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That one Universe where(Rin was Kaguya)

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It's a cold winter day when Rin is abandoned at the Orphanage the daycare practically abandoning her with only the her dead parents scroll and the clothes on her back.

She doesn't really understand, but she knows that Mother and Father are gone. She knows because Mommy pointed it out and told her that's were kids with no Mommy and Daddy go when they toured Konoha, she knows this because David is holding on to her whispering "theirgonegoneandnobodywilllookafteryounow,noonebutmetrustonlyme" into her naive little ears. 

 So because she can do nothing else Rin takes a deep breath and screams



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As it turns out, people don't care to much about her(children) screaming as most just passed by like it was nothing.

So she screams, and screams until the matron swings the door open right in her face before she feels a stinging sensation on her cheek("konohaisn'tkindtoorphans"mommytellsher)

"Shut up you fucking brat, your disturbing the peace!"

Rin stops for a moment to look around because somebody should at least think this is wrong (theydontandithurts) but they don't most of them continue, while some have stopped to watch.

Rin stops sceaming and notices David is quiet now