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Anthony J. Crowley and the Green Eyed Monster

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Crowley sauntered into the bookshop for the first time after his little nap. His plants were lush and green, the world hadn't ended, and his angel was waiting patiently in his bookshop for Crowley to take him out to dinner. Crowley's only current complaint was thatbthe weather was getting bit rainy and nippy. But all and all Crowley was as happy a demon as he had ever been. (his standard of happiness it should be noted was not particular high)

So obviously something terrible was going to happen.

"What' Crowley drawled "Is that?"

"A teddy bear dear, surely you've seen one before. They have been around since the early 1900s I believe."

"I've seen a bloody teddy bear before angel, but why's it here?"

Aziraphale turned from the manuscript he was doing something with, and peered over the glasses over the reading glasses he didn't need. "I picked it up in the shop the other day, I rather thought it was darling." Aziraphale gestured towards the sofa, which seemed to have sprouted a mound of cushions and blankets that Crowley didn't remember being there before. "Do sit down dear boy, I'll be a minute. I have to finish this up before we go.

Crowley slunk to the sofa, and when he sat down he immediately sunk into the cashmere softness of blankets. And he melted into the softness, splaying himself over the entirety of the sofa. It was nice, and warm. And if he nuzzled his cheek into the blankets, well Aziraphale's back was turned to him and he couldn't possibly see.

He contemplated running a hand thought the soft looking fur of the teddy, which did so look like his angel with it's little tartan bow. But he had better self control than than that. He knew if he touched it, he'd want to hold it. Then want would Aziraphale turn around to see but him cuddling his plush toy. And surely his angel would have questions about that. Best not to risk it.

After while Crowley got rather bored of laying on the sofa with his eyes closed and basking in the warmth. He opened his eyes and begin to examine the familiar clutter of the bookshop. It always brought him comfort to be here, to see all of the comfortable things his Angel had surrounded himself with over the years. Looking around also assured him that the bookshop was still there, not burning up in flames. And his angel was there too, amongst his books exactly where he was supposed to be.

It was only by chance that when Crowley turned his head a little to make sure his angel was still there that a flash of red caught his eye. It was a pacifier, sitting innocently on the end table. Probably one of Annie's, left over from Aziraphale's adventures in babysitting. Maybe Aziraphale himself hadn't noticed it was left there. It was sitting just out of plain sight, squashed a little between a lamp and a book

Would it be so bad if Crowley just reached out and stuck it in his pocket? Maybe took it home and pretended, just pretended that Aziraphale had bought it just for him? He'd never had a pacifier before. In a few moments of weakness (and often when he was sleeping) he would suck on his thumb. Which was but well his thumb was rather long and bony. He imagined Aziraphale gently removing his thumb from his mouth and replacing it with the paci. Just like he had seen Aziraphale do for Annie. Aziraphale would pet his hair and smile lovingly at him. Maybe hold out the angel bear for Crowley to hold.

Crowley jerked himself upright. His thoughts we're headed in a dangerous direction. He stood up to pester Aziraphale that it had been long enough and he wanted to go out to dinner now.

Without his really meaning to, Crowley's fingers closed around the little plastic item, and swiftly tucked it into his jacket pocket, before whining to Aziraphale.

Later that night, Aziraphale would notice a pacifier missing from his side table and smile. While simultaneously in a rather cold cement apartment Crowley would be having a staring contest with a piece of red plastic until he reached out with long fingers to grasp it, bring it to his mouth, and finally give a tentative suck.