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Anthony J. Crowley and the Green Eyed Monster

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After Crowley's accident and subsequent diapering, the day continued on just as it had before. Only now Crowley was doing significantly more pouting. Thought it was hard to be too cross all snuggled up next to his angel.

He dozed alot, though he didn't dream, the feeling of warmth and comfort following him into his sleep.

The storm had let up for a bit in the evening only to start up again a couple of hour later. Aziraphale had absolutely no intention of letting out of his sight until the storm was well and truly gone, then maybe not for a long time after that as well. Caring for Crowley and having him constantly with him, had brought Aziraphale a sort of peace and fulfilment he had never known before, and he would be loath to give that up.

When Crowley was a little more awake, Aziraphale had given him some markers and paper to occupy himself with while he read something that Crowley, and indeed pretty much any other being living or celestial would find dreadfully boring.

Crowley begin by writing out a list of every swear word he knew, in every language he knew. (Which was all of them) Then he moved on to drawing all of the rude and naught things he could think of. (Which was alot) When he tired of that he tried to very stealthy write 'property of Anthony J. Crowley' on Aziraphale's arm. Aziraphale humored him, and pretended he didn't notice until Crowley finished. Then he looked down at his arm and promptly stole the pen from Crowley's hand and wrote 'property of Aziraphale" on Crowley's arm. Which elicited honest to someone giggles out of the demon. Aziraphale than proceeded to tickle his naughty charge into absolute hysterics.

After Aziraphale forced another bowl of soup down his throat, (gently spooned into his mouth) he announced that it was time for bed. Crowley opened one yellow eye. "You don't sleep."

"I thought I might try it dear. Will you come and keeo me company?"

Crowley gave a sleepy nod. "It wouldn't do for his angel to be lonely after all."

Crowley snuggled into Aziraphale's shoulder as he was carries up to bed. Aziraphale laid him on the bed, and swiftly tugged his pajama pants off his spindly legs exposing a very wet diaper. "No!" Crowley jumped up a placed his hands in front of the diaper.

"Dear, what's this about? You need a new diaper before bed."


Crowley shook his head. "You said it was only once!"

"No dear, I said it was until you didn't need them anymore."

Crowley crossed his arms and glared. "I don't need diapers." This however is a rather unconvincing argument to make while you are standing with your currently very wet and sagging diaper on full display.

Aziraphale gave a pointed look at Crowley's yellowed diaper. "All of your stars and planets have gone blue"

Crowley looked down at his diaper, the once yellow planted and star had indeed gone blue. He looked at Aziraphale with questioning scrunch of his eyebrows.

Aziraphale beamed at him. "Oh isn't it a clever little trick? They go from yellow to blue when you wet."

It was admittedly, thought Crowley poking at his diaper, pretty cool.

Aziraphale reached out for Crowley. "Now come here darling, and I'll get you in a lovely new one with the stars all yellow again."

Crowley scurried out of his reach. His back hit the corner and he slid to the floor, and brought he knobby knees up to his face so he could rest his forehead on them. "No, don't want you to change me"

"Oh" said Aziraphale sounding rather hurt.

"It's yucky." Crowley hastened to add, not wanting his angel to think he didn't want him. That Crowley wouldn't prefer him over anyone or anything in all of creation. "And you shouldn't have to."

"And probably don't want to" Though Crowley didn't say that aloud.

Aziraphale's face softened. "Is that all? Crowley darling is only wee, it's just your body doing what bodies do. I don't mind at all. You're very dear to me, and I just want to make sure you're comfortable and happy and well looked after. So won't you come here and let me do that?" He held out his arms invitingly.

Crowley couldn't just sit there with his angel asking for a hug like that. So he got up and scurried into his arms.

Aziraphale held his little demon for a long while, then placed a kiss on the top of his ginger hair and laid him down on the changing mat. He swiftly got rid of the old diaper, wiped him down, powdered him up, and taped Crowley up in a nice new one. Once he was done, Aziraphale gave Crowley's belly a soft kiss, just above the waistband of his diaper.

He then tucked them both into bed. Before long Crowley's thumb had found its way into his mouth once again. And Aziraphale decided to do what he'd been wanting to do all day. He gently pulled Crowley's thumb out, and replaced it with a pacifier he miracled up. As soon as Crowley latched on he started suckling and seemed to melt further into Aziraphale in complete relaxation.

For a while Aziraphale just stared adoringly down at the sleeping Crowley, his pacifier bobbing gently between his lips and his soft breaths tickling Aziraphale's neck. Before he too drifted off.