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I love this feeling

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Clarissa Morgenstern always did her best to remain under the radar. She did her work, raised her hand every now and then and went to games at the beginning and end of every season. Throughout her five years at St. Xavier’s catholic school she blended with the masses. Until today when that asshole Ryan Wallace grabbed her ass and she whirled around and struck him in the nose on pure reflex, resulting in a heavy flow of blood dripping down his chin just after a satisfying crunch.

Of course it would be that very minute that the teacher who hated Clary the most would turn the corner in time to see her pull her fist back and Ryan tumble to the floor. Mr. Aldertree made it a point to reprimand Clary right there in the middle of the hallway for her unacceptable behavior. Making sure to add in how she is an intolerable child with a disregard for rules and authority.


“No way, didn’t anyone see what he did?” She looked around the hall for some support seeing a few girls nodding furiously and a couple guys smirking down at Ryan who was still sitting on the floor with Drew from geometry was holding a sweater to his face while he blubbered like he was the victim. The sight made Clary’s blood boil.

“He grabbed my ass he should be punished not me” at this point the argument was futile at best. Despite the witnesses and the hoard of girls she knows would be in her corner for finally giving Ryan what he deserves, she knows this won’t end well for her.

A familiar voice broke through the murmurs in the small crowd, “Ms.Morgenstern he is the one who sustained bodily injury and as far as I can tell you don't have scratch” Father Hall, essentially the principal of the shit-show catholic school that prioritized boosting the male ego instead of ensuring safety and comfort for all students.

Clarys always had a hunch that the faculty of St. Xavier's didn’t like her. Maybe it had something to do with the root of her last name. Morgenstern, Morningstar. And the great myth that gingers have no souls really did it in. Add in the fact that she called adults out on their bullshit and she’s an absolute nightmare.

‘This is such bullshit,” Clary shouted furiously but conceded to follow Father Hall to his office where he would call her mother and scold her for her bad behavior and ignore the fact that she was sexually assaulted in the middle of the hallway.


Which is exactly what happened. After her mother showed up Clary had a little more fun with the circumstances. Her powerful independent women of a mother going at her sexist old-fashioned principal? That was entertainment. He went on and on about how St. Xavier's has a zero tolerance policy for physical violence only to be met with both Fray women going off about how about a zero tolerance policy for sexual assault and harassment? Despite her mother's threat to go above his head and get this dealt with correctly, he still wielded the power.

Clarissa Morgenstern was expelled from St. Xavier’s catholic school on October 12, 2017. Their grounds for expulsion looked legitimate on paper but the circumstances were a story they ignored.

The car ride home consisted of her mother yelling at the idiot drivers on the highway and the both of them going back and forth about what they were going to do. Clary would obviously still have to go to school. Most likely Raziel High School. Where her older twin brothers, Sebastian and Jonathan, were currently seniors. Thinking on it, Clary decides it won’t be too bad. She won’t have to wear a uniform every day and won’t get an hour of prayer for swearing. She will have to deal with the protective older brothers that won’t let her do anything they deem her too small and fragile for.

Oh gods. Her brothers.

They’re going to want to gut Ryan and his entire band of weasels that Clary had told them numerous stories about. Ryan has been a nuisance since freshman year and it wouldn’t surprise anyone if he were in prison five years from now. He had never directly done anything to Clary most likely because she’s one of the few girls who don’t even pay attention when he talks. What great force possessed him into grabbing her ass on her way to english? Entitlement most likely with a sprinkle of an overly inflated ego.

Yeah, they won’t like that their baby sister was groped. They will hold pride in how she handled it though.

Safe to say that telling her father and brothers what happened at school could have gone better. Valentine threatened to have that principal fired for blatant favoritism while the Sebastian threatened to go to the school and pumble the shit out of that smarmy little weasel. Jocelyn had to talk Valentine down from calling his people and having Father Hall fired.

Sebastian propped his feet up and asked, “Well what are you gonna do now,” after going in a ten minute rant about how he would correct that little bastards behavior he was exhausted.

“Clary will be attending school with you two, obviously.” Valentine replied boredly from his recliner on the opposite side of the living area in the Morgenstern Mansion as Simon called it.

Oh Gods. Simon.

He was MIA so far today because of an eye appointment that usually ended up spending two hours looking for the right frames. How would she tell him what happened? He went to Raziel high already so he’d probably be happy but the reason she has to go there in the first place would set him on a nerd power rampage. Despite being the biggest softie Clary has ever known he will go full hulk mode for the people he loves.

“-- right shortcake?” there was a slight buzz in her brothers voice that told Clary he had been talking for a while, she just didn’t hear it until now.

“Huh” She caught the tail end of Jonathan’s attempted confirmation and judging by the knowing smile on his face, he knew she hadn’t been listening.

“I was just telling dad that you know Seb and I have your back.” Of course she knew this. They always have, ever since she was born there were her brothers. Sebastian and Jonathan have always protected her. Jonathan bandaged her up after she tripped outside during a game of tag. Sebastian threatened to beat the shit out of simon if he broke her heart when they tried dating back at the beginning of freshman year. Their extreme protectiveness was endearing at times but annoying and an overall inconvenience more than half the time.

“Oh right yeah of course.” She nodded furiously

“Thats a lot of confirmation there Clare,” her father leaned forward in his recliner and looked at Sebastian who was slouching on the sofa swiping at his phone “do you do anything other than text son?” His face gave a clear gleam of distaste for the distraction as he called it.

Sebastian corrected him “I’m not texting dad I’m on instagram” but just to satisfy his father, he put his phone away.

Just as Clary was about to ask where her mother had gone to, she was answered. Jocelyn made her way down to the sofa next to Sebastian and took a seat.

“It’s official Clary. I just spoke with principal Lightwood, she would love to meet you tomorrow when we go to register you.”

“You have nothing to worry about shortcake, she’ll love you,” Jonathan smiled encouragingly at her while her mother began to rattle off a list of things that had to do before Thursday, which would be Clary’s first real day of school.

And just like that, it was settled. Clary would attend Raziel High with her brothers and best friend. She’d make new friends and create memories. St. Xaviers can suck it.

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Clary woke at eight the next morning and ended up with a coffee in her hand sitting in the counselor's office of Raziel High by ten. The formalities of school registration have passed yet there is a crucial part of the process that seems absolutely useless.

Meeting the principal because of the fact that she was expelled.

Said principal is Dr. Lightwood who just so happens to be Alec and Isabelle Lightwoods mother. Clary had met the women before as her brothers friends mom once during Sebastian and Jonathan’s freshman year when she dropped them off at the house after they spent the day hanging out with Alec. Now, she was the principal of their high school and most likely would not care that Clary punched someone in the face.

The formal handshakes passed at the same time as the stiff introduction only for Dr.Lightwood to ask Clary what had caused her to punch the boy that caused her expulsion. After retelling the tale for the fifth time in a day Dr. Lightwood made it very clear that Raziel High had a strict policy when it came to sexual harassment.

“As a principal I have to say you could have handled that better but as a mother and a women I have to say the little worm had it coming,”



On the drive back home Clary and her mother thought out the best arrangement for the remainder of the school year. She would live at her dad’s mansion during the week so the twins could take her to school with them instead of having to drive fifteen minutes to get her from the smaller, more familiar house that her mother and Luke have together.


Jocelyn and Valentine fell in love in high school, got married at nineteen and pregnant before Jocelyn’s twentieth birthday. They were the picture of an excellent family until just after Clary’s third birthday when Jocelyn found out about Valentine’s real line of work and told him she could no longer be with someone who lied to her for so long and been comfortable doing it. Valentine’s greatest fear at the time was having all three of his children taken from him because of his dishonesty. Jocelyn had every intention of taking the kids across town to move in with her best friend Luke until Valentine swore to her he would never lie to her again and the kids would always be his first priority. As a women scorned she would have rather thrown hot coffee in his face; but as a mother she knew the best chance her kid had at a good life was all the support they could get.
Since then, Jonathan and Sebastian lived with Valentine all year except for a month in the summer and Clary the same except with Jocelyn. They all got together for holidays and went on vacation together every other year. They functioned as a regular family, what had once been a great divide was meditated with a bridge. The three Morgenstern children grew up loved and supported with two parents who were able to put their differences aside for their sake.


The next three hours were occupied by Jocelyn and Clary strolling through the main shopping center of their town, Idris, at the insistence of Valentine who said his daughter needed some retail therapy, which was stereotypical but welcomed. Both redheads had an inkling he or the boys -- possibly all three-- were doing something they didn’t want them knowing about. At this point in her life, Clary knew one thing for sure: ignorance is bliss.


Back at the Morgenstern Mansion Jonathan and Sebastian were sitting in the basement with their friends -- Jace Herondale and Alec and Isabelle Lightwood -- passing joints back and forth while their father held a very important meeting upstairs with some of his coworkers. Their father always was lenient with things like this.

“Wait a minute I just realized something,” Jace startled from his spot on the couch “I’ve never met this beloved little sister.” Isabelle and Alec had met her before, they told his about some interactions they had with the littlest Morgenstern.

Jonathan had just told the story of their badass little sister punching a sleazy guy in the face and getting expelled for it. At this reveal Isabelle shouted “That’s bullshit why didn’t they expel they ass that grabbed her- well, her ass.”

Sebastian held back a snort of laughter and nodded, obviously, “Yeah dude there's a reason for that,” he passed the joint to Isabelle and took a sip of his lemonade “Clary is off limits.”

Jace looked taken back by the suggested accusation and took a gulp of his own drink (coffee, no sugar) and looked Sebastian in the eye and then did the same with Jonathan, “She’s your little sister, I would never go near her.”



Since she had some boring errands to run, Jocelyn dropped Clary back off at the Morgenstern Mansion after three hours at the mall and one at the art supply store --with twelve bags in hand-- she dropped the bags to the floor (gently placing the new art supplies) heaved a sigh and flopped herself on her fluffy bed.

Her room in the mansion had never been any less extravagant than the one at her mom and Luke’s house. A large white four poster bed with white sheer baby pink curtains was placed at the center of the back wall of the room. To the left was a matching vanity dresser full of perfumes, lotions, frizz serum and other products were scattered across from the earlier mornings adventures in braiding. To the right was her painting corner, rags and tarp thrown haphazardly on the floor surrounding the easel along with one of Sebastian’s old football hoodies and a pair of dingy black vans. A large shelf held all paint and other mediums along with sketchbooks, tracing paper and other tools. Directly next to the art corner was a window seat with a black sofa like bench.On the other side of the window seat was a white desk with her laptop and current sketchbook, a half drank vitamin water with the lip off was sitting a few inches away. Across the room was a small sofa and coffee table with a stack of UNO cards strewn across.

Clary had long since recognized that she was spoiled.

Sleep had long since pulled Clary in, leaving her in a deep slumber.


It wasn’t until 7 that night that Clary woke up to pounding at her door followed by her brothers voice, “Wake up shortcake! Dinner time,” he gave three more knocks and presumably walked off. Clary untanlged her braids from the day and traded her jeans for black joggers. Making her way down the large staircase Clary remembered tomorrow was her first day at a new school. A new feeling washed over her, fresh like the day to some.

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Clary was pulled out of her dreams by an insistent alarm. After dragging herself out of bed Clary proceeded to the closet. Looking at her clock she realized she had only an hour to get ready because the boys left for school at 8:15 since it was a couple blocks away. Clary shuffled over to her closet and silently cursed herself. She had neglected to choose an outfit the night before and now she was regretting it.
She thrust her hand into the closet with nothing particular in mind resulting in a pair of light blue skinny jeans with holes in the knees and paint smudges along the knee area. She coupled it with a plain black T-shirt and ungraciously laced up her tattered black converse. In the middle of fixing her mane of hair there was a pounding on Clary’s door,

“Five more minutes Clary!” Sebastian’s voice was muffled through her paint splattered door.

“Five more minutes?! It’s barely 7:30!” She began yanking a brush through her now wet hair.

“I’m buying breakfast and we need to get your schedule from the counselors office,” he punched the door one more time “Five minutes”

Putting down the brush Clary slammed a mix off hair products into her hair, swiped on some deodorant and grabbed her lotion, perfume and jewelry to go.


With her newly packed backpack on her shoulder, Clary thundered through the front door shouting a quick departure to her father who was sipping coffee at the dinner table reading the paper.

After she was settled in the backseat and Jonathan pulled out of the driveway Clary began applying her sweet smelling lotion and spritzing her matching perfume. The twins responded with rolling their windows down and exaggerating their coughs.

Clary shrugged and quirked an eyebrow in response to their antics “You rushed me so deal with it”

Clary was just finished setting all her jewelry in place when Jonathan pulled into a Starbucks. After rattling off what she wanted and ignoring Sebastian’s protest of ‘starbucks is so basic’, Clary began to think of the day that awaited her, her first day at Raziel High.


After sitting in the car and eating with the boys, all three of them trudged their way through the front doors of the school and made a beeline for the counselors office. She was handed her schedule and, after glancing at it, Clary decided it looked promising since all her classes were in one building except for her last class, Art 2. After they walked her to her first period and waited until the bell that signaled the beginning of passing period the twins walked away with a promise to see her second period. By the grace of the universe she had one class with both her brothers, College & Career readiness. Why they hadn’t taken it before their senior year was beyond her but she also silently thankful.

After being awkwardly introduced to her chemistry class and avoiding all of her peers gazes Clary spotted a familiar face in the class, her brothers friend Isabelle Lightwood.

The teacher, Ms.Tanner smiled politely, “Do you happen to know anyo-”

“She knows me!” Isabelle didn’t even try to hide her smile, if Sebastian or Jonathan had asked her to do this, she was not making a chore out of it.

“Go ahead and sit next to Isabelle then but if there's too much talking I’ll have to separate you two,” the teacher spoke suddenly, all business. Clary nodded and set off next to Isabelle, ducking her head when she had to walk in front of the projector. When she sat down, she looked at what Isabelle had on her desk and was not at all unsurprised. There was a dark red journal and a series of gel pens strewn across the desk, obviously gearing up to take some notes. Clary pulled out a blank spiral and her own mechanical pencil and turned her attention to Isabelle while the teacher fiddled with her malfunctioning laptop.

“Hey Isabelle,” she smiled with a question behind it and leaned forward, “did my brothers put you up to this?” Clary loved her brother dearly but they seem to be under the impression that shes unable to fend for herself.

“I have to look out for the devil twins little sister,” she spoke as if it was the most obvious thing in the world but added, “and I feel like we can be real friends Clary.” She smiled good-naturally and from what Clary had heard and seen of Isabelle Lightwood that was rare. Clary returned her smile and turned her attention to the teacher who was beginning to drone on about the periodic table.


The rest of the day that followed went pretty smoothly compared to how it could’ve gone. After they had finished taking notes in chemistry a boy walked up to Isabelle and started shamelessly flirting with her. Clary had expected Isabelle to flirt back with gusto considering what her brothers had told her about the dark-haired girl. Instead of giving what she was getting Isabelle bluntly ignored the boy and plugged her headphones to her phone, offering Clary one of them. She felt kind of bad for the boy. He saw a beautiful girl and decided to try his luck and came back fruitless. After he walked away looking like a kicked puppy Clary decided to ask Isabelle the question that had been on the tip of her tongue.

“Why did you ignore him? He seemed nice,” she leaned forward so Isabelle wouldn’t have to speak too loudly.

“Have to shut some of em down or I’d never be able to walk in the hall,” she threw her hair back over her shoulder as she spoke and Clary assumed that to be true. Isabelle was strikingly beautiful, she knew it and used it to her advantage.

The bell rang, signalling the end of class. Isabelle offered to walk Clary to her next class and when Clary insisted she not so Isabelle wouldn’t be late she insisted on going, talking about how she hated her geometry teacher and didn’t mind being late to his class.

As Clary and Isabelle thundered down the stairs in step with the rest of the hoard of students and exited the building Sebastian ran up and swung an arm over Clary’s shoulder.




Finding the way to the cafeteria hadn’t been hard considering all she had to do was follow the masses like a school of fish. Her brothers both had this lunch period, though they neglected to tell her where they would be seated, she scanned the cafeteria looking for the dark red hair that called like a beacon to her brothers, where Clary’s hair was frizzy and dull theirs was bright and smooth. She spotted both heads of red hair across the cafeteria. She clutched her binder in her hands and cursed softly. Simon didn’t have this lunch so she couldn’t complain to his about the ridiculous amount of work her french teacher dropped on her so she could ‘catch up’ with the rest of the students.

As Clary approached the table she saw her brothers on one side of the table, Jonothan, Sebastian, Alec Lightwood and an obnoxiously attractive boy with bright blonde hair. On the opposite side of the table was Isabelle who noticed Clary only a fraction of a second after her brothers and another darker skinned girl on the far side of the table, leaving two empty seats in between them.

Clary plopped down in the seat closest to Isabelle and exhaled, “Hey guys,” she smiled at her brothers who looked slightly alarmed. Clary cast a glance to their left where the blonde boy was looking at her like he’d been punched in the chest. Only a second later he relaxed into his chair and smiled at her, which cause Clary’s heart to speed up.

“Hi, I’m Jace Herondale,” Jace smiled again, a little warmer this time and extended his hand to his tray, where he picked up his bag of pretzels and slammed a couple into his mouth.
“My name is Clary i’m-”

“Sebastian and Jonothan’s little sister yeah I know” the way he spit out the words almost like he didn’t like saying them did not go unnoticed by anyone at the table. The two of them locked gazes and the dull roar from the rest of the cafeteria seemed to fade as she studied his eyes. Not brown like one would expect to go with the bright blonde hair on top of his head, but gold. A dazzling gold that shone with mischief.

By the way she had to catch her breath after the extended eye contact with the golden boy, Jace, Clary knew that would not be the last time he took her breath away. Judging by the sparkle in his eye, he knew it too.