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Let Bygones be Byleths

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Let Bygones Be Byleths
-by Drace Domino

Byleth’s footsteps were focused and swift upon the stone floor of the Garreg Mach monastery, forcing Mercedes to hustle if she wanted to keep up with her. It was clear that her professor was upset about something and that only brought all of Mercedes’ most sensitive tendencies to the surface, making the sweet, fair-haired girl fret as she padded along. Nearly tripping over her own two feet, more than once almost bumping into another student or guard, Mercedes was only barely able to keep up with her stern but fair professor as she gently spoke up.

“Uhm...uh...professor?” Mercedes’ voice was always a whisper, even when she was speaking as loud as she could. Her tone was almost comically sweet and delightful, a perfect fit within the halls of a monastery. “W...Where are we going, professor? Oh no, I in trouble? Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t perform very well at choir practice yesterday! It’s just that I’ve had a lot on my mind and--”

Mercedes stopped talking when Byleth came to a sudden halt, turned to look at the blonde with a deadpan, flat look, and then proceeded once more. It was a simple gesture and almost inexcusably rude, silencing the younger woman with but a single, bare glance. Rude, but effective, and when Byleth started walking once more Mercedes was swift to join her. If anything, she was shuffling even faster now and doing a better job of keeping up.

Through the halls, past the dorm and the cathedral, Byleth led Mercedes outside to the east wing of Garreg Mach. For a moment, the girl wondered if they were heading to the training grounds in order to improve her skills, but sure enough Byleth continued moving right past it. She was a woman determined - her hands balled into lightly-gripped fists, her attention focused on the path ahead. She wholesale ignored Caspar when he tried to talk to her, and when Ferdinand stepped up to try to greet and charm the profession, she simply pressed a palm to his face and shoved him away.

Needless to say, it only made Mercedes all the more nervous. Within her plain and unflattering dress, Mercedes pulled her arms around her slender figure and gave a tiny tremble. She had been intimidated by her professor in the past, sure - almost all of the students had the same experience. But this? This was different. She was feeling a bit like Bernadette as they finally started to near the faculty dorms, specifically that of the school’s newest professor herself. It was only then, a half-dozen feet before the entrance to her quarters that Byleth finally spun on a heel and spoke. Voice firm, gaze focused, and hands resting idly on her hips as she stared Mercedes into a puddle of nervous student.

“I’ve decided that things between you and Annette need intervention.” Byleth spoke simply, quirking a brow as she stared at the other. “I’ve given you a few days now to work through it, but that isn’t satisfactory. It needs fixed. Now.”

“A...Annette?” Even the name of her old, dear friend made Mercedes’ tummy twist into a knot. She pressed her hands against her belly as Byleth confronted her - apparently, they made more of a scene than she thought, if her professor knew about it. “Professor, I...I know Annette and I had an argument, but...but she was so headstrong in confronting those men. I can’t possibly be all right with her risking her life for me like that!”

“Get over it. Make up.” Byleth clicked her tongue to the roof of her mouth, and took a sharp, deep breath as she only barely restrained her patience. “I need you both for our mission at the end of this month. You’re a critical part of our team, Mercedes, and Annette is...uh…” Byleth tapped her chin, looking confused for a few brief seconds. “...a...healer...or maybe a magic user, or...dancer...whatever. I haven’t decided what to do with her yet, but that isn’t the point. The point is, I need you both at your best and I can’t let some childish argument ruin your rapport with one another.”

Mercedes swallowed nervously, her throat tightening and the corners of her eyes dampening. She was a sensitive soul, and being confronted by her professor over the argument she had with her best friend? It was a difficult burden to carry. When she tried to speak once more her voice came out as barely a soft squeak, though thankfully Byleth wasn’t asking her to talk. Instead, the blue-haired professor gestured to the door to her quarters and spoke up once more.

“Step inside. I’m going to talk to you and Annette personally. I will assist you in working through your argument.”

Instantly, Mercedes’ eyes lit up and any trace of tears vanished. As fragile as she was in regards to the professor’s authority, it was undeniable that the older woman had the best interest of her students at heart. Byleth might not be the friendliest woman at Garreg Mach, but...she could certainly get things done. And if she said she could get Mercedes and Annette back on speaking terms, then it was only a matter of time!

With a spring in her step, Mercedes hopped forward as Byleth suggested. With her delicate fingers she grasped the handle of the door leading in, and looked casually over her shoulder as she spoke in a beautiful, blushing tone.

“Oh, professor, thank you so much!” Mercedes’ voice was almost saccharine sweet, her shoulders lifting into an adorable shrug and her cheeks presenting themselves as pinchably cute. The blonde was nothing but wholesome - which made the knowledge of what waited for her inside all the more wickedly delightful for her teacher. “I can’t wait to make up with my Annie, she--”

Before Mercedes could say too much, Byleth slipped behind her and closed a hand around her mouth. The blonde was left standing in the doorway, braced against her teacher, eyes wide as she stared at what was waiting for her.

“Professor…? that you?”

Annette was a gloriously tiny, adorable thing - the perfect companion to the tall, slender Mercedes. Her tiny frame was small-chested and narrow, and at the moment every inch of the girl was firmly on display. Sitting squarely in a wooden chair in the center of Professor Byleth’s room, Annete was stripped naked and bound to the furniture in thick, soft rope. Thighs were spread, knees were lifted and tied to the armrests, and Annette’s hands were forced behind the back of the chair, tethered in ropes that made a criss-cross pattern across her flat, adorable chest. Capping it off was a blindfold made of a Black Eagles school sash - the colors both girls had proudly worn ever since transferring to Byleth’s class.

“Yes, Annette, it’s me.” Byleth responded just over Mercedes shoulder, but then drew her lips to the back of the blonde’s ear. She whispered low and gentle, determined to keep Annette in the dark as to who now stood watching. “You stand. You watch. If you say anything before I tell you to...I’m failing you.”

And with that, Byleth closed the door to her quarters, released her grasp around Mercedes’ mouth, and stepped further into the room.

The teamwork seminar had officially begun.


Thankfully, Annette didn’t know the sound of Mercedes flopping to her knees by heart. The primary healer of the Black Eagles slid slowly down to the floor, her back pressed against the closed door and a hand clutching her heart as she watched. That...that was her Annie! From the looped red pigtails to the tender, bare body, to the sweet, innocent voice that called out while she fidgeted back and forth within her bindings.

“W-Whew! Glad to hear it, professor!” Annette looked from side to side, eyes covered thoroughly by the blindfold. “I was starting to think you forgot about me! Silly, huh?”

“Very silly.” Byleth’s voice was almost...playful, as she stepped between the two and moved a hand forward. Her bare fingers dashed across the top of one of Annette’s bound legs, drifting around her thigh, walking fingers across the rope so she could caress a bit of that smooth, feminine flesh. In response Annette wiggled her toes and whimpered, but even from her vantage point Mercedes could see excitement flush upon her cheeks as she gave a nervous, giddy swallow. The delight riding on Annette built all the higher as Byleth continued to caress her, from sweet touches over her slender belly to a sharp, sudden pinch at a sensitive nipple set atop a barely-existent breast. Byleth’s voice came riding along a soft chuckle as she finished toying with the girl by teasing one of her pigtails, hooking a finger atop the red loop and gently twisting it from side to side. “Tell me, Annette. What would you like more than anything right now?”

The blush that crossed Annette’s face was a surprise to Mercedes, but nowhere near as much as her words.

“I...I’d like...for you to...uhm…” Annette, as innocent as ever and with a trembling gulp rolling through her. “P-Put it...inside of me...please, professor?”

Byleth simply rose a finger and pressed it underneath Annette’s chin, lifting her head up slightly so she could study the girl’s parted, whimpering lips. Her tiny student had been such a delight to train, and the knowledge that her best friend would soon be brought into the same lesson plan filled the professor with a level of satisfaction she could barely describe. Being a teacher was so very, very fulfilling.

“Of course.” Byleth finally acquiesced, and a hand moved to the level of her skirt. “Prepare yourself, as best you are able.”

When Byleth began to undress, she made it a point to turn to face Mercedes the entire time. Her piercing blue gaze focused on the trembling blonde against the door as the layers of her jacket and skirt fell away, falling to the floor with a heavy thud. Mercedes’ throat tightened and she was left with little more than quivering whimpers from the back of her throat, eyes widening as the inches of her professor’s flesh became exposed. A toned, fit figure with full, impressive breasts. Powerful arms leading into an imposing pair of shoulders, all the better to lift herself with presence and authority. And as the skirt fell away leaving Byleth wearing only her thigh-high floral stockings, Mercedes saw the true teaching implement of her professor.

Byleth held a finger to her lips, silently reminding Mercedes that her quiet was demanded in the moment, even under the presence of her enormous cock. The thing dangled down between her thighs making for a starting presence framed by the fancy stockings - a powerful presence beset on both sides by delicate glamor. When Byleth turned to face Annette again she slammed a hand underneath one of the chair’s arm rests, and with a quick tug forced it to screech across the ground - just so Mercedes would get a better view.

“Ahhh…!” Annette gasped as she was suddenly jostled, her pigtails bouncing far more than her flat breasts ever could. In the closer proximity Mercedes could see the heavy blush on her friend’s cheeks that she typically only wore in the presence of a boy she was crushing on - a hue that now belonged to the professor that was so kind to give them a stern education. Byleth’s hands moved down to caress along Annette’s shoulders and past her tiny chest, teasing those miraculously stiff nipples until the girl’s whine reached a fevered pitch. “P...Professorrrr…”

Byleth’s smile grew, and her cock flopped forward to rest atop Annette’s lap. She did it not just for the redhead’s benefit but for Mercedes as well - it was good for the sweet, faithful girl to witness just how far her teacher’s cock would go inside of her best friend. Byleth’s girth looked like it’d be a strain for even a woman larger than herself, and to go along with that heavy width the thing laid well past Annette’s belly button. It looked so enormous in comparison to the svelte girl that Mercedes very nearly called out to put a stop to it before her professor hurt her friend, but she quickly silenced herself and leaned back against the door, watching with ever-widening eyes.

Byleth said nothing as she peeled her hips back and allowed her tip to fall into place, pressed against the soft, pink entrance of the younger woman. The rapidly-increasing breathing from Annette was a clear sign that she was bracing herself for impact, and it was something she absolutely needed to do considering the girth that was moving to fill her. One inch, two inches, three inches...and the head of Byleth’s cock had only barely disappeared inside of her. Annette was already writhing, squirming in her seat and rolling her head from side to side, toes wiggling and fingers gripping against the ropes that were so fiercely binding her. Blindfolded, tied, strapped to a chair and presented for her professor’s pleasure...and all of it underneath the unblinking gaze of the girl she grew up with.

“Ohhh, y-yes, Professor, it’s...oh, it’s so...ahh…” Annette could scarcely contain her excitement, even with merely half of Byleth’s impressive length stuffed inside. “Y...You’re...p-please...please make my little hole...happy…”

“You’ve been hungrier than usual, Annette.” Byleth finally spoke, her motions measured and controlled. She hadn’t shoved her entire cock inside of Annette yet, but she was moving swiftly back and forth, thrusting into the girl with merely half her girth. Her hands continued to sweep across her, praising the girl’s magnificent tiny body with her touch, keeping her distracted from the strain and focused on the pleasure. “Something must be bothering you to require so many private tutoring sessions.”

Annette would’ve answered, but it was at that point that Byleth finally offered her the entirety of her cock. With a swift shift forward, she slammed her hips against Annette’s lap and drove her length into the girl’s depths, making her voice suddenly squeak and crack and forcing her to convulse atop her chair. Underneath Mercedes shocked gaze Annette’s belly bulged from the impact, only to soften briefly and then snap right back out again.

Professor Byleth was using Annette as a cherished, snug cocksleeve...and she was proud to show off the display to the trembling girl in the corner.

And the other one just over her shoulder.


“My my, look how she struggles.” Sothis’ voice was only for Byleth, as was the sight of that tiny, floating green-haired girl. Sothis darted back and forth to gaze over the shoulders of her host, watching as Annette flinched and trembled and bulged with dick. “You’re going to break her if you’re not careful. What will the archbishop have to say about that?”

Silence from Byleth. There was always silence from Byleth when there were others in the room - even if both of them were intensely distracted.

“Not that it matters, I suppose. Not after what you did with her two days past.” Sothis lifted a hand to tap her chin, nose scrunching up in a thoughtful position. “This...all seems so familiar. Was I endowed as you were? I’m certainly not right now, but it’’s something fleeting. I can almost grasp the memory…” As was often the case with Sothis, difficult questions and fleeting memories were quick to be dismissed with a wave of her hand, and a chiding voice at the back of Byleth’s head. “Well, at any rate, it’s good to see you’re enjoying yourself. Such stress you’ve been under these past few weeks, it pleases me that your students are willing to give you such joy.”

Again, silence, though Byleth made a point to turn to face the trembling Mercedes. She made full eye contact with the girl as she slammed into Annette particularly hard - sharp and swift enough to force the chair’s feet briefly off the floor, and hard enough to leave Annette drooling from the sides of her mouth across her flat, smooth chest. Byleth was indeed lucky to have students so willing to service her, even if Mercedes was still piecing it together.

“You so often leave me wondering, you confusing fool.” Sothis continued her favorite past time, gently ribbing her host while offering her teasing, almost flirtatious praise. “Would you make a sleeve of me, were my body physical in this world of yours?” A soft pause, and then a sharp laugh. “Ha! I should very much like to see you try...I might even allow it, were you to earn my affection.”

That playful promise was the last Sothis chimed in for the moment, and her words were enough to assist the grip of Annette’s pussy in driving Byleth over the edge. With a grunt of desire the teacher slammed forward one more mighty time, and while Annette’s climactic voice filled the room around them Byleth’s member pulsed, surged, throbbed, and unleashed an impactul torrent of cream. The swinging of her sack, the bulge of Annette’s belly, the sweat clinging to both women...Mercedes saw it all. And by that point, she had crawled from the door to kneel just a foot away from the whole scene, watching with eyes that had barely blinked.

“P...Pro...fessssss...hnnng…” Annette quivered. Her body was left with spastic aftershocks, from wiggling toes to twitching thighs, to a few times jumping within her bindings so hard that it jostled the chair. She only barely managed to straighten her neck and lift her head, staring against the cloth of her blindfold to where she surmised her teacher to be. “’s so...f-full…”

“Then perhaps a friend to assist you in cleaning up?” Byleth spoke without a trace of hesitation, waiting for just that moment. She hooked her fingers underneath Annette’s blindfold and suddenly yanked it up, tossing it behind her while the two girls were forced to meet each other’s gaze. One bound and spread and still stuffed with the cock of her teacher, one kneeling on the floor with the mother of all blushes on her face and a hand stuffed subconsciously between her thighs.



The first lick Mercedes took was with a tongue shivering so much that she could barely control it. Mercedes’ nose scrunched up and her cheeks were burning bright with a blush as she pressed her head forward, resting her lips to a spot that she never in a thousand moons would have expected it would go - the quivering, cum-slickened hood of her best friend. And yet, as soon as her mouth rested upon that tender flesh, it was palpable how much the drama between the two instantly settled.

Mercedes and Annette exchanged glances from across Annette’s well-tied body, their eyes meeting one another’s even as Mercedes’ tongue rolled forward to scoop a mouthful of cum from her friend’s pussy. It was a load that Annette was eager to offer as the poor thing had been packed to the point of bursting, her slit overflowing with the copious load of her teacher. While Mercedes’ hands lifted to brush along the curved rump of her friend she even tilted her head to probe a little deeper, growing bolder and bolder by the lick, spurned on by the pleased look in her friend’s face and the heady, intoxicating scent of her arousal.

And just beside the girls, Byleth looked on with a proud smile on her face and her arms crossed just underneath her bust. This was a particularly easy issue to resolve, as far as student arguments went. Annette and Mercedes were both painfully kind, and their “fight” was about as silly as they came. In truth, it was a problem their teacher could’ve resolved simply by sitting them down and having a two minute conversation with them, but...well, she wasn’t at Garreg Mach because she loved the church of Seiros. If they were going to drag her into this mess and underpaid her left and right, she was going to have her fun with her cutest students.

“Annette? Isn’t there something you want to say to Mercedes?” Byleth finally spoke, lifting a brow as she turned her attention to the redhead. She even stretched a hand out to hook her fingers onto one of the looped pigtails, tugging the girl’s head back and forth in an almost playful fashion. She even helped Annette to nod, since otherwise the bindings made it a little tricky.

“Y-Yes, Professor, there is.” Annette responded sweetly, before staring past her own flat, shivering belly and chest to the beautiful, serene eyes of her friend. Even while Mercedes continued to slurp out the cream from her sensitive folds Annette’s voice quivered forward, squeaking in points for reasons that were unclear - either the intense emotion of the moment, or the fact that her friend was hitting some sensitive, cum-filled areas. “M-Mercie, I’m sorry if I scared you. I was just...I get so worried about you. You’re my best friend in the whole world and I love you to bits, and the idea of anyone roughing you up makes me angry!”

“Oh, Annie, I’m the one that’s sor--”

“Ahem.” Byleth swiftly interrupted the blonde, and shot her a stern teacher’s glance. The sort that immediately corrected a student that was speaking out of turn. Sheepishly Mercedes returned to her work, rolling her tongue back and forth across her friend’s soft folds, swallowing when her mouth was full, and even taking the time to scoop errant threads of cum away with her fingers and past her lips. Messy work, but rewarding work. The sort of a faithful, diligent young woman like herself excelled at.

“Mercedes, since Annette was so nice to apologize to you, I think it’s only fair that you do the same.” Byleth finally spoke, though with a hand held out conveyed to the blonde she was still meant to work between her friend’s thighs. “And I think the perfect way to do that is by giving her the same treat she’s offering you right now. Does that sound agreeable to you?”

It took Mercedes a moment to figure out her teacher’s words, but by then she was already losing what little innocence she had left. Swiftly she nodded with streaks of cum marking her lips and cheeks, and with an eager smile the girl was already lifting up to her feet. With her hands folding behind her back and her figure wiggling from side to side, she was clearly ready to do what was needed...even if she was still a bit naive as to what her part in it would be.

“I’m ready, Professor!” Mercedes beamed, and rocked back and forth on her heels. “W...What should I do? Take my clothes off?”

Byleth simply gave her student her well-known deadpan, flat look. Sometimes, these gifted nobles could be a bit dense.


Moments later, Annette was untied and Mercedes stripped, and both girls had joined their professor on the bed. Since Annette had the benefit of a few days of hard learned experience, she was kind enough to help her soft friend in doing what needed to be done for the older woman. It afforded Byleth the chance to lay back and relax, stretched flat on her back while Mercedes mounted her and the tiny redhead latched onto the girl like a backpack. Annette kept one arm wrapped about Mercedes waist while the other hand slid downward, helping to hold Byleth’s enormous member while Mercedes slid down onto it - a slow, tentative, nervous penetration. As it was with all the virgins that Byleth had claimed since her forced recruitment into the academy.

“You’ve had a big day today.” It didn’t surprise Byleth when Sothis returned, floating with her knees folded above the bed. The professor offered the entity a brief glance before turning her attention back to Mercedes, refusing to miss the chance to witness her cock sliding into that tender, warm hole framed with a soft blonde bush. Sothis giggled a bit while they both took in the show, and pointed to how Mercedes’ nose scrunched up by the time even the first two inches was inside. “Look how nervous she is! Isn’t a teacher supposed to make her students comfortable?”

Byleth, without words and without moving so much as to alert the girls, gave a tiny shrug.

“Though...I do suppose they look happy, too.” Sothis murmured thoughtfully. As was her normal fashion, she spun thoughts within her own words until she worked them out, piecing things together while using Byleth as a soundboard. She made an especially content sound when she saw Annette twist forward just enough to press her mouth against Mercedes’ own, and within that warm, loving kiss gave the blonde the courage to ride her professor all the way down to the hilt. There was nowhere near the massive bulge that Annette herself had, but it was still a snug fit that gave Byleth a satisfied smile - and motivation to offer a gentle buck of her hips from below while Sothis continued to yammer. “You’re definitely not a boring head for me to be stuck inside, you know. I could’ve done much worse, getting trapped in the mind of some farmer or boring noble. But truly...I have to wonder. Are you not afraid of seeding all of these girls?”

Another tiny shrug.

“Is there any of your female students you haven’t stuffed yourself inside by now?”

And another.

“Grrrhh! I find you most difficult sometimes!” Sothis fussed, her fists clenching and her face scrunching to a pout. “I’ll leave you to your tawdry fun...but I’ll be watching. I’m always watching the reckless way in which you behave!”

Did Sothis approve of her actions? Disapprove? It was hard to tell sometimes, and Byleth didn’t particularly care. It was hard to focus on anything other than the grip of Mercedes’ pussy around her cock as she kept riding, the blush travelling from her cheeks and down into her newly-bared breasts. From behind her Annette was still desperately kissing her friend while her hands kept moving around her figure, scooping underneath her tits and squeezing them together, teasing the puffy, sensitive nipples with her touch.

The two girls were mostly moaning and whimpering into each other’s lips, though through the noise Byleth could hear a few words of whispered apology in the mix. The girls had made up through the taste of cum on their lips and the sweat-licked embrace they enjoyed while Mercedes steadily rode her teacher. She continued to move with surprising skill considering it was her first time, and that was almost certainly thanks to the assistance of Annette, grinding her hips forward against her friend’s rear and always keeping her moving and shifting with every passing second.

Byleth tensed, and took a long, deep breath as she felt her bliss start to roll through her. She’d have the two students in her quarters until at least the next morning, and so the older woman saw no reason to bother holding back. With a firm smirk spreading over her features she rose her hands up to lock them against the healer’s waist, fingers kneading to the flesh and thumbs locking inward. For the first time of Mercedes’ ride Byleth was putting forth considerable effort on her own, and as soon as those thrusts started to hammer into her Mercedes peeled her lips away from her friend’s and moaned in depraved delight.

“Ohhh Professor!” She quivered and bounced, her breasts finally breaking free of Annette’s grasp and joyfully wobbling up and down. She even buckled over, leaning forward to brace her hands to the older woman’s shoulders, the soft wheat-colored tresses dancing forward to dash across Byleth’s face. “Y...You’re making me feel...quite lovely!”

“Just you wait, Mercie, it’s only the beginning!” Annette giggled, and glomped onto her friend’s back with a fierce, tight hug. The tiny thing latched onto Mercedes all through the rest of the ride, snuggling against her and strapped atop that trembling figure as it continued to ride. It wasn’t long after that both Byleth and Mercedes found their crashing climaxes, and though Annette would have to wait for more, she could certainly enjoy the sounds and smells of the moment. She pressed her ear against Mercedes back and listened to the girl’s rapidly breathing figure, all while Byleth’s grunts and Mercedes sharp, piercing gasps filled the air from the other end.

Byleth’s cock twitched and throbbed, and the spurts of her cum fired swift and heavy. She had already given Annette a heavy payload but now gave Mercedes a chance to share the experience, from the warmth flooding her nethers to the joy of having her best friend clean it out. Mercedes’ eyes were half-lidded and the girl was actively shivering by the time they finished, still with Annette strapped to her back and now fully collapsed atop Byleth herself. As the very bottom of the three-woman pile, Mercedes merely sighed in deep satisfaction and stretched her hands forward. She afforded one for each of the girls, teasing fingers along Mercedes’ shivering cheek or grasping at Annette’s pigtails, until finally she was able to draw the girls’ attention once more by speaking in a soft, thoughtful voice.

“Mercedes? You haven’t given Annette her ‘I’m sorry’ snack yet.”

From there, the evening would only spiral into wilder and wilder passion as Byleth properly educated the pair in the ways of pleasing their teacher. Mercedes and Annette were already known throughout Garreg Mach for their pastries and sweets, but that night their only training would be in creampies.

And Byleth was a truly magnificent teacher.

The End.