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I love this feeling

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Clarissa Morgenstern always did her best to remain under the radar. She did her work, raised her hand every now and then and went to games at the beginning and end of every season. Throughout her five years at St. Xavier’s catholic school she blended with the masses. Until today when that asshole Ryan Wallace grabbed her ass and she whirled around and struck him in the nose on pure reflex, resulting in a heavy flow of blood dripping down his chin just after a satisfying crunch.

Of course it would be that very minute that the teacher who hated Clary the most would turn the corner in time to see her pull her fist back and Ryan tumble to the floor. Mr. Aldertree made it a point to reprimand Clary right there in the middle of the hallway for her unacceptable behavior. Making sure to add in how she is an intolerable child with a disregard for rules and authority.


“No way, didn’t anyone see what he did?” She looked around the hall for some support seeing a few girls nodding furiously and a couple guys smirking down at Ryan who was still sitting on the floor with Drew from geometry was holding a sweater to his face while he blubbered like he was the victim. The sight made Clary’s blood boil.

“He grabbed my ass he should be punished not me” at this point the argument was futile at best. Despite the witnesses and the hoard of girls she knows would be in her corner for finally giving Ryan what he deserves, she knows this won’t end well for her.

A familiar voice broke through the murmurs in the small crowd, “Ms.Morgenstern he is the one who sustained bodily injury and as far as I can tell you don't have scratch” Father Hall, essentially the principal of the shit-show catholic school that prioritized boosting the male ego instead of ensuring safety and comfort for all students.

Clarys always had a hunch that the faculty of St. Xavier's didn’t like her. Maybe it had something to do with the root of her last name. Morgenstern, Morningstar. And the great myth that gingers have no souls really did it in. Add in the fact that she called adults out on their bullshit and she’s an absolute nightmare.

‘This is such bullshit,” Clary shouted furiously but conceded to follow Father Hall to his office where he would call her mother and scold her for her bad behavior and ignore the fact that she was sexually assaulted in the middle of the hallway.


Which is exactly what happened. After her mother showed up Clary had a little more fun with the circumstances. Her powerful independent women of a mother going at her sexist old-fashioned principal? That was entertainment. He went on and on about how St. Xavier's has a zero tolerance policy for physical violence only to be met with both Fray women going off about how about a zero tolerance policy for sexual assault and harassment? Despite her mother's threat to go above his head and get this dealt with correctly, he still wielded the power.

Clarissa Morgenstern was expelled from St. Xavier’s catholic school on October 12, 2017. Their grounds for expulsion looked legitimate on paper but the circumstances were a story they ignored.

The car ride home consisted of her mother yelling at the idiot drivers on the highway and the both of them going back and forth about what they were going to do. Clary would obviously still have to go to school. Most likely Raziel High School. Where her older twin brothers, Sebastian and Jonathan, were currently seniors. Thinking on it, Clary decides it won’t be too bad. She won’t have to wear a uniform every day and won’t get an hour of prayer for swearing. She will have to deal with the protective older brothers that won’t let her do anything they deem her too small and fragile for.

Oh gods. Her brothers.

They’re going to want to gut Ryan and his entire band of weasels that Clary had told them numerous stories about. Ryan has been a nuisance since freshman year and it wouldn’t surprise anyone if he were in prison five years from now. He had never directly done anything to Clary most likely because she’s one of the few girls who don’t even pay attention when he talks. What great force possessed him into grabbing her ass on her way to english? Entitlement most likely with a sprinkle of an overly inflated ego.

Yeah, they won’t like that their baby sister was groped. They will hold pride in how she handled it though.

Safe to say that telling her father and brothers what happened at school could have gone better. Valentine threatened to have that principal fired for blatant favoritism while the Sebastian threatened to go to the school and pumble the shit out of that smarmy little weasel. Jocelyn had to talk Valentine down from calling his people and having Father Hall fired.

Sebastian propped his feet up and asked, “Well what are you gonna do now,” after going in a ten minute rant about how he would correct that little bastards behavior he was exhausted.

“Clary will be attending school with you two, obviously.” Valentine replied boredly from his recliner on the opposite side of the living area in the Morgenstern Mansion as Simon called it.

Oh Gods. Simon.

He was MIA so far today because of an eye appointment that usually ended up spending two hours looking for the right frames. How would she tell him what happened? He went to Raziel high already so he’d probably be happy but the reason she has to go there in the first place would set him on a nerd power rampage. Despite being the biggest softie Clary has ever known he will go full hulk mode for the people he loves.

“-- right shortcake?” there was a slight buzz in her brothers voice that told Clary he had been talking for a while, she just didn’t hear it until now.

“Huh” She caught the tail end of Jonathan’s attempted confirmation and judging by the knowing smile on his face, he knew she hadn’t been listening.

“I was just telling dad that you know Seb and I have your back.” Of course she knew this. They always have, ever since she was born there were her brothers. Sebastian and Jonathan have always protected her. Jonathan bandaged her up after she tripped outside during a game of tag. Sebastian threatened to beat the shit out of simon if he broke her heart when they tried dating back at the beginning of freshman year. Their extreme protectiveness was endearing at times but annoying and an overall inconvenience more than half the time.

“Oh right yeah of course.” She nodded furiously

“Thats a lot of confirmation there Clare,” her father leaned forward in his recliner and looked at Sebastian who was slouching on the sofa swiping at his phone “do you do anything other than text son?” His face gave a clear gleam of distaste for the distraction as he called it.

Sebastian corrected him “I’m not texting dad I’m on instagram” but just to satisfy his father, he put his phone away.

Just as Clary was about to ask where her mother had gone to, she was answered. Jocelyn made her way down to the sofa next to Sebastian and took a seat.

“It’s official Clary. I just spoke with principal Lightwood, she would love to meet you tomorrow when we go to register you.”

“You have nothing to worry about shortcake, she’ll love you,” Jonathan smiled encouragingly at her while her mother began to rattle off a list of things that had to do before Thursday, which would be Clary’s first real day of school.

And just like that, it was settled. Clary would attend Raziel High with her brothers and best friend. She’d make new friends and create memories. St. Xaviers can suck it.