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Through Love And By Love

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Rosanna McVay transferred from Ilvermorny school of witchcraft and wizardry to Hogwarts at the beginning of her third year. Entirely against her wishes and as a result of her parents, Archer and Dixie transferring to a higher position in the ministry of Magic.

"This will be a good change baby, you'll see." Her mother had promised.

At Ilvermorny, the students are placed into houses based on the four carvings of the great hall and which reacts to the student in question. The houses represent one part of an entire wizard. Rosanna herself being a proud Pukwudgie, the heart.

Leaving her life, namely her friends and grandmother who she'd always shared a special bond with, to move part way across the world; was the hardest thing Rosanna had ever done. Then again change is never easy.

At Hogwarts she's placed into Gryffindor the moment the sorting hat touches her strawberry blonde locks.


As promised Rosanna makes new friends among her house mates. Most famously with Ron, Hermione, and Harry; all in her year.

When Rosanna is asked to partner with Draco Malfoy on a class assignment, things go down hill quickly from there.

"You talk funny." He tells her flippantly as she begins reading out instructions from the book.

"You're the one with the accent." Rosanna rolls her eyes at him.

"I suppose it doesn't matter, just hoping you aren't as stupid as you sound." Draco snarks in response.

"Feeling's mutual." Rosanna assures him. She hadn't been expecting him to like her.

"Shut off and get to work." The platinum haired boy snaps. Dropping two bay leaves into the cauldron.

Rosanna nods, looking down at the paper in front of her. Pursing her lips so she doesn't laugh. Shut off? What a stupid way of saying shut up.

The two of them receive top marks and elect to work together once again, twice, three times, four.

"Do like butter beer?" Malfoy asks as they're packing up their books for next period.

"Is that some kid of tea? I think I'm teaed out." It's still odd to Rosanna how much everyone here likes tea.

"Hardly, it's a fizzy drink." The boy slings his bag over his shoulder.

"Like soda?" The girl cocks her head to the side.

"Soda," he nods, testing out the word.

"Hmm," Rosanna hums, turning on her heels to leave the classroom, "interesting."

"Hogsmeade has the best, straight from the tap." Draco skitters to keep up with her.

"Maybe I'll fourth wheel Hermione, Ron, and Harry sometime, see what all the fuss is about." The strawberry blonde shrugs.

"Perhaps you'd rather two wheel with me instead." Malfoy offers, his brows raised indignantly high as he awaits her response.

"Maybe that can be arranged." Rosanna stops trying to navigate her way through the sea of students, to look at him.

"I'll meet you outside your common room tomorrow after lessons." Draco tells her, before abruptly dashing off in the other direction.


And so they court over butterbeer and long talks.

"Why do you call it snogging instead of kissing?" Rosanna wonders, taking another sip of butterbeer. Resting her half empty glass on the wooden table between them. Her blonde locks tied over her shoulder in a loose braid.

"Dunno really, just what it's called." Draco shrugs, he didn't make it up.

"Tell me another one." Rosanna insists, leaning forward in her purple sweater.

"How about arse over tit? Have you heard that one yet?" Maybe he'd chosen the more crude term for the shock value. Rosanna was light and color Draco wants to be fun too.

"You're making that up!" The girl swats at him over the table.

"No, cross my heart." Draco laughs, a rare occurrence.

"What's it mean?" She demands, crossing both arms over her chest.

"Fall over. Wipe out, if you prefer." The fair haired boy tells her.

"Hmm, we say eating shit." Rosanna tells him.

"Eat shit?" Draco gawks, "that's vile."

"For example," Rosanna elaborates. "Draco eats shit every time we play quidditch."

"Now that's a bloody lie." Draco smirks against his best efforts not to. "You're good fun, why waste your time with Potter and his lot of misfits anyway?"

"You ever think maybe I like them? Don't be a dick about it. They're my friends, you're my friend. There's more than enough Ro to go around."


They flirt during potions class and in the common rooms, into the night. Over summer break. Draco is the talk of the school when he asks Rosanna to the Yule Ball by simply presenting her with an oversized box with her dress inside. The note enclosed simply reading, 'don't let me eat shit in front of our entire class.'

Ro finds him seated at the slytherin table. Their eyes meet and she smiled with a nod.

The invitation was more of a formality really, they'd been official for months now against both their parents wishes.

When Rosanna's mother asks if she has any preferences about her dress, Rosanna informs her that Draco has already given her one.

Dixie responds, in traditional Mom fashion, that Ro should be careful of moving too fast.

Finally the ball arrives. Rosanna and her roommate Hermione busy themselves getting ready for the festivities.

"Look at you." Hermione smiles, catching a glimpse of Rosanna in her mirror.

"That bad?" Rosanna huffs, moving around slightly to check the back of her gown. It's not what she'd envisioned herself wearing. An emerald green ball gown with black lace overlay on the bodice. Rosanna's long blonde hair styled into a half updo, loose curls hanging down her back, left partially exposed by the dress.

"You look lovely. He's going to like it." Hermione says, sensing Rosanna's nerves. "I don't know much about Draco, I don't want to rather." The brunette laughs, "but anyone with eyes can see, that he's smitten. He'd hardly mind if you showed up wearing a paper sack."

"He would mind, Mr. Malfoy has appearances to keep up." Rosanna says, mostly joking.

"You don't have to keep up with him Ro, you know that don't you? You're too good for him as it is." Hermione insists.

"Alright enough about me, let's talk about you for a second. Viktor is a lucky guy, if I do say so myself." Rosanna holds a hand out to her friend, who does a little twirl in her frilly purple dress.

"Try to have a good time tonight. If you're happy, all of your real friends are happy as well."

"Thanks for everything." Rosanna nods, leaning down to step into her heels.

"Don't mention it." Hermione turns and leaves the room.

"I expect details." Rosanna calls after her.

When Rosanna makes it out of her dorm and into the corridor leading to the grand staircase, she runs smack into Draco Malfoy.

"Shit," she curses, placing a hand over her racing heart.

Draco chuckles. "Where are you rushing off to?"

"Running late, didn't want my date to think he was being stood up." Rosanna smiles at the boy in front of her.

"Stood up? Do I look like the type to be 'stood up?'" Draco squares his shoulders.

"Well I haven't properly looked at you yet, so that remains to be seen." The girl turns her nose up at him.

"Quit being a nutter. Let me have a look at you." Draco grins blindingly at her.

Rosanna takes the opportunity to look him over as well. "You clean up nice Draco."

"Hope you're not opposed to gawking." He responds just as impressed. "I wouldn't be able to stop if I wanted to."

"You don't think it's too much? I feel like it screams, 'I'm dating Draco Malfoy.'" Rosanna runs her palms over the front of her dress.

"You are my girlfriend darling, it's hardly a secret. I for one, love this dress." I love you, Draco amends silently. Running a finger over the lace at Rosanna's shoulder.

The blonde smiles, leaning in for a kiss. Draco's hands move to cup her face, thumb stroking over her cheek. Rosanna's hands resting against the lapels of his jacket. Avoiding his hair, where she preferred to bury them. It looked too good to ruin, slicked back toward the nape of his neck.

"We've likely already missed the first dance. Shame really, I was hoping to see Potter fumble around during the dance of champions. Granger's out there too isn't she? With Viktor Krum? Not to mention Weasley in his granny's dress robes." Malfoy snickers.

"I know you've got beef and a Potter hating image to uphold; but would it really kill you to be a little nicer?" She rolls her brown eyes at him.

"That's not really a fair ask is it? Seeing as I can't seem to say no to you." He tries to sound annoyed.

"It'd make me really happy if the people I care about could be in a room together without insulting each other." Rosanna walks her fingers over his shoulder, wagging her brows.

"Ro," Draco swats her hand away with an indulgent grin. "What am I going to do with you?"

"Love me?" She offers playfully.

"In your dreams." He scoffs.

Lucius doesn't particularly like Rosanna; her mother being muggle born makes her a half blood at best. But he puts up with her to appease Narcissa by keeping their son happy. Rosanna's parents tolerate Draco, he's not what they'd been imagining for their darling daughter either.

The closer Draco and Rosanna got, the less time she spent with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. They still hang out, just not when Draco is around. Rosanna understood, it hurt her feelings, but she understood.

"I don't get on with Potter, Weaselbee, or Granger; but they're your friends. I never meant to cause trouble for you." Malfoy tells her truthfully as they sit on the tree overlooking the courtyard.

"You didn't. Crabbe and Goyle haven't been around much either." Rosanna notes, watching her boyfriend take a bite out of his granny smith apple.

"Wanna know what I think?" Draco asks, still chewing the bit of apple in his mouth.

"What?" She wonders.

"You and me," Draco flicks the outside of her knee. "Everyone else can sod off."

"Sod off the lot of you." Rosanna cups her hand around her mouth to amplify the sound. Giving her best attempt at Draco's accent.

"Charming," Malfoy smirks as the first years, who are just passing by, scatter like roaches at her outburst.

"I was just kidding!" Rosanna shouts after them.

The formation of Dumbledore's Army and the addition of Dolores Umbridge to Hogwarts; create a unique divide between Draco and Rosanna. Draco taking his place on the inquisitorial squad and Rosanna training with Harry and their friends in the room of requirement. Though Draco gave Ro a heads up if Umbridge was hot on her trail; Dumbledore's Army had still been caught. Punished by writing lines with Dolores' special quills.

"I'm sorry Ro...I tried to warn you. There wasn't enough time. Umbridge would have caught me leaving and she would've-"

Rosanna stops him. "It's not your fault."

"Let's see your hand." Draco insists.

"It's fine." She shakes her head at him. "Doesn't hurt anymore."

Draco pushes blonde waves behind Rosanna's ears, leaning in to kiss her forehead. "I'm doing everything I can to keep you safe. You're not making it easy. Could you try lying low for a while? Just a week or two?"

Rosanna smiles, "yeah right."

He taps her knee with his fingers. "You're still coming for Christmas? There's something I need to show you."


Winter break comes and just like years passed Rosanna spends Christmas Eve at Malfoy Manner. Draco creeps into the guest room where Rosanna is lounging in her pajamas after a lavish dessert.

"Come on." Draco whispers, "it's in the cellar." He takes Rosanna's smooth hand, leading her down a number of staircases to the lowest level. It's pitch black save for the light coming from the tip of Draco's wand.

"I thought the upstairs was cold." Rosanna complains in a whisper.

"It'll only take a moment." Draco promises, rubbing her arms to warm her up. He wasn't cold but then again he rarely was.

"Are you ready to tell me what the hell it is?" She huffs.

"What do you know about prophecies?" The boy asks.

"Not a lot, but I'm sure you're gonna educate me." Rosanna leans in with renewed interest.

"The condensed version is, they are glimpses into things that haven't occurred yet. They're derived from seers and are considered a form of divination. Some of them are rubbish, the ministry doesn't bother with those. The ones the Ministry decides aren't complete poppycock are held in the hall of prophecies." Draco pauses, making sure he hasn't overloaded her with information.

"Following." Rosanna nods, listening intently.

"Only a person about which a prophecy is made can remove it from the hall. Same as the prophecy will only speak for those it pertains to. My father keeps it locked down here." The fair haired boy explains farther.

"Your Dad has a prophecy?" The girl asks, tightening the ponytail atop her head.

"No, I do. He brought me down to the ministry last week." Draco moves toward the locked box on the center shelf of the stained oak book case against the back wall. Producing a crystal ball with white glowing dust inside.

"They call across land and sea." A voice from inside the ball fills the room the second it touches his hand.

"Oh that's so creepy." Rosanna cringes as Draco places it into her own.

"Hush Ro, listen." He shushes her. Watching in wonder as it speaks to Rosanna.

"Born from the dark, through she, redeemed. Born from the dirt, through he, blossoms. An iron heart is awaited, molded; but never formed. Through love and by love, castles will crumble. A lion heart, tried and true; chooses a side the other must lose." The disembodied voice finishes.

"What does it mean?" Rosanna all but tosses the crystal back into the box.

"I was hoping you'd help me riddle that out." Malfoy purses his lips.

"It was talking about two people. So you and who else?" The girl wraps her arms around herself tightly.

"You...I haven't told my father what it says yet. I wanted you to hear it first." Draco tells her softly.

"You sure this is about us?" Rosanna doesn't understand the words, not really. But she can feel in her bones that no good will come from this.

"It spoke for you same as it did for me. We need to sort out what it means before it's too late." Draco says. "We'll go back to your room and get started."