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Camp Juvie

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I want to stab him. The moment I see the goofy ass smile in his face I knew it. He would be dead by the time I escape.
“Hello! You must be Max! I’ll be the lucky guard to show you around this place today! Now sadly it is a little late, so I’ll have to make this quick,” Thank god “but I’ll make sure to make it as fun as possible!” Fuck.
“Well you don’t have to fucking yell” I say harshly, tugging at the cuffs restricting my hands.
“I wouldn’t pul, to much on those, that could leave a mark! Now, Max, lets get going!”
He turns around and starts walking. I follow him, knowing to little of this place to try and escape now. I glare at the ground and grumble, intentionally stepping g on the back of his shoes, hopping to cause the most discomfort possible.


“This is the cafeteria, where you’ll be eating!” He throws his hand out towards the long rows of metal tables and chairs. I scowl, head pounding. This guy just doesn’t stop yelling does he?
“I know what a fucking cafeteria is, dipshit. I wasn’t born yesterday.”
I glare up at him, wishing to see some sort of negative reaction from him. The whole time, no matter what I said, or how many times I step on his shoes, he’s always so dank happy!
“Uh- Of course. The next and last stop is your cell. Shall we get going?”
He walks to the left, presumably towards my cell. As we get closer I can see all the sleeping teenagers(?) in their 3rd rate beds, snoozing away. Suddenly, David stops causing me to bump into him. We both stumble a bit, albeit me more than him. He leans in a bit forward and carefully, as to be quite unlocks the cell door, moving kit if the way to let me in. I step inside, not sure what to do. I look at him just as he reached in and grabbed the chain in between the my cuffs. He fakes out a ring of keys and by memory itself he chooses a key and unlocks them. They fall of with a clank and I twist my wrist, getting all the cricks out. I turn around to view my new cellmate as David smiles and turns away, walking back in the direction we came from. My eyes land on the lumpy form under the blankets on the top bunk, the steady rise and fall of the chest area the only visable proof of it not just being the stiff pillows that they’re forced to sleep on. I sigh and lay on the bottom bunk. Time to wait for morning......