapless-"

Eyes narrowing Sirius shifted 'Dudley' in his arms, so that the wiggling baby couldn't work his way out of his grip, "I haven't done a damn thing to your kid, and while you may see nothing wrong with harming children, I'm a little more noble than that."

Taking a step forwards Sirius face started to turn red, "Now again I ask, why the bloody hell would you take my godson in if you were only going to hurt him?"

"It was the Headmaster of that horrid school!" Petunia sobbed, "Just left him on our door, wouldn't take him back or hear why we didn't want him, forced the demon upon us!"

"He's not a demon." Sirius hissed, "He's a child who depended upon you to take care of him, how the hell can you live with yourself knowing you've done this?"

"HE'S NOT JUST A CHILD HE'S AN ABOMINATION! Freaks, dirty and rotten! Have no right to exist along side us decent folk-"

Sirius whined at the sheer volume of her voice, memories of his mother's tirades flashing in his mind as she ranted. Shaking his head Sirius glanced down at 'Dudley' and almost laughed, the poor boy was covering his ears!

Sirius looked over at his grandfathers, Arcturus in particular looked pale as he stared at the muggle woman.

Suddenly their was nothing but silence in the air, as if God himself had come and blessed this home. Then the Black men all gave a collective sigh, before they realized..

"You didn't cast Silencio, did you 'Tori?"

Shaking his head Arcturus eyed the woman as she started frantically trying to get a sound out, but still nothing but silence was heard.

"Sirius is a little old for accidental magic.. You don't.."

Looking over at the boy in Sirius's arms Pollox' eyes widened.

"His aunt had magic, so it's definitely possible.. Sirius did you notice anything?"

The realization struck Sirius like a blugder to the face, nodding as he confirmed, "I couldn't feed them both at the same time, so.. Dudley got a bit upset, and when I looked back he had gotten the bottle in his hands somehow."

Looking back down at the boy in some amazement, Sirius couldn't help but feel bad when Dudley started reaching for his mother, only for the woman to recoil back, staring at him as if he were now something horrible.

It wasn't long before the cops arrived, and everything might have turned out fine had it not been for a certain blue-eyed-fuck.

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Chapter Text

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"Gentlemen, I'm afraid you're going to have to come with me."

"Excuse me?" Arcturus asked incredulously, staring at the officer as if the man had grown another head.

"Calling the law unjustly is a crime in of itself, but to break in and manhandle someone's kids is another thing altogether. Now turn around and come with me quietly, you have the right to remain silent."

Right then and there they all knew something was up.

Arcturus gave Sirius a hard look when he started to resist the cop who was trying to take Dudley from him, telling him in no uncertain terms to stand down as they handed the lad to his horrific mother.

Pollox rolled his eyes when the cops took him to another squad car, giving Arcturus a long-suffering look that clearly read 'The things I put up with for you' as he was loaded up.

Sitting in a cop car, Sirius fiddled with his chains while his grandad was loaded in next to him, somewhat surprised the man hadn't hexed anyone yet.

When the muggle vehicle started up Arcturus jumped, tensing and holding onto Sirius's hand despite himself.

"I reacted the same way, don't worry too much." Sirius said, before grinning, "Even if the thing crashed, it'd have to kill us instantly for it to really matter."

This didn't seem to relax Arcturus much, but after a few minutes of not ending up in a car crash, the man seemed to calm somewhat.

Several minutes later the older man finally spoke up again, "When that.. When that muggle woman was screeching in there.."

Sirius turned his head to look at his grandad, listening as he spoke, "I couldn't believe my ears, is.. Is that how we sound to you?"

Blinking Sirius bit his lip as he nodded, "Sometimes, I guess it really isn't that different, is it?"

"No.. I suppose not."

Looking over at their chauffeur Sirius shrugged, "I'm not going to judge you, you know."

Sighing Arcturus leaned against his seat, "Why did you question it? I mean, I realize you were surrounded by.. Them, but.. What really made you realize that we might be.. Wrong?"

"Honestly? I got my ass beat in second year, Lily broke my arm along with my perspective on the world that day."

"She.. Broke your arm..?"

"Well.. To be fair, I did spit on her." Sirius admitted sheepishly, "Sometimes I wonder why Jamie put up with me.."

"And it changed your perspective how?"

Turning to his grandad Sirius smiled, "She outdueled me, and I didn't know how to explain it at the time. Purebloods were supposed to be naturally superior, so how come I lost? It.. It made me more receptive to what everyone else was saying, which was being pureblood didn't inherently make you better, just gave you a headstart."

Brows forwarding slightly Arcturus sighed, leaning against Sirius as he let his mind wander, his world had been a lot simpler only a few hours ago.

Arcturus didn't even bother looking shocked when Dumbledore showed up, he should have fucking known. He watched the two-faced bastard as he waved his wand, the muggle guarding them eyes widening before he went and unlocked their glorified cage.

Sirius sighed in relief, rubbing his wrist as he turned to his old Headmaster in barely concealed panic, "Professor! Thank Merlin you're here, something's horribly wrong with the muggle law system! They thought we were in the wrong for helping Harry and the muggles son, and they just handed them back to them! We have to-"

"Do nothing." Dumbledore finished, Sirius frowning as he looked at the man like a confused puppy.

Arcturus eyes darkened, "You really expect us to leave our own flesh and blood in an abusive situation?"

"You're merely over-exaggerating, the boy is fine." Dumbledore said serenely, the muggle seemingly unaware of them now, "He's much better off in their care."

"Better off!?" Sirius's face turned red, "To hell he's better off with that wench for a mother! They had him locked under the stairs sitting in his own filth!"

"I've seen no evidence of that, the boy seems perfectly happy where he is."

"Let's go back then!" Sirius marched towards the door, "I'll show you where-"

"That won't be necessary, he's fine."

Pollox saw red, "How can you just sit there on your arse and fucking ignore this? I would have thought the Headmaster of motherfucking school would want to ensure a child is not having the shit beat outta him!"

"One would also think the Chief of the Wizengamont would want to ensure a suspects alibi lined up. Something tells me if I were to suggest the jury reconvene after looking into the imperius curse, it would be very bad for those on trial."

Sirius's eyes widened, was Dumbledore actually...?

"I agree, that would be unfortunate for them. I suppose we are just overreacting about the half-blood, come Sirius- we have more important matters to discuss," Arcturus said, his features becoming steely.

Sirius looked distraught for a moment, about to object before his pops put his hand on his shoulder. Pollox shook his head a mouthing, "later"- which effectively shut up his grandson.

In fact it wasn't until they were back at Grimmauld's Place that Sirius next spoke up, as soon as they walked through the door- which would have dispelled any and all listening and spying spells- he started,

"You didn't mean that, right? We're not leaving him-"

"Of course he didn't," Pollox said, setting his muggle coat on the hanger as he enlightened those less intelligent in the room, "But we can't just go in their half-cocked and expect to walk out with any but our tails in between our legs."

Arcturus took his hat off as he sighed, "We'll have to be smart about this- Dumbledore is a bastard, but he's nothing if not thorough."

"I'll call the others."

"Do not inform the Malfoy's or Druella about this." Arcturus said strictly, whirling on his cousin, "We cannot risk them messing up whatever plan we decide on just to save their own skins."

Cassiopeia paced up and down the drawing-room, the words sinking in.

"This is a declaration of war- and not the fun type with murder and violence- the kind that leaves a sour taste in your mouth whether you win or lose."

Lucretia frowned, "Surely there's something to be done, Dumbledore must be breaking at least six different laws with what he's doing."

"If you want to send the other Noble Houses to Azkaban, sure." Pollox sighed,
"Dumbledore wouldn't be worth practically wiping out every major pureblood line."

Sirius shrugged, leaning forward, "I mean, we're all intermarried anyways.. So it's not like many will really die off, is it?"

Cassiopeia stopped abruptly, whirling on her nephew with fire in her eyes, "Say that again."

Looking a bit confused, Sirius repeated, "Most pureblood families would still exist through us, since we've married into most of them at some point."

Slapping her hands together, Cassiopeia grinned wickedly, "Sirius you're a bloody genius!"

Irma eyes narrowed as she looked at her sister-in-law, "What're you two going on about?"

Sirius's eyes widened, obviously realizing where his aunt was going with this, "We're all Intermarried."

"What does that have to do with-.. Oh, I see."

Grinning Cassiopeia waved her wand, summoning a big book, "Laws dictate that half of the Wizengamont be made up of the Lord's and Lady's of the Ancient and Noble Houses, if most of the heirs were to be jailed.."

"We'd be given a significant amount of power in the parliament.." Pollox said, eyes widening somewhat, "Our vote would be worth-"

"A quarter of the Wizengamont, at least." Arcturus finished, a smirk resting upon his features, "Dumbledore's threat is only as good as our loyalties to the other Noble Houses."

And as everyone knew, Blacks only looked out for themselves.

"So obviously we're calling bullshit," Pollox said, "But I'd hate to actually have to sacrifice all those purebloods for my nephew."

"Not to mention it could take a long time to get him out, if we have to deal with the Chief Warlock breaking the law to keep him from his rightful guardians," Lucretia pointed out, earning a nod from Sirius.

"Those muggles are abusive, hate magic to their cores. I can only imagine what they're doing to him."

"Still doesn't answer how we're going to get the blue-eyed-fuck to fold."

Sirius's eyes lit up like it was Christmas, "I think I know a certain old lady who might have some dirt on the Headmaster, anyone up for a trip to Godrics Hallow?"

Sirius looked at himself in the mirror solemnly, though dressed in all black- veiled so as to not attract attention to himself- he knew he'd still feel out of place,

Who wouldn't at their brother's funeral?

"Are you ready?"

Looking back at his Aunt Lucretia Sirius shook his head, "I don't think I could ever hope to be ready for this.. Let's just get it over with."

Offering the woman his arm, they both turned on the spot and apparated to a little alleyway in Godrics Hollow.

Adjusting her nephew's veil, Lucretia led the boy towards where the funeral was to be had. Wishing she had also worn a veil, when she saw how many reporters had dared showed their faces to such a sacred event.

Slipping into the back, Lucretia rubbed Sirius's arm as the service began.

The wake was to be held at Bathilda Bagshot's place, being a good friend of the Potters- and by extension, Sirius- she was thrilled when Arcturus had asked if she'd like to host the event, more out of politeness than an actual desire for her to do so.

Nevertheless, it was rather convenient now, in Lucretia's humble opinion.

Greeting the ancient woman at the door, Lucretia shook Bathilda's hand, "Thank you for doing this."

"Oh it's no problem dearie," Bathilda said, waving her off, "I should be thanking you, really. I have just felt so lost since everything happened, everyone out celebrating, while I can't help but feel miserable.."

Shaking her head Bathilda smiled wearily, "Is Sirius not with you? Rumor has it he's made up with your lot- and everyone's saying he didn't bother to show for the service."

Lucretia discreetly nodded her head, motioning to where Sirius had sulked off; still not wanting to cause a scene.

"He's under the veil, Sirius was worried he'd distract from what was really important today if he didn't come disguised."

Sighing Bathilda looked in his direction mournfully, "I understand it, those sniveling rats infested the service in hopes of getting an interview with him.. Shameful bunch, the lot of them!"

"Merlin knows how they sleep at night.. I don't mean to keep you, I should probably go find Sirius before someone realizes who he is."

Bathilda gave Lucretia a sympathetic nod, "Come find me after I'm done greeting everyone, we can talk somewhere a bit more private.. Plus I'd like to have a word with Sirius, let him know I don't blame him for being afraid. People seem to forget we all were."

"It would mean a lot to him, I worry so much about him.. I know he must hate himself for everything that happened."

Mrs. Prewett then disappeared into the party, another puzzle piece falling into place.

After the service, the Black family reconvened in the dining room that night.

After going over what Lucretia and Sirius had managed to get out of Bathilda, the more creative members of their family wrote up a little 'encouragement' which would ensure Dumbledore comply with their demands, lest they send the documents to the press.

It was not until early the next morning that the plans were set into motion, Arcturus setting off to Hogwarts to settle this once and for all.

"Be sure to come back in one piece, you here?" Melania fretted, smoothing his hair as she leaned up and kissed him softly, "I wouldn't put it passed that old muggle-lover to try something."

"Don't worry, Mels. I'll be careful, and he wouldn't try something when we've gotten this on him. He'd know we've made copies."

Sirius leaned against the doorframe, looking miserable as he watched the two, "I wish you would let me come.."

"I won't be risking you or this plan with you being there, now come wish me luck."

Still putting up an effort to seem unhappy, Sirius sulked over and buried his face in his grandad's shoulder as he wrapped his arms around the older man, quietly whispering "Be safe," before turning and running off as if he hadn't done it at all.

Smirking Melania sighed, "I'll keep an eye on him, he's been so busy he's hardly had time to grieve."

"Have him help you in the kitchens, he used to love it when he was a child."

"He was so cute," Melania said, remembering how tiny her grandson used to be, "Always insisting on carrying the big stuff so 'Granny's arms wouldn't get tired'."

Cupping Melania's cheek Arcturus smiled softly, "And that time he accidentally dropped that carton of eggs, and turned them all into chicks."

Laughing Melania leaned into her husband's touch, "I still find feathers in the cabinets!"

Kissing his wife's forehead Arcturus sighed, "I have to go now, You've stalled me long enough."

Frowning Melania nodded, "I love you."

"And forever will I."

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I am really enjoying being able to write more of the Black family in, I hope you like everyone so far or at least love to hate them

I hope you're all excited for what's going to go down with Dumbledore and the fate of Harry and Dudley

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Chapter Text

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Dumbledore always considered himself a rather clever man, some would even go as far as to call him a genius.

It was this cleverness that allowed Dumbledore to succeed, accomplishing tasks that many wizards only dream of nearing.

Though this cleverness and genius was not without its drawbacks, and one drawback was being able to see everything more clearly than everyone else, see the bigger picture. This tended to weigh heavily on the old man's mind.

But Albus Dumbledore was up to task, he was willing to do what needed to be done for the greater good.

That's why when James Potter insisted on making Black-- who anyone with eyes could see was in leagues with Voldemort-- his secret keeper, Dumbledore started preparing for his inevitable betrayal. Simple wards, just enough to tell him if the occupants of the house were alive or not, something someone like Voldemort would have overlooked when he came.

It was those wards that had alerted Dumbledore when the young couple had been killed, which enabled him to send Hagrid to fetch Harry Potter before anything more could happen to the lad.

Everything had been well then; Harry was safe and away from a world which would idolize him, Black was going to pay for his murders, and his master was (if only temporarily) defeated. That is, until Arcturus Black showed up and demanded his grandson a trial.

Obviously, Dumbledore had immediately prepared for the worst: Black being free and coming after Harry to avenge his master.

That's why, with the boy's protection in mind, Albus had set up wards to alert him if Black showed up in Little Wringing, knowing the man wouldn't have thought to check the town itself.

He was rather glad that he did, as it most certainly saved the boy's life.

Black and his grandfathers had managed to find little Harry, terrorize his muggle family, and called the cops on them.

Luckily, Dumbledore hadn't taken long to come to the boy's aid. Though, Albus was temporarily slowed down when he had to intercept an owl heading for the ministry, which sadly resulted in the Blacks being able to ring the muggle cops. But, with a little magical persuasion, this too hadn't been much of a problem.

Of course, he felt bad the boy was being neglected-- and it shocked him that Black seemed to care about this at all-- but that didn't change the fact that the boy was safest in their care. It wasn't as though Harry had anywhere else to go.

Dumbledore had previously been hoping to keep what he knew about the imperius to deal with Lucius Malfoy when his son went to school, but it was paramount that he neuter Lord Black and his Death Eater spawn to keep them in line. It was as the bigoted Lord had said, it just wasn't worth ending so many pureblood lines for his grandson's hate-boner.

That's why Dumbledore was rather shocked to find the man sitting in his chair behind his desk as if he owned the damn thing.

Settling his gaze on Dumbledore, Lord Black raised his eyebrows as he said, "Albus, I'd say it's nice to see you but I'm afraid it would be a lie, you aren't very easy on the eyes I'm afraid."

Taking his feet off of the other man's desk, Arcturus gestured towards the visiting chairs, "Please, take a seat. Have a lemon drop, we have much to discuss, you and I."

Playing along, Dumbledore sat down.

"I'm sure you're trying to figure out why I'm here, maybe even have a few guesses." Arcturus began, looking nonchalant as he put the matter on the table, "But to put it frankly, you've pissed me off"

"Have I?" Dumbledore asked innocently, already feeling like he knew where this was going.

"Yes, you have." Arcturus answered, much more coldly.

Arcturus stared down at Albus Dumbledore, a man which would learn what it meant to insult a Noble and Ancient House the hard way.

"Firstly you tried to deny my grandson a trial, then you did not ensure him a fair one." Face darkening Arcturus glared a hole in Dumbledore's crooked nose, "Then, not only am I to learn you've stolen his godchild-- who he is the rightful guardian of-- but you've gone through great lengths to try to prevent us from rescuing him from the abusive muggles you've given him to."

Standing, Arcturus leaned forwards, towering over Dumbledore, "I have half a mind to drag you to court and have you tried for child endangerment, kidnapping, and gross obstruction of justice."

Seemingly calm, Dumbledore gave Arcturus a serene smile, "Arcturus, you seem to forget your position. If you were to do that you'd not only need proof that I've done these things, but it would also bring light to the full extent of the imperius curse on its victims."

Giving the old man a wicked grin Arcturus stood tall, laughing as he said, "You really are an idiot, aren't you? Have you not realized what kind of position that would put my family in?"

Nodding Dumbledore smiled, "You would be one of the last pureblood families in all of great Britain."

Leaning forwards Arcturus spoke, quiet enough for it to be mistaken for a whisper, "Exactly."

Staring at the man infront of him, Arcturus sat back in his chair smugly.

"Section: 3-68! If a Noble family has no descendants to take their seat in the Wizardgimont, the family's closest next of kin first through blood- then marriage- will be allowed to take their mantel." Giving Dumbledore a nasty grin Arcturus cackled, "And we're all interrelated."

Dumbledore's eyes lost their twinkle as the words sunk in, "You're not serious! You would let all those people-"

"Go to jail in exchange of political power? Albus, you seem to misunderstand why blood purity is important to my family, it's always been about the politics."

Tossing his hair back Arcturus grinned at the Headmaster, "This is what's going to happen, either you get out of my way, or I'm going to ruin you."

Taking a gentle breath Dumbledore met the man's eyes, "You have no proof I've done anything wrong, only one instance where I've come to rescue you from yourselves."

"Don't I? Check underneath your seat, I'll wait."

Arcturus watched in barely concealed amusement as the old man grabbed the article out, eyes widening dramatically as his face lost color.

"How did you..?"

"That's not important, Albus. What is important is that you do as I say."

Swallowing Dumbledore looked up, meeting the eyes of the man he'd learn to loath more than The Dark Lord himself.

"What is it that you want?"

Giving the man a bored look Arcturus raised an eyebrow, "I think you know."

"I can't allow you to have Harry Potter," Dumbledore said defiantly, "I won't be letting you or your damned grandson harm him."

Eyes flashing Arcturus hissed, "Never insult my grandson. You really think he's the type of man who'd hurt a baby? Really?"

The silence was deafening, and Lord Black saw red.

"Let me make myself absolutely clear," Arcturus spat, "My grandson for some unknown reason adores that boy. Sirius is what's important to me, and I will damn any number of people to make him happy."

"So you'll allow him to-"

"Raise a half-blood? Of course I would."

Dumbledore grimaced, "So he aims to raise him as the next Dark Lord, am I correct?"

Arcturus's left eye twitched, "He could be raising him to be the next Babbity Rabbity and it would be none of your cock sucking business!"

Dumbledore shook his head, looking at the article mournfully.. This would ruin everything..

"Harry Potter cannot be raised among wizards-- he'd be worshipped, and horribly spoiled. I understand Black may not care, but I certainly don't want The-Boy-Who-Lived to become some entitled pseudo-pureblood."

"Again, how my grandson raises that boy is none of your concern. My family will be perfectly capable of protecting and caring for Harry Potter."

"Your family are exactly those who would wish to harm him," Dumbledore snapped, "Even if Black has it in his mind that Harry is his dark master, that still will not stop others from coming after him!"

"We will deal with it," Arcturus said crisply, "Let it be known I have no specific qualms with going about this the long way."

Arcturus stood, walking around Dumbledore's desk as he drawled, "Gaining all that power, the 'savior' of the wizarding world, destroying you.. Everything I could ever want, the only reason I'm even bothering to do this at all is because of Sirius. As again, he is what's important here, and he would like to have his child as soon as possible."

Setting his hand on Dumbledore's shoulder, Arcturus bent down and whispered in the older man's ear, "Remember, one toe out of line and that paper you're holding goes public. I don't care who you drag down with you."

And with that, Lord Black stepped into the fire place and left the Headmaster's office, leaving the man feeling a lot less clever than he had previously.


It was night in Little Wringing, Surrey. Cricket chirping in harmony as the little neighborhood all seemed to settle down, lights turning off as everyone went to sleep.

Under the cover of darkness a man walked down the street, using a knife to unlock the door of Number four, Privet Drive.

Silently, Arcturus made his way through the muggle home, following the sounds of muffled crying until he was infront of the cupboard that was underneath the stairs. Using the same knife, Arcturus unlocked the bolt, gently trying to shush the two boys who were now crying more loudly, having been locked in here for who knows how long without any attention.

"Shh.. It's okay, I'm taking you away from here." Picking Harry up first, Arcturus gently rocked him for a moment, before setting him in an enlarged basinet which he'd be perfectly comfortable in until he was reunited with Sirius.

Sighing Arcturus picked the bigger baby up, grumbling to himself, "Look at yourself, 'Tori. Sneaking into muggle homes and stealing mudbloods, what would your father say?"

The blond boy giggled, obviously finding Arcturus's midlife crisis rather amusing. Reaching up, Dudley ranked on Arcturus's long hair, earning a wince from the man.

"You're lucky you're cute.."

Leaving the enchanted basinet near the front door, Arcturus made his way up the stairs. Quietly searching for the muggle sleeping quarters. Not taking very long as there were only five rooms upstairs.

Arcturus watched the muggles sleep with unhidden disgust, whatever anyone wanted to say about him or his biases-- at least he could say he'd never abused or mistreated a child because of his beliefs.

Which was why Arcturus felt no remorse as he gripped the hilt of his knife and slit the muggle man's throat. The fat oath eyes snapped open, unable to scream as blood pooled around him as he gurgled and gasped for breath, his thick blood splattering everywhere as he fought for breath.

Vernon Dursley died within minutes.

Turning towards the horse-faced woman, Arcturus wiped the knife on the sheets as he considered her. The woman had barely stirred as her husband twitched lifelessly, not even noticing she'd just become a widow.

Arcturus blatantly slashed through her pencil-like neck, the bitch barely being able to scream as her cries faded to desperate whimpers as thick blood erupted from her wound in unseemly spurts. Staining the walks and carpet of the home she had previously worked so hard to keep clean.

Petunia Dursley soon went limp. 


The Dursley's are dead :D Harry is on his way to Sirius, and Dudley is free from his abusive parents. What'll happen next?

Yes Dumbledore truly believes Sirius is a death eater, too often in these stories Albus is either portrayed as a saint or an evil child abuser-- I think a man doing the wrong things for the right reasons in far closer to what he was in canon, and even if it wasn't I don't see it often enough

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Arcturus Black was glad everyone else had gone home, as he didn't particularly want to deal with people right now.

Summoning Kreacher, Arcturus gave him orders to give the boys a bath and bring them up to the drawing-room to await further instructions. Then, Arcturus stalked up to one of the many bathrooms, mindful not to touch anything. You see, he was covered in blood.

By the time Arcturus was done decontaminating himself, Kreacher was already waiting for him.

Kreacher didn't mind this, however, as taking care of children was one of the more enjoyable jobs a House Elf could be given. The two babies had just finished their bottles when his master entered the room.

Turning quickly Kreacher bowed to his master, pointed nose brushing the floor as he gave his reports, "I has washed the young masters and fed them as master has instructed of Kreacher."

Nodding Arcturus glanced at the two, playing with blocks that Kreacher had given them, "I order you not to tell anyone about this."

Kreacher nodded profusely, "No one will know because of Kreacher, no sir. Kreacher will keep master's secrets safe!"

"Good, now I need you to go fetch Sirius from his quarters. Then go tell my daughter 'everything is in place'."

"Yes master, right away. Kreacher will fetch the blood traitor for his master."

Kreacher popped away before Arcturus could reprimand him, leaving the man swearing under his breath.

Arcturus could hear the distant sound of bare feet padding down the halls, signaling the impending arrival of his next headache.

Sirius soon ran into the drawing-room, his hair sticking up in a way only a pillow could accomplish as he asked somewhat frantically, "Little berk told me you wanted me, did you-"

"Paf'!" Quickly answered the heir's most pressing question, eyes brightening as Harry lifted his arms up for Sirius to pick him up.

"Oh thank Merlin!" Sirius breathed as he scooped Harry up, "I swear I'm never letting you out of my sight again."

Harry, while not understanding what his uncle was saying, was happy to hear him talking regardless. Babbling, he grabbed at Sirius's hair as the man held him close.

Shifting his weight, Sirius asked, "He folded? Dumbledore I mean."

"I think the muggle-lover just about keeled over when he saw your handy-work." Arcturus informed with a grin, "He won't be bothering us for a while."

Sirius grinned into Harry's hair, "It was one of my better masterpieces, if I do say so myself."

Sirius walked over and took a seat besides Arcturus on the couch, kissing Harry's forehead as he settled the lad in his arms.

Watching the two Arcturus closed his eyes, "You remember what we talked about, right?"

Jaw clenching, Sirius gave a nod, "I suppose you haven't thought of anything else, either?"

"I'm afraid not," Sighing Arcturus laid a hand in his palm, "You-Know-Who's followers would come running if they knew Harry Potter was here, and after what happened to the Longbottoms I hardly want to test our luck."

Running a hand through his hair Sirius glanced at the tapestry, where James' name had once been before he'd been adopted out of the family, "You're sure no one knows?"

"Hardly anyone knew Polaris Black went on to become James Potter," Arcturus assured, "I still don't see why the Potters told you about the whole thing."

"I was really messed up when I had to leave home," Sirius explained, defending the people who took him in, "I felt like a burden to them, like some sort of horrible leech.. The Potters wanted me to understand they truly saw me as a son, and blood didn't effect anything.."

The Lord sighed, "I suppose it was mostly their secret to tell, in any case it makes this easier; I'd hardly want to have to explain that whole ordeal to you."

"It did take me awhile to really wrap my head around it," Sirius admitted, "But once I thought about it, James was always too attractive not to have some Black in him."

Rolling his eyes Arcturus pulled out some papers, "You'll need to decide on a name before I welcome him back, I hardly want the Tapestry to out us."

"I was thinking something that sounded like Harry," Sirius suggested as he leaned back, "You know, so I could still use it as a nickname."

Arcturus raised his eyebrows, "What were you thinking? Henry?"

Sirius shook his head, "No, that was his great-grandfather's name. I'm not stupid enough to think no one would draw a connection there."

Lifting Harry up, earning a laugh from the boy, Sirius gave him a once over, "He certainly doesn't look like a Harold though.."

"Why not just pick a celestial name?" Arcturus asked, voice laced in barely concealed amusement, "It is a family tradition, after all."

"The closest I can think of to Harry is Hadar, and that doesn't quite suit my cute little godson."

"You don't have to pick a name close to Harry," Arcturus reminded, "It's just your preference."

Ignoring his grandad, Sirius bounced Harry on his knee as he scanned The Black Family Tapestry. Looking to see if any of his ancestors names seemed to strike his fancy, when something occurred to him.

"You know, it's been a while since we've named anyone after a planet," Sirius began, looking over the tapestry as he pointed this out.

"Well Jupiter doesn't quite roll off the tongue as well as Cepheus or Rigel," Arcturus said with a shrug, "What were you thinking of naming him? Pluto?"

Holding Harry out, Sirius smirked, "Pluto is just another way of saying Hades, isn't it?"

Groaning Arcturus ran a hand through his hair, "Dear Lord I've given him ideas."

"It's enough like Harry!" Sirius defended, "Plus Hades Black sounds badass, I know Jamie would have approved."

"I suppose it's better than Hadrian.."

"Oh Hadrian would make him sound like an absolute prat." Sirius agreed, "Like hell I'd saddle him with that!"

Rolling his eyes, Arcturus laid the official adoption papers on the table, "You're clear on what you are to tell people?"

Shifting Harry to one arm, Sirius grabbed the quill his grandad offered him, "He's biologically my second cousin, but I felt compelled to adopt him as my son because of my damned Gryffindor nobility."

Lip twitching Arcturus asked, "What are you to say if someone asks who his parents were?"

"Haven't the foggiest," Sirius said automatically, signing the last of the papers elegantly.

Arcturus smirked, "So what's it feel like to be a father?"

Flushing, Sirius readjusted Harry as he replied honestly, "As if I've been entrusted with the most wonderful, yet terrifying creature on this planet."

"I felt the same way when Tia was born," Arcturus admitted, "She was so small, and I was sure I'd break her somehow."

Shaking his head, Arcturus rolled up the legal work, "Well in any case, I suppose were just about done here."

"Any plans for the muggleborn baby?" Sirius asked suddenly, realizing the boy was still on the floor, playing by himself.

"I've met with a couple already," Arcturus explained, "Before I went to fetch him, they'll be here any minute to collect him."

"Oh.." Sirius said, pulling the front of his shirt down some, "Who are they?"

Arcturus rolled his eyes at his grandson, "Just your Aunt and Uncle, so you needn't worry about your lack of proper attire."

Flushing Sirius fixed his expression, trying to look unbothered as he asked, "Not that I'm complaining, but why would they want him?"

"Tia has had trouble conceiving for a while now. She's always wanted children, so I knew she'd be more than happy to help us with our dilemma."

"They don't mind his blood status?"

"Hardly, you know the Prewetts have been for muggle rights for a few decades now. Part of the reason Lucretia married him, I think. She follows your line of thinking to an extent, so long as the mu.. muggle-spawn respect our culture."

"I never knew that," Sirius admitted, "And no one cares she's a blood traitor?"

"Didn't we already go over this?" Arcturus seemingly asked rhetorically, "I'm sure Lucretia and Druella have had their share of fights over the nonsense, but no one's ever tried to kill her if that's what you're thinking."

"No it's just- I'm just still getting used to things is all," Sirius sighed, "I'm glad for it all, mind you. I don't know what'd I'd have done without all of you."

Smiling, Arcturus gestured towards Harry, "I think your prisoner wants to escape."

"Huh?" Looking down Sirius realized Harry was trying to wiggle free, and as soon as Sirius set him back on the floor he crawled back towards Dudley.

"I'm glad they'll grow up together," Sirius admitted, watching the two begin to play, "Harry will need as much familiarity as possible."

"I know I shouldn't have to tell you this, but under no circumstances are you to tell him or anyone else he's not a Prewett." Arcturus stated with his usual strictness, "No one needs to be able to figure out we kidnapped the boy."

Eyebrows forwarding Sirius glanced towards the tapestry, "But wouldn't the Tapestry make it obvious he isn't? He isn't actually related to us like Harry is."

"I might not be able to remove anyone without damaging the tapestry, but that hardly means I can't add whomever I please."

"Oh.. Wait is-"

Suddenly a loud crack filled the air, cutting Sirius off. Looking over his shoulder the young heir grinned widely at his Aunt, who was looking uncharacteristically nervous as she smiled back at him.

Ignatius settled his hand on his wife's shoulder, "Everything went alright, I hope?"

Standing up, Arcturus nodded, "No one caught me sneaking in, and I've ensured the muggles will never come looking for the boy. He's yours to keep."

Lucretia's eyes watered when her eyes landed on the babe, who would soon be her child. "He's beautiful.. Can I?.."

After being given a nod Lucretia walked over and gently picked Dudley up, holding him close as she ran her thin figures through the lad's blond hair.

Wrapping an arm around his wife, helping her cradle their boy, Ignatius whispered in her ear, "So what do you think? Ceres or Sirrah?"

Eyes crinkling Lucretia gently kissed her son's forehead, "Ceres Ignatius has a nice ring to it, don't you think?"

"It's perfect."

Lots of things happening in one chapter

I was very tempted to have Sirius name him Hadrian just to fuck with y'all, but the idea of a Black without a celestial name bothered me to no end tbh

What do you think about the fact Arcturus and Sirius are just embracing the fact Harry is Dorea's grandson? I thought about a few different ways the Blacks might deal with the fact most of their friends would want to kill Harry Potter, and this was the least crackish

Yes I gave Dudley over to the Prewetts. I did give other options some thought, but ultimately I felt Lucretia deserved the chance to be a mother :)

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(I don't own Harry Potter or its Characters, only this fanfiction's plot)

Waking up the next morning Sirius almost forgot he was sharing his bed with his godson. Adopted son, if you wanted to be technical about it.

The boy in question was currently on his newly adoptive father's back, playing with his long hair. Sirius gently rolled his shoulders, sending a laughing Harry tumbling back onto the bed.

Grinning Sirius scooped him up, "We have a big day ahead of us, you and me. First, you'll be meeting some family today. I imagine you're about to have your cheeks kissed off by a very lovely old lady."

Being answered with a happy laugh, Sirius pulled some robes on and brushed his teeth. Letting Harry brush his hair (rather poorly, he might add) before pulling it up in a ponytail.

Grinning in the mirror Sirius turned his attention to Harry, "I look good enough to be seen with you?"

"Paffy!" Harry squealed, not yet being able to say much more than Sirius's nickname, which had irritated James to no end at one point.

Kissing his forehead, which was still unfortunately marred, Sirius said, "I'll take that as a yes."

Sirius wasn't surprised with how fast he caught his granny's eye when he walked into the dining room, taking a seat besides her as he tried to figure how to situate Harry.

"I suppose this is little Harry Potter, then?" Melania asked ruffling the boy's wild hair.

"I have no idea what you mean," Sirius sniffed, "This is obviously my baby cousin, Hades Polaris Black,"

"Ah yes," Melania laughed, "I don't know how I could've been so mistaken."

Smirking Sirius looked at his granny, "I can't thank you enough for this, you realize."

Eyes softening Melania shook her head, "Sirius you're family- Hades is family. I'd tell any kind of lie to keep you both safe."

"Well.. It's technically not a lie," Arcturus pointed out, walking into the dining room as he said, "He really is Dorea's grandson."

"Well anyone with eyes could see that," Melania stated matter-of-factly, "Everything from his skin tone to those uncontrollable curls is Dorea, only thing missing is her silver eyes."

Smiling Arcturus wrapped an arm around Melania, "Remember when she tried to use a muggle machine to straighten her hair?"

"I'm just glad the girls didn't set her head on fire," Melania huffed, before breaking down into a fit of giggles, "Honestly, I'll never understand what would drive a woman to put a hot iron to her head!"

"Sounds like a woman who'd birth James," Sirius grinned, "Sleakeasy doesn't do much for short hair, you see, since it works mostly by eliminating friz.. Well, one day Jamie learned about this muggle thing called a 'perm'."

"Which is?"

"It pretty much just changes your hair type, straight to curly, curly to straight, that sort of thing." Sirius explained airily, "So anyways, James is getting this perm, right? Well it doesn't work quite right, and instead of being straight- like mine- it comes out being more wavy and mismatched."

Melania snickered as she leaned into the table, "I guess it's a official, nature has it won."

Arcturus shook his head, "How did you fix it?"

"Can't," Sirius said knowledgeably, "He had to wait a few months for it to grow out, 'course we made fun of him for it til' then."

Running his fingers through Harry's curls Sirius's smile vanished somewhat, they had teased James a lot, hadn't they? As if they had all the time in the world to make it up to him- that was just how they were, Sirius knew. James, Remus, and the backstabber had had their fair share of laughs at his expense-

"Cassie owled back by the way," Arcturus informed as he grabbed some toast, interrupting Sirius's train of thought. "She's agreed to keep the whole 'Getting Harry'-thing a secret, she'll call him Hades from here on out."

Sirius breathed a sigh of relief, "That's everyone then, I'll have to give her my thanks next time I see her."

"Probably won't be until Christmas," Melania said, "She's working on some project in one of her labs, so I suspect she'll be busy the next few weeks."

"Potions or Runes?"

"Both I think, She tends to use the runes when she brews, doesn't she?" Melania answered, grabbing a fork out of Harry's hand before he poked his eye out.

"Think she'll tell us anything?" Sirius asked, moving Harry up and into his arms so he couldn't knick anything else from the table, "Last thing I heard she was working on was an invisibility potion."

"Which turned into a reflection potion," Arcturus recalled, "Which was promptly patented as a Blinding Draught."

"Which quickly became famous among the aurors for its effectiveness against dark wizards," Melania added, sipping on her juice.

"Which lead to it becoming illegal due to how many innocent bystanders suffered cornea damage," Sirius finished, "I remembered Alastair talking about that, I just hadn't known Aunt Cassie was the who had made it."

"Yes well she's managed to make a real Invisibility Potion by now," Arcturus informed, "She's kept it to herself this time, doesn't want anyone getting her work outlawed again."

Sirius raised his eyebrows, "Think she'd tell me how to make it?"

"You'll have to ask her."

After breakfast, Sirius took Harry into the den to play. Currently, he was trying to help the boy learn to walk properly, holding Harry by his little hands so he could toddle around easier.

Arcturus watched them from the doorframe, trying to hold in his laughter whenever Harry lead Sirius into the coffee table.

"I've got the salve," Arcturus finally announced, holding up the bag. The contents being meant to deal with the diaper rash Harry had sadly developed in the few weeks he'd been in the hands of those filthy muggles.

Sirius smiled grimly, getting up and taking the ointments. "How long did the healer say I had to use it for?"

"Three days, should be completely gone by the fourth."

"Could be worse, I suppose," Sirius grumbled, it still infuriated him to think about what those muggles had done to Harry.

Settling back on the floor, Sirius managed a grin when Harry waddled over to him. Babbling, Harry's bright green eyes shone as he hopped into his adoptive father's lap. Pressing his face into Sirius's chest as the strange man sat down across from them, smiling at the little boy.

Gently adjusting Harry, Sirius gestured to Arcturus, "You two haven't properly been introduced, have you? Harry this is my grandad, grandad I believe you are familiar with Harry."

Laughing Arcturus shook his head, "You think he understands?"

Shrugging Sirius glanced down at the curious child, "I like to think he does, he at least seems to remember who I am."

"Paf'!" Harry squealed in confirmation, reaching up and patting Sirius's cheek.

Arcturus raised an eyebrow, "I think he might be a bit confused.."

"Huh?- Oh!" Sirius eyes widened, realizes it sounded like Harry was calling him 'Papa'.

Sirius hesitated for a moment, he knew as much as he wanted to trust his grandad, he just couldn't tell him certain things. They just weren't his secret to tell, afterall.

"It's short for Padfoot," Sirius said carefully, "It's a nickname Jamie gave me in school.'

"Padfoot? Do I even want to know what kind of frivolous tale is behind that?"

Sirius shrugged, "Probably not, I doubt you'd approve."

Raising his eyebrows Arcturus studies him closely, "And since when did my approval matter to you?"

Sirius's face started to turn red, but for once it wasn't because he was angry, "I.." Turning away Sirius held his head up haughtily, "It doesn't!.. I just.."

"Don't want me to nag you?" Arcturus offered, smiling knowingly at his grandson.

Sirius snapped his fingers with a hurried nod, "Yes. That.."

Coughing Sirius looked around, searching for something to change the subject. Harry had left his lap, and was currently toddling over to a chair decorated with metal snakes.

"I wonder if my lease is up yet.."


Looking at his grandad Sirius shrugged, "For my flat, it's where I live."

Arcturus frowned, "You can't honestly want to go back to whatever shack you were holed up in, you have a child for Merlin's sake!"

Feeling his cheeks grow hot Sirius grumbled, "Well I can't stay here."

"Why not?" Arcturus asked, raising his eyebrows at his grandson, "It's our ancestral home, after all."

"Yeah but.. I'm just not comfortable here is all." Sirius admitted meekly, "It's just.."

Seeing his grandad motion for him to go on, Sirius sighed. Hunching in on himself somewhat, he felt as though he'd eaten a mouthful of doxies.

"Sirius," looking up Sirius met his grandad's silver eyes, "I'm not going to judge you, you know."

Swallowing thickly Sirius nodded, fiddling with the hem of his robes as he whispered, "Sometimes it's just.. When I'm alone, sometimes it feels as though she's still here... Like I'm still there.."

Trailing off Sirius buried his face in his hands, feeling his chest tighten up. What was wrong with him? He barely noticed his grandad saddle up beside him, Arcturus wrapping an arm around him.

"I know it doesn't make much sense," Sirius mumbled weakly, "It's just a house.."

"No, I understand what you mean," Running his fingers through Sirius's silky black hair, Arcturus sighed, "I'm sorry.. I didn't really consider how many awful memories you must have here, but I should have."

Think of this sorta as a follow-up, answering some questions that didn't fit into the last chapter like "Why won't anyone realize Harry's James son?" or "What about the other Blacks? They knew they were going to get Harry"

Sirius still wouldn't be very happy in Grimmauld's Place, Azkaban or not. It honestly boggles my mind whenever I see someone have Sirius willingly settle down there, did you not see how miserable the place made him?

On that note, where do you think he should live? I was thinking Romania, or some other place with nice foresty areas . Remember, with floo and apparration there really isn't too many limits on to where I can have them settle

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Chapter Text

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Arcturus and Sirius spent the next few days looking around for a realtor, only taking a break once Arcturus was owled into the Wizengamont to sit through the final trials.

In fact, Arcturus wasn't back for several hours. Walking in through the floo, the older man almost contemplated just popping off to bed before dealing with the matter at hand, but alas, it was too important for his sleep to dare getting in the way.

Knocking on Sirius's bedroom door, Arcturus waited until he was heard his grandson allow him in before entry.

Sirius was in bed, Harry in his lap, and a picture book opened before the both of them. Looking up he flashed his grandad his usual grin.

"Did the trials go okay?"

Nodding Arcturus ran a hand through his hair, "I suppose, Selwyn was the only one who got sentenced."

Sirius's eyebrows forwarded, "Did she not go with the imperius?"

"She went with it, but she got too specific with what she remembered." The Patriarch explained, "Everyone else was very vague, so it was obvious even to the muggle-spawn among the jury that she was lying."

"Such a shame." Though Sirius said that, he didn't sound very sorry for the Death Eater at all. "I suppose Cissy's happy, then?"

"Quite, that's actually why I'm here."

Looking up at his grandad Sirius realized he was stiff, a seriousness in his posture that revealed something was going on.

"Is something wrong?"

"It's not so much wrong as it is a complication," Rubbing his forehead, Arcturus took a seat at the edge of Sirius's bed, "Abraxas has invited us to his home to celebrate his son's pardon, and it would hardly do to leave Hades at home like some sort of secret."

Sirius groaned, "And we still haven't come up with a way to get rid of his scar."

Nodding, Arcturus trailed his fingers lightly over the black mark on the child's skin, "We'll have until Sunday to figure something out. I'm sure our library will have something."

"Hmm well the dittany didn't work.."

Currently, Sirius and his grandad were sitting in the library, deliberating how to best cover up the scar that distracted from his cute little boy's face.

"I suppose it'll at least look cool if we can't get rid of it," Sirius murmured, looking at the thin and jagged scar, "It looks a bit like a bolt of lightning."

"Probably a cursed wound," Arcturus grumbled, "Which means there isn't a way to heal it."

"I guess I could just transfigure his face a bit.." While that might have seemed like the obvious choice, Sirius hadn't wanted to do that. It wasn't a long-term solution, and it wasn't without a bit of risk.

"It'll have to do for now," Arcturus said, closing the book he had been pouring over.

"Could we transfer it?"


Sirius looked over at his grandad, "Transfer it, we can't make the scar disappear- but could we move it?"

Humming Arcturus stood up, walking over to grab another book in the Library, "Accipere can be used to move fresh wounds from one willing person to another, but I don't know if it'd work on a scar.."

Looking at Harry, Sirius puffed his cheek out, "Would it hurt him?"

"You aren't actually-"

"I don't mind having it," Sirius cut in, a resolved expression settling on his features, "I'm his parent now, that's about sacrifice.. I suppose it'll end up on my forehead?"

"Probably," Arcturus sighed, "I can't believe you're actually considering putting the mark of death on your face-"

"It won't look bad," Sirius insisted, "Pretty metal actually- I just don't want it on Harry. He'd hardly be able to have a normal life if people are able to out him as The-Boy-Who-Lived with a glance."

Arcturus rubbed the bridge of his nose, honestly, this had to be the stupidest thing he let his boneheaded grandson talk him into..

Accipere involved a bit of prep work, and some runic power, but it was a simple enough spell for someone like Arcturus Black.

Waving his wand around Harry's head, Arcturus muttered the incantation under his breath. When the scar glowed red, Arcturus turned his wand on Sirius, the same red lights emanating from his grandson's eyes as the final words of the spell left his lips.

Sirius blacked out for a moment, feeling suddenly like he was choking on death itself. A heavy darkness suddenly plaguing his mind, rapidly sucking him into a deep and bottomless pit of-

Feeling a tap on his cheek Sirius gasped out, his head throbbing as he sat up. Coughing as someone helped sit up- when had he fallen? Sirius shook his head, it didn't matter- before a shining light filled his eyes.

"-Irius, Sirius can you hear me?"

Blinking into the light Sirius squinted, vision blurring as he looked around.

Swallowing Sirius nodded, "Yeah.. Did it work?"

Sighing Arcturus rubbed the bridge of his nose, "No, not that I thought it would."

Sirius tried to stand up shakily, only to be forced back down by both gravity and his grandad's hand. Looking around Sirius laughed.

"What's so funny? You fell unconscious- Do you find giving me grey hairs amusing?"

Shaking his hear Sirius looked over at his godson, squinting as he cleared his vision some, "I think Harry inherited his daddy's eyesight, I can't see shit."

Arcturus, for his part, found nothing funny about this, "Great! This just bloody fantastic.. I'll have to call a healer, can't risk someone attacking you at St. Mungo's..."

Shrugging Sirius tried standing again, with similar results, "Better me than Harry."

Arcturus looked over at the boy who was sleeping calmly. As if a darkness had lifted from the child.

"I suppose.. Least glasses aren't too abnormal in our family, your Aunt Dorea wore them just as her son had."

Nodding Sirius reached up, wincing as his hands ran over his still-smooth-forehead, "Just like Jamie.."

Sirius looked over when the floo roared, and while he hadn't initially thought his vision was that bad, he'd clearly been horribly mistaken. There was no way she was here.

Andromeda looked over at her perplexed cousin, "Arcturus tells me you've had a decline in vision."

Nodding Sirius shifted uncomfortably, "It started happening during the war, but St. Mungo's was so busy keeping victims alive.. My reading glasses could wait."

Raising her eyebrows Andromeda clicked her tongue, settling her bag on the coffee table. "While I suppose that is surprisingly noble- It was also incredibly stupid!"

Sirius smiled cheekily, "I am a Gryffindor, doing dumbs things for good reasons is an occupational hazard."

Sighing Andromeda rubbed in-between her eyes, "Let's just get this done, I have other rounds to make."

Waving her wand purposely around Sirius's head, Andromeda took note of the readings carefully- disappointed as she was in the boy, he was still her favorite cousin.

"Well you're lucky, this doesn't seem to be anything serious," Andromeda said, lowering her wand. "Sometimes the eyes just change as the skull gets bigger, it's why children typically need a change in prescription every few months or so."

Sirius nodded, "James used to have to go up to Pompfry to have an adjustment every now and then. Do I need to get some frames or..?"

Andromeda shook her head, "I brought a few pairs for you to pick from. You are of course free to go get something more stylish, should your tastes as Heir Black require it."

Sirius grimaced, "Andy-"

"I don't want to hear it." Andromeda cut in, "Just pick a pair so I can go meet with my other patients."

Sighing Sirius dug through the bag, he should have realized that with his reinstatement in the family, he'd be one of the people Andromeda didn't want in her life.

Harry not having glasses is a strange trend in a lot of these stories, I don't mind this itself, but there usually isn't a reason given unless it's a blood adoption fic. As if the Dursely' were just so ugly Harry's corneas couldn't cope and gave up

So I decided to have it makes sense, and act as a consequence Sirius suffers for messing with the horcrux (since it wouldn't make sense for him NOT to try to get rid of the scar until it bit him in the ass)

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Chapter Text

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Sirius yawned tiredly as he buttoned Harry's robes up. Looking over his boy's currently-smooth-forehead with a satisfied smirk.

Today was their first real test, as the Malfoy's had invited them over for dinner.

With Harry ready, Sirius walked into the bathroom and sat him in a little muggle bouncy seat that Lily had gotten him. After making sure Harry couldn't escape, he stripped down and got into the shower.

Sirius moaned as the warm water hit his skin, cascading down his back like molten bliss--

It was sad, Sirius knew that. But after going a week without a solid night's rest, a bit of hot water felt like heaven itself was raining down on him.

But as all good things must end, Sirius soon had to get out. Lifting his son up and out of his bouncy-seat-thing, Sirius walked back into his room, not bothering with a towel.

"The Malfoy's are an uppity bunch, so I think I should wear something a bit nicer," Sirius lamented as he looked through his closet, which was now filled with a mixture of his and Regulus's old robes, "Maybe something green, match your eyes.. How about this one?"

Harry giggled, reaching out for the embroidered silk that Sirius held out.

"You approve? Well then, I simply must wear it. Maybe I'll ask granny to braid my hair, what do you think?"

"Tink!" Harry exclaimed, happy to repeat the word his 'Paffy' had been using around him so often. Sirius grinned widely.

"Yes, 'Think'! Can you say it again?"

"Tink!" The boy repeated, laughing merrily when Sirius lifted him up and spun him around until the world blurred together.

Settling the boy against his bare chest, Sirius blew into his neck, laughing as his victim squealed as though he were killing him.


"Okay, okay, I'll give you mercy." Sirius couldn't help but laugh, Harry really was learning to talk!

Setting the boy back on the floor with his toys, Sirius smiled, "Still think those robes are okay?"


Sirius grinned widely as he started to get dressed, he knew Jamie would be incredibly proud.


After greeting Abraxas at the door, Sirius followed his grandparents into the the dining room with a natural grace, Harry settled on his hip.

Raising a dainty eyebrow, Narcissa asked, "So the rumors are true? You've gotten a child?" While Sirius settled the lad in a high-chair, which as expected was decorated in snakes.

Most eyes drifted over towards the two cousins, Sirius shrugging as he himself took a seat, "I've adopted one, yes. I suppose Aunt Cassie was the bird in your ear?"

"Druella, actually." Lucius rolled his eyes, Merlin forbid anyone else take the credit, "Is he really Dorea's grandson?"

"I'd hardly go around introducing him as part of the family if he weren't." Arcturus stated, face darkening, "It's not a hard thing to check, if you absolutely must be certain of it."

"There isn't the need," Narcissa cut in before Lucius could take the bait, "Anyone with eyes can see he's Dorea's. Isn't that right, mother?"

Taking the hint, Druella nodded. "He does look like her, doesn't he?"

"That's what I said," Melania chirped, "He'll be her spitting image when he's older, I'm sure of it."

"Except his eyes," Sirius smiled, "I recall you said Auntie Dorea's were grey?"

"Silver darling, there is a difference."

Sirius sighed, "I can't imagine what it would be."

"Well I don't see why his eye color matters much," Dorius Nott, a thin and ferrety-looking man, voiced. Intertwining his spindly fingers as he leaned forwards. "Hardly changes things, does it?"

"We're just talking, love." Melania rolled her eyes, "Why must you always look for trouble?"

"I just can't help but find this suspicious." Nott said with his usual haughtiness, "Siri-kins just isn't the kind of bloke to long for children, much less adopt one."

"What are you implying?" Arcturus asked, a certain amount of warning in his tone. "What else do you suppose happened?"

"Well I wouldn't be surprised if what Walburga said held some truth to it," Nott drawled, ignoring the now panicked looks his friends were shooting him, trying to convey in no uncertain terms, "Bad idea! Abort! Abort dumbass!"

"'Held some truth to it'?!" Sirius shouted, shooting to his feet.

"It's your word against hers," Nott replied, as if it were obvious. "You, who I've never known to be anything other than a troublesome little boy, who often lied to get his way. Why should I believe you over a good friend of mine?"

"So you're accusing Hades of being my bastard then?" Sirius asked indignantly, face turning red. Whether from pure rage or the nature of the accusation.. Remains to be seen.

Nott didn't seem perturbed by this, or the murderous looks being directed his way by the other Blacks in the room, "What was the muggle term that scar-faced half-blood used to use? Oh yes, 'if the shoe fits'."

Sirius struggled for a moment, torn between grabbing someone's wand and murdering Nott with magic or his bare hands.

But that would be too easy, wouldn't it? Suddenly Sirius's expression relaxed as did his resolve.

"You know what?" Sirius sneered, "Fuck you."

Nott sputtered for a moment, obviously having expected some sort of screaming fit in response, before managing, "Ex.. Excuse me?"

"You heard me."

Sirius practically towered over Nott now. Leaning over slightly just so he could casually look down his nose at the man, "You've insulted not only me but the entire Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. My grandad has already offered to allow anyone foolish enough to call him a liar to check Hades parentage for themselves, or are you just too incompetent to brew a simple paternity draught?"

Nott's face became blotchy, "I'm--"

"I think Sirius has made his point, Dorius." A new voice drawled, "Stop picking fights you can't win."

If Sirius didn't know better he would have thought his grams had just sauntered into the room. Irene Crabbe just looked like her aunt, save for Crabbe's resting bitch-face.

Nott promptly shook off whatever blistering Sirius had just given him, a sneer marring his features, "It's fitting you'd defend him, Crabbe. Considering your reputation."

Crabbe's face remained impassive as she yanked Nott's tongue out of his mouth with a simple flick of her wand, easily talking over his shapeless screams, "You should watch your tongue, Dorius. Lest it should escape you."

Crabbe then took her seat at the table with a practiced elegance, before turning to Sirius with a raised eyebrow, "Hope I didn't miss out on too much of the fun."

Sitting back in his seat, Sirius shook his head with a chuckle, "You're as brutal as always."

"Solved your problem, didn't it?" Crabbe shot back.

"I never said I minded it." Sirius mollified, "I'm surprised you didn't bring your boy, isn't he about Hades age?"

Crabbe scoffed, "I left him with his uncle. Gregg wouldn't shut up about how children 'don't belong at these sorts of things', and after a certain point it's not worth the argument."

Arcturus scowled, "That's the most ridiculous amount of bile I've ever heard. Vincent is an heir-- How else will he learn what that truly entails? Tutors can only do so much."

"Tell him that," Crabbe grumbled, rubbing her temple with the tip of her wand, "I swear it's like arguing with an ogre half the time!"

"I can talk to Gregg," Lucius offered, "You know how he is. He'll listen to me."

Crabbe's face turned red at that, "Now listen here, I can handle my bastard relative--"


Crabbe's ranting promptly trailed off as a tall woman with a square jaw-- who Sirius immediately recognized as Denise Bulstrode-- waved at her, followed closely by Abraxas. So she was the last of the guests, then?

Crabbe rolled her eyes, but still stood and accepted the hug the taller woman engulfed her in.

After a moment, Bulstrode pulled back, "How have you been? I haven't seen you since before your trial.."

"I've been managing," Crabbe replied curtly, before whispering, low enough for only her friend to hear, "Gregg's been driving me mad, as usual."

"I'll never understand that man," Bulstrode huffed, taking a seat besides Druella. "Truly, you're a saint for putting up with him."

Taking a seat at Bulstrode's other side, Crabbe shrugged, "He's family. It's part of it."

"Irene," Abraxas cut in, "I do believe it's time you release Nott."

"I don't know," Arcturus smirked, "He's a lot more pleasant like this."

Abraxas gave Crabbe a look, and with an over exaggerated sigh, she gave her wand a whirl. Nott immediately downed some water, gasping for breath as he swallowed thickly, his dark eyes glaring hatefully in the blonde woman's direction.


Sirius sipped on his wine, listening to the over-exaggerated tales of the Death Eater trials. He didn't know if they were just unaware of the fact he was innocent, or just didn't give a damn.

Lucius was currently giving a-- probably fake-- retelling of how the Jury was moved to tears when he described "what it was like to be under the Dark Lord's influence" on stand.

"..And so I said, 'I felt as though I were in an endless well, and no matter how hard I swam I could never reach the surface for breath.'"

Swallowing mindfully, mouth probably still sore from Crabbe's previous abuse, Nott chuckled nasally, "I personally compared it to being buried under sand."

"I fancied mud myself," Bulstrode piped in, "Like all I could breathe in was sludge."

The three erupted in chuckles, Lucius shaking his head, "Good thing we didn't get Skeeter, the prophet will have the muggle-lovers weeping like the ignorant children they are by the end of the week!"

"Vile woman.. She shouldn't be allowed near anything remotely as impartial as a trial is supposed to be." Melania scowled, twisting her fork mercilessly in her roast beef.

Narcissa nodded, glancing at Sirius, "She really does go out of her way to be nasty, doesn't she?"

"I'll get even," Sirius swore, "She'll realize what it means to cross a Black."

"You'll have to wait in line," Crabbe declared, "That fat muggle-loving bitch made me out to be some sort of skank who slept with the judge."

Arcturus chuckled, "Sirius would never get the chance if he let you have at her first."

"Perhaps I'd leave enough," Crabbe shrugged, tucking some of her blonde hair behind her ear. "But it'd be pretty redundant, Skeeter would enjoy the pain by the time I'm finished with her."

"True, perhaps it should be a team effort then?"

"I do know a spell that would hang her by those implants she's so fond of," Bulstrode suggested, grinning at the reaction she got from the more conservative men present.

Druella laughed, "Yes, and put her in something fashionable. That would really set Skeeter off, I think."

"I was thinking something more pleasant to look at," Shrugging the hair out of his eyes, Sirius elaborated airily, "Like turning her skin into swiss cheese or something."

"Oh bless him," Melania said, patting Sirius on the head, "Honey you know she's too much of a rat to really mind that."

"You two will have to wait awhile before you can even think about doing something." Lucius reminded, "Aurors would immediately try to pin it on one of you two, or Goyle."

"Not sure how I'd even manage it," Crabbe lamented, "Vinnie's up all hours of the night crying for his father, only reason I sleep at all is because Gregg's so eager to babysit."

Sirius grimaced, "I can empathize with that, Hades is always calling out for his real parents... Co-sleeping helps, but.. I know it's not the same for him."

"Co-sleeping?" Narcissa asked, raising an eyebrow, "What's that? Some muggle nonsense?"

"Maybe?" Sirius winced at his cousin's facial expression, "It's just where the baby sleeps with you as opposed to in the nursery. It helps them feel more secure or something."

Lucius laughed, starting to say "That's the stupidest thing--" until he looked over and saw his wife's face, grin immediately being wiped from his face. "Narcissa, you aren't really--?"

"Draco is always crying, and the bouncing doesn't help us get more sleep. If it works for Siri.."

Lucius gave a pained noise, "But it's muggle."

"So is the Hogwarts Express," Narcissa snapped, before sighing, "Can't we at least give it a try?"

Lucius shot Sirius a dirty look, gritting out, "..I suppose.."

The rest of the dinner was left to discussing holiday plans. Nott was planning on spending time with his sister-in-law, Martha Flint, Bulstrode planned to visit her mother, and Crabbe said she'd most likely be stuck at the Goyles, since Irma Black didn't really see the point in Christmas. The Blacks and Malfoy's were left just arguing over who's house they'd be celebrating at, since it had already been agreed they'd spend it together.


Anyone remember when I had both Nott and Crabbe mentioned in passing a few chapters ago? Well here they are + Bulstrode :D

I plan to add some more members of the sacred 28 in later chapters, but I felt this was a suitable place to start.

Also, just to clarify Accipere could only be used on people. It wouldn't work if one person wasn't alive or if the people involved were different species. Just something someone asked and felt I should clarify

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Chapter Text

(I don't own Harry Potter or its characters, only this fanfiction's plot)

Irma watched her husband as he adjusted his robes, lounging across their bed as the man scrutinized over his appearance.

"I think 'yer handsome enough, hon."

Looking in the mirror at his wife Pollox rolled his eyes, "Perhaps, but this is a big deal."

Slinking over Irma wrapped her arms around Pollox, kissing his neck as she whispered, "It'll be fine. Augusta's a reasonable woman, and Bella's a Lestrange now in any case."

Turning to face his wife Pollox rested his forehead against hers, "I know, I'm hardly worried about the old crone going after us, but.."


"Sirius has been through too much shit.." Pollox sighed, leaning back as he looked into his wife's light blue eyes, "I want to be Augusta's pen-pal if only for his sake, poor bloke needs some semblance of his old friends."

Smiling Irma adjusted his cloak, "Maybe you should mention Hades? She might be interested in getting little Neville a proper friend."

"Maybe," Though Pollox didn't sound too convinced.

Looking over at the clock Irma frowned, "Well it'll hardly do 'yer cause any good to be late, get! I'll be here to lick 'yer wounds when yer' come back."

Pollox captured her in a kiss, cupping her face as he whispered what he'd be interested in licking when he came back. Which earned him a playful swat to his rear as he laughed his way towards the door.

Irma watched Melania knit with barely concealed amusement, "Ya' think Sirius is really goin' to be caught dead in that?"

Glaring Melania pointed one of her knitting needles at Irma, "You're just jealous I won't make you one, and Sirius also needs socks. Poor boy walks around the whole house barefoot-"

"-Which is why he's goin' to be just thrilled ta' find you've gone and made him some."

Melania ignored her tone and just nodded, "Yes he will be thrilled, I'll even make them in Gryffindor colors. He always says it's the thought that counts anyhow."

"When it' comes ta' other people.."

Throwing down her needles Melania turned to glare at the blonde witch, "Well what would you have me make him then?"

Irma laughed, "Yer' such a Puff! Why make 'em anything when the lad could've done bought' it if he'd wanted it?"

Turning back to her work Melania sighed, "It's like the China doll, love."

Irma face flickered before she turned with a huff, it wasn't worth the argument.

A few days later saw Melania discussing whether or not Lucretia would be joining them for Christmas,

"I want to, but Molly has been so overwhelmed with everything.. I'd just feel guilty leaving her to handle all that by her lonesome."

Ignatius sighed, wrapping an arm around his wife, "If only she wasn't so adverse to your family, we could just invite them over here."

Melania nodded grimly, remembering how the woman had sent back her care package all those weeks ago.

Lucretia looked over at her son, who was playing with some enchanted blocks, "There isn't much to be done about that I suppose. At least she doesn't seem to hold much against Ceres."

"I understand Tia, it's part of having two families. You have to balance the holidays sometimes."

Lucretia worried her lip some, "I will certainly tell her we'll have to split up the holidays if she won't budge, Ceres needs to know his other relatives after all."

"Molly's going to love that," Ignatius drawled, "Though I can hardly blame her, what with the size of her brood. Having you on hand must feel like God himself has picked up a spatula."

Lucretia flushed, waving off the compliment, "Honestly I can hardly keep up. She mainly likes me there to keep the kids from nicking things."

"I'd hate to think what she takes me for then," Ignatius laughed, "You really shouldn't sell yourself so short."

"It is our veins, Hufflepuff was said to be a magnificent chef."


"You should see Sirius in the kitchen," Melania continued, unperturbed. "He might not be as classically trained as Tia or I, but he has a good instinct on what to do."

"Speaking of Sirius, you should know word of Hades has reached the light family circles. It won't be long til Skeeter's on his dick again."

Nodding, Melania sipped on her cocoa. "That's to be expected. Did the Weasley's say something?"

"Nothing polite," Lucretia frowned, "They don't believe that anyone on trial was innocent, Sirius is no exception. Molly was going on about what'll become of Hades with Siri as a father for hours."

"Her hearts in the right place," Ignatius defended, "She mostly follows her husband's lead when it comes to this stuff. Arthur always hated Lucius, and Sirius seems to have befriended him from all reasonable perspectives."

"I think 'befriended' is being a bit generous." Melania said with an amused shake of the head, "More like has tolerated for the sake of everyone else. Though he does put a good show on, doesn't he?"

"I still can't figure out why that hat put him in Gryffindor," Shaking his head, Ignatius put his head in his hand, "Sure the man's brave, but I'd hardly call it his defining characteristic."

Melania frowned, giving a shrug. "I haven't asked, honestly. He and Tori always reference nobility when discussing it, and Sirius has always been big on morals, so I imagine that's what it was."

Lucretia hummed, sipping her tea while she glanced back over at her son. "So what do you think? A Gryffindor like you? Or Slytherin like me?"

"He could always be a Hufflepuff." Melania reminded, "Or even Ravenclaw. We're bound to have one in the family at some point."

"Seven hundred years have gone by, so I wouldn't hold my breath."

Ignatius shrugged, "I don't know, I think Percival might end up in Ravenclaw. I realize Cedrella was disowned, but surely that must count in some capacity."

Melania gave a shrug, "If we did count it then he'd hardly be the first Ravenclaw, would he?"

Giving her mother a regretful look Lucretia again asked, "Are you sure you're okay with this? I can always-"

Waving her off Melania shook her head, "No, no. You're right, Molly just lost most of her family, she needs you right now. Between Sirius and the rest of the bunch, I don't think I'll be too terribly lonely this year in any case."

"Has Hades been alright? We haven't been able to visit much."

Smiling Melania nodded, "He's talking more, and Sirius has gotten a bit more comfortable referencing himself as his father."

"Has he decided on a listing yet?"

Melania shook her head, "Sirius likes this place in Germany, but he's a bit hesitant to commit."

"Well that makes sense," Lucretia shrugged, "It's his first real home if you think about it. He's bound to be nervous."

Lucretia grinned as Ceres ran over, scooping up her son as Ignatius offered to talk Sirius into making up his mind about Germany, "Man to man," as he had put it.

"I'm just saying, 'Tia. Ceres is more than big enough to start playing in a league."

Listening to Cassiopeia, Lucretia could swear she saw her cousin's sanity flying out of her ears.

"He's not even two- I swear if you so much as mention this in front of Ignatius, I will Cruciate you within an inch of your life!"

Cassiopeia cackled madly at that, "Because you know he'd agree with me! Ceres will be an excellent beater should his dear old mum give him a chance."

"No. Not happening."

Lucretia ignored the shit-eating grin Cassiopeia wore as she asked, "Now why not?"

"He could get hurt!" Lucretia exclaimed, "His soft spot isn't gone yet, and until it is I'm not letting him on a broom period- let alone be chased down by bludgers."

"The bludgers are made of foam, the brooms his age don't go any faster than he can run, and no higher off the ground than he can stand."


"And even then they always make sure that there's a healer on call in case a kid scrapes their knee or one of the other truly horrific injuries they tend to get."

"Are you done?"

"Let's not also forget the truly terrible fact that no child, not one, ever manages to enjoy their time or even make friends." Throwing her head back dramatically Cassiopeia sighed, "Such a terrible sport, Quidditch is!"

Swatting at the laughing woman Lucretia glared, "Stop it!"

Grinning Cassiopeia dodged the younger woman, "Let's not forget the season doesn't start til summer! Such a terrible time of year, when children are forced to play in the sweltering heat."

"Ugh.. Fine, I'll think about it."

Cassiopeia smiled and kissed Lucretia on the cheek, "All I ask, darling."

Cassiopeia eyed the cauldron warily as her niece stirred it, the woman was always rather dreadful when it came to potions..

It was a simple recipe and Druella had insisted on making it for her daughter herself, but it still caused a wave of anxiety to flood the older witch whenever the pot bubbled unexpectedly.

"I wish you wouldn't hover so much," Druella complained, "You're making me nervous.."

Eyes widening Cassiopeia leaned back some, "I just want to make sure you're doing this right, even if it is just a sweetening draught.."

"I have this, Cass." Druella stated, gesturing to the messy workbench which was covered in the half-used potions ingredients, "Why don't you go work on that 'secret project' of yours, hmm? Merlin knows you'd prefer it."

Eye twitching Cassiopeia leaned against the desk with a huff, "I wouldn't be able to focus on the damned thing with you in here doing unspeakable things to that potion."

"Honestly you're worst than my father-"

"-Your father was a very smart man!"

Glaring Druella elbowed a cup of sodium, Cassiopeia just managing to cast a seal over the potion before the stuff fell into the bubbling white potion.

Now being unnaturally pale Cassiopeia shakily levitated the mineral away from the cauldron, "Sweet Merlin you just about killed us.."

"Don't be so dramatic," Druella waved off, "It would have just exploded.. Probably.."

Cassiopeia silently seethed as her idiotic niece continued to brew, Druella pointedly ignoring her at this point as she began to add the Rosemary, or was it Eye of Newt?..

Druella nearly tripped over own two feet when she stepped through the floo. Abraxas, already expecting this, was watching by the fireplace and caught the witch with a flourish.

"A pleasure as always, Mrs. Black."

"Likewise, Mr. Malfoy." Druella laughed, clumsily getting to her feet, looking around as she tucked her brown hair behind her ear, "I expect Narcissa's in the nursery?"

"Your daughter's actually popped over to Grimmauld's Place to ask Sirius to watch Draco for a while, something about wanting to spend some alone time with my son later on this evening."

Smiling Druella turned back to Lord Malfoy with a coy smile, "A little hard to do with you here.. Unless you're otherwise engaged this evening."

"I could be coerced into spending the night away, should the proper opportunity present itself," Abraxas replied playfully, watching the widow as she turned a light pink.

"I suppose it is a mother's duty to help her daughter find time to enjoy herself."

Gently taking her hand Abraxas smirked, "Just a mother's duty, eh?"

Feeling her face warm a few degrees Druella became exceedingly aware of just how close she was to Abraxas, the smell of his cologne, and his rough hands intertwined with hers-

"Abraxas! I'm back, has my mother flooed yet?"

Jumping away from each other, both adults felt somewhat uncomfortable as the young blonde walked into the room, none the wiser as to what was just going on.

Walking into the room Narcissa looked around as she said, "I- Oh, mother I'm so glad to see you! Did you get the Sweetening Draught prepared alright?"

Swallowing Druella nodded, walking over to her daughter as she groaned, "I swear Cass is such a pain sometimes! She acted as though I were on the verge of setting the house ablaze."

"Bella was the same way! Honestly you mess up one Draught of Living Death and no one trusts you with a cauldron again."

Following Narcissa out of the room, Druella sneaked a glance back towards Abraxas, smiling when the man mouthed 'Meet me at eight'.

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Chapter Text

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Hearing a loud wailing sound Sirius sighed, rolling over as he murmured, "Shh.. It's okay.. Daddy's here.."

Sirius gently ran his fingers through Harry's curls as he settled him in his arms, rocking him in a vain attempt at consoling the lad.

Harry, he'd discovered, rarely slept through the night. Sirius could only assume it was because he missed his real parents, as he didn't used to be this fussy.

Lily would know what to do, Sirius realized this of course. She was a dreadful singer, so she used to put on this old Rolling Stones album and just dance around the cottage until the swaying sent Harry off to sleep, James hugging her from behind and planting a kiss to her temple, the two of them seemingly forgetting he was there at all..

Closing his eyes, Sirius bit back his tears. Why should he live? Why should he get to watch Harry grow up?

It was just so fucking unfair

Wiping his tears away Sirius sighed, "You miss them, don't you? I bet that's why you cry all night, I miss them too.."

Harry sniffled, burying his face in his 'Paffy's' chest. The thumping of Sirius's heart calming his frantic mind some.

"Merlin," Sirius muttered, hugging Harry closer to him, "I can't even imagine what's going through that little head of yours."

Harry hiccuped, looking up at Sirius with a fresh wave of waterworks bubbling up.

It was going to be a long night.

Sirius sat at the breakfast table, chewing on his toast as he bounced Harry on his knee. Silently listening to his grandparents chat amongst themselves.

"I'm just sayin'," Irma laughed, "It's not like Fawley is gettin' any younger, she could do to lower her standards a bit."

Pollox rolled his eyes, "Woman needs to raise the bloody age of the men she dates, never seen the buzzard try for any guy under thirty."

"Well, not all men can age as gracefully as you, Polly."

"Says mister 'My hair isn't greying, the light is just really bright'!"

Arcturus' face darkened as the room laughed at his expense, "Least I don't shave it off like I'm ashamed of it."

"I'll have you know bald is very sexy-"

"Irma please, the children are present." Melania chided.

Rolling her eyes Irma gestured over to Sirius, "He doesn' care, and Harry's too young to understand."

"Sirius is just too polite to complain-"

"Sirius? Polite?" Cackling, Irma wiped a none existent tear from her face, "Sirius just knows when and when not ta' keep his mouth shut."

Arcturus raised his eyebrows at that, "Sirius has never known when to keep his mouth shut."

Sirius felt his face burn at the table took a turn to laugh at him, rolling his eyes as he said, "I would have you know I'm-"

Sirius was rather rudely cut off by a brightly colored bird flying in and landing on his shoulder, dropping a letter on his plate before pecking at his head, obviously wanting a reward for delivering his mail with so expertly.

Harry, for his part, screamed and hid his face in his hands. Peeking through his fingers as he stared at the great rainbow macaw in obvious fear.

Melania quickly scooped Harry up and away from the "evil and scary bird", taking a few steps back to give Sirius a chance to satiate the thing.

Pollox grabbed the letter, rolling his eyes when he saw who it was from, "It's from that damned realtor, probably about some listing.."

Turning away from Harry, Melania said, "Don't be so bitter, Pollox. Now open it and tell us what it says."

Grumbling under his breath Pollox ran his eyes over the letter a few times before handing it back to Sirius, who now had the blasted bird situated on his knee where his child once sat.

"Rowle says our offer went through," Sirius read aloud, "All we have to do is finalize everything."

Petting at the bird- who was named Alberta- Pollox rolled his eyes, "I still don't see what's wrong with this place."

"I'll write Rowle a date in which we can meet," Arcturus said, ignoring his cousin for the moment, "Hopefully we'll be able to have you both settled in before the New Year."

Adjusting Harry in her arms, Melania settled back beside her husband, "So we'll still be celebrating Christmas here?"

Arcturus shrugged, "Not unless you're all fine spending the day at Malfoy Manor."

They had already decided that wasn't going to happen.

"I still need to get some things.." Sirius muttered under his breath, "The prophet hasn't mentioned me since Lucius's trial, do you think it's calmed enough so I can go to Diagon Alley?"

"I'd rather you not, with everyone out and about there's more of a chance someone who's absolutely mad might attack you."

Irma shrugged, "Not always a bad thing, people might not even notice 'em in all a' the hubbub."

"That's not a bad point," Pollox shrugged, "I still got some shit to get myself, so I could always take him in a few days."

"I.." Arcturus rubbed the bridge of his nose as he relented, "Fine, but only if you take him to get a new wand right away. I don't want him being that vulnerable any longer than he has to. You go in, get what you want, and then you leave."

Sirius smiled, "Relax, Pops isn't going to let anything happen to little ole me."

Stretching his wings, Alberta decided he'd had enough of Sirius's breakfast and flew back down the halls, in search of the owlery.

Glaring after the bird Arcturus muttered, "I still can't believe you actually bought that blasted thing.."

Grinning Sirius dusted himself off, "He's a charmer, I'll give him that. I couldn't have left him if I wanted to."

Pollox laughed, "Like you even wanted to, damn thing bout made me piss myself when it spoke."

Kissing her husband's cheek Irma grabbed what was left of the oatmeal before handing it to Sirius, as his plate was currently covered in brightly colored feathers, "Thanks."

Looking over at Harry and his granny Sirius swallowed a mouthful of food, "I don't suppose I can convince you to babysit for me?"

Eyes shining Melania laughed, "Do you even have to ask? Hades and I are already planning on what we'll do with you out of our hair, aren't we?"

"Tink Pa! Gam gams, gams!" Was the enthusiastic response she got, which Sirius figured must have translated to something along the lines of, "Think about it Dad! Gonna have fun with Granny!" But he couldn't be sure.

"Might drop by if that's the case, not like I'll have much else ta' do without this arse keepin me busy."

Pollox responded by ruffling his wife's hair, a mixture of laughter and shrieks erupting from the couple.

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