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Opposites Attract

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So, here’s the thing. The nephilim and the downworlders have always been on edge with one another. It's been that way for hundreds of years. Some downworlders were good and found the nephilim evil. Some thought the opposite. Both were true. There were vile demons and downworlders and evil nephilim. Because of the demons that the downworlders could either control or create, the nephilim always felt threatened. And they were even more threatened when the demons began to attack. 

It wasn't until there was the big war. Lead by the angel Raziel for the nephilim and the king of hell, Asmodeus for the demons. The battle lasted years. Almost ten. It wasn't until Asmodeus was bested when he became a father from the woman that he had loved. She died in birth. And Asmodeus, needing to take care of that baby that he had created, surrendered. Raziel gave power to a shadowhunter named Robert Lightwood and vanished. Robert, as the new leader, sent all of the demons, evil and traitorous shadowhunters to an island just off the coast.

The island was then dubbed Edom.

A shadowhunter knight with the last name of Lightwood, for his heroism, was named the king of Alicante. He ruled and passed on the crown to his son. Who passed it on to his son. Who passed it on to his daughter. Who passed it on to her son. Who passed it on to Robert Lightwood, the kingdom's most current monarch. He and his wife, Maryse gave birth to three children and adopted one. They had Alec, their oldest son. Isabelle, their only daughter. And Max, their youngest. And they adopted Jace, the son of a close friend of Maryse's. And after 25 years since the war and the creation of the island, Robert realized that he was losing his charm and his youth. And that he needed to pass of the kingdom to someone else. Namely, the eldest child. Alexander.

Which is kind of where the story begins. With Prince Alexander Lightwood. Standing there in his garden. He was supposed to be out there. Thinking of his speech for after his coronation. Thinking of what kind of cake that he wanted for the party. Walking his cat, Church. But no. The prince couldn't help but look about past all of the beautiful flowers and plants at the island across. 


The island where some people's lives were being ruined for no apparent reasons. What about the downworlders that were there just because of the prejudice against the evil demons? What about those shadowhunters there just because their father's or mother's were schemers or traitors. They were innocent. Why did they have to be there?


The young prince turned around and saw his mother and father approaching. Church, who was standing there on the ground with his royal owner, looked over at the king and queen and smiled.

"What are you doing out here?" Maryse asked, keeping a safe distance from her son just in case he was upset.

"I'm just… thinking." Alec said truthfully. 

"That's good. It's good for a king to think of what he needs to do for his kingdom." Robert said with a smile.

"Yeah um…" Alec looked ahead again at the barrier covered island. "Mom, dad. I've made my decision for my first official proclamation as king."

Maryse smiled. "That's amazing sweetheart!"

"I knew that you had it in you." Robert said. "So, what is it?"

"It's about Edom." Alec stated, standing up from the foundation where he was sitting and allowing Church to explore to rose bushes. Alec stood straighter and placing his hands behind him. He was ready to speak his mind and open up about his plans as a king.

Maryse and Robert instantly tensed up hearing the name of that island. The place where so many vile people lived. Maryse cleared her throat.

"So go on again sweetheart. What about Edom?" she asked.

"I've decided that children of those… those villains there, should be given a chance to live here in Alicante." Alec said.

Robert and Maryse met eyes again. Maryse scratched the back of her neck in worry while Robert swallowed some rising saliva in his mouth. 

"Why? There's so many problems here in Alicante that you could worry about? The knight shortage maybe? Training the knights in question." Robert said.

"Father, this is different. Everytime that I look about my window, or here at the gardens… I feel like so many people there have been abandoned. Innocent people. Who are trapped there because of their parents crimes or just because they are downworlders." Alec said, with a sigh.

Robert crossed his arms. "The children of our sworn enemies. The ones that have killed hundreds of nephilim… living among us?"

Maryse patted her husband's shoulder. "Well, Alec does have a point. They have been abandoned. Most of those people are there for crimes they haven't committed."

"We don't bring them all in at once. Starting off with a few. Four." Alec explained. "See how that goes and slowly bring in more that need our help. And I've already chosen them."

Maryse smiled. "Okay. Who are they?"

"And more importantly, who are their parents?" Robert sneered, earning a slap on the chest from his wife.

"Maia Roberts. A werewolf who was turned and unjustly sent to Edom five years ago. Her parents are unknown." Alec stated. "Simon Lewis. A vampire with mundane parents and a sister here in Alicante, but who was sired by Camille Belcourt."

"Bitch." Maryse muttered under her breath.

"Clary Fray. A shadowhunter and the daughter of Valentine Morgenstern. And Magnus Bane. A warlock who's father is… is Asmodeus." Alec said.

"What?! Asmodeus?!" Robert yelled. "That demon has committed unspeakable crimes! Killing millions of our kind! And Valentine! That traitorous swine!"

"Asmodeus' son and Valentine's daughter didn't kill hundreds of us. In fact, they had nothing to do with The Divine War! They're innocent. Don't you think they deserve a shot at a normal life?" Alec called. "Mom, Dad… you know that I'm right."

Maryse nodded. "I know that you are sweetheart. Right Robert?"

Robert looked over at his wife. And then back at his son. He adjusted the crown on his head and sighed. "I suppose… that the children are innocent. And maybe this Simon will benefit in seeing his sister."

Alec nodded. "Thank you father."

"But you are responsible for what they need and will require to be here in Alicante. In all aspects. They will assist on missions. They will train to fight. You will-"

"Take care of everything. I know. And I promise to. This will be first act as a king." Alec said. "And I promise you, everything will be fine."

Robert exhaled through his nose and nodded. He patted his eldest son's shoulder and smiled at him. He then turned on his heel and walked away. Maryse watched him leave and then hugged her son's side.

"I'm proud of you." she said. "So tell me, when do they arrive?"

"I've arranged for them to come tomorrow afternoon. The trip on the boat I sent will take a day to arrive back since I sent them off yesterday." Alec explained.

"Well then, we have much to prepare." Maryse said, kneeling down and picking up Church. "Let us go and get everything ready."

Alec smiled and watched as his mother starting walking ahead. He smiled, moving over and taking one last look out at the barrier covered island. He smiled. This would be good. Great even. He smiled and walked off to meet with his mother.

"Plain and simple, let me remind you of something. You messed with me and my son. You very simply could have returned what we very kindly let you borrow. But no. You didn't. So now I should probably let my dearest boy take care of you. Magnus!"

Magnus had been standing at the top of the balcony. Listening in to his father's angry monologue to one of his customers. He had heard these all before. But he never got involved. Mostly because he never wanted to. It hurt him to hurt someone else. Even though it wasn't really his choice or not.

Magnus sighed, slowly making his way down the steps to the living room. He met eyes with his father. A man that looked just like him. Magnus rubbed his knuckles as his father held up a man with his magic. The man looked in pain. Like his limbs were being pulled way too far. Which was pretty much exactly what was happening. 

The shadowhunter looked over at Magnus pleasingly. The warlock bit his lip and shook his head. Asmodeus walked over to his son.

"Father…" Magnus said, putting on a face of disgust and anger on his face. "Now, what do we have here?"

"An ex shadowhunter. I allowed this little son of a bitch to borrow something of ours. A potion. That was hard to curate." Asmodeus said, letting his hand down and picking up the glass of wine while the shadowhunter floated in pain.

"Which potion might I ask?" Magnus asked, running his fingers against the hawk tattoo on the shadowhunters left forearm.

"The immunity one. This one was too afraid that he would get beaten by a few other ex shadowhunters that he had double crossed in the past." Asmodeus explained. "Now, please tell me my son what should we do to him?"

Magnus traced the tattoo again. "I like this tattoo. Beautiful. The artistry must have been done by a good friend of mine. I think… that she would appreciate getting it back."

Asmodeus smiled. He walked over to his son and patted his nose. "Adorable. Good job my boy. I think that I'll even do it the mundane way. With a rusty old steak knife."

Magnus smiled. He didn't really want this man to be hurt. No matter how much he despised people and their actions on this goddamn island. He loved to cause trouble and make noise and racket. He loved to be evil. Not a murderer. But this was the only way to get left alone. He gave the shadowhunter a middle finger and grabbed his jacket.

"Gotta go. Have fun dad." Magnus said as he threw on his jacket.

"And where are you going?" Asmodeus asked.

Magnus didn't answer and just jumped out of the window. He landed gracefully on top a trash can by the apartment that his father and him lived in. He smiled and flipped off of the can and onto the ground. He smiled and picked up a can of spray paint on the ground. He walked over with a smile on his face. He grew up here in Edom. He didn't have a chance to be normal. To be perfect. And Magnus was totally fine with that. He was raised to be vile. A bad seed. Rotten to the core. And he fucking owned it.

Magnus approached a group of ex shadowhunters were counting some apples. Magnus smiled and kicked the table where the apples were placed on. The table leg broke and down fell all the apples. The shadowhunters cried out. One of them held out a club to retaliate at the warlock. Magnus turned over and showed them his eyes. His real eyes.

Golden cat slits.

The shadowhunters instantly cowered in fear. Magnus smiled and spun back around. He walked over to a roundabout, that had a statue of trash in the center. Magnus approached a man at the center of the roundabout. He had a giant cart filled with items. Magnus grabbed a tall cup of coffee from the man's cart while throwing a couple of crumpled bills at him. 

Magnus continued walking and he started climbing up a drain pipe. As he made it up to a roof he smiled.

"There's my evil little artist." Magnus said as he walked over to the red head on the roof.

She smiled at him. She turned around from the day wall that she was spray painting. She threw an empty can off the roof and held her hand out. "Coffee or spray paint?"

"Both." Magnus said, handing the paint. As she reached for the coffee, he dumped the entire scalding up down.

"Hey!" Clary exclaimed with a laugh as she heard someone below scream in pain.

"Sorry. Son of a demon king." Magnus said with a laugh. "Nice work."

Clary smiled. On the dry brick wall was the angelic power rune, covered in red curse words and with a red black lash symbol over it. She shook the spray paint that she was just given and painted a large C below the painting. Magnus grinned widely.

"You have talent. I am proud of you biscuit." Magnus said, rubbing his lips together. "So, how about we go and cause some mischief?"

"Mischief? With you. Always." Clary said with a grin, holding up her pinky finger.

Magnus grabbed hers with his own. "Rotten?"

"To the fucking core." Clary said.

They took each other's hands and jumped off of the roof together, landing gracefully below and onto an ignored mattress. They rolled off of the mattress and ran down the street. The two of them started banging their fists against doors of people's homes. The two laughed as they earned yells of anger and frustration from the home owners.

Clary grabbed Magnus by the waist and they spun around as if in a romantic dance. But they were drunk in happiness. Magnus walked on ahead of Clary and approached a hut covered with pale vampires making out in the shade. Magnus grabbed a mirror and shined the light in their faces.

They hissed at Magnus but Clary threw empty cans at each of them until they ran away. Magnus crawled into where they were and screamed into one person's ear. That vampire screamed and bumped his head on the top of the hut.

"Morning Si!" Clary called as she threw a can at him.

Simon groaned as he crawled out of the hut with Magnus. "Feeling extra cruel today I see." he said with an eye roll.

"Watch yourself daylighter." Magnus said, patting his cheek and going into his jacket pocket. "AB+ blood. Your favorite."

Simon smiled. "Any reason for being particularly nasty today?"

"Clary's artwork is being ripped off a man." Magnus explained as they walked down the street, ignoring the bikes.

"Why?" Clary asked.

"Stole from my father." Magnus said. "So to make up for that is the cause some mischief. And we cannot do that without our little puppy."

"Do not ever call me that."

Magnus smiled and turned and saw their "little puppy" approaching. Maia. She grabbed a beanie off of a couple walking forward and placed it in her head. Simon smiled as he sipped his blood.

"You are like a puppy." Clary said with a smile.

"No. I'm not." Maia stated. "So what are we going to be doing?"

"Being downworld scum." Magnus stated. "Planning the simple shit. Looting. Screaming."

"Stealing candy from babies?" Simon asked.

"Fuck yeah we're stealing candy from babies." Maia said as she smoothed out her skirt. "Let's go bitches."

Magnus grinned as he ans his crew strutted down the streets or Edom. Damn.

It was fucking good to be fucking bad.