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I Get To Love You

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It was hot inside the club, and worse inside the cramped bathroom. Louis could feel beads of sweat trickling down his back under the black cotton of his t-shirt, but he ignored that, focusing only on the man’s lips sucking at his neck, his big hand cupping and rubbing Louis’ hardening cock as he worked a love bite into his skin. Louis groaned, throwing his head back, ignoring the dull thrum of pain in his skull as he did so.

“Fuck- I don’t- do you wanna go back to mine?”

The stranger - H, he’d called himself when Louis had asked for a name a few minutes ago during some rather dirty grinding on the dancefloor - nodded, pulling away and admiring the mark he’d made for a moment before he reached down, adjusting himself. Louis’ eyes followed the movement of his hand, and he smirked at the fact H was as aroused as he was himself. Louis reached out and took his hand, dragging him out of the bathroom, pushing his way through the crowd.

The door opened with a shove, and Louis tumbled out onto the pavement, moaning as H grabbed him, pressing him against the wall outside and kissing him deeply for a moment before catching himself, standing upright and smirking down at Louis. Louis straightened out his t-shirt and walked as steadily as he could towards the taxi rank, bending down to an open window. He muttered his address and the driver nodded. Louis held open the back door and watched as H crawled inside, ogling his bum as he did so.

It didn't take long for H to pounce on Louis again, dragging him into a passionate kiss right there in the backseat of the cab. The roads back to Louis’ flat were fairly dark thank god, but Louis couldn’t bring himself to care too much thanks to the levels of horniness he was feeling. He palmed himself as H’s tongue dipped into his mouth again, tasting the fruity drink he’d been gulping earlier at the bar when Louis had spotted him, stood all alone, watching the swaying bodies around him. Louis’d had a burst of confidence thanks to the Vodka RedBulls he’d been sinking, and grabbed H by the belt loop, tugging him onto the dance floor. It hadn’t taken long for the taller man to dance back, soon turning around in Louis’ hold, grinding his bum against Louis’ interested crotch.

“Shit, we’re here,” Louis groaned, adjusting himself again as H got out of one side of the cab. Louis reached into his pocket to grab his wallet, but H had got there first, chucking a twenty at the driver as he pulled open Louis’ door, yanking him out a little ungracefully. Louis just giggled and ran up the path, H hot on his heels. “Keen, aren’t you?”

“Keen for your cock,” H purred, kissing up the side of Louis’ neck as he fumbled with the key, missing the lock each time. Louis took a deep breath, focusing hard as he pushed the bronze key forward, biting back a cheer as it slid in, the door swinging open at last. Louis walked in first and H followed, the flat dark which Louis was grateful for. H was up behind him just as Louis shut the door, and he was turned around, H patting his leg.  “Jump up. Lemme carry you to bed.”

Louis did as he was told, arms around H’s neck as he kissed him again, not able to get enough of how well H kissed, how good his full lips felt against Louis’ own, how his legs easily wrapped around H’s slender waist.

“Down the hall, second door on the left,” Louis mumbled as they kept kissing, stumbling drunkenly down the hallway. Finally, they made it to Louis’ room, and he was eternally grateful for his foresight of making the bed before he’d left for the night. The room was still a mess, but at least the bed looked a bit presentable. H didn't seem bothered as he practically threw Louis down onto it, quickly straddling his thighs, pressing Louis down into the mattress. “Fucking hell…”

“You wanna fuck or get fucked?” H asked, and Louis practically came at those words. He arched his hips just as H ground down, making both men hiss at the friction against their restricted cocks. “Lou?”

“Wanna get inside you,” Louis mumbled, reaching up to try and open some of H’s shirt buttons. “You’ve got too many clothes on. Get naked.”

H giggled and stood up, tugging his clothes off as Louis did the same, both of them nude within a few seconds. Louis took a moment to ogle H’s body, his tattoos, the planes of toned, firm skin in front of him. It didn't take long for him to pull the other man down on top of him, neither holding back their noises as their bare cocks met for the first time. Louis could feel that H was already wet, his precome smearing down Louis’ shaft as they rocked their hips, lips desperately seeking out each other’s.

“Lube,” H panted out and Louis quickly nodded, rolling over enough he could grab the bottle from where he knew he’d let it roll under his bed the previous night when he’d had some solo fun with his favourite vibrator. He flicked open the cap, but H shook his head, snatching the bottle and drizzling some onto the first couple of fingers on his right hand. Louis watched, wide eyed as the man on top of him reached behind his body, eyes fluttering shut as he inserted his first finger, slowly grinding down on it.

“Shit, you’re so fucking hot,” Louis mumbled, hand stretching out to take H’s thick cock in his hand, stroking steadily and slowly, not wanting him to come just yet. Louis felt like he was losing his mind with the visuals in front of him, but he willed himself to calm down as H began to bounce himself on his own fingers, his cock bobbing gently in Louis’ hand as he did so. “Fuck, H, need to fuck you-”

“Almost ready,” H murmured, concentrating solely on opening himself up by now. Louis watched as H drew his bottom lip between his teeth, his cheeks pink now, and Louis thought he’d never seen a more beautiful sight. H’s body was long and lean, tattoos at his hips standing out on his pale, soft skin that Louis just wanted to mark up and touch with every part of his body. It seemed H was finally ready as he withdrew his fingers, wiping them down on the sheet before he got onto his knees, hovering about Louis’ cock, smirking down at the man between his thighs.

“No condom?” Louis asked, and H just shook his head, the long hair on top of his head flopping down over his eyes for a moment until he shoved it back up in one incredibly sexy motion that had Louis sighing again. “Sure?”

“Yeah, just pull out before you come, yeah? Makes it easier for clean up.”

Louis nodded, and held his breath as H’s hand grasped the base of his cock, holding it steady as he slowly lowered himself down, his thick thighs supporting him. Louis gripped the sheet as he felt the head of his cock enveloped by H’s body, the warm and tight heat a rush of pleasure from head to toe. H didn't go slowly by any means. Before Louis knew it, H’s bum was against his hips, his cock buried deep inside the man on top of him.

“Holy shit, you’re tight.”

“S’been a while,” H stuttered out, his palms coming to rest on Louis’ hips now as he started to move slowly, rotating his hips, letting his body stretch around Louis. It felt amazing, having the weight of this handsome stranger on top of him, and Louis tentatively reached out, his hands connecting with H’s strong thighs before he met his eyes, checking it was okay. Clearly it was because H just smiled and lifted himself up gingerly before he slammed back down, letting out a throaty moan. “Fuck-”

“Take my cock so good, baby,” Louis murmured, digging his fingertips into H’s flesh for a moment. The room was quiet as H started to work himself up and down Louis’ cock with a finesse Louis wasn’t sure he’d ever seen before, and it was certainly a sight to behold. H’s body arched beautiful as he rode Louis’ cock, his own cock dripping between his legs, leaving a trail of precome over Louis’ flat stomach. “So good for me-”

H seemed to take those as words of encouragement because he moaned, starting to bounce harder and faster. Louis just laid and watched, enjoying the show that H was putting on. He almost came when H moved his palms from Louis’ chest back to his thighs, putting himself entirely on display. Louis thought for a moment that it might well be the dirtiest sex he’d ever had, and he was loving every second of it.

Soon, he sensed H was tiring, wincing slightly as he lifted himself up, and Louis decided to do something about it. When H rose, Louis slipped entirely out of his body, making H’s eyes fly open, meeting Louis’ in confusion. Louis quickly shook his head, grabbing H by the hips and guiding him to the bed.

“Not yet, love. Just let me take over, yeah? Hands and knees, babe-”

H just nodded, sweaty and flushed from his exertions, and Louis tugged on his own cock as he watched H get into position, baring himself for Louis again. His ass was one of the best things Louis had ever seen, and he groaned, lining himself up. His hole was stretched already, and Louis just watched intently as he sank back inside him, mesmerised by the sight. H groaned loudly as Louis bottomed out, the pair connected again. Louis withdrew before he plunged back in, his hips making a pleasing slapping sound against H’s bare backside, the jiggle of his flesh enticing, and Louis reached out, grabbing a cheek for a moment.

“Harder,” H grunted, his head hung between his arms, the curve of his spine so beautiful Louis just wanted to trail his tongue from the top of it to the bottom. “Fuck me, want it hard-”

“Yeah, gonna give you what you need,” Louis agreed, not holding back as he started to pound away at H, the room filled with the sounds of their pants and moans, neither bothering to keep quiet. Louis’ hands gripped at H’s slim hips as their bodies moved together in a fast and dirty rhythm, sending Louis hurtling closer to his orgasm quicker than he anticipated. One of H’s hands was tucked under his body, no doubt touching his own cock, and Louis just wished he could see, sure it would push him over the edge. “Fuck, I’m close-”

“Come on my arse,” H begged, pushing back against Louis for a moment. “Please-”

Louis didn't speak his agreement but just thrust his cock harder into H, angling it until H practically screamed, Louis smirking as his cock pushed into H’s prostate over and over, his hole clenching around Louis’ cock.

“Oh fuck-” Louis gasped, sensing his orgasm starting to roll over him in waves. H’s body felt so good around him, and Louis felt his cock start to pulse out just as he pulled out, aiming so he covered H’s arse in his release. Louis’ body was shaking as he watched strings of come land on H’s skin, one sliding down his thigh as H moaned loudly, clearly coming himself now. Louis noticed a small puddle of come just beside H’s hole and swiped his finger through it, making H moan with sensitivity. “You okay?”

H nodded and rolled down onto his back, flinging an arm across his eyes, entirely spent. Louis smirked at the sight of H’s cock covered in his own come, the hair around the base coated as well. It wasn’t usually a sight Louis paid much attention to, but right now, H looked like a god laid there on Louis’ sheets, sweaty and sated from their sex.

“That was… wow. I needed that so much,” H mumbled, clearly tired. Louis leaned down and brushed his lips against H’s, pleased when H’s hand wrapped around the back of his neck, holding him down as they kissed again, Louis’ body still feeling butterflies from such a simple touch, despite what they’d just done. “Love kissing you…”

“Same,” Louis said, unable to stop the smile crossing his lips. “Lemme clean you up, then we can sleep. I mean, I don’t want to assume-”

“Couldn’t move if I wanted to,” H said, his voice husky with sleep now. Louis kissed him quickly one more time before he got to his knees, grimacing at the sight of his bedsheets covered in come, especially since H was on his back, his come-covered backside right against Louis’ sheets. He walked naked through to the bathroom, dampening a flannel with warm water before he returned to the bedroom, wiping a sleepy H down, the man in his bed nearly asleep.

“Want me to change the sheets?”

H just shook his head, and Louis flung the flannel onto the bedside table, getting into bed next to H, who wasted no time in rolling against Louis’ body, his thigh coming across Louis’, soft cock laying against Louis’ hip. It felt more intimate for a one night stand than Louis cared to admit to, but he felt too tired to be bothered. If H was happy, so was he.

“Night, H,” he whispered, getting nothing in reply. He craned his neck back, getting a glimpse of H’s face, lips parted as he breathed in and out in a steady rhythm, already sound asleep. Louis smiled and pressed a quick kiss to the man’s forehead, letting himself fall asleep too.


Six hours later, Louis was rudely awoken with the shrill bleeping of his alarm clock. He groaned as he sat up, his head pounding, and he pushed down the wave of nausea which washed over him. He squeezed his eyes shut, willing himself not to be sick, not when he had a shift later that day. After a few moments, snippets from last night started to flash through Louis’ mind, and he remembered bringing the tall, dark and handsome stranger home and indulging in some pretty filthy sex with him. Louis smirked at the memory, but when he saw the bed next to him was empty, he frowned.

“H?” Louis called out, getting no reply. He reached across, finding the sheets were cool, clearly vacated a while ago. Louis dragged himself out of bed and grabbed some boxers from his drawer before he padded through the flat, seeing no sign of his flatmate Niall, but none of H either. As much as Louis knew it was just a one night stand, he felt a bit disappointed.

He was about to reach into the fridge for some juice when he saw a pink scrap of paper pinned on there with the fridge magnet Niall have given him for a moving in present, proudly proclaiming “ You’re gayer than Kylie riding a pink unicorn through Disneyland at Christmas ”. It was one of Louis’ most treasured possessions. Louis stepped over, blinking to clear his vision before he read the words in an unfamiliar scrawl.


Thank you for an amazing night. Best night I’ve had in a long time, I promise. Sorry to dash, but I had an ungodly 7am meeting. Trust me, it wasn’t easy to leave you in bed. I did kiss you goodbye…

H xx

P.S. Love the magnet.

Louis smiled to himself, clutching the note to his chest for a moment before he walked back to his bedroom, tucking it in the top drawer of his bedside table, kicking the bottle of lube under the bed again as he did so. He quickly stripped the sheets before he laid back on the bed, resting his head on the pillow H had used the night before. It still held his scent, and Louis would deny sniffing it as he dozed off again until he was blue in the face if anyone asked. But he did, the smell of the night before bringing back a fresh wave of memories.