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The Sexual Adventures of a Saiyan Prince

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(West City - Capsule Corp. Gravity Room)

"I don't know what that woman is thinking, she should know by now that a Saiyan doesn't have time for romantic matters. Grr... but why can't I stop thinking about it, damn it, DAMN IT! Oh come on Vegeta stay focused on your training, you must work hard so that when that clown Kakarot finally passes on, you can become the prince once again. *sigh* You know, as much as I hate to say it, maybe I need to talk with him. I feel way too strongly about this subject that it is nearly impossible to keep my mind off of it, sure he is a blasted idiot, but it is worth a try." These thoughts came from Vegeta, the Prince of all Saiyans, the husband to Capsule Corp. owner, Bulma Briefs and the father of two children. It was on this very day that Vegeta was going through one of his worst internal battles that at first, he did try to shake off through training vigorously but he couldn't even focus on that due to the thoughts that kept flooding his mind about Bulma leaving him, Vegeta grabbed a pair of Saiyan armor (The pair from the Android saga) and headed out the door of the gravity chamber and out onto the cool moonlit streets of West City.

"It's amazing to think how much I had grown so fond of this dirt ball." Vegeta said as his mouth then formed into a smirk "Out of all of the various bits of my past that I revealed to Bulma, There are just a few stories that should never be told." and with those final words, Vegeta blasted off into the sky and headed straight toward the direction where a certain God of Destruction was residing.

(Beerus' Temple: Outer Fields)

"HYYYAAAHHHHH!" a spiky haired warrior with an orange gi yelled as he threw a punch that was clearly aiming for what looked to be some sort of purple cat with Egyptian inspired garments. The cat quickly got into his fighting stance and effortlessly blocked the punch, he couldn't help but grin at the subsequent progress that the warrior was making,

"Very good, I can feel that your base form power level is now about as high as your Super Saiyan transformations." the cat said right after he broke the clash, the warrior couldn't help but rub the back of his head and giggle.

"Ha ha, so you've noticed. Man it sure is great to train with you Lord Beerus, I'm getting way more experience than I think I did with Korin, King Kai, and Supreme Kai's sessions combined." the warrior said, clearly pleased. Beerus chuckled before he continued the session on with a question.

"First of all, Son Goku. I would just like to say that we don't always have to resort to formalities now that we're just master and student and second, I'm wondering how strong your Ki attacks are now." Beerus inquired as he wiped the sweat from his forehead. Goku immediately pounded his fists together as he got into a charging position.

"You wanna see that, alright, here goes." Goku said as he started to build up a blue aura around his body, this went on for a few seconds until Goku drew his hands back into some sort of cupping position as he began an incantation.

"KAAAAAAAAAA!" The ground started to violently shake to the point where even Beerus had to lift himself into the air to keep from falling.

"MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Suddenly, the blue aura began to travel into Goku's hands.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" The blue aura then appeared as a small ball that was no bigger than one you would find in a standard game of soccer.

"MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Goku's black hair then began to raise upwards, as if there was a wind current blowing it even though Beerus' home was completely devoid of any wind. Beerus held his arms outward as he prepared to brace himself for the blast. Beerus' face was showing a very, very slight hint of fear for the very first time in 20 centuries.

"If he is truthfully as strong as his various transformations." Beerus thought "Then I am anxious to see how his God form must be like." Beerus looked down at Goku just before he was ready to fire when he sensed an extremely high power level approaching quickly towards his and Goku's location. This minor distraction though cost him a lot more than he thought when the Saiyan finally unleashed his blast.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Goku screamed in one long deafening cry as he threw his arms forward just as a gigantic blue beam spouted from them, traveling at breakneck speeds and completely enveloping Beerus in its' blue mass. Loud screams were heard from inside the beam for about a minute until it finally dissipated, showing a charred and completely naked Beerus. Goku's expression quickly turned from a face of determination, to the face of a boy that realized exactly what happens when they anger their parents. Goku quickly tried to explain himself but was silenced by Beerus with a simple wave of his left index finger as he then passed out right as Vegeta touched down on the land right beside Goku.

"Kakarot, there is something I need to speak with you ab- WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!" Vegeta screamed as his eyes widened at the passed out Beerus, laying face down right in front of him and Goku. Just as he was about to question his rival further, Goku walked over to Beerus and set his index and ring fingers on his neck and checked for a pulse. Goku was relieved when he felt a faint signal after a few minutes of there being none, Goku then looked over at Vegeta as he quickly explained what happened.

"Me and Beerus were training and as far as I could tell," Goku began, "he probably detected your power level and was distracted by it long enough to where my Kamehameha wave hit him with its full might and due to my strength increasing dramatically through my various sparring sessions with him. I think it is safe to say that my base form is now as powerful as my Super Saiyan 4 transformation, did that help clear everything up?" Vegeta's expression was blank for what felt like two whole minutes before he finally spoke again.

"That doesn't matter now for what I am about to tell you Kakarot is something that I hope even you of all idiots should understand." Vegeta said as he crossed his arms, Goku did not get it at first as his response was completely wrong.

"I understand, well you see Vegeta. Being interested in members of the opposite sex is completely natural as it is just the body going through natural developm-"

"NOT THAT YOU DOLT!" Vegeta interrupted "I AM HAVING RELATIONSHIP ISSUES WITH BULMA! DO YOU GET IT NOW?!" Goku quickly realized how stupid his first reply was and in just a few seconds, he nodded his head yes.

"Now I do Vegeta, can you tell me about how it happened?" Goku questioned as he pulled a large rock that was right beside Beerus to where they were standing in order to use it as a makeshift seat. Both of the Saiyans sat down next to each other as Vegeta began to give a quick summary about what happened.

"A couple of weeks ago, I was fumbling around with what you blasted earthlings call a phone when the woman just happened to look over my shoulder and she noticed that there were strings of messages by several females that ranged from being innocent to being openly sexual, it was at that point in time that she had assumed that I betrayed my mate which of course angered me greatly to the point where me and her had one of our worst fights ever. We were yelling and cursing at each other and what was unknown to us was the fact that our children were watching this, being just barely concealed by the doors to their rooms. We went on and on until my anger reached its' breaking point, as I had turned into a Super Saiyan right then and there and let out some... unspeakable things. By the time I realized what I had done, she already left for her room, sobbing. You see Kakarot, I'm worried about her leaving me sad and alone as she might take Bra and Trunks with her and I know that once she makes that choice, I can't stop her then for it will already be too late." The moment Vegeta finished was the moment where Goku let out a rush of air from his mouth as he then began his attempt to comfort the Saiyan prince.

"That is horrible but keep in mind Vegeta, Bulma is used to you being rough. She's not into your violent side obviously but still, think about it. If she was interested in you before you became a protector of Earth and were still intending on murdering everyone, then there is obviously something that is still keeping her from walking out after all of these years. Now what I mainly want to know is what is up with the messages from other girls?" Goku questioned after Vegeta had given a facial cue that he appreciated the kindness that Goku was showing. Vegeta took a deep breath and then he spoke.

"There once was a period where during my time with the broad that I had dabbled in unintentional sexual escapades with various women." Vegeta said as a blush formed across his cheeks. Goku was clearly very curious.

"Well, who was the first person that you had sex with?" Goku casually asked Vegeta and the moment he did, the Prince's whole face became a crimson shade of red.

"Aw come on Vegeta, I just want to know. I promise I won't tell anyone, it will be just between friends." Goku coaxed as Vegeta finally gave in.

"Alright Kakarot, I will go through the WHOLE list of people that I had sex with and the first one was... ...Maka Albarn." Vegeta said without a hint of emotion. Goku wasn't shocked one bit.

"Maka Albarn, from Death City? How did that happen? The personalities would clash too much." Goku questioned. Vegeta took another breath and then he spoke.

(This first story takes place during the time that Bulma is bitter towards Vegeta after the gravity room explodes and it takes place during an alternate version of the episode, "Resonance Chain: Playing the Soul's Melodies?" as Maka and the rest of her DWMA classmates are at least 18 years old. )

(Death City, Nevada: Outskirts)


"There is no need to yell like that, especially when practically everyone can hear you." A mysterious voice said from behind Vegeta after he finished his venting. Vegeta just spat on the ground and smirked.

"Oh how rude of me." Vegeta said mockingly as he turned towards the stranger "Sorry to burst your bubble but I'm of Saiyan royalty, your petty human commands do not apply to me... that is if you are even human." Vegeta had just then noticed the very odd look that the stranger had. The stranger was a male, he had grey hair, though as far as Vegeta could tell, he most certainly wasn't frail. The man also had stitch marks on various portions of his body and he most noticeably had two large screws on the sides of his head.

"I take it you're new to Death City?" The figure questioned in a monotone voice as he lit his cigarette.

"It... is somewhat more complicated than that for you see. I am new to this planet in general," Vegeta's tune then quickly changed as he continued "why do you even care stranger? You'll soon be enslaved anyway once I become the legendary Super Saiyan!" the stranger was silent for a few moments before he suddenly burst out laughing. Vegeta was clearly not amused as he started to walk towards the man and when he was close enough, Vegeta launched a punch that came down hard into the strangers' gut.

"Ha ha ha ha, at least now you will know to treat royalty with respect fool!" Vegeta laughed as he saw the man hobble as he made an attempt to keep his balance.

"*huff* *huff* I admittedly should've paid more attention but then again, I didn't consider you my opponent beforehand. I guess I should tell you my name before we get this over with." The man said as he tossed his jacket to the side. "My name is Dr. Franken Stein or preferably just Stein, before we begin, I must ask. Where is your weapon?" Vegeta just smirked.

"Why would I use weapons when I have this?" Vegeta said with a smirk as he brought his two arms back.

"When you have what? I don't see anyth- well... this just got interesting." Stein said as he noticed a purple orb develop in Vegeta's hands. The prince just chuckled.

"Glad you're impressed but now is not the time to talk. TAKE THIS, GALICK GUN..." Vegeta said as he brought his arms forward "FIRE!" and it was with that yell that a large, somewhat wavy beam launched from Vegeta's hands at a rapid pace, quickly illuminating Stein's face with purple. A loud "BOOM!" rang out as the blast hit its' target with dust and the smell of burnt lumber quickly filling the area. Vegeta knew however that something was off.

"I can't sense his Ki anywhere but I know that if I hit him. The smell of his corpse would've hit my nostrils by now." Vegeta thought but before he could say anything, Stein came down with a flying axe kick that was countered by Vegeta performing a well-timed afterimage.

"He can disappear as well? This just keeps getting better and better." Stein thought as he was searching for any trace of Vegeta's soul when he was then struck by the Prince's fist. Blood spilled from the professor's lips as Vegeta's mouth formed into a wicked grin.

"How pitiful can you be?! IS THIS TRULY ALL YOU'VE GOT?!" Vegeta said as he followed up his punch with a somersault that ended with a kick to the shoulder, Stein staggered but not for long as he blocked Vegeta's follow-up punch.

"No, not at all." Stein said with a smirk as he thrust his knee forward, aiming for the Saiyan's gut. The prince immediately countered it with his own knee strike.

(Somewhere nearby )

"Hey do you guys hear that?" a blonde girl with pigtails said as she looked towards her white haired companion.

"Hear what, Maka?" the boy began "I don't hear anythi-" all of a sudden, a blue haired boy with a long white scarf jumped right on top of the shark toothed boy.

"I HEAR IT VERY CLEARLY! I BELIEVE THAT YOU'RE JUST DEAF SOUL FOR I, BLACK*STAR, AM THE GREATEST NINJA AROUND AND I CAN HEAR SOUNDS FROM ANY DISTA- OUCH!" Black*Star was quickly silenced by his partner, Tsubaki, planting her elbow right down onto the egotist's head.

"I must say I am quite impressed that you mustered up the strength to shut him up Tsubaki." Death The Kidd said as his two pistols transformed into Elizabeth and Patricia Thompson, his two partners. Tsubaki's face was flushed with pink in response to Kidd's complement.

"Thank you, but I much prefer not to hurt him, in fact I find his egotistical nature to be kind of charming actually." Tsubaki replied.

"Well I find it to be annoying but nowhere near as annoying as when something is not perfectly symmetrical." Kidd said with his hands at his hips.

"I'll never get why you even care Kidd, your hair has those three lines so what's the point?" Soul said and right after he did, Kidd turned toward him with an expression that showed pure irritation.

"And I'll never get why you don't understand the importance of order and balance, two things that symmetry represents quite perfectly. By the way, I KNOW THAT I AM TRASH DAMN IT! NO NEED TO POINT OUT THAT DETAIL EVERY TIME!" Kidd said as a vein was threatening to pop right out of his forehead.

"Come on guys! This is no time to argue, I have a feeling that Stein is in trouble." Maka said as she rushed off in the direction where she heard the strange noises. Soul then followed suit along with the rest of the gang with the only exception being the unconscious Black*Star.

Vegeta and Stein were matching blow for blow until the two suddenly locked hands. Vegeta wasn't amused in the slightest.

"GIVE UP! There's no use struggling now!" Vegeta yelled as he felt Stein's blood in between his fingers. Stein gave a quick glance to his left and when he saw Maka with scythe in hand, his decision became clear.

"Alright, I give up, but not before THIS!" Stein cried out as he performed a flip kick that collided with Vegeta's jaw. Vegeta reeled back in pain and couldn't recover fast enough to notice the scythe coming down.

"HYAAAH!" Maka yelled as the tip caught Vegeta's "Badman" shirt and ripped it straight open along with the chest in one, clean cut. The prince howled in pain as blood was gushing rapidly out of the wound.


"Enough. There is no point in continuing this any further Vegeta, stand down." Stein interjected. Vegeta was reluctant but he eventually relented but right when he did, he immediately fainted due to his massive wound.

"Maka, I want you to take this one somewhere safe. Now I understand that he tried to kill me, but I can sense the good in his soul." Stein explained as he started to put his jacket back on. Maka immediately bowed.

"Yes Professor Stein." she replied as she slung the Saiyan prince over her back and then she ran right towards the direction of her apartment with Soul going off to get his bike.

(Maka's Apartment)

"Uuggh. Where... where am I?" Vegeta questioned himself as he noticed that he was in what looked to be someone's bedroom with wallpaper that was covered in Vegeta's most hated color... pink and to top it all off, there was a strange smell in the room that was sort of musky and somewhat arousing.

"My room, I would've brought you to the academy but I think Crona would've been far too freaked out by your appearance and brash personality wouldn't you agree?" Maka said as she lifted her nose out of the book that she was reading.

"I don't know who the hell that is but th-thank you, what is your name anyway?" Vegeta questioned with a voice of pure curiosity. Maka giggled before she spoke.

"So you try to kill my teacher at one moment and you ask for my name the next? Man are Saiyans strange. But if you must know, I am Maka Albarn." Maka said as she slowly dove back into the book that she was reading but was interrupted by the annoying ring that her cellphone was making. Maka groaned as she reached into her shirt pocket.

"Hold on big guy, this shouldn't take long." Maka said and then quickly put her hand over her mouth right after, dropping her phone in the process. Vegeta was clearly confused.

"Big guy, what the hell does that mean? Are you interested in me?" Vegeta asked bluntly. Maka's face went red the moment Vegeta had said that last word.

"N-n-no, what gave you that idea?" Maka questioned as she let out a nervous laugh. Vegeta's mouth formed into a smirk as he noticed just exactly where that smell was coming from.

"Nothing really, except for the fact that I can see a damp area on your skirt." Vegeta said in a tone that was rather snarky. Maka froze right after she heard Vegeta's answer. She slowly looked down and she did in fact notice that both her skirt and panties were quite wet and just to make sure that her eyes weren't playing tricks on her. Maka removed her left glove and carefully slipped two fingers underneath her undergarments and the moment she pulled it back out, she noticed a clear viscous liquid that was wrapped around the tips of her fingers.

"Damn it!" Maka cursed "I was hoping this wouldn't happen for you see, I... actually find you kind of cute in a weird 'please don't kill me' kind of way." Vegeta then at that moment used his Ki to lock the door behind Maka as he slowly approached her. Maka was slightly unnerved by the Saiyan prince's almost serial killer like demeanor as he moved closer but for some reason, there was something in her body that was keeping her from backing away.

"Wha... what are you doing?" Maka asked as Vegeta's face was now just mere inches from her own.

"I just thought you deserved a little reward for helping me." Vegeta whispered as he immediately started rubbing her outer folds from outside her panties. Maka shuddered with pleasure at the surprising skill that the prince showed in these few moments. Vegeta grinned when he heard the small moans escape from her mouth which encouraged him to rub faster and faster.

"If you want, I can show you how a Saiyan prince delivers pleasure. All you have to do is beg for it." Vegeta whispered as he began to slow his pace. Maka's nerves were going crazy, she tried her hardest to ignore the masterful fingers that were prodding at her core through the very thin fabric of her white cotton panties. She wanted more but decided to take a gentle approach to see if he would respond.

"I don't want to do this." Maka said huskily, but Vegeta wasn't buying it and so to show her that he meant business, he started to give her pussy very light smacks, causing Maka to jolt from her seat.

"I told you to beg so I expect you to comply." Vegeta hissed as he continued torturing the 18 year old's privates.

"I need you to screw me." Maka said shakily as it was getting increasingly more and more difficult to hold back her moans. Vegeta grinned, he knew that he was getting to her and that all he needed do now was to push her one last button and she would be on her way. Vegeta at that point did something devious, he pulled some of the panty fabric to the side as he then started to pump his middle finger inside her pussy. This nearly drove the young meister over the edge as she felt her inner walls grasp the Saiyan's digit as he continued to pump it in and out. Finally she just lost it as she let her hormones do the talking.

"PLEASE FUCK MY PUSSY! OH MY GOD I NEED YOUR DICK, JUST GIVE IT TO ME ALREADY!" Maka begged as she was close to her first climax. Vegeta's grin became a full on smile as he then ejected his finger from Maka's caverns.

"So you do want it? I appreciate it that you came to your senses, now the real fun can begin." Vegeta hissed as he crushed the meisters' mouth against his. Maka felt like she was in heaven as she felt the two tongues wrestling for domiance with Vegeta's clearly gaining the upper hand. When the prince noticed that the young meister's ass was completely unprotected, he took his chance and smacked the girl hard on the right cheek and gripped it tightly as they continued their rough battle of tongues. After a few minutes, Vegeta broke the kiss as he then lightly gripped Maka by the chin before he spoke.

"I gave you pleasure, so why don't you return the favor?" Vegeta growled as he guided Maka's head downwards until it was eye-level with the throbbing erection that was pulsing against the fabric of the prince's yellow pants. Maka licked her lips as she worked the belt off quickly, making it to where the zipper was the only barrier that was keeping Vegeta's "Prince" at bay. Maka, pulled down the zipper with one graceful motion as she then fished Vegeta's cock and balls out of the dark blue boxers and was surprised by how massive he was.

"How big is that thing?" Maka questioned nervously while she was face-to-face with a penis that was so much larger than the pictures that she had seen in health class. Vegeta was amused by her clear bewilderment to his size.

"Impressed? I am approximately 7.3 inches in length with at least 2.5 inches in girth and I don't care how much you complain for you are going to take it all in." Vegeta said as he looked down at the young meister. Deciding not to incur the Saiyan's wrath by this point in time. Maka started to lick up the entire length of Vegeta's shaft, only taking a small pause to lightly suck and nibble on the mushroom shaped head everytime she came back to it. Vegeta bit his lip to keep himself from moaning as he hadn't had sex at any point in time since his battle with Son Goku, so to finally have some form of relief in this area of his body proved to be just a slight bit too much for the Saiyan prince. Maka had caught on to this little plan of his however and she decided that this was the perfect time to get back at him for the teasing of her pussy earlier as she then moved on to Vegeta's testicles. She started to suckle on Vegeta's balls as she simultaneously started to rub her right hand up and down his massive length, stopping only to glide her thumb across his slit after every eight-to-ten strokes. This continued on for three minutes straight until she finally decided that she was ready enough to take in Vegeta's full length. Maka carefully lined herself up so that her mouth was perfectly symmetrical with the slit and then she went down, just barely managing to take half of it in. Once she managed to get her breathing in check, she continued to bob up and down with a steady rhythm with each bob moving her head closer and closer to the base.

"Fuck, you're quite the cock worshipper." Vegeta groaned as he started to rest his hands on the blonde's forehead in order to keep himself balanced. It was also at this point and time that Maka finally gobbled up all 7 inches of Vegeta's man-meat and because of this achievement, she proceded to deep-throat his knob. Maka also took the time to start undoing her outfit, letting the black cloak drop to the ground, leaving her in nothing but her bra, panties and skirt. She then took her left hand and lowered it to her crotch as she started to slowly rub her clit, making little circles with her index and middle fingers as she continued her plunge on the "Penis of all Saiyans". 6 minutes had passed as Vegeta was looking much more unkempt as he started to thrust inside of Maka's mouth with his balls slapping against her chin as he let out his animalistic growls of pleasure but he stopped and pulled out of the young meister's mouth, finally giving her the freedom to breathe but at the same time she whined about the prospect of not tasting any semen.

"What the hell?! That was really unfair you di-" Maka's complaining was quickly silenced as Vegeta had thrown her face down on the bed. The prince then ripped the cotton confines free from Maka's lower regions as he proceeded to prod her G-spot with his still throbbing member. Vegeta took in her pleading moans as if it was music to his ears and after a few more seconds of teasing, he gave one powerful thrust and he was in. Vegeta went at a rough and fast pace, so rough in fact that he could hear the loud smacking noises that his balls were making with every thrust.

"FUCK THAT FEELS GOOD, OH YES RIGHT THERE, RIGHT THERE!" Maka screamed as she felt like an entire tsunami of pleasure was washing over her with each and every thrust. Vegeta managed to get out a single question through all of this as he was surprised by the lack of pain that she felt albeit with moans inbetween.

"So uh, uh, I, uh, take it you're not a uh, uh, virgin?" questioned Vegeta as he was desperately trying to get his thoughts out. Maka nodded.

"Me and uh, uh, uh, Soul did it a few times before recently so yes." Maka said as she too was affected by her moans of pleasure. This had lasted for six minutes until suddenly, Vegeta had lifted Maka up off the bed with all of his might, flipped her around so that the two were in direct eye contact and slammed her against the wall as he felt her legs start to wrap around his lower back. Vegeta then had ripped the bra right off of her chest as he then proceeded to lick and nibble at Maka's A-cup breasts which then sent the young meister into a frenzy as she started clawing at his back, leaving white scratch marks that stretched halfway down to his lower back. This lasted for about a minute until Vegeta started to feel the long forgotten sensation of his balls beginning to tighten and right as Maka let out a final cry of pleasure.

"I'M CUMMING! OH SHIT I'M CUMMING!" Maka cried out as her vagina started squirting a clear liquid all over Vegeta's cock and it was at that moment that the Saiyan couldn't take it anymore as he pulled out of Maka, leaving her to crumple to her knees.

"Open your mouth!" Vegeta commanded as he closed in on Maka's disheveled face, stroking furiously with all of his might as she did as she was told.

"OH FUCK!" was all Vegeta could get out as the first gobs of cum came out in long rope like streams as he just barely managed to reach Maka's mouth and while most of the semen had hit their mark, the other sprays had completely covered her face, hair and even her breasts were partially covered in the white goop due it dripping off of her chin. Maka scooped up most of it with her fingers as she then brought it to her mouth and swallowed.

"That *huff* *huff* was amazing, would you like my *huff* *huff* *huff* phone number?" Maka breathlessly asked with a friendly gleam in her eyes. Vegeta, being unaware of human technology, told Maka about his issue.

"Umm... I don't have this 'phone' that you mention." Vegeta pointed out as he started to get dressed. Maka then brought her left index finger to her chin as she thought up an idea.

"I got it, I'll give you Kidd's old phone, he gave it to me because he didn't find it symmetrical enough and the best part is that it comes with my number already on it." Maka said while she handed Vegeta a slightly beaten up smartphone that was black with a very crooked image of a skull on the back. Vegeta set the device in his pocket as he questioned Maka about why he needed her phone number.

"What do I need your phone number for?" questioned the prince as Maka just giggled.

"You know, in case you ever want to do this again or if you just need someone to talk to. Just give me a call." Maka said as she reattached her bra clasp. Vegeta then gave the meister one last goodbye hug as he then flew out the open window for West City. Maka had the biggest smile on her face until she suddenly heard the knob of her door turning.

"Hey Flat-chest, Stein says it's time for our Soul Wavelength trai- WOAH!" Soul couldn't get his last words out as his nose had become a huge fountain of blood after witnessing his partner, in nothing but a bra standing right in the middle of the room. The angry Maka quickly grabbed a book as she then approached the boy with the item raised over her head.

"MAKA CHOP!" she yelled as she slammed the book down on Soul's head, rendering him unconscious.

Chapter Text

(Beerus' Temple: Outer Fields)

"I kind of feel like you over-exaggerated just a slight bit there buddy." Goku said as he was not completely buying Vegeta's story, Vegeta just scoffed and looked away.

"Well Kakarot, this is coming straight from my mouth isn't it?" Vegeta mockingly questioned his rival. Goku just shrugged.

"Alright, I'll take your word for it... for now at least. Who was the next 'lucky' girl for you anyway?" Goku asked sarcastically which in turn made Vegeta crack up.

"Deny it for as long as you want Kakarot, you just are jealous that I have a lot more to offer a woman than you do. Anyways, the next woman that I slept with was none other than the famous angel... Panty Anarchy." Vegeta said with a grin.

"Now THAT is someone that I expect as that girl has sex with practically anything that has a penis, I should know since there was this one time before the Cell Games where Gohan and I just happened to be in close proximity with her... let's just say Chi Chi made us pay for our mistake that night, I can still feel the slaps coming down in my dreams." Goku said as he shivered due to his particularly traumatic experience with the wrath of his wife. Vegeta just smirked before he began his story.

(This particular story takes place a mere month after the Cell Games and it takes place during the 1st segment of Episode 2 of PSG "The Turmoil of the Beehive")

(Daten City High School)


"SLASH! SLASH! SLASH!" These two sounds rang out through out the school as the famous Anarchy sisters were currently dealing with a black and red ghoul, more commonly known as a ghost, which was previously known as the school's top cheerleader, Barby. Panty, the blonde, wiped the sweat off her brow with her pistol "Backlace" before she spoke.

"This plasticized bitch is really starting to piss me the fuck off." Panty said with a hint of irritation in her voice. Stocking, the goth that was standing right next to Panty, just sighed at what her sister just said as she was getting annoyed with her obvious hypocrisy.

"I bet if this was a guy named Ken you would probably fuck the so-called plasticized bitch." Stocking retorted as she worked her own pair of panties down her legs.

"Hey what can I say? A hard ghost cock is still fuckable in my book." Panty replied with a smirk as she caught the second pair of panties, which then formed into a second Backlace.

"Really? You're mentioning this now? Jesus, you're such a whore." Stocking spat with malice.

"And you're still a fucking disgusting sugar glutton, look girl once you have one dude's cock up that nasty ass snatch of yours then maybe you would stop being such a bitch." Panty said in a mocking fashion.

"Umm... guys?" the nervous nerd, Brief asked while he was desperately trying to find a place to hide. "Shouldn't we be, oh I don't know, FOCUSING ON THIS CRAZY, BEE LOVING CHICK THAT IS TRYING TO KILL US?!"

"Now it is time for my grand entrance." Vegeta thought as he slowly made his way behind the bleachers as he then jumped out into the middle of the stadium with everyone except for Brief not knowing who he was. Barby just laughed as she looked down at the stocky Saiyan below her.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, my, my, aren't you a little short for an angel? Or are you just a civilian trying to play hero?" Barby asked mockingly with Vegeta only crossing his arms in response.

"Who the fuck is that guy?" Stocking questioned as Panty just shrugged.

"Beats me, I wonder what he is even going to accomplish while he is in those fucking pajamas." stated Panty like it was a fact with Brief merely freaking out.


"It looks like I don't even need to introduce myself." The prince said with a smirk. "But really, there's hardly a point to it when I could wipe you out in an instant" Barby just laughed even more as she prepared more of her evil bees.

"We are certainly feisty today now aren't we? Well here is a little tip fool, I am the queen and when I am the queen, my rule is the only thing that matters most." said Barby as a evil grin formed across her face.

"Oh you won't consider me a fool in a few moments. So tell me insect, is your army of evil bugs and jocks enough to handle this?" Vegeta said as he started powering up. Barby was not remotely impressed until she noticed the sudden yellow aura that started to form around the Saiyan prince which was then followed up with small bolts of lightning that started coursing through the aura at a rapid pace.

"URAAAGGGGHHHHH!" Vegeta roared as a huge flash of yellow light engulfed the entire arena. When the flash finally dimmed after about a minute, everyone except for the sisters was shocked by what they saw. Vegeta's basic appearance was not that different except for the increased muscle mass that was present all around his body whereas his face had recieved the most changes with his hair looking slightly longer and more spiked than before and finally, his eyes were a lot more narrowed and his pupil and iris colors had went from a basic black to a more turquoise type of blue and finally, the yellow aura still had the chaotic lightning coursing within.

"I don't have time to fight so take THIS!" Vegeta shouted as he drew his hands out to his sides.

"What the fuck is that walking circus performance doing?" Panty asked as she slid her panties back up her legs. Suddenly, two yellow orbs of light began to develop in each of Vegeta's hands with electricity coursing through each of them.

"HA HA HA HA, WITNESS THE ULTIMATE POWER OF THE SAIYAN PRINCE!" Vegeta screamed as he then brought his hands forward, combining the two orbs into a single massive ball. Barby was starting to look quite terrified, but quickly changed her demeanor when she noticed one of her jocks playing a piano melody.

"What are you doing?" Barby questioned with a annoyed tone as the jock quickly kicked the piano away.

"Nothi- MY QUEEN, LOOK OUT!" The jock called as he pointed towards Vegeta, Barby looked towards the Saiyan prince just as he was prepared to unleash his attack.

"FINAL FLASH!" Vegeta yelled as he launched the energy wave, which was looking a lot more chaotic since the last time he used it on Cell. The bee tried to fly away but it was too late, the beam had made a direct hit as it completely obliterated the former cheerleader, leaving nothing but eight golden coins that immediately fell to the ground after the beam dissipated. The two sisters immediately went to collect their reward as Vegeta lowered to the ground, now without his Super Saiyan 2 power.

"THAT WAS SO FUCKING BADASS!" Panty screamed with glee after she retrieved the coins.

"I'd agree, you provided way more assistance then that geek over there." Stocking said calmly as she pointed towards Brief, who was hiding behind the bleachers at that current moment.

"WELL EXCUSE ME! Some of us don't have supernatural powers like you three do." Brief said nervously as he slowly got out of his hiding spot, only to be run over by a jock that was squealing in terror at the fact that his queen was dead.

"Honestly there was no issu-" Vegeta was then interrupted by a very angry jock who was just about ready to attack the prince... only to find himself at the receiving end of a very massive backhand.

It was right then and there that the blonde Anarchy sister took her chance to get with the Saiyan prince.

"You know, I take quite an interest in guys of royalty and I know this nice spot that is...private." Panty whispered which caused the prince to have quite the blush on his face.

"Erm...well." Vegeta was quite embarrassed which made the blonde Anarchy sister just want him more.

"Good god he is fucking hot when embarrassed, well girl it is time to put your plan into action." Panty thought as she had come up with an idea to get the Saiyan prince's blood boiling. Panty then put her plan into action as she slowly slid her panties down her legs right in front of Vegeta.

"Come on Saiyan, you know you want this." Panty said as she slowly started to grind her crotch up and down Vegeta's leg, wetting the jumpsuit with her juices. Vegeta was trying as hard as he could to resist and was thankful when Stocking stepped in.

"Are you sure you want to start doing that now? Why don't you take him to a club first?" Stocking suggested as Vegeta quickly started waving his hands and head from side-to-side, quickly regretting the fact that he even trusted the goth in the first place.

"Oh no, I'm goo- HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? GET OFF OF ME!" Vegeta screamed as Panty was dragging him off.

"Hey Stockin', you actually had a good fucking idea for once." Panty said as Vegeta was still trying to wriggle himself out of her grasp while sweat was pouring down his face, Stocking just giggled as she looked towards her sister.

"Have fun, you two." Stocking said as she grasped her Honkoneko tightly in her left arm while waving with the other.

"FUCK YOU, BITCH!" Vegeta yelled right before Panty drove off in the pink Humvee, See-Through with the prince still in her grasp, the prince just couldn't believe that he had to ride in a pink Humvee of all things.

"Damn it! I know that I can just... fly away so that I wouldn't have to deal this but... my body wants this woman. *sigh* So be it." Vegeta thought as he finally decided that he was just going to make the best of this situation and that once he was done, he was going to slaughter these two and forget about it in the morning.

A half-hour later

"WHAT IS TAKING GODDAMN LONG, CAN'T YOU GO ANY FASTER?!" Vegeta moaned as they were stuck in traffic, Panty smirked once she heard the prince's complaint.

"Actually, I can." Panty said as she then raised her foot off of the gas pedal as Vegeta crossed his arms.

"Good, now we can get this OOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEERRRR WWWWWWIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTHHHH!" Vegeta's voice trailed off as the Anarchy sister slammed her foot on the gas pedal, making the Humvee jump from what felt like 0 to 200 in just a millisecond, slamming every single bit of the traffic off of the road and into homes, buildings, trees and civilians until it finally reached its stop.

"We're here, was that fast enough for you hot stuff?" Panty asked as she looked to her side at Vegeta, who just vomited out the side of the car right as her gaze rested upon him, she giggled right as the prince quickly wiped his mouth clean with a bottle of mouthwash that he managed to find in the glove compartment.

"I'll just take that as a yes." Panty said as she got out of the car with Vegeta following suit, the moment the two entered the club they were greeted with loud techno booming from the speakers and various party goers bumping, grinding, and bobbing to the beat. Panty guided Vegeta to the bar where a bartender was thankfully waiting for them.

"Alright Panty, what will it be for you and your friend?" the bartender asked as he cleaned a glass.

"A glass of vodka for the both of us if you please." Panty replied in as nice of a tone that she could manage. The bartender quickly obliged as he got two glasses from the back counter and a bottle of vodka. He poured the vodka into the glasses as carefully as humanly possible and then handed the pair their drinks with him setting his hand down on the counter with the back of his hand resting against the polished wood.

"That would be 70 dollars, if you please." The bartender said as Panty just rolled her eyes in response.

"I've told you before and I'll tell you again, if I don't get these drinks for free then you won't be getting any of this." Panty said as she slung her leg over the table and in just a few moments, the bartender quickly left the pair in order to tend to the other customers. Vegeta was quite impressed with how the blonde used her sexuality to her advantage.

"I must admit woman, that was quite impressive with how you used your sex appeal to your advantage so that we can have free drinks." said Vegeta as he crossed his arms.

"Why thank you, Prince Vegeta." Panty replied which caused Vegeta's face to become as red as a beet. Panty giggled at this for a little while until she noticed that Vegeta's first glass hadn't been touched yet.

"Hey, how come you didn't even take a sip of your drink?" Panty questioned, Vegeta at that moment just smirked before he looked towards the blonde Anarchy sister.

"I was thinking more about the music, speaking of which, I was actually wondering if you would like to dance?" Vegeta said as he offered Panty his hand. This caused the fallen angel to stare at him for a few moments until she finally made her decision.

"Sure, why not." Panty replied as she accepted the prince's hand, Vegeta then had a subtle smile on his face as he guided the blonde down to the dance floor. They first started with a slow dance by swaying side-to-side with Vegeta's hands resting on the angel's hips with Panty doing the same with the prince's shoulders. That was until the song began to pick up in tempo, in which the pair then began to bump and grind with Vegeta's hands still keeping their grip on the Anarchy sister's sides. Panty then suddenly felt a hard, pole like object poking at her lower back.

"Looks like we have two lovebirds out on the dance floor, let us all cheer for them." said the DJ right after he noticed how the pair was dancing. The crowd then started to cheer and crowd around the two which started to irritate Panty but just when she was about to say something to the unwanted audience, the Saiyan prince had wrapped his right arm around the angel and right afterwords he took off high into the night skies of Daten City.

"HOLY SHIT!" Panty shouted as she noticed the club below appearing to get smaller and smaller.

"What's the matter angel, are you afraid of heights?" Vegeta asked with a playful smirk on his face.

"No, it's just surprising that we're fucking flying right now and it is exhilarating." Panty replied with her hair flowing in the wind.

"I'm glad you like it, but this is just the beginning of what I have planned for you." Vegeta whispered which then caused Panty's excitement to start pooling in her garments.

"I can't wait." Panty cooed right as the two touched down on a nearby mountain top. Panty then took a brief moment to admire the view of the city before she spoke again.

"Tell me Vegeta, what is it that you desire?" Panty questioned as she turned to face the Saiyan prince, Vegeta approached the fallen angel and planted his hands on her hips as he slithered up to her ear.

"I desire for you to bend over." Vegeta hissed as he bent Panty face down over a rock while he simultaneously freed his massive erection from its cloth prison. Panty practically drooled at the sight of Vegeta's dick pressing against her ass. Pleased with how the angel was reacting, the Saiyan prince then locked his thumbs around the laces of her pink panties and slid them down to her knees. He then set both of his hands on Panty's ass, gripping it tightly as he positioned his cock so that it was centered on the angel's anus and thrusted hard into her tight asshole. Panty winced slightly at the pain, but not for long as the pleasure more than made up for it as Vegeta began to move, locking one of his arms around her legs and lifting it up as he did so.

"HOLY FUCK IT'S IN!" Panty shouted with pleasure which made Vegeta develop a smirk as he began to thrust at a much faster pace and it was at that moment that Vegeta began to spank Panty on the ass with his free hand, causing it to redden more and more with every strike.

"OH FUCK THAT FEELS SO GOOD! SPANK MY ASS BABY, OH JESUS!" Panty continued to scream in eardrum-shattering bursts as the Saiyan prince continued to pound her with all of his might, Vegeta then moved from her ass to her hair as he began to pull her head back by it.

"Now I see why Stocking likes all of that BDSM shit." Panty thought as the sharp sensation of pain that she felt slowly turned into waves of pleasure that overcame her. Vegeta then felt the sensation of his balls tightening again and with one final thrust. Vegeta roared with pleasure as he came right into the angel's ass which subsequently made her climax herself as pools of ever flowing girl cum spilled out onto the ground below them right as Vegeta pulled out.

"Well?" Vegeta asked as he tucked his spent member back into his jumpsuit. Panty took a deep long breath and then she said her reply.

"I think that you might've been the best quick fuck that I have ever had." Panty replied as she slipped her panties back up her legs.

"Thanks for the compliment, now I bid you farewell." Vegeta said as he prepared to fly back home to Bulma when he was stopped by the Anarchy sister.

"Wait! Do you at the very least want to continue this a little more at my place?" Panty questioned as she gave the saddest puppy dog look that she could manage. The Saiyan prince then turned to the angel and after a few seconds, he stated his reply.


Chapter Text

(Beerus' Temple: Outer Fields)

"Wow, how long did you and Panty go for?" Goku asked, slowly edging closer to the Saiyan Prince.

"We went on for three more hours after our initial meeting." Vegeta said with a smirk, Goku just shook his head.

"No offense Vegeta, but that sounds impossible." Vegeta immediately let out a laugh in response.

"Of course it would sound impossible to you, after all, you're a low-class with only one spouse while I have had the honor of sleeping with thousands of women and you haven't." Clearly nervous, Goku began rubbing the back of his head.

"Well... about th-" Goku was silenced by Vegeta's hand lashing out at his face, leaving a very noticeable red mark on his cheek.

"But enough about that! On to the third woman that I slept with and that woman was... NYARLATHOTEP!" Vegeta yelled with a voice of grandiose.

"Now-yar-late-to-my-tep, what the hell are you saying?" Goku asked, clearly oblivious to who Vegeta mentioned, the Saiyan Prince just ignored him and began his story.

(This takes place three days after his session with Panty)

(Arkham City, not the one that you're thinking of)

Vegeta came crashing through a pile of rubble, gliding across the ground for a bit before finally stopping himself by planting his feet down, he couldn't regain his composure however as a woman with a busty, curvy figure and black hair materialized behind him and rammed her knee into his spine, causing the Saiyan Prince to fall to the ground, hacking up blood as he did so.

"My, my, this is quite fun." The woman began before then slamming her foot down onto Vegeta's back. "Now then, what was all that bravado about 'breaking me like a twig' about?"

"Damn this 'Nyarlathotep' is powerful, so much so that I don't think even Kakarot's brat would be able to handle her." Vegeta thought to himself as Nyarlathotep so slowly began to put more pressure on the prince's back before suddenly stopping, confusing him greatly.

"Why did you stop?" Vegeta asked right after he reverted to his base form. Nyarlathotep didn't answer and instead kicked Vegeta into an empty alleyway, the Saiyan Prince barely had time to react before Nyarlathotep was already at his side.

"I noticed you staring at my breasts." Nyarlathotep said, causing the Saiyan Prince to immediately tense up.

"I-I am appal-appalled that you would even suggest that!" Vegeta yelled, trying to maintain a small shred of dignity. Nyarlathotep let out a small chuckle before then setting her gaze upon the noticeable bulge in Vegeta's torn jumpsuit.

"Oh your embarrassment is quite adorable." Nya said as she removed her glasses and kneeled down to Vegeta's level.

"Relax big man," She whispered, "I'm going to let you go..." Nya pulled on the sides of her suit, revealing her large breasts. "just have fun with me, please." Vegeta kept shifting his gaze between Nyarlathotep and the alley's exit for a few minutes before suddenly crushing his mouth against Nya's, indicating his answer. Nya was in total ecstasy with the small battle that the two tongues were engaged in, Vegeta then proceeded to push her against the cold wall without breaking the lip-lock. The two's furious make-out session came to a halt as Vegeta set his gaze on Nya's large breasts for a short moment before then digging into his meal, Nyarlathotep tried to hold back a moan while Vegeta nipped and massaged her mounds.

"My god you're good at this!" Nya called out before immediately being silenced by Vegeta slowly rubbing her crotch.

"That's what they tell me." Vegeta whispered, his tongue slithering over almost every word, Nya couldn't help but feel even more fluids pooling into her panties as the prince's voice kept playing in her head. With a devious smirk, Vegeta began to rub much more vigorously, which nearly made Nya climax right then and there.

"Let's see what those mounds can do." Vegeta hissed, lightly pushing Nya to the ground. Horny as hell, Nya immediately rushed towards the prince and with a small tug of her teeth, she ripped through the navy fabric, revealing Vegeta's massive shaft and pouch.

"Holy crap you're huge!" Nya exclaimed in shock to which Vegeta just scoffed.

"I get that a lot, now are you going to service me or not?" Vegeta growled, Nya immediately spread her breasts out and lined it up with Vegeta's "prince" before then lightly pushing so that it completely covered his shaft, beginning the famous sexual act known as paizuri.

"Damn." Vegeta muttered right as Nya began sliding her breasts up and down his length, feeling how the soft flesh pillows worshipped every erogenous zone that it had. Feeling the hormones take control, Nya bent her head down and lapped at the tip every time it peeked out from the top, occasionally taking it completely in her mouth.

"Mmm... your pole tastes delicious, almost like a salty lollipop." Nya said which earned her a small kiss on the lips from the Saiyan Prince, encouraging her to speed up.

"That banana-haired brat's tits were far too small, this however is a nice treat." Vegeta thought as he closed his eyes, letting the pleasure course through his body like volts of electricity.

"Close your eyes on me will you?" Nya whispered with a smirk, she withdrew her breasts after a few minutes which shocked Vegeta for a brief moment before being replaced with two other soft mounds, the prince looked down and noticed that his shaft was now planted in between Nya's asscheeks.

"Just relax and enjoy." Nya said lustfully before then proceeding to grind her ass against the shaft, thus engaging in a buttjob. Vegeta couldn't help but let out a small groan as he felt the pleasure slowly seep into his being. This continued on for a few more minutes until Vegeta suddenly dug his fingers into her rear mounds, earning a gasp from Nya as Vegeta lined up his shaft with her vagina.

"Time for me to show you how a prince deals out pleasure." Vegeta said with a hint of lust in his voice and with one quick and powerful thrust, he entered Nya.

"Holy sh-" Nya was immediately silenced by Vegeta planting a well-timed spank on her right asscheek. Feeling that now was the time, the Saiyan Prince proceeded to thrust into Nya at a steady rhythm that got increasingly faster and faster with every passing moment. Nyarlathotep was trying as hard as she could to not let out a scream as Vegeta continued to pound at her. Deciding to spice things up, Vegeta reached around Nya's back and proceeded to fondle her breasts, pinching and pulling at the mounds.

"Oh fuck yes! Give it to me you stone-cold killer, come on!" Nya yelled out as Vegeta got increasingly more and more brutal with his thrusts. This lasted for a few more minutes until Vegeta pulled out which angered Nya but that anger wouldn't last long when she felt Vegeta thrusting his cock into her ass without lubricant which caused pain to spike through her body for a split-second before then being replaced with pleasure.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, yes that's it, uh, uh, uh! Keep pounding my ass!" Nya cried out to which Vegeta then decided to give a few swift spanks to her ass that left her in ecstasy.

"Tell me, what is my name?" Vegeta asked as he set his hands lightly around Nya's throat.

"Vegeta." She said lightly to which Vegeta provided a quick spank in response.


"Vegeta!" She cried out, the Saiyan Prince then let a small smile develop before he then grabbed her hair.

"I want to hear you scream, I want to hear you yell out my name to the heavens, let every divine being know just exactly who the hell I am!" Vegeta growled, Nya then couldn't take it anymore as she reached her climax.

"VEEEEGGGGGGEEEEETTTTTAAAAA!" Nya screamed right as the first spurts of girl-cum began spouting out like a sprinkler. Vegeta's grunts began to become more and more breathless with every passing moment, he could feel his dick twitching with life and ready to burst. Finally, Vegeta pulled out and stroked furiously for a few seconds before letting out a huge burst of cum all over Nya's back and hair although she didn't seem to react. Curious, the prince examined her face, noticing that her eyes were sealed tight which brought a smirk to his face.

"She passed out, heh, guess she couldn't take my sexual might, I can't leave her out here though." Vegeta said to himself as he picked up the passed out Nya and in just a few seconds he flew off into the night.

Chapter Text

(Beerus' Temple: Outer Fields)

"So... did you take her home?" Goku asked with his arms crossed, Vegeta rolled his eyes.

"No I ripped out her heart and slapped a baby with it, OF COURSE I BROUGHT HER HOME KAKAR-" Vegeta froze once he noticed that Beerus, the god of destruction, was standing up with his expression showing signs of irritation.

"How da-" Suddenly, Beerus was cut off by a blue hand coming down hard onto his head.

"Alright, that is enough!" Whis yelled before he grabbed the cat's ear and looked up at the two Saiyans.

"Please continue on with your conversation and don't mind me, I just have business to attend to." And with that said, Whis dragged Beerus back to their temple, leaving Goku and Vegeta to their discussion but were stopped by a sudden rumble in Vegeta's pocket.

"Excuse me Kakarot." Vegeta said as he pulled out his phone, the same phone that Maka had given him. The Saiyan Prince opened up his text messages and was not the least bit surprised by the picture he saw, which was of Panty with her ass facing the camera and a seductive smile with a small message underneath.

"U can hav dis ass wheneva u want." The prince groaned at the message due to the fact that it gave him quite the erection while his rival looked on.

"Wow, that Panty sure wants your milk." Goku said, Vegeta's attention immediately shot towards him.

"Kakarot... what the hell did you just say?" Vegeta asked in disbelief.

"You know, that white stuff that comes out of your rod after a lot of sexual attention." said Goku with a slight hint of sheepishness.

"So you mean to tell me that you have had sex with your wife many times and yet you do not know what semen is?!" Goku nodded in response, leaving the prince dumbfounded for a few minutes.

"I'll just get on with the next woman before I kill someone." Vegeta said with a groan.

(This takes place two days after the session with Nyarlathotep and it takes place at some point during Shippuden.)

(Nondescript Forest)

"UGGH!" grunted Sasuke as he collided with a tree, he didn't stay attached for long however as he noticed a rapidly approaching blue energy ball that he quickly dodged, watching as the ball completely obliterated the object, leaving nothing but several shards of burnt bark.

"This guy is powerful..." Sasuke thought before noticing the prince flying straight at him with yellow aura glowing, "then again, he is also quite stupid." the Uchiha quickly avoided the attack with a well-timed dodge roll and began to make a few hand motions as soon as he got to his feet.

"Fire Style: FIREBALL JUTSU!" Sasuke then spat out a fireball that was rapidly approaching the prince and soon, all Sasuke saw was a huge explosion that was created by the ball of ember and once it dissipated, there was nothing but a large crater with no sign of Vegeta. Sasuke couldn't help but feel unease settling in as he continued to examine the crater.

"This battle is not over," Sasuke said to himself, silence lasted for a few minutes until the sudden sound of cracking bark alerted him a few moments too late as he felt the full force of Vegeta's knee going deep into his stomach.

"Now it is." Vegeta whispered before pulling his knee back, watching Sasuke drop to the ground, puking up blood as he lowered to his knees.

"Who the hell sent you?!" yelled Sasuke after wiping blood from his chin. Vegeta just laughed right as he powered down.

"That's none of your concern," Vegeta began while lifting up his hand, which had a faint blue light shining through his fingers. "time to say goodbye. BIG... BANG... ATTA-" Suddenly, a man with a black coat and orange mask had tackled the prince, causing the two to roll for a bit before ending with the strange man ending up on top of Vegeta in an awkward position. Vegeta's head felt like it was spinning while the man stared at him through the mask's single eye-hole.

"I'm sorry," The man began with a strange high-pitched voice. "my name is Tobi and I absolutely cannot allow you to kill my waifu!" Vegeta watched as the man got off of him and began to perform a series of strange movements that he assumed were meant to represent anger, but he was actually busy wondering about what the man just called his target.

"Umm... wha-" Tobi suddenly made a move and knocked Vegeta down to the ground with a kick.

"But enough about that," Suddenly, Tobi's eye appeared, showing a red iris with three dark dots and his voice became noticeably deeper and much more sinister. "Sasuke, leave this one, he is of no importance to us." Sasuke looked up at Tobi for a few moments, unsure about whether or not he should follow him. After what felt like three minutes, Sasuke stood up and disappeared from the scene along with Tobi, leaving Vegeta before he had any time to react.

"Damn!" Vegeta cursed as he slammed his fist on the ground. "That's the second time I lost this week, what the hell is wrong with me?!" Enraged with himself, Vegeta took off into the sky with his blue aura quickly trailing behind.

(Hidden Leaf Village)

"Oh man, you're right Naruto, this ramen is good!" Goku exclaimed as he continued to shovel whole bowls of noodles into his mouth with every passing minute. Goku looked the same as ever except for one small difference and that was the bright halo hovering over his head. Thanks to the likes of King Yemma, Goku was given a chance to live again for at least a week as a reward for his selfless sacrifice.

"I told you didn't I?!" Naruto exclaimed back, doing the same actions as Goku. The two then halted their meal once they noticed Vegeta flying overhead with Goku being the first to say something.

"Hey Vegeta!" Goku said, causing several noodle strings and vegetable clumps to spill out of his mouth. The prince just ignored his rival and continued down his current direction.

"What's wrong with him?" Naruto asked as he wiped his mouth with his sleeve. Goku just shook his head.

"He is usually like that, you'll get used to it after awhile." Goku began while wiping his mouth. "Hey want to have a sparring match?" Naruto turned to him with an excited expression.

"YEAH!" The two immediately rushed down the dirt pathway, ready to test their strength against one another.

Meanwhile, at the Hokage Residence...

The room was quiet, far too quiet for Lady Tsunade, who sat at her desk patiently waiting for someone to return. She also wondered about the status of a certain Uchiha and how his friendship was with Naruto.

"Naruto can't find out about this," The hokage whispered to herself. "as much as I hate to admit it, Sasuke needs to be punished for his crimes, I do wish that we didn't have to kill him but it might be the only w-"

"Lady Tsunade?" The hokage nearly fell out of her seat when Shizune, who tried to hold back a giggle, broke the silence. Slightly embarrassed, Tsunade straightened herself up.

"Yes Shizune?" Shizune opened the door, revealing a disgruntled Vegeta walking through the entryway.

"You have someone who wants to se-"

"She knows, please leave us." Vegeta ordered with a growl, Shizune immediately rushed out of the room and shut the door. Slightly troubled by Vegeta's anger, the hokage leaned in close inquisitively.

"What's upsetting you Vegeta?" Tsunade asked.

"I lost him..." Vegeta mumbled.

"Who did you l-" Tsunade was immediately silenced by Vegeta roughly sliding his hand across the desk, knocking down every item that was set on it and planted his palms flat on the desk soon afterword.

"I LOST SASUKE!" Vegeta roared with a yellow aura pulsing around him. "I was so close to killing the little shit too, hell, I would've done so if it weren't for this one masked bastard showing up!"

"It isn't exactly your fault." Silence filled the room with Vegeta's expression going dark. After a few minutes, Tsunade kept watching Vegeta's movements, unsure of what he would do next.

"Don't... coddle me," Suddenly, Vegeta tossed the desk aside right after his Super Saiyan form kicked in and backed Tsunade up against a wall. "DON'T YOU DARE CODDLE ME! YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH DAMAGE THIS DOES TO MY PRIDE!" Tsunade tried desperately to calm the prince down but to no avail as Vegeta's anger kept rising and rising. "You never told me he had an accomplice."

"We weren't aware of tha-" Vegeta silenced the hokage by slamming his fist into the wall with the hokage jumping a slight tad once she noticed how if he had aimed just a little more to his left, she would've been a goner.

"NO EXCUSES!" Vegeta growled. "I am through with getting toyed with and I am through with failing!"

Tsunade's gaze locked on Vegeta's emerald eyes which seemed to have a hint of lust reflecting off of them. "The fact he even is this strong is quite a nice surprise..." The hokage felt the lower portion of her robes getting increasingly wet which irritated her greatly. "Damn my hormones."

"Lady Tsunade, I'm ready for my tra-" Vegeta immediately relaxed his posture and turned around to see Sakura Haruno, Tsunade's pupil, and Shizune standing completely still with a hint of fright in their eyes. Frustrated, Tsunade quickly stood up straight and put her hands on her hips.

"I'm fine Sakura, don't worry." Tsunade then focused her gaze on her assistant. "That goes for you too Shizune."

"L-Lady Tsunade, what was going on in he-" Sakura was immediately silenced by the hokage setting the tip of her finger on her lips.

"It was just a discussion, there is no worry." Tsunade said with a smile, though her mind thought differently.

"Just a discussion?!" She thought, "Oh sure, because all discussions involve you staring down a raging warrior from an alien race while your hormones acted up." Tsunade's expression changed for a brief second as an idea came into her head. "Maybe I can get some relief from both Sakura and Veget- what am I thinking?! Get your mind out of the gutter Tsunade, you're a hokage, you got a whole village to keep in line, keep these perverted fantasies out of your head." As soon as the door closed, Tsunade rushed to lock it, hoping to keep some semblance of her sanity intact but unfortunately once she turned her head, she caught a sight that was sending her hormones into overdrive.

Tsunade knew that Sakura had a figure ever since her very first lesson, but it was more painfully noticeable now especially with her outfit. The hokage's gaze was locked on the kunoichi's ass that was just barely being held back by her navy skirt and black shorts, which were clinging to her form in a similar manner to lovers in a liplock. Tsunade could feel her arousal pool into her panties at a much more vigorous rate.

"Umm... are you feeling alright Lady Tsunade?" Sakura's question broke Tsunade's train of thought immediately.

"I think I know what is going on now." Vegeta thought to himself as he watched the scene in front of him. "Tsunade is... struggling with primal urges." His mouth soon developed into a smirk as the truth hit him. "I can work with that." Vegeta and Tsunade both locked eyes and nodded, understanding their urges and what they were about to embark on.

"Sakura, Vegeta, I think that the two of you deserve a break from training so..." Tsunade gave a quick glance at Vegeta and winked. "how about we go to a bar and find a place to crash and relax." Sakura lightly grasped her chin, unsure of what to make of the hokage's sudden urge to kick back and relax. This lasted for a few minutes before she finally made her decision.

"Alright, I guess I could go for a break every now and then." Sakura said with a smile. Vegeta responded only with a nod which brought a smile to the hokage's face.

"Good, now let's get moving." The three immediately rushed out the door with Vegeta and Tsunade being the only ones that were aware of the real plan.

(Konoha Motel)

The trio burst through the door of their room, slightly tipsy from the drinks beforehand.

"That felt nice!" Sakura yelled after she fell back onto the bed. "Why didn't you do this earlier Lady Tsunade?" Amused by her pupil's excitement, Tsunade couldn't help but let out a small chuckle as she watched the normally serious kunoichi kick back.

"Needed to make sure that your skills were honed before I even considered it." Listening in on the two shinobi, Vegeta sat down on the edge of the bed just as Sakura rolled over on her belly, revealing her clothed ass, which nearly gave him a nosebleed. Noticing the prince ogling her in her peripheral vision, Sakura let a small smirk develop as she delivered a hard smack to her rear.

"Like what you see buddy?" Sakura teased which caused a large blush to develop on Vegeta's face.

"Erm... y-yes." Giggling for a brief moment at Vegeta's embarrassment/arousal, the pink-haired kunoichi got on all fours and crawled towards the prince with a hungry gleam in her eye.

"I don't know if it's the alcohol talking but I have to say, you arouse me." Vegeta watched as Sakura tossed her gloves to the side and removed her shirt, revealing a pair of C-cup sized breasts that were being concealed by her black bra. It was right at this moment that Vegeta decided to let his hormones take control.

"In that case..." Without warning, Vegeta pulled Sakura close into a crushing battle of tongues. Moaning softly, the kunoichi could feel her hands glide up the Saiyan's body, feeling every bit of rock-hard muscle that he had before then undoing the clasps of his armor which he shook off with relative ease. Without breaking the kiss, Vegeta pushed the kunoichi down onto the bed and gripped her ass lightly, which caused her to let out a moan. Tsunade felt her arousal pool again into her panties as she watched Vegeta fondle her student.

"Better undress quickly." Tsunade thought to herself with a smirk before then beginning to undo her robe.

Vegeta and Sakura continued to kiss for a few more seconds until the prince released her ass and delivered a hard smack to it.

"Oh yeah..." Sakura moaned to which Vegeta gave her a perverted look.

"You like that, well there was more where that came from." Vegeta crushed his mouth against Sakura's again and delivered three more smacks to her rear. Sakura moaned in ecstasy as she felt the Saiyan's strong palm deliver more and more smacks before then ripping her skirt and shorts off completely, exposing a pair of red panties to the cool air.

"I want to have a taste of you." Vegeta immediately rolled off of Sakura and laid flat on his back, his erection threatening to tear through the blue fabric as soon as he did so. Lustfully licking her lips, the kunoichi lowered her hand and gripped the erection, sending a shiver down the prince's spine before then proceeding to slide her hand up and down his clothed length.

"Damn..." Vegeta muttered as he watched Sakura jack him off through the fabric of his jumpsuit, only to be distracted by a completely nude Tsunade approaching from the right side opposite to Sakura. Without speaking, Tsunade gave a lustful look as she lightly pushed the kunoichi's hands away before then proceeding to dig her nails into the fabric, ripping it open to reveal Vegeta's prick. The hokage immediately kneeled down along with Sakura and the two proceeded to lick and nibble at the sides of Vegeta's cock.

The prince let out a soft moan as he set his hands on their heads, guiding them along his length for a few seconds before Tsunade then lowered her head down to Vegeta's balls and suckled them with Sakura continuing to glide her tongue along his shaft.

"You girls are doing just fine." Vegeta said softly as he massaged the back of their heads, coaxing them to continue. Sakura continued to glide her head along his shaft, only stopping occasionally to have her tongue circle the mushroom-shaped head. This continued on for a few more minutes until the kunoichi changed position, removing her panties in the process. Sakura moved her body up the bed until her crotch was at mouth-level with Vegeta, she kept it hovered over his face for a few moments before then lowering it, feeling his tongue enter her as she did so.

"Eat me out!" ordered Sakura right as Vegeta began to lick and nibble at her pussy. Feeling left out of the action, Tsunade wrapped her large breasts around Vegeta's shaft and began to perform paizuri, sliding her breasts up and down his length, licking and sucking at the head when it came into view.

"OH FMMMPPHH!" Vegeta growled, muffled only by Sakura's sex covering his mouth. Vegeta began to lap at Sakura's G-spot, which sent her into a frenzy.

"Oh fuck yes, don't stop!" Deciding to kick it up a notch, the prince began to deliver a couple hard smacks to Sakura's ass before then shoving his right middle finger into her puckered hole.

"Holy shit, I'm gonna..." The kunoichi couldn't finish her sentence and let out a earth-shattering scream, spilling out fluids into Vegeta's mouth as she did so. The Saiyan Prince promptly lapped it up and swallowed before then giving a hand signal for Tsunade to stop.

The hokage looked up at the slightly disheveled Sakura with a smile. "Well, looks like you got quite the ride." Sakura couldn't respond as her string of breathless pants became nearly impossible to break. Vegeta then lightly pushed Sakura off of her and got into the missionary position. He proceeded to rub the cockhead against her outer lips for a few seconds before finally thrusting in, causing Sakura to let out a cry of ecstasy. Seeing a chance to be pleasured, Tsunade moved up the bed and bent over so that her ass was facing Vegeta, who immediately began to lap at her pussy while Sakura proceeded to suck on and massage her breasts.

"Mmm..." Tsunade moaned as she felt the two get to work on her. The sex lasted for at least an hour with the pair switching between different positions every couple of minutes.

One: Vegeta pounded away at Tsunade's ass doggie style while Sakura lapped at her pussy.

Two: Tsunade and Sakura grinded both of their asses against Vegeta's shaft while he laid back and watched.

Three: Tsunade is on top, bouncing herself on Vegeta's shaft while he laps away at her breasts with Sakura licking at his balls.

Four: Vegeta has Sakura's ankles slung over his shoulders as he pounds away at her pussy while Tsunade masturbates.

Five: The two take turns deepthroating Vegeta's shaft while he pushes their heads down.

Final: Vegeta closes in on the kunoichi that are on their knees while furiously stroking his shaft, trying to bring himself to climax. Tsunade and Sakura open their mouths and proceed to lick their lips, waiting for their treat. After a few more seconds, Vegeta let out a cry.

"Uhhh... Oh fuck! AUUGGHH!" His load blew into their mouths and slightly covered their faces. Feeling satisfied, the two licked the mess off of their faces before proceeding to swallow it, revelling in the salty taste.

"That was amazing." said Tsunade as she got into the bed along with Sakura and Vegeta. "But I don't think it was adequate enough." Vegeta immediately shot the two of them a perverted grin.

"Want to experience more of the prince?" The pair immediately nodded before lowering their heads down under the blankets and towards Vegeta's quickly hardening shaft.

Chapter Text

(Beerus' Temple Outer Fields)

"Forgive me Vegeta, but that... just sounds incredibly ridiculous." Goku said with doubt.

"And why is that?" questioned Vegeta. Goku cleared his throat before he began.

"I met both Tsunade and Sakura beforehand and I will tell you right now, the only woman that would even consider having sex with you regardless of your nature would've been Sakura... in her early, brash years. The fact that you got both of them in bed at once AND managed to grip Tsunade by the throat sounds way too far-fetched." Vegeta stared daggers into Goku's eyes and let out a small growl.

"Do you take me for a liar Kakarot?" Vegeta said with a growl. Goku crossed his arms and gave his rival a stern look.

"I just have my concerns is all." The two Saiyans stared each other down as tension filled the air. Finally after a few minutes, Vegeta broke the silence.

"Let's just get through the stories Kakarot and afterword we can discuss this matter, alright?" Goku gave a nod in agreement which caused a small smirk to develop on Vegeta's face.

"Good, now shall we begin?"

(This takes place a week after the night with Tsunade.)

(Energy Tank, Night Club)

Vegeta made his way through the crowd and into a large room that had a dim blue color lighting up its large dance floor, the music playing was the standard pop and electronic fare or in other words, music that Vegeta didn't care for in the slightest, in fact he really doesn't like the club scene in general. He only comes here for the drinks and a certain green-haired girl whom he immediately spotted sitting at the edge of the bar, looking down at her martini with clear dissatisfaction.

"I take it you were expecting me, Morrigan?" The succubus looked up at Vegeta with a face full of glee. Vegeta was just about to continue speaking when Morrigan jumped up and hugged the prince tightly. Vegeta blushed a slight bit when he looked down at Morrigan's massive cleavage, which in turn caused her to blush as well.

"So, what brings you here?" Morrigan asked as she broke the embrace. Vegeta let out a sigh.

"The usual." Morrigan locked eyes with Vegeta right after motioning for the bartender to hand over a martini.

"What's got you down this time?" The prince took a swig of his martini, revelling in its taste and smell before continuing.

"Well first off, Kakarot's gone and thanks to the fact that he was already revived by the Dragon Balls before, he can't be brought back to life and as for the state of the planet... well that bastard Cell sure made a mess of things," Vegeta began to clench his fist in anger as he approached a certain subject. "and those human insects... such ungrateful trash, they blamed us for the near-destruction of their world and praised that weakling they call Hercule. They make me wish that I could go back to being the ruthless Saiyan Prince I once was." Morrigan began to rub the Saiyan's shoulder in a caring manner.

"You shouldn't harp on that so much." Vegeta looked up at her with a hint of anger.

"I wish it were that easy but it really isn't," Vegeta took another sip of his drink and slammed it down on the counter. "I hate to admit it but I sometimes wish that I had Kakarot's ability to deal with the humans as easily as he does. He just... he just has that infectious charm that admittedly has gotten to me a little." Morrigan let out a small giggle before she lightly cupped her hand around the Saiyan's chin.

"You know what I think you need?" Morrigan asked with a smirk.

"It's what I came here for isn't it?"

"It most certainly is." suddenly, Morrigan crushed her mouth against Vegeta's, lowering her hand to his crotch as she did so. With a light push, Vegeta broke the kiss and leaned his head closer so that he was mere inches away from her ear.

"As much as I would love to fuck you right here and now, I don't think the crowd would take too kindly to it." Vegeta whispered, which sent a shiver down Morrigan's spine.

"I see what you're saying," Morrigan began with a seductive voice. "how about we leave this place and do this outside?" Vegeta's mouth developed into a lustful grin.

"Kinky, I love it." The two finished the last of their drinks before rushing out the doors and into the cool night air, Vegeta scanned the area for any civilians, making sure that no one would be there to catch them. Once he confirmed that the coast was clear, the Saiyan Prince lightly gripped Morrigan by the arm and ducked into a nearby alleyway.

"I've been waiting for this." Morrigan said as she lowered to a crouching position, she lightly pressed her right hand against the bulge in Vegeta's pants, feeling how much the fabric was stressed by his length. She began to lightly rub her hand up and down the clothed shaft, sending shivers down Vegeta's spine as she did so. She continued for a few seconds before she finally tugged the pants downward, watching as Vegeta's hard cock bobbed and twitched in the night.

"*chuckle* Wow, I forgot how big this was." Morrigan said as she began to lightly stroke the prince's length. Vegeta leaned back against the hard wall and relaxed, letting Morrigan work her magic. The succubus lowered her head down to Vegeta's tip, giving it a few flicks with her tongue before taking the whole thing in her mouth, inciting a moan from the prince. Pleased with the reaction she was getting, Morrigan began to bob her head along Vegeta's length, only gagging a slight bit when reaching the base.

"Fuck." Vegeta grunted as he gripped Morrigan's head, grabbing fistfuls of hair. With a smile, Morrigan pulled away from Vegeta's shaft and dragged her tongue across the entirety of his length before engulfing it back into her mouth. Feeling his urges take control, Vegeta began to thrust into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat with every move. He continued to pound away at her throat for a few minutes before letting out a low growl as he shot his seed into Morrigan's mouth and down her throat. Once he heard a sound that indicated she was done swallowing, Vegeta pulled his rapidly hardening length away from Morrigan's mouth.

"Come here." Vegeta commanded with a gesture. Morrigan immediately moved towards Vegeta and gave him a kiss on the lips. With a devilish grin, Vegeta pushed Morrigan's back against the wall and tore open her suit with the succubus letting out a gasp as the cold air hit her bare skin. Not wanting to wait any longer, Vegeta lined up his cock with her entrance and thrusted upwards.

"Shit." Morrigan gasped. Not wasting any more time, Vegeta began to thrust at a steady pace and rhythm, sliding his shaft in and out of her wet entrance with incredible speed and strength.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, that's it baby, shove that cock up that snatch of mine!" Morrigan said through gritted teeth, making Vegeta even hornier. The Saiyan Prince soon turned his attention towards Morrigan's breasts and proceeded to lick and suck on her nipples, leaving little circles with his tongue while pinching and rubbing the other breast, making sure that both were properly tended to. Morrigan let out a growl of pleasure as she wrapped her legs around Vegeta's waist while also clawing at his back.

"Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! FUCK YES, RIGHT THERE, OH HOW I MISSED THIS COCK!" Vegeta kept up with his powerful thrusts, listening to the sound of his balls slapping against Morrigan's skin with every move. He continued for a few more minutes before suddenly pulling out, letting Morrigan lightly fall to the ground.

"Bend over." Morrigan immediately pressed her hands against the wall and bent over so that her ass was jutting out towards Vegeta, she soon felt a pair of powerful hands grip her ass cheeks as a hard rod pushed into her anal caverns.

"Fuck!" She grunted with a mixture of pain and pleasure. With gritted teeth, Vegeta began to thrust again, this time starting at his max speed. Morrigan clenched her fists as pleasure overtook her once again, Vegeta continued to pound away at her ass and planted a hard smack on her left cheek, causing her to let out a moan.

"Oh I love it when you spank my ass!" The succubus cried out as Vegeta began to inflict more and more smacks until her skin became reddened. Feeling closer to climax, Vegeta leaned down and gripped Morrigan's breasts, proceeding to roughly knead and rub them as he continued his powerful thrusts.

"FUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!" Morrigan cried out as she released her juices and it was at this moment that Vegeta couldn't take anymore.

"UUUGGGHHH!" Vegeta grunted before he then proceeded to pump gallons upon gallons of cum inside of Morrigan's ass. The Saiyan Prince slowly pulled out, causing cum to shoot out along her back and into her hair, Vegeta continued to shoot for a few more seconds before finally ceasing.

"Clean me." Vegeta ordered and before he knew it, Morrigan already had engulfed his shaft completely, proceeding to clean every inch of it with her tongue. After a few more moments, she pulled away and wiped the remaining cum from her mouth.

"Mmmm... much better than the martini." Morrigan said with a smirk.

"I bet," suddenly, Vegeta turned Morrigan so that her ass faced him. "but I'm not done yet." Before Morrigan could ask anything, Vegeta had dug his tongue into her pussy and proceeded to suck on her clit.

"One last hurrah for little ol' me, oh you shouldn't have." Morrigan said as she pressed Vegeta's face deep into her caverns. Her body, being still sensitive from her previous climax, didn't hold out as after about two minutes, Morrigan already let out another scream as she came right into Vegeta's mouth with the latter immediately swallowing and licking up every last drop. Feeling satisfied, Vegeta pulled away from Morrigan and quickly caught her the moment she lost consciousness.

"Damn, I really overdid it." Vegeta thought to himself with a smirk. "Not like it matters anyway."

"Hey, what the hell is going on back there!?" Not wanting to be caught by the security, Vegeta quickly pulled up his pants and took off into the skies with Morrigan still in his grasp and after moving considerable distance away from the club, Vegeta let out a sigh of relief.

"I needed that." The prince said with a smile as he looked down at his sleeping succubus. "Thank you Morrigan, I hope to see you again soon."

Chapter Text

(Beerus' Temple Outer Fields)

"Wow, so is Morrigan like your go to person for relief?" Vegeta nodded.

"She is, now would you like to hear about the next woman that I slept with?" Vegeta's face soon developed into a smirk. "Or should I say... women, because I had sex with Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin of the Honnouji Academy." Goku's eyes nearly popped out of his head right after he heard this small bit of news but before he could ask anything, Vegeta began to tell his tale.

(This takes place two weeks after the Buu Saga)

(Honnouji Academy Battlefield)

"HAAAHHH!" With this mighty yell, Ryuko and Satsuki's weapons collided with Vegeta's torso, causing pools of blood to spill from his mouth as he stumbled backward. Without warning, the two rushed towards Vegeta and unleashed a flurry of strikes with Vegeta just barely managing to block them.

"I don't believe it," Vegeta thought. "these two are strong, way stronger than the other students." Vegeta halted his thoughts when he saw Satsuki's weapon coming down in an overhead strike, he quickly performed an afterimage, avoiding her attack entirely and retaliating quickly with an elbow to the back that knocked her straight through the walls of the academy. "What's the matter, is that all you've got?" In just a few seconds, Satsuki rushed through the hole in the wall and launched a devastating kick to Vegeta's pride and joy.

"Nope." Satsuki responded coldly, watching as Vegeta crumpled to the ground. Setting her sword to the side, Ryuko walked up to Satsuki's left.

"Wow, you could've been at least somewhat honorable about defeating him." Before Satsuki could say anything, Vegeta stood up with a dark look on his bloodied face.

"N-no..." A dark yellow aura surrounded the Saiyan as the ground began to shake a slight bit. "I will not allow you to make a mockery of ME!" Vegeta threw his arms out to the side and let out a roar of anger, transforming into a Super Saiyan. Satsuki scoffed in response.

"You tried that blond form once and it was to no avail, just give up." Vegeta did not respond and instead focused on powering up. Suddenly, the yellow aura had formed into an orb shape as he began to hover away from the ground. The light that was emanating from the aura soon became bright to the point where every student had to shield their eyes.

"URRRRAAAAGGGGHHH!" A yellow flash spread throughout the academy, lingering for a few more seconds before finally dissipating, which revealed the prince, finally ascended to the next level.

(Beerus' Temple Outer Fields)

"Hold on a moment, YOU transformed into a Super Saiyan 3?!" Goku yelled in a disbelieving manner.

"Yes, why does it matter?" Goku looked the prince dead in the eyes.

"Well, correct me if I'm wrong here but... I remember you not using that form at all in any of our battles!" Vegeta held out his hand, silencing Goku before he explained.

"You're right, I never used the form afterword give or take a few solo battles and you want to know why? Simple, it drained too much energy from me AND it would've only been useful if I was dead or in other words, I put my main focus into my base and first two Super Saiyan forms before you did Kakarot." Dumbfounded by his friend, Goku stayed silent, allowing Vegeta to continue his tale.

(Honnouji Academy Battlefield)

"Umm... Satsuki, do you have any idea about what the hell we're loo-" Ryuko was silenced by Vegeta's supercharged punch to her gut, which knocked her out immediately. Smirking, Satsuki got into her fighting stance.

"A challenge?" Satsuki made a charge for Vegeta. "Let's go." With blinding speed, Satsuki threw a punch that was quickly countered by Vegeta's own, causing a shockwave that launched any surrounding students backward and into various walls and fences, knocking them out cold. Vegeta spat on the ground.

"Hmph, weakling." Angered by the comment, Satsuki thrust her knee up into Vegeta's gut, causing the prince to stumble for a few seconds. Seeing her chance, Satsuki lunged at Vegeta with a punch that collided with his face, causing sputters of blood to spill from his mouth.

"Well?" Satsuki asked with a smirk, Vegeta eyed her with such intensity that it almost felt like her soul's privacy was being invaded.

"Let's just skip the warmup." Vegeta lunged at Satsuki with the latter preparing for the strike, only to be completely shocked when her opponent seemed to disappear.

"What the..." Suddenly Vegeta appeared behind her with a light blue orb in his hand.

"BIG BANG ATTACK!" The blue orb shot forward, carrying Satsuki until it finally hit a wall, immediately exploding upon contact. It was as right at this moment that Ryuko woke up, trying to comprehend what just happened along with a small "internal battle" of sorts.

"Wow, this guy is extremely powerful," Ryuko thought to herself as she watched Vegeta power down. "and quite muscular, to the point where..." She froze in fear after feeling something pool into her panties. Hoping her fears were just bluffs, Ryuko carefully slid her fingers down her panties and pulled them out a few seconds later, she cursed herself after noticing the clear fluid that covered her fingers, only to get an unexpected response from Senketsu.

"HEY! Now is not the time to be worrying about your hormones! GET THE HELL OUT THERE AND FIGHT!" Ryuko looked down at Senketsu, dumbfounded by the Kamui's reaction. She had no time to work the issue out however as when she looked up, she saw the Saiyan Prince standing over her, casting a shadow over her whole body.

"I'm not here to kill you." Vegeta said, holding out his hand.

"Then what are you here for?" Ryuko questioned as she took the hand and lifted herself up.

"Before it was just to test my strength but now..." Vegeta leaned in close so that his mouth was hovering slightly over her ear and spoke in a whisper. "after seeing you stare at that fluid, I think I want you." Ryuko stared at the Saiyan Prince with mouth agape, shocked by what she just heard. With a smile, Vegeta lightly grasped her hand. "Look, I want both you and Satsuki, if you don't want to do this then fine but tell me your thoughts soon."

"You're talking about fucking aren't you?" Ryuko asked bluntly.

"Isn't it obvious?" Vegeta's smirk grew into a full grin after Ryuko's hard blush had begun to show through. "So, are you interested?"

"I...I.." With moves that were fast as lightning, Vegeta pulled Ryuko close with his lips soon beginning to caress the nape of her neck, inciting a moan from the 18 year old. Being so focused on his actions, Vegeta barely had time to react to Satsuki's charging kick that came crashing into his midriff.

"What the *cough* fuck!?" Vegeta cursed with blood running down his mouth as he stumbled, Ryuko immediately shot a glare at Satsuki.

"THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU QUEEN BEE, CAN'T YOU SEE THAT HE ISN'T ATTACKING US?!" Satsuki stared at the student for a few moments, a devilish smirk forming as she did.

"Oh my sweet Matoi," Satsuki began to caress Ryuko's cheek in the same way as a parent might do to a child. "letting your guard down as easily as you did is just ridiculous. After all, you do want to find your father's killer don't y-" Ryuko launched her leg upwards, hitting Satsuki right in her lady parts. Realizing the danger of the two killing each other, Vegeta sprung into action and immediately split the pair up.

"Let's just discuss these matters with a kind chat, shall we?" Vegeta's voice had a clear hint of nervousness. The two students looked at each other for a few more seconds with Satsuki still clutching her injured crotch.

"You know what," Began Ryuko as she sheathed her weapon. "I have been fighting for quite some time now and while I do have breaks, Mako can get painfully grating at times." Senketsu quietly reverted back into a standard sailor uniform with only Vegeta showing signs of surprise. "If this is the only chance that I have to take a break then damn it I'm taking it." Satsuki immediately took her chance and berated Ryuko.

"Have you been conspiring with the enemy," Satsuki's voice slowly raised with every word spoken. "because your insolence IS CLEARLY SHOWI-"

"Oh cut that 'School Queen' crap out, this man... erm.. what's your name?"

"Vegeta." The prince said with a roll of his eyes.

"Vegeta, has already admitted that he only wanted to test his strength, nothing more and nothing less. So if you can't drop your dumb pride for the sake of just having a good time then I'm sorry, but you have issues." Satsuki glared at Ryuko, almost to the point of where it felt like daggers were going deep into her soul. The stare down lasted for a few minutes before Satsuki reluctantly relaxed herself.

"Fine, but if he does anything stupid so help me, I will beat him down to the point where there will be nothing left to salvage." Not showing a single hint of fear, Vegeta wrapped his arms around the two girls and took off towards the direction of the nearest hotel.

(Nondescript Hotel)

The door flew open to reveal Vegeta and Ryuko locked in a make-out session with the latter's legs being wrapped around the Saiyan's waist. Satsuki was busy kissing on the nape of Vegeta's neck and proceeded to undress the prince as she did so. Once they reached the bed, Vegeta lightly tossed Ryuko on to the mattress and pulled off his top soon after, revealing his scarred muscular figure before then proceeding to crush his mouth against Ryuko's, continuing their kissing session. After a few more seconds, Vegeta released Ryuko, allowing her to breathe.

"Wow, you're a good kisser." Ryuko said breathlessly. With a devilish smirk, Vegeta kneeled down and began to remove the top portion of Ryuko's sailor uniform, exposing her white bra to the cold air of the hotel room. Pleased at the sight, the prince began to kiss on the nape of Ryuko's neck while proceeding to rub her crotch through the fabric of her white panties, causing her to let out a few small moans. Feeling left out, Satsuki pulled up a chair, spread her legs and proceeded to masturbate.

"Mmm..." moaned Ryuko as she rubbed the back of Vegeta's head. After a few seconds, the Saiyan Prince pulled away from Ryuko and gave a hand gesture for the two women to come closer. Once the pair got close enough, Vegeta dropped his pants, freeing his erection before then proceeding to lightly grip the two by their hair.

"Service me... now." Vegeta pushed the two against his erection. After a few seconds, the pair proceeded to drag their tongues along his length, caressing every indentation that the veins made.

"Damn, how do I find such good servants." Vegeta thought to himself as the pair continued to lick and nibble at his shaft. This lasted for a few minutes before the two then decided to toss their bras to the side and proceeded to sandwich Vegeta's shaft in between their breasts, once again performing the act of paizuri. The prince let out a small growl as he felt his cock growing harder with every motion that the two made. After a few more minutes, Vegeta pulled the two away and immediately threw Ryuko down on the bed, ripping away at her panties as soon as she hit the mattress and quickly lined his cock up with her enticing entrance.

"I'm going to make you scream." The prince practically slithered over every word, making Ryuko all the more excited and with a strong thrust, Vegeta entered Ryuko, who had to desperately try to keep herself from cumming right then and there. Feeling comfortable, the prince proceeded to thrust with a consistent rhythm but before Ryuko could cry out in pleasure, Satsuki moved up onto the mattress and moved a bit of the panty fabric aside, revealing her sopping wet pussy before then proceeding to lower herself onto Matoi's face.

"Lick me, I need something out of this." Satsuki ordered before Ryuko could protest. With a sex drive that was not letting her quit, Ryuko began to lap at her superior's sex, only stopping when Vegeta's unrelenting thrusts got to her. For the first time in a while, Satsuki's concentration began to break as Ryuko started to expertly and aggressively lap at her clit with moans that were beginning to escape her lips. Not pausing his thrusting, Vegeta grabbed Satsuki's face and roughly forced his tongue into her mouth, starting a rough tongue battle as he continued to pound away at Ryuko. This continued on for a few more minutes before Vegeta let out a warning.

"I'm close to bursting! Switch places now!" Not wanting to anger the prince, the two swapped places with Satsuki bending over on the bed with her massive ass jutting out towards Vegeta and Ryuko spreading her legs in front of Satsuki, ready to give her a taste of her own medicine. With a smirk, Vegeta removed his gloves and tossed them to the side before then proceeding to grip Satsuki's ass, lightly digging his nails into the soft flesh. The student president only gave a slight wince with Vegeta giving her a mocking smile as he lined up with her puckered asshole.

"Get used to the pain if you want to experience pleasure like no other." Satsuki nodded right as Vegeta entered her, the pain only lasting a few seconds before turning into complete unrelenting pleasure. Feeling frustrated with the wait, Ryuko gripped Satsuki by her hair and pushed her into her caverns.

"Quit stalling and clean this pussy out!" Ryuko ordered right as Vegeta began to pump into Satsuki. The student president immediately began to lap at Matoi's vagina, sending shivers of pleasure up her body that convinced her to grip Satsuki harder as she wrapped her legs around her head. After a few minutes of thrusting, Vegeta began to spank Satsuki, leaving red hand prints with every strike.

"Fuck!" growled Satsuki and Ryuko both through grit teeth. Feeling a devilish side come to him, Vegeta leaned down and gripped Satsuki by her breasts, proceeding to knead and massage them with every thrust. After a few seconds, Ryuko began to look more and more disheveled as she felt her climax nearing and with one earth-shattering cry of "Oh FUCK!", Matoi squirted into Satsuki's mouth with some of the fluid staining her cheeks and chin. Once Ryuko released her grip, Satsuki turned her head towards Vegeta, brought his head close to hers and kissed him, allowing the prince to taste Ryuko's fluids. Once he was finished, a familiar tightening sensation in his balls began to rear its ugly head but before he could protest, Satsuki held her finger up to Vegeta's lips and spoke with a lustful voice that was unexpected of the student president.

"Cum in me baby, please give me all of your fucking juice." This was all it took to push Vegeta over the edge and with a long growl, the prince emptied his balls into Satsuki's ass, he could feel the jets of cum pump into her almost like how hydraulics would for a car and after a few seconds, he disengaged from Satsuki, letting a few more streams cover her ass. Ryuko looked at Vegeta with a smirk once she noticed Satsuki losing consciousness.

"Wow, you really overdid it." said Ryuko as she moved off of the bed and towards Vegeta. "I hope you still have some energy left for me." The prince looked at her with a animalistic gleam in his eyes.

"I do still have the energy and a lot more in store for you." Suddenly, a bright flash appeared for a few seconds, going as soon as it appeared, revealing Vegeta in his Super Saiyan form, clutching Ryuko's waist. "Get ready to feel the might of a Super Saiyan!" Vegeta lifted Ryuko up with the latter immediately wrapping her legs around his waist as she felt herself being pressed against the wall.

"Oh yeah, that's it baby, right there!" Ryuko's cries of pleasure probably woke up the hotel residents but she didn't care, all she wanted at that moment was more of Vegeta's rock-hard cock that was pumping into her at incredible speeds.

"Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! FUCK ME YOU SEXY BEAST OF A MAN!" Ryuko's pleasure began overtaking her as she then proceeded to claw at the prince's back, leaving small red lines that were ignored by the Saiyan. Vegeta's thrusts began to get rough as the smacking sounds his balls were making soon became louder and louder until Ryuko could even hear it which drove her further into ecstasy.

"OH YES! Come on Vegeta, MAKE ME YOUR BITCH, MAKE ME YOUR LITTLE SLUT!" Vegeta's grip on Matoi's waist began to tighten as his nails soon lightly dug into her sides.

"Who am I?" Vegeta asked with a growl, not stopping his thrusts.

"Vegeta!" With a devilish grin, the prince took hold of Ryuko's wrists and pressed them against the wall.

"I'm getting close," Vegeta began before proceeding to lick up the side of her face, stopping right under her ear. "I want you to tell me how much you love this cock, to give me that last push over the edge. Think you can give that to me." Ryuko remained silent for a few seconds before taking a deep breath and once she did, she let out her answer.

"I LOVE THIS FUCKING COCK!" Suddenly, Ryuko's grip on Vegeta's back tightened further. "I love how it fills every fiber of my fucking being, I love how it makes me scream in ecstasy as it pounds into me! I... wan-no... I need... your cock... so I'm asking you to give me everything you got!" The Saiyan's balls tightened again with a similar sensation overtaking Ryuko and with a growl, the two climaxed, feeling their love juices mix with one another and after a few seconds, the two of them began to pant as Vegeta let her lightly drop to the ground. Feeling satisfied, the prince began to reach for his clothes when Ryuko let out a small cry.

"Wait..." Vegeta looked over with a slight smirk on his face.

"Not done yet are you, very well, what is it that you want?" Immediately Ryuko crawled on all fours over to Vegeta and proceeded to stroke his cock.

"I... kind of wanted a better taste of you before you went if that's okay." Vegeta looked down at his cock, noticing it standing tall and hard again in the span of a few seconds. Without a single word, the prince nodded and as soon as he did, Ryuko closed in, proceeding to lick up and down his shaft for a few seconds before taking the whole thing into her mouth all in one go. Vegeta let out a small moan as he began to slowly buck his hips in a slow rhythm with Ryuko not gagging once as the cockhead hit the back of her throat. After about a minute, Vegeta's sensitive cock began to twitch and without warning, he exploded, sending smaller streams of cum down Ryuko's throat. She immediately swallowed it without hesitation as Vegeta pulled out, spraying the last bit of semen on her chest. Deciding that he was too tired, Vegeta looked at Ryuko with lighter, friendlier features decorating his face.

"I'm too tired to leave tonight, is it alright if I stay here?" Ryuko gave an approving nod and with a small smile, Vegeta moved into the empty bed beside the one that was currently holding the still unconscious Satsuki with Ryuko joining alongside him. In just a few seconds, the two dozed off into a deep sleep, paying no mind to the pissed off hotel manager that entered the room.

Chapter Text

(Beerus' Temple Outer Fields)

"Wow, so you stayed the night?" Goku asked with a curious look on his face.

"Yep, but only because I was too tired from the night's activities." Vegeta replied, his expression showing no emotion.

"Though there is one issue that I have with these past few stories." Vegeta rolled his eyes.

"Let me guess," The Saiyan Prince crossed his arms and stared at his rival with an irritated expression. "you don't believe that I slept with any of these women." Goku shook his head.

"Not really, it's just... in both of your stories about Tsunade and the pair that you just told me about, you seemed to talk about getting thrashed a lot more frequently than usual, it was as if you slacked off on your traini-" Vegeta immediately covered Goku's mouth.

"H-how dare you suggest I slacked off!" Goku calmly moved the prince's hand away before he continued on.

"I'm just making a smart guess." Vegeta stared at his rival with confusion filling his eyes.

"Kakarot, you and 'smart' usually aren't even in the same paragraph that describes you." Goku just crossed his arms.

"Vegeta, just be honest, did you slack off on your training?" Silence filled the air. The two Saiyans kept their eyes locked on one another for what felt like hours on end, sweat began to slide down Vegeta's nervous features as he kept his gaze on Goku. Finally, the prince broke the silence.

"I did slack off a bit, I admit it." Suddenly, Vegeta slammed his fist down with its target unfortunately being Goku's privates. "If it weren't for that blasted woman and her constant badgering for me to buy useless junk, I would've been able to focus on training but nope, she just couldn't leave me alone!" Goku backed away, clutching his injured balls.

"Alright Vege- *cough* Vegeta, just tell me about the next female, there is no need to dwell on this subject any longer. Please do it for my bal- I mean my sake." Vegeta lightly grasped his chin and pondered over Goku's words carefully, after just a few seconds, he finally made his decision.

"Very well Kakarot, the next woman I slept with was... Medaka Kurokami." Goku's eyes widened slightly with surprise.

"Medaka? I don't think I ever met her."

"Good, this makes the tale all the more special, now shut up and listen."

(This takes place three days after the session with Ryuko and Satsuki.)

(Nondescript Part of Japan)

"If there is one thing that I can agree with Kakarot about," Vegeta took a huge whiff of the air around him before continuing. "it's that at the very least the air here is quite fresh... and that there are periods where it can be nice and quiet."

"You can say that again." Vegeta jerked his head around in one startled motion, immediately relaxing once he saw the stranger. The stranger was a young girl, at least 18 years of age with long blue hair and an outfit that had a cut in the center of the chest that showcased a huge portion of her J-cup breasts.

"Who are you?" Vegeta questioned. The young girl immediately bowed in respect.

"Sorry, I'm Medaka Kurokami, Student Council president of the Hakoniwa Academy." Vegeta crossed his arms, his features relaxing as he did so.

"Medaka..." The Saiyan felt the gears in his head beginning to turn, "hold on a second, you're the one with that War God form." Medaka nodded. Smirking, Vegeta held out his hand. "If the rumors about this form are true, then maybe you'd be interested in a sparring match." Medaka stared at Vegeta for a couple of seconds before letting out a small laugh.

"Sorry, I don't fight short alien men with abnormally large widow's peaks but thanks for the offer." Red with both embarrassment and anger, Vegeta just silently stared at the blue-haired girl with anger in his eyes.

"What the? Why you..."

"Don't tell me you haven't seen the news reports about your various battles... which forgive me for saying this, involve you being a raging lunatic 90% of the time." Medaka replied, her tone and face showing not even the slightest hint of fear. Vegeta's forehead vein appeared to stress from behind his flesh as a yellow aura began to develop around him. Medaka took her chances and edged in closer towards the prince. "But that doesn't mean I can't fix it!" It took no more than 6 seconds for Vegeta to immediately turn away and cross his arms.

"Not interested." Vegeta said with little emotion before proceeding to walk away from the student. Medaka immediately got to thinking of how she could change the prince for the better.

"Think girl think, how can you get this guy to chan-" Medaka stopped thinking right when she came upon a particularly appealing option. "Yes that's it!" She thought to herself right before she proceeded to walk after Vegeta and once she got close enough, the student grabbed Vegeta by the arm and pulled him into a nearby alleyway. Irritated and shocked, Vegeta opened his mouth to say something only to be silenced by Medaka.

"Look Vegeta..." She began. "I understand that you want to keep to yourself but trust me when I say that once you drop your anger, you'll be a much better person." The Saiyan Prince gave a menacing glare.

"Do I look like the person that even cares, do me a favor woman and get out of my way." Vegeta said gruffly as he tried to make his way past Medaka only to be pushed against the wall.

"In that case," Medaka slung her arms over Vegeta's shoulders and leaned in close. "let me make you an offer." Medaka's voice lowered until it was nothing but a whisper. "If you promise to give up your anger and hatred, I will have sex with you." Vegeta's jaw nearly dropped with shock not at what Medaka said but how ridiculous this situation was. After what felt like an hour, Medaka crushed her lips against the prince's own, the shock only lasting for a brief moment before the prince wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed back. Inside of their mouths, the pair's tongues were locked in a graceful dance that went on for what felt like hours on end while on the outside, Medaka hungrily pushed the prince against the wall before finally breaking the kiss. She looked up at the prince for a moment with a face of pure lust.

"By the way," She began while sliding down her panties. "I say screw the foreplay, I want you right now." Immediately, Vegeta grabbed Medaka by the waist and hoisted her up, giving her enough time to wrap her legs around his waist before he lightly slammed her against the wall. With his free hand, Vegeta tugged down his pants with one quick motion, revealing his quickly hardening cock to the blue-haired student before quickly thrusting it into her. Medaka let out a small moan right before Vegeta began to get into a steady rhythm of quick, powerful thrusts.

"Mmm... they don't call you a prince for nothing." uttered Medaka in a half-moan, Vegeta couldn't help but smirk at the compliment. The prince then rested his left arm against the wall behind Medaka before proceeding to pick up the pace even more, his balls slapping against her skin. Medaka was in total ecstasy though her conscience cursed at her for allowing herself to be screwed in an alleyway but she didn't care and apparently neither did Vegeta as he didn't even stop himself from doing this. A few more minutes had passed when suddenly, Medaka let out a scream.

"FUCK!" Deciding not to take his chances, Vegeta immediately shoved his hand over her mouth with a face that was showing clear irritation.

"Quiet or I'm pulling out." He growled, it wasn't even a second later before Vegeta started thrusting again, this time a little harder. Medaka bit her lip to keep herself from screaming but was quickly finding it to be more of a challenge than she thought. A few more seconds had passed before Vegeta had finally pulled out but before Medaka could question him, the prince immediately flipped her around and bent her over, her ass pressing against his crotch once he did so. Taking his time, the prince lined up his cock with her asshole and began to lightly rub his tip across the hole, using her vaginal juices to lubricate the opening while Medaka waited anxiously with anticipation. After a few more seconds, Vegeta thrusted into her ass and immediately began to move, not allowing the pain to even settle for a second. Medaka pressed her hands against the wall, bracing herself for the onslaught of pleasure that was coursing down her spine.

"Uh, uh, uh, u- oh fuck, FUCK!" Vegeta didn't even care that she screamed at that point and continued to pound away at her ass and soon enough, the pleasure had overtaken Vegeta as his hormones went into overdrive, causing him to grab Medaka's dress and rip it right off like it was paper, leaving her in nothing but a lacy black bra that aroused Vegeta greatly.

"Lingerie?" He thought to himself with a perverted smile. "Why aren't you the naughty one." A few moments had passed when Vegeta felt the familiar tightening sensation in his balls but before he could release, Medaka pulled away from his cock and turned so that she was eye-to-eye with the massive shaft, Vegeta was both confused and furious.

"What the hell wom-" Vegeta was immediately silenced by Medaka planting a small kiss on the tip of his cock which sent a small shiver down his spine. Medaka dove back down onto the helpless shaft, engulfing half of his length into her mouth before proceeding to bob her head up and down, her hands caressing his balls as she did so.

"Just like that, keep on that cock just like that." Vegeta said with a low, sexual tone. Medaka continued to gobble down his shaft for a few seconds before pulling away to breathe and once she took her quick breath, she dove back down, this time running her tongue across the side of his length, only stopping every now and then to suck on his balls. Vegeta let out a low growl, indicating to Medaka that he was ready to burst, the student pulled away and let out a small laugh.

"Oh no you're not, I still haven't gotten a chance to cum." With a devilish grin, Vegeta looked down at Medaka.

"In that case..." Suddenly, Medaka found herself being pressed against the wall again. With a tug, Vegeta ripped the last piece of clothing away from her, revealing her massive breasts. With about as much grace as a sex-hungry Saiyan, Vegeta tossed the bra to the ground and immediately thrust into her pussy. Medaka let out a short squeal while Vegeta pounded away at her while short streams of girl cum leaked down onto the ground.

"OH FUCK, TAKE ME YOU BEAST!" She screamed which caused Vegeta to immediately grip her breasts and fondle them.

"UH, UH, UH, UH, UH, FUCK ME, FUCK ME LIKE I'M YOUR SLUT!" Vegeta's speed began to pick up even more, his balls making louder than ever slapping sounds against her thighs. Deciding to make this a little hotter, the prince began to roughly kiss and nibble her neck which set her off completely.

"OH MY GOD, FUCK!" Medaka yelled as her legs tightened around Vegeta's waist, pushing him even deeper into her caverns. A few more minutes had passed when Medaka let out an ear-piercing scream and without warning, a fountain of girl cum spilled out onto Vegeta's shaft which was all it took to push him over the edge.

"FUCK!" Vegeta growled as huge jets of cum began pumping into her pussy. After a few more seconds, Vegeta pulled out of her with relative ease and after the two released a few hoarse breaths, Vegeta immediately brought up the obvious concern.

"Don't tell me you'll get pregnant." He said with a hoarse voice, Medaka let out a small giggle before answering.

"Don't worry about that, I got my tubes tied about a week ago." Vegeta let out a sigh of relief as he tucked away his spent member, Medaka giving him her own concerned look as he did so.

"What is it woman?" Vegeta questioned while cocking his head.

"It's just... you destroyed my clothes." Not wanting to spend too much time on the issue, Vegeta immediately rushed out of the alleyway and towards a young man about Medaka's age wearing a white T-shirt, black track pants and what appeared to be dress shoes of all things. Vegeta payed no mind and socked the person which immediately knocked him out. The prince quickly stripped the man and rushed back into the alleyway before anyone could notice.

"Here is some new ones." Medaka barely had time to catch the pile of stolen wear that was tossed at her and once she did, she immediately threw them down on the ground.

"I'm not wearing clothes handed to me by a thi-" Vegeta immediately took off, leaving an upset Medaka to tend to her issue on her own.

Chapter Text

(Beerus' Temple Outer Fields)

"Wait, you just LEFT HER THERE WITH THE STOLEN CLOTHES?!" Vegeta stumbled for a moment, clearly taken aback by Goku's sudden yell of concern, only to come back with a retort just as loud.




"DON'T YOU EVEN GO THE-" Goku was suddenly interrupted by the sound of a wall bursting open, both he and Vegeta turned to find Beerus angrily standing in the middle of a decently sized hole in the wall of his home.

"WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP!" Goku remained in utter shock at the angered cat whereas Vegeta rushed towards him in an apologetic manner.

"Our sincerest apologies Lord Beerus," Vegeta began with a bow. "I lost a bit of my self-control."

"Lost your control, how surprising." Beerus thought to himself sarcastically right after Vegeta finished his apology. The God of Destruction kept his gaze on Vegeta for a few moments, shifting it to Goku every few seconds. Finally, after what felt like an eternity to Vegeta, the silence was finally broken.

"Forgive us Beerus," Goku began as he proceeded to walk towards the purple cat. "you see, Vegeta and I were having a loud discussion about this one girl that he ba- OW!" With movements as fast as lightning, Vegeta immediately slapped Goku with the back of his hand, his face showing a clear hint of irritation.

"Shut it Kakarot!" Vegeta growled before immediately changing his tune towards Beerus. "Sorry Lord Beer-" The God of Destruction held a finger against Vegeta's lips, effectively silencing the prince.

"Honestly Vegeta, do you really think I would destroy something over your... 'sexcapades'?" The Saiyan's face immediately lit up with shock with Beerus cracking a smirk at the sight. "What, are you honestly that shocked about me figuring out? Please, I heard the stories in my dazed, sleep-like state, they're no secret to me." Beerus' tone by that point had noticeably obtained a small hint of irritation. "And because of your annoying scuffles, I can't get to sleep. So for my amusement, I want to hear about some of these tales." Before Vegeta could say anything, Beerus had already sat down on the boulder the two Saiyans were using before. With a defeated sigh, Vegeta picked Goku up off the ground and sat down.

"Fine, I'll tell the both of you, now let's just continue with the ninth woman I slept with."

(This takes place no more than two days after the session with Medaka)

(Gravity Room)

The gravity room was whirring and humming with life and as usual was only populated by a tired and shirtless Vegeta training vigorously under the stress of 500X gravity and thanks to a trip that Bulma had to take with her father, he was left to train for almost as long as he wanted without interruption. The current exercise he was taking part in was a simple battle session against drones but little did he know, an unwanted guest was watching him through a small carved peaking hole.

"Good lord this man is hot." The stranger whispered to herself. "That scarred muscular frame, those rock-hard abs, oh I can feel my panties dampening just thinking about him." A minute had passed, the prince started to become increasingly more and more suspicious of someone watching him after a series of what sounded like moans started to echo throughout the space of the training room.

"Remain focused," Vegeta thought to himself. "don't..." The moaning was soon pounding in his head which began to irritate him greatly. "...lose..." The moans began to pick up in pace and in pitch. "...your..."

"AH FUCK I'M GONNA CUM!" In no more than a few seconds after this was said, Vegeta's gaze snapped towards the direction of the noise and he immediately rushed towards the wall and with a single punch, busted most of the structure apart. When the Saiyan looked down, he was shocked by what he saw. A young blond girl in a pink dress was crouched on the ground with her panties down to her ankles and two fingers stuffed inside her caverns. The sight was admittedly quite arousing to Vegeta as he felt a familiar pole-like object straining against the fabric of his blue pants, but he was more angered by the fact that there was an unwanted guest spying on him. The prince crossed his arms and looked down at the girl with a cold glare.

"Lost... little girl?" Vegeta asked with a slight hint of irritation. To his nonexistent surprise, the girl let out a nervous laugh.

"No, I was just distracted." The girl said with a light giggle, clearly trying to cover up her fear. Vegeta just scoffed.

"Distracted eh, so is that what you women call spying these days?" The girl immediately tensed up, red lighting up across her face soon after. Knowing he had her cornered, Vegeta reached down with both hands and roughly grabbed the collar of her dress.

"Listen to me runt," Vegeta began with a growl, "I'll let you off easy this time but trust me, if I catch you spying on me again..." he lowered his right hand from her collar and held out his palm, a light purple energy ball appeared almost immediately. Vegeta looked directly into the girl's eyes and metaphorically drank the fear emanating from them. "well, you can piece together the rest." The prince then let the girl drop to the ground and without even a second glance, he began to make his way back into the gravity chamber when he felt a small hand press against his back. With a sigh of frustration, Vegeta turned his head to the sight of the girl with her hand against his back.

"What do you want?!" He snapped, the girl immediately backed off and stuttered through her sentence.

"I-I-I just fo-fo-forgot to tell you m-my name." Vegeta raised an eyebrow in confusion as the girl gave a polite bow.

"My name is Biscuit Krueger, though I prefer to just be called Bisky." Vegeta stood motionless for a few seconds before he turned his head away, which frustrated Bisky.

"What's wr-" Vegeta cut Bisky off mid-sentence.

"You didn't just come here to tell me your name," Vegeta then turned his head back towards Bisky with a serious expression. "I could tell by your movements." Before Bisky could say anything, Vegeta was already facing towards her. "Well, spit it out!" The hunter took a deep breath and with an exhale of relaxation, she spoke.

"I'm sorry for spying but... I can make it up to y-"

"You want to fuck don't you?" Vegeta asked bluntly, Bisky appeared to be dazed.

"I'm sorry wh-"

"Oh don't even try to hide it, you found that I was sexually attractive and arousing and so you want to calm me down with a fuck session before you leave." To say that Bisky was surprised would just be an insult to the word, she was completely speechless at how he guessed her exact intentions. Vegeta smirked at her with a face full of amusement and lust. Suddenly, the prince closed the space between the two of them, lowered one hand down to Bisky's still exposed crotch and began to slowly rub his fingers across her folds, Bisky felt her spine beginning to shiver with pleasure as the prince's teasing continued on. Without any hesitation and delay of his teasing, Vegeta leaned in close to the hunter's face and roughly kissed her. Their tongues were locked in what felt like a slow, relaxing dance which was quickly changing Bisky into a horny, wet mess. After about a minute, Vegeta broke the kiss and stared Bisky down with a hungry look in his eyes while his hand continued to rub at her clit.

"I'm going to make you beg for mercy." Vegeta said gruffly, his strokes immediately began to pick up in pace with Bisky only being able to moan due to the insane amount of pleasure she was experiencing. The prince smirked at her as he retracted his hand from her pussy and licked at the residue lining his fingers before immediately pushing her against the wall of the gravity room. Without wasting any time, Vegeta ripped the front of the hunter's dress open along with her bra, revealing her B-cup breasts to the hungry Saiyan. The prince took a moment to inhale her erotic aroma before proceeding to dig into his meal.

"Ng...fuck..." Said Bisky through a half-moan. Vegeta currently had her right nipple engulfed in his mouth while his tongue circled and coiled around it like a snake and at the same time, he groped and pinched at her opposite breast. Pleasure coursed through Krueger's body like electricity, her nerves having a sensory overload with every touch. This lasted for two long minutes before Vegeta broke away and pushed Bisky to the ground with the two of them ending up in the missionary position. The prince looked down at the hunter with a smirk as he ripped open his pants, leaving her in awe at his massive prick. Vegeta placed his hands against the floor as he drew his hips back but before he could thrust, Bisky stopped him with a hand gesture.

"I-I haven't had sex in a couple of months so please be gentle." The prince looked down at her for a few moments as his face developed into a softer grin.

"Very well." Vegeta lined up the tip of his cock with her entrance and began to prod at it before proceeding to slowly press it in inch by inch with Bisky nearly screaming with pleasure the whole way. Once he finally got it in, Vegeta took a deep breath right before he began his slow rhythm.

"Oh god!" Vegeta's slow thrusts were agonizingly pleasurable to Bisky as she was soon reduced to a wet flesh pile of curses and moans, which weren't helped by the pairs of hands that were massaging her breasts. The prince could feel how with every thrust, his balls smoothed out against the surface of her crotch with a small bit of her juices leaking out every once in a while.

"Fuck... give me more." Vegeta happily obliged and began to pick up the pace, his balls now making a very light patting sound with every thrust. The prince lowered his head down to the nape of Bisky's neck and proceeded to kiss it.

"AUUGGHH!" Bisky cried as she clawed at the prince's back and in almost a rewarding fashion, he lowered his right hand down to her ass and with two fingers, proceeded to pump in and out of her asshole. Bisky shuddered and wriggled as her holes continued to get pounded by the prince. Three minutes soon passsd and Vegeta once again began to feel his balls tightening, Bisky noticed as well for she gave him the best begging face she could muster.

"On my ass, please cum on my ass!" Vegeta looked at the hunter with a smirk.

"Begging as you should be, how delightful, now bend over!" After a few quick thrusts, Vegeta pulled out of Bisky and flipped her over so that her ass was facing him and with a few small strokes, Vegeta let out a grunt as jet upon jet of cum launched from his cock, covering her ass and part of her lower back in nothing but white. Bisky turned her head and looked happily at the goop. Once his breath had finally returned to him, the prince looked down at Bisky with a serious expression.

"Now then," Vegeta began, "about your spying." the hunter immediately rolled her eyes.

"Oh come on, I'm sorry." Vegeta kneeled down so that his mouth was right next to her ear and whispered.

"If you promise not to spy," Vegeta gave a quick kiss on her neck, causing her to shiver. "I will show you pleasure like this at any time you desire, de-" Bisky wasted no time in voicing her answer.


Chapter Text

(Beerus' Temple - Outer Fields)

"Interesting, do the two of you still communicate with one another?" Beerus asked as he rubbed and stroked his chin.

"We do," The prince said with a nod, "not as much these days due to Bulma but we still do." Beerus couldn't help but grin at the sheer absurdity of what he was hearing though thankfully, Vegeta only thought he was impressed with his raw sexual power.

"So who did you sleep with next Vegeta?" Goku asked, Vegeta just smirked.

"The next woman I slept with is not as much of a surprise as the others but I slept with... Kurenai Yūhi of the Hidden Leaf Village."

(This takes place three days after the session with Bisky. It also takes place before Hidan fought Asuma.)

(Hidden Leaf Village)

"This looks to be the meeting point." said Vegeta as he touched down on the rooftop below, looking around at his surroundings. He couldn't help but crack a small smile at how the full moon reflected beautifully off of the small village, how he could just barely notice civilians wrapped up in their beds behind the glimmer of light. A minute later, he turned his head to notice a cloaked female figure touch down in front of him, causing Vegeta to immediately shift into his fighting stance.

"Who the hell are you?!" Vegeta demanded with a serious look on his face, the woman immediately held out her left arm defensively while she grabbed her hood with the other.

"Ease up!" She commanded as she threw the hood back, revealing her long black hair and crimson eyes to the prince. "I am not an enemy." Vegeta remained in his fighting stance for a few more seconds before he finally realized who it was, his expression remained serious while his body relaxed.

"Damn it Kure-" The shinobi immediately threw her hand up in an attempt to silence the prince, only to have it grabbed and in a few seconds, she was slammed against the wall behind her. Kurenai felt the brickwork beginning to crack from the sheer pressure of the prince's immeasurable strength.

"Nice reflexes." Kurenai commented with a slight wince of pain, Vegeta continued to glare at her with cold, unfeeling eyes.

"What do you want?" Vegeta asked coldly as the grip on her wrists began to tighten, sending a small trickle of blood down her sleeve as a result. A few seconds had passed when suddenly, Kurenai disappeared from Vegeta's grasp in a cloud of smoke. Once his vision cleared up, all Vegeta saw in her place was a lone wooden log resting on the ground. With no hint of surprise in his expression, Vegeta shifted his gaze over his shoulder where he saw the shinobi standing right behind him with arms crossed.

"I want answers." The shinobi responded, Vegeta turned himself around so that he faced her completely.

"Answers for what?" Kurenai continued to stare at the prince in dead silence for a few seconds before speaking.

"For what happened between you and our hokage." Vegeta's eyes widened slightly with utter shock as questions rushed through his mind.

"What are you talking about?" Vegeta asked right when he regained his composure.

"Well there is this rumor spreading around about you and Tsunade supposedly having sex in the Konoha Motel." Vegeta was immediately taken aback once more. "Funnily enough, I checked into that same motel the night it supposedly happened and I did in fact hear moans, expletives and what sounded like skin slapping and rubbing against one another, so I have to ask, did you and Lady Tsunade sleep with each other?"

"I have got to remember to murder a few snitching ninjas every once in a while." Vegeta thought to himself, he looked Kurenai square in the eyes, took a deep breath and spoke. "Well, I'm no liar, so to answer your question, yes I did sleep with your leader." A few seconds later, Vegeta dashed towards the shinobi and gripped her by the throat, a blue aura surrounding him with each and every move. "But let this be known to you ninja, if you spread this around anywhere else," Vegeta gave a quick glance at the village around him. "I'll make sure your village burns." Kurenai stared at the prince with eyes that held a mixture of shock and disbelief.

"You're crazy, the clan would come after you, the hokage wou-" She was quickly silenced by Vegeta shoving her against the wall once more, this time letting her fall to the ground as he turned his attention to the main hokage office that was just barely peeking out from behind the several tall homes.

"The hokage wouldn't stand a chance."

"But you failed that mission, you lost Sas-" Kurenai instantly cursed herself for bringing that up once she saw Vegeta turn towards her with fury in his eyes.

"That was a result of me not anticipating a sneak attack!" He growled. "In reality, I would be able to kill every single one of you fucking buffoons without even wasting my ki!" Kurenai looked at the prince with a serious look in her eye as she got back on her feet.

"Look, just forget I even mentioned that." The shinobi then proceeded to ease herself towards Vegeta as she continued. "Don't worry, I'm not going to reveal this to anyone else, this is for personal reasons only, in fact..." Kurenai's expression suddenly shifted to what looked to be a seductive grin, before Vegeta could react, the shinobi slithered up to him and lightly wrapped her arms around his midriff. "I was thinking, could I get a little... demonstration of what you did to Lady Tsunade?" Vegeta remained silent, he gave a quick examination of his surroundings, making sure that no one was awake, once he saw that the coast was clear, he looked back at Kurenai with a lustful look in his eye.

"A little demonstration? Oh please don't make me laugh..." The prince lowered his right hand down to Kurenai's ass and gave it a light squeeze, inciting a small yelp, he then lowered his voice to where it was nothing but a whisper. "you'll get the full experience." The prince crushed his mouth against Kurenai's, tightening his grip on her ass at the same time. Their tongues were locked in fierce combat, bearing an uncanny resemblance to the battle between Sasuke and Vegeta. With his free hand, Vegeta grabbed hold of her cloak and ripped it clean off of her body, letting it drop to the ground soon after. With moans just barely escaping her lips, Kurenai proceeded to straddle the prince, locking her legs tightly around his waist. After about a minute or two, the pair broke their kiss with Kurenai being the first to speak.

"Damn... never thought Tsunade had it this good." said Kurenai huskily, Vegeta let out a small laugh.

"That's just the beginning." Kurenai could feel her arousal pooling into her garments as Vegeta proceeded to then lap and nibble at her neck, not loosening his grip on her ass one bit.

"Ooh..." She moaned as her grasp on the prince tightened. Without a single pause, Vegeta began to dig his fingers into her pants fabric and in just a few seconds, ripped it open completely, revealing a maroon colored thong that was just barely covering her privates. The prince delivered a hard smack to her ass soon after, inciting a curse from the usually reserved ninja. "Fuck..." After another minute had passed, Vegeta let Kurenai drop to the ground and growled his next command.

"Service me... now." Not wasting any more time, Kurenai crawled on fours towards the prince with hunger in her eyes. She began by dragging her tongue across the fabric, watching as Vegeta's cock immediately began to stiffen. She continued for one more minute before pulling away and with a lick of her lips, she grabbed hold of the fabric and pulled it straight down, finally freeing his hard prick to the cold night air. Kurenai paused for a moment to take in the sheer size of the shaft before finally diving right in. She slowly dragged her tongue along the entirety of his length, stopping once she reached the tip. She then engulfed the cockhead into her mouth and proceeded to bob her head up and down his length while her hand massaged his balls.

"God...damn." grunted the prince, his Saiyan instincts fully taking control. Kurenai ignored him and just continued with the blowjob. With her one free hand, Kurenai reached down to her side and pulled out a small kunai and with the small weapon in hand, she made a slow straight cut down the front of her upper body, freeing up her large breasts. Finished with her work, she tossed the weapon to the side and immediately stuffed her hand down her panties. After some time had passed, Vegeta placed his hands on the back of her head and took two handfuls of her hair before proceeding to fuck her mouth, thrusting furiously with all of his might, Kurenai letting out small gagging sounds through the whole experience. After about two minutes and without warning, Vegeta let out a loud growl right as his balls practically exploded with jet after jet of cum launching into Kurenai's mouth, each jet hitting right square in the back of her throat. A few more seconds passed before the prince pulled away, letting a few extra spurts of cum spill onto Kurenai's face and breasts. After a long breath, Kurenai looked up at the prince but before she could even open her mouth, the prince pushed her down on her back and spread her legs.

"I think you deserve a reward for being such a good bitch." Vegeta said with a smirk, he removed his gloves before proceeding to rip the panties away from her body and soon after, he immediately dug his face deep into her sopping wet caverns, inciting a gasp from the shinobi. Vegeta vigorously lapped at her folds, stopping occasionally to rub her clit.

"FUCK, AAAGH!" Kurenai screamed, her toes beginning to curl from the experience. Vegeta continued to lick and smother her pussy, his assault soon becoming unrelenting with zero signs of stopping. Deciding to make things more interesting, the prince shoved his right middle finger into her asshole, all the way up to the base of his hand.

"OH GOD YES! CLEAN THAT PUSSY OUT!" The shinobi soon began to fondle and knead her own breasts, which increased her pleasure tenfold. Vegeta licked at her caverns like a hurricane, making circles with his tongue in rapid succession. His pumping of her ass became a lot more animalistic in time as he soon added a second finger to the action. A few more minutes had passed, a sensation that had not been felt for months began to overtake Kurenai as various thoughts flowed in her head.

"Good god! Not even Asuma is this good." She thought to herself as her climax steadily neared closer and closer. After another minute had gone by, the shinobi gripped the prince's head and pushed him deep into her caverns as she let out an earth-shattering cry.

"FUUUCCCKKK!" Soon after, a huge waterfall of girl cum launched from her pussy with most of it spilling out into Vegeta's mouth. After a few seconds, Vegeta pulled his face away from Kurenai's crotch and looked her dead in the eye as he swallowed her fluids. The prince then crawled on all fours until he was hovering right over the shinobi, his cock just barely prodding at her sensitive pussy.

"Just so you know," He began with a whisper. "I won't hold back." Without any warning, he roughly entered her caverns, the base of his cock soon resting against her crotch. Vegeta then entered his usual steady, fast rhythm and thanks to his teasing earlier, Kurenai was letting out several screams of pleasure.

"UH! UH! UH! UH! GOD YES, RIGHT THERE!" Gritting his teeth to hold back the moans, Vegeta tore the last bit of clothing from his body, causing Kurenai to look up in awe at the sheer muscle that he had. Right afterwords, he lowered his head down to her breasts and began to suckle on her tits, sending her into overdrive and causing her to wrap her legs around his lower back.

"YES! SUCK ON THOSE TITTIES BABY! UGH!" Vegeta's thrusts started to become more and more vigorous, his balls were, as usual, soon slapping against her skin with every move. Up top, the prince teased her nipples like a porn star, his tongue caressing every single curve and with his free hand, he proceeded to slap at and knead whichever breast that wasn't being tended to.

"Uh, uh, uh, oh yeah! Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, FUCK ME LIKE I'M YOUR PERSONAL BITCH!" Vegeta felt his balls beginning to tighten once again. Not wanting to stop, he pulled out and before Kurenai could say anything, he quickly flipped her over so that she was flat on her stomach and lined up the cockhead with her puckered asshole. Before he began, the prince looked at Kurenai with a curious look in his eye.

"Tell me woman, has that fool Asuma gotten to touch this part of your body yet?" Kurenai just shook her head, which caused the prince to gain a devious grin.

"Then allow a prince to show you another world of pleasure!" Vegeta yelled out as he pushed himself into her anal caverns, which caused Kurenai to wince but only for a small second as pleasure overtook her immediately. The prince thrusted hard and fast into her ass, stretching the rim of her hole every time he went balls deep. After the pain eventually disappeared, Kurenai let out a cry of pleasure through grit teeth.

"OH THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!" While he pounded away at her ass, the prince planted a hard smack on her right asscheek, leaving an extremely visible red mark on her milky white skin. She let out a groan, which encouraged the prince to spank her more and more.

"Yes, YES! SPANK THAT ASS! I'VE BEEN A BAD GIRL!" Showing clear amusement, Vegeta decided to indulge in her dirty talk.

"Indeed you have been, now what should I do for your punishment?" Vegeta asked with a smirk.

"FUCK ME DEEP!" Kurenai screamed. "POUND AWAY AT MY BODY UNTIL I CAN'T EVEN FUCKING CRAWL!" Vegeta's smirk soon after became a full on grin.

"Exactly what you deserve!" Suddenly, a yellow aura formed around the prince and in just a few seconds, he transformed into his Super Saiyan state. "Now the real fun begins!" Vegeta grabbed a fistful of Kurenai's hair right as he sped up his thrusts to an insane new level. His balls were now practically spanking her ass along with his hand with every move. His breathing soon became hoarse as time went on as did Kurenai's. After a few minutes, the prince's balls began to tighten once again and just like before, he immediately pulled out.

"I'm not done yet, I've got at least two more positions I would like to try." The prince said gruffly, he flipped Kurenai around once again, this time leaving her flat on her back as he got on his knees, resting her feet on his shoulders while he lightly gripped her hips, entering the position known as the "bicycle pump". Without wasting another second, Vegeta thrusted into her pussy once more while his fingers lightly dug into her sides. As her moans became more and more ragged, the shinobi stared at the prince with lust filled eyes.

"Come on baby, pound this pussy, make me yours!" Vegeta immediately picked up the pace of his thrusts and in just a few seconds, he was soon pounding away at exactly the same pace he was before, inciting more and more screams from Kurenai the whole way.

"HOW ARE YOU STILL GOING?!" Kurenai asked with a voice that contained mixture of pleasure and disbelief. Vegeta just gave off a light laugh.

"With a full sex drive, my Saiyan blood allows me to endure sex four hours longer than an average human." Vegeta said through a half-moan. Kurenai's disbelief didn't last for long as pleasure overtook her once more. As he continued to thrust into the shinobi, Vegeta lowered one of his hands from her hips and shoved two fingers into her pussy, proceeding to pump into her alongside his throbbing cock.

"FUCK!" Kurenai screamed, with every thrust, her juices began to spray from her body like an out-of-control sprinkler, completely covering Vegeta's shaft and splattering onto the very rooftop they were standing on. Vegeta let his eyes shut as the feeling of his cock pumping into her pussy became almost cathartic, allowing him to forget about the stress of Goku, Bulma and his home life. After a few more minutes, Vegeta felt the sensation in his balls again and pulled out once more. This time, it was Kurenai who started the action as she pushed Vegeta to the ground, leaving her on top, Vegeta just smirked.

"How did you know I wanted you on top?" Kurenai just let out a short giggle.

"I didn't, I just guessed." Before she lowered herself onto his cock, she gave it four or five good strokes, making sure that it was still standing tall. Soon after, she guided his shaft until it was balls deep inside her pussy, letting out a long drawn out moan as each inch was engulfed by her caverns. A few seconds later, she began to move, her ass clapping against his hips with every move.

"Uh, uh, uh, u- oh fuck, FUCK!" Deciding to give out more pleasure, the prince began to roughly fondle and knead her breasts, rubbing her nipples with his thumbs as he did so.

"FUCK YES!" She screamed out halfway through a moan. The prince began to pinch and pull at her hard nubbins as his breaths became more and more restless with every move that the shinobi made, sending her into a flurry of screams and expletives. He then lowered his right hand to her ass and gave it a hard smack, he then gripped the soft pillow-like flesh and proceeded to finger her ass once more with his middle finger, causing her to let out a surprised gasp. After a few more minutes, Vegeta suddenly sat up and lightly gripped Kurenai by the throat before proceeding to roughly kiss her with tongues once again locked in fierce combat. After a few seconds and without breaking the kiss, Vegeta took complete control and proceeded to thrust upward into her pussy, causing Kurenai to let out a small moan into the prince's mouth. The prince ejected his middle finger from her ass and soon wrapped his arm around her lower back. After a few minutes, Vegeta felt his climax steadily edging closer and closer and in no more than a few seconds after he learned this fact, he broke the kiss and with his hand still wrapped around her throat, he looked her dead in the eyes.

"What's my name?" He asked lustfully.

"Vegeta..." The prince just shook his head.





"I'm sorry, I can't exactly hear you, I want you to let the whole world know exactly who the fuck I am!" It was right then and there that Kurenai's climax hit her with the speed and surprise of a freight train.

"VEEEGGGEEEETTTTAAAA!" With that scream, she came hard, her juices completely flooding Vegeta's shaft. The prince immediately felt himself being inches away from his own climax and pulled out. He then laid her down on the ground and soon after, he quickly edged his cock so that it was mere inches from her face, while furiously stroking the whole way through. After a few seconds, Vegeta let out a growl.

"URRAAAGGGHHH!" With a final three strokes, the prince emptied the entirety of his balls on the shinobi, the white substance spilling out over her face, hair, tits, and even some of her stomach. After a few more seconds, Vegeta powered down, his energy finally drained. He looked down at Kurenai, expecting her to have licked the cum off her face, only to find her sleeping peacefully on the cold ground.

"Goddamn." Vegeta thought to himself. "I definitely overdid it..." After about thirty seconds of silence, the prince let a small smirk develop across his face. "but those are my favorite types of endings." Vegeta immediately redressed himself, his gaze not leaving Kurenai the whole way through. Once he was fully clothed, he carefully wrapped Kurenai in what was left of her clothes and took off into the night, towards the direction of a lake in order to clean her off to avoid suspicion from Asuma or any of the other ninjas.