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➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

If they had one dollar every time someone said it wasn’t possible, and to give it up, they'd be fucking billionaires.

Little did they know, however, those “well-meaning” suggestions only made them even more determined to make it work.

Bakugou was used to standing out. He loved the attention, pushed for it, even. His quirk was flashy and his fighting style was a spectacle. His loud, dominant alpha personality just caught everyone's eye even more.

Kirishima, on the other hand, used to shy from the spotlight. But with a healthy dose of self-esteem and regular Bakugou pep-talks, he grew into both his quirk and his dominant personality. Now Kirishima practically radiated happy, confident alpha, catching more than his fair share of attention as well.

The bottom line, the two of them were already eye-catching. So what was a little more notoriety?

“Oh, they’re together. Can two alphas even do that?”

 Bakugou growls as the off-handed comment reaches his ears. They’re just walking down the street, making no effort to hide their relationship, but not making a big deal out of it. So what if his arm is around Kirishima’s waist? He turns to look at the beta whispering with her friends out in front of some shop. They’re eyeing him. Bakugou glares and removes his arm from Kirishima’s waist to wrap around his shoulder, tugging him in with a challenge on his face. By this point, Kirishima has picked up on the situation. He pats Bakugou’s hand and turns to give the girl and her companions a big smile. It just toes the line of being a baring of teeth, a hidden threat. The girl shudders and turns away hastily.

Kirishima nuzzles his face next to Bakugou’s, both for comfort and to scent. “Just ignore them, babe. They don’t know how good we got it.”

“I fucking know, it just pisses me off. Keep their damn thoughts to themselves. Fucking extras.”

Bakugou knows he’s wafting pissed off alpha, so he forces himself to reign it in a bit and gives Kirishima a quick peck on his cheek. He’s the best fucking alpha boyfriend! Fuck all the haters. They are mates and no stupid biology is going to come between them. It almost did, once. Never again.


➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳


For Kirishima, it begins nearly a year ago at the beginning of high school. Classes are tough, the work is hard, and hero lessons challenging, but it feels good to finally have a concrete goal. He can do this. He’s going to do his best, learn as much as he can, and if he doesn’t make it, at least he can say he tried.

And between the quirk trials, battle simulations, USJ villain attacks, and the sports festival, he’s begun to see the advantages his quirk has, and is inspired by the tenacity of his peers. He starts to feel at home among his classmates, where acquaintances are becoming allies and then turning into friends. And that's when he falls for Bakugou Katsuki.

Bakugou has quickly become something like a friend to him, despite Bakugou's denial otherwise. He is someone Kirishima had initially thought was mean-spirited, impulsive, and violent, and as such he was reluctant to get to know him. But through their trials together, they discover their compatible quirks keep them both alive more than once. Their teachers also notice the same benefits of their partnership, and pair them up regularly. Kirishima has a suspicion a part of it was because he can handle both Bakugou's quirk and his explosive personality. As a result, their teamwork blossoms, and Kirishima learns that Bakugou's tough exterior is a more a shield to hide his softer, more thoughtful interior. And that's when the attraction starts.

Kirishima, desperate not to ruin this thing between them, keeps a tight lid on his feelings. He keeps his eyes away from Bakugou's shapely figure in the changing room. He swallows down his excuses when Bakugou requests they spar, and bites his tongue to keep his concerns at bay when Bakugou pushes them both to their limits again and again, until they collapse in an exhausted pile. He puts up with the names and insults and follows Bakugou around like a stray puppy, desperate for his attention. Everyone can see it's a one-sided friendship, but it's enough for Kirishima, who just wants to be worthy of Bakugou's time. Eventually, Bakugou begins to rub off on Kirishima. His friends note that he seems more confident, and his teachers praise him for developing a deeper understanding of his quirk. And maybe, just maybe, one day Kirishima will begin to rub off on Bakugou, too. Kirishima has faith, so he keeps hanging around Bakugou each and every day. He has faith that one day Bakugou will show compassion for his friends and express his feelings. It seems impossible at the moment, but if there's one thing Kirishima has in spades, it's optimism. He stores that faith next to the tiny little box in his heart that contains his hope that one day Bakugou might return his feelings.

Then it’s springtime, and there's a week when everyone begins to present their secondary genders. It’s a time of coming to terms for some. Of changing bodies and new challenges and modified dreams. Kirishima notes a few of his classmates don’t seem to change at all. Todoroki, who had presented on Sunday, is an alpha, to the surprise of some, but Kirishima had a suspicion. Todoroki may not be an actively aggressive alpha, but his repressed emotions are expressed in his quirk and speak louder than words. On Monday, Aizawa makes an announcement during homework that confirms their suspicions. Their class seems to have entered the Secondary gender presentation age. He asks the class to be forgiving of one another as their bodies go through changes they won't know how to control yet. He's talking about increases in scents, uncontrolled quirks, personal space violations as the instinct to scent mark one another peaks. He says he'll let the teacher know and give them a heads up that they might be a little distracted this week.

Then halfway through first period, Bakugou presents as an alpha, of course. There's a loud gasp mid-lecture, and all eyes turn to Bakugou as he stands up abruptly. His eyes are wide and he clenches his hands just in time to minimize his explosions. Then a smirk plays over his face and he sits down with a confident edge to him that nearly makes Kirishima swoon. Bakugou doesn't say a word, but his wide grin and self-satisfied look speak volumes. He turns to look at Todoroki, whose eyes widen, and then the two share a powerful look. Then Todoroki tilts his chin up slightly, an acknowledgment, and Bakugou does the same in return. That's all the confirmation the class needs, as they whisper amongst themselves. Their teacher calls the class to attention and they continue, but Kirishima has eyes only on Bakugou for the rest of the day.

It seems to all make sense now. That's why he had been so attracted to him. It was just his alpha personality. Biology, people would say. Back in the pack days, alphas needed to stand out. They were born leaders and protectors, and were supposed to be eye-catching so threats would focus their attention on them and ignore the rest of the pack. Kirishima doesn't care what he presents as, but he secretly hopes he's a beta or omega. He's calm and disarming like a beta, and friendly and tactile like an omega. Personally, while Kirishima has worked a little on his self-esteem, he definitely doesn't think he has what it takes to be an alpha. Compared to Bakugou, Kirishima is straight-up meek. Not that he thinks omegas are weak or anything!

Kirishima shakes his head to dislodge the thoughts from his head. Even in his own mental conversation, Kirishima doesn't want to offend anyone. Omegas have been through shit enough as it is over the years. Omegas are just as strong and capable as alphas! Bakugou gives him a strange look as the two walk to the train station together after school.

“What the fuck are you doing, shitty hair?”

“N-nothing! Just thinking about our classmates. This whole thing is exciting, isn't it?”

Bakugou scoffs. “You mean the secondary genders? They don't mean shit. Only idiots get so worked up about them.”

Kirishima nods to hide his hurt. He's been thinking about presentations since he was a kid. “Well, I suppose you always knew you were going to be an alpha, huh Bakugou?” He smiles. “It must be nice to have that much confidence,” he says quietly.

Bakugou stops, and Kirishima stumbles to a halt next to him. He turns wide eyes to his friend. Bakugou leans forward and looks at him. It's not a glare, but more a thoughtful, pondering look. Like he can deduct thoughts or read minds. Kirishima gulps. The two stare at one another in silence for a beat. Then Bakugou leans out of Kirishima's space and keeps walking. Kirishima jogs to catch up. He's wondering what the heck that was about, but he doesn't speak up. If Bakugou wants to share, then he will.

“You're worried about this designation thing, aren't ya?”

Kirishima's heart races and he looks down at his feet as they walk. “Maybe,” he says noncommittally. He's not about to reveal to Bakugou that he's hoping beyond hope he's a complimentary gender to Bakugou's alpha. He wants more than anything to be with Bakugou, which is stupid, he knows. They've known one another about three months now, and only really well the last two, and they both have their whole lives ahead of them. But still. Kirishima hopes.

There's a hand on his shoulder and Kirishima nearly collapses from the shock of it. He turns to look at Bakugou in disbelief. Bakugou's not looking at him, but there's a hint of red on his cheeks as he awkwardly pats Kirishima's shoulder. It's too stiff and firm to be anything comforting, but it's Bakugou, and that's more than enough for Kirishima. He blinks quickly to keep his eyes from watering.

“If it's any consolation, I'm pretty sure I know what you're gonna be. Do you want me to tell you?”

Kirishima smiles and shakes his head. Bakugou is so smart, so he's sure his guess will be accurate, but Kirishima doesn't want to know what Bakugou thinks. He wants to find out on his own. This is a once in a lifetime event.

“How about you can tell me after if your guess was correct or not?”

Bakugou grunts an affirmation and removes his hand from Kirishima's shoulder. He glances at the redhead, then does a double-take.

“Oi, what the hell! Are you crying?!”

“No,” Kirishima says with a smile, but doesn't do anything to hide the fact that he's wiping at his wet eyes. “You're really a nice guy, aren't you, Bakugou?”

He laughs as Bakugou splutters, palms exploding in his shock.

The next day, more classmates present, and his friends Ashido, Sero, and Ojiro present as betas. Again, Kirishima isn't surprised, as his friends take their beta roles seriously, helping to keep the mood light and pleasant. Throughout the week the rest of the class presents. Kirishima notes that Kaminari is happy to be an omega, and he’s still as tactile and spunky and bouncy as ever. Midoriya is also an omega, to no one’s surprise except, it seems, Bakugou’s. 

Saturday approaches, their last day of the week, and Kirishima is a nervous wreck when he gets off the train. During their walk to school, Bakugou is quiet, but there's a stiffness to his shoulders. He must be feeling Kirishima's stress. Alphas always were more in-tune to the feelings of those they were close to. Kirishima takes comfort in the fact that Bakugou's alpha thinks he and Bakugou are close, even in Bakugou himself won't admit it. They walk in silence, Kirishima unusually quiet today. There's only one other classmate left who hasn't presented yet, but even by lunchtime Mineta presents as an alpha. After lunch, Kirishima returns to class to witness a riot. All the alphas, Bakugou included, have their hackles up as Mineta sits confidently in his seat, eyebrow raised in challenge. He makes kissy faces towards Yaoyorou and Ashido, and alpha growls rip through the class in protection of the newly presented omega and beta who have caught his attention. Kirishima moves to his seat, tense as the standoff works on levels above his senses. He watches Todoroki enter the room a few minutes after him. He takes a second to survey the room, but then a grimace covers his face as he walks towards his desk. It must be the scents going crazy.

“That bad, huh?” Kirishima asks, as Todoroki passes him. “Does it stink?”

The half and half boy pauses, considering, then graces Kirishima with a soft smile. “Ah, you haven't presented yet. Lucky you. It does indeed smell. I think the pheromones are the worst of it, though. You have inclinations to do stuff that doesn't seem to make any sense. It's...unpleasant.”

Their next teacher arrives before Kirishima can reply, and they very quickly put an end to the situation with a few firm words.

As the class returns to their seats, he overhears Tsuyu say that the only good news about Mineta being an alpha is that the girls can formally file complaints with the school now. An alpha violating the privacy of others and not respecting messages is taken seriously. She's sure that if they all submit incident reports, maybe something will be done.

The class heads to the arena for the rest of their hero classes. Kirishima's nerves make his hands shake as the boys change in the locker room. Sero and Kaminari share a look and then corner him as he slowly changes.

“Hey, Kirishima. You smell super anxious. What's wrong?” Sero asks with a worried look. Kaminari snuggles in close, ducking under Kirishima's arm for a half hug, and looking up at him, concerned. Kirishima loves his friends so much.

“I'm the only one who hasn't presented, yet. I'm worried it's going to happen during training. But I'm also worried it won't happen at all. I just want it to be over and done with.” And I don't want to be an alpha because I have a huge fat crush on another alpha, Kirishima adds mentally.

“It's a little shocking, but it's not that bad,” Kaminari says at Kirishima's side. 

Sero and Kirishima chuckle. “Pun intended? Denki, you electrocuted like four people when you presented.”

Kaminari gives a sheepish shrug and Sero sighs in exasperation as he rounds Kaminari up and gestures at Kirishima to hurry up.

“Let's go, dude. Hiding in the locker room is so unmanly.”

Kirishima groans and Sero and Kaminari make a quick exit. They're right. They are so right. Impassioned, Kirishima finishes changing quickly and sprints to join where the rest of the class had gathered.

All Might is a saint and doesn't call Kirishima out when he's the lone straggler. It's group work today and they get to pick their partners. The purpose today is to balance quick use with their secondary genders and learn control. For example, heightened emotions tend to affect their quirks, and the secondary genders are emotionally driven. All Might tells them they'll be focusing on re-learning their limits, triggers, and controls.

Kirishima watches as his classmates split up, feeling left out suddenly. All Might approaches.

“Ah, young Kirishima. You have not yet presented?”

Before Kirishima can respond, a voice speaks up.

“He'll partner with me.”

It's Bakugou. Kirishima starts to shake his head no immediately.

“No, Bakugou, you need to practice. Please don't sacrifice your learning on my behalf.”

“Tch, what makes you think I can't multitask, idiot? Besides, you'll be a good punching bag for me.”

All Might looks a little disconcerted at Bakugou's words, but he looks to Kirishima for confirmation. Kirishima tries to give a reassuring smile and shrugs.

“It's okay. This is how we do, anyway.”

Bakugou's not all talk, apparently. It becomes glaringly obvious once they get started, that Bakugou is completely on top of his game. His control is impeccable, as usual, and when All Might makes his rounds, he praises Bakugou for also keeping his pheromones in check despite giving it his all during their mock battle.

“Nice work on keeping your aggression and dominance in check, young Bakugou! The last thing you would want to do is trigger allies you're working when in the middle of a villain attack. You wouldn't want to accidentally upset Kirishima and affect him. If he was an omega and you were unleashing very aggressive scents, Kirishima would have a hard time trying to do his attacks.” All Might speaks matter-of-factly, but Bakugou reacts as if it were a personal insult.

“I would never do that! I know how to control myself.”

All Might nods. “Yes, you've been working very hard at that.” He turns to Kirishima. “When you present, young Kirishima, we'll give you supplemental training in this area. Fear not.”

Kirishima bows as All Might leaves. “Thank you sensei.” He feels a little dizzy standing up, but shakes his head and turns back to Bakugou. He forces a smile on his face.

“All right, ready to keep going?”

Bakugou narrows his eyes, but nods. “Prepare to get your ass kicked, shitty hair!” 

“Hah, you wish, explodey boy!”

Without preamble, Bakugou launches himself forward at Kirishima, explosions to help propel him. Kirishima puts his hands up in a block, but as Bakugou gets in range, hand extended for a blast to the face, Kirishima throws out a hardened hand and grips Bakugou's fist. Bakugou's eyes widen as the grip tightens hard enough to hurt, and the explosion fizzles harmlessly. Quick as lightning, Kirishima goes to grab for Bakugou's other fist, but Bakugou swings it behind his body and uses explosions to toss himself up and over Kirishima in an arc. Kirishima's grip is secure, however, so Bakugou's actions send them both flying, Bakugou up and over Kirishima to crash into his back, and Kirishima pitches forward with the momentum. With a wicked grin, Kirishima braces himself and spins to get a hold of Bakugou as they go down. Bakugou's strengths are far and mid-range, but close range is Kirishima's. He pins Bakugou to the floor under his body and the two grapple, each trying to get a better hold on the other. Finally, Kirishima hardens his whole body and sprawls on top of Bakugou, claws digging into the ground. Bakugou wiggles and spits under Kirishima, cussing as he is unable to free himself. He sets off explosion after explosion along Kirishima's body, but the redhead doesn't budge.

“Say 'uncle,' Bakugou. I win.”

“In your dreams, fuckface!” 

“Call it, I won this round.”

“Like hell! A few minutes of this and you'll weaken.”

 “Maybe. But if I had allies they could have already moved in to incapacitate you.”

Bakugou growls frighteningly loudly, and Kirishima feels something come over his body. His blood sings in challenge, and he growls in response. Suddenly, all that matters is Bakugou admitting Kirishima's victory. He won fair and square. Why doesn't Bakugou ever know when to quit?! 

He leans in and growls dangerously low in Bakugou's ear. “I won. You lost. Stop squirming.”

Bakugou does a full-body shudder and stills. Kirishima sits back and watches Bakugou's eyes widen in shock. Then, a huge smirk plays across his face. 

“I fucking called it! You're an alpha. Hell fucking yes, shitty hair!” 

Something like pride takes over Bakugou's face, and it's such a strange look that Kirishima scrambles back off Bakugou, who stays sprawled on the ground and looking at Kirishima like a pleased parent. Then the words sink in, and Kirishima stumbles to his feet as he processes. Did he really just present? He's an alpha? How does Bakugou know? Kirishima looks around the arena. Some of his classmates have stopped to watch, and a few nod in his direction. Kirishima begins to smell something in the air. There are some sweet scents coming from Midoriya and Kaminari. Jiro waves, and a subtle nature-like smell comes from her. And then there's the unmistakable alpha odors. Sharp peppermint from Todoroki, and blistering spice from Bakugou. Kirishima stumbles again as he takes it all in. It's too much. Bakugou's at his shoulder in an instant, and Kirishima looks at him helplessly. Over his shoulder, Kirishima sees Todoroki nod in approval, and return to his fight with Midoriya.

“Oi, get a hold of yourself. You're an alpha just like I predicted. Don't be swooning like a princess or something weird.” 

Kirishima feels himself nod but doesn't move. Bakugou sighs and pulls him along, Kirishima stumbling unthinkingly until he's led to the entrance of the locker rooms. Once there, he pulls from Bakugou. 

“I... need to take a shower,” he says weakly. It's a poor excuse, and Bakugou gives him a disbelieving look. He's not a good liar, so he tries to clarify. “I'll catch up with you later. I just need a few moments. It's a lot to process.”

That seems to satisfy Bakugou. The blond nods and leaves Kirishima standing in the middle of the locker room. Kirishima changes into a towel and heads for the showers, body moving stiffly.

Under the spray of the water, he lets the tears fall.

He's a fucking alpha.

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳

That night Kirishima doesn't sleep. It’s the middle of spring but still Kirishima sweats. He’s already kicked his covers off and lays sprawled on top of his sheets, staring at the ceiling in the dim light. He’s been tossing and turning all night.

And why has sleep been eluding him? 

Because he has a crush.

He has a big fat impossible crush that can never happen.

He’s crushing on a wonderful guy who is smart and handsome and strong, who is his best friend. And who is an alpha.

And everyone knows two alphas can’t be together. They don’t work out. The internet has told him so. There have been actual research studies done to supplement the wild opinions and claims online. But they all seem to point to one conclusion: alphas are too aggressive to be viable mates. Without a beta or omega to offer a calming contrast, they’re dangerous. According to the research, they’d almost certainly kill each other.

Kirishima feels tears well up. Is he so broken that even his biology can’t get it right? First his lame quirk and his wimpy personality, and now his inability to like the right designation?

Not like it would even get to that point. Bakugou probably wouldn't be interested in someone like Kirishima, anyway, but presenting as an alpha just crushes any possible hope. There's a pang in his heart as that little box labeled 'hope' was crushed into smithereens the moment his destination was confirmed. He had gone to visit Recovery Girl at All Might's suggestion to get certified and for a mini pep talk on being an alpha. There was no doubt at all: Kirishima was a bona fide alpha.

He was now permanently cemented into the Friend Zone with Bakugou. Not like the Friend Zone was a real thing, Kirishima understood, at least in the most popular context. But Bakugou would only ever see him as a friend. They could grow to be best friends, but that would be it. Kirishima swallows, takes a deep breath, and steels himself. He can do this. Being anything with Bakugou was good enough. It would have to be. 

The next day Kirishima drifts through his day off as if in a dream. He idly remembers waving at friends and smiling at strangers, but he's just going through the motions. Like a puppet on a string. He feels hollow, empty. He declines offers to eat and hang with others, and locks himself in his dark, lonely room. He doesn't know what to do. The one person he would ask for advice is the one person he can't talk to. Kirishima can't stand to even look at Bakugou, sure his face would give away his longing and despair. He needs to get his shit together before he can push the reset button and try to start over again with Bakugou. But right now it's just too much.

Sleep eludes him the next night as well. He avoids others and keeps himself shut up in his room in his house.

Then school starts up again on Monday

 It’s starting to catch up with him, the lack of sleep. If this goes on any longer he’s tempted to ask Recovery Girl for some sleeping pills or something, because this is ridiculous. His face has been looking more and more gaunt and his hair’s been hanging limply for the last couple of days, an oily mess. His clothes, despite his best efforts, are getting rumbled and he knows he hasn’t been smelling any too fresh lately, either. 

He meets Bakugou at their usual spot in front of the train station. If Bakugou can sense his mood, he doesn't say anything. The walk goes like normal, with Kirishima trying to make small talk and Bakugou grunting either in agreement or not. They enter the classroom and Kirishima stops, stunned, as he receives well-wishes and congratulations from his classmates. He forces on a smile, but all he wants to do is cry. Like an actor on a stage, he plays a character of himself through the day, managing to keep himself in check, and excusing himself to the bathroom when his mask begins to crack.

Kirishima's friends are both a blessing and a curse. They can tell immediately something is wrong. Ashido is the one who finally pulls him aside and confronts him. She pulls him aside right after school and takes in the long face and his disheveled look.

“Kiri, you look like shit. What's wrong?” 

“I'm an alpha,” he says hopelessly. He can't put it anymore into words. He's an alpha and that was the last thing he wanted to be.

“Yes, and? There's nothing wrong with that. Wait, do you think...” She trails off, eyes wide as she takes in Kirishima's sullen eyes and shallow look. He's well aware that he looks like death. Ashido's eyes water, and Kirishima can tell her soft strawberry scent sharpens. “Do... do you not feel worthy of being an alpha. You don't think you deserve it?”

It would be so easy for Kirishima to nod and agree with her guess. But they've been friends way too long, and Ashido's helped make Kirishima who he is today. He owes it to her to tell the truth.

So he shakes his head and steels himself.

“I have a crush,” is what he manages to say.

Her expression clears and he can see a pleased look blossom on her face.

“Ah! That's great, Kiri–“

“On another alpha.” 

Her face freezes, mouth wide. Then it crumbles, and Kirishima feels it mirrored in his heart.

“Oh Kiri,” she says pityingly. Kirishima nods and his eyes water.

"It's Bakugou."

“Oh no, Kiri,” she says again, and Kirishima doesn't resist when she opens her arms wide. He falls into her embrace and lets the tears fall on her shoulder as she tries to comfort him with soft hums and the soft smell of strawberry.

Kirishima would love to stay in her arms forever, but there's a cough. Ashido and Kirishima look up at the interruption. It's Bakugou, bag over his shoulder and ready to start their walk home. Kirishima releases Ashido and gives a grateful smile that he knows falls a little flat. He waves a farewell and turns to fall into step next to Bakugou. It’s routine by now, this walk. It used to be one of the best parts of his day, walking home with Bakugou, chatting happily about the day as his friend listens, but now it feels like pulling teeth. He can’t force himself to make the typical small talk, and as a result, the silence between them is loud and awkward. Kirishima isn’t sure that he’ll be able to hold back if he opens his mouth, so he keeps it shut. It’s one thing to hide his crush from Bakugou, especially when there was the tiny chance something could come from it. But the despair he feels right now makes him feel like he’s being swallowed up by a black hole.

Bakugou doesn’t say anything the entire way home, and Kirishima is both thankful and fucking hates it. Aren’t they friends? Does Bakugou not care enough to ask him what’s wrong? But, if he did, Kirishima would have to come clean and that is the absolute last thing he wants to do. So he bites back his words and holds his tears and waves Bakugou off as the blond boards his train without looking back or giving a parting farewell. 

Kirishima cries all the way home.

Eventually, it gets better. Eventually, Kirishima hardens his spirit as he learns to harden his body, and it gets easier. His mask becomes almost as indestructible as his hardening, and it works. He focuses on his studies, his friends, his quirk, and thankfully soon he’s too busy for grief. Kirishima pushes himself through the day, works out at night, and by the time he hits the sheets he’s too mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted to wallow in his despair. And so, the first half of the school year passes, and Kirishima thinks he’s finally got it all figured out. He makes it through midterms, fails his finals, and before he knows it, its summer. Initially, he’s looking forward to it: time off for a hero summer camp with friends. 

But Bakugou’s kidnapping changes everything, and something within him, something he’s been pushing back and back into the farthest corner of his mind, cracks. At first, hopelessness swallows him up at the news. Bakugou is gone, in the hands of the enemy. But then, something ignites. 

At first, it’s a shock. The intensity of it is frightening. Feelings of anger and rage and hurt surface up, and his inner alpha awakens. 

There’s smoke in the air, the forest is on fire, and Kirishima blacks out. His body is yelling and fighting and crying but in his mind he’s standing among the pitch-black nothingness and staring down a massive red wolf. Red eyes pierce his soul. Froth drips from its maw. Kirishima shudders at the violence he feels.

Find our mate, it says, and lunges forward.

Kirishima pushes it back.

Find our mate! it roars, fangs chomping on his arm.

Kirishima tries to hold his ground.

FIND AND RESCUE OUR MATE! it screams, and Kirishima gives in. 

He embraces his inner alpha, decides to worry about the fact that apparently it has chosen Bakugou as his mate later, and utilizes its power. So what if he can't have Bakugou? The villains sure as fuck aren't gonna get him. Kirishima decides to use every ounce of his powers and alpha prowess to get Bakugou back. Any possible edge the alpha designation will give him, he will take full advantage of. His senses become sharper and his awareness is superb. He feels incredible strength and agility and energy now, that he hadn’t before. Kirishima knows without a doubt that this disaster will never happen again. If anything or anyone else comes for Bakugou again, Kirishima is now faster, stronger, and smarter. They won’t get him. He won’t let it happen.

He makes his plans with Todoroki to get Bakugou back.

Because Bakugou is now his mate, no matter what the world says or even what Bakugou wants. By making Bakugou his mate in his mind, his alpha roars and his drive and determination are solid. His resolve is absolute.

He will rescue his mate, and nobody can stop him. 

The retrieval of Bakugou goes without a hitch. And by that Kirishima means Bakgou is recovered. There’s chaos as the world crumbles apart, and All Might falls, but Kirishima’s first thought is that Bakugou is safe. 

It takes a few days for the high of it to settle down. Once the adrenaline has stopped pumping through his blood and his alpha lies dormant, satisfied, the consequences seep in like water through leaks, dripping into his mind, loud in the stillness and impossible to ignore. It takes longer than it should for Kirishima to realize that he’s been giving off aggressive vibes to anyone who even looks at Bakugou. He’s been poorly hiding his attempt at scenting Bakugou, moving in for way too many hugs, much more than usual, and being ridiculously clingy. Fortunately, it seems most people just give him a break, blaming it on the closeness Kirishima feels with Bakugou, and allow him to celebrate his victory at rescuing Bakugou, including the blond himself. He strangely puts up with Kirishima’s touches, not fighting it or pushing him away. Maybe Bakugou needs this, too, Kirishima tells himself. And deep inside, in the tiny broken box, he collects his fragments of hope.

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