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Anthony J. Crowley and the Green Eyed Monster

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Aziraphale awoke to his greatest fears being recognized. Crowley was gone.

There was a rather large wet patch on the bed where Crowley's diaper had obviously leaked. This had become a growing problem lately, in the day as well as at night, no matter how many times Aziraphale checked or changed his demon, he seemed to inevitably end up with leaky diaper. It distressed Crowley terribly to wake up to wet pajamas, or to soil his clothes, or the sofa, or leave puddles on the floor when he was wearing protection in the first place. Aziraphale was contemplating using thicker diapers and maybe plastic pants as well on the demon. After all, all this leaking couldn't be comfortable for the poor dear. But Crowley was so unreasonably sensitive about his diaper use.(which as Aziraphale kept reminding Crowley was perfectly normal and natural for a little of his age and nothing to be ashamed of) Aziraphale feared a fit if he tried.

Crowley had mercifuly not run off far this time. Aziraphale could hear noises coming from the bathroom, though he had no idea what the demon could be up to in there. He highly doubted that Crowley had suddenly gained enough bladder control to make it to the toilet, and was just going for a wee.

Hr pushed open the unlocked bathroom door, and the sight that greated him broke his heart. (Metaphorically, his corporation's blood was still in prefect working order, pumping blood like it should, but there was an unpleasant tightness in his chest and a pit forming in his stomach) "Oh Crowley" he breath.

Aziraphale had seen Crowley's wings only twice befor. Once in the garden, and once during the apocalypse. Both time Aziraphale had hardly paid them any mind, but he was pretty sure they hadn't looked this dreadful before. (Had they?) They we're patchy and scraggly, unshed feathers caught in with attached ones. All dull, sad looking black, lacking the proper sheen and luster that wings should have. Aziraphale could see bits that were obviously inflamed, and he hated to think how swollen and sore his oil glands must be.

Poor darling, when was the last time anyone had groomed him!? The last time he had groomed himself? No wonder the poor dear had been so out of sorts lately.

Aziraphale bent down and very gently picked up his sobbing demon. "He mummmered a sad little " 'ziraphale? 'M fine" but Aziraphale just shushed him, and placed him gently in the bathtub, which had suddenly and via miracle grown large enough to accommodate Crowley stretched out wings.

Aziraphale miracled Crowley's soiled pajamas away. Then he miracled, a clean extra thick diaper and a pair of plastic pants (clear, so Crowley could still see the planet and stars on his diaper) on the demon. He thought Crowley might be a bit out of it to notice the extra and much needed padding and plastic between his legs.

Aziraphale got the spray nozzle ( another new addition to the bathtub) and set it to a gentle, yet warm temperature. Then the angel set to work. He wet all of Crowley's wings down, which made the poor thing cry harder, but needed to be done. Aziraphale miracled up his angel teddy for Crowley to hold. It was the only thing Aziraphale could think to do, as the demon was already vigorously sucking a pacifier.

Then Aziraphale ran his fingers through the dark wings, working loose any un-attached feathers. He mummered soft reassurances to the demon. He told him what a darling boy he was, and how much Azriphale loved him. And oh, how brave he was being, because Aziraphale knew this must hurt terribly. Aziraphale also told the demon how sorry he was that he had to cause him pain. How sorry he was that he hadn't figured it out sooner. How sorry he was that this wasn't something he could just miricale away.

By the time the last loose feather had fallen, Aziraphale was crying in earnest. Silently, because he couldn't bear to upset Crowley further. He wiped his tears away with a damp hand. He must pull himself together for Crowley who was hurting now.

Aziraphale warmed upt the water a little more and begain to gently work to get the little caps off the new feathers that had grown through. Aziraphale was horrified to find that even the new growth looked pale and sickly.

He moved on to Crowley's oil glands. They spurted oil with the lightest touch of Aziraphale's hand. He begain massaging the oil into Crowley's wings, paying special attention to the sore bits. Aziraphale noticed a few small bumps and realized that Crowley had ingrown feathers that were most likely infected.

Aziraphale prepared himself for what he would have to do. He miracled up some disinfectant, and wiped down each bump carefully the he squeezed. Crowley writhed in pain under him, crying and howling. Aziraphale comforted him, whispering 'sorry' over and over again into his hair. He then informed Crowley that he would have to be brave, and stay very still while Aziraphale did this.

Crowley just shook his head and said so quietly that Aziraphale almost didn't catch it "no Papa"

Aziraphale heart swelled with love and broke all the the same instance. He had been waiting with baited breath for Crowley to give him a name. A name that Crowley had picked out just for him. But said like this, said so heartbreakingly with his little crying and in pain. Aziraphale knew he would have to deny Crowley's plea. His eyes filled with tears once more. "I'm sorry darling" Aziraphale kissed Crowley's brow and returned to unpleasant task.

By the time Aziraphale had extracted the last ingrown feather, Crowley was slumped forward in the tub limp. His eyes were glassy and unfocused. Aziraphale gave him one last rub down with wing oil which hopefully would help begiin the healing.

He then gently picked up his demon and carried him to the bed.

He miracled away the mess from Crowley's diaper leak. Then miracled a fresh, thicker diaper and clean plastic pants onto the demon. He didn't want any more diaper leaks interfering with his baby's rest and healing.

He positioned Crowley on to his belly and pulled up the covers, making sure he has all his stuffed friends with him. Aziraphale then healed pillow on either side of the demon and gently spread his wings out and splayed them over the pillows.

He wished he could hold his little, but it would currently be uncomfortable for both of them. Instead Aziraphale sat on a chair by the bed and prepared to watch over Crowley for however long he slept, be that a night or a century. Aziraphale would be there for him.