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➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

If they had one dollar every time someone said it wasn’t possible, and to give it up, they'd be fucking billionaires.

Little did they know, however, those “well-meaning” suggestions only made them even more determined to make it work.

Bakugou was used to standing out. He loved the attention, pushed for it, even. His quirk was flashy and his fighting style was a spectacle. His loud, dominant alpha personality just caught everyone's eye even more.

Kirishima, on the other hand, used to shy from the spotlight. But with a healthy dose of self-esteem and regular Bakugou pep-talks, he grew into both his quirk and his dominant personality. Now Kirishima practically radiated happy, confident alpha, catching more than his fair share of attention as well.

The bottom line, the two of them were already eye-catching. So what was a little more notoriety?

“Oh, they’re together. Can two alphas even do that?”

 Bakugou growls as the off-handed comment reaches his ears. They’re just walking down the street, making no effort to hide their relationship, but not making a big deal out of it. So what if his arm is around Kirishima’s waist? He turns to look at the beta whispering with her friends out in front of some shop. They’re eyeing him. Bakugou glares and removes his arm from Kirishima’s waist to wrap around his shoulder, tugging him in with a challenge on his face. By this point, Kirishima has picked up on the situation. He pats Bakugou’s hand and turns to give the girl and her companions a big smile. It just toes the line of being a baring of teeth, a hidden threat. The girl shudders and turns away hastily.

Kirishima nuzzles his face next to Bakugou’s, both for comfort and to scent. “Just ignore them, babe. They don’t know how good we got it.”

“I fucking know, it just pisses me off. Keep their damn thoughts to themselves. Fucking extras.”

Bakugou knows he’s wafting pissed off alpha, so he forces himself to reign it in a bit and gives Kirishima a quick peck on his cheek. He’s the best fucking alpha boyfriend! Fuck all the haters. They are mates and no stupid biology is going to come between them. It almost did, once. Never again.


➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳


For Kirishima, it begins nearly a year ago at the beginning of high school. Classes are tough, the work is hard, and hero lessons challenging, but it feels good to finally have a concrete goal. He can do this. He’s going to do his best, learn as much as he can, and if he doesn’t make it, at least he can say he tried.

And between the quirk trials, battle simulations, USJ villain attacks, and the sports festival, he’s begun to see the advantages his quirk has, and is inspired by the tenacity of his peers. He starts to feel at home among his classmates, where acquaintances are becoming allies and then turning into friends. And that's when he falls for Bakugou Katsuki.

Bakugou has quickly become something like a friend to him, despite Bakugou's denial otherwise. He is someone Kirishima had initially thought was mean-spirited, impulsive, and violent, and as such he was reluctant to get to know him. But through their trials together, they discover their compatible quirks keep them both alive more than once. Their teachers also notice the same benefits of their partnership, and pair them up regularly. Kirishima has a suspicion a part of it was because he can handle both Bakugou's quirk and his explosive personality. As a result, their teamwork blossoms, and Kirishima learns that Bakugou's tough exterior is a more a shield to hide his softer, more thoughtful interior. And that's when the attraction starts.

Kirishima, desperate not to ruin this thing between them, keeps a tight lid on his feelings. He keeps his eyes away from Bakugou's shapely figure in the changing room. He swallows down his excuses when Bakugou requests they spar, and bites his tongue to keep his concerns at bay when Bakugou pushes them both to their limits again and again, until they collapse in an exhausted pile. He puts up with the names and insults and follows Bakugou around like a stray puppy, desperate for his attention. Everyone can see it's a one-sided friendship, but it's enough for Kirishima, who just wants to be worthy of Bakugou's time. Eventually, Bakugou begins to rub off on Kirishima. His friends note that he seems more confident, and his teachers praise him for developing a deeper understanding of his quirk. And maybe, just maybe, one day Kirishima will begin to rub off on Bakugou, too. Kirishima has faith, so he keeps hanging around Bakugou each and every day. He has faith that one day Bakugou will show compassion for his friends and express his feelings. It seems impossible at the moment, but if there's one thing Kirishima has in spades, it's optimism. He stores that faith next to the tiny little box in his heart that contains his hope that one day Bakugou might return his feelings.

Then it’s springtime, and there's a week when everyone begins to present their secondary genders. It’s a time of coming to terms for some. Of changing bodies and new challenges and modified dreams. Kirishima notes a few of his classmates don’t seem to change at all. Todoroki, who had presented on Sunday, is an alpha, to the surprise of some, but Kirishima had a suspicion. Todoroki may not be an actively aggressive alpha, but his repressed emotions are expressed in his quirk and speak louder than words. On Monday, Aizawa makes an announcement during homework that confirms their suspicions. Their class seems to have entered the Secondary gender presentation age. He asks the class to be forgiving of one another as their bodies go through changes they won't know how to control yet. He's talking about increases in scents, uncontrolled quirks, personal space violations as the instinct to scent mark one another peaks. He says he'll let the teacher know and give them a heads up that they might be a little distracted this week.

Then halfway through first period, Bakugou presents as an alpha, of course. There's a loud gasp mid-lecture, and all eyes turn to Bakugou as he stands up abruptly. His eyes are wide and he clenches his hands just in time to minimize his explosions. Then a smirk plays over his face and he sits down with a confident edge to him that nearly makes Kirishima swoon. Bakugou doesn't say a word, but his wide grin and self-satisfied look speak volumes. He turns to look at Todoroki, whose eyes widen, and then the two share a powerful look. Then Todoroki tilts his chin up slightly, an acknowledgment, and Bakugou does the same in return. That's all the confirmation the class needs, as they whisper amongst themselves. Their teacher calls the class to attention and they continue, but Kirishima has eyes only on Bakugou for the rest of the day.

It seems to all make sense now. That's why he had been so attracted to him. It was just his alpha personality. Biology, people would say. Back in the pack days, alphas needed to stand out. They were born leaders and protectors, and were supposed to be eye-catching so threats would focus their attention on them and ignore the rest of the pack. Kirishima doesn't care what he presents as, but he secretly hopes he's a beta or omega. He's calm and disarming like a beta, and friendly and tactile like an omega. Personally, while Kirishima has worked a little on his self-esteem, he definitely doesn't think he has what it takes to be an alpha. Compared to Bakugou, Kirishima is straight-up meek. Not that he thinks omegas are weak or anything!

Kirishima shakes his head to dislodge the thoughts from his head. Even in his own mental conversation, Kirishima doesn't want to offend anyone. Omegas have been through shit enough as it is over the years. Omegas are just as strong and capable as alphas! Bakugou gives him a strange look as the two walk to the train station together after school.

“What the fuck are you doing, shitty hair?”

“N-nothing! Just thinking about our classmates. This whole thing is exciting, isn't it?”

Bakugou scoffs. “You mean the secondary genders? They don't mean shit. Only idiots get so worked up about them.”

Kirishima nods to hide his hurt. He's been thinking about presentations since he was a kid. “Well, I suppose you always knew you were going to be an alpha, huh Bakugou?” He smiles. “It must be nice to have that much confidence,” he says quietly.

Bakugou stops, and Kirishima stumbles to a halt next to him. He turns wide eyes to his friend. Bakugou leans forward and looks at him. It's not a glare, but more a thoughtful, pondering look. Like he can deduct thoughts or read minds. Kirishima gulps. The two stare at one another in silence for a beat. Then Bakugou leans out of Kirishima's space and keeps walking. Kirishima jogs to catch up. He's wondering what the heck that was about, but he doesn't speak up. If Bakugou wants to share, then he will.

“You're worried about this designation thing, aren't ya?”

Kirishima's heart races and he looks down at his feet as they walk. “Maybe,” he says noncommittally. He's not about to reveal to Bakugou that he's hoping beyond hope he's a complimentary gender to Bakugou's alpha. He wants more than anything to be with Bakugou, which is stupid, he knows. They've known one another about three months now, and only really well the last two, and they both have their whole lives ahead of them. But still. Kirishima hopes.

There's a hand on his shoulder and Kirishima nearly collapses from the shock of it. He turns to look at Bakugou in disbelief. Bakugou's not looking at him, but there's a hint of red on his cheeks as he awkwardly pats Kirishima's shoulder. It's too stiff and firm to be anything comforting, but it's Bakugou, and that's more than enough for Kirishima. He blinks quickly to keep his eyes from watering.

“If it's any consolation, I'm pretty sure I know what you're gonna be. Do you want me to tell you?”

Kirishima smiles and shakes his head. Bakugou is so smart, so he's sure his guess will be accurate, but Kirishima doesn't want to know what Bakugou thinks. He wants to find out on his own. This is a once in a lifetime event.

“How about you can tell me after if your guess was correct or not?”

Bakugou grunts an affirmation and removes his hand from Kirishima's shoulder. He glances at the redhead, then does a double-take.

“Oi, what the hell! Are you crying?!”

“No,” Kirishima says with a smile, but doesn't do anything to hide the fact that he's wiping at his wet eyes. “You're really a nice guy, aren't you, Bakugou?”

He laughs as Bakugou splutters, palms exploding in his shock.

The next day, more classmates present, and his friends Ashido, Sero, and Ojiro present as betas. Again, Kirishima isn't surprised, as his friends take their beta roles seriously, helping to keep the mood light and pleasant. Throughout the week the rest of the class presents. Kirishima notes that Kaminari is happy to be an omega, and he’s still as tactile and spunky and bouncy as ever. Midoriya is also an omega, to no one’s surprise except, it seems, Bakugou’s. 

Saturday approaches, their last day of the week, and Kirishima is a nervous wreck when he gets off the train. During their walk to school, Bakugou is quiet, but there's a stiffness to his shoulders. He must be feeling Kirishima's stress. Alphas always were more in-tune to the feelings of those they were close to. Kirishima takes comfort in the fact that Bakugou's alpha thinks he and Bakugou are close, even in Bakugou himself won't admit it. They walk in silence, Kirishima unusually quiet today. There's only one other classmate left who hasn't presented yet, but even by lunchtime Mineta presents as an alpha. After lunch, Kirishima returns to class to witness a riot. All the alphas, Bakugou included, have their hackles up as Mineta sits confidently in his seat, eyebrow raised in challenge. He makes kissy faces towards Yaoyorou and Ashido, and alpha growls rip through the class in protection of the newly presented omega and beta who have caught his attention. Kirishima moves to his seat, tense as the standoff works on levels above his senses. He watches Todoroki enter the room a few minutes after him. He takes a second to survey the room, but then a grimace covers his face as he walks towards his desk. It must be the scents going crazy.

“That bad, huh?” Kirishima asks, as Todoroki passes him. “Does it stink?”

The half and half boy pauses, considering, then graces Kirishima with a soft smile. “Ah, you haven't presented yet. Lucky you. It does indeed smell. I think the pheromones are the worst of it, though. You have inclinations to do stuff that doesn't seem to make any sense. It's...unpleasant.”

Their next teacher arrives before Kirishima can reply, and they very quickly put an end to the situation with a few firm words.

As the class returns to their seats, he overhears Tsuyu say that the only good news about Mineta being an alpha is that the girls can formally file complaints with the school now. An alpha violating the privacy of others and not respecting messages is taken seriously. She's sure that if they all submit incident reports, maybe something will be done.

The class heads to the arena for the rest of their hero classes. Kirishima's nerves make his hands shake as the boys change in the locker room. Sero and Kaminari share a look and then corner him as he slowly changes.

“Hey, Kirishima. You smell super anxious. What's wrong?” Sero asks with a worried look. Kaminari snuggles in close, ducking under Kirishima's arm for a half hug, and looking up at him, concerned. Kirishima loves his friends so much.

“I'm the only one who hasn't presented, yet. I'm worried it's going to happen during training. But I'm also worried it won't happen at all. I just want it to be over and done with.” And I don't want to be an alpha because I have a huge fat crush on another alpha, Kirishima adds mentally.

“It's a little shocking, but it's not that bad,” Kaminari says at Kirishima's side. 

Sero and Kirishima chuckle. “Pun intended? Denki, you electrocuted like four people when you presented.”

Kaminari gives a sheepish shrug and Sero sighs in exasperation as he rounds Kaminari up and gestures at Kirishima to hurry up.

“Let's go, dude. Hiding in the locker room is so unmanly.”

Kirishima groans and Sero and Kaminari make a quick exit. They're right. They are so right. Impassioned, Kirishima finishes changing quickly and sprints to join where the rest of the class had gathered.

All Might is a saint and doesn't call Kirishima out when he's the lone straggler. It's group work today and they get to pick their partners. The purpose today is to balance quick use with their secondary genders and learn control. For example, heightened emotions tend to affect their quirks, and the secondary genders are emotionally driven. All Might tells them they'll be focusing on re-learning their limits, triggers, and controls.

Kirishima watches as his classmates split up, feeling left out suddenly. All Might approaches.

“Ah, young Kirishima. You have not yet presented?”

Before Kirishima can respond, a voice speaks up.

“He'll partner with me.”

It's Bakugou. Kirishima starts to shake his head no immediately.

“No, Bakugou, you need to practice. Please don't sacrifice your learning on my behalf.”

“Tch, what makes you think I can't multitask, idiot? Besides, you'll be a good punching bag for me.”

All Might looks a little disconcerted at Bakugou's words, but he looks to Kirishima for confirmation. Kirishima tries to give a reassuring smile and shrugs.

“It's okay. This is how we do, anyway.”

Bakugou's not all talk, apparently. It becomes glaringly obvious once they get started, that Bakugou is completely on top of his game. His control is impeccable, as usual, and when All Might makes his rounds, he praises Bakugou for also keeping his pheromones in check despite giving it his all during their mock battle.

“Nice work on keeping your aggression and dominance in check, young Bakugou! The last thing you would want to do is trigger allies you're working when in the middle of a villain attack. You wouldn't want to accidentally upset Kirishima and affect him. If he was an omega and you were unleashing very aggressive scents, Kirishima would have a hard time trying to do his attacks.” All Might speaks matter-of-factly, but Bakugou reacts as if it were a personal insult.

“I would never do that! I know how to control myself.”

All Might nods. “Yes, you've been working very hard at that.” He turns to Kirishima. “When you present, young Kirishima, we'll give you supplemental training in this area. Fear not.”

Kirishima bows as All Might leaves. “Thank you sensei.” He feels a little dizzy standing up, but shakes his head and turns back to Bakugou. He forces a smile on his face.

“All right, ready to keep going?”

Bakugou narrows his eyes, but nods. “Prepare to get your ass kicked, shitty hair!” 

“Hah, you wish, explodey boy!”

Without preamble, Bakugou launches himself forward at Kirishima, explosions to help propel him. Kirishima puts his hands up in a block, but as Bakugou gets in range, hand extended for a blast to the face, Kirishima throws out a hardened hand and grips Bakugou's fist. Bakugou's eyes widen as the grip tightens hard enough to hurt, and the explosion fizzles harmlessly. Quick as lightning, Kirishima goes to grab for Bakugou's other fist, but Bakugou swings it behind his body and uses explosions to toss himself up and over Kirishima in an arc. Kirishima's grip is secure, however, so Bakugou's actions send them both flying, Bakugou up and over Kirishima to crash into his back, and Kirishima pitches forward with the momentum. With a wicked grin, Kirishima braces himself and spins to get a hold of Bakugou as they go down. Bakugou's strengths are far and mid-range, but close range is Kirishima's. He pins Bakugou to the floor under his body and the two grapple, each trying to get a better hold on the other. Finally, Kirishima hardens his whole body and sprawls on top of Bakugou, claws digging into the ground. Bakugou wiggles and spits under Kirishima, cussing as he is unable to free himself. He sets off explosion after explosion along Kirishima's body, but the redhead doesn't budge.

“Say 'uncle,' Bakugou. I win.”

“In your dreams, fuckface!” 

“Call it, I won this round.”

“Like hell! A few minutes of this and you'll weaken.”

 “Maybe. But if I had allies they could have already moved in to incapacitate you.”

Bakugou growls frighteningly loudly, and Kirishima feels something come over his body. His blood sings in challenge, and he growls in response. Suddenly, all that matters is Bakugou admitting Kirishima's victory. He won fair and square. Why doesn't Bakugou ever know when to quit?! 

He leans in and growls dangerously low in Bakugou's ear. “I won. You lost. Stop squirming.”

Bakugou does a full-body shudder and stills. Kirishima sits back and watches Bakugou's eyes widen in shock. Then, a huge smirk plays across his face. 

“I fucking called it! You're an alpha. Hell fucking yes, shitty hair!” 

Something like pride takes over Bakugou's face, and it's such a strange look that Kirishima scrambles back off Bakugou, who stays sprawled on the ground and looking at Kirishima like a pleased parent. Then the words sink in, and Kirishima stumbles to his feet as he processes. Did he really just present? He's an alpha? How does Bakugou know? Kirishima looks around the arena. Some of his classmates have stopped to watch, and a few nod in his direction. Kirishima begins to smell something in the air. There are some sweet scents coming from Midoriya and Kaminari. Jiro waves, and a subtle nature-like smell comes from her. And then there's the unmistakable alpha odors. Sharp peppermint from Todoroki, and blistering spice from Bakugou. Kirishima stumbles again as he takes it all in. It's too much. Bakugou's at his shoulder in an instant, and Kirishima looks at him helplessly. Over his shoulder, Kirishima sees Todoroki nod in approval, and return to his fight with Midoriya.

“Oi, get a hold of yourself. You're an alpha just like I predicted. Don't be swooning like a princess or something weird.” 

Kirishima feels himself nod but doesn't move. Bakugou sighs and pulls him along, Kirishima stumbling unthinkingly until he's led to the entrance of the locker rooms. Once there, he pulls from Bakugou. 

“I... need to take a shower,” he says weakly. It's a poor excuse, and Bakugou gives him a disbelieving look. He's not a good liar, so he tries to clarify. “I'll catch up with you later. I just need a few moments. It's a lot to process.”

That seems to satisfy Bakugou. The blond nods and leaves Kirishima standing in the middle of the locker room. Kirishima changes into a towel and heads for the showers, body moving stiffly.

Under the spray of the water, he lets the tears fall.

He's a fucking alpha.

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

That night Kirishima doesn't sleep. It’s the middle of spring but still Kirishima sweats. He’s already kicked his covers off and lays sprawled on top of his sheets, staring at the ceiling in the dim light. He’s been tossing and turning all night.

And why has sleep been eluding him? 

Because he has a crush.

He has a big fat impossible crush that can never happen.

He’s crushing on a wonderful guy who is smart and handsome and strong, who is his best friend. And who is an alpha.

And everyone knows two alphas can’t be together. They don’t work out. The internet has told him so. There have been actual research studies done to supplement the wild opinions and claims online. But they all seem to point to one conclusion: alphas are too aggressive to be viable mates. Without a beta or omega to offer a calming contrast, they’re dangerous. According to the research, they’d almost certainly kill each other.

Kirishima feels tears well up. Is he so broken that even his biology can’t get it right? First his lame quirk and his wimpy personality, and now his inability to like the right designation?

Not like it would even get to that point. Bakugou probably wouldn't be interested in someone like Kirishima, anyway, but presenting as an alpha just crushes any possible hope. There's a pang in his heart as that little box labeled 'hope' was crushed into smithereens the moment his destination was confirmed. He had gone to visit Recovery Girl at All Might's suggestion to get certified and for a mini pep talk on being an alpha. There was no doubt at all: Kirishima was a bona fide alpha.

He was now permanently cemented into the Friend Zone with Bakugou. Not like the Friend Zone was a real thing, Kirishima understood, at least in the most popular context. But Bakugou would only ever see him as a friend. They could grow to be best friends, but that would be it. Kirishima swallows, takes a deep breath, and steels himself. He can do this. Being anything with Bakugou was good enough. It would have to be. 

The next day Kirishima drifts through his day off as if in a dream. He idly remembers waving at friends and smiling at strangers, but he's just going through the motions. Like a puppet on a string. He feels hollow, empty. He declines offers to eat and hang with others, and locks himself in his dark, lonely room. He doesn't know what to do. The one person he would ask for advice is the one person he can't talk to. Kirishima can't stand to even look at Bakugou, sure his face would give away his longing and despair. He needs to get his shit together before he can push the reset button and try to start over again with Bakugou. But right now it's just too much.

Sleep eludes him the next night as well. He avoids others and keeps himself shut up in his room in his house.

Then school starts up again on Monday

 It’s starting to catch up with him, the lack of sleep. If this goes on any longer he’s tempted to ask Recovery Girl for some sleeping pills or something, because this is ridiculous. His face has been looking more and more gaunt and his hair’s been hanging limply for the last couple of days, an oily mess. His clothes, despite his best efforts, are getting rumbled and he knows he hasn’t been smelling any too fresh lately, either. 

He meets Bakugou at their usual spot in front of the train station. If Bakugou can sense his mood, he doesn't say anything. The walk goes like normal, with Kirishima trying to make small talk and Bakugou grunting either in agreement or not. They enter the classroom and Kirishima stops, stunned, as he receives well-wishes and congratulations from his classmates. He forces on a smile, but all he wants to do is cry. Like an actor on a stage, he plays a character of himself through the day, managing to keep himself in check, and excusing himself to the bathroom when his mask begins to crack.

Kirishima's friends are both a blessing and a curse. They can tell immediately something is wrong. Ashido is the one who finally pulls him aside and confronts him. She pulls him aside right after school and takes in the long face and his disheveled look.

“Kiri, you look like shit. What's wrong?” 

“I'm an alpha,” he says hopelessly. He can't put it anymore into words. He's an alpha and that was the last thing he wanted to be.

“Yes, and? There's nothing wrong with that. Wait, do you think...” She trails off, eyes wide as she takes in Kirishima's sullen eyes and shallow look. He's well aware that he looks like death. Ashido's eyes water, and Kirishima can tell her soft strawberry scent sharpens. “Do... do you not feel worthy of being an alpha. You don't think you deserve it?”

It would be so easy for Kirishima to nod and agree with her guess. But they've been friends way too long, and Ashido's helped make Kirishima who he is today. He owes it to her to tell the truth.

So he shakes his head and steels himself.

“I have a crush,” is what he manages to say.

Her expression clears and he can see a pleased look blossom on her face.

“Ah! That's great, Kiri–“

“On another alpha.” 

Her face freezes, mouth wide. Then it crumbles, and Kirishima feels it mirrored in his heart.

“Oh Kiri,” she says pityingly. Kirishima nods and his eyes water.

"It's Bakugou."

“Oh no, Kiri,” she says again, and Kirishima doesn't resist when she opens her arms wide. He falls into her embrace and lets the tears fall on her shoulder as she tries to comfort him with soft hums and the soft smell of strawberry.

Kirishima would love to stay in her arms forever, but there's a cough. Ashido and Kirishima look up at the interruption. It's Bakugou, bag over his shoulder and ready to start their walk home. Kirishima releases Ashido and gives a grateful smile that he knows falls a little flat. He waves a farewell and turns to fall into step next to Bakugou. It’s routine by now, this walk. It used to be one of the best parts of his day, walking home with Bakugou, chatting happily about the day as his friend listens, but now it feels like pulling teeth. He can’t force himself to make the typical small talk, and as a result, the silence between them is loud and awkward. Kirishima isn’t sure that he’ll be able to hold back if he opens his mouth, so he keeps it shut. It’s one thing to hide his crush from Bakugou, especially when there was the tiny chance something could come from it. But the despair he feels right now makes him feel like he’s being swallowed up by a black hole.

Bakugou doesn’t say anything the entire way home, and Kirishima is both thankful and fucking hates it. Aren’t they friends? Does Bakugou not care enough to ask him what’s wrong? But, if he did, Kirishima would have to come clean and that is the absolute last thing he wants to do. So he bites back his words and holds his tears and waves Bakugou off as the blond boards his train without looking back or giving a parting farewell. 

Kirishima cries all the way home.

Eventually, it gets better. Eventually, Kirishima hardens his spirit as he learns to harden his body, and it gets easier. His mask becomes almost as indestructible as his hardening, and it works. He focuses on his studies, his friends, his quirk, and thankfully soon he’s too busy for grief. Kirishima pushes himself through the day, works out at night, and by the time he hits the sheets he’s too mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted to wallow in his despair. And so, the first half of the school year passes, and Kirishima thinks he’s finally got it all figured out. He makes it through midterms, fails his finals, and before he knows it, its summer. Initially, he’s looking forward to it: time off for a hero summer camp with friends. 

But Bakugou’s kidnapping changes everything, and something within him, something he’s been pushing back and back into the farthest corner of his mind, cracks. At first, hopelessness swallows him up at the news. Bakugou is gone, in the hands of the enemy. But then, something ignites. 

At first, it’s a shock. The intensity of it is frightening. Feelings of anger and rage and hurt surface up, and his inner alpha awakens. 

There’s smoke in the air, the forest is on fire, and Kirishima blacks out. His body is yelling and fighting and crying but in his mind he’s standing among the pitch-black nothingness and staring down a massive red wolf. Red eyes pierce his soul. Froth drips from its maw. Kirishima shudders at the violence he feels.

Find our mate, it says, and lunges forward.

Kirishima pushes it back.

Find our mate! it roars, fangs chomping on his arm.

Kirishima tries to hold his ground.

FIND AND RESCUE OUR MATE! it screams, and Kirishima gives in. 

He embraces his inner alpha, decides to worry about the fact that apparently it has chosen Bakugou as his mate later, and utilizes its power. So what if he can't have Bakugou? The villains sure as fuck aren't gonna get him. Kirishima decides to use every ounce of his powers and alpha prowess to get Bakugou back. Any possible edge the alpha designation will give him, he will take full advantage of. His senses become sharper and his awareness is superb. He feels incredible strength and agility and energy now, that he hadn’t before. Kirishima knows without a doubt that this disaster will never happen again. If anything or anyone else comes for Bakugou again, Kirishima is now faster, stronger, and smarter. They won’t get him. He won’t let it happen.

He makes his plans with Todoroki to get Bakugou back.

Because Bakugou is now his mate, no matter what the world says or even what Bakugou wants. By making Bakugou his mate in his mind, his alpha roars and his drive and determination are solid. His resolve is absolute.

He will rescue his mate, and nobody can stop him. 

The retrieval of Bakugou goes without a hitch. And by that Kirishima means Bakgou is recovered. There’s chaos as the world crumbles apart, and All Might falls, but Kirishima’s first thought is that Bakugou is safe. 

It takes a few days for the high of it to settle down. Once the adrenaline has stopped pumping through his blood and his alpha lies dormant, satisfied, the consequences seep in like water through leaks, dripping into his mind, loud in the stillness and impossible to ignore. It takes longer than it should for Kirishima to realize that he’s been giving off aggressive vibes to anyone who even looks at Bakugou. He’s been poorly hiding his attempt at scenting Bakugou, moving in for way too many hugs, much more than usual, and being ridiculously clingy. Fortunately, it seems most people just give him a break, blaming it on the closeness Kirishima feels with Bakugou, and allow him to celebrate his victory at rescuing Bakugou, including the blond himself. He strangely puts up with Kirishima’s touches, not fighting it or pushing him away. Maybe Bakugou needs this, too, Kirishima tells himself. And deep inside, in the tiny broken box, he collects his fragments of hope.

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Chapter Text

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

For a little while, all feels right with the world. Kirishima’s mate is safe and sound, his classmates are fine, and they’re even living in the dorms now. Kirishima doesn’t question why he’s been put in the room next to Bakugou. He has a feeling he’s not going to like the answer. Since being at UA, Kirishima’s been nothing but a hardworking, obedient student. He supposes having one of their previously reliable, bombproof, students go and propose the craziest rescue mission might make the teachers a little concerned. Whatever, it's working in his favor.

They’ve just finished their second week back at the dorms after moving in, and have about a week left until they return back to school for the second semester when Kirishima finally manages to reign in his physical contact to just his typical level. Now, as much as he hates it, it’s just an arm around Bakugou’s shoulder, a nudge as they walk along the sidewalk, plopping next to him on the couch. No more lingering hugs, no more scenting, no hand holding. Kirishima hopes Bakugou won’t call him out on any of it. Thankfully, he doesn’t. Instead, he starts to lean away when Kirishima comes in, like he had in the past, and is quick to throw him off when they’re touching. Bakugou’s scent is quick to return to aggressive and defensive, as usual, and Kirishima hates it all. But he knows the longer he can keep in Bakugou’s good graces, the longer Bakugou will be in his life. If Kirishima scares Bakugou off, he’ll never even get what he currently has. So after a few painful days for Kirishima, they seem to be back to normal, and he thinks he’s in the clear. He turns his attention towards resuming his workout routine and dusting off the textbooks to refresh his memory before school starts.

But then one night Bakugou comes knocking, angry.

It’s some time after midnight, and when Kirishima opens the door, Bakugou’s stance is aggressive, his aura hostile, and his fists are already sparking. Kirishima is sure it’s going to be a fight. Sleepy, but quickly waking up, Kirishima puts out his best calming scent and gives Bakugou a level look. Kirishima has learned Bakugou’s inner alpha well by now, anything aggressive and Bakugou will rise to the challenge, but anything submissive and Bakugou will bite.

The blond stiffy enters the room, slams the door behind him, and moves into Kirishima’s space. He comes right up to Kirihisma, chests nearly touching, and stiffens on a sharp inhale.

Kirishima doesn’t move a muscle, unsure what is happening. This is new territory. He wants to touch, to soothe, but he isn’t sure if his touch would be accepted. Indecision is written all over Bakugou’s face and Kirishima aches, but he reigns himself in. Bakugou is often like a wild animal, and it’s best to let him make the first move. Looking in Bakugou’s eyes, Kirishima suddenly realizes Bakugou’s been crying. Unable to control his body, and fully prepared for a punch that he won’t deflect, he takes Bakugou into his arms, wraps his arms around tight, and scents him, filling the room with calm and protection and ripe cherry.

Bakugou shudders in his arms. Kirishima flinches but doesn’t let go. Sometimes what Bakugou needs and what he wants are warring things, and Kirishima is tired of seeing his best friend, his mate, hurt himself to avoid any and all signs of weakness. So he doesn’t let go. Time seems to stop still. There’s only the sound of their frantic hearts pounding.

Slowly, shakily, Bakugou lifts his hands up. Here it comes, Kirishima thinks, and grits his teeth. He buries his face in Bakugou’s neck, inhaling his scent. Strong apple and biting cinnamon burn on the tip of Kirishima’s tongue. But there’s a lack of aggressive pheromones. Kirishima can’t read anything. Bakugou always did have insane control.

But then the arms come to wrap around Kirishima in a hug, and the redhead sobs.

Night terrors, he thinks, and he tightens his hold. That’s why Bakugou is here in the middle of the night. His mate is coming to him for comfort and protection. There is nothing Kirishima would rather do at this moment. Literally, nothing on the planet could rip him from Bakugou’s arms right now. Kirishima wants to smack himself for not noticing earlier. Of course, Bakugou might have some lasting impact from his horrific experience. Kirishima had hardened his resolve to get Bakugou back, but he can only imagine what pure survival, fight-or-die mode Bakugou had fallen into. Maybe… Bakugou was benefitting from the physical contact as much as Kirishima was. Maybe more.

They should have talked about it. They still should.


Bakugou’s scent takes on a strange note, and it’s all the warning Kirishima gets before Bakugou’s legs collapse and he falls. Kirishima dives to catch his weakened body, and very quickly he’s aware of how light Bakugou in. Shit. Shit shit! Why wasn’t Kirishima paying closer attention? He’s been so fucking focused on himself and his needs, he was completely ignoring Bakugou. There was no excuse. He’s well aware others would defend him and say that Bakugou is hard to read. That his distances himself and makes himself difficult to puzzle out on purpose. That’s not good enough for Kirishima. He’s supposed to know Bakugou better than anyone. 

“Bakugou?” Kirishima asks. It sounds more like a plea to his ears.

“F-fuck,” Bakugou whimpers, and Kirishima’s heart feels like breaking.

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

After that, it becomes a thing. Something they both embrace.

The touches.

The scenting.

They begin to smell like one another.

More than once, one of their classmates begins to say something thoughtless, to call them out on it, to question, only to be smacked or hushed by the others. Soon, it’s just accepted by all of class 1A. Not even the teachers say anything. But Kirishima and Bakugou can tell everyone is watching. Waiting with bated breath for the fallout. The end result.

After about a month, the proof is in: Bakugou is calmer than he’s ever been.

More than once, Ashido catches Kirishima walking around with a beaming smile, eyebrow raised in question, and Kirishima can’t help but shrug. He’s getting everything his alpha wants. He gets to touch his mate, smell like his mate, make his mate smell like him, and be around him all the time. So what if Bakugou doesn’t know what’s really going on? Kirishima can live like this. They’re a little pack, and everything is perfect.

That’s about the time Kirishima begins to become solid friends with Tetsutetsu. The other alpha had started out as a rival, then a workout partner, and now he’s a pillar of unwavering affection and support. He’s bitingly honest and genuine, and being with Testu is refreshing. Tetsu will give it like it is, and Kirishima doesn’t have to hide anything about himself to Tetsu. He becomes the second and final person to know about Kirishima’s crush. But while he has a hard time understanding, Tetsu is optimistic things will all work out as they should.

“It could just be a side effect of the kidnapping. Everyone and their mom knows you were the second person most affected by it. Well, besides Bakugou himself, and likely Midoriya. I’m sure things will work out just fine, dude!”

It works, for a while. Then they begin to prepare for the provisional license. Given his performance on his final, Kirishima’s worried. Bakugou, however, seems to have come back with a vengeance. He’s more ferocious, dipping harder into his alpha personality and ruthless with his attacks. Kirishima loves it. He loves this vibrant, explosive Bakugou living life to its fullest. He’s confident if they stick together they’ll make it through the exam.

They got this.

They keep this positive mentality on the bus over. During the instructions. At the start of the first match. They totally got this, Kirishima thinks.


It turns out, they don’t.

As much as they had prepared, worked together, allied, rallied, and developed their relationship and their teamwork, there was one factor that both of them had completely forgotten about. The other schools, like UA, are doing everything in their power to win. And Bakugou and Kirishima have provided them the perfect ammo.

They don’t know Bakugou used to cry himself to sleep. They don’t know Kirishima has completely and irrevocably tied his life to Bakugou’s. They don’t know the friendship the two boys have is a crutch, a support, and lifeline. Of course their close relationship would be misconstrued.

It starts as whispers, pointing fingers.

Then laughs.

The comments. 

Then rumors.

The other schools are vicious.


“Wow, the two of you couldn’t have found anyone else to date?”

“Two alphas? You’re both crazy.”

“So, who bottoms? Who’s the slut?”

“That’s some fucked up shit. I knew UA was full of crazies.”

“Bakugou Katsuki? I bet he got some marbles knocked loose by the villains and that’s why he’s bedding an alpha.”


And so, it falls apart from there, unfortunately.

Their plans shrivel and catch fire and burn to ashes. At this point it isn’t even about passing the stupid test anymore.

Kirishima bares his teeth, doing his best not to fall victim to the taunting, and tries to focus on just getting through the test.

Bakugou crashes and burns in the most spectacular way. Devastating power, breathtaking beauty, complete annihilation.

Kirishima puts his own conflicting feelings aside for Bakugou on the way home. At first, Kirishima had been elated when people had misinterpreted and thought they had been together, as boyfriends. But seeing their reaction, even when it involved Bakugou, one of the most powerful people Kirishima knew, was a bitter taste in the back of his throat. The memory of the laughter that had accompanied the reveal of the results haunts him. Laughing at Bakugou, smirking like he had deserved the fail, because of his closeness to Kirishima. The taunts that Bakugou must be the submissive one, and therefore broken, nearly set Kirishima off. Only Todoroki’s calm interference had kept the bloodshed at bay, since had failed the exam as well. Fortunately, Bakugou was in too much shock to really hear them, and he is still on the bus back. In the back of the bus, and Kirishima rests his hand on Bakugou’s arm, in a calming gesture.

Bakugou snarls and throws him off, turning away from Kirishima and curling up facing the window. Kirishima closes his eyes and swallows down the pain.

He’s the one that’s done this to Bakugou, isn’t he?

They’ve never talked about it, just played it off in a very ‘who gives a fuck’ Bakugou fashion.

But this was a taste of reality.

This was how the world would see them.

Forget being a pro hero, they can’t even be treated normally as just normal kids during high school.

With the need for spotless records, something like this would make it absolutely impossible for them both.

Kirishima needs to break this off, for Bakugou’s sake.

Better to burn the bridge himself. He can’t imagine Bakugou rejecting him. It would probably kill him.

So Kirishima stays away from Bakugou as they get back to the dorms and wash up. He doesn’t seek him out during dinner, or during their usually evening chill session.

Kirishima hides in his room and cries.

He cries himself to sleep, and startles awake in the middle of the night with a deep ache in his chest, over his heart. Immediately alert, Kirishima scouts his room, and when that brings up no enemies, he leaves his room and knocks on Bakugou’s door. He’s not there. Dread pooling, Kirishima scouts his room, too, but reveals nothing. Paranoid, he’s about to go grab a teacher, but resolve to check in on Kaminari, one floor down. Not that the omega can’t take care of himself, it’s more for Kirishima’s piece of mind.

Kirishima knocks, and knocks, and finally, Kaminari opens the door, bedraggled and cranky.

“Ugh, dude, what the hell?”

“Have you seen Bakugou?”

Immediately he straightens up.

“No? Shit, he’s - shit!”

Then they hear someone coming up the stairs.

“That must be him, Kiri!”

 But Kirishima isn’t taking any chances. It could be another villain attack. His hackles raise and Kirishima feels his claws lengthens. He growls warningly just under his breath, and his scent becomes an aggressive warning. Kaminari whimpers and Kirishima backs him into his room and slowly, carefully enters the stairwell. Someone is coming up, slowly. Suspicious, Kirishima’s mind screeches. He raises the pitch of his growl, so it becomes audible. He’s not one for stealth. If it's an enemy, he’s gonna confront them head-on. If they think they'll get through Kirishima, they have another thing coming. Maybe they already have Bakugou. His mate. Well, they aren’t fucking getting his omega, too. He’ll force them to tell him his mate’s location, and if they refuse to talk he’ll beat it out of them. Kirishima’s blood begins to rush.

The steps on the stairs pause. Kirishima is on high alert, listening for any sign. Are they activating their quirk? Are they going to run in fear, cause that’s not an option either? Kirishima takes a step forward, guarding the top of the stairs. He hardens his body in anticipation. He’s feeling like a live wire.

There’s a gasp, then an answering growl. Another alpha!

Kirishima launches himself down the stairs, around the bend where the dim lighting reveals a figure-

An explosion hits him square in the face, and Kirishima drops his hardening in shock. He’s never been so happy to hear an explosion.


He forgets Bakugou never does anything by halves, and the second fist comes flying. He tries to harden but it's too late, he’s thrown into the wall by the force of the explosion, but hardens in time to avoid being pummeled into the wall.

Kirishima shakes his head and takes stock of his mate.

Bakugou… looks like shit. Bandages, blood, torn clothes, haunted expression, emotional and exhausted. Kirishima’s relief quickly bleeds into immediate concern.

“You look like shit, dude!”

“Yeah, and I feel like it too, fucking what the fuck were you-” He cuts himself off with an exhausted sigh. “You know what, I don't give a fuck, let me go the fuck to bed.”

He shoulders Kirishima aside, or tries to, and limps up the stairs to the next floor. Krishima turns in the stairway to see Kaminari peeking his head out of his room, eyes wide with a matching expression. The slam of a door a floor above them echoes, and Kirishima jerks back to the present. 

“Grab some blankets,” Kirishima says, and jogs the rest of the way up.

This was going to be a two-person job.    

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Unsurprisingly, Kaminari is the next one to join their little band. Surprisingly, it’s Bakugou who initiates it. Maybe he’s still reeling from the kidnapping. Maybe it’s Kirishima’s more gentle nature in accepting others. Maybe it’s Kaminari’s omega dynamic. Whatever it is, it happens in the middle of the night a few weeks later.

Kaminari had been jittery all day, but on the eve of his heat, he snaps. Hormones haywire, he bursts out of his room and the safety of his nest like a bat out of hell, crying and shaking, giving off little charges of electricity as he desperately looks for comfort. First, he tries Iida and Ojiro’s rooms, but neither were present, and in his panic he runs up a floor and tries Kirishima’s floor. The pounding wakes Kirishima up, but by the time he opens the door, Bakugou is already there. Kirishima remembers the fear he first felt at seeing Bakugou with his hands on Kaminari. The omega is a good friend, and Kirishima wasn’t about to let Bakugou get off on hurting him, even if he was his mate. But Bakugou had his arms around Kirishima and tucked him in so the omega’s nose was to his neck. His gentle spiced-apple scent had filled the air and Kirishima sighed happily. The two alphas had worked together to bring  Kaminari down from his panic, and when he finally dozed off he had done so snuggled between the two of them.

Kirishima asks Bakugou about it later. The answer he gets is a surprising one. Blushing, Bakugou admits that he never wants an ally to feel the type of fear he had felt that summer. Kaminari doesn’t have a bad bone in his body and while he’s silly and naive, he’s not cruel, and had simply been at the whim of his dynamic. Kirishima suspects it also helped he was the only other witness. Bakugou lets Kirishima take the lead in telling the rest of the class when they question why everyone seems to smell like one another. When he tries to explain the new development of their pack, he's caught off guard how everyone just assumes Kirishima had been the one to initiate it. He's asked how he convinced Bakugou, what trick he used, the favor he called. It never crosses their minds that Bakugou wanted it, too. Kirishima is hurt by the fact that his classmates still know so little about Bakugou.

Soon, the rest of their close friends join. Ashido is next, and Sero. It’s not a real pack, nothing official, but just touches and smells and comfort. It’s perfect. 

In their little family, they can hide from the harsh realities of society.


➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳


Chapter Text

 ➳  ➳ ➳  ➳ ➳  alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

For Bakugou, it begins after the fight with Deku, during the three days of house arrest. That’s when he comes to terms with his feelings. At first he fucking hates it. He spends all of the first morning mentally cursing out Deku and All Might and the villains in all the languages he knows, with all the curse words he knows. And when that’s not enough, he makes some new colorful ones up. He’s angry as he cleans every inch of the goddamn dorm, thoughts painfully swirling and screaming around in his head. All his failures sit right at the front of his mind, too loud and too bright. 

It’s a good thing there’s no one around, save Deku, and Bakugou has resolutely avoided him at all costs. Despite the boy’s best attempts at trying to make conversation, Bakugou has done everything in his power to be scarce whenever his classmate has come around. His relationship with Deku is a whole mess he doesn’t have the mental or physical energy to untangle right now, if ever, and the sight of him is just too much to process. Because with Deku comes All Might, and everything All Might is too painful to think about. So it’s better to just not right now and say that he did. 

Every time he’s caught even the slightest whiff of chocolate he’s fucking booked it. Bakugou may or may not have jumped in a closet or hidden behind a few doors just to avoid Deku, but those secrets will die with him and never be uttered aloud. All those years of winning hide-and-seek as a child have served him well, because if he even has to so much as look at Deku’s face, he’s going to explode him.

Having the dorm building mostly to himself means he has some time to cool down. To process. To Reflect. And it also means he doesn’t have to punch anyone for catching him lingering outside the rooms of his friends. He’d rather die than admit to anyone he misses Ashido’s bright presence. Or Sero’s stability. Or Kaminari’s easy-going attitude. Bakugou heads back to his room for a break, and his feet stop in front of Kirishima’s door. And it’s that scent that really gets his brain working.


Bakugou remembers the first time he had smelled Kirishima’s alpha scent. It was shortly after Kirishima had presented. At first, Bakugou was surprised by how unhappy Kirishima had seemed after getting his secondary gender. But in true Kirishima fashion, the redhead had gotten his shit together and embraced his inner alpha, and that’s when his scent had begun to ring true. Bakugou noticed it most during training, when the two of them were sparring and snarling and clawing. Fighting with Kirishima always made his blood sing, and among the sweat, his heightened senses had picked up on a subtle change in the wind. It was shocking enough to catch Bakugou off guard for a second, but that instant was all Kirishima had needed to throw a hardened fist straight into his face. He’d nearly broken Bakugou’s nose that day, and Kirishima was fucking lucky the wound hadn’t scarred. 

Angry at himself for getting distracted, and angry at Kirishima for not fucking holding back even though Bakugou had demanded he come at him full force, Bakugou had fallen into his old ways and attacked Kirishima right where it hurt.

Words muffled by the rag pressed to his face in the locker room later, Bakugou had let Kirishima have it.

“S’not my fucking fault I caught a whiff of your puny-ass smell. It was so awful.”

Like a good sport, Kirishima had rolled with the punches. 

“Oh yeah? I bet you were distracted by how good I smell. What’s it smell like?”

Their classmates had spent all of lunch break that day excitedly chatting and comparing scents, complimenting one another on their smells like they were clothes. Bakugou had rolled his eyes when their classmates had come to him asking. Alphas had the best noses for that kinda thing. Omegas were a close second, but were better at picking out the pheromones and the emotional projections, rather than identifying the flavor of the smell itself. Ashido had bounced over to him after asking Kaminari what she smelled like, and had gotten the rather unhelpful answer “you smell happy and bubbly.”

Bakugou had adamantly refused each and every request to identify a classmate’s scent. But it didn’t mean he wasn’t aware of Kirishima’s longing looks. He was well aware that his friend had been dying to get Bakugou’s opinion.

Bakugou thought Kirishima smelled like fresh cherry pie, mouthwatering and overwhelming. Bakugou loved cherries. They were tart yet sweet, and too small to be fully satisfying so he could never get enough. Bakugou was always craving more.

But he wasn’t going to tell Kirishima that.

“You smell like a fucking sissy, asshole. All sweet and shit. It’s gross and plastic, like cherry chapstick.”


“Cherry chapstick. The gross one. I fucking hate cherry.”

Bakugou still remembers the way Kirishima’s face had crumbled in the memory, fresh as if it was just yesterday. Back in the dorms, Bakugou painfully lowers himself to the ground, smarting from his injuries from Deku, and wraps his arms around his knees. He inhales Kirishima’s wonderful cherry smell, and reflects. 

He takes the time to replay nearly every major interaction he’s had with Kirishima. He analyzes Kirishima’s behaviors, Bakugou’s own responses, and tries to find clues. He comes to a few conclusions. 

One, Kirishima’s been hiding something from him. The realization doesn’t sting as much as he thought it would. Bakugou has more than his fair share of things he doesn’t want to reveal to others. Kirishima is entitled to his, too, but Bakugou worries for Kirishima. It’s not his typical behavior and Bakugou wants to make sure his best friend is alright.

Two, Bakugou needs to up his game. He’s far from acceptable friend material, and if he wants to keep Kirishima around, he needs to work harder. Upon reflection, Bakugou’s found many situations where he should have handled things better. Is he the reason Kirishima’s been keeping things to himself? Hopefully it’s not too late to repair things a bit. Kirishima’s been putting up with Bakugou’s nearly toxic behavior, but it’s really not fair to the redhead to keep it up this way. 

Number three, Kirishima’s always been there for Bakugou, often before Bakugou himself has even realized he needs it. At school, at Kamino, yesterday after the fight with Deku. And maybe that’s what started this whole reflection thing in the first place. Kirishima hadn’t asked any questions when he’d seen Bakugou all messed up, he’d even brought over Kaminari and the two of them had just...been there. For him. Bakugou had fallen into a peaceful sleep with his bed smelling of apple and lemon and cherry, and it was one of the best things ever. With Kirishima, Bakugou never had to ask.

And that leads him to the final realization. Bakugou likes Kirishima. A lot. They are partners in everything and they make an excellent team. Bakugou wants Kirishima around. He’s evaluated the important things in his life and reprioritized them. Kirishima ranks right at the top. Bakugou isn’t sure if it’s his warm presence, or his comforting scent, or his sweet personality. Whatever it is, one thing remains true: Bakugou is who he is today due to Kirishima being in his life. And Bakugou likes who he is. Mostly. He’s still got some work to do, like fucking beating Deku into a goddamn pulp, but there’s time enough for that later.

By the time his classmates return from school, Bakugou’s made a few decisions. There are some things he’s going to change. But first things first, however, he needs to deal with Kirishima. 

He gets his opportunity that evening.

 ➳  ➳ ➳  ➳ ➳  alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

There’s a knock at his door.

"H-hey Bakugou. How are you feeling?"

Bakugou’s initial trigger response stalls. 

It’s Kirishima. 

“It’s unlocked,” he responds, too chicken to ask for him to stay.

But Kirishima reads between the lines, like he’s always done, and enters the room with a smile. He comes and sits next to Bakugou on the bed, and the blond feels a sense of relief. Seeing Kirishima in person and scenting him was exactly what he needs. So why can’t he find it in him to ask for it? He knows Kirishima won’t turn him down.

Wordlessly, he looks up. At Kirishima’s bright hair. At his smile. At his scar. At the circles under his eyes. At his tired face.


Can he do it? Can he do it for Kirishima?

He’ll try.

Bakugou takes a deep breath and looks Kirishima straight in the eyes.

“It hurts.”

Kirishima’s eyes widen in shock. His face goes through a range of startled expressions, but Bakugou plows on.

“I don’t mean all of this,” Bakugou says, lifting his bandaged arms. “Well, this a little, but mostly inside. All these thoughts. I’ve done a lot of reflecting today. And it fucking sucked.”

Kirishima is still speechless. Maybe at Bakugou’s honesty, or at his words. Whatever it is, he’s taking it in stride. Kirishima rests a hand carefully on Bakugou’s knee.

“Are you okay, Bakugou? This is...unlike you.”

Courage spent, Bakugou nods and looks down at where Kirishima’s hand is touching him. He can’t say this next part while looking at him. It’s too much.

“’re. A really good friend, Kirishima. I’m not sure if I’ve ever said it before. Thank you for being...staying? I’m’s- fuck.”

He falters, stuttering and tripping over his words. They get caught in his throat and he can’t continue.

Kirishima shifts, and Bakugou inwardly panics, but it’s just his friend moving to wrap his arms around him. Supporting him. Being there for him.

“I know. You don’t have to say it, Bakugou.”

With his nose at Kirishima’s neck, he can smell the sweet cherry scent, right on his lips, and Bakugou gives in. He pulls his arms up and returns Kirishima’s embrace.

“But thank you for saying it,” Kirishima continues, slightly muffled by Bakugou’s neck. “You’re a good friend, too.”

As the moment stretches, Bakugou has an idle thought. Apple and cherry smell really good together. 

 ➳  ➳ ➳  ➳ ➳  alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Ever since the house arrest, Bakugou’s been doing his best. He tries to show Kirishima how much he appreciates him, even when he can’t say it. It’s hard at first, but it gets easier over time. 

And then Kaminari goes into heat. Like all the other alphas in the dorm, Bakugou gives the omega plenty of space and keeps to his room. Since no one’s formed a pack with Kaminari, his scent is sour and off-putting. Omegas only smelled sweet during their heats to those they were pack bonded or mate bonded to, allowing the modern omega to pursue their careers without any issue. Anyone not closely associated with an omega found their smell unappealing, and their pheromones were a clear warning to back off. 

But then something had gone wrong with Kaminari’s heat. There’s a fuss in the middle of the night, banging and crying, and Bakugou’s moving before he can even think. If the villains are back-

Bakugou slams open his door to see Kaminari crying, on his knees outside Kirishima’s door. The sight of tears on the omega triggers something in him, and before he could process or tell his body no, his hands are already on the distressed omega, calming him. As if on autopilot, his hands seek out the glands on the blond’s neck, and he’s pulling him in for a scenting hug. 

Kaminari goes pliant immediately, tension draining from his body like water. The door next to them opens, and Kirishima’s sleepy face is peeking out. Bakugou thinks Kirishima is going to come and collect Kaminari from him, but instead his face turns furious and there’s a spike of aggression in the air. Bakugou grits his teeth but doesn’t rise to the challenge, holding Kaminari tighter when the omega shudders, and increases his soothing scent to help keep the situation under control. Sure enough, Kirishima calms down and quickly comes to kneel next to the pair. 

It takes a few minutes, but Kaminari settles down. Bakugou doesn’t want to think too hard about why his presence was calming to the omega. Sure, the spunky blond likes to call them friends, but nothing about Bakugou is soothing. Bakugou goes to pull back, leaving this to Kirishima, but Kaminari yelps and panics, gripping tight to Bakugou’s shirt. Kirishima looks up at Bakugou, pleading, and with a sigh, Bakugou gives in. They relocate to Kirishima’s room, and amid the blankets and calming scents, Kaminari stops trembling and falls into a restless sleep.

“Do you know what happened?” Kirishima whispers later in the dark. Bakugou gives him a look, and Kirishima chuckles. 

“Good point, if I don’t know then why would you? But while you may not think it, Kaminari does think you’re a good friend.” Kirishima pauses, thinking. “Hmm, do you think it’s related to the heat?”

“Possibly. We should ask him later. Now shut up, I’m gonna catch some sleep, too.”

Kirishima raises his eyebrows in surprise, and Bakugou glares, just daring him to say something about it. But because he’s smart, he doesn’t and Bakugou closes his eyes and tries to deny how nice it feels to be snuggled in bed with the two people he hates the least. It feels good to be wanted, and chosen, and looked up to. 

When they all wake later, the good feelings stay, and Kaminari and Kirishima look so happy Bakugou can’t find it in him to feel guilty and pretend it never happened. He’s not going to let himself feel ashamed. It felt nice and the others appreciated it. So why should he cower and hide?

Kaminari reaches out for him tentatively, shyly. His hand brushes Bakugou’s arm. 

“Thank you, Bakugou. I’m sorry for bugging you. You’re a good person, a great alpha.”

“What happened?” Kirishima asks for the both of them. 

The omega shrugs in response. “This is my first heat away from home. I think with all that’s been going on, my body just went weird. I was supposed to start my heat during summer camp, but…”

For some reason, Bakugou feels awful. He knows the kidnapping wasn’t his fault, he knows he’s not responsible for inconveniencing the others, but at the same time, it’s simple math. If Bakugou hadn’t been the target for the villain attack, Kaminari would have had a normal heat. But with all the chaos delaying his cycle over summer, and then when his body couldn’t put it off any longer, he still felt unsafe. That’s why the omega’s cycle had gotten dysregulated.

“Let’s form a pack.” Bakugou hears himself say it. It’s sound logic, and he’s thought it through, instead of acting on impulse. A decision this big needs to be carefully processed. A good alpha makes good decisions for the sake of others. Yes, Bakugou had wanted to be a good friend for Kirishima, but being a good alpha in general is just as important. He’s coming to realize that. Alphas are leaders. It’s time for him to step up.

Kaminari’s eyes water as he nods, looking at Bakugou in awe, but Bakugou only has eyes for Kirishima. The redhead is shocked, eyes wide and mouth agape. Disbelief is clear on his face.

“And the others?” Kaminari asks tearfully. Bakugou manages to look away from Kirishima and gives him a soft look. 

“Let’s get you taken care of first, then go from there. Your body might need some time, but the pack bond should help you regulate properly. It’s just a casual pack, not anything official, but it should be enough.”

Bakugou reaches for Kirishima, and that shakes him out of his stupor. 

“Wait, right now?” It’s more a squeak than a question, but Bakugou yanks him in close anyway. He looks Kirishima dead on.

“Why wait? He agreed. Do you agree?”

Kirishima nods, and Bakugou growls. “You gotta say it, idiot.”

“Y-yes. Let’s form a pack!” He seems to get more excited the more he thinks about it, and Bakugou rolls his eyes before tugging Kirishima in and putting his face to the redhead’s neck. He licks one of Kirishima’s scent glands, and the other alpha yelps, before stuttering out apologies. 

“It’s okay,” Bakugou says lowly, his instincts going into overdrive. “They’re supposed to be sensitive. It’s just biology. Ready?”

He gets a nod then goes to bite. His body knows what he wants, and his inner alpha guides him. Bakugou’s teeth catch the edge of the gland and sink in, but not too deep. Even if he wanted to, his teeth can’t bite any deeper. Alpha instincts take control of his body, knowing exactly what to do. Pack bonds are formed by shallow bites on the scent gland. They don’t show and they don’t scar, but they will begin to smell like one another and be calmed by each other. If all participants are happy and pleased within the pack, the bond will continue without maintenance. Should Bakugou do something unforgivable, the pack bond will dissolve and need to be reestablished once the issue has been resolved. 

It’s a huge responsibility. But Bakugou thinks he’s ready. Being alpha to a little pack will help keep him in check. And even if things don’t work out, this isn’t official anyway. He’s not going to register it with the school or anything. This is just among friends. And it’s a commitment. It will prove to Kirishima that he’s important to him.

He’s going to run the best fucking pack. His friends will never want for anything. Fuck. Bakugou closes his eyes as his blood sings. His inner alpha is roaring with pleasure. A hint of copper teases his tongue, breaking through the cherry flavor, and Bakugou pulls back from Kirishima’s neck before there’s any blood spilled. 

The redhead pulls back from Bakugou shakily, breathing heavily. He’s stiff in Bakugou’s arms, and just when Bakugou is about to ask him if he’s okay, he swoons. Bakugou catches him before he falls, and Kaminari’s there in a heartbeat, helping to lower Kirishima to the bed. 

“Kiri! What’s wrong?” Kaminari looks up at Bakugou as Kirishima’s eyes flutter. “What happened?”

“He’s fine. Sometimes it’s a lot, the pack bonding. It’s probably because I bit him first, so the pack right now is two alphas. Maybe his body wasn’t expecting it.”

“Oh, because it’s like you’re dominating him? It’s an alpha thing, right? Don’t worry, Kirishima, Bakugou’s going to be a great pack leader. And if he’s not, I’ll kick his ass!”

Bakugou chuckles, and ruffles Kaminari’s hair. “Damn right. You ready?”


Kaminari’s scent quickly goes from sour lemon to sweet lemonade under Bakugou’s mouth, and with the hint of cherry still on his tongue, it’s the best thing. Nothing’s going to fucking mess with his pack, Bakugou decides right then and there. Fuck them. Kaminari grips Bakugou’s arms, but stays upright when Bakugou pulls away. The omega is way too happy, a huge grin plastered on his face as he rubs Bakugou’s arm in thanks then goes to dote on Kirishima until the other alpha fully wakes. Bakugou grins in response. He’s well aware that Kaminari’s inner omega is preening with two badass alphas leading his pack. Damn, any future mate of Kaminari is gonna have a hell of a time competing. 

And maybe if Bakugou plays his cards right, the same will go for Kirishima, too. He’s going to make anyone that ever said anything bad about Kirishima eat their words. He’s going to make his friends look so fucking good, people will be begging for a chance to even associate with them.

 ➳  ➳ ➳  ➳ ➳  alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

The second semester brings a whirlwind of changes. They meet the Big 3, although Bakugou had missed their initial introduction, his classmates begin to sign up for internships, which Bakugou and Todoroki can’t partake in, and it seems everyone is quickly growing and getting stronger.

Except for him. 

Bakugou feels like he’s being left behind in school. So he pushes himself academically, trains harder, and works on his temperament and his pack. Kaminari and Ashido had praised him when he’d started to be more honest about his feelings during their regular hangouts, and Sero had idly commented that it was about time. It was good Bakugou was serious about becoming a pro-hero, he’d said.

While Bakugou was working on becoming a slightly more genuine person, and a good alpha, he isn’t about to say he is changing for Kirishima. The idea of improving his personality for popularity hadn’t even crossed his mind originally, although it is a smart strategy if he wants to become number one. But the truth is too much to admit so he’s been keeping his mouth shut and just trying to be a better person.

And with the provisional license classes, it’s keeping him more than busy enough.

He doesn’t have the energy to bitch and moan as his pack tells him about the internships. Kirishima’s put in an application for Fat Gum’s agency, and he’s just learned Tamaki Amajiki works for him, too. Kaminari isn’t so sure about applying, but Ashido is inspired by Tsuyu and Uraraka. He hates hearing them talk casually about moving on when he can’t, but to be honest it’s a fair deal. Bakugou is just grateful he has the chance to catch up, and that he wasn’t expelled after everything he’s done, so he'll suck it up and make the most of it. Doesn’t mean he’ll fucking smile and skip along the way, though.

“Make up your fucking mind, Ashido, instead of just complaining about it!”

“And there it is. The real Bakugou,” Sero quips.

Kirishima tuts. “He’s doing his best, Sero. He lasted longer today than yesterday! It’s nearly bedtime!”

“That’s right, Bakugou, you’re working really hard on this, aren’t you. Such a good alpha,” Ashido coos and gives Bakugou a hug. He doesn’t fight it, just sighs. Such is his life, now. He’s a pack alpha, after all.

“I wonder, are you trying to work on being a good alpha for your future mate? Is there someone you have your eyes on? Someone you wanna impress? Not that we don’t appreciate it!” Kaminari raises his hands in surrender when Bakugou glares at him from over Ashido’s arms.

“Maybe we should worry less about why Bakugou wanted to change and just accept his decision?” All eyes jump to Kirishima as he begins to work himself up. “As you know, finding a conviction and staying on your path is the manly way. It doesn’t matter why someone chose to change, it’s important that they did! We need to acknowledge Bakugou’s unwavering resolve!”

Kaminari pounces on Kirishima, knocking them off the couch onto the floor. 

“Kiri, we talked about this! No ‘manly resolves’ after ten! It’s just too much. Keep them in the mornings, alright?”

“I can’t help it,” Kirishima whines, trying to grab at Kaminari’s hoodie to pull the clingy omega off. “Bakugou’s got such a manly spirit! You know I can’t help my admirat-”

Sero is the next one to attack Kirishima, throwing a cushion at him.

“Shut up, you’re embarrassing us! We know you love Bakugou already, god!”

Kaminari accidentally crashes into Sero while wrestling with Kirishima, and the two both fall on top of the alpha. Ashido giggles and tosses herself down on the pile, amid complaints from all.

Reluctantly, Bakugou joins them after some playful jabs, and his worries about playing catch up and making his dreams come true fade away. But a new thought comes to the front of his mind. Annoyingly buzzing in his head like mosquitos. 

Kirishima likes him? Or was it a joke? And Sero knows? Do they all know? But it was just a play on words, right? Right?

Kirishima doesn't like-like him, much less love him.


 ➳  ➳ ➳  ➳ ➳  alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

From then on, Bakugou pays more attention to Kirishima. He tries to pester his pack for answers without being obvious, but he’s shit at it anyway and they answer his awkward questions just to humor him. But his questioning brings up some new information he wasn’t expecting.

They’re having dinner together in the dorms, minus Kirishima who’s on his way home from a workout with someone from Class 1B. 

“Of course Kirishima thinks you’re his best friend,” Ashido says with a head tilt. “Were you worried about being replaced?”

“Kirishima loves everybody,” Kaminari states. “He’s even becoming really good friends with that Tetsu guy from 1B.”

Sero pats Bakugou on the shoulder. “It’s a good thing you’re chilling out, Bakubro, because I bet Kirishima’s gonna ask you if Tetsutetsu can join our pack. But you’ll always be Kiri’s number one, don’t worry.”

“Would you be okay if another alpha joined? We all like Tetsu alright, but having three alphas in a pack our size is unusual.” Ashido’s looking a little worried. She shares a look with Sero.

No, Bakugou doesn’t want another alpha in his pack. And he doesn’t want someone Kirishima’s close to. Especially not from 1B. He wants Kirishima’s attention all to himself.

“Eh, we’re not an official pack anyway. If Kirishima wants him in, he’s in,” is what Bakugou says aloud.

He’s already imagining the beaming look on Kirishima’s face at the news. Bakugou doesn’t hate Tetsutetsu. It’s true he’s not from their class, but he’s been really good for Kirishima, and honestly, Tetsu has the worst part of the deal. He’ll probably be teased by his 1B classmates for joining with the enemy, and especially Bakugou’s group. Bakugou was the one that started the whole war thing anyway. And despite being an alpha, Tetsu won’t be the leader of their little cluster. Bakugou’s still in charge, with Kirishima being second. If Tetsu is smart he’ll defer to all of them, putting him below Kaminari’s omega rank. Not like any of that matters anyway, though, since they aren’t a real registered pack. Bakugou shakes his head. If it makes Kirishima happy, and the others want it, it’s fine. Whatever.

Bakugou pauses his thoughts as he realizes everyone’s looking at him. Shit. Was he too out of character?

“If he fucks up, though, he’s fucking dead.”

His pack laughs in agreement, the moment passes, and a few minutes later Kirishima returns from his workout, freshly showered and glowing. He’s waving something in the air, and everyone turns to him, excited for his news.

“I got it!” he yells. “Fat Gum accepted my application! I start tomorrow!”

Ashido screams, jumping up and running for Kirishima, and she’s quickly followed by the others. Their happy shouts attract the attention of everyone else in the dorm, and Bakugou stands and heads for the kitchen, embarrassed on their behalf. As he pulls out the portion of food he’s saved for Kirishima and heats it, he allows himself a small smile. 

 ➳  ➳ ➳  ➳ ➳  alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Soon Tetsu starts to hang out with them. He’s very polite and clearly nervous, but really excited. Bakugou still hasn’t told Kirishima directly that Tetsu’s allowed to join, and Kirishima winds up not asking either, but Tetsu meets up with them for dinner when they can, and they chill together on Sundays. Maybe Kirishima and Tetsu think there’s some sort of trial period happening, but Bakugou just wants Kirishima to come to him directly. Is this the secret Kirishima’s been hiding, wanting Tetsu to join?

Things are actually pretty fun until the second week of Tetsu hanging out with them. Bakugou can tell something is wrong immediately. He’s just come back to the dorms after his remedial classes with Todoroki when the anxiety of his pack reaches him. He doesn’t even notice Todoroki take his leave, steering immediately for his stressed pack in the living room. Tetsu is standing, yelling at Kirishima with his fists metal at his sides, and Bakugou sees red. Yelling at one of his pack, and Kirishima none the less. How fucking dare he?! 

Explosions hail his arrival, as he flies over and throws an exploding palm at Tetsutetsu. With a growl, Tetsu counters with his metal, and Bakugou flips for another attack. Kirishima yelps and dives for Bakugou’s leg, making him stumble and nearly take a metal fist to the face. 

“Get fucking off me!” 

Bakugou kicks Kirishima off, or tries too, but the asshole has hardened his arms and rooted Bakugou to the ground with claws embedded into the floor. Tetsu takes the opening and aims for Bakugou again, only to be stopped by Sero’s tape. Kaminari and Ashido are there in a heartbeat, the omega throwing himself on Bakugou while Ashido blocks Tetsu’s view of Bakugou. 

Surprised by Kaminari’s proximity, Bakugou doesn't have time to cancel his explosion, and he grits his teeth and clenches his palm closed to keep Kaminari from getting blasted. The explosion detonates on his own bare palm, and Bakugou can’t keep his scream in.

The pain makes him lose his footing, and he trips over where Kirishima’s still got his leg secured and falls. 

“F-fucking…” Bakugou curls in on himself, shoving Kaminari off him. He rests his head on the ground and cradles his damaged hand to his chest.

“Shit shit! Bakugou!” Kirishima is trying to get to Bakugou, to see the damage, but Bakugou growls and his scent peaks in sharp warning.

“Stand back, give him space. Kaminari, get over here. Ashido, we need something to staunch the blood. Sero, first aid kit.”

In his pained haze, it takes a while to place the voice. It’s Yaoyorozu. Were other people even there? He can’t remember seeing anything but Tetsu yelling at his- Pain spikes and Bakugou stiffens, but a soft smell makes him unwillingly relax under a calming omega scent. It must be hers. She’s not pack but she’s good with her scents. He can’t identify what she smells like, but it’s soon joined by Kaminari’s sweetened lemon, and the air tastes like lemonade.

With the two omegas doting on him, Bakugou lets himself be tended to. Yaoyorozu is trustworthy, even if they’re not that close. She carefully holds his ruined hand, assessing the damage. The pain’s suddenly vanished, which he knows isn’t a good sign, and it’s replaced by numbness. His hand is black and charred and Bakugou forcefully turns his head away. 

It’s bad. 

He and Yaoyorozu seem to come to the same conclusion. It’s a third-degree. He needs Recovery Girl. He kind of loses track of time after that, but a jostle to his body and he’s startled back into the present.

“Shit. Oh shit,” he moans. The pain’s back, but it’s his heart. The reality of what he’s done hits him, and it feels like another explosion’s blasted his chest. He’s attacked a classmate, it will likely be determined he attacked unprovoked, and he’s probably ruined the living room of the dorm, costing hundreds of dollars of damage. He’s ruined the improved relationship Class 1A has with 1B, and he’s certainly ruined Kirishima’s friendship, attacking his friend like that. Bakugou just knows, even though Kirishima was upset at whatever Tetsu said, that the redhead will have already forgiven the other alpha and be disappointed in Bakugou for making a bad situation even worse. 

Why the fuck had he reacted like that? Wasn’t he getting better at his control?

What the fuck.

“Easy, young Bakugou.”

All Might’s voice. 

Bakugou clenches his eyes closed to try and stop the tears from falling.

He’s so fucked.

 ➳  ➳ ➳  ➳ ➳  alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Chapter Text

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

It’s a mess the next day. Bakugou’s at the hospital since Recovery Girl hadn’t been available, and because it was a school night the school hadn’t given them permission to visit him. Kirishima almost blabs about being a pack to All Might, but Kaminari and Sero stop him just in time.

“Kiri, get a hold of yourself,” Sero hisses at him as the teachers walk away after updating them on Bakugou’s status. “Bakugou didn’t want to make the pack official. And you know he’s already on thin ice, especially after today. Do you want to get him in trouble?”

Kirishima doesn’t want to get him in trouble. “But-” he starts to say, then cuts himself off.

But his mate is hurting, he wants to say. But he needs to make sure Bakugou’s alright, that he’s not blaming himself too much. But he wants to be by his side.

“Are you going to talk to Tetsu?” Kaminari asks. Kirishima looks guiltily down at his feet.

Ashido crosses her arms. “Yeah, what even was that, Kiri? What were you thinking letting your pheromones go crazy like that with Bakugou? We’ve been careful, but he’s always on a hair-trigger, you know that!”

Kirishima grits his teeth. “I know, I’m sorry. I didn’t think about it, and since he wasn’t around I guess I just got carried away.”

Sero puts a hand on his shoulder. “Not to be a killjoy or anything, but I’m pretty sure our pack bond is done for. I’m not sure we could convince Bakugou to reinitiate it, if that’s even what we want to do. He’s going to blame himself for this.”

“I like Bakugou a lot,” Ashido sighs. “But we knew something like this was gonna happen sooner or later. Next time it could lead to someone getting hurt.”

That comment makes Kirishima angry, and he turns on Ashido, even as he knows he shouldn't. 

“Someone did get hurt! Bakugou did!” 

Kirishima shudders at the reminder. His mate screaming in pain at his self-inflicted wounds. Suffering so he wouldn't accidentally hurt a packmate. Even in moments like this, Bakugou is always thinking about others. But what will everybody else see? They're going to see him going off on someone unprovoked and just focus on that. Couldn’t they see he was trying to keep things fm getting worse? What if it wasn’t Tetsu, but some other alpha all in Kirishima’s face? Bakugou was doing exactly what he should have.

Ashido takes a step backward, wary. “I know, and that’s not what I meant, Kiri. Please don’t yell…”

Kaminari steps between the two, lemon scent souring. Ashido and Kirishima scrunch up their noses. “C’mon guys, fighting won’t solve anything. Kirishima, either you tell us what happened between you and Tetsu, or go and solve it on your own.”

That isn't really what Kirishima wants to hear right now. Sure, it's not as black and white as Kirishima’s inner alpha is making it, but when you get down to it, Kaminari is a little blame here, too. Bakugou took the hint when the omega threw himself into the fray. Ah, but Kaminari only did it because he trusted Bakugou not to hurt him. He must have instinctually known. 

“Damn it,” Kirishima grits out. God, this thing with his mate getting hurt is really making to hard to keep things straight. His alpha keeps seeing his allies as threats and it’s messing with him.

Sero comes in close, unaware of Kirishima’s turmoil, and puts a hand on his shoulder. “We need to finish cleaning the room anyway. Preferably before Midnight comes to survey the damage. We are so lucky to have Yaoyorozu helping us, but we can’t let her do all of it on her own. Go deal with Tetsu first, then come tell us how you fixed it.”

Kaminari and Ashido nod in agreement and the three turn to leave. 

Kirishima loves his pack, but their words sting. Does Ashido really think that about Bakugou? Were they expecting this to happen all along and yet they agreed to it anyway? Why? And Sero, believing their pack is done for. Shit, Bakugou really is going to blame himself. 

Kirishima He pulls out his phone to send a quick apology to Bakugou. Hopefully he’ll check his phone before doing anything rash. As an afterthought, he also lets him know that their classmates are helping to fix the damage so Bakugou’s family won’t get a bill for it. They’re all well aware of how Mitsuki Bakugou would take that news. With a sigh, Kirishima looks at the phone in his hands. He really needs to apologize to Bakugou. But an actual apology, not just something over text. He's got to let him know that he did the right thing and tell him it wasn't his fault. Kirishima shouldn't have let his emotions get the better of him. He and Tetsu have a relationship that looks a little weird to outsiders. They are high-energy dudes so when they get a little high-strung they get physical. That's why they do so well as workout buddies. They're not afraid to try to take the other one down. Unfortunately, that natural reaction to always best the other doesn't work so well when they’re using words. Kirishima had no business bringing this type of new interaction to the pack territory. Especially with things so fresh with their new pack.

With his phone already out, there’s no excuse anymore. He calls Tetsu. The other alpha is already back in his own dorm, having made a quick exit before any of the teachers could catch him loitering around places he’s not supposed to be. The alpha doesn’t pick up, so Kirishima sends a text instead as he heads towards the front doors.

Let’s talk. I messed up.

He gets a reply immediately. 

Meet me at the park.

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

The cool air is a welcome relief. Summer is on its last legs and the nights are getting cooler. Tetsu’s already waiting for him, sitting on the bench they usually rest on after their runs together. He’s in just his tank top and shorts from earlier, no jacket. Kirishima wonders if he came straight here after leaving. Idly, Kirishima wonders if he’s still going to ask to join the pack. 

Tetsutetsu looks up as he approaches. “How bad is it?”

Kirishima sits down heavily next to Tetsu. “Bakugou’s in the hospital for now, but he’ll probably be released tonight or tomorrow.”

“That's good.”

The silence is a little awkward, and Kirishima hates it because he and Tetsu are really close and things are never this tense between them. He forces himself to speak up.

“Uh, Tetsu, I’m sorry for getting my pheromones go crazy. No one in the pack seems to react to them so I’m really bad about controlling them. I didn’t mean to set you off, and I forgot the others aren't used to seeing us interact in our manly way. I really blew it.”

Tetsu shrugs. “Hey bro, I’m sorry, too. It wasn’t my place to yell at you, especially not on Bakugou’s turf. You guys are too closely bonded.”

Kirishima shakes his head. “I’m not Bakugou’s property or anything.”

“Are you sure he doesn’t see you that way?”

“What?” Kirishima’s confused. “We’re just friends.”

Tetsu gives him a look. “You mean he hasn’t returned your feelings yet? I thought you told him. After everything that happened tonight? You’re still not going to tell him?”

Kirishima looks up in shock as Tetsu stands up. He quickly gets up to pace with Tetsu. His friend seems to be heading for the path circling the park. Maybe he’s just getting his energy out. Kirishima’s found that ever since he presented as an alpha he gets weird urges to just work off some stress when he’s getting agitated. It might be one of those natural balances that helps keep his inner alpha in check and prevents him from getting snappy. Tetsu seems to get that urge, too. Again, another great reason why they both get along so well.

“Maybe soon, but not right now. He’s in the freaking hospital, Tetsu. I sent him a message, but he hasn’t responded. He’s probably in pain or high on meds. Now’s not a good time.” Kirishima tries to stop himself from thinking too deeply about that. His inner alpha is pacing anxiously and irritable. His mate is hurt. His mate is hurt because of him. His mate was trying to protect the pack, but the others don't see it that way and don't understand that he was hurt to make things better. Shit!

Tetsu sighs. “Ugh, you’re right. It’s just really upsetting to me that you’re just letting this continue, bro.” Tetsu’s stride picks up with his stress. Kirishima matches him, eager to wrap up the conversation before he gets upset, too.

“It’s fine. I’m more worried about the others.”

“How’s the pack?”

“Not great. Ashido blames Bakugou and Sero thinks it’s all over. Kaminari’s holding on to the optimism things will work out, but only if we talk. He’s the only other one who really gets Bakugou, ya know? He was willing to throw himself in the middle there because he trusted Bakugou. But I don’t like that the others didn’t catch that. They’re just focusing on how violent Bakugou was. It’s like they’ve already forgotten Bakugou took the blast himself...”

Kirishima trails off, and after a minute Tetsu touches him gently on the shoulder. That’s when Kirishima become aware of his low growling.

“Oh damn it. We really do need to talk, huh?”

“Shit, dude. Your whole pack needs to figure this out. Well, it’s about time you did. Ashido knows, right?”

“Yeah, but she’s been quiet about the whole thing. We never talk about it.”

A breeze teases the leaves above them. Kirishima inhales deeply and holds it for a beat before exhaling. The cool air is sharp in his lungs, but strangely it makes breathing a little easier. 

“I still can’t believe you’re that much of a martyr, bro. To deny yourself your mate.”

Kirishima laughs bitterly. “You don’t understand, bro. He probably doesn’t like me back that way. And we’re-” he stops, and his feet pause. Tetsu passes him, then slows and turns. Kirishima lifts his hands to look at them. It's better than looking at Tetsu right now. 

“Alphas. Yeah. So?” Tetsu tilts his head.

Against his will, Kirishima feels irritation well up inside him again. So much for that calming breathing. “So we can’t be a thing, Tetsu! It's not that easy! I know you’ve heard all about how they can’t work. No one’s that outta the loop.” 

Here they go again. The argument is familiar at this point. 

“Yeah, I’ve heard a lotta shit online, Kirishima. We all have. But I’ve yet to see it happen in person. Your alpha already recognizes him. I doubt you could find it in you to attack him or anything.”

Kirishima shakes his head. “It doesn’t matter. Even if Bakugou likes me back, he won’t do it. He's got a reputation and everything. And weren't you there when the other schools gave us the shit for even smelling of each other at the license testing? If we had shown up with mating marks there would have been a goddamn riot! No, us being a thing would kill his career before it even started.”

Tetsu, ever persistent, nudges him, and they both start walking again. “Okay, so if he doesn’t like you back, then that’s it. But at least come clean and give him the chance, bro. Do you really think the first beta/beta or omega/omega pairs didn’t have their own social issues to deal with? They just needed the chance to show others they worked.”

Kirishima huffs. His friend doesn't seem to understand, it's just not that easy. But Tetsu’s been nothing but a pal so Kirishima lets him finish.

“Or even the first triad! I’m sure that turned some heads. Honestly, anything new or unusual is gonna be seen as bad, so why worry about others? Just live your life for yourself, bro!”

Ugh, he’s hitting on so many good points. Kirishima feels himself becoming swayed. He clenches and unclenches his fists, hardening rippling along his hands. It’s a familiar gesture that gives him a fraction of control as his thoughts swirl crazily.

“Shit,” Kirishima says with feeling, threading his fingers through his hair and tugging. “Damn it, Tetsu, that’s so manly, bro. Ugh! This is hard as hell. I’m freaking terrified.”

Tetsu nods, arms crossed. “Good. That means it’s important to you. Breaking through these kinds of barriers is always really scary. But don’t be a quitter. Just think about the change you could bring! What do you wanna bet there’s some kid out there feeling like they can't be true with their feelings. Don’t you wanna be their role model?”  

Tetsu brings up some really freaking good points. Kirishima takes pride in how he takes the hard hits for others in his line of work. Going public with a relationship like this would be more of the same.

This is one of the reasons why Kirishima wants Tetsu in their pack. He's crazy strong, but also really smart about pack stuff. Tetsu, like Bakugou, has been preparing himself for alpha responsibilities since he was a child. He's just a little more, what's the word, socially and emotionally stable than Bakugou. But Tetsu rarely lets others see this side of him. He just lets others assume he’s all brawn and no brain. But Tetsu seems to like it that way. He enjoys taking down opponents who underestimate him like that.

However, it’s not all Bakugou’s fault that he’s not great with the feelings and people stuff, Kirishima is quick to defend. The man’s been dealt a bad hand of cards, and he’s doing the best he can with what he has. For example, Bakugou doesn’t have the greatest role models at home.

Tetsu drapes an arm across Kirishima’s shoulders, startling him out of his thoughts. 

“Okay bro, here’s what ya do. As soon as he’s out, talk to him! I’ll be here for you if he doesn’t return your feelings. I got some great romcoms my sister lent me.”

“Bro, you’re the best, bro.” Kirishima sniffles and throws a hand out. Tetsu bumps it, the metal of his fist ringing against Kirishima’s solid one.

Tetsu walks Kirishima back to the dorms, probably just to make sure Kirishima doesn’t make a run for it, and it’s not until he’s halfway up the stairs that Kirishima remembers he had wanted to ask Tetsu about joining the pack. Well, whatever’s left of it. Although, that does spark a new thought. Everyone had just assumed if Bakugou was out, there was no pack. Kirishima is an alpha himself. He could conceivably make his own pack.

The hallways are quiet and doors are closed. It looks like everyone already turned in for the night. Kirishima checks his phone, and finds out it is indeed late and that Bakugou still hasn’t responded to his text. Well, he’ll just have to deal with everything in the morning, then.

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

When Bakugou wakes up, he’s given his care instructions and escorted back to the school in the middle of the night. For some reason, he’s allowed to stay at U.A. Bakugou has no idea how that happened. He turns down the offer for help once he’s at the front doors, waving off the random staff member that walked him over, and stands in the middle of the darkened living room. Hard to believe that just hours ago he had exploded the hell out of it, because it’s now spotless. Not a pillow looks out of place. 

Too woozy and too exhausted to deal with it, he doesn’t bother trying to puzzle the mystery out, and heads straight for his room. His phone beeps but he ignores it. Hopefully, it just went off now that he’s back at the dorm wifi. He doesn’t know if he could handle the guilt if his pack had stayed up for him. That is, if they even want to hang with him still. He obviously misread the situation and made it worse, like he always does. 

Tomorrow, he’ll see what he can do to repair the damage.

He drags his body up the stairs and into his room, but there he stops just inside the door. Bakugou looks down at his hand. The right one is heavily bandaged, wrapped and dressed in thick white gauze. The stuff they gave him was fast acting, and the damage won’t be permanent, but it’ll take a while to heal, unless he can convince Recovery Girl to speed things along when she’s back. He doesn’t want to call in any favors, though. He’s already caused enough fucking grief. According to the doctor, he’ll need to clean them daily, and it’ll put a delay on his training. Such is life. Bakugou leans against the door to his dorm and looks around. His room is neat, the moonlight outside his open curtains painting every with a soft glow. His eyes sting and Bakugou grits his teeth.

Fucking hell. 

The shame of letting his pack down hurts the most. They trust him. Or they did . They chose him to lead them. They chose him , knowing he had his issues. Aware that he’s far from fucking perfect. He’s loud and violent and aggressive, and they still wanted him. But now he’s made a fool of himself and his whole pack. He especially let Kirishima down, and Bakugou closes his eyes as the hurt rushes through him.

Bakugou may be the leader of their little pack, but Kirishima is the heart. He keeps everyone’s spirits high and makes them all happy. Bakugou remembers clearly the look of surprise and fear on Kirishima’s face as he had tried to calm Bakugou down in the middle of the fight. 

What can Bakugou do to fix things? Will they even let him?

He clenches his hand, curling his fingers into a fist, and the pain helps keep his thoughts from spiraling. 

Just one day at a time. Tomorrow he can see if there’s anything he can do. 

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Something wakes Kirishima up in the middle of the night. It’s whispers. Kirishima sits up with a yawn, but jerks to alertness as he hears the door next to him open and close.

Is Bakugou back already?

Kirishima flings the covers off and stumbles, trying to get out of bed and next door as quickly as possible. He’s outside and throwing open Bakugou’s door before he’s even processed that he should have knocked first. Shit!

Sure enough, Bakugou is back. He’s hunched over his bandaged hand, face in a grimace as he changes out of his shirt. Before Kirishima can take a step, however, he realizes he’s not the only one in here. The whole freaking pack is here! Kaminari is messing with Bakugou’s sheets, dragging blankets and pillows to the floor to join the massive pile already dumped there. Ashido is helping Bakugou change and Sero is reading a prescription bottle Bakugou likely got sent home with. It looks like everyone’s getting ready for bed. This isn’t the first time they’ve shared a nest, but it’s the first time it’s been in someone’s room. Usually, they just catnap out in the living room, just in case any classmates have any concerns (coughIidacough) about inappropriate things happening behind closed doors. But right now, Kirishima doesn’t care. His pack is here, ready to repair the damage. This is pack business, and if anyone says anything weird or tries to stop them, Kirishima will beat their ass. That’s a promise. 

By the time Kirishima forces his feet to move, Ashido’s done helping Bakugou and is claiming a spot right in the middle of the nest. Kaminari starts whining, upset at losing the preferred middle spot, but Kirishima tunes him out. Sero’s there anyway, to deal with them. Kirishima walks up to Bakugou. The alpha’s sitting on his bare bed, staring at his hand. He didn’t bother to put on another shirt, sitting in just boxers. Probably a smart move; their cuddles tend to get pretty warm.


Red eyes flick to his, raking over his body as if to reassure himself that Kirishima is fine. It's funny, Kirishima catches himself doing the same thing. His eyes keep drawing back to Bakugou’s bandaged hand. He feels flickers of pain as he imagines what Bakugou is feeling right now. 

“Tetsu and I made up. We’re sor-”

Bakugou raises a hand, stopping him.

“Let’s just sleep. The sun’s gonna be fucking up any minute and I’m so goddamn tired. Shit.” He cups his forehead in his uninjured hand.

It’s such a pitiful, defeated look. Kirishima pulls Bakugou up off the bed and leads him to the nest. Kaminari’s done such a good job. It looks amazingly warm and inviting. Kirishima’s body aches for the sweet relief. 

“Oh thank god, sparks,” Bakugou groans as Kirishima helps lower him to the nest. He nudges Bakugou to the very middle, and when he settles with a sigh, Kirishima and the others move in to cuddle around their alpha. They’re careful of his hand, and within minutes Bakugou’s out.

Kirishima waits, tense, for the others to start pestering him for details about his talk with Tetsu, but blessedly, there’s nothing. Just the sounds of a peaceful night, and the quiet breathing of his pack. 

It’s heaven.

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

When Bakugou wakes up, his hands are on Kirishima’s bare chest. His body comes awake immediately, and he rips his hands away from the redhead, half in disbelief, half in shock. Wasn’t Kirishima wearing a shirt to bed? How did Bakugou get so close? Why are they touching?

Bakugou tries to pull back enough to make some space between them, but Kirishima moans and arches his back. Bakugou freezes. The mouth-watering smell of cherry assaults his nose and Bakugou bites his lip with a groan. God, that smell! Kirishima is aroused and ready for mating, his scent a beckoning call. As much as Bakugou tells his body to stay away, he leans forward and noses at Kirishima’s neck. Bakugou’s eyes roll up in ecstasy as his nostrils fill with the pheromones of an eager and wet alpha. Alarm bells ring distantly in the back of his mind, easily suppressed as Bakugou licks along Kirishima’s neck and the redhead pants. What is he doing? He needs to stop touching Kirishima. Obviously something went very wrong somewhere. 

“Katsuki,” Kirishima gasps. He whines and writhes, and Bakugou leans back to just take the image in. Kirishima’s back is arched, his head thrown back and exposing his neck. His eyes blink open as Bakugou leans back, but he smirks and flutters his eyelashes, well aware he has Bakugou’s full attention. He tilts his chin to the side just so. Damn, that’s so hot, Bakugou thinks. He feels lightheaded at the sight. Kirishima’s scent glands are red and swollen, begging to be bitten. Bakugou’s teeth ache at the sight. He wants to sink his teeth in and claim the other alpha. Bakugou shakily lifts a hand to trace the glands, and Kirishima violently shudders at the touch. But then it’s like a switch is flipped. Kirishima growls, deep and startling in its intensity, and before Bakugou can process it, Kirishima is rising like the swell of a wave and hauling Bakugou up to his feet.

Then he crashes down on Bakugou, slamming him against a wall so hard Bakugou’s momentarily stunned. Kirishima's hands are gripping Bakugou’s painfully tight. His head is still heavy with the amazing smell of lust so Bakugou isn’t as quick as he usually is, and within seconds Kirishima has him restrained with a hand tight around his neck. Bakugou instinctively tries to fire off an explosion, but Kirishima hardens his hand and smothers the explosion with a hiss of smoke. Bakugou tries again with a bigger explosion, but Kirishima’s talons pin his hand to the wall.

It’s hard for Bakugou to describe exactly how he feels. Bakugou should hate it, being imprisoned, trapped, contained. His inner alpha should be roaring in blind anger. And the feeling is definitely there. But it’s tempered. He’s tempted. As Kirishima grins with wickedly sharp teeth and leans in, the air thick his dominating aura, all Bakugou wants to do is submit. He wants to be Kirishima’s; to be fully claimed and taken. He tests Kirishima’s grip, trying to see if he can yank himself, but the motion earns him another growl, this one sending a shiver along Bakugou’s spine. Kirishima leans in, teeth grazing Bakugou’s scent glands, and something between a whimper and a moan escapes him. 

Things get muddled, Bakugou feels his breath coming faster and faster. Kirishima’s hands explore his body, pressing and dipping in places that leave Bakugou stunned with pleasure. Bakugou tries to clumsily return the favor, but he’s losing himself to the incredible sensations. One of Kirishima’s hands trail along his spine, sweeping over an area that aches for more. The light fingertips tease and Bakugou finds himself gasping, unable to ask for what he wants. But Kirishima growls happily and returns his fingers to the spot on his back. This time, he presses down ruthlessly and Bakugou keens , eyes wide. He tries to flinch away, to get closer, but Kirishima’s holding him down and pressing again and it’s all Bakugou can do to pant, drool dripping from his open mouth. Sweat drips off both of their now naked bodies.

Kirishima growls praises, licking, sucking, kissing his way along Bakugou’s heaving chest. The hands roam lower, lower. The pleasure gets stronger, the air gets thicker, but something in the back of Bakugou’s mind is still blaring. The sounds of alarm get longer, and suddenly Bakugou is gasping for breath for an entirely different reason. Fingers tease along his cock and back to his hole, and Bakugou feels like he’s falling. His body sings with pleasure while his mind screams in terror. It’s just Kirishima, Bakugou keeps telling himself, trying to fall back under the wonderful sensations, but the fear keeps sobering his mind. Bakugou thrashes, in both panic and frustration, but Kirishima pins him down harder, leaning all his weight and using a forearm to hold him still. Kirishima grasps Bakugou’s stiff cock jacks him off ruthlessly.

Bakugou sees red.

He’s climaxing under Kirishima’s skilled touch the same moment he rips himself from his grip. Bakugou roars, claws, bites. He needs to get control of the situation, he needs to get to Kirishima, he needs to touch, to run, to-

It’s the pained whimper that breaks the chaos. Bakugou freezes, instincts instantly locking his body up.

He pulls a hand away, but it’s covered in red. Kirishima is whimpering, shaking his head, holding his neck. Bakugou must have scratched him or bitten him while he was coming. Suddenly it’s like ice-cold water’s been dumped on him. Bakugou is disgusted with himself. He’d been so focused on his own pleasure that he’d hurt Kirishima. The guilt tastes bitter on his tongue. But he didn't mean it. He didn't mean to.

“Bakugou?” Kirishima asks, voice hoarse and filled with pain. “Why? Why did you-”

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Kirishima wakes up with a shout. Adrenaline courses through his body, and he’s up and in a defensive guard before he’s able to process what happened. The chorus of screams and cusses make the world spin, and he shakes his head to help him wake up. 

“Is everyone alright?” Kirishima hisses. He needs to protect his pack. Damn, if there’s a real break in this time…

“Fucking hell!” 


Kirishima spins, trying to locate the alpha. He’s not in the pile of blankets Sero is helping Kaminari from. Ashido’s walking towards someone who is backing away. Suddenly, the sound that awoke Kirishima registers.

“Bakugou, was that you? Are you okay?”

Kirishima runs over, ignoring Bakugou’s growl, and lifts the bandaged hand. It’s too dark to see clearly, but Ashido has a phone and is using the screen to light up the area. Just as he thought, the bandages on one hand have been burnt. Bakugou’s explosion wasn’t too big, but enough to likely ruin whatever progress had been made on that hand. 

“Oh Bakugou,” Kirishima mourns. Kaminari and the others come and huddle around Bakugou. The alpha lowers his head and refuses to make eye contact. His posture is stiff and clearly uncomfortable. He tries to tug his hand away from Kirishima’s grip and his prying hands. Ashido kills the light and with the darkness comes a soft sigh of relief. Kirishima activates his pheromones and pushes a calming scent out into the room. The others follow his lead, making Bakugou’s room a pleasant mix of mocha, lemon, strawberry, and cherry. Kirishima really loves their pack’s scent. If only Bakugou was happy and releasing happy smells of his own it would be perfect. 

“Fuck,” Bakugou says with feeling. And he must be exhausted because he doesn’t fight it when Kirishima pulls him in for a hug. Guiltily, Kirishima noses along Bakugou’s neck, taking in the hints of apple he can smell. There’s another scent, subtle, teasingly sweet, slightly salty, and it takes every ounce of control Kirishima has not to pursue it. Bakugou’s been through enough today.

“Let’s go back to bed. We can do a pack scenting in the morning.”

Kirishima is leading Bakugou back to the nest with a light hand on his wrist, so he’s the only one aware of how Bakugou stiffens at the word ‘pack.’

The lost look on Bakugou’s face hardens.

Kirishima turns and opens his mouth, but the blond rips his hand away.

“Just fuck off already. All of you, get the fuck out of my room.”

The alpha stomps over to where his blanket is laying on the floor, glares at the nest, but just plops down. Sero looks over at Kirishima, and they share a look. Ashido catches herself wringing her hands and clenches them to her chest. But Kaminari shrugs and stalks towards the nest and the grumpy alpha. As soon as his foot touches the nest Bakugou growls, low. They increase in pitch as Kaminari shuffles closer among the blankets, and Kirishima holds his breath. They all know Bakugou’s bark is worse than his bite, but his bite is hella strong, too. Kirishima isn’t sure if Kaminari is just stupid or if he’s got balls of steel. Maybe a mix of both? Either way, the omega would be the one with the best chance of making it out unscathed. The growls continue but Kaminari also continues to ignore them, finding a corner of the nest and curling up. He’s out pretty much immediately, and Bakugou’s growl tapers off with a sigh. A smile slowly grows on Ashido’s face and she quickly picks her way in the nest and cuddles up against Kaminari.

Bakugou doesn’t growl this time. He’s either given up or reluctantly given in. Whatever the reason, it seems safe now. Sero pats Kirishima on the shoulder and joins Ashido. They’re getting closer and closer to where Bakugou is laying. The space Sero’s left between himself and Bakugou looks so inviting, and Kirishima can’t help himself. Well, at least he can harden if Bakugou tries to kick him out. Maybe that’s why the space was left open?

Cautiously, Kirishima crawls over the others and nestles next to Bakugou. The other alpha is facing away from Kirishima, his back hunched as he curls in on himself. Carefully, Kirishima makes himself at home. He inches closer, spooning Bakugou, and slowly lifts a hand to drape over his stomach. Kirishima holds his breath. For a second, there’s nothing. Then Bakugou sighs, a long exhale Kirishima feels more than hears. The blond’s tension doesn’t release, but Kirishima tries not to take it personally. This is Bakugou, after all. He tries to quiet the voices in his head calling out to his mate, tries to stifle the red wolf inside that howls for an answer from Bakugou’s. If they were mated, their wolves would sing together. But with his love unrequited, his alpha is lonely and mournfully wails as Kirishima drifts off.

He’s asleep before he hears Bakugou’s whispered apology as the alpha carefully extracts himself from the embrace and quietly leaves the nest.

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Chapter Text

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

“So you talked to Tetsutetsu yesterday?” Ashido nudges into him as they work on putting breakfast together.

“Yeah, we’re all good now.”

Kirishima wishes he could say the same for his relationship with Bakugou. Here he was, all ready to take Tetsu’s advice and come clean to Bakugou, but the other alpha has been avoiding him. Kirishima still hasn’t told the others about how he woke up alone, Bakugou nowhere in sight. It just about broke his heart when he finally found him, the blond curled up on the bare mattress, away from the warm pile on the floor. 

Kirishima really hates how Bakugou denies himself nice things as a form of punishment. Who the fuck let him think like that? Sad and a little angry, Kirishima had grabbed Bakugou, hardening as a precaution against any explosions, and dragged the alpha back into the nest. The squawking was enough to wake the rest of the pack up, and they were able to convince Bakugou to keep the pack together.

Well, more like Kaminari had started it by rubbing his face on the sleepy Bakugou, and everyone else had jumped in before Bakugou could really fight them off. He was a really strong guy, but four versus one was still poor odds. Kirishima would feel more guilty about pushing Bakugou to keep the pack if the blond was actually against it, but as everyone in the pack knew, if he had really wanted to fight them off, wounded hands or no, nothing would have stopped him.

When it’s all said and done, Bakugou refuses to look at Kirishima and kicks them out of his room so he can get dressed. Kirishima offers to help Bakugou with cleaning and bandaging his wounded hand but gets a door slammed in his face as a reply.

Back in the kitchen, Sero takes advantage of Kirishima's distraction and steals the seat he was aiming for. The beta slyly rests his chin on his palm, giving Kirishima a look. “You gonna tell us what that was all about, then? You and Tetsu?” 

“Uh…no?” He’s not. He’s not about to blab to everyone about his crush on Bakugou. Kirishima can’t help but meet Ashido’s eyes. She and Tetsu are the only ones to know. Hopefully, they continue to keep his secret. He’s gotta sort this weird thing with Bakugou out first before he’s coming clean to anyone.

Sero narrows his eyes. “I think you owe us. It almost ripped the pack apart.”

Ashido looks right at Kirishima as she speaks up “Well, technically that was Bakugou, but yes, I agree.”

Damn it, he was hoping Ashido would be on his side! And enough with the giving Bakugou shit already!  “I’m sorry guys. Maybe later, but I’m just not comfortable right now.”

Kaminari whines. “Kiri!”

“This is so unfair,” Sero mutters.

“Hey, leave him the fuck alone, assholes.”

Kirishima spins to give Bakugou a thankful look, but the ferocious glare on Bakugou’s face makes him freeze. It’s been too long since he’s had Bakugou’s signature look aimed at him. Nearly a whole year, now. He had thought they were past all that by now. Shit.

“Bakugou…” he tries.

“Fuck off.”

“No, Bakugou, wait!”

But Bakugou turns on his heel and leaves. The room suddenly feels cold and empty in his absence. He knows he owes Bakugou an explanation. It’s just everything’s been moving so fast. But he was the one who let his pheromones go crazy when Tetsu was talking to him. He set Tetsu and Bakugou off. Damn, he really needs to talk with Bakugou. Maybe he can convince the others to let him walk to school with Bakugou alone. 

Unfortunately, by the time he’s finished eating and getting ready, Bakugou is long gone.

On the way to school, Kaminari and Sero keep bitching, until finally Kirishima relents and admits he and Tetsu were having a familiar argument, it’s just Kirishima had forgotten to reign his pheromones in, which set all the alphas off. Ashido and Sero pester and nag him to work on his control while Kaminari messes around on his phone. Of all of them, the omega should be the one most affected by the pheromones, but instead, he shrugs when asked about it and says they never bother him.

Sero makes a comment about Kaminari’s intelligence and they all laugh, everyone forgiven and ready to move on.

Kirishima’s mind is still on a certain spikey blond, however.

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Bakugou knows he’s strong. He’s a goddamn amazing fighter, he’s smart as fuck, and he’s going to become number one someday. At this current moment, however, Bakugou admits that he’s a weak ass bitch right now. He’s hiding. Kirishima keeps trying to find moments during the day to talk to him, and Bakugou can’t help the sudden terror he feels when he looks at the redhead. 

Bakugou knows the pack all made up. He heard Kirishima and Tetesutetsu resolved their conflict. Tetsu even caught him on the way to lunch and apologized for the altercation, which he didn’t need to freaking do. And people seem to have forgiven him, now that Kirishima has taken full responsibility for setting Bakugou and Tetsu off.

But every inch of Bakugou is screaming at him to stay away. He doesn’t want to hear what Kirishima has to say. Bakugou knows it’s going to be an apology or some sort of explanation. He knows this. But he can’t fucking convince his body to listen. 

He’s been haunted by that… dream he’d had yesterday. There was just so much to unpack there. Okay yeah, he liked Kirishima as a friend, it’s totally possible for his mind to take that innocent fact and make it pervy. But what about the other stuff? Kirishima was also an alpha in his dream. And Bakugou, dare he say it, was enjoying it. He loved the dynamic of fighting, trying to pin Kirishima and getting pinned in return. It was going great until…

Until Bakugou lost control. Then he hurt Kirishima. Even though it was just a dream, the parallels with the Tetsu fight were too similar to ignore. After waking from his dream, Bakugou had waited until everyone was back asleep before dragging himself away from the nest. He really hated leaving them, but he had to take care of the embarrassing mess he'd made of his pants. And then he just...couldn't make himself return. They all looked so happy without him. Especially Kirishima. Even in his sleep he smiled, snuggling the pillow Bakugou had switched in his place.

Sitting on a park bench after school, Bakugou looks at his wounded hand. Everything Bakugou touches becomes ruined. The proof is right here. Did he trust himself to not actually hurt Kirishima if he had another dream? He was an alpha, after all. It’s what they do. Well, ones like Bakugou anyway. No, Bakugou needs to make sure he’s not going to hurt his dearest friend. If that means keeping his distance, so be it.

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Kirishima comes up with a plan. It’s a lame plan, but it’s something. He decides to stops trying to seek Bakugou out. Like a scared animal, Bakugou will come to him when he’s ready. And when he does, Kirishima isn’t going to hide anything. He’s going to be straight and forward from here on out.

Well… maybe not exactly straight, hehe.

But the point is, he’s not going to hide his affection from Bakugou. Kirishima’s going to stop trying to hide his scent in an effort to hide his feelings. Maybe he'll stop holding himself back and give in to the temptation of small touches, if Bakugou allows it. Tetsu is right. Kirishima should just come clean, and if Bakugou isn’t down, if he asks Kirishima to stop, he will, and they’ll move on.

But if things go well…

At that point, Kirishima doesn’t care about anyone else. He doesn't care about the other schools. Or the media. Or the pro heroes. If the world can’t handle Kirishima for who he really is, then they don’t deserve him.

Kirishima catches himself grinning in the bathroom as he passes by his mirror. Wielding his toothbrush, he stabs it in the direction of his reflection and flexes his other arm. Damn, he feels confident as hell. So manly! It’s funny how he’s channeling his inner Bakugou, not giving a fuck about anyone else. 

There are three ways this can go, Kirishima thinks. 

One, Bakugou does not return his feelings. Then things stay as they are. Not the best, but passable.

Two, Bakugou does return his feelings, doesn’t give a fuck about his reputation, lets himself feel good, and life is freaking great. 

Or the dreaded three, Bakugou DOES return his feelings, but either doesn't let himself have a good thing for once, or cares too much about his reputation.

And whatever his choice, Kirishima will have to respect it.

Good mood gone, Kirishima somberly brushes his teeth.

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Bakugou’s plan to avoid Kirishima has one catch: he lives right fucking next door to the dumb redhead. After a day of hiding from everyone, he does eventually need to return to his room. He enters quietly, half waiting to be ambushed.

But no one's there.

He quickly showers, changes into his chill wear, then sneaks out to grab a quick dinner. He accidentally opens the door at the same time as his neighbor.

Bakugou freezes. 

Kirishima smiles, waves, and then leaves. He just walks away. That irks Bakugou for some reason.

"Oi!" He calls out. 

Damn it, why is he saying anything? Kirishima is doing exactly what Bakugou had hopped and was leaving him alone.

Bakugou grits his teeth, but the next words come out before he can stop them. "Where are you going?"

"Getting dinner. You, too?"

Bakugou nods, jerking his head on autopilot.

"Okay, maybe I'll see you down there,” Kirishima says. And he’s gone down the stairs. 

Bakugou’s left stunned in the empty hall. Has Kirishima given up on him? No, that’s not it… he’s giving him space. Right? That’s what Bakugou wants.

Bakugou punches the wall with his good hand.


“Wait,” Bakugou mutters, then jogs after Kirishima. “Kiri! Wait.”

In the stairwell, Kirishima stops. Bakugou sees a flicker of something like fear before he schools his expression. 

"Sup, man."

"I’m sorry. The thing with Tetsu. It’s… it was… fuck! I’m fucking pissed about that!"

Kirishima flinches, and his natural cherry scent turns a bit sour. Shit, that’s not what Bakugou meant to say! He clenches his bandaged hand, and the pain helps ground him.

"I mean, I’m pissed I lost control. I’m a shitty alpha, Kiri. No idea why you losers stick around."

Kirishima's exhale is audible, and he smiles sadly. Wordlessly, he pulls Bakugou in for a hug. Bakugou finds himself relaxing in his hold. 

"It’s okay. It was mostly my fault, anyway."

Bakugou shakes his head and tries to pull back enough to look at him.  "Hair for brains…"  

Kirishima holds him tighter, hiding his face in Bakugou's neck and inhaling. Bakugou understands. Some things are easier to say when you're not face-to-face. He hopes his scent is of some comfort to the other alpha.

"No really! It was my pheromones. I was letting them go crazy. Tetsu and I do a lotta posturing like that. It’s an alpha thing, ya know? We just didn’t remember that it looks weird to others. You 100% did the right thing. If it was anybody else I would’ve needed you. Tetsu and I both feel really bad about you getting hurt."

Bakugou stops trying to pull back and stills. "Tetsu, huh? You like him?"

Kirishima finally steps back, but keeps his hands on Bakugou’s shoulders to look at him strangely. "What? I mean yeah but…"

Kirishima blushes. 

"We’re just friends."

"Ah," Bakugou says awkwardly.

"Okay," Kirishima replies, just as awkwardly.

Bakugou vows to watch them closer from now on. Whether Kirishima was telling the truth or not, there was something up between them for sure. He wants to get to the bottom of this mystery.



No, he can't be thinking like this. He's a pack alpha now. There's no room for weird possessive thoughts and having doubts about his packmates. True alphas tackle challenges head-on!

Bakugou's inner Kirishima is pounding his fists together and shouting at him.

Shit c'mon, Bakugou, it shouts. Man up!

"Did he wanna join the pack?" Bakugou tries to say it as nonchalantly as possible but his jaw is clenched and his teeth are grinding.

Kirishima's mouth drops, but then he gives Bakugou a strange look. "Wait, really?" 

Bakugou doesn't blame his suspicious tone at all. He tries to unclench his teeth. "He seems like a nice guy. And he won’t break if I explode him."

And then I can keep a closer eye on the two of them. Is it something more than friendship? Is this the thing Kirishima is hiding? Are Tetsu's intentions pure?  

Bakugou growls and shakes his head of those thoughts. He's not who he was before. This Bakugou's grown up a little. He has a pack that trusts him and he needs to do the same, damn it!

"Hey, Bakugou..." The hands tighten on Bakugou’s shoulders, grip firm and grounding.


"It's okay to give yourself good things, you know that, right?"

"Huh? Tha’ fuck is this coming from?!"

Blessedly, Kirishima finally pulls his hands back and crosses his arms. "Don’t think I don’t know exactly why you left the nest that morning."

Bakugou flushes bright red and starts walking down the stairs again just for something to do.


Did Kirishima know he had a wet dream? Did he know he had come in his pants like a dumbass? Argh! When did he figure it out? When they had cuddled?  Earlier when they had first woken up?

Bakugou suddenly feels faint and he stumbles. Was Kirishima… suggesting he keep jerking off? There’s no way Kirishima would say shit like that if he’d known who Bakugou was dreaming about. ‘Give yourself good things,’ Kirishima says.


Wait wait wait.

Fucking goddamn.

This was it, wasn’t it?

Kirishima's secret.

Kirishima was crushing on another alpha and was just… fine with it. He was crushing on Tetsutetsu and was okay with it, even encouraging Bakugou that it was fine to follow one's desires. 

"Bakugou?" Kirishima's voice brings him back to the present.

He realizes he’s frozen in the kitchen. He'd somehow walked down here on autopilot, Kirishima right by his side. 

Thank god.

Bakugou sets upon the kitchen like a man on a mission. This he can do. Cooking was something busy. He gets to work, ignoring Kirishima’s raised eyebrow as he begins making a ridiculous amount of food. Way more than the pack could eat. Bakugou doesn't give a fuck. Everyone always goddamn bugs him for food. This will shut them up finally.

"Are you making food as an apology to everyone? A thank you for fixing the living room?"

Uhhh…. Sure. That works.

Bakugou decides to roll with it. "Yes." 

Kirishima smiles a beaming smile and goes to grab his phone and spread the word.


➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

"So, you’ve been hanging around with Tetsu a lot huh?" Midoriya smiles and Kirishima returns it. They were partners for today’s exercise. Something about similar quirks working together. As two brawler types, they worked on some cooperation today. Kirishima had a ton of fun. It’s near the end of class and everyone is cooling down.

"Yeah... Bakugou says he can join our p-uh... friend group." Shit Kiri! Way to blabber that like a dummy.

Midoriya laughs. "We all know you guys are a pack, Kirishima."

Play it cool, man. "O-oh really?" He busies himself with some leg stretches, forcing his head down as he touches his toes, and making it conveniently difficult to look at Midoriya directly. Everyone says he has the worst poker face out of the pack. 

"Yup. And except for that one living room situation, it seems to be really good for Kacchan. I’m happy for you guys." Midoriya is doing some one-handed push-ups now. Kirishima gets down to copy him.

"Thanks, Midoriya."

The conversation lags a bit as they focus their breathing on their workout. "Hey,” Midoiyra puffs out after a few minutes. “Kirishima, since you’re an alpha and you hang around them a bunch, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure,” the redhead grunts back.

"How best to go about dating one?"

"What?" Kirishima sits up and looks right at Midoriya. He’s able to catch the blush growing on his face. Kirishima feels himself beaming. "Oooooh. You like someone- no. You like an alpha! Who is it?"

Midoriya also stops and sits in a criss-cross, anxiously running his fingers through his hair. "Uhh…"

Kirishima gives him a break like a true gentleman. "Nah, it’s fine, you don’t need to tell me. Well uh, alphas like to be pretty straightforward and direct. Sometimes we miss the more subtle things or we get upset with the roundabout games. If you like someone, best to come forward and say it."

Midoriya nods. "And what if it’s not enough?"


"What if I’ve already told them and said I liked them."

"Really? What happened?" Kirishima reaches into his nearby pack for a couple of water bottles and tosses one to Midoriya. 

"Well he.. I mean.. they didn’t do anything," Midoriya says as he unscrews the cap.

Kirishima takes a sip and wipes his mouth. "Huh.. okay well that sounds like more a personality thing then. I really wanna know who it is now."

Midoriya's eyes trail across the room. Todoroki and Ashido are partnered. While Todoroki can be both long-range and mid-range, today he was focusing on mid-range with Ashido. They’re doing jump ropes as a quick cardio before All Might dismisses them.

Kirishima smiles knowingly. "Oooooh. Todoroki then." 

"Ah!" The omega looks spooked. His waterbottle crunches in his hands.

"It’s fine, Midoriya. Well, I hate to say it, but certain alphas in our class are more oblivious to emotional stuff than others. Bakugou is one. Todoroki is the other. How about... letting actions speak louder than words?"

Midoriya tilts his head at him, and Kirishima frowns, trying to think of how to better explain it. 

"Like scents? And touches. Smiles! All the things you do already, just less reigned in. Show him how happy you are around him. His alpha will notice it before his brain does."

"Oh! Okay, alright I will. Thanks, Kirishima."

All Might rounds them up for a final review, and then they’re dismissed to the locker rooms. Kirishima notices Midoriya tentatively reach for Todoroki’s hand as they walk together. The alpha gives Midoriya a small smile back, but otherwise doesn’t seem concerned. Kirishima can’t help but giggle. Of course, he and Midoriya are both crushing on the emotionally oblivious ones.

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

The following days are a living hell for Bakugou. Kirishima had given him space to sort his own shit out, but once Bakugou had sought out Kirishima, that’s when everything had started changing. That, and the return of Tetsu to their pack hangouts. 

If Bakugou thought he had known Kirishima before, he was mistaken. This new Kirishima was ridiculous. Bakugou honestly didn’t know one man could be so goddamn happy all the time. His scent reeked of joy. He was even more clingy and touchy than before. He smiled and scented his pack whenever he wished and was always down for cuddles. He talked nearly nonstop with everyone, and hardly ever left the company of a pack member. 

It was obvious Kirishima really was living his best life to its fullest. He wasn’t denying himself anything. It was like he was in love. 

To the pack’s relief, Tetsu decides to wait on the official joining of the unofficial pack. He and Kirishima were working hard on their pheromones and their scents. It was obvious the two had a unique dynamic, and the more Tetsu hung out with the pack the more it became clear that the pack would have to get used to it. Unfortunately, they insisted Bakugou be a part of nearly all of their interactions, so his inner alpha wouldn't be caught off guard again. 

And Bakugou hated it because it was obvious he was just the third wheel. 

Nearly every day Kirishima and Tetsu would barge into Bakugou’s room to work on homework, or chat, or gossip, or check their goddamn phones, or fucking cuddle on his bed ! It was annoying as hell, and every time Bakugou growled his displeasure, Kirishima and Tetsu would jump up and smother him with calming pheromones. It’s like they kept trying to work Bakugou up, just to calm him down. Deku had tried to mutter something about conditioning in the living room before an icy glare sent him skittering off. But fuck, whatever they were doing was working. 

Kirishima’s sweet cherry and Tetsu's strange copper taste were a nice mix on the back of his tongue, and as much as he fought it, eventually their scents and hugs would relax his body. 

So what if Tetsu and Kirishima were happy together? Woo fucking hoo. But Bakugou just wanted them to leave him alone. It was easier to ignore the strange bitterness in his heart at seeing them happy together. 

However much Bakugou tries to play it cool in their presence, one annoying thought lingers.

If Kirishima was set on coming out as loving another alpha, did it mean he was willing to give up the pro hero life? There was no way society would just accept two alpha heroes dating. Surely Kirishima remembered the reaction the other schools had when he and Bakugou smelled of pack. Proudly announcing his dating of Tetsutetsu would be societal suicide.

So Bakugou's nights were filled with worry, which quickly turned to anger. But he did everything in his power not to let anyone know his real thoughts. Sooner or later, however, he would need to have a talk with Kirishima. As pack alpha, it was Bakugou's job to look out for his pack.

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Like all dreams, they have to end, eventually. A person wakes up and they have to face reality. 

For Kirishima, the dream ends the moment Bakugou nudges him before the pack gets ready for bed one night and whispers “I know your secret.”

Icy fear shoots down Kirishima’s spine, and his vision wavers. He wants to say something, anything, but the words get caught in his throat and his mind races. By the time he can think of something to say, the lights are off and everyone's bundled in their blankets. Bakugou is snuggled up in a blanket of his own and his back is turned to Kirishima. He’s actually spooning Tetsu, who somehow managed to sneak into the dorms that night, and the picture they make is adorable, but Kirishima can’t appreciate it. 

Sleep doesn’t come to him for hours, as his thoughts twirl in a tempest in his head. Finally, he falls into a fitful sleep. He’s going to talk to Bakugou first thing in the morning.

It’s just Kirishima's luck, however, that he’s late getting up the next morning, and the others are finishing up breakfast by the time he’s dressed and down. Ashido and Kaminari are excitedly regaling the exciting adventure of Tetsu sneaking out of the dorms early in the morning, and how he had slipped off the fire escape and instinctively turned metal, crashing on the balcony below with a loud metal bang. According to Sero, if there were any doubts from any of the 1A class that Tetsu was breaking curfew, that morning had erased any and all of them. 

“He’s about as stealthy as a buffalo in a window store.”

“Kami, that is not how that saying goes at all.”

“Hey, he’s got a point, though, Sero. It’s a nice visual.”

The banter actually makes Bakugou chuckle, and Kirishima observes him intensely. If Bakugou really does know that Kirishima loves him, he’s not showing any concerning signs. He’s not angry, or exploding Kirishima, or yelling. He’s normal. No, better than normal. He seems… happy? 



Is this Scenario Two? That Bakugou likes him back, and doesn’t care about his reputation? Is this Bakugou letting himself feel good?

Finally, a huge smile blossoms across Kirishima’s face. 

This is good. No, this is excellent!

With a woop he throws his arms around Sero and Kaminari, interrupting their arguing in favor of nuzzling the both of their necks. 

“Today is too beautiful a day to ruin it with your arguing, guys!”

 Life is freaking great. 

Kirishima's inner wolf howls with joy.

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Chapter Text

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Shortly before their next study session, Bakugou seeks Kaminari out. Well, he loiters outside of Kaminari’s door until the omega senses his anxiety and lets him in, but it’s whatever. 

“Oh! Baku bro, what’s up? You’re uh, pretty stressed right now.”

Bakugou’s shoulders tense, but he grunts and plops himself down in the omega’s desk chair. Kaminari sets his phone down and sits on his bed, content to wait. Bakugou will speak up when he’s ready.

They sit in silence for a beat, until Bakugou crosses his arms and gruffly says “I need you.”

“Yeah, that’s obvious, Bakugou. I’m a goddamn treasure. ‘Course you need me.”

That startles a laugh out of Bakugou, and Kaminari grins and calls it a win. He works on a peaceful and calming scent, wanting to wait until Bakugou wouldn’t react poorly to it. He’s getting pretty good at reading their pack alpha now.

“Alright, for serious, how can I help?”

Bakugou inhales deeply and sighs on the exhale, releasing some of the tension from his shoulders. He shoves himself back into the chair and slouches. 

“It’s… about Kirishima.”

Kaminari feels excitement build, but fights to not let his happiness show on his face. It’s obvious there’s something between the two of them, even if neither wants to admit it. 

“And Tetsu,” Bakugou finishes. 

Kaminari stills. 

“Tetsu? How does he factor into this?”

Bakugou scuffs his slipper on the wood floor. “Ugh. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m pretty sure Kiri and Tetsu are hooking up.”

Kirishima and Tetsu? Really? Kaminari knew they were good friends, but boyfriends? How did he miss that?

“O-oh,” he stutters. “That’ I mean, good for...them?” 

How could he have gotten that so wrong?! He was supposed to be good at this emotions stuff! He was about to start a betting pool on Bakugou and Kirishima!

“Kaminari.” Bakugou growls his name and Kaminari jumps to attention. 


“This isn’t going to be a problem, is it?” His look is piercing. Commanding. 

“No, of course not! Tetsu and Kiri can date who they want, right? They’re my bros.”

Bakugou shrugs. “They’re both alphas. That doesn’t bother you?”

Kaminari shakes his head. It’s a little strange, but he doesn’t see anything wrong with it. They should be fine? Mates never attack each other. Oh, wait. So this explains why Bakugou has been strange whenever Tetsu comes over.

Kaminari has a suspicion now, but asks anyway. “So why do you need me? How can I help?”

Stiffly, Bakugou stands, and comes right up to Kaminari. The omega looks up at him in confusion, but scoots over to make room for him on the bed. Bakugou sits down heavily, hunched over with his elbows on his knees. His hands comb through his hair in frustration. 

“I don’t want to screw this up again, especially not for Kirishima. People are going to give him so much shit already, the last thing I want to do is fuck this up for him. We’re pack so we always need to be there for him. I’m okay with them dating, but my alpha…”

“Ah, you’re worried your alpha instincts are going to see it as a threat?”

“Or something. All the studies on alphas say they aren’t compatible because of the aggression. They are sorting that out themselves, but last time I got in the way of it and just messed it up. I see them together and I just get… angry. It’s honestly a relief when Tetsu leaves. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me.”

Kaminari rubs Bakugou’s shoulder and leans forward to put his weight on his back. Bakugou growls softly but his scent is pleased. Kaminari rolls his eyes and hides a smile. Bakugou always has to be the tough guy. 

“Don’t worry about it too much, alpha. I’ll do my best as pack omega to help. I’m pretty good at this calming stuff. I’m here for you anytime.”

Bakugou mutters out a thanks, and Kaminari smiles.

“You know, as much as you try to act tough all the time, you do really care for all of us, and it shows. You’ve been working hard on being the very best alpha.”

Bakugou doesn’t react, but the tips of his ears turn pink. Kaminari takes mercy on him and doesn’t call him out on it, and before either of them can move the rest of their pack is bursting in and spilling through the door.

Kirishima smiles widely at the two on the bed and wields a textbook. “Alright, let’s study the hell out of this homework!”

Ashido jumps over to the bed and sends Kaminari sprawling as she hugs Bakugou. 

“Our wonderful alpha is going to help us get A’s!”

“In your fucking dreams,” Bakugou growls out, but then everyone gathers around and gets their stuff out and looks at him in earnest. 

Bakugou shares a quick look with Kaminari, and the omega gives him a grin and a thumbs up in return. 

With a sigh, he opens the book. “Okay, listen up losers,” he starts, and the pack cheers. 

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Bakugou gets his chance to talk to Kirishima after school on a chilly Saturday. With autumn in full swing, the students are starting to bundle up. None more than Bakugou, who has already begun to wear his coat and scarf.

There’s no study hall on Saturdays, so the early dismissal gives them time to hang about. On the walk home, Tetsu invites the pack over to his dorm for once to chill, since they always go to 1A, and the pack is eager to go. Well, Ashido, Sero, and Kaminari are eager to go. Bakugou couldn’t really care less, and Kirishima’s been there before. They watch movies in Tetsu’s room until nearly dinner, when Ashido and Sero split to go visit their families. Kaminari wants to play the new game Tetsu got, so Bakugou and Kirishima leave them to return to the 1A dorms. 

“Hey Bakugou, is something wrong?”

Bakugou stops mid-step and turns to Kirishima. He hadn’t realized he was lost in thought, but the redhead is frowning at him.


Kirishima shrugs. “You seem a little out of it. Was there something on your mind?”

Instinctively, Bakugou wants to say no. Alphas don’t show weakness. But, Kirishima is pack. The pack appreciates it when he’s truthful.

“Can we talk inside?” is what he actually says. 

Eyes wide, Kirishima nods. Maybe he wasn’t expecting Bakugou to take him up on the offer.

In Bakugou’s room, Kirishima stands nervously in the middle as Bakugou dons a hoodie, so Bakugou dumps a blanket on him and plops down with a huff. Kirishima follows him down anxiously.

“Kirishima. There's something you’ve been keeping from me.”

Kirishima shrugs helplessly. “I'm pretty sure you know what it is by now. I haven't exactly been subtle. You haven’t been, either.”

Bakugou snorts. They've been tiptoeing around this for a while now. It's been evitable that the poorly buried thoughts would surface. Neither of them is particularly good at hiding. They both live fully in the moment, stay true to themselves, and are honest with their emotions. It’s no wonder Kirishima was able to pick up on the fact that he isn’t fond of Kirishima’s and Tetsu’s clinginess. Bakugou had done his best, but no one knows him like Kirishima.

“Why didn't you say anything sooner?” Bakugou questions. “You told me to live in the moment, but didn’t tell me shit after that.”

Kirishima shrugs. “I didn't know how to bring it up. In case you hadn't noticed, alphas don't really admit feelings to each other, much less date. It's not natural. I didn't want to scare you away.”

Bakugou notices that Kirishima's eyes water as the truth falls heavy between them. It’s obvious he’s been holding on to these feelings for a while. Maybe he’s worried Bakugou won’t like him any more now that he’s actually said it? Bakugou still cares deeply for Kirishima, nothing will change that. But has Kirishima really thought about his future? Bakugou loves how Kirishima gives his 100% into everything he does, but is this attraction for Tetsu going to last, or is it a temporary thing? And is it worth staking his career on it? 

When Bakugou focuses his attention back on Kirishima, he notices the redhead biting his lip. Given how sharp his teeth are, it doesn’t take much for them to start bleeding. It was something that Kirishima used to do all the time at the beginning of the year. It irks Bakugou to see him do it now. Must be an alpha thing.

He raises his fingers to Kirishima’s chin, and Kirishima flinches. He must have been lost in thought. Bakugou stomps down his initial anger at himself for startling him, and moves into his space, hand outstretched and shifting to cup Kirishima's jaw. Gently, Bakugou's thumb tugs Kirishima's bottom lip out, from where he had been biting it unawares.

“You always do this when you're worried, idiot.” The words are spoken softer than he’d hoped, but he can’t hide the affection he has for Kirishima. 

Kirishima swallows, and looks right at him.

“Sorry,” he whispers. 

Bakugou scoffs. 

“Idiot,” he says back, just as quietly. 

Well, no point in beating around the bush. Might as well get this over with. 

“So you like alphas,” Bakugou phrases it more as a statement. 

Kirishima sighs and closes his eyes, leaning into Bakugou’s hand. “You said you knew my secret. You don’t seem too disgusted.”

Bakugou lifts his other hand and cups Kirishima’s face. His thumbs stroke Kirishima’s cheeks. “Well, there’s a bit more to it than just the fact you like alphas now. But no, I’m not disgusted.” 

“I was really worried you would hate me. When you said you figured it out, I was expecting you to kick me out of your life. I couldn’t bear it. I still expect you to do it at any moment. I know something is wrong with me but I can’t help it.”

Kirishima’s scent is taking an anxious tone. Bakugou tries to release some calming pheromones to help relax him, but he can feel himself reacting to Kirishima’s emotions.

“No, I don’t think anything is wrong with you, but I just need to make sure you’ve thought it through, Kiri. Coming out with something like this could ruin your life.”

Swiftly, Kirishima rips himself from Bakugou’s hold and sits up. 

“Ruin my life? What do you mean?”

Now, Bakugou’s getting angry. Didn’t he think about all this already, or has Bakugou done all the thinking for the two of them?

“Shitty hair, your whole career! According to everyone else, alphas don’t date each other! You can’t have already forgotten about how the other school gave us hell for even smelling of pack. That was one of the worst days of my life!”

Bakugou hated hearing all the things the fuckheads had to say about Kirishima. He was three times the hero any of those extras were. He was so glad Kirishima had earned his license. Way to stick it to them all. 

Somehow, unfortunately, Bakugou’s said the wrong thing. Again. Kirishima stiffens and his eyes go wide. 

“I...didn’t think you felt that way. I may have misinterpreted-”

“How could you misinterpret that?! The only good thing from all of that was that you fucking passed. Shit, Kiri. All those things those people said.” Bakugou shakes his head. Kirishima’s going to have to toughen up his heart or the pro hero world will be the death of him.

“But, I thought you didn’t care about what people have to say-”

“That’s the only thing that matters, Kirishima. If you wanna make it out there, you need to be likable. There’s not much hope for me which is why I just need to fucking show them all , but you can’t handle something like that.”

“Hey now, Bakugou. Are you saying I can’t handle people’s shit? That us coming out as a pair of dating alphas would ruin our chances of being heroes?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying. You and Tetsu aren’t like that.”

“We could show them together! Wait, Tetsu? What-”

“You and your boyfriend will get eaten alive. Every day will be hell. You don’t know how to suffer something like that. I do.”


“I hate the idea of you being with another alpha, Kirishima. I don’t know why but I hate it.”

Fuck, he hadn’t meant to say that. Well, he might as well have fucking confessed there. 

He doesn’t like the idea of Kirishima being with anyone else, with any other alpha.

Bakugou’s figured it out now. He wants Kirishima all to himself. And he just realized this now.

Angry at himself, he growls. He can taste his anger sharp in the air. His palms explode and his teeth clench. He’s losing it. He tries to burn off his extra frustration but it might be too little too late.

“I need a fucking omega,” he mutters under his breath. He’s dangerously close to exploding things. Where’s Kaminari when he needs him?

He misses the hurt expression on Kirishima’s face, but when he looks back up tears are falling. 

That cools Bakugou down real fast. He lifts his hands to Kirishima’s face again, wiping away the tears.

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

“Kiri,” Bakugou says, and Kirishima can’t stand the worried look on his face. It’s all just too much to handle. There are so many things to say, and he can’t keep up. 

“I don’t love Tetsu,” is all he manages to say. His voice warbles and he swallows uneasily. His inner alpha cowers and Kirishima feels ill.

These feelings have been on the tip of his tongue for ages it felt like, but to have them actualized and out in the open was...well, he felt raw. Exposed. His freakish behavior admitted. He knew Bakugou wouldn't stop being his friend; they had been through too much together at this point. But Bakugou might withdraw, thinking Kirishima unnatural. There's nothing Kirishima would hate more than for Bakugou to see him and treat him differently.

Kirishima closes his eyes and lowers his face, unwittingly pressing into Bakugou's touch. Another hand comes up to cup the other side of his jaw, cradling his face.

Kirishima finds the strength to open his eyes. Bakugou's gaze is searching, curious, but gentle. He bites his lip again, struggling to voice his deepest feelings. There's a tug, and Bakugou tugs at his lower lip again, a sigh escaping him.

Even if Bakugou doesn't return his feelings, he is Kirishima's mate. His alpha has accepted this as truth. Even if they split ways, and maybe Kirishima finds another partner in the future, there will always be a Bakugou shaped-hole in his heart. At the very least, Kirishima hopes he can always be Bakugou's player two, his teammate, his pack. Even if they don't become official mates, their bond will always be impressively strong. Even if Bakugou doesn't love him back, he will hopefully always be a part of his life. Kirishima likes to think that was the type of friendship they had by this point.

But still, the fear is choking. It tightens his throat and steals his breath. Thumbs rub his cheekbones and tears prickle at the corners of his eyes again, both from the gesture and because of the anxiety.


Bakugou leans in until their foreheads are touching and they are sharing the same breath. Bakugou's eyes are closed, and Kirishima closes his as well, focusing on the warmth originating from their points of contact.

“I'm here. Tell me. I need to hear you say it.”

Tears fall from Kirishima's eyes, but he steels himself. He faces this fear head-on, as if he's staring down an enemy, and he's the only one standing between evil and his pack.

“I like you, Bakugou. I have feelings for you. It might even be love, but whatever it is, my alpha recognizes you as my mate. My existence is tied to yours. I understand you may not feel the same way, and that's okay. I know I'm... well, it's unnatural I know. But you already knew all this.”

Bakugou doesn't move or say anything, so Kirishima just basks in the feeling of Bakugou touching him. He's probably processing, trying to find the right words to let him down gently. Kirishima appreciates it, but he feels bad putting Bakugou on the spot like that.

“I'm sorry,” spills from his mouth before he can even think about keeping the words in.

“Fuck,” Bakugou mutters under his breath, then sighs, warm air blowing across his face. Kirishima smells Bakugou's cinnamon and spiced apple. It's so soft and calming, and so Bakugou, Kirishima's tears fall faster. Bakugou pulls his hands from Kirishima's face, but before the spike of panic can grip him, Bakugou's hands return, wrapped in the sleeves of his hoodie, just pulled down far enough to cover his fingers. They wipe Kirishima's face clear, before Bakugou moves in to nose at Kirishima's neck. Scenting him. And then he keeps going, rubbing and nuzzling at Kirishima's scent gland, before switching to his other side and repeating the actions. Bakugou's... claiming him?

But as pack or as more?

Finally satisfied, Bakugou pulls back and removes his hands.

Kirishima's body follows him, wanting to return to Bakugou's embrace, and he stumbles forward as he catches himself, nearly falling into Bakugou’s lap. Then he straightens. Time to confront this. He opens his eyes. And stares. Bakugou's eyes are full of tears as well.


“That's not a good sign,” Kirishima tries to quip. It falls flat and just winds up being a brutal observation.

“Kiri– Eijirou.”

“It's okay, Bakugou,” Kirishima tries to say, but a sob swallows his words.

“Eijirou, you're hurting. And... you're pack to me.”


Bakugou shakes his head and laughs bitterly. “Fuck, to think all this time I thought you were in love with Tetsu. I had finally come to terms with that. I thought I had it all figured out.”

“Ah, so that’s why you said you had figured out my secret. Well, you were right about me loving an alpha.”

“But you’re in love with me …” Bakugou looks so lost. His eyes are wide. It seems like the reality of the bomb Kirishima just dropped on him is still hitting him.

Kirishima bites his lip again, and this time he tastes blood. “And?”

“I don't think I'm good for you. You know I don't give a fuck what others think, but...”

“But biology?”

Bakugou nods. “I would kill myself before I let anything happen to you. If my alpha goes out of control again and hurts you, I couldn't-” he clenches his hands into fists. “So that's why I don't think I can let myself love you. You know I'm not good at this relationship stuff.”

“But…” Kirishima’s voice breaks.


Kirishima yanks himself away from Bakugou tries to stand. He stumbles but flinches away from Bakugou when the alpha reaches for him and growls. 

Kirishima’s wolf wails. 

Is he dying? He feels like he’s dying. Like his heart’s been torn into bloody shreds and flung to the floor. Numb legs collapse under him and he falls.


The hand on his shoulder burns and his alpha instincts scream at him.



Kirishima roars. “DON’T TOUCH ME!”

He lashes out at Bakugou, hardened claws ready, even as tears fall down his cheeks. 

He needs to attack. He needs to protect himself. 

It's bad, but Kirishima feels his pain sharpen into barbs. He needs to acknowledge Bakugou's feelings, but all he wants to do to express his pain at the rejection. 

“And here I thought you were good at everything, Bakugou. But it looks like all you're good at doing is giving in. Anything important to you is worth fighting for. I fought for you. I rescued you. I lo-”

Kirishima clenches his hands and shakes his head, ignoring the hardening rippling along his arms. He knows his pheromones are going crazy but he doesn’t care. His emotions are all over the place, and his alpha is in pain and angry, lashing out at the nearest thing. Attacking the person that hurt it. 

“You don’t care about anything or anyone, do you Bakugou? Can you even love? You say you suffer, but I think you deserve it. Is it your punishment for letting people down all the time? You just ruin things. How can you be a hero like that?”

And that does it.

Bakugou is furious. Angry tears run down his face, but his cheeks are flushed red and his glare is biting. Kirishima takes a sick pride in knowing he did this. He’s set Bakugou off.

“Like I would ever want to be with a fuckmuch like you, shitty hair! Freak! I don't need anyone and I especially don't need you!” 

“Just fuck off, Bakugou!” Kirishima chuckles to himself, dry and bitter. “What the hell was I thinking? No one's gonna love an angry asshole like you. I'm clearly delusional.”

This is why they can never work, Kirishima thinks to himself angrily as he slams Bakugou's door behind him and runs. He runs and runs and runs, chest heaving. Angry, pained tears fall and he isn't sure which emotion is winning out. Cold air hits him, but he welcomes the numbing as it cools his burning body. He feels like he’s on fire. 

He didn't mean to say those things, but to hear Bakugou jump right back to his old self, walls back up, was the last straw. Maybe they'll never get over this. Maybe he doesn't ever want to. Bakugou hating him back will help kill the feelings he has. He'll just make his inner alpha get the fuck over him. There are other, more deserving, more receptive people out there. Like Tetsutetsu, the one Bakugou thought he loved anyway. But why does that thought hurt so much? Why does it hurt? Why does he hurt?

It hurts to hear Bakugou say he can’t handle reality, even if it’s true. 

It hurts to hear Bakugou say he needs an omega.

It hurts to hear Bakugou say he won’t let himself love Kirishima. 

It hurts to know Bakugou won’t fight for him.

Because being a hero is everything to Bakugou.

And there’s no room for Kirishima in that dream.

Because he’s broken. He’s a freak.

That’s why it hurts. 

When his exhausted body collapses he hits dirt. His body is cold and numb and his limbs tremble from the exertion. Kirishima backs up until his back hits something solid, pulls his knees up to his chest, and pulls his arms up over his head, tugging at his hair. He has no idea where he is, and he doesn't want to know. He just wants to find a place to curl up and die. The red wolf of his spirit whimpers and cries, and Kirishima joins it.

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Kaminari is the one who knocks on his door the following day. Bakugou yells a curse, which is promptly ignored in favor of just opening his door. Kaminari blocks the thrown pillow, more than familiar with this dance by now. The only reason why Bakugou hasn’t kicked the shit outta him is due to his calming omega scent and disarming smile. He was pretty much the only omega Bakugou could stand due to being relatively harmless and being the only other one to really be able to read him.

“What the fuck you want, sparky?”

“Hey, so, Tetsu texted me.”

“Fucking and?”

Kaminari leans against the door and waves his phone, unperturbed by the spike of aggression in Bakugou’s scent. “He hasn’t heard back from Kirishima, and he’s not in his room. I went to ask him something last night and he wasn't there. Do you know where he is? I can smell him here faintly.”

“Then you can fucking smell that he hasn’t been here recently. Fuck off!” He fires off some explosions as a threat.

“Hmm, okay but I asked if you knew where he was. We’re starting to get worried. It’s been almost a day since anyone’s seen him. Thought you might know.”

Bakugou growls and stomps up to the omega. Kaminari blanches a bit but holds his ground, meeting Bakugou’s stare directly and tilting his chin up as the alpha gets all in his space.

“I haven't heard from shitty hair, so get the hell off my back.”

Bakugou holds his glare, and Kaminari gazes right back. Then he sighs. “Fuck,” he says with energy, and Bakugou blinks, taken aback. “You two had a fight, didn't you? Shit.”

Kaminari turns from Bakugou, despite being up against the wall, and looks at his phone while lost in thought. He mutters to himself while he runs a hand through his hair. Bakugou can see his hair is mussed and he has circles under his eyes. He looks tired, like a worried friend that has been up all night. Bakugou likes to think Kaminari is an idiot, but he's always been well-tuned to the needs of others. Presenting as an omega has just made him more confident in his interactions with others and in keeping everyone happy.

“We knew this was bound to happen sooner or later, but Kirishima being MIA means he's hurt. But where would he go?”

Sparked by a thought, Kaminari begins to frantically text on his phone. Bakugou growls at him, but Kaminari is too focused to pay him any attention.

“Maybe we can find him by scent? Shit, but it's been raining.”

Bakugou blinks, and marches over to the window, where sure enough, everything is gloomy and wet. How did he not notice the rain? Has been he so focused on his work he didn't hear the rain? Or maybe, if Bakugou were honest to himself, he was trying to keep himself occupied. Trying to be too busy to hurt. He tunes back into Kaminari's mutterings just in time to hear him talk to someone on the phone.

“Oh, yeah good idea. No, I already checked and his shoes and jacket are still here. Yeah, I'll bring it along for when we find him. Did you check the gym? No? Shit. Nah, he's likely away from other people right now. Okay sounds good, Tetsu. If they want to come home, we could use the help. I'll keep trying with Baku. Keep ya posted. Bye.”

Kaminari hangs up and gives Bakugou a glare. The look softens, however, as he takes in whatever he can read from Bakugou's posture and face. Bakugou has no idea what he looks like right now, but his heart is pounding and his thoughts are scattered. He should be angry at Kirishima, but for the life of him he can't remember why.

“We haven't alerted the teachers yet because we don't want him to get in trouble for breaking curfew. If he doesn't return by bedtime, though, he'll have been gone a full 24 hours and we'll need to tell them.”

Guilt starts to settle in Bakugou's gut. And he calls himself an alpha. A leader of the pack. But here he is destroying things again. The one most dear to him is somewhere out there in the cold, missing, and it was Bakugou’s fault. He’s been sitting here in denial and anger, hating Kirishima for being stupid and liking alphas, but now he just hates himself. 



Bakugou feels his body go weak. He lifts a palm and stares at it. How much would it take to end this all now? One explosion and he could just disappear. It would be so simple.


The omega calls his name and jerks Bakugou out of his dark thoughts. 

“Fuck,” he says, weary. 

No, he won’t go the easy way. When he goes, he’s going to take down 100 villains with him. Bakugou’s a fighter. If he’s going to number one someday…

No, he wants this for himself this time.

Bakugou closes his eyes and forces himself to think.

Kirishima is MIA and could be in danger. Fucking hell, he could have been kidnapped. The only reason the rest of the pack hasn’t fallen apart is because of Kaminari.

At this point, he needs to put his personal feelings aside and fucking fix this. People's well-being depends on him keeping his shit together.

Bakugou grits his teeth and approaches Kaminari again, close enough to touch. The omega's eyes are pleading. Stiffly, he reaches out a hand and Kaminari flinches, braced for an explosion. But Bakugou tugs him in to his chest roughly. Kaminari is frozen, eyes wide in shock. After a minute, he relaxes. And inhales. Bakugou's softened his scent, and Kaminari breathes in the spiced apple smell. With a happy sigh he presses in closer to Bakugou and wraps his arms around his neck, face pressed against Bakugou's scent glands. The alpha can feel more tension leave Kaminari's body, and the stench of sour lemon warms to something like lemon cake.

“Thank you, alpha,” he murmurs into Bakugou's neck, before reluctantly pulling away. “Now, will you help us find Kiri? You're the only one who can. He needs us.” Kaminari grabs Bakugou's hand and tugs him towards the door. The alpha yanks his hand away, but only to grab his rain gear. Kaminari smiles.

“I know you two are hurting, but let us help, ‘kay? We're pack. We support one another to make our unit stronger than we could be on our own.”

Bakugou grunts a reply, passing the omega at a jog. Kaminari runs to keep up. “We'll split up. Thank you, alpha!”

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Chapter Text

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Bakugou’s panic is tangible. They haven’t been able to find Kirishima. Between the amount of time he’s been missing and the rain, their odds don’t look good. He wasn’t in the town surrounding U.A. He’s not in the neighboring city either. Kaminari had suggested he would run somewhere away from others, so the pack splits up and tries remote areas. After a couple of hours, Bakugou finally catches a whiff of Kirishima’s scent in a forest at the base of the mountains. How the alpha had run so far before anyone could find him is sobering. 

Bakugou’s thoughts run in crazy circles as he searches. He keeps thinking back to their fight. Things had started off alright, Bakugou wanting to look out for Kirishima, but he had gotten angry when Kirishima didn’t understand his side of things. And as much as he tries to work on his control, there’s something about Kirishima that always sets him off. Kirishima isn’t weak, Bakugou knows this. He’s strong and amazing and kind. However, something inside him sees Kirishima as something to protect and keep safe. And that includes keeping Kirishima safe from himself and from Bakugou. But Kirishima doesn’t understand that. 

Bakugou is not the best thing for Kirishima, and Bakugou’s worried about how Kirishima treats himself. He needs a sweet omega to treat him right. Someone who is understanding and gentle and good with the emotions and feelings.

He needs someone not Bakugou.

Lightning streaks across the air, and Bakugou turns his attention back to his mission. 

He needs to find Kirishima first, and then they can try to fix this mess. Maybe they can be friends again?

It still takes Bakugou another hour of frantically searching through the woods until he catches the scent again.

Bakugou does eventually find him, but it’s a close thing. He’s unconscious and cold to the touch when Bakugou finally finds him, passed out on the ground amid some fallen trees. Bakugou wastes no time gathering him up, and growls as Kirishima's head lulls back against his shoulder loosely. His body is wet and cool, and he's not shivering. Bakugou's stomach falls and his guts feel like they are churning. Kirishima's stiff, difficult to adjust in his arms. Shit shit shit. Kirishima's in serious trouble. But where does Bakugou take him? He needs a doctor or a nurse, but there's only one place Bakugou feels safe bringing him. Everyone else will just have to fucking deal.

Bakugou runs the entire way back. The alpha Tetsutetsu is the first to spot them when they return to the UA dorms. He looks torn between running over and keeping his distance, unsure of what he's reading from Bakugou's scent, but his worry overrides his survival instinct, because steels himself and approaches cautiously. Bakugou slows and keeps himself from growling as Tetsu reaches out a hand to check for a pulse. Satisfied, Tetsu nods and lets Bakugou go, hollering for Kaminari.

Bakugou has just redressed Kirishima in dry clothes and bundled him up in all the blankets his owns when Aizawa and Recovery Girl come rushing in. Bakugou glares defiantly at his teacher while Recovery Girl begins assessing Kirishima.

“You should have brought him straight to the nurse’s office,” Aizawa says sternly. Recovery Girl nods in agreement as she frowns, hands checking Kirishima's temperature and running along his neck.

“I know,” Bakugou grits out, and Aizawa blinks, taking in the boy's clenched fists and pained expression, and he sniffs the air.

“I see. You two have bonded.”

Bakugou shakes his head. “No, don’t talk to me about bonding right now. I need Kirishima to be okay first, and then I can fucking process this feelings shit.” But even as he says it, the words settle in his head. A wild part of Bakugou howls at the implication, hoping for an answer. Mate, it begs.

Recovery Girl pauses and shares a look with Aizawa, then begins to pull out her medical equipment and some bottles. Bakugou knows she wants to examine Kirishima before trying to heal him with her quirk, if possible. But he had a suspicion Kirishima’s body wouldn’t be able to handle the stamina drain.

“He’s showing pre-rut signs,” she mutters as she works. “That likely made whatever happened even worse. Ah, young alphas,” she bemoans.

Aizawa points at Bakugou. “We will discuss this later, when he's stable. For now, do not get in Recovery Girl's way as she treats Kirishima. If he needs to be moved, you will assist. If you hinder in any way, shape, or form, I will have you expelled. Even the slightest whiff of pheromones and you’re out.”

Bakugou nods, then gently brushes a thumb along Kirishima's cheek before standing at the entrance to his room. Just in time to intercept a frantic Kaminari and concerned Tetsu.

The alpha looks torn. “I told the others to go back to their rooms but Kaminari insisted-”

Bakugou's flat expression doesn't change, but he gathers the worried omega and scents him, calming him.

“He'll be fucking fine, sparks, chill. Tetsu,” Bakugou lifts his head and sizes Tetsutetsu up. “Take care of him.”

Tetsu straightens up and nods.

Then Bakugou pulls back and lets Tetsu wrap an arm around Kaminari, who's still trembling and stumbling, concern radiating off him like smoke. Bakugou herds the two of them out the door, and then continues his watch in out in front of the door to his room. He steps aside for All Might and Midnight as they come to check in on Kirishima, but snarls when Midoriya peeks his head into the hallway, the warning clear. The omega leaves without having to be told twice.

It's hours later when All Might and Midnight leave. Midnight glares at Bakugou as she passes, but All Might gives him a nod in approval before also leaving. The door is left ajar behind them, a clear invitation. Bakugou steps in quietly. Recovery Girl has commandeered his desk chair and stirs something into a glass of water. Aizawa is standing with his arms crossed, but turns his head as Bakugou comes to stand next to him.

“You know I can't approve a bond between you two.”

Bakugou nods.

“It's extremely irresponsible and flat out dangerous to not only both of you, but to everyone else on campus.”

Bakugou clenches his hands into fists but nods again.

Aizawa brings a palm to his face and tilts his head back. “God, this is going to be so much paperwork. Bakugou. You are seriously a pain in my ass.”

Recovery Girl smacks Aizawa's leg from her chair, but the words still sting. Bakugou is well aware of how much trouble he's caused all the teachers at U.A. He's well aware they have even created a special code word for Bakugou-related incidents, like when needing to reassure other staff that the loud explosion they heard was simply Bakugou being Bakugou, and not, in fact, a villain attack. 

“Who else is in your pack, Bakugou? The pack which should have been formally registered with the school months ago,” Aizawa adds on pointedly.

“Just Ashido and Sero,” Bakugou mutters, looking at the floor. He's fucked this up so many ways. Why does he do everything backwards?

“Six. That's a pretty significant group. And three alphas with one omega? Well, I can tell you're taking care of him. If I had seen anything inappropriate or harmful to Kaminari I would be shutting it down right this minute.”

Aizawa shakes his head and sighs, suddenly sounding tired.

“I can approve the pack, but I can't approve the bond, Bakugou. You know this. Two alphas...” Aizawa laughs, but it's a bitter, sad sound.

“If anyone could pull it off it would, of course, be you. You tend to see rules as walls to scale. Again, a huge pain in my ass.”

Recovery Girl glares and smacks him again.

“But think of Kirishima,” he goes on, rubbing his leg. “He's more fragile than you.” Aizawa holds a hand up to halt Bakugou's complaints. “You know what I mean. This situation right here doesn't bode well for you. Both too stubborn to take care of yourselves. You saw what this did to Kaminari.” His teacher sighs again.

“I need to talk to the principal. Recovery Girl is almost done, and then you are going to nurse Kirishima back to physical and mental health by giving him impeccable care, do you understand? The both of you are on house arrest until Recovery Girl approves Kirishima to return to school.” Aizawa walks right up to Bakugou, pointing a finger in his face. “This is your last chance. Do not fuck this up. Now you are going to pretend I never uttered a single cuss word so I can keep this job and, and you will get your shit together so I don't have to expel our most promising student.”

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Kirishima groans. His eyes don't want to open. It's like they are stuck. His head pounds and his breath is shallow and raspy. He hears some words spoken and familiar, welcome smells. It’s his pack. Kaminari is here. And Ashido. Sero’s mocha is a welcome scent, along with a hint of metal...

“Tetsu?” Kirishima whispers. He forces his eyes open. The alpha smiles and leans forward, running a hand through his red locks. Kirishima manages a weak smile. “How did you,” he coughs, and a straw is raised to his lips. Kirishima sips hungrily.

“The teachers gave me permission. Now that I'm officially part of your pack I can be here.” Tetsu yelps as Ashido smacks him, but Kirishima sits up in a panic.

“A pack?! But what- what about your class. And who-” Kirishima breaks off into a coughing fit. Kaminari nudges Tetsu and Ashido aside.

“Don't worry about it, Kiri. The teachers know everything. And Tetsu was fine with it. Bakugou understands Tetsu will kinda be hopping between Class 1A and 1B, but since there aren't any registered packs in 1B it's fine. Although it sounds like Shinso was almost in a 1A pack as well, and he’s from 1C.”

Kirishima can't help it. He loves Kaminari dearly, but his head is wrapped around a single word.

Bakugou. Bakugou officially made them a pack. And with Tetsu? What on earth?

His head pounds and Kirishima lies back down with a pained groan. “My head's killing me. And it hurts to breathe.”

Sero places a warm hand on Kirishima's. “Hey man, take it easy. We'll let you be, but you were really sick. You were out in the rain for a whole day, did you know that? It was pretty bad. And with you so close to your...”

Sero shakes his head sadly and trails off, and Ashido, Tetsu, and Kaminari all huddle in close.

“Bakugou was so doting,” Sero continues, ignoring the pause. “He was really worried, Kiri. We know you two had a fight, but he's doing everything to redeem himself.”

Kirishima feels nauseous now, knowing that everyone knew about their business. The thought of Bakugou sends a spike of anxiety through him. Oh god. He remembers he said some mean things but can’t recall exactly the words. Shit, he needs to apologize. 

“It's okay, Red,” Tetsu says with a knowing smile. “We're your pack. We were even before the paperwork. And we'll just make each other stronger.”

“Let us help you and Bakugou, too. You're basically our alpha parents, anyway. And Tetsu is our uncle,” Ashido says with a smile. Sero and Kaminari chuckle at Tetsu's blush.

“I love you guys,” Kirishima chokes out. And unsurprisingly his pack climbs on his bed and bundles him up in hugs. The pleasant smells peak and he feels so at home. Safe and secure. There's that chocolate and strawberry, and lemon and the hint of metal

“This isn't my room,” Kirishima says slowly.

His pack looks at one another. Well, his pack minus one very important alpha.

“You've been in his room the whole time.”

“Wait, how long was I out?”

There's a pause.

“We'll let Bakugou catch you up. He wanted to wait until we had a chance to talk to you first. Are you up for seeing him?”

No, he isn't. There isn't anything Kirishima wants to do less. The pain is still sharp, fresh. Although, Kirishima's the one who should apologize first. Bakugou's tears burn hard on Kirishima's conscious. Bakugou had understood and sympathized, but when he didn't return his feelings Kirishima lashed out. That wasn't fair at all. In fact, that was probably the most unmanly, cowardly thing he had ever done in his life.

“Can you tell us what happened? Bakugou won't say a peep.”

“He didn't return my feelings. I lashed out. I have no idea what came over me. I was just so...”


Kirishima nods. “And hurt. So I took it out on him. He was completely reasonable and I just...” he trails off.

“Maybe, it's just not going to work,” Ashido gently, kindly. She means well, she really does.

But Kaminari shakes his head. “Kirishima and Bakugou are a unit. They push the limits at every point. Why would this be any different?”

“Because they're alphas,” she says sadly.

“Okay but, if they're mates, they won't dare hurt one another.”

“Kami, you're too optimistic.”

“But soulmates-”

“Denki, stop giving them false hope.”

Kaminari pouts but stays silent. Eventually, the pack trickles down, saying goodbyes and getting back to their work. Kirishima yawns, and notices Kaminari is still there, hunched over a chair, eyes downcast.

“Thank you, for what it's worth,” Kirishima says.

Kaminari looks up, but the forlorn look is still on his face.


With a sigh, Kaminari clambers over Kirishima and allows himself to be pulled in for a hug. They lie there, breathing in the scents of each other, well aware that biology is the reason they are instinctually calmed by the presence of the other. Alpha and omega. But it helps they are such close friends, too.

Cherry and lemon mix into something pleasant and soothing.

“You really think we could work out?” Kirishima finally asks.

“There's nothing stronger than a mate bond. I just don't think any alphas have really tried. I mean, two omegas can work out. And a triad with two alphas and an omega can work. So why not two alphas? I don't think it has anything to do with the presence of omegas. It's just about communication and, ya know, the bond.”

There's a quiet moment, both lost in thought. Then Kirishima speaks, so softly it's almost a whisper.

“My alpha recognizes Bakugou as mate.” He can't keep the longing from his voice.

“But his doesn't?”

“I don't think he's even letting it.”

“Well, things might be different now. Kirishima,” Kaminari sits up to look Kirishima dead in the eyes, “we almost lost you. It was a very near thing. Bakugou is definitely still reeling from it. The way he acted, it certainly seemed like you were his mate.”

“I think it's more like, he doesn't want to get close, but the idea of me going too far is forcing some sort of peusedo-bond. I think it'll wear off in a bit. You know how seriously Bakugou takes everything. It's like responsibilities are missions to him.”

Kaminari shrugs. “I guess you'll see for yourself.”

Unwilling to confront his thoughts yet, Kirishima pulls the omega back down for a nuzzle, just wanting to bask in the sweet lemony musk. He can understand the appeal of omegas. Sometimes soft, but mighty. They fight passionately for what they believe in, but otherwise are pretty mellow. If they warm up to you and trust you, they can be pliant, submissive. But something about Bakugou just gets Kirishima going. He likes the challenge Bakugou provides. Toeing the line of danger, blood singing at the threat. One wrong move and there'll be a snap of jaws at his throat. It pushes Kirishima to constantly be the best version of himself, always alert and vigilant. But if he stumbles, Bakugou is right there by his side to carry on the fight. A burning fire that he can't stay away from, but burns when he gets too close. It's so hard to put into words, but Bakugou is violent and passionate and beautiful, and his alpha totally digs it.

There's a soft knock at the door, and then it opens, revealing Bakugou himself. He looks....

“Uh, you look pretty rough, dude,” Kirishima says.

Kaminari snuggles in closer to Kirishima's neck. “He looks like shit.”

Bakugou certainly does. He rolls his eyes as he comes in to set two glasses down on the nightstand. His hair needs a good shower and there are rough circles under his eyes. His clothes are rumpled and Kirishima notices he has one of Kirishima's hoodies wrapped around his waist. Exhaustion settles in every line of his body as he heads to the bathroom and returns with two prescription bottles. He looks like he hasn't slept in a week.

An alarm beeps from the phone in Bakugou's pocket as he pours out one pill from each bottle and sets them next to the cups. One is full of water and the other looks like orange juice.

“The red one is every four hours and the other is every eight. You can read what they're for on the bottles. You should try to drink both glasses. Recovery Girl says your body needs fluids.”

“Thanks,” Kirishima says, slightly stunned. “What, uh, what did I have?”

“You have pneumonia. You've been out for almost a week. Recovery Girl thinks you were starting your rut when we fought. That made everything worse.”

Bakugou doesn't try to kick Kaminari out, which Kirishima is secretly thankful for. He completely trusts Bakugou, but there's a lot he's still feeling and there's a lot of new changes and he's so unsure of where they stand now. Especially hearing the news that once again, Kirishima screwed everything up by not watching his damn pheromones. What the hell is wrong with him?! Bakugou keeps making progress and building himself better, and Kirishima is the one smashing it all to pieces.

The room fills soft tantalizing lemon, and both Kirishima and Bakugou turn their heads towards the omega. He gives them both a tired smile in return.

“Just take it easy guys. You both need to relax, for each other's sake.”

Bakugou keeps looking at Kaminari, some silent conversation between them. Kaminari gets his phone out and curls in on his side, back still nestled against Kirishima's on Bakugou's tiny bed and he idly flicks through some social media apps. Kirishima sits up and takes the pills without reading the labels, and downs the water and half of the orange juice. At Bakugou's frown he shrugs.

“I'll finish it in a sec. My...throat hurts.”

It's hard to admit, sharing a weakness is against his alpha inclination, but he's among friends, and it's important. Kirishima's kinda lost his right to hide any discomfort at this point. He's the one bedridden.

Bakugou nods and sits by Kirishima's legs on the bed. It's a tight fit, but they have the excuse for closeness.

“Bakugou, I'm s–“

“No.” Bakugou shakes his head. “Not now, Kirishima. Just recover first.”

“Katsuki, I need to get this off my chest. I'm not good at waiting, you know that. And...I'll feel better saying this.”

In lieu of a reply, Bakugou comes in close and gathers Kirishima up in his arms, resting his chin on Kirishima's broad shoulder. His apple cinnamon scent is mute, but it's there, and Kirishima surges, yanking Bakugou in closer and desperately seeking his scent. He sighs as he inhales, body relaxing unconsciously.

They just sit and breathe.

Eventually, they're aware that Kaminari is getting up and leaving, closing the door softly behind him, lemon lingering the the air among the faint smell of pack. It honestly smells like home, and Kirishima feels the sting of tears.

He feels Bakugou stiffen and try to pull back, but Kirishima keeps a tight hold of him, unwilling to let him go for even a second.

“Please,” he begs. “Just for a little longer. I...really need this.”

Bakugou sighs, but relents. Then he whispers. “I... I need this, too.” It's so soft Kirishima has to strain his ears.

Bakugou allows himself to be held for another five minutes before he nudges Kirishima off and hands him his half-empty glass.

“Oi, finish your orange juice, or else I'll be expelled.”

Kirishima chokes on his mouthful of juice, sputtering.

“W- wha cough what?”

Bakugou look slightly ill, but Kirishima isn't sure if it's because of the topic or the sound of his coughing.

“There were three conditions I had to meet. The pack had to be registered, I have to nurse you back to health, and I have to pretend I didn't hear Aizawa cuss about me being a pain in his ass. Otherwise, he would expel me and their most promising student.”

“You and... Todoroki?”

“No! You idi-” Bakugou clenches his eyes shut and takes a huge breath in and out. “No, you.”

“Me?” Kirishima's eyes are wide. Is he hallucinating? Is this an effect of the drugs?

Bakugou looks him straight in the eye. “You're their most promising student, silly.” He rescues the glass of orange juice at risk of slipping out of Kirishima's grasp.

He still stunned and Bakugou eyes him. “What, you're surprised?”

“I don't believe it, honestly. I bet they were just being nice because I was sick.”

“Aizawa, nice?” Bakugou gives him a skeptical look.

“You have a point,” Kirishima admits. “But still. More promising than you? And Midoriya and Todoroki? That seems unlikely. I mean, I did finish fourth in the sports festival, so I wouldn't mind being in the top five.”

Bakugou shrugs. “Eh, my personality is crap. I still have shit to work on. Todoroki, too. We've got...stuff to overcome first. Deku is just...” Bakugou trails off, and Kirishima can see Bakugou's frustration increase as he tries to formulate a way to talk about Midoriya without completely losing it. He's right, Bakugou does have shit to work on, if he can't even talk about an ally objectively.

“Yeah, Midoriya needs to keep from destroying his body. His quirk is all over the place. Well, I have to admit you make a pretty good case. But that's more on what you all don't have rather than what I supposedly have going for me.”

“You're strong,” Bakugou says immediately, without a pause. “You take criticism well and work your ass off. You're friendly and hardworking and have really developed your quirk. You're a fighter, like me, but you're nice.” Bakugou's a little pink in the face by the end of his speech, but Kirishima can't comment because he can tell he's flushing bright red.

“W-well you're awesome, too!”

Bakugou shakes his head. “Nah, just leave it. I'm talking about you, shitty hair. Just accept the praise, alright.”

Kirishima bites his lip to keep from speaking.

“Anyway, do you want an update on the situation?”

“Yeah, give me the report.”

“You've been in and out of consciousness for six days. The teachers are giving you a medical pass until Recovery Girl clears you to return to school. I'm on the same pass as your nurse. Our pack is registered now. But-”

Bakugou cuts himself off, and Kirishima stomps down on the happy alpha feelings that spiked at the phrase 'our pack' focuses back on Bakugou's face. He looks like he's swallowed a huge sour lemon.

Then he exhales sharply. “I'm also a huge fucking asshole who is really fucking sorry, I'm pretty sure my alpha now recognizes you as mate, too, and our friends and teachers don't approve of us.”


Well, that's a hell of a lot to spring on somebody.

Kirishima feels tears begin to run down his face, but he isn't sure if they're happy or sad ones. He's simultaneously ecstatic and terrified and he isn't sure if he wants to make a break for it again or hold Bakugou tightly and never let him go. He feels his hackles rise at the implied threat, but a scared whine escapes his throat.

“Kiri? Talk to me. I can't tell what you're feeling. Your pheromones are going crazy.”

Of course they fucking are. Kirishima shakes his head and hides his face in his hands. His body shakes at the onslaught. Bakugou climbs over to him and wraps warm, protective arms around him.

“I-I'm just gonna hold you. Tell me if you need anything else, ok?”

Kirishima weakly tries to throw Bakugou's arms off him, and Bakugou relents, gives him a little space. But whatever he sees on Kirishima's face makes him frown, and when Kirishima tries to clumsily throw the sheets off and get out of bed, Bakugou growls and pins Kirishima back to the bed.

Wide, tearful eyes meet determined crimson ones, and Kirishima looks up, feeling completely exposed and vulnerable. The other alpha makes a pained noise and touches his forehead to Kirishima's, releasing a soft, calming scent.

“It's okay, Kiri.”

“I'm sorry,” Kirishima sobs.

“It's okay, Kirishima,” Bakugou says again. “We're a team. We have each other, and a powerful pack. We'll get through this.”

“I don't want to hurt you, Katsuki. Like I already did. I was angry and hurt and scared and-”

“I know, Eijirou. It won't be easy, but we got this. If you think there's a chance it'll work, then it'll work. Hell, you're fucking friends with me, of all people. You can do anything.”

Kirishima chuckles wetly. “You know, Kami had a good point.”

“Denki has a lot of those. He's smart about omega stuff.”

Kirishima is secretly pleased Bakugou has warmed up to Kaminari at this point. He's a dear friend and Kirishima cares about him very much. Maybe that's why Bakugou took care to look out for him. Like a good pack leader should do.

“He is. Anyway, he said that as long as we're mates, and see each other as such, we shouldn't harm each other. It would go against the whole bond process.”

Bakugou thinks about that for a second, then nods. “It's a risk to put all of our faith in that, but yes, it's a good thing to fall back on. However, if we're gonna do this, we need some rules. You're too important to me.”

Kirishima smiles. “And we have a pack now. Did you know they call you the pack dad? We'll have to be good parents for them and set a proper example.”

“Ugh, those little shits.”

“You love them, though.”

Bakugou sighs. “Yeah, I do. Fuck, this is gonna suck.” Bakugou leans back, but not too far. He traces a finger along Kirishima's face, and when the redhead leans into the touch, he brings both hands up and cups Kirishima's face.

“Do you feel better?”

“No, but I know I will once I process all of this.”

Bakugou nods. He picks up the forgotten orange juice. “Now finish this shit so it doesn't all end before it even begins, alright?”

Kirishima smiles weakly and downs the rest of the drink.

“Any chance I could get some solid food?” He asks meekly.

“Not a fucking chance. You're on a strict diet. I'm not skipping a single step. I have you scheduled down to the very minute. Now you're on a 60-minute rest, and after that, we start your breathing exercises to work on your lungs. Don't even think about trying to get out of it.”

“I seriously doubt Recovery had things that detailed.”

“You're fucking right she didn't. But isn't it my job to provide the very best care to my mate?”

Kirishima flushes fully red, overcome by embarrassment and fondness and love , and his inner alpha sings.

“J-jesus you can't just..saying things.., oh my god.”

Bakugou smirks, gives him a peck on the forehead, pulls out Kirishima's phone from his pocket, and reclaims the two empty glasses. “Here's your phone, but try to rest up. I'll be back in an hour.”

“Y-yeah. I... Thanks, Katsuki.”

“Anytime, Eijirou. Just please fucking Jesus don't ever pull a stunt like that again. I'm pretty sure I had an actual heart attack.”

“When? When I ran away?”

“During the whole fucking thing.”

Kirishima chuckles. “I'll do my best.”

Bakugou growls, and Kirishima jumps. “I promise!”

“That's more like it. Better listen to your alpha, pup.”

And with that, he leaves and closes the door behind him. Kirishima pulls the pillow up to his beet-red face and screams.

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Tetsutetsu joins the pack after that. He’s already been registered, and they all smell like one another, but Bakugou insisted on waiting to actually pack bond him until Kirishima was ready for it. 

It goes very smoothly. Kirishima tries not to let his heart jump at Bakugou’s proximity as his own bond is rekindled. As he gets stronger and stronger everyday, his doubts grow, too. He wants more than anything for him and Bakugou to work out. 


Well, regardless of his feelings about the matter, the pack is a separate matter, and they need him as much as he needs them. Once Tetsu’s been bitten and has bitten them in return, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Kirishima feels like he can finally breathe now. 

Things are almost completely perfect, and that terrifies him more than anything. Because sooner or later he’s going to fuck it all up again. 

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Chapter Text

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

“I heard Suneater and Fatgum caught those pesky pranksters that were hijacking the cars.”

“You know, I was worried about it at first, but I’m actually pretty glad we live near UA. All these young heroes really help keep the peace.”

Bakugou scoffs as he waits in line to purchase the vegetables and meat he needs for the pack dinner tonight. The cooler weather means stew, which thankfully allows him to combine everyone’s favorite foods into one meal. He’s got fresh spinach for Tetsu and meat for Kirishima and Kaminari. There are soybeans and spices at home for the rest of them. The line moves forward and he can’t help but perk up at the conversation between the people in front of him. Looks like two ladies on a lunch break from work.

“I’m a little worried about the 1A class, though. Some of those students still need a better handle on their quirks.”

“Oh, I’m not worried about the quirks. I heard…” The woman trails off and her friend leans forward and nudges her. “You heard what?”

“Well, it was only on one of those gossip mags, but they’re saying there’s evidence that two of the alphas are dating.”

“What? That’s impossible. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a lie just to sell magazines.”

The line moves forward and Bakugou grits his teeth so he doesn’t growl. He’s getting pissed off. He just needs to buy his shit and leave. He’s so close.

“You’re probably right, but even so. Just the idea of it is freaky.”

“I know right?”

“Did it say who? There’s a couple of kids there I would be worried about.”

“Well, you remember who won the Sports Festival?”

“No, I don’t real… oh no. You can’t be serious? That guy?!”

“If he’s trying to mate with another alpha we’re all in trouble. Maybe we should look for a new apartment.”

Bakugou closes his eyes and tries to fucking breath. He waits until the voices disappear and there’s a quiet cough. The cashier is waiting patiently for him. Fortunately, there’s no one behind Bakugou so he stiffly steps forward and dumps his items on the counter.

The cashier takes in his angry posture and wisely doesn’t say anything. Bakugou purchases his stuff without saying a single word and leaves as quickly as he can. He busies himself with reviewing recipes in his mind on the way home until he’s calmed down. Once he’s outside of the dorms a thought comes to him. Someone’s been watching them. That’s the only explanation he can come up with. The secondary genders aren’t made public. Only someone on the inside would know stuff like that. Unless... it was someone from one of the other hero schools at the license exam. Fuck.

There’s nothing Bakugou can do about rumors and gossip. He’ll just keep a closer eye on his own pack and kill anything that seems like a threat.

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

“C'mon, Kiri. You gotta drink two cups of water. Papa Baku insists.”

Kirishima groans and rolls over. Ashido huffs and looks to Sero, who shrugs. Bakugou is preparing for dinner, so the rest of the pack has been instructed to make sure Kirishima stays on his care schedule. 

Kirishima had naively thought that with Bakugou busy, he would have some alone time. Unfortunately, that was clearly not the case. Instead of one nagging Bakugou, he has four nagging pack members. As much as he loves them all, he’s been waited on hand and foot for weeks. Things are just getting ridiculous now. He just needs some time to himself to think in peace. He wants to think about himself, about where he and Bakugou stand, and what he’s going to do now. He can’t do that with all these people all up in his space. He just now got back into his own room, and the faint, yet familiar smells help settle an ache in his heart. If no one was around, he would be busily scent-marking it from top to bottom until it smelled like home again.

“Ugh, just leave me alone. No one's gonna notice two stupid glasses of water,” Kirishima mutters into his pillow.

Sero grabs the paper labeled KIRI CARE INSTRUCTIONS and scans it. Kaminari looks over his shoulder and reads aloud.

“Hmm, nope sorry, there's literally a footnote about what to do if you refuse to follow a step. Let's see... well this is weird.” Kaminari frowns, and looks at Sero.

“What does 'blackmail: Middle school’ mean?” Kirishima sits up so fast the pillow goes flying across the room. He grabs a glass from Ashido, who's laughing her fool head off, and begins to chug it down. Messily.

“Wow, you really need to work on your deepthroating skills. You're never going to win a chugging contest like that,” Kaminari remarks idly.

Ashido squeals. Sero smacks his forehead. And Kirishima chokes, coughing on water. It sprays everywhere, all over the sheets, Kirishima's clothes, and his pack members.

There’s screaming and laughing and chaos until Bakugou enters with a raised eyebrow and declares dinner ready. The excitement is almost enough to distract Kirishima from his thoughts. 

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Soon Kirishima’s on a light exercise schedule, and Kirishima both loves it and hates it. He loves getting up out of bed, but he hates seeing how weak he’s become. He loves getting to see the rest of his classmates in the living room, but hates Bakugou’s relentless nagging. 

“She said 300 steps, Kirishima. You’re only halfway there. Keep moving!”

“Hey, I’m really tired Bakugou. Let me rest for a bit.”

“You’ve been resting for 45 minutes Kirishima! Get your ass up and walking!”

Kirishima whines, burrowing closer into Kaminari and Ashido. Tetsu comes to Bakugou’s rescue and stands in front of the couch, arms crossed.

“C’mon, don’t be a quitter, Red. You need to hurry up and get back into peak condition! People’s lives will depend on your health and strength. Up and at ‘em!”

“Fuck,” Kirishima says with feeling. “So manly, Tetsu. You’re absolutely right!”

He gets up off the couch and starts to move quickly around the first floor. “I need to get back into shape as soon as possible.” The pack watches as he increases his pace to a light jog.

“Oi, stupid hair! Stop fu- stop running! You’re gonna hurt your damn self!”

Kaminari and Ashio giggle and return to their couch snuggle. Sero wheedles his way into the spot Kirishima had vacated. Tetsu plops down on a nearby loveseat, sprawling until he takes the entire two-seater. 

“I was right. There’s never a dull moment with your pack.”

Our pack,” Kaminari says with a smile. “You’re one of us now. All official and stuff.”

Tetsutetsu coughs and blushes. The omega grins evilly and jumps up off couch, ignoring protests from Ashido and Sero, to join him, plopping himself on Tetsu’s lap. Kaminari leans in and nuzzles Tetsu’s neck before inhaling and leaning forward to settle all his weight against Tetsu’s chest. He closes his eyes with a happy smile on his face. 

He looks so calm and at peace, Kirishima can’t help the smile that grows on his face. He makes another lap around the living room just for prosperity's sake, but the smell of happy omega settles the pack down and everyone basks in his contentedness.

Tetsu’s eyes are wide in surprise, but he carefully raises a hand and strokes Kaminari’s hair. It’s clear Tetsu is shocked by the trust Kaminari has in him, but he takes it in stride and Kirishima can see the hard resolve in Tetsu’s eyes. He’s not going to let anything hurt Kaminari. Kirishima can relate. He feels his inner alpha rear up, alert and awake, ready to protect and defend those dearest to him.

Kirishima leans against the kitchen counter and watches Tetsu finally close his eyes and gather Kaminari in his arms. It’s so freaking sweet. Kirishima thinks they’ll be a good fit for each other if they want to pursue it. Tetsu is just about the perfect alpha, a gentleman through and through, but with the heart of a fighter. And Kaminari is a sweet, gentle soul who can dish sass and mischief with the best of them.

They seem a perfect fit personality-wise. And yet, Kirishima can’t help but sigh as he thinks how easy the two of them will have it. An alpha and omega. There’s no better match. No one will call out rude things. They won’t get any weird looks. Their love won’t be banned by teachers, and their mating won’t ruin their pro hero careers. 


Kirishima bites his lip and turns away. He can hear Ashido and Sero coo as they watch the two cuddle, and an ugly feeling rears its head in his chest. No one is ever going to say sweet things about him and his mate. 

Maybe… he should force himself to only think about betas and omegas. Maybe Bakugou had the right idea. There’s what Kirishima wants, and there’s what he should have. He shouldn’t have feelings for alphas. Well, no, he doesn’t have feelings for just any alpha, he only has feelings for Bakugou. 

A shuffle next to Kirishima jerks him out of his thoughts. He looks up, startled, and Bakugou is standing next to him, facing away from the living room just like Kirishima is. He’s staring at the counter frowning. He’s not saying anything, but Kirishima can tell Bakugou is showing support in his own way.

It’s okay. I understand.

Abruptly, Kirishima’s eyes water and he turns on his heel, heading back to his room.

Bakugou lets him go.

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Bakugou sighs as he enters his room. Kirishima has finally been moved back to his own room, and as much as Bakugou bitched about his lack of space and privacy, he does secretly miss all the activity. Where Kirishima was, the pack would follow, and it was not uncommon to have all six members of his pack crammed in there, plus any well-meaning classmates wanting to drop by. Even though it's been a few days, Bakugou’s room is a jumbled mess of scents, feelings, and random crap. 

At the gentle persuasion of his pack, Bakugou finally relinquished the care instructions to them, trusting them to help look after Kirishima so he can get his life back together. He has notes from Yaoyorozu to review, an exercise schedule to get back on, and a room to straighten out. 

With a deep relaxing breath, Bakugou puts his hands on his hips and surveys the damage. His bed is still a wreck from Kirishima’s occupancy. His blankets are scattered all over the floor as people had helped themselves to his shit. Yaoyorozu’s notes are stacked neatly on his desk, among a horrific pile of lined papers and notebooks. It’s almost like the altar of a shrine. It seems whenever someone had come by to see Kirishima, they had left class notes for them both. Bakugou growls at the mess, but exhales sharply and forces himself to relax again. His peers just mean well. They weren’t intending to make a mess, they wanted to help. Bakugou lets himself appreciate the gesture, and continues his evaluation. 

There’s trash on the floor, laundry to do, things to organize. 

And he needs to scent mark, but there’s no point in doing that until everything is clean and put away.

Still, Bakugou can’t help but let his scent loose while he gathers up the dirty sheets. He wants everything back to normal as quickly as possible. And that means Kirishima, too, Bakugou realizes. 


Bakugou isn’t sure exactly what he wants with Kirishima. He wants the alpha back to full health, but he doesn’t want things to go back the way they were before. Kirishima had fucking confessed to him. And awkwardly, Bakugou had confessed back. Bakugou should have been ecstatic. 

Someone was interested in him. Someone wanted to be his mate. Someone he liked and respected, and who was handsome and powerful and kind. 

And what had Bakugou done?

Rejected him. 

All because he was the wrong designation. 

Obviously, there was more to it than just that. There was the possibility of aggression. The opinions of society. The uncertainty that they could even fully mate and have that permanent bond. The odds of them working out were poor. It was a risky move.

Bakugou drops the laundry by the door and tugs his hair. Fucking hell, since when did Bakugou care about things like that? He wants to be the number one pro herp despite the odds. Despite the shit people gave him for his aspirations. Despite the doubts and scoffs and the laughter in his face. He wants to achieve the nearly impossible. 


Why should Kirishima be any different?

While watching Tetsutetsu and Kaminari, Bakugou had been observing his pack. Tetsu and Kami were happy, Ashido and Sero were excited for them, and Kirishima had looked broken. Like he had realized he could never have what they have. 

Kirishima had a right to be happy. He should get to live life as he wants, doing things that make him feel good. 

But he wanted Bakugou. Bakugou was well aware of how Kirishima acted around him. Always with a smile and a laugh. Sometimes rolled-eyes and a head shake, but he was happy. 

And Bakugou… 

Was happy around Kirishima, too.


Should he?

Give it a shot?

He knows he told Kirishima his alpha might see him as a mate as well, but was that from a place of true honestly, or was he just saying what Kirishima wanted to hear?

Fucking hell. 

Words suck. Words can always go wrong and never mean what he wants. Better to stick to actions. He’s going to show Kirishima he means it. He’s going to prove he can be a worthy mate. He’ll try it at least. 

Once Kirishima is fully recovered, he’ll show him.

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Kirishima can’t do it. He hasn’t told anyone, but he’s sure at least Bakugou has a suspicion. It doesn’t matter, though. Bakugou said he wants to be his mate, but Kirishima shudders at the thought. He knows Bakugou only said it for the pack. Or because of the guilt. Or because the teachers told him to. Or maybe to prove a point?

It doesn’t matter. 

Kirishima smiles and nods and laughs along with everyone else, wanting to ease their worries and convince everyone he’s alright. 

But he’s not. 

Now that he’s cleared for light exercise, he has his chance. 

He knows Bakugou and Recovery Girl have a whole schedule for him.

Too bad. 

Kirishima’s gotten where he is now on his own. He’s done it once, he can do it again.

He sneaks out at 3:00 am. Even the night owls are asleep by then. He can’t work out in his own room, and he’d get caught in the 1A gym, so he sneaks into the gym under the 1B dorms. For the first few days, it’s only 30 minutes at a time. Then 45. Then an hour. Now he can push two without needing a break. He works the punching bags, and the weights, and the treadmill. He stretches and works on his martial arts and his boxing. The routine is familiar and safe. His inner alpha finds joy in the hard work. The drive to recover and get stronger pushes them both. 

And if he’s too exhausted to catch his breath, he’s too exhausted to think about the heartache.

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Tetsutetsu is a good hero and a good alpha. He’s smarter than he lets on, but he’s good at what he does.

He’s not a great hero, though, which is why he only got into the 1B program.

But that’s alright. Having a healthy dose of reality is good. It pushes him to work himself harder and better. Maybe one day he’ll get to 1A’s level. He’s already earned his way into a 1A pack. And now that it’s official maybe the instructors will take note.

Well, even if they don’t, he recognizes his own worth. 

So when he catches Kirishima in the gym one early morning when he wakes before his alarm, he knows his instinct is the right one. 

"Alpha!" he barks out. 

Kirishima freezes, then stumbles off the treadmill with a yelp.

He jumps back to his wobbly feet, excuses on the tip of his tongue, but Tetsu ignores his pleas.

"Kirishima, heel."

The redhead whines but comes slinking over to Tetsu.

He's panting and flushed. And spooked, but Tetsu is more worried about the angry red that shows on his neck. That and the fact that Kirishima came over so obediently. He’s acting strangely submissive. That sends all sorts of alarms off in Tetsu’s head.

"Shit," Tetsu says. He whips out his phone. 

"Wait, no, don't call Bakugou! I’m sorry!"

"Too late."

Bakugou picks up on the first ring.

"Da fuk?" he mumbles, half-awake.

Tetsu gets right to the point.

"Kirishima snuck out of the dorms and has been using the 1B gym. Possibly more than once."

They can both hear Bakugou's angry growl, and Kirishima cowers.

"It gets worse. He's rutting."

"What?" Bakugou asks sharply.

"WHAT?!" Kirishima screeches.

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

"Fuck," Kirishima groans. He’s curled in on himself on Tetsu’s bed, hiding his head in his hands.

Bakugou is standing and glaring. Tetsu crosses his arms next to him.

"Yeah, I bet you're feeling it, Red. What were you thinking? Everybody knows to take it easy as their rut approaches. Otherwise, you just wind up triggering it more."

Heat floods Kirishima’s body at the other alpha’s biting tone, and he shivers at the feeling of it.

"I thought exercise helped burn it out," Kirishima tries to say in his defense. He lifts his head to look at Bakugou and Tetsu pleadingly. Apparently he doesn’t pull it off because Bakuhou’s eyes widen and Tetsu’s eyes narrow. 

"Only during the actual rut, not during pre-ruts, bro. Your body just winds up thinking you have territory to defend or whatever. It jacks you up. I thought you knew better."

Kirishima has a good excuse he's sure, but his neck aches and he lifts a shaky hand to press at it. He hisses at the contact.

"Yeah, your neck is a mess, bro. Your glands are bright red. That’s not good at all. Bakugou, he's probably going to need Recovery Girl. This looks pretty bad."

Kirishima freezes. He looks at Bakugou, who is frowning but nodding. Tetsu and Bakugou both lean in to study Kirishima and his neck.

"What? No guys, it's not that bad." He tries to push them away, hating how close they are to his space. He growls a little until they back off.

Bakugou gets out his phone and turns to face Tetsu. "It's about 5:30 am. Do we need to call her urgent care line or can he wait until the beginning of school?"

Tetsutetsu shrugs. "Your call."

"Guys! It’s not a big deal I’ll be fine."

"Better safe than sorry,” Bakugou says, ignoring him. “We'll call her."

Kirishima growls again and moves off the bed to stalk off. He's tired and frustrated, but has way too much energy to rest. Maybe he'll grab some breakfast before Bakugou and Recovery Girl put him back on bedrest for nothing. He was just working out. Bakugou and Tetsu are making this a big deal for nothing. He opens the door and glares defiantly when Bakugou gives him a look. He’s going back to his own room.


In the doorway is Kaminari. The omega is blocking his way. Why is everyone in his business?

"Move, omega."

He shoves the stunned omega aside and heads through the door. Two growls sound from behind him and immediately Kirishima's hackles raise.

Bakugou’s voice is low in warning. "Kirishima, don't talk to Kaminari like that."

Tetsu’s voice is like steel. "Not cool, man. Watch yourself. He was just coming over to help. I texted him."

Their poses aren't threatening, yet, but Kirishima feels the warning in his bones.

He slowly turns to face them dead on. His hands harden into claws and Kaminari yelps and ducks behind Bakugou.

The pheromones of the two other alphas fill the air. The one smelling of metal takes a step forward and Kirishima gets into a defensive stance.

This isn’t his room. This isn’t his territory. The omega is fine, but these alphas are problematic. He either needs to leave their space or claim it for his own. 

No wait, these are pack, they aren’t threats.

Kirishima shakes his head, and he stumbles backwards, barely catching himself. 

“Oh, I don’t feel well guys,” he groans out weakly. He pants in the oppressive heat. Don’t the others feel how hot it is in here?

Kaminari is at his side in an instant. “Kiri! Oh Tetsu, you were right. He does look really bad. Is this really all just rut symptoms? His scent glands...” He trails off as Tetsu approaches.

Tetsu comes to Kirishima’s other side, and Kirishima isn’t sure if he wants to hug him close for comfort or shove him away. The thick air makes it hard to think clearly, so he closes his eyes and tries to just breathe. 

Kami’s familiar lemon scent is right next to him, and Tetsu’s metallic smell permeates the room. Bakugou’s cinnamon apple is there, too, but it doesn’t smell quite right. 

“I think I’m gonna be sick,” Kirishima whimpers, as his stomach rolls. 

Tetsu says something, but Kirishima can’t hear him. The ringing in his ears is too loud. 


Kaminari jerks back, and there’s the sharp scent of blood.

Kirishima forces his eyes open. 

Kaminari’s arm has a long gash down his arm. Confused, Kirishima looks at his own hand. His hardening is rippling along his hands, but the red on his fingertips is unmistakable.

“S-shit! Kami I’m s-”

With a shudder, Kirishima’s hardening crawls up his arms and reaches his neck, cutting off his air.

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Bakugou watches it happen in slow motion. One second, Kirishima is shivering and twitching, his quirk out of control along his arms, and the next moment he’s fully hardened and throwing himself at Kaminari. 

At the omega’s cry, he and Tetsu step in immediately. Tetsu yanks Kaminari back and away, and Bakugou throws himself at Kirishima, trying to hold him down.

“Kirishima! Fucking shit, Tetsu, what happened?!”

But Kaminari is the one who responds. “Look at his neck, Bakugou!”

And there is it. Kirishima’s swollen scent glands have been hardened over, the painful-looking red area now rock hard and most likely causing Kirishima a lot of agony. He’s thrashing and whimpering and growling in Bakugou’s arms.

“Crap, Bakugou! You need to make him stop! He’s going out of control.”

“Yeah, no s-” Bakugou dodges a hardened fist. “No shit, Sherlock!”

The next punch hits Bakugou, and he reels back, stunned. Shit, wasn’t Kirishima still recovering from his pneumonia? When did he get his strength back? Blood trickles from Bakugou’s nose and he growls in irritation. 

Wrong move. 

Kirishima rips himself from Bakugou’s grip and faces him dead on. He’s in full Unbreakable mode, face contorted into a hideous grimace. Normally Bakugou doesn’t mind how it looks on Kirishima, but right now there’s nothing but hatred behind his look. It’s like he’s been fully taken over by his alpha instincts. 


This is a huge fucking mess and right now is totally not the time, but Bakugou can’t help as a grin spreads across his face. Fighting with Kirishima has always been a thrill. He feels his own alpha roar in delight at the challenge. He crouches and braces himself, pheromones sharp in anticipation of a battle. 

The air fills with Kirishima answering scent. Challenge issued. 

Kaminari whimpers and clutches Tetsu’s arm. “Tetsu, we need to do something. Kirishima’s not in his right mind.”

With a firm hand, Tetsu guides Kaminari towards the door. At the confused whine he gets, Tetsu looks at the omega carefully.

“Kami, sweetheart, listen to me. You need to get yourself outside, wrap something on your arm to stop the bleeding, and get a hold of a teacher. Anyone. We have a feral alpha here. He might have to be sedated.”

Kaminari nods and moves, but Bakugou throws out a hand to stop him. 

“Wait,” he says. He watches carefully as Kirishima twitches, barely holding himself back from launching at someone. 

“Don’t get a teacher, not yet. I have an idea.”

Tetsu and Kaminari both shout in disagreement, but Kirishima snarls and everyone freezes. Carefully, Bakugou focuses on keeping a calm voice as he holds Kirishima’s gaze, keeping the attention off the others. 

“Let me handle this. I can subdue him. You said mates don’t hurt one another, Kami? Time to test that.”

“No Bakugou, are you insane? He attacked Kaminari, a pack omega!” Tetsu whispers harshly, careful not to provoke Kirishima.

“It was only a guess, Baku. And you two aren’t mated yet. There’s nothing stopping him from ripping you apart.” Kaminari’s eyes are full of tears, but he’s doing his best to hold them back. Bakugou guesses this whole mess is nearly unbearable for the omega. 

“Tetsu, take Kami and get out of here. Let me try with Kiri before we get someone to sedate him.”

Then, there’s no time to debate it anymore. Finally fed up waiting, Kirishima drops his Unbreakable with a shudder, summons it back fully, and launches himself at Bakugou. 

Shit, Bakugou thinks as he dives out of the way and uses a wall to flip behind Kirishima. He was pretty sure that was a once-a-day move. How the hell did he use it again so quickly? Another dodge and Bakugou growls, tapping down the impulse to defend with an explosion. Even if he wanted to, he can’t use his quirk. Not only would it destroy Tetsu’s room, it would have no effect on Kirishima. In Unbreakable mode, nothing’s getting through that armor. 

Jaws chomp right by Bakugou’s neck and he twists out of the way. He’s too slow, however, stumbling over a desk, and Kirishima’s razor-sharp teeth scrape down his bicep. 

Bakugou grins, nearly manic. Fuck yes, now this is a fight. 

Trying something, Bakugou goes suddenly on the offense, trying to keep on Kirishima’s back. Any second now, his Unbreakable will shudder away, and he’ll need to breathe before hardening up again. If he can just get behind Kirishima…

A hand grabs Bakugou behind the neck and slams him into the ground. But he’s up and on his feet, even as his vision doubles. He sees a blur coming at him and manages to twist away from a kick or something that crashes into the wall behind him. On a whim, Bakugou follows the limb and gets a hand on Kirishima, flipping him over and smacking him into the ground on his back. Kirishima gasps, his quirk dropping, and Bakugou straddles him, pinning the other alpha down in a tight grip.

Kirishima snaps at him and activates his quirk again, the arms Bakugou is gripping now sharp enough to cut and slice Bakugou’s palms. He grits his teeth and tries to hold on, but Kirishima is thickening his arms more and more, forcing Bakugou’s hands away enough to move. He jumps up and Kirishima does the same. They face off again.

Bakugou trails his eyes up and down Kirishima’s body. The boy is panting open-mouthed, growling nonstop while his hardening shudders all over his body. His clothes are ripped and torn, shirt in shreds and pants barely holding on. His quirk isn’t enough to hide the bright red flush on Kirishima’s face. His hair is in utter disarray, falling down and framing his face. And the mouthwatering scent of cherry is heavy between them.

“God fucking damn, Kirishima, you’re gorgeous,” Bakugou can’t help but utter as he gasps for breath. Bakugou shudders as his inner alpha yips in excitement. Finally, a worthy contender. A mate who is his equal.

Bakugou blinks, and Kirishima is moving. He’s inside Bakugou’s guard in a second and has two hardened hands wrapped around his throat. Bakugou shouts and yanks and kicks, but Kirishima lifts him like he’s a feather and slams him into a wall. Plaster and debris rain down on then both. 

Fuck the damage, Bakugou thinks, and he aims controlled explosions at Kirishima’s hands. He lets them off one after another, knowing eventually Kirishima’s quirk will weaken and he’ll be forced to let go. It’s a race against the clock. Will Bakugou’s air run out before Kirishima drops his quirk?

With a pang of concern, Bakugou increases the power of his explosions. Kirishima doesn’t budge, snarling in Bakugou’s face and increasing his pressure. His vision sways and Bakugou ups the ante again. Putrid smoke drowns out the pheromones in the air and like splash ice-cold water, Bakugou comes to his senses. 


He’s going to die here. 

Suddenly, the fight isn’t fun anymore. 

Bakugou’s lungs scream and his explosions burst louder, no longer going off like clockwork but stuttering more as his panic grows. 

Ah, damn it.

His vision goes spotty and his last explosions blast loud enough to make his ears ring.

Then he’s scratching and tearing and scrambling and shredding but the arms tighten and Bakugou needs air now. He needs air he can’t breathe he needs air he needs air he needs air he needs air he needs-

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Ashido just enters the room in time to see Bakugou and Kirishima drop at the same time, and Ashido screams at the sight. She’s shoved aside as Vlad King, Recovery Girl, and Aizawa storms in right behind her. Kaminari pulls her aside out of the way, and Tetsu is there holding on to the two of them. 

Bakugou looks dead. 

His face is blue and pallid. He’s not moving or breathing and is still as the teachers roll him over from where he’s collapsed like a ragdoll so they can check his pulse. Bruises blossom along his neck and his arms and hands are scratched and torn and bleeding all over. 

Nearby, Recovery Girls is quickly administering something, injecting a needle into Kirishima’s arm. He doesn’t look much better, clothes shredded and bruises covering his body. His hands are black from Bakugou’s explosions. Ashido hopes they aren’t more severely damaged. 

Tears fall from her eyes, and then she’s sobbing. What a disaster. It was one thing to get the frantic phone call from Kaminari around 6:00 am about Kirishima and Bakugou fighting and the words “rut” and “out of control.” But by the time she had gotten her shoes on, the teachers were all running over to the 1B dorms and the severity of the situation hit her. 

This was an emergency. 

Tetsu had gone for teachers while Kaminari had called her. She had managed to slip out right before the lockdown, meaning Sero had been left back in the dorms, hopefully still blissfully unaware of the shit going down. 

She tries to muffle her sobs so the teachers don’t take note of her and make her leave. She needs to make sure her pack is alright. 

Fortunately and unfortunately, the staff are too focused on Bakugou and Kirishima to pay her any mind. They have a pulse on Bakugou and he’s getting patched up, but Kirishima is jerking and twitching. Recovery Girl mutters something about needing a stronger dose and she’s going through her kit.

Then Bakugou wakes up. 

He sits up with a wheeze, choking and gasping for air, his body still thinking it needs to fight for its life. The teachers try to settle him and make him lie back down, but he’s shoving them again and calling for Kirishima in a broken, hoarse voice. 

“Let me s-cough- let me. I need-”

He crawls over to Kirishima and Recovery Girl pauses as she warily eyes Bakugou. 

Bakugou leans forward, lifting a torn hand to careful stroke Kirishima’s cheek. The redhead jerks, then settles under his touch. 

Some of the teachers mutter among themselves, but Ashido’s eyes are glued to Bakugou. There’s something off about him. He has a strange look on his face, and Ashido suddenly feels worried. What’s he going to do? Why does her body suddenly feel like it needs to do something? It feels like her fight or flight instincts are kicking in, and the hairs on the back of her neck rise. What’s going on? Why does she sense danger?

Aizawa jerks forward, throwing out a hand to stop Bakugou, having come to the realization before the rest of them. But it’s still too late. 

Bakugou leans forward and bites Kirishima right on his swollen scent gland. Hard. The intent is resolute, and there’s not a single doubt in the room. 

Bakugou’s just claimed Kirishima as a mate. 

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Chapter Text

➳  ➳ ➳  ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

“Wait, so what just happened?” Ashido asks aloud, still in Tetsutetsu’s arms. The activity in the room freezes, as if everyone is holding their breath. Aizawa’s the only one still moving, his momentum taking him to Bakugou and hand halting just centimeters away from Bakugou’s head.

Bakugou himself is still at Kirishima’s neck, having pulled back just enough to rest his forehead against Kirishima’s cheek. The redhead whimpers at something, the others can’t tell exactly what. Maybe the pain from the bonding. Maybe from the wounds collected from the fight. Bakugou tries to gather the unconscious Kirishima into his arms, but he’s weak and struggles with the redhead’s weight. 

 No one moves to help him. Aizawa lowers a knee and kneels next to them, watching warily as Bakugou tries to hug Kirishima again, this time successfully. The blond keeps his head down, eyes avoiding the pressing ones of the teachers.  

Kaminari shivers, immediately catching Tetsu’s attention. The omega doesn’t say anything, though. He’s probably reacting to whatever the hell is in the air right now. All Tetsu can sense is the tension, setting him on edge, but he stomps on those impulses and keeps his focus on the teachers.  

Recovery Girl is the first to speak. Tetsu’s not surprised. She never was afraid to speak her mind, always calling it like it is and not wasting time with pleasantries. 

“Oh, Bakugou. Child,” she sighs tiredly. “I know you’re smart enough to realize what you just did.”

Bakugou tenses, but doesn’t meet her eyes. 

Vlad King is the next one to speak up. Tetsu listens carefully. His instructor is always levelheaded and reasonable. “We can’t let this happen. This is a complete violation of the policies! It’s clear they are too violent to stay. Both to themselves and to others.”

“Kan, easy. This is to be discussed in private,” Aizawa says, but his gaze is heavy on Bakugou.

Bakugou tries to speak but simply coughs. Finally, he manages to speak. “Let me try,” he croaks. “I can do this.”

Midnight comes to kneel by Bakugou and Kirishima. “Bakugou, hun, there are some things in life you just can’t fight. Alpha biology is one of them. Already, you, Kirishima, and even Tetsu have been given official warnings regarding violence. What you just did…” She trails off, shaking her head. “Not to mention your own violations, Bakugou. We can’t keep excusing your behavior.”

“Fine, then just expel me, but let Kirishima stay.”

There are head shakes from many of the teachers in the room, and Aizawa speaks. “Kirishima currently has more serious violations than you, Bakugou. Inappropriate quirk use, breaking curfew, and provoking fights don’t rank as serious as uncontrolled violence against others. You were capable of coming to reason. Kirishima wasn’t. He nearly killed you, Bakugou.”

“No! He was-” Bakugou coughs. “He was just confused. But once we’re a mated pair things will be okay. Just let us try.”

Recovery Girl gestures at Aizawa. “Well, Kirishima is stable for now, but I want him back in my office stat. Better bring Bakugou, too.”

The teachers begin to assemble themselves. Kan stands and shoos Tetsu and his pack out. Tetsu straightens at his instructor’s gaze.

“I’ll ignore the fact that 1A is here in our dorms for the moment. You’ll probably need to bunk in their dorm for the night given the state of your room. But once your room is repaired you better be back in your proper dormitories.” Kan’s voice is rough, but his words not unkind.

Tetsu nods and nudges his packmates out of the room. His room is clearly a wreck, so he starts heading for the 1A dorms. Ashido and Kaminari are still stunned, moving stiffly. But once they’re in the cold air, Kami perks up.

“Let’s crash in my room. Oh, I bet Sero is so worried! I’ll tell him to meet us there.” Kaminari gets his phone out, trusting Tetsu to guide him back safely. Ashido leans against Tetsu’s side, either for warmth or comfort or both. She’s quiet nearly the whole way back, sighing deeply. Tetsu lets her be, giving her time. Ashido is never the one to hold back if she wants to say something. Finally, once they are inside and taking the stairs, she speaks up.

“I want them to work out. I really do. But…”  

Kami peeks out from under Tetsu’s other arm. “I believe in them! If Kiri already recognizes Bakugou as mate, and Bakugou’s claimed him, then we only need-”

“Kami, stop!”

The omega freezes, and Tetsu pauses on the stairs. He breathes deeply and does his best to spread his calming presence to his agitated packmates. Ashido is crying, hands clenched tightly into fists. She’s usually one to keep her cool, especially as a beta, but this evening’s been draining on them all.  

“Ashido,” Tetsu chides gently. 

“No, Tetsu! This is all because of Kaminari! He can’t keep his damn ideals to himself! They’re going to destroy each other, Tetsu!” A harsh strawberry scent and unpleasant anger sours the air. 

Tetsu checks on Kaminari. The blond is still frozen, but now trembling slightly. His head is down, hair covering his face. Fingers clench and unclench as he tries to keep his cool. He’s crying, though, Tetsu can smell it. 

“Kami,” Tetsu says carefully. There’s no reply, so Tetsu carefully brushes his shoulder. Kaminari flinches, shocks of electricity sparking at the contact. 

“S-sorry-” Kami breathes, more like a wheeze. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” 

“Hey, it’s okay-”

“No, it’s not, Tetsu!”

“Ashido, you know it’s not his fault…”

Kaminari breaks away from Tetsu, stomping up the stairs and leaving the alpha and beta behind.  

Tetsu turns and gives Ashido a firm, but soft-edged look. 

Ashido growls and spins to sit on the stairs in frustration, angry tears still running down her face. “I know it’s not his fault, but they have hope now because of him. It’s not going to work out, Tetsu. You know this.”

“We don’t know anything, Ashido,” Tetsu says calmly as he looks down at her. “And if anyone can make this work, it’ll be them. Give them a chance. You heard Bakugou beg them. Just give them a shot before signing them off.”

Ashido wipes her face and pouts. But as she looks up at Tetsu, she must see something that helps bring her down, because she sighs and relaxes. Tetsu steps forward and crouches in front of her. Slowly, giving her enough time to move if she wants, he lifts his arms to embrace her. She falls into his hug and he feels the rest of the tension leave her. 

“It’s okay. I know you’re scared for him. I feel the same way. Those boys have a nasty habit of getting hurt without us around. They suck at taking care of themselves.” 

Ashido laughs wetly. 

“But, this is something we need to let them have. You saw how doting Bakugou was when Kiri was sick.”

“Yeah, but he was a major reason why Kirishima got sick in the first place,” she says, muffled by his chest. “Ugh, this fucking sucks.”

“Yes, it does. Let’s go join the others. They need us.” 

Ashido nods, and they pull back enough to finish climbing the stairs. 

“You know, you’ve really helped us today, Tetsu,” Ashido hums as they walk down the hallway. “Kami is lucky to have you.”

Tetsu blushes, but doesn’t let her words distract him. “I’m lucky to have him, too. But you still need to apologize to him.”

“Yeah,” she sighs. “I know. I feel like shit about it. I’ll make it up to him. Such a sweet kid. So optimistic.” 

“I think we all could use a little optimism right now,” Tetsu agrees.

Sero’s there when they enter Kaminari’s room. The omega is curled up under blankets in his nest, head in Sero’s lap. The beta looks up at the newcomers, face in a frown. 

“I hope there’s a reasonable explanation for why Kami came in crying,” Sero says quietly, hands stroking Kami’s hair. “He texted me about Bakugou and Kirishima on the way over, said they are being tended by the staff. Are they that bad off? And why is he bleeding? He won’t tell me.”

Shoot, Tetsu had nearly forgotten about Kaminari’s scratch. But before he can say anything. Ashido steps forward. “Tetsu, grab the first aid kit for that wound from Kiri. It’s in the bathroom.” 

Tetsu obeys, and listens to Ashido finish her conversation from the other room.

“Sero, I was the one who made him cry. I was being an asshole. Kami was being our wonderful, hopeful Kami and I was being the cynical jerk. I’m sorry. Kaminari’s right, we should believe in them.” 

Tetsu returns with the kit and kneels next to Sero, waiting. The lump buried under the blankets shifts, then Kaminari’s blotchy face pops out to look at her. “But you were right,” he says with a watery voice. “I suggested it, and it’s not working so far! What if I made them hurt each other?” Tears fall freely, and the other three in the room immediately perk up. Distressed omega pheromones get everyone riled up. Ashido rushes to Kami’s side, but Sero growls a soft warning. 

“Fix this,” he snaps at Ashido. 

She kneels next to Kaminari. “Kami, sweetheart, our beautiful omega. You have a gift the rest of us don’t have. You have hope and positivity and optimism, and we should trust you when you follow your gut instincts. If you say they’ll be fine, we’ll believe you. I’m sorry I yelled at you, I’m not handling this well. I’ve known Kiri for years. He’s very dear to me.” 

Kaminari sniffles, and whines, and reaches a hand out for Ashido. The beta takes, notices it’s the one bleeding through his hoodie, and holds it steady for Tetsu. Carefully, Tetsu cleans and bandages it, and when he’s done, they wrangle the soiled hoodie off. Ashido gets under the blankets and squeezes in next to Sero to snuggle the omega. Kaminari allows himself to be held, moving off Sero’s lap and cuddling back. Sero lays down and spoons Kaminari’s back. Tetsu returns the kit, kills the lights, and pulls the curtains over the dawning sun. With one last look around the room, Tetsu smiles at the scene before him. Three heads bearly visible under mountains of blankets. Tetsu grabs one last blanket and plops himself down on top of the whole pile. He gets shouts and growls and complaints about his weight, but ignores them all with a smile on his face. He nuzzles all of them and promptly falls right asleep. 

➳  ➳ ➳  ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Kirishima wakes up and immediately knows something is wrong. 

He quickly pieces together that he’s in the nurse’s office, but that’s not the thing that’s wrong. 

With a glance at himself, he realizes that he’s got bandages all over himself and especially his arms. But that’s still not the thing that feels wrong.

There’s a person slouched in the chair next to his cot, and the spiky blond hair tells him it’s Bakugou. That’s probably the least wrong thing of everything so far. 

So why the hell does he feel like the world is somehow put together backwards? Like he’s been taken apart and put back piece by piece in the wrong order, some pieces sideways and others not even close to fitting right?

The room is too hot. It takes Kirishima a second, but the room is hot and stuffy and he really wishes the nurse's office had air conditioning or something. Carefully, Kirishima sits up, and the sheets around him are damp with sweat. 

Gross. Kirishima makes a face. 

And apparently groans or something because Bakugou wakes up and looks at him.

And oh. 


Bakugou looks tired and moves stiffly and gives Kirishima a small smile. 

And he’s absolutely stunning. 

Kirishima tries to throw himself from the cot, but Bakugou’s there keeping him sitting in bed.

Bakugou has a hand on Kirishima’s arm, and it’s like one of Bakugou’s explosions against his unprotected skin. He wants to jerk away from the sharp pain, but suddenly it’s like he can’t imagine ever being apart from Bakugou. 

They’re touching and to Kirishima, Bakugou’s still too far away. He wants to get closer. 

“Easy, Kiri. You’re still waking up.” His voice is rough and hoarse. 

“Bakugou,” Kirishima moans.


“Ugh, what’s happening to me? Why is it so hot? And why are you so hott?”

Bakugou’s smile is still there, but it’s less bright now. More of a mask.

“I, uh…”

Uh oh. 

“W-what did you do, Bakugou?” Kirishima’s voice is an embarrassing whine, but he can’t help it. 


“Bakugou, I swear to god, please tell me what happened. Why am I feeling so strange?”

Bakugou bites his lip, fucking bites his lip! And he’s looking down at where his hand is still on Kirishima’s. Then his eyes trail up to meet his. No, they focus on something just below Kirishima’s face. His throat?

Worried, Kirishima raises his free hand and gingerly touches his throat. Finding nothing, they trail to his neck. Fingertips brush something raised and it’s like he’s been electrocuted. He cries out in pain or pleasure or an odd mix of both, and Bakugou is out of his seat and pressing into Kirishima’s shoulders.

“You’re okay, easy Kiri. Easy. Just take it easy. You’re still rutting.”

“Bakugou, what is this?” Dread pools in Kirishima’s gut. Bakugou’s behavior, the heat Kirishima feels, something like a memory is coming together in his mind. 

Pain. And a fight. Then…

“I claimed you, Kirishima. I claimed you as a mate.”

Kirishima freezes. 

“It felt like the right thing to do. And it’s what you wanted, right?”


No no no. 


Kirishima jerks away from the touch of his… mate. “Bakugou,” Kirishima moans again. “What have you done?”

“You went berserk, Kiri. You triggered your rut, then attacked Kaminari, and then we fought. It was like you went feral or something. And then you weren’t responding to the sedatives.”

Kirishima’s eyes dart to Bakugou’s neck. There’s a mottled ring of bruises around his throat, shaped like hands. They’re his hands. Why did Bakugou let it get that far?

“No, Bakugou, why didn’t you let them drug me? You almost died!”

“But this way all your feelings will be directed towards me. Maybe with a mate you won’t turn violent. I’ll be your outlet.”

Historically, alphas during a rut wanted to procreate. And if they couldn’t, they would fight. Normally those intentions were mild enough to not be a huge disturbance. An increase in horniness, or the need to do some light exercise was usually all the symptoms that appeared nowadays. Gone was the era of mating marathons and harems and long battles over territory. 

Apparently, Kirishima’s body hadn’t gotten that message. Shit. First being attracted to alphas, then the insane rut. What the hell else was wrong with him?

But this was all going sideways. He didn’t want Bakugou to mate him out of mercy. And he didn’t want Bakugou to be a martyr. It sounded like Bakugou was willing to take whatever Kirishima was going to throw at him, whether it was a violent fight or…




“Bakugou, I wish you had fucking let them drug me. I’m obviously still rutting, so why? Why do this you yourself? To me?”

“What?” Bakugou looks shocked, and a little hurt. “I thought you trusted me, Kirishima. I thought this would be the best solution for both of us. Recovery Girl didn’t want to drug you any more. She said you needed to experience the rut. There’s no way to medicate your way out of it. Your body needs it.”

“When the hell did you talk about all this? And why wasn’t I included?”

“This was when you still weren’t waking up after you ran away, Kiri. And she warned me something like this could happen. A rut relapse. I asked if you could be asleep during it but she warned against it. This was our best option.”

“Fuck you, Bakugou,” Kirishima bites. He lifts a hand to his face and sobs into it. 

“I’m sorry, Kiri. Eijirou.”

“I refuse to be your punishment. Don’t use me to punish yourself. I won’t do it.”

“I’m not, Eijirou, I promise. I want this, too. I’m doing it for us.”


“I’m sorry,” Bakugou says again.


“I’m s-”

Kirishima keeps his face hidden. “No, idiot, all I wanna do is fuck right now.”

Bakugou is quiet, and Kirishima lowers his hand to look at him. They look right at one another. Bakugou, in a rare show of vulnerability, looks lost. Kirishima needs to take the first step. 

“Fucking hell. Wait, Bakugou. I wanna keep talking but, it hurts.”

He closes his eyes and lets his hardening quirks run along his body. 

Bakugou carefully, slowly reaches out again and rests a hand on Kirishima’s shoulder. The redhead flinches but doesn’t pull away. 

“What do you need Eijirou. I’ll do anything. I’ll never keep things from you, again. What can I do?”

“I need time. Please. Is the nurse here?”

Bakugou frowns, but he nods. “The teachers are on standby in the next room. I asked them to let me talk to you first.”

“I need something, anything. I need to stay together long enough to find out if we’re getting expelled or not. But right now, the heat is too much. It’s hard… to stay… fuck.”

For a second Kirishima is worried Bakugou will get up and leave, and although he asked him to, suddenly Kirishima can’t stand the thought of Bakugou being more than 2 inches away from him. It would be physically impossible for Kirishima to bear it. So it’s a godsend when all Bakugou does is lean forward to press a button next to Kirishima’s cot. 

Recovery Girl enters with Aizawa, All Might, Vlad King, and Principal Nezu. Kirishima closes his eyes, unable to bear the weight of their looks when he’s currently hot and horny and lost in his mind. He shakily reaches out a hand for Bakugou and squeezes tightly. Fortunately, Bakugou seems to be able to know what he needs.

“Kirishima wants to talk to you, but his rut is coming back. He,” Bakugou grits his teeth for a moment then sighs. “He asked if you had something that could give him like 10 more minutes before he’s back under.” 

The teachers shift uneasily, and Recovery Girls frowns. “He knows we’re already pushing the safe limit, right? Another full dose would have dangerous consequences.”

Kirishima opens his mouth to speak, but instead, he shudders and his skin ripples with his quirk again. Bakugou must feel the little cuts against his palms where he’s gripping Kirishima’s hand, but he’s just glaring at the nurse determinedly. 

Recovery Girl’s lips purse before she grabs a bottle and a syringe. 

They wait until the next wave of Kirishima’s quirk passes before the injection, and Kirishima immediately feels the cool relief. Tension he didn’t know he was holding releases and he sighs as the fog in his head clears. He can finally think clearly. 

“Thank you,” Kirishima says, bowing. 

“Let’s talk quickly then,” the nurse says impatiently. “I refuse to give you any more after this.”

With reason coming back to him, the weight and seriousness of the matter at hand also come back with a vengeance, and Kirishima feels more tears fall down his face. But he turns to the staff present, and they kindly don’t mention his crying. Aizawa’s expression softens slightly. Principal Nezu smiles, and All Might even starts tearing up, too. Vlad King sighs at All Might, but rests a huge hand on his shoulder in support. 

Kirishima has learned to face his fears. It’s something his classmates, teachers, and opponents have taught him, directly or not. And though part of him wants to duck his head in shame and hide, Kirishima thinks of his idol Crimson Riot, and feels determination course through him. Kirishima wants this. He wants to be a hero with Bakugou by his side. His mate is worth it. 

So he stands tall, lifts his chin, wipes his face, and looks each teacher in the eye. 

“What’s going to happen now? Are you expelling us?”

No one responds, but the tension in the air increases. Kirishima feels his heart race.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, but I love him and-”

All Might sighs and comes over, lanky body gathering up Kirishima like he’s a tiny child, and Kirishima lets himself take comfort in the warmth. Recovery Girl comes and puts a hand on Kirishima’s hair. 

“Nothing is going to happen to you boys. We’re the ones who need to rethink our plan.”

“We’ve been trying to keep things from progressing too far, but it’s too late at this point, and we’re doing more harm than good.” It’s Aizawa that speaks up, something close to pity on his face as Kirishima sobs in All Might’s shoulder. The former number one hero rubs a hand along his back.

“There’s nothing wrong with you, young Kirishima-kun. Sure, this may be unheard of, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You’re both in love. That has to mean something”

“The bottom line, Kirishima-kun, is that your body seems to know what it needs to do. And instead of fighting it, you and Bakugou-kun just need to embrace it. We won’t be stopping you, we already saw how well that went over. But there will be close monitoring. We won’t make lab rats out of you, but this is important data we’re collecting to help prevent further incidents.”

Even Bakugou perks up at that.

“Wait, so, you’re letting us stay if we let you research us?”

Principal Nezu nods. “Basically, yes. You’ll be equipped with a wristband that will help track your vitals like blood pressure, heart rate, temp, pheromones, and so on. 

All Might steps back and Kirishima grabs both of Bakugou’s hands in his. 

“They’re letting us stay!”

Bakugou nods and smiles and Kirishima feels like he’s flying. The blond gives Kirishima a quick kiss on the cheek, then pulls back quickly as if he just realized what he did. Kirishima puts a hand to his cheek, blushing horribly, to see a matching wide-eyed expression on Bakugou’s face. Someone clears their throat and the two flinch.

Bakugou, still red-faced, turns to the principal.

“What changed your mind?”

The teachers share a look, Vlad King shrugs and waves a hand at the two boys on the cot. 

“You’re good kids. Annoying and way too much work, but you have good hearts. And you two have way too much potential to just kick you out. If we just gave up on a couple of kids who need our help, we wouldn’t be very good heroes now would we?”

That sounds really important, and Kirishima wishes he had a few minutes to process exactly what they’re saying, but then it’s getting hot again and Kirishima feels himself panting. He blindly reaches for Bakugou’s hand, and closes his eyes as the smell of his mate gets stronger.

He hears the other people in the room shuffle out, and then it’s just the two of them. 

➳  ➳ ➳  ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

As the teachers leave, Bakugou and Kirishima are left with instructions to use the rut room next door. It's secure and fully stocked, with a pager if they need anything. Bakugou had asked if Recovery Girl would heal them before this, but she said it’d be best to wait until after the rut happens. Once they’re all done, she’ll heal them, and give them the wrist bands.

Kirishima stumbles as he stands, so Bakugou helps him walk. The redhead is hot to the touch again, and his pheromones are spiking. Soon he’ll be under the control of his rut, so Bakugou needs to make sure the both of them are secure. He leads Kirishima to the bed and has him sit. 

He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous about what’s to come. He knows how this goes. Kirishima will need to mate him and bite, and then they’ll be a bonded pair. The teachers, and their pack, and all waiting to see if this will work. Will Kaminari’s prediction that an official mating bond will keep them from hurting one another come true?

Warm hands cradle his face and Bakugou looks down into the eyes of his mate. Kirishima’s smile is a little dopey, but it’s there, and he tugs Bakugou down to sit next to him. 

“Stop thinking so hard,” Kirishima slurs. 

“Heh, one of us has to. You’re too rut-headed to be of much use right now,” Bakugou smirks. Kirishima pouts.

“Everything is okay now,” he says with determination.

And… it is, isn’t it? They can stay, they’re getting help, and they have each other.

It’s enough. 

Bakugou looks at Kirishima, who is flushed and panting and clearly hard, but he’s looking at Bakugou with so much fondness and he’s just sitting there waiting for Bakugou. Waiting for Bakugou to make the first move.

Suddenly, Bakugou is filled with so much emotion. Relief and happiness and love , and he surges forward and kisses Kirishima’s lips. The other alpha gasps, and Bakuogu kisses into his open mouth and it’s like a switch is flipped. 

“Katsuki,” Kirishima moans, and he’s pressing Bakugou back onto the bed and devouring his mouth. Kirishima’s bulk is pressing Bakugou down, hands gripping his arms, and Bakugou aches. Part of him is shouting at him to get up, to not submit to another alpha. But the other half revels in this, in the love Kirishima is showering him in. He’s kissing and licking and touching and Bakugou’s nerves sing.

Bakugou feels his body shudder as he’s caught in the crossfire. He trembles uncontrollably, and he curses himself because sure enough, Kirishima is stopping and pulling back to look at him. 

“Katsuki,” he says softly. “Are you okay?”

And the absurdity of it makes Bakugou chuckle. So instead, he just pulls Kirishima back down. 

“It’s fine, Ei, just my stupid inner alpha causing a fuss. Touch me.”

He guides large hands to the hem of his shirt, silently giving permission. Kirishima moans and shudders, and Bakugou’s shirt rips in his talons.

“Ah, sorry,” Kirishima gasps. “My alpha is going insane. It wants me to just take you and it’s so hard to hold it back.”

Bakugou arches as Kirishima’s hands briefly harden as they run down his chest, catching on his nipples. He moans and Kirishima growls. 

“Just, ah, do it Ei. It’s okay. I can take it.”

But Kirishima is frozen above him, head buried in Bakugou’s neck. He’s still, just inhaling, lips ghosting at the scent gland by Bakugou’s throat. The touch and proximity make Bakugou dizzy with how much he wants the bite, even as his alpha instincts are screaming to run and fight. 

Too close , the alpha says.

Not close enough, his heart speaks.

“Ei. It’s fine. I love you. Please mate me.”

Bakugou is expecting that to drive Kirishima crazy, to spur him into action. To trigger the beast inside.

But instead of the expected result, Kirishima sits up. His eyes hold some clarity, momentarily clear of the haze.

“You know how unfair this is? I already see you as mate, and with you marking me, my alpha is 100% completely, head over heels, obsessed with you now. Even you breathing is the hottest fucking thing, oh my god.” Kirishima groans. “God, I want to be all over you. And in you. And under you. Shit.”

Bakugou shudders as Kirishima returns to his throat and pants against Bakugou’s neck, trailing his teeth across the delicate skin of his scent glands again.

“I have no idea what I’m doing but I know I need you bad.” A tooth catches and scrapes, leaving red marks. “Oh god, I’m sorry.” 

“It’s, ah, it’s okay Eijirou. Just do what you need.”

But the words don’t seem to sound right to Kirishima. He leans back and shakes his head. “No, I want it to feel good for you, too. Show me how?”

Shit. Kirishima is just too good. So Bakugou drags him back down again. 

“I will, Eijirou. I want to belong to you.”

Kirishima grins, sweating and flushed, but still beautiful, and Bakugou realizes he means it. Completely and fully, he wants to be Kirishima’s. Just like Kirishima is his. He eyes the still swollen scent gland barring his mating mark. The sight of it awakens something inside him. He claimed his mate, it’s time go be claimed in return.

So, he takes off his clothes and lays on his back. Gritting his teeth, he bares his neck, and immediately Kirishima is scent marking him from top to bottom. 

Bakugou is an alpha , his wolf taunts. Bakugou should never be caught on his back, vulnerable, and neck barred like a needy omega. 

Fuck off Bakugou tells his inner alpha. And then fingers are stroking his dick and teasing his hole and Bakugou’s attention snaps back to Kirishima. 

“E-eijirou,” he gasps. A whine escapes him, and Kirishima kisses him. 

“It’s okay, Katsuki. You’re doing so good for me. Spreading yourself and letting me take you. Almost like a perfect omega, doing exactly what he should. You always were perfect at everything, Katsuki.”

God, is it possible to cum just from words? Because Bakugou feels like he’s frighteningly close to it. 

Kirishima manhandles him, flipping him over so he’s on his front, ass in the air and down on his elbows, like he’s presenting. 

The deep groan Kirishima gives at the view makes his dick twitch and throb. 

“Oh god, Katsuki. So good. So good for me.” Kirishima licks his hole and Bakugou moans loudly, shoving his face into a pillow. What the hell. How is Kiri having this much of an effect on him?

“Kat, Katsuki, show me what to do next,” Kirishima pants. He clumsily tosses a bottle of lube at Bakugou’s head. 

“Fuck, just let me-” He pops the lid and lubes up his fingers, ready to prep himself for what he knows is about to be mind-blowing sex. But the moment his wet fingers graze his hole, Kirishima’s fierce growl has him freeze. Bakugou feels himself shudder under the weight of it. 

“No!” Kirishima’s voice is more animal than human, and a hand grips Bakugou’s, pinning him.

“I want to do it, talk me through it. You can’t touch yourself until I say so,” Kirishima snarls.

Inside his pounding heart, Bakugou’s alpha snaps and flails, trying to fight the command. Instead, Bakugou lets his body relax and succumb to Kirishima’s control. Sweat breaks out over his body and his heart races. What the hell, why does his body feel like it’s dying? He trusts Kirishima. He will submit to Kirishima. He wants to submit to his mate.

“Start with one finger,” Bakugou gasps. “Get it slick and just rub, I gotta relax first, ah!”

The lube is cold, and Kirishima kisses his back as he flinches. “Sorry,” Kirishima whispers. 

Bakugou’s hands clench and unclench the sheets as he forces himself to relax. “It’s okay, I’ll try not to take too long. I haven’t done much of this before, though.” He exhales harshly. He wants this, he really does. And he knows what Kirishima needs right now. But it’s not working. He can’t relax. Bakugou pants with the effort.

“S-shit. Sorry, Ei,” Bakugou groans. 

“It’s okay, I got you, Kats. Lemme try something.”

Then fingers trails forward from his hole, fondle his balls, and grips the base of his dick. Bakugou whimpers as the hand twists and pumps, coaxing forth precum from the tip and using it to moisten the next pumps. Bakugou’s hips lurch forward in an aborted thrust, and Kirishima leans his weight over him, the other hand wrapping around his waist. 

“Easy, easy. You’re doing so good for me, little alpha.” Kirishima mouths at his neck, sucking on a scent gland. A wave of pleasure hits Bakugou. He’s heady with it and it’s like he can’t support his own weight. Kirishima tightens his grip on him, keeping his body from just falling forward. “So, so good, look at you.” 

Another suck and Bakugou moans loudly. God, the air is so thick he can’t catch his breath. The shrill ringing in his head is getting louder. His inner alpha is thrashing at the vulnerable position he’s in, but Bakugou keeps trying to reassure it it’s only his mate. He’s okay. He’s safe. He wants this, he begs. Let him have it. He whimpers.

A third suck on his glands, harder, and at the same instant the fingers abandon his dick and breach his hole successfully this time. Bakugou cries out in the onslaught of pleasure, body going lax with it all. Kirishima moans at the reaction, his finger twitching inside Bakugou, and the feedback loop is just too much. He falls forward completely into the sheets and just focuses on breathing. Holy shit holy shit holy shit.

“Katsuki, are you good? I really wanna keep going, god you’re perfect, fuck.”

Bakugou whimpers but nods, and carefully, slowly, the finger pushes in deeper, then pulls out, thrusting, and Bakugou feels himself clenching around Kirishima. Oh god, Kirishima is inside him. 

“Fuuuck, Katsuki, I’m inside you. Shit, you’re so hot and wet inside. Oh, I feel you clenching! Shit, imagine what it's going to feel like when I'm fucking you.”

“Please, Ei, add another before I die,” Bakugou whimpers. 

Kirishima growls at his plea, removing his finger abruptly, and Bakugou hisses, but then he’s being flipped from where he’s sprawled on his front. Kirishima plops him on his back, crawls forward over him, and kisses him deeply. 

“I like it like this better,” he pants between kisses. “I can see everything from here. I can see how you react to every little thing I do. God, so hott, Kats. Just amazing. And you’re all mine.”

Bakugou can see Kirishima better, too, sees how his fangs have gotten even longer, how his hair is damp and loose around his neck, how sweat drips from his body. Bakugou follows the trails as they catch on bandages and dampen the gauze, but the sight  spurs him on more. His mate is a fighter, someone who can take all Bakugou gives him and walk away. Then his eyes are immediately drawn to the bitemark. His mark.


His mate swoops in for another kiss, stealing Bakugou’s air, and plundering his mouth until Bakugou sees spots. He tugs on Kirishima’s hair, begging to breathe, but the redhead just moans at the contact. Finally, Bakugou whimpers, and Kirishima’s off him in a heartbeat. 

“Ah, my bad, I just love being inside you, Katsuki.”

A quick kiss this time, then the fingers return to Bakugou’s dick. There’s enough precome to moisten two fingers this time. Bakugou tenses at the implication, but Kirishima runs his teeth along the side of Bakugou’s neck, catching at the now swollen glands, and as Bakugou throws his head back at the shock of pleasure, Kirishima eases his two fingers in. He gives Bakugou less time to get accustomed to the feel, immediately pumping slowly. Bakugou sees stars, gasping, shuddering at the sensation overload. He tugs at Kirishima again, desperately needing him closer, and accidentally yanks on a handful of hair. Before he can gasp out an apology, Kirishima shudders and stills, head falling onto Bakugou’s chest and panting. 

“Ei? You okay?”

Instead of replying, Kirishima shakily fumbles for one of Bakugou’s hands and guides it down to his thigh where Kirishima had been rutting. His hand trails through a tacky, wet substance. 

“Oh shit, you came from that?”

God, that thought hits him like a train, the knowledge that just tugging on Kirishima’s hair could make him cum. That he did that to his mate. Unthinking, he brings his soiled fingers up to inspect them. Kirishima lifts his head enough to watch with rapt attention as Bakugou looks closely at the globs of cum on his hand. Then he locks eyes with Kirishima and traces the wet fingers along his own scent glands. The redhead is panting loudly, and Bakugou smirks with the power he wields. He slowly brings the fingers to his mouth for a taste, but Kirishima surges up before Bakugou can lick them, and he’s thrusting three fingers inside Bakugou. 

Dimly, he’s aware that his mouth is open, is he moaning? Drool drips from his mouth and rough fingers are exploring every inch of him, as if seeking for something. It feels so good, rushed and sloppy. Bakugou wants to tell Kirishima how much he loves it, but he’s thrusting back against the fingers and he can’t make his mouth work. So he grabs Kirishima by the hair again and mouths at the mating mark on his neck. 

The pained cry Kirishima makes is one of pleasure, begging for mercy, and Bakugou wonders how his mate is feeling everything so strongly, when Bakugou feels like he’s the one about to die from the sweet, sharp ecstasy. 

Then Kirishima’s fingers curl. Electricity strikes through his groin and whites out his vision.

In stages, he comes back online. His ears are ringing so he can’t hear the words Kirishima is saying, but the redhead's mouth is moving. His eyes look worried. How can Bakugou reassure him he’s fine? Better than fine. He most definitely just orgasmed and it was beyond incredible and he just wants to be claimed. He tries to lift heavy limbs, but instead of cradling Kirishima’s jaw and he winds up accidentally swatting him in the face. 

Both alphas freeze. Then Kirishima is chuckling, and Bakugou can hear the musical sound over the noise in his head. 

“Are you ready, Katsuki?” Kirishima asks. “Can I claim you?”

“Please, Eijirou,” Bakugou begs. 

Kirishima lifts Bakugou’s hips up, spreading his legs wide, and spends a second just enjoying the view. Then he starts to mount him, not yet penetrating, but dick sliding through his asscheeks. 

And his inner alpha, that had been silenced after his orgasm, rears its ugly head. Bakugou snarls and rears up, instincts screaming at him as he reacts to the vulnerable position. Suddenly, Bakugou feels himself fall into full alpha mode, pheromones wild and suffocating in the air. He smells Kirishima’s scent rise in challenge. The room fills with the smell of cinnamon apple and cherry.

But Kirishima seems to have anticipated that would happen. He’s slamming Bakugou’s arms back down, pinning him, and his thrusts drag his dick along his clenching, empty hole. 

Oh shit, that’s about to go inside him. He’ll be Kirishima’s bitch. 

And he can’t fucking wait. 

But first…

“If you want it Eijirou, you gotta fight for it.”

A maniac grin stretches across Kirishima’s face, and he tries to harden his grip on Bakugou, but the other alpha is already freeing his hands.

“Oh Katsuki, I’m going to win and fuck you. I’m gonna pin you down and fuck you so good. Fill you with my seed until you’re swollen and heavy with pups.” 

Bakugou whines, needy, but his words are a taunt. 

“Only the strongest alpha gets to mate me. I submit to no one but the strongest. Only the worthy get to fuck me.”

That gets Kirishima going. 

“No one else is going to be fucking you except for me, bitch.”

“If you can catch me, Shitty Hair.”

The sweet honeymoon stage is over, now the alphas fight for dominance.

Now, Bakugou wants to dominate. His alpha side has finally won out, and he and his instincts merge into one dangerous creature.

Bakugou’s plan now was to goad and tease and taunt Kirishima into making a mistake and getting sloppy. Just because Kirishima was rutting didn’t mean he had to do the fucking. He just needs to bite Bakugou and they’re finally mated pair. The idea of topping, of winning, makes Bakugou grin a manic smile. Kirishima’s wearing a matching grin, dangerous, and they fight and scrabble for the upper hand. Sheets and pillows rip and tear as they bite and scratch and growl. 

Kirishima goes for Bakugou’s neck, still bruised and sore from the fight earlier. Bakugou cries out at the pain of it, but he gets a handful of Kirishima’s hair and yanks, and the redhead moans, loosening his hold on Bakugou. Taking full advantage, Bakugou scrambles on top of him, holds him firm, and bites over his still fresh mating mark. Kirishima howls, dick hard and leaking steadily, and he’s rutting against Bakugou's leg even as he tries to fight Bakugou off. 

But he gets a hand free and wraps it around Bakugou’s dick. His first pump is too rough, but the second hits high enough to catch the wetness at the tip and lubricate the following jerks. 

“S-shit,” Bakugou groans, trying to keep the other alpha pinned, but his grip is faltering, not helped by Kirishima quirk interfering. 

“Such a goddamn cheater, shit head.”

“You’re one who taught me to use everything I have,” Kirishima gasps out.

He yanks his hands free and lifts Bakuogu by the thighs, bringing him up and above Kirishima in an impressive show of strength. Confused, Bakugou tries to shift, but then Kirishima is licking at this asshole, alternating between thrusting his tongue in deep and sucking the rim. 

“Ah! Ah, shit, Ei!”

Bakugou scrambles, held awkwardly in place, but he’s quickly losing himself to the sensations. Kiririshima’s eating him out and it’s incredible. He knows he’s supposed to be trying to do something. Winning? He feels like he’s winning right now. He wants to make his mate feel good, too.

“Lemme, oh god, let me suck you off, Kiri.”

But he gets a growl in response, and the fingers on his thighs tighten painfully. The mouth on him works at a frantic pace, and Bakugou’s head falls to the bed as he curls forward far above Kirishima. Too far to touch. He fists his hands into the sheets and just takes it. He feels his orgasm building, the sloppy sounds and increasing pressure and the smells and everything just too much.

He’s about to cum on Kirishima’s tongue, but the other alpha pulls back right as he’s about to crest. Bakugou whimpers and whines, too heady with the rush to process being set on the bed. It’s not until a heavy weight falls over him that he comes back to his senses. Shit, he’s forward on the bed again, Kirishima with a firm hardened grip on his wrists, knees nudging Bakugou’s legs so wide he can hardly stay balances. His mouth is sucking hard on Bakgou’s neck, but between breaths, he’s chanting Bakugou’s name over and over. 

“Katsuki, oh god, Katsuki, you’re mine, mine, fuck so hot, gonna make you cum on my fat knot.”

Terror and pleasure shudder through him. Shit, shit!

But it’s too late to fight it. He’s lost this battle. Bested by his mate. Bakugou would be proud if he wasn’t trembling again. He wants this, so why won’t his body let him?

“Eijiriou, please,” he gasps. Begging. Hoping his mate understands. He knows this is fine, that he’ll be okay, but his body hasn’t gotten the message yet. Damn biology.

“I got you,” his mate says as he lines them up, teasing his red hole with his stiff dick.

“It’s okay, I got you,” and he leans forward and bites Bakugou’s scent gland as he slides home.

➳  ➳ ➳  ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

In the end, Bakugou’s rut was triggered as well. The cleanup was a bit messy, but both alphas are relieved to get the ruts out of the way. Things look up after that. They get healing and their wrist bands from the nurse, and Kirishima is cleared to return to school. That means he can return to his normal hero training and pick his internship back up. Kirishima was worried that Fat gum would have moved off after Kirishima’s sick leave, but he’s just gotten the notification that he could return tomorrow.

 And best of all, their mating bond took. Both alphas can’t help but keep touching their new mating marks. 

It’s official now.

They are a bonded alpha pair.

Kirishima skips on the way back to the dorms. He’s grinning and smiling, holding hands with his mate. They did it. 

“We did it,” Kirishima beams.

Bakugou grins back. “Yeah, we did. Some badasses we are, huh?”

“Yup!” A thought comes to Kirishima, and his smile fades. “But it still won’t be easy, huh? We’re still gonna get crap from everyone. It might be impossible to be pro heroes.”

But his mate shrugs. “Eh, we’ll work hard and be the best heroes we can. I’m still planning of being number fucking one. If some asshole doesn’t like the fact I saved their goddamn life, then that’s on them.”

Bakugou’s look is determined, but there’s a tiny pout on his lips, and Kirishima can’t help himself. He swoops forward and kisses Bakugou.

“Kats, I love that fighting spirit of yours. Never a quitter, huh?”

Bakugou holds him tight when he goes to pull away.

“Nah. I tried it once and it fucking sucked. Almost lost the best thing to happen to me. Never again.”

He kisses Kirishima back softly, sweetly, and Kirishima smiles into it. They’re on the same team now, with the same goals. It’s them versus the world. Nothing will come between them.

“So, which one of us is gonna tell the pack what happened?” Kirishima asks as they walk back to their dorms.

“Not fucking me, good luck,” Bakugou replies, before cackling and running ahead. Kirishima yelps and runs after him, shouting.

➳  ➳ ➳  ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

Both boys miss the figure lurking behind the edge of the school building. The person idly flicks through the shots taken on a phone, zooming in on the one of the alphas kissing. 

“So they finally did it, huh? Gross. At least it will sell well. Time to blow this secret wide.”

➳  ➳ ➳  ➳ ➳ End Part I ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳