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The Storm

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Rain thundered down upon the deck, which was currently sheltering the cabin and its passengers below from the downpour falling hard from the dark, cloudy sky. The wind blew hard enough that it sounded as though a demon was roaring over the storm raging on through the night. Undyne was in the ship's kitchen with Papyrus, preparing a dish of red pasta for dinner. Ever since the Monster population arrived on the surface with the rest of the unnecessarily racist humans, Papyrus' cooking skills had improved greatly with the help of Undyne and Toriel. Undyne was proud of her apprentice's work. The fish monster slipped on some oven mittens and lifted the freshly cooked food from the oven to the counter. At the moment, the other passengers of the ship were hanging out in another part of the cabin.

It had been just about three-quarters of a year since the Monsters had been released from the mountain prison that had been concealing them in the Underground for many years. Two centuries, to be exact. Two very long centuries. All hope of getting out peacefully had diminished until the day Frisk, the seventh human to fall, had fell into the Underground and enabled everybody's freedom. Since their release, Humans had tolerated the presence of Monsters on the surface. Some were completely fine with them and rather accepting, while others called them racial slurs and constantly mistreated them. The newly risen race had constantly feared another war breaking out. In order to avoid further conflict, the leaders in the 'United Globe' granted the Monsters land next to the Atlantic Coast and Mt. Ebott to build up a new home for themselves. It was in that patch of protected land that they began to construct 'The Village of Ebott'.

Recently, Frisk had proposed the idea of an aquatic vacation in the easily accessible Atlantic Ocean. Sans, as always, had been rather skeptical of the idea. However, Frisk had somehow managed to convince him that it would be a good for them all. Now, Frisk, Toriel,Monster Kid, Flowey, Undyne, Alphys, Sans, Papyrus, and even King Asgore himself were all out on a large boat surrounded by miles upon miles of water. Since the Monsters weren't very active in the rest of the world's politics. Or, at least, that would be until their situation is fixed up. So it would be okay to go away for a little while. Right now, they had been out for nearly four weeks. In fact, the start of the fourth week would be the next day. It would probably be the day they start going back.


"WOWEE! THIS SURE LOOKS LOOKS DELICIOUS, RIGHT UNDYNE?" Papyrus exclaimed, spinning a steaming pot of thoroughly boiled noodles in her direction. Thick cloud of steam streamed up from the large pot, small droplets of condensated water covering the sides of it. Undyne's eye lit up at the sight of it. The fish monster streched her arm up to the tall skeleton's upper spine and pulled him down to noogie his skull. "It sure does, Paps! Good job!" She complimented with a wide, toothy grin. "PLEASE DON'T NOOGIE THE SKELETON!" Papyrus cried with a hint of a snicker in his voice, pulling himself back up. The younger monster's face seemed lighter, if it was possible, after hearing her praise. "Just a couple more minutes, and this should be ready to put together and serve." Just about two minutes later, Undyne and Papyrus emptied the noodles out of the pot and placed them into a large bowl. They then began to dress it with bright red tomato sauce and, of course, cheese. She stepped back to admire their work. Yeah, this would for sure feed all of their companions. "Dinner's ready," the fish monster announced, cupping her hands around her mouth. "Come to the table!"

As soon as Papyrus set down the meal, an unusually strong wave shook the boat. The two monsters clung onto anything that didn't fall in order to keep their balance from the sudden change. The lights above began to flicker. "Woah- What the hell?! That's not something that would usually happen!" Undyne gasped, regaining her composure. Lighting flashed briefly in the dark night sky, lighting up the kitchen brighter than it already was. A few moments later, thunder clapped right above the ship. The overwhelming roar drowned out any and all thoughts that were currently going through Undyne's head. 'I swear, if this night somehow turns out like the Titanic did, somebody's getting hurt,' She threatened to whoever was capable of hearing her think. She stared outside of the window, seeing only the darkness of the ocean waves for a bit until the wave moved on. "Well, that doesn't look promising," Undyne muttered, her eye widening. From what the moon lit up faintly from behind the clouds was absolute chaos in the ocean.

"W-WHAT'S HAPPENING?" Papyrus called to her, eye sockets looking strained and wide. "Well, I think the storm kind of became stronger," Undyne replied, keeping her gaze on the window as it was engulfed by more water. "It's nothing to worry about, though!" She tried to calm both of her nerves, even if it wasn't entirely effective. She knew that Papyrus wasn't stupid. He probably had noticed that this wasn't normal compared to the other storms he had witnessed during their time on the surface. Maybe they both knew that this was most likely going to be fatal if the ship didn't hold up.

As Undyne's panicked thoughts ran through her mind, the boat began to tip upwards. Now if the storm was normal somehow, this definitely wasn't. While the ship's direction changed due to the winds and waves, several objects slid along with it, including the pasta. The large dish collapsed onto the soft white carpet. Glass, red sauce, and noodles splattered across the once spotless floor, staining it beyond repair. "NOO! NOT THE PASTA!" Papyrus cried. The tall skeleton look hurt. However much Undyne wanted to sympathize with him, she couldn't. She had to keep their well-being first in line. "Just hold onto something. We'll deal with it after this is over," She instructed him protectively, tightening her grip on a sturdy pole and giving Papyrus a serious glance. The ship only continued to tip forward. Yet another though crossed her mind. Is Alphys safe? Is she okay?  Her soul launched itself into another panicked frenzy. Undyne was just about to haul herself over to the other part of the cabin to check on her girlfriend when a scream erupted from the room across from the kitchen. Said scream was shortly followed by a "hang on!".

The double-doors to the room Undyne and Papyrus were in swung open and in came Frisk and Sans. They were both sliding backwards rapidly, Sans tightly holding the child close to him. If neither Undyne nor Papyrus did anything, and quickly, Sans would surely crash into the fallen table and dust right there. Papyrus almost immediately began to run up the steep rise to reach them while the fish monster summoned her spears steadily in the flooring. She pulled back swiftly and launched herself towards the pair. Seconds before they made impact, Undyne caught them.

-1 HP

"Phew," She breathed out in relief, moving the pair next to her on the flipped table. "BROTHER! HUMAN FRISK! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" Papyrus called to them in immense worry. Undyne couldn't see the younger skeleton, but it appeared as though the steepness was too much for him to run up and fell back. Sans seemed to let out a puff of breath in respite and responded quickly. "yeah, paps, we're fine. and so are the others." His words put Undyne's panicking worry at rest. That meant that her Alphy was alright. "What the hell is going on out there?" Sans murmured to her, covering Frisk's ears with mittened hands. "Obviously, it's a pretty bad storm at the moment-" She was cut off by a momentary loss of power, the lack of light plunging the ship into darkness. It quickly turned back on, flickering madly. "Well shit."

Undyne turned back to the window, which was completely obscured by water now. Not good. She glanced at the other windows going further back. Only water. Some was even seeping into the cabin. Not good at all. It suddenly clicked inside Undyne's head. The ship was sinking! At this point, the boat was completely vertical.

A groan of distress came from the short skeleton next to her. "i knew this wasn't a good idea..." Sans mumbled, his eye-lights dimming. "i knew straying from the original timeline would only end up in disaster." Frisk gave a quiet whimper. "I just w-wanted to try something new...!" They protested. "Yeah, well, there's a pretty good reason why there is a repeating timeline each reset, Frisk. Hell, you may not even be able to reset anymore!" He snapped, holding the child closer to him. "Timelines? Resets?" Undyne echoed their arguement. 'What are you two even talking about?" Sans sighed and Frisk stayed silent to her question. Frustration flared in her soul. "Well?" She pressed, narrowing her eye at them. "now isn't exactly the best time to tell you. you'll find out at somepoint, once this is all over." The short skeleton finally answered.

All four of them perked up at the sounds of creaking and splitting. A large crack appeared at the base of of the door leading to the rest of the cabin. The lights were constantly blacking out and turning back on only to continue to rapidly flicker. A gasp came from Frisk, expressing their fear. Muffled screams managed to rise above the roar of constant thunder, roaring wind, and waves. A pot then came crashing through the wide open arms, luckily landing in Frisk's arms. Flowey seemed mildly stunned from his shock, breathing quickly and shakily. "FLOWEY!" Papyrus gasped at the soulless yellow flower. "WHAT'S GOING ON UP THERE?" An orange flare lit up defensively around the monster's eye-sockets. "T-The ship...! It's.. It's sp-splitting in half!" Flowey informed them, his petals quivering. "A-And last I saw, the other part of the ship is tipping back down and water is flooding into it!"

Undyne felt her soul ache with another wave of sudden panic. An earsplitting crack of thunder filled the kitchen as the crack split further. The lights finally seemed to give out. The room was engulfed in darkness for about fifteen seconds before the backup generators kicked on. The kitchen was dimly lit by a hazy red light, which also seemed to flicker. The split had deepened even more during the short period of blackness. Ocean water was now slowly filling the cabin up as it crashed in with the waves. Frisk had turned their back to the flooding point, clinging tightly to Sans, who was staring at it in shock. Without thinking, Undyne launched herself at the door. "ALPHYS!!" She cried. Just as her webbed fingers reached the swinging door, she was blown back by a blast of electricity. Lightning had finished the job that the waves started.

She was thrown back against the table at tremendous speeds. Upon impact, Undyne lost conciousness. The last thing she caught a glimpse of was a huge surge of ocean water rushing into the kitchen and a flare of bright cyan magic. After that, everything went black.


-124 HP