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G is for: Gangbang

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Dating an incubus was, eh, tricky, to say the least. As a being who derived his energy and sustenance from sex, he was horny 24/7. Despite how stern and quick to anger he normally was, Kacchan was also impish and provocative. But, her life had certainly become more interesting ever since she met him, even more so when they started dating. Kacchan said she tasted better than anyone he had ever met, and that he got the most energy from her. She still wasn’t entirely sure what he considered a ‘snack’ and what he considered a ‘full meal,’ but it wasn’t particularly important.


Another thing that she was still sort of getting used to were his, um, propositions. She had never considered herself to be a particularly adventurous person when it came to sex, although she’d try almost anything once, but Kacchan had thrown her headfirst into a whole new world. It wasn’t uncommon for her to come home to a horny Kacchan, a mischievous smile on his lips and a new activity to suggest, his pointy ears twitching in excitement and his horns glowing ominously.


“Wh-what?” she asked as she stared at her boyfriend with wide eyes. Or, rather, boyfriends. She didn’t know if she was seeing things, but before her were five Kacchans, all of whom had the same pointy horns and jet black wings that her boyfriend had.


“I wanna gangbang you,” he, the original? said bluntly, his long, wiry tail swishing excitedly, the heart shaped tip flicking up and down. “I know you wouldn’t be comfortable with the idea of letting strangers fuck you, and to be honest, I’m not keen on sharing, but I think it would be fun,” he purred as he walked up to her. She bit her lip anxiously as she peaked at the other four Kacchans over his shoulder. They all had the same hungry look in their eyes, and it was a bit intimidating.


“I... I don’t know,” she said, heart hammering in her chest from excitement and trepidation.


“I know it’s a lot,” he said, gently placing his hands on her hips, caressing them soothingly with his thumbs. “But it’s been on my mind for a while. I think it would be so fucking hot.” She stayed silent for a moment, thinking it over, before he said, “you can say no, if you want.”


That was another thing, despite how one-track minded he was when it came to sex, he did genuinely care about her, and wanted to make sure she was comfortable. He never forced her to do anything she didn’t want to do, always gave her a way out, and made sure she was on board. She was very grateful to this, as she had had human partners who were less than concerned with her wellbeing.


“Well,” she said, biting her bottom lip. “They... they’re all, eh, you, right?” she asked, looking up at him shyly.


“Yep,” he answered, smirking down at her. “They’re all me, and all of us consider you our pretty little Deku.” She blushed at the endearment and ducked her head slightly. “So how about it, eh?” he purred into her ear, his breath sending a shiver through her body.


“O-okay,” she breathed.


“Perfect,” he said, gripping her chin and pulling her into a sweet kiss. “The safeword is umbrella.”


“Umbrella, got it,” she nodded. He smirked again and led her to the bed, sitting down and pulling her into his lap. He began attacking her neck with his mouth as another Kacchan dove in to kiss her lips, setting his knee between her thighs. Another placed his hands on her stomach and worked her shirt over her chest. The other two stood back and watched, slowly starting to undress. Her breath hitched as her breasts were squeezed through her bra, goosebumps erupting on her skin.


“You make such cute noises, Deku,” one of them said.


“Such a pretty thing,” another said, accompanied by someone petting her hair. The original Kacchan behind her worked his hands around to her stomach and dipped them into her pants, wasting no time. The Kacchan in front of her yanked her pants down, leaving her in her underwear as the third Kacchan pulled her shirt off. Someone pushed her bra over her breasts, leaving them uncovered, and immediately two hands began to play with her. One gently massaged and groped her breast, while the other pulled and sucked at her nipple.


“Mmah, hah,” she panted out as someone’s hands made their way into her underwear. The hands began to play with her opening, sliding one finger inside as the other played with her clit. Her thighs trembled in anticipation and pleasure as hands roved across her body. The original Kacchan, the one who apparently had his hands down her undies, suddenly flopped backwards, bringing her down with him.


“K-Kacchan, wha-“ she asked, but stopped when a cock was pressed to her lips. She obediently opened her mouth and enveloped the penis, sucking and bobbing her head as best as she could.


“I have so many plans for you, Deku,” Original Kacchan purred into her ear, nibbling on her lobe with his teeth. “Gonna make you scream and cry out for me. Gonna fuck you so good, like you’ve never been fucked before.” She moaned around the cock in her mouth as her thighs were pushed open and up. She jumped when someone tore open her panties, leaving her dripping and exposed, as hands began to play with her vagina and ass. Both of her hands were grabbed and led to awaiting cocks, wrapping around them as she slowly began pumping them.


“You like this, Deku?” Original Kacchan asked as the cock in her mouth withdrew. She gasped for air as the dick filled her mouth again, slowly and lazily fucking her mouth and throat. She nodded as best she could, tears of pleasure pricking at her eyes.


“Such a pretty little slut,” another said.


“Look at how she wiggles on our fingers. Such a hungry little whore, huh?” another chimed in, probably the one with his fingers in her ass.


“And with such amazing tits, too,” yet another remarked, most likely one of the ones she was using her hand on. “Just a perfect, pretty human.”


“And you’re all mine,” Original Kacchan whispered in her ear, sending shivers through her body. As the fingers worked vigorously inside of her, stretching and curling, the Kacchan fucking her mouth picked up his pace.


“Fuck, her mouth is so good. Fuck, fuck, gonna cum in that dirty mouth and all over that pretty face. Fuck, shit, Deku,” he growled, grabbing the sides of her head as he pistoned in and out of her. His balls slapped against her face as he, finally, pressed his crotch flush against her. He let out a low groan as he came, his dick twitching inside of her as hot waves of cum hit her throat. With a few pants, he pulled his cock from her mouth, strands of saliva and cum dripping across her face. As an incubus, he produced an ungodly amount of cum, but honestly, she was into it.


“Fuck, she looks so fucking hot with her face covered in cum,” one of them grunted, voice thick with arousal.


“Heh, this ain’t nothing,” another quipped, smirk evident in his voice. “She’s going to be full and covered by the end of this.”


“Fuck, I can’t wait to see that,” one of them groaned, the mental image clearly doing it for him.


“Move over, for fuck’s sake,” someone barked, pulling his cock from her hand and elbowing the Kacchan at her head aside. “You’ve had your turn.”


“Plus, wouldn’t want to deprive the slut of a cock in her mouth,” someone laughed, a hand coming down to squeeze her tit. She now had three fingers in both holes, feeling impossibly stretched by their broad fingers. As her thighs trembled and shook, the fingers inside of her were pulled out, to which she whined in disappointment. She felt so empty now.


“Awe, don’t worry,” the Kacchan above her cooed condescendingly, a viscous smirk on his face. “We’ll fill you up with something even better in a moment.” As he spoke, two cocks were pressed against her, one at her pussy and the other at her ass.


“Get ready,” one said. Before she could respond, they were pushing inside of her. Her back arched dramatically as she was filled up, desperate for air around the dick in her mouth.


“She’s making such a cute expression,” someone said, much to her embarrassment. The cock in her mouth was pulled out and rested against her face as she took deep, calming breaths. She had never experienced anything like this before, it was amazing, but overwhelming.


“You okay?” Original Kacchan asked as the other Kacchans stilled, almost as if they shut off.


“Yeah,” she told him, eyes screwed shut as she adjusted to the two penises inside of her. “J-just need a moment. Haah,” she breathed out, feeling Kacchan’s cock twitch inside of her ass. “They’re so big, mmha,” she moaned, to which he groaned in pleasure.


“You’re doing so well, baby,” he praised, kissing the side of her face before giving it a teasing lick. “Ready to resume?”


“Mm,” she nodded, and just like that, the Kacchan duplicates came back to life. The Kacchan above her gently rolled his hips into her, his cock stretching her open wonderfully. The Kacchan by her head guided his member back into her mouth, giving short little thrusts into her.


“Look at how well she’s taking us,” one of them commented. “Such a perfect whore for us.”


“I’ve trained her well, eh?” Original Kacchan boasted, rolling his hips into her behind. The Kacchan above her began to piston in and out of her at a quickening pace, sending pleasure racing up her body. The first Kacchan who came in her mouth migrated over to her free hand, his cock now erect again. His cock was still slick with her saliva and got all over her hand as she twisted it over his shaft. Original Kacchan pulled her thighs up as his pace increased, and the Kacchan above her quickened too. The Kacchan in her right hand wrapped his hand around hers and sped up the pace, his member twitching in her grasp. With a low groan, he came across her palm and chest, along with a satisfied groan. The pace of the Kacchans fucking her was fast and bruising, but she loved it. She choked and gagged on the cock in her mouth, but refused to let it go. Her tits were bouncing from the force of being fucked, but it was heavenly.


“What a good whore, taking our cocks like this. So desperate and hungry for us,” one of them groaned.


“Nothing more than a hole for us to fuck,” another chimed.


“Love watching those lips take this dick,” one cooed, along with someone squeezing and groping her tits.


“Yeah, fuck, feels so good,” someone grunted as everyone picked up the pace.


“Gonna cum inside you, baby,” Original Kacchan promised with a grunt, picking up his pace.


“Shit, Deku, gonna fill you up,” the Kacchan above her said, his hips moving so fast that they were almost a blur. She moaned happily around the cock in her mouth as her lower half was fucked into oblivion, her thighs trembling and spasming.


“Awe, look, she’s gonna cum soon,” someone cooed. As her climax rapidly approached, three tails curled around her, two of the heart shaped tips playing with her nipples and the other on her clit. Her back arched off of Original Kacchan and she let out a load moan, her pussy and ass clamping down on the cocks inside of her.


“Fuck, that’s so hot,” someone groaned. “Gonna cum, fuck!” Very soon, the cocks inside of her twitched and she was quickly filled with hot, sticky cum. The jizz filled up every corner of her insides and swished inside of her tummy. The dicks inside of her slowly pulled out, leaving trails of cum in their wake.


“Look at that,” the Kacchan above her praised as he spread apart her pussy, the cum leaking out of her. She whined as she was sat up, her bottom sore beyond belief.


“Kacchan,” she whined, turning back to Original Kacchan and tucking her head under his jaw.


“Awe, does that mean she’s done? I wanted to fuck her cunt, too,” someone pouted, the words followed by the sound of someone getting hit. “Ow!”


“Leave her the fuck alone, this is a lot,” another chastised, “she’s probably a little overwhelmed.”


“Fuck, okay, I’m sorry,” the first one pouted. 


“Do you want me to make them go away?” her boyfriend asked, stroking up and down her back.


“Yeah,” she shrugged apologetically. “Sorry.”


“Don’t worry, babygirl,” one of the clones told her, petting her head. “I’m sure we’ll see you again soon.”


“Mm, definitely,” she promised, smiling up at the clone.


“Bye baby,” another clone waved, a small but kind smile on his face. With a wave of his hand, Kacchan made the clones disappear in a wisp of red smoke.


“I’m so proud of you,” he praised, his tail curling around her ankles. She had learned it was a sign he was offering her comfort. “You enjoyed that, right?” he asked, sounding a tad self conscious.


“Yeah, it was great,” she told him, her thighs and vagina still quivering in the aftershock of her orgasm. “Did you have a good time?”


“Fuck yeah I did,” he said, kissing her forehead. “Loved watching you get fucked by my cocks. It was so damn fucking hot.”


“Eh? What do you mean?” she asked, looking up at him. “You were below me, what did you see?”


“Since they’re all my clones, I can see what they see. I can take them over and look through them. Came in good fucking handy, you look so cute at so many angles.” Izuku blushed and ducked her head as her cheeks turned pink, still not used to him being so affectionate.


“Can you carry me to the tub? I need a bath,” she laughed, shrieking when he stood up with her in his arms.


“Course, babygirl,” he told her as he carried her to the bathroom, flicking his tail as he used his magic to fill up the tub. They were soon both relaxing in the tub, with Izuku cradled in his lap against his chest. With loving hands, he cleaned and massaged her sore body.


“I love you, Kacchan,” she told him, resting her head against his shoulder. He jolted ever so slightly beneath her, which didn’t surprise her. As a being who operated purely on lust, and not love, it was still a shock to his system whenever someone expressed love for him.


“Shit,” he grunted, wrapping his toned arms around her torso. “I love you too, damn Deku.”


“I definitely want to do this again sometime,” she told him, wincing as she shifted slightly. “But, maybe not for a little while.”


“Of course,” he nodded, kissing the nape of her neck, a wicked smile pulling at his lips. “My cock is just too much for you, I get it.”


“Ha ha,” she fake laughed, rolling her eyes fondly. She turned in his grasp so she was facing the incubus, wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing their chests together. “I really do love you, Kacchan.” A funny look passed over his face as his cheeks turned pink. God, he was so cute.


“Y-you already said that, dumbass,” he scoffed, hugging her close to him.


“I know, but I like saying it,” she laughed, pecking his lips.


“W-well, you’re lucky I love you too,” he grumbled, hiding his face in her clavicle.


“I am.”