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smokeseph one-shots & headcanons

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This shall be a book of one-shots. I will take requests as well because I like hearing others' ideas. 

- Love, SBiV


"Joseph you're not going to squish me."


Joseph sighed as he laid on top of Smokey, his chest pressed against his back and his groin against the other's ass. They weren't doing anything sexual per se. Thought if you walked in on them currently, it would look like something was about to get started.


Smokey shifted and focused on the movie they decided to put in. Joseph didn't really know what it was about, he just went with it because Smokey wanted to. "Joseph, for the love of God, please just lay on top of me if you are."


Joseph finally pressed all of his weight against the smaller boy as a small grunt was heard, followed by shuffling. Joseph carefully settled as Smokey's, well it was actually his, teal shirt nestled over his body.


Out of everything else Smokey could wear, he chose that shirt. Smokey made it quite clear that he loved the shirt which left Joseph no room to question, other than that it really was cute on him since it was too big. All of Joseph's clothing was.


"Am I hurting you," Smokey shook his head and Joseph relaxed, laying his head on his boyfriend's shoulder, surprising him with kisses so often.


Joseph took the time to feel how the huge size difference between him and Smokey. Where he had huge, somewhat hulking muscle, Smokey had a lean, semi-muscular build that wasn't as over-exaggerated as his own. He liked it of course. It wasn't every day you find a guy whose under six-foot, let under five-six unless they're a kid.


Joseph moved as Smokey arched his back into his chest as a small yawn poured out. Joseph chuckled and kissed the other's cheek. "Tired already, hmm?"


The smaller shook his head and folded his arms under his head and plopped back down to watch the movie upfront. "No."


Joseph smiled as an idea popped up.


Slowly moving his arms, he caged Smokey into his hold as he slowly bumped into him, causing a silent o to form on Smokey's mouth as his eyes flickered open and closed.


"Smoke, you -"


And then he was out. Joseph's eyes opened wide, almost comically. Smokey let out a small sigh with every breath he took; his body heaving slowly.


Joseph quietly got up and rolled the semi-awake boy. "Jojo, -"


"Shh, it's okay Smoke," Smokey blinked for a few moments before he rolled his head in the opposite direction, falling back asleep. Joseph found it amusing. It wasn't every day that Smokey just dozed off in the open. He actually was cautious who he fell asleep around. 


Joseph felt lucky to be one of the rare bunch to witness this phenomenon.


He hummed to himself as he pulled off his own clothing. It was getting somewhat late and it wouldn't be long till the hall light went out and Erina, on her way to bed. If he wanted to bathe he'd best do it now.


Joseph found himself taking a quick shower since he really wanted to come back to bed and cuddle his sleeping partner who was now hanging off the side of the bed with his shirt riding up his thighs when he returned. 


Joseph closed and locked the door behind him as he readjusted his sweatpants before pulling his shirt over him and tossed his clothes in their nearby hamper as he walked towards the bed. Joseph quietly picked up the falling boy and kissed his cheeks after laying him down. 


Smokey sighed and wordlessly turned over, facing Joseph's endearing gaze. If he was honest, Joseph, at the moment, felt like a stalker.


Joseph watched Smokey flicker his eyes open and grab at him to pull him down which he ultimately did. Joseph wrapped his arms around the clingy boy as he whispered quietly in his ear, making him groan sleepy replies that were amusing to no end.


"You must have been really tired," Smokey groaned in response. He actually was tired when he came over earlier but he didn't want to ruin their fun with his 'unnecessary' tiredness. He could fight it and fight it he did until Joseph laid down on him. Joseph's like a furnace and when heat is applied to an already tired body that body will unwillingly shut down.


Smokey nuzzled into the hold as Joseph rubbed his sides before rubbing to his thighs. "Smokey, are you awake," It was a stupid tease. Joseph was an obvious tease.


Smokey softly moaned as his boyfriend kept up his touching, gripping and slow molding. He was slightly embarrassed. Joseph grunted as he kissed Smokey's cheek and then his neck with slow, long kisses that turned into hickeys. A small moan came out as Smokey rutted against Joseph, essentially asking for more.


Joseph licked a long stripe that met to Smokey's lips and ended with a kiss which was not as one-sided as he expected. Smokey was still sleepy, of course, but he wasn't falling asleep every second he had the chance to. "Smokey."


Smokey hummed in reply, too lazy to form actual words, for if he did, they wouldn't make sense. Joseph turned his boyfriend's head and kissed him slowly, his lips covering Smokey's.








"Mmm - what, Jojo…"


Just as Smokey opened his mouth, Joseph saw the perfect opportunity to slide his tongue inside his boyfriend's still resistant tired mouth. His hands slyly deciding to swarm Smokey's somewhat growing bulge as he got a small reaction, if not any, out of the boy.


Smokey let out a small curse that was followed by a sigh or moan, Joseph couldn't tell, as he pulled out of the kiss.


“C'mon, gimme a kiss,” Joseph whispered, slowly sinking his fingers in-between Smokey's thighs.


Smokey purred in response, low and groggy. He was around fifty percent awake and he really wanted to sleep while the other fifty said to just give in and let Joseph do what he wanted to do.


It wasn't like Smokey was going to dislike what Joseph had in mind, it was just that he didn't expect it when he was so tired and couldn't do pull the same percent that Joseph was pulling.


Smokey slowly rotated into the hold, facing Joseph's smirking face with a tired gaze. "A kiss?"


"Yes," Smokey paused for a bit as he threw his left leg over Joseph's waist. Joseph used his unoccupied hand to cup Smokey's chin into a small, somewhat passionate kiss as his occupied hand took ahold of Smokey's backside. 


Smokey rutted into the hand as Joseph pulled them over. Smokey straddled on him as the kissing continued while Joseph moved his other hand and traveled to Smokey's backside as well. 


Joseph deepened the kiss as he roughly grabbed at Smokey's ass, pulling and giving small slaps that made Smokey jump a little into their kiss. 


Joseph finally pulled away from the kiss in favor of playing with Smokey's ass as the boy leaned down on his shoulder taking in the simple ministrations.


Joseph raked his hands up Smokey's thighs and then in between them as he pinched in between the junction where his thighs meet his cheeks. Smokey moaned quietly as he began to rub the same junction before he slid up and slapped the jiggling globes. Smokey could feel his erection twitch in between him and Joseph in his hazy mind as he flickered his eyes again, just as Joseph's hard-on poked his inner thigh as well. It was a lot.


Smokey pooled his legs around Joseph's sides as the ministrations continued and got more frequent as time progressed and he got more sleeper, not feeling as much as he would like.


"Smokey keep your body right here." Smokey felt his eyes stutter just like words as Joseph restated his request. A small groan came from Smokey as he felt Joseph's hand mess with his boxers, pulling them down.


"Jojo…" Joseph hummed and stopped, "Let me do it." 


Joseph let go of Smokey who slowly pulled his body up, swaying slightly. It was tempting to just let Smokey fall asleep and just nuzzle and cuddle him while he did, but he didn't feel like doing such a thing since Smokey was returning the mutual lust.


Joseph watched Smokey slip off his boxers and lean back down, meeting him for a slow sleepy kiss as his hands wandered back to Smokey's ass, gripping and pulling his cheeks apart.


Smokey hummed and leaned into the touches as Joseph stopped and trailed the kisses to his exposed shoulder before giving him a good slap. "Let me…"


"Let you what?"


"Let me fuck you." Smokey silently rolled off Joseph and placed his ass in the air with his legs spread and arms in reach for the bed's edge. Joseph took in the sight as he placed himself behind Smokey. 


"Go ahead, I won't stop you, but…"


Joseph pulled Smokey's backside close to his face and bit his left cheek harshly as Smokey hissed, "Don't worry I won't go in dry."


Smokey huffed and let Joseph continue his ministrations; biting, licking and sucking. Joseph finally came to a stop, admiring Smokey's saliva-coating bruised cheeks, before he cupped both of the cheeks and shook them making Smokey smile dopily.


"Why do you do that," Smokey wasn't annoyed, more of curious even delighted.


"Mmm, I like the way your ass feels. Not too soft and not too muscular." Smokey sighed. Joseph jiggled the flesh once more, dropping it in favor of bringing his face close to Smokey's ass, licking the puckered hole.


Smokey had a delayed reaction, moaning only when his thighs were slapped harshly, probably leaving a semi-red bruise. Joseph could tell he was getting tired, so he had to hurry.


Joseph grabbed Smokey's waist and pulled him closer, tracing his hands back to his ass, grabbing his cheeks again but this time spreading them so he could get deeper. Smokey let out a small 'ah' as he tried to focus on either the television or sleep, but he couldn't choose.


Fading into semi-consciousness Smokey pushed his ass into Joseph's smirking face that gave the same force. Smokey whined. 


"You look so cute," It wasn't a lie. Smokey was moaning and pressed against the velvety bed sheets, face smooshed and eyes so dazed and tired. And Joseph sucking and licking him wasn't helping.




"Mhm, yeah…"


Smokey wanted to get more words out, try to convey his feelings but he couldn't; he was too tired. Joseph stopped the tonguing and gave Smokey's ass a quick kiss that was accompanied by an ass slap. 


Smokey sighed and casually threw up his hand to feel his slicked up hole as Joseph pulled his pants to his knees. He forced one finger inside before Joseph forced his own finger inside, instantly replacing Smokey's small one.


"I got this." Smokey slowly pulled out, in fear of tearing himself. Joseph leaned down and spit onto Smokey's hole as he fingered more vigorously.


"Jojo, the lube is…"


"I know."


Smokey paused and sighed simultaneously it seemed as he just accepted the goofball his boyfriend is.


"Smoke, I just realize you smell like that body wash I bought you," Joseph commented as he twirled his finger before adding another and using a 'v motion' to open Smokey up more. Smokey twitched and sighed into the sheets, drool slipping slightly, "I - yeah, but seriously at a time like this, Jojo?"


Joseph shrugged. "I just noticed." Smokey sighed and laid back down, curling his toes as his cock rubbed against the sheets.


Joseph noticed and pushed Smokey onto the bed, basically leaving him flat on the bed, as he added a third finger. Smokey cursed and pushed his ass into the touch.


"Mmm, cute." Joseph murmured, scratching Smokey's prostate as incoherent babble spurred into the sheets. 


"Please...Joseph -" Joseph smiled and spit into his hand to lube up his cock. "Stay down."


Joseph used one hand to hold Smokey in place and the other to steady his cock as he pushed in, slowly, as the television played on. Smokey felt his eyes roll back as Joseph rolled his hips in compliance with his sleepy whine.


"Mmm…" Smokey buried his face into the sheets, feeling Joseph's additional weight being applied to his back and his heavy breath on his ear, "Gimme a kiss, Smoke."


Smokey turned his head and pushed his upper body up with his elbows, meeting Joseph for a soft, passionate kiss that was followed by minor hip rolls and thrusts.


Moaning into the kiss, Smokey bit Joseph's bottom lip and forced himself into the brunette's mouth. Joseph lazily kissed back, letting Smokey force his way in as he picked up momentum in his shallow thrusts.


Joseph slid his hand on top of Smokey's as they both let up for air. Joseph buried his face into Smokey's neck, kissing and nuzzling him as he used his legs to force Smokey's legs open more.


"Ah, sweetheart," Joseph groaned. Smokey pressed his body back down on the bed as Joseph smashed his prostate, making him feel weak as precum dripped out of his sore cock.


"Hurry up Jojo, I wanna go to sleep," Joseph chuckled, looping one arm around Smokey's waist and tightening his hold on the loosely placed hand. "Let me have my fun."


Smokey hitched his leg on top of Joseph's thigh as the Brit pulled back, hard, and thrust. Smokey pushed upward and met Joseph's thrusts as each one became softer instead of harder.


Smokey hummed in confusion. He expected Joseph to be doing the exact opposite. Joseph kept up his pace; Smokey's confusion amused him quite a lot.


"C - can you speed up, ah, " Smokey let his forehead hit the sheets. The slowness was affecting him. He felt too hot, too sensitive and still very tired. "Please."


Joseph kissed Smokey's cheek and slowly sped up, hitting his prostate directly, making him gasp into the sheets. "How's that?"


Smokey moaned into the sheets as the thrusts got more frequent. "Mhm, y - yes, ah."


Joseph let go of the curly-haired boy's waist, leaving a somewhat visible handprint, in favor of holding his weight on the bed. Now, Joseph could get more thrust in, easily hitting Smokey's prostate while kissing his shoulder, neck and anything else he could reach.


Shivering, Smokey could feel his thighs grow heavy along with his entire lower half. Smokey quietly whimpered as Joseph pushed his other thigh out and rolled into his body.


"God, Jojo," Joseph smiled and felt Smokey squeeze his hand and push back into the constant thrusts. Joseph growing more eager seeing his boyfriend physically drained and trying to keep up with his thrusts pulled out all the way and slammed back inside his boyfriend, shocking him.


Smokey felt the lasting impact, his eyes widened and his entire body bounced in reply. He twisted his head and quietly leered at Joseph, watching him repeat the same action but with more force. 


Smokey gasp into each thrust, slowly turning boneless as hell. He couldn't control the moans and curses that just seem to travel out of his mouth like a recurring prayer. 


Joseph seemed to take great pride in the reaction, slowly gaining more momentum than he had with his previous thrusts. Smokey wanted to scream and moan but he all but whined as he grabbed the bedsheets all while Joseph took the satisfaction of pounding into his tired state.


Smokey sighed into the duvet as Joseph rocked into him, poking his prostate. Small sleepy moans fell out of his lips as his knees buckled and caused Joseph to fall with him. 


The pair paused for a bit before Smokey pushed his ass up, wanting a thrust essentially. Joseph compiled, thrusting as hard as he did before.


The faint noises on the television drowned to the lewd noises Joseph quipped out of Smokey as he smacked into his ass, feeling it jiggle in return.


Smokey felt his eyes grow heavy as the poundings hit in the same place over and over. It was becoming a lot for him and his body.


"- gonna cum, Jojo, I can't -" Smokey whispered, pushing his ass into the shaky thrusts. He gripped the sheets as he clenched Joseph's cock and sputtered cum over the sheets, his body caving.


Joseph bottomed at the tight, suffocating grasp, giving a last few strong thrusts before cumming all he had inside the sweaty boy.


Smokey exhaled heavily as Joseph fell on top of him. The heavy quiet breaths from the Englishman mixed with his own.


Joseph slowly rose, slipping his cock out with the remains of his cum flowing out of Smokey's tired and abused hole.


Joseph leaned down to kiss a hesitant and tired Smokey who vehemently denied, "Clean your mouth."


"You kissed me earlier -"


"Joseph I won't let you back into this warm, cozy bed," Smokey declared with a small yawn at the end. Joseph smirked at walked to their bathroom to clean out his mouth and to get a towel to clean him and Smokey.


When he returned, he wasn't surprised to see a slowly breathing Smokey. He fell asleep.


Joseph cleaned up their mess and dragged his comatose partner into their sheets. 


He'd get that kiss later.

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Smokey Brown is your average Omega; short and easily submissive. He stands at 5’4 and has a way to swindle people, regardless if it’s an Alpha or Beta, out of their money. Besides that, Smokey is just an introverted soul who really could care less about mates and babies. He really just wants to find a decent college that will take him in, so he can pursue a career in Political Sciences to fix his twisted home of Manhattan, New York.


Smokey had the unfortunate pleasure to run into Joseph Joestar; an Alpha who is 6’5, blessed with broad shoulders, big hands and easily over two hundred pounds. Smokey, successfully, stole the Alpha's wallet, which had no money in it, only to be ambushed by two bigass police officers, who were Betas. 


Smokey was beaten by the Betas, until the humongous Alpha from earlier came and pummeled those Betas into a puddle of submissive pheromones; red eyes and snarling—then said Alpha freaked out about how his ‘Granny Erina’ was going to really hurt him, which made Smokey curious about how an Alpha can go from a snarling, scary beast to a scared newborn-like puppy. 


Smokey couldn't help but snicker at the Alpha, catching his still somewhat scary gaze. The Alpha, who huffed, casually called Smokey ‘Little Pickpocket’ and hauled Smokey into his arms and ran away from the scene of the crime.


Smokey never felt so small and scared. He felt his body heat up in a frenzy, head resting on the Alpha's shoulder, inhaling his scent of black tea and a woodsy-like environment. 


From that day on, he and Joseph became friends.


Until the day they couldn't.


Smokey never realized it but Joseph literally claimed him. Scenting him and covering him in his overbearing presence and pheromones. And not only that, Smokey was so naive, he never realized he claimed the other as well; growling at other Omegas, being clingy and even attacking Joseph's friend Caesar, who is in a relationship with a female Alpha named Suzie Quatro.


Utter chaos.


As they grew closer, Smokey looked for reasons to hold the Alpha's hand since the longer they were closer, the more he yearned to be around him. He also loved the way his hand just engulfed the warmth of the other's massive hand. Plus, when Joseph hugged him, it gave him more room to spread his warm peach-cobbler like scent, which had Joseph melting away.


A few months into the weird friendship/courting, Joseph stapled his feelings by wrapping his arms around Smokey's waist, lifting him slightly off the ground and giving him a sweet, chaste kiss.


Smokey was first to pull away, upsetting Joseph into thinking his feelings were rejected. Joseph tried to leave Smokey, which caused the Omega to pull him into a hug-turned-kiss. It took Joseph a minute, but he understood; Smokey liked him back.


The first heat was a hot, kinky mess.


Smokey sighed, letting his scent cover the entire room as Joseph's cock hit his prostate; hands grasped his waist, his back arched wildly and his mouth full of curses and needy whines of wanting to be filled with pups made Joseph's knot come quicker and last longer.


—Smokey just wonders to himself because he doesn't know how a man-child, sarcastically playboy-like Alpha won his affection and detoured him from his Sciences.

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-When he first saw smokey he was immediately shocked and slightly overwhelmed, though he vehemently denies, by the boys small-sized and cute features and that this boy right here stole his wallet.

-If it ain't obvious enough, Jojo is impulsive and can be a shithead at the best of times. Smokey gave up on humanity because of him.

-he grunts and groans loudly during sex or while he cums. The only way he is convinced to shut up is when Smokey stops moaning or Speedwagon is there because Speedwagon is mostly to walk in on them and embarrass them.


-Erina will flat out call them out she has no chill. (she has done it before)

-likes seeing Smokey in his clothing, since it literally drowns his body. Also a fucking slave for lingerie.

-actually enjoys rough sex. He loves pinning Smokey to the bed and pounding the life out of him. He enjoys seeing his brown eyes roll back, back arching and his high pitched moans as he cries for Joseph to go harder or to be gentler.


-"god, smoke, you should see yourself…" 


-"let me guess, you want me to be gentle..?"

-he loves snuggling into Smokey's body after sex, feeling/seeing his cum slipping out of him. He also drags a tired Smokey to the bath because the boy can't do it himself (he was fucked silly).

-Joseph's a big boy, so finding someone who isn't afraid of his size or his cock’s size was a challenge. Our boy has a huge cock: loves watching Smokey grab for his hands or a pillow as he lowers ontop him or if Joseph is doing the work. He prefers missionary though since he can see the other's many reactions as he "slowly" pushes in. 


-also really likes over-stimulation. He loves watching Smokey squirm as he keeps pulling into him after they fucked. Plus when Smokey is all sensitive he’ll start crying and will try to push at Joseph to get him to stop because he can't take it anymore.


-Uncle Speedwagon is downstairs and Granny Erina is sleeping? Okay, and we are fucking.

-loves eating out Smokey or sucking his dick. Smokey begs Jojo to slow down since Joseph sucks so hard and if it's with his ass, Joseph bites and won't stop until Smokey's legs are quivering. (An ass man.)


-lowkey has a voyeurism kink. There was one incident with Lisa Lisa, where Smokey was spending the night at the Joestar Mansion. 


-Thought the door was closed, Smokey was so embarrassed. He was midway into a conversation with Lisa Lisa when Joseph decided to sneak up on him and take him from behind as Lisa Lisa was talking. Joseph didn't care, he pounded harder making Smokey stutter in his conversation with the woman as she questioned him if he was feeling well. (Granny Erina walked in on them having sex as well, leaving Smokey feeling ashamed)

-He’s actually terrified of seriously hurting Smokey since he's like a foot taller than him and weighs over two hundred pounds, while Smokey is like five-foot-four and in the hundreds. Smokey reassures him though.

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-Smokey becomes very touchy-feely during sex. He grabs at Joseph's shoulders and sometimes holds hands with him. 


-He likes to make eye contact with Joseph.


-He gives a lot of kisses, loves getting kisses on his neck and ear but he really prefers shoulder bites. He just is really sensitive, he even whispers ‘I love you’ into Joseph's neck as he cums. 


-"ah....Jojo - love you..."


-loud moaner. Once woke up Lisa-Lisa as Joseph was eating him out. From that day on, Smokey either covers his moans with his hand, a pillow or kisses to Joseph's dismay.


-Pure as fuck.


-He may curse a little if he feels Joseph being too rough or going too quick; he just is oversensitive. He starts whimpering as Joseph gets rougher even though he prefers gentle and slow sex, he likes it when Joseph feels good. 


-Smokey hates riding because his pacing and bounces are off with Joseph's thrust. Joseph places his hands on his waist and guides him. 


-Smokey simply breaks and starts letting out curses and feverish murmurs of 'Jojo'. 


-finally, Smokey gets used to the pace but Joseph starts pushing harder into him, holding him in place so he can't move or get up, making him sob and shudder as he helplessly lowers and lays on the man as the thrusting gets more profound.


-Smokey doesn't have a lot of kinks, he's not like Joseph, but he loves having his waist grabbed and being overstimulated.


-Smokey has a weakness, he loves having endearments whispered to him. 


-easily embarrassed 

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Joseph looked down at his husband: his fucked out expression, shaky legs, and heavy labored breathing. He could feel his cock getting hard all over again.

Basking in the afterglow, Smokey nudged up onto Joseph’s hips, feeling his cock twitch and tip deeper instantly.


God... ” Smokey wrapped his hands around Joseph's neck, guiding him down as he gave into his not-so-subtle demand.


Joseph settled for a drowsy, undemanding pace as he kissed Smokey, engulfing his silent mewls. Smokey felt each thrust numb him, fulfilling him, but not striking that ‘area’ . “..So..g-good,”

“Mhm,” Joseph whispered huskily, “My cute Smokey,” Smokey sighed peacefully as he fluttered his eyes close and pushed his petite hips closer to Joseph, urging the other to hit harder, get closer; whatever. Joseph buried his face in Smokey's neck as his hand grabbed at Smokey's thigh, opening his legs more.


Smokey nuzzled Joseph's face, feeling his mind wander and fog as Joseph continued. Smokey sighed as Joseph pulled off him, leaving a purplish hickey on him. "Smokey…"


His husband looked at him, barely taking in the impact of hearing his name; his mind was obfuscated. Joseph kissed Smokey's lips as opened his legs farther and slam hard, trying to get Smokey to his cloud. 


Smokey gasped as he took the harsh tuggings, he could hear the bed's headboard hitting the wall with a blunt force just as his eyebrows knitted and his whimpers became endless. 


If it wasn't Joseph's roughness that already had him arching off the bed, it had to be the way he started to grab up his waist and fondled him, leaving bruises that would be there for weeks.


Smokey pulled on his husband’s arms, pleading with him to slow down, but Joseph blocked them out as he continued, pressing an orgasm out of Smokey then and there.


Smokey breathed hard like he ran a mile. His body quivered as Joseph leaned down and kissed him, lovingly.


Smokey expected Joseph to finally pull out and let him rest, but no. Joseph sucked on Smokey's lips as he continued the same brash pace as earlier.


Smokey tried to squirm away as Joseph held him in place, rolling into him as he whined.

“Ngh...I-It's too much,” Smokey stuttered over himself, his sweaty body fighting against his lover's.


He sobbed against Joseph as he pressed against a spot that had his brown eyes rolling back. Joseph chuckled.


Smokey struggled to grab at Joseph's broad shoulders as he tried to push away, but he couldn't push away when all he could feel was Joseph's cock pressing deeper.


Smokey let out a cry, feeling Joseph toy with his thrust; rough and demanding to slow and loving.

Smokey slowly closed his around his husband's waist as Joseph lifted him off the bed and into his lap, guarding Smokey's body with his arms. He gave his forehead a small peck as he readjusted their position and moved them to the bed's head; the markings of his wedding ring accidentally indenting into his lover's skin. “Fuck, are you okay?”


Smokey moaned as he was slowly bounced, “Mhm, y-yes.” Legs pooled at Joseph's thighs as praises were passed around. “Adorable,” Joseph whispered as Smokey leaned on his shoulder, bouncing slowly.


They both stayed that way for a minute, Smokey whining and panting into Joseph's neck, nails imprinting all over his shoulders as the brunette rocked deeper into him each second while playfully massaging his ass. Eventually, Joseph turned his reddened face to meet his lover's flummoxed one and kissed his lips, tenderly.

“I'm going to make you cum all over again, wouldn't you like that?” Joseph murmured as his sweaty forehead collided with Smokey's.


Joseph felt a growl erupted from his throat as Smokey rutted into him and whimpered, causing small but evident friction. "Y-yeah."