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In a world full of humans, there’s bound to be the rare underbelly of creatures out of their sight. Hidden and unspoiled, keeping out of their prying eyes. But they were bound to come out of the darkness at some point. And when they did, humans must have no choice but to evolve alongside these creatures or face horrible enslavement.


 Vampires. A creature of the night with a thirst for the warm lifeblood that flows under their skin. As such, humans have developed a way to survive their sudden appearance. So it has been for thousands of years. Humans specially engineered and tampered with to deal with these creatures were introduced into the population, able to sustain these creatures for an indefinite period of time. 


There are two types of feeder humans now known in the population and genetic pool. 


There are type B humans with a special blood condition that, when bleeding out for any amount of time, can instantly regenerate any blood loss. This is the most common type of feeder human and takes up only 5 percent of the population. These humans are suitable for the lower-ranked sub vampires. 


Another rarer type of feeder human is a type F, a human with the same abilities, but their blood quantum had special properties that can only appeal to certain vampires. Their blood possesses a twinge of spice and sweetness that can only be consumed by Sire and Matriarch Vampires, or creatures who are old enough to create their fledglings. 


These type F humans create only 0.10 of the population. Their rareness makes them a precious commodity in the vampire world, and any human known to have this quantum of blood is sought out and eagerly recruited into their ranks. However, the only problem with these humans is that they are only considered precious if their virginity is intact. Any pure type F human that stays pure is a precious and powerful thing, able to control the rate of their regeneration abilities at their leisure. 


Any type F that loses their pureness before a Sire or Matriarch can get a hold of them, in turn, loses their precious abilities and becomes a normal type B human. So all type F humans are quickly snatched up before that happens, however, they can be late bloomers and not recognize their abilities until a certain age. 


This is how humans and vampires managed to survive alongside each other for all this time. A relationship that is both harmonious and tumultuous.


As is normal now in this world, a new system has been developed to help humans find their place with their vampires. Ok the eve of their 28th birthday, a human with a known type B or F blood quantum must register into the government system and hope they are picked by a vampire. Type B humans are born with their abilities, however, type F's have to wait until a certain age to develop their own. This age falls between 18 and 22. 


This system has successfully created vampire-human pairs and works to improve constantly.


Any human paired with a vampire is not a slave. They are taken care of and treated very well, and allowed to live their lives as normal aside from their new duties. Their families keep in contact regularly and life is normal. For the most part. 


As is the circle of life. Just twisted around a little. 




August 12, 2019


"Lee Hoseok, aged 24. Blood quantum F. You have been selected by a well-respected member of society. Please pack your belongings and report to the division center within three days. The desired time is 7 AM. Please assure us when you arrive that your purity is still intact. If you do not respond in a timely manner, you will be forcibly retrieved and taken to a holding facility for your vampire to retrieve you themselves. Have a nice day, and Happiest wishes on your birthday. TDC"


Hoseok still has nightmares about that first day, the day his blood finally activated into type F. When he was a child. He had a blood sample taken for the division center to keep an eye on in case he activated. Now it appears he has. 


His letter came in the mail not too long after his birthday. Only a day in fact. That was yesterday. The piece of paper weighed heavy on his mind, mocking him as he stared at it from the kitchen table. The unassuming paper sat open with teardrops staining the printer ink and smearing it ever so slightly. 


Hoseok sighs and drops his head in his hands. His chair creaks with his movements. 


All his life he thought he was normal. That he would be normal forever. Of course, there was always that possibility of being an F lingering over everyone's heads. No one knew if they were gonna be an F or a regular human. 


It was times like this that Hoseok envied the type B people. At least they knew from birth if they were suited for their lives. They would grow up knowing who and what they are meant for and what to expect as they grew older. The type F humans would not know until they were a certain age, between 18 and 22. 


Hoseok was now 23, a very late bloomer. This life he had in this apartment near his school was all he has ever known. It was small, with only a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen living room combo. But it was his home. His everything. Now… now he had to leave it all behind. He was more than ready to accept that he was normal like everyone else. But people usually wait a year after their 22nd birthday to be normal, just in case they were a late bloomer, just like Hoseok. 


The boy stands up from his chair, giving the paper one last withering look of disdain before stalking off to his room. He was acting so childishly, but he knew he had a good reason. 


He flopped on his single bed and sighed into the covers. This would be the last night before he had to leave. There were cardboard boxes laying around his room, full of his few clothes and belongings. The other things he could not take right away would be delivered to his new home tomorrow after he himself has been properly integrated into the new life. 


His school had been notified, and so he had a whole two weeks of excused absences. Anyone would be ecstatic. But all he wanted was to see his friends. To feel normal. He didn't know what would happen from now on. 


Was he picked by a Sire or Matriarch? Or maybe two at once? That was not unheard of, sometimes groups of two are seen in high end places. Two matriarchs, Two sires, or a mix of the two. The thought was terrifying in and of itself. Giving up his blood for not one but two vampires. Sure his blood was meant to sustain itself, but the idea was 


Would they allow him his freedom or keep him as a pet? Would he ever see his family again? His friends? Hoseok had heard of a few horror stories of F's being treated as pets, like playthings by their masters. This was illegal, but a lot of the F society vampires were rich and wealthy, enough to make police turn the other way. 


That was what scared him the most. He didn't want to be little more than a blood slave. He wanted to be free, even if he did get picked. 


Tonight was the last night. He was sure he would get nightmares again. Nightmares of teeth puncturing his neck, of long nails scraping his flesh and red eyes staring into his soul. The feeling of phantom chains around his throat lingered, and Hoseok could swear a cold feeling of metal had kept him prisoner all throughout the terrifying night terror. 


The sun was long below the horizon. Ticking on his bedside table reminded him that it was two hours until midnight. Surely his friends would still be up. 


Hoseok reaches for his phone and opens the messenger app. 


Group Chat: W-C-J


HOSEOKKIE: guys? Is anyone awake?


Kyun: hoseok hyung, why r u still up


HOSEOKKIE: why are you, maknae?


Kyun: irrelevant 




Kyun: u love me ;)


HOSEOKKIE: unfortunately 


HoneyJoo: would you guys stop fighting? Hoseok hyung. Are u ok 


HOSEOKKIE: I don't know. I'm panicking 


Kyun: hyung…. 


HoneyJoo: is this about the letter?


HOSEOKKIE: and everything else


HOSEOKKIE: what if my s or m is cruel? What if they prevent me from ever seeing you guys again? 


Kyun: it's ok hyung. You gotta have faith. The mother chooses her children for a reason


The mother was the vampires' main Deity. The creator of all vampires thousands of years ago, before the great pyramids and Pharaohs of Egypt. This deity was the first vampire, known to have existed for over 8000 years, which is old for a vampire. Very old. Over time though, her name was lost. 


She was also the reason for humans evolving to coexist with vampires. She introduced the Blood Quantum through some sort of genetic coding that was far more advanced than anything the world has seen. No one understands it even now, only that it happens somehow. The most advanced scientists of their age could not figure it out, so it must be something bigger than they can even fathom. 


Hoseok knows that whatever it means, he won’t be able to have all the answers he wants. Only that he, along with many others like himself, had to accept it.


HOSEOKKIE: I hope ur right kyun. Making the transition won't be easy but I have you guys to help c:


Changkyun and Jooheon were his childhood best friends, both of whom are type B. This was how they became friends. All the other kids in school treated them like an outcast. But Hoseok knew they needed friends. And so he stepped up for them. 


Two years ago a feeder vampire named Minhyuk picked Jooheon as his human. He was a regular guy. Not too rich nor too poor. He was comfortable enough to support them both and then some. He also went to their school as a biology major and animal studies minor. His personality is sweet and bubbly yet stern and protective. Minhyuk was loved by everyone, yet no one loved him as Jooheon did. And for that, the B human was envied. People were jealous of him for being picked by him. But they faced that envy together. Jooheon held his head high in the face of jealous suitors, and Minhyuk ignored the begging of hopeful replacements.


A year ago Changkyun was picked by a higher status feeder vampire named Hyungwon and has been rolling in wealth ever since. Every time Hoseok sees him the boy is dressed in high-end brands and flashing pretty collars with expensive jewels. It's honestly a stark contrast to his usual sweatpants and t-shirt ensemble. Hyungwon was sort of lanky, but looks were deceiving. Despite his paper doll appearance, Hoseok was sure the guy could easily crush heads like they were watermelons. Again, people envied their pairing. But Hyungwon and Kyun took everything with a grain of salt and pride higher than any mountain.


Hoseok honestly cannot imagine that life for himself. Though it may very well be the reality that he is faced with tomorrow. 


HoneyJoo: kyun is right. We are here hyung c: 


HoneyJoo: minmin said he is proud of you for being so brave , a lot of humans tend to not understand this part of reality


Kyun: I'm glad wonnie is here as well. It seems scary at first. But if your s or m is loving and protecting then you will have no problem fitting into their life


If there was one thing Hoseok was grateful for, it was his friends. They always helped him to feel better in the face of uncertainty. 


HOSEOKKIE: you always know what to say T3T I'm so glad you guys are here 


HOSEOKKIE: I have to go to bed early, they want me at the center early because whoever picked me is an early riser :/ 


Kyun: oh boy, good luck . Wonnie likes to sleep in x)


HoneyJoo: minmin too Cx 


Kyun: if anything hoseokkie, your body is nice and full of muscles, it's hard enough that no one would want to hurt it c:


HOSEOKKIE: I hate you guys 




A blaring alarm roused Hoseok from his sleep, the sound annoying as bells rang over and over. A heavy sleep ridden groan escaped his lips before he can get himself to roll over to turn it off. Sweat looked like a sheen of plastic at his neck and a lingering feeling of terror hung over his hazy mind. Another nightmare. Always the same. A dull ache lingers in his knuckles and he looks down to see red crescents indented in his palms. He was gripping in his sleep again. Perhaps it would be a good idea to cut his nails shorter. 


Hoseok felt horribly gross all over and decides that it would not be good to wait too long. His muscles feel heavy as he drags himself to the bathroom to shower. The hot water does wonders to ease the knots from his muscles and soothe the ache in his throat. Perhaps he screamed at some point, he can't remember the details. 


Now all clean, he steps out and finds clothes to wear with a pretty lilac purple towel around his waist. The paper said to dress lightly yet Semi Formally, hopefully, to not seem too flashy but also make himself presentable for his Vampire. So he chose something from his special box. It held all the clothes that he used for situations where he needed to be noticed but not stand out. And sifting through it, he found the perfect combination. 


A black v neck sweater made of the softest silk with a sheer white undershirt to show off his muscular chest. Simple button up skinny pants that were the color of ash and splashed with silvery streaks. His favorite Doc Martens that were all black with white laces. His hair had been dyed a few days ago to a soft blonde with red at the tips, about an inch or so. He makes sure to use his favorite comb to just barely sweep it over his eyes. Vampires were all about mystery. But he didn’t know their preferences when it comes to makeup, so he keeps his face bare. 


As he looks himself over in the floor-length mirror in his room one last time, a sense of satisfaction comes over him and he can’t help the sigh that leaves his mouth. Call him arrogant, but Hoseok had always known that he was attractive in some way. If it wasn’t his soft sweet smile or crescent shaped eyes, or god forbid his laugh, it was the hard muscles that packed onto his body like an extra skin. He wasn’t too bulky that it was obscene, nor too lean that it was pathetic, but it was enough to have all the girls in his swimming class gasp and swoon every time he had to stretch before a dive. 


Not to mention, the distaste from other... not so lucky guys. Though a few of them also swooned. The ones who eye his muscles with hunger and eagerness instead of jealousy and envy. And though he knows most people waited until a certain age to lose their virginities, they were not shy to… explore certain aspects with other people. 


Hoseok was no stranger to hot breaths against his lips or the feeling of arousal jolting up his spine. But a lot of this excitement was surface level. Nothing went further than the occasional makeout session in the corner of the library or a quick grinding session in the pool’s changing rooms. Hell, he even knows what fellatio is like, on both ends. However, a lot of people in his school were normal humans, well above the age of Presenting any abnormal blood quantum. 


He was only a second year, after all, he was young and fresh faced with the crushing responsibilities of school making him feel older than he was. But it was his purity and the fear of losing it that kept him from really living. 


Everyone in this society knew that an F human was considered the highest type of blood quantum, but they also knew that it meant one of two things. Either a spot in the highest rungs of society draped in wealth and an easy shot to the top. Or, as he feared, a cushy yet imprisoned life chained to a bed and drained of their blood for the rest of their life. Never to see the outside world again. A slave, a pet. 


Many people got rid of their virginities early due to this fear alone. Sure it was uncommon, but that fear was strong and rooted deep in the minds of many. So call him paranoid, but he desperately hoped that even when he was at his new home, he would be treated fairly. Used for blood only when necessary and not for the hell of it. 


Hoseok jolts out of his daydreaming when a beep comes from his phone, and he races over to it to see a message from his mother. A sudden feeling of terror and homesickness brought him to his knees and collapsed against the bed. Hot tears full of salt and sadness stream down his face as he reads the message. 


Eomma<3: hi baby. I wanna know how you are doing. How are classes going? How are your friends? I hope to hear from you soon. Please call me as soon as you have time <3 


His parents did not know about the letter yet. No one who was activated was allowed to divulge news of their picking or activation to their parents until they met their vampires. Only after, when settled in his room and acquainted with his surroundings, could he tell them. But for now, he has to keep it a secret. 


With shaky fingers, he exhaled and types back a message. 


Bunny: hi eomma. Im ok, plz dont worry about me (\ouo/) school is giving me lots of work but its ok i can handle it. My friends are doing great too. I will only have time to call you later tonight if thats ok :) i will be busy for most of the day. I love you, talk to you soon


He presses send and can’t help the shuddering sob that comes from deep in his chest. But it feels good to get his feelings out. 


It takes a few minutes for him to get over his sudden crying fit to get off the floor and fix his hair. He would be late for his meeting if he didn’t man up and leave soon. There would be nothing he could do now to prolong this meeting. With every last ounce of his self-pity party out of his system, he was able to get his car keys and pack up his clothes and special things like books and pictures to take with him. 


The car was nothing special, a plain black model that his parents both saved to get him. It was a common model around the city, but it was his and he would always be grateful for them. The trunk was raised up, making it more of a hatchback than a normal car. The extra room proved useful in holding all his boxes safely. A hope he held in his heart was the wish that whomever his vamp was, they would not get rid of his baby. So much, even if it seemed contrite.


With the last box full of family photos and snapshots of his friends safely tucked away he went into the apartment one last time. Hoseok runs his hands over the walls, over the furniture and blankets still on the couch. Even over the small handprint of light blue paint over his all-white walls just next to the door to the bathroom at child height. That was during his birthday last year when Kyun and Jooheon came over and decided to bring Jooheon’s niece. She had finger paint, and decided that, since her uncle loved blue, to put her hand on the wall. Since then, he hasn’t had the heart to remove it. 


But the thoughts of a new tenant painting over it had his heart squeezing in pain. SO many memories permeated this apartment, seeping into the walls and everything inside. And now, because of the chemical makeup of his stupid blood, all of it would go to waste. 


Anyone would be angry in his situation. But… Now all he can really feel is sadness. A sense of giving up. There was nothing he could rightfully do, so he had no way of fighting it. His fingers fall listlessly to his side and he tears his eyes away. If he lingered any longer, he fears he may break down again. 


“Okay Hoseok, you big scaredy-cat, we gotta go,” he berated himself and tore his eyes from the rest of the apartment to grab his jacket and keys, his cell phone already plugged into his car. This was it, the last time he would be in this apartment… The last time he would be in the place he called home. Because his new home was somewhere out there, with a vampire he didn’t know. A new room, a new life to make memories in. All he could hope for now was that they would be good memories.


A sinking feeling in his stomach makes nausea rise up in his throat, and he almost doesn’t bother turning the key in the ignition. But looking at the time on his dashboard reminds him that he only has an hour to get to the facility, and it was half an hour away. The people there liked you to be early, hence why he woke up before his usual time. Hoseok sighed, gave one last forlorn look to his apartment building, and then drove off. 


That would be the last time he would ever set foot in this neighborhood.