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It was a quiet day, Lisa Lisa had been sitting in a chair sipping at some luke-warm tea that she had made for herself. She had been enjoying the quiet day, it being most unlikely of the two boys she was coaching to be this quiet, she'd be lying if she said she wasn't grateful for the newfound silence for a day. Usually, Caesar would get very short tempered with Joseph, and that often lead to the two bickering for a while, but today that was not the case, it was quiet, and peaceful. As for what the boys were doing, it was uncertain, nobody knew except for them. The door to the bedroom in which they were placed upon was just close to being shut over, but not quite. Joseph and Caesar laid out on the comfy bed sheets, cuddling with one another, the room was silent apart from the two's steady breathing. Anyone who knew the two would assume that they both hated each other with how often they were at each other's throats, but truth be told, the two were dating. Lisa Lisa had finished her tea at this point and looked at the time, it was becoming close to a little after seven and she remembered that Joseph had asked if he could gain some extra hamon training from her as she was quite skilled in the art of it. Lisa Lisa had told Joseph that she could do this for him, but that it would not happen all the time. She stood up from her chair and went to put away her cup, then heading to find Joseph. Currently, Joseph was still cuddling with his Caesarino in the same exact spot. That was until Caesar decided to start getting a little handsy with Joseph. The blonde's hands traveled up Joseph's toned chest, feeling every muscle with his fingertip, all the while he was staring into Joseph's eyes. "Caesarino what are you doing...?" Joseph whispered with a cheeky grin on his face along with a small blush. "hmm, I dunno Jojo, what am I doing? or is that too much to ask for your pea-sized brain?" he teased him, sure they were a couple but they would still bicker like kids at times. " big meanie!" he pouted playfully at Caesar, which just invited the blonde to kiss Joseph. "mmfn..." Joseph quietly gasped from the sudden locking of their lips, it had surprised him slightly. Caesar continued to roam his hands around Joseph's body in slow soft movements. Joseph relaxed into Caesar's touch, it was so soft and delicate, it felt amazing, that and the kiss they were sharing. Caesar gently pressed his tongue against Joseph's lips, wanting entry into his lover's mouth. Joseph didn't hesitate and he opened his mouth for Caesar, and the blonde took this chance to slither his tongue in and play around with Joseph's for a bit. Caesar pulled Joseph closer to him, his hand slipping up Joseph's shirt as he started to feel his bare chest. Joseph made a little gasping noise as Caesar's hands were a bit cold on his chest. Caesar then pulled away from the kiss, a string of saliva connecting the two's tongues, but it wasn't long before he reconnected the kiss, he kept doing this, starting a sloppy make out session between him and Joseph. "mnfn.." Joseph gasped out softly in between Caesar's sloppy kisses. The brunette wrapped his arms around Caesar and held onto his back as they continued to make out with each other. At the time, something had completely slipped Joseph's mind, he had asked Lisa Lisa to train him today, and it was becoming quite late. Lisa Lisa happened to be heading to the room the two boys were in, Of course not knowing what was going on inside. Lisa Lisa stood outside the door, going to knock on it but noticed it being open a crack, that's when she saw it. Caesar and Joseph having now quite the rough make out session, with soft grunts and gasps coming from the two, Caesar still happened to be feeling along Joseph's body. Lisa Lisa knocked on the door, hopping to split the two apart. Joseph and Caesar quickly retracted from one another. "Yes..?" Joseph called out, voice wavering ever so slightly, he was all riled up from the current events. "Mind if I come in?" Lisa Lisa asks. "umm...just give me a moment please..!" Joseph said, then looking to Caesar, who sighed and gave a nod. Joseph sat up and moved himself to a chair in the room so it didn't look like the two were really close. "You may come in...!" The door then opened revealing Lisa Lisa, "You wanted me to train you tonight right Joseph? Or would another time suite you better?" She asked. "Oh..! I forgot I asked..we can do it tonight..!" He said. Lisa Lisa then nodded "okay, well you get yourself ready and meet me outside." she explained, and with that she left, shutting the door behind her. Joseph stood up from his chair and went off to get ready. Caesar got up from the bed and followed Joseph, wrapping his arms around his waist and laying his head down on Joseph's shoulder. Joseph got flustered and gave a cheeky little smile. "I'll see you when you get back Jojo." He said, kissing along his jaw a few times, then kissing down his neck. Joseph's breath hitches as Caesar kisses a sensitive spot, which caused Caesar to suck on that spot to leave a mark. "C-Caesar!!" Joseph tried to push him off but that didn't stop him. Caesar continued until there was a big red mark on his lovers neck. "C-Caesar people are going to see this you butt face!" he pouted. "And you wear a scarf do you not?" Caesar replied smugly, which caused Joseph to huff. "You're a big meanie." He said before walking away from Caesar, he opened the bedroom door and headed to find Lisa Lisa. Caesar sighed and sat back on the bed, kind of sad that his lover had to go train with their coach, he wanted to continue cuddling him. But of course Caesar knew Joseph would be back soon, and they could continue cuddling. Joseph walked down the hall "Lisa Lisa?" he called out, pulling his scarf up over his neck to hide the mark Caesar had placed there. "Where are you?" he asked "Oh right I'm supposed to meet you outside." Joseph realized, heading off to go outside. He shut the door behind him then walked over to where Lisa Lisa had been waiting for him. "Hello Jojo." she greeted him. "Hello Mrs Lisa Lisa, what are we going to do for training?" He asked, it was now quarter after seven and the sun was starting to set ever so slightly. "I have something in mind." Lisa Lisa said to the tall brunette. With that Joseph and Lisa Lisa began training, Lisa Lisa working Joseph quite hard, sure it was a bit cruel at times but his hamon was improving quite nicely. After a good hour or so of training the two stopped, that's when Joseph went to head back inside. "Jojo wait." Lisa Lisa said before Jospeh headed back inside. "What is it?" He asked, turning to look at her "Am I not supposed to go back in yet?" he asked. "No it's not that, I just wanted to have a little conversation with you." she told him. "About?" "About you and Caesar." Lisa Lisa said, at first Joseph thought she was just talking about them fighting all the time. "We won't fight with our hamon anymore." Joseph said to her. "No that's not what I mean Jojo." Lisa Lisa sighed. "Then what do you mean?" he asked her. "I mean that I know you two are together, not only by the mark on your neck." she said which made Joseph pull his scarf up over it and blush. "But when I went to find you for training, you guys left the door open quite a ways." Lisa Lisa explained. Joseph was quite flustered at this point "u-um..." he tapped his fingers together. "It's okay that you two are together, I support your preferences, just next time maybe make sure the door is shut over." she told him. "R-Right yes..!" he said, and with that Lisa Lisa left. Soon after she left Joseph headed back inside and up to the room where Caesar had been. He walked in and shut the door over, going over and laying by Caesar, the two then continued their cuddling from earlier, falling asleep in each other's warm embrace.