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BNHA (and others) One-Shots

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Boys were annoying. It wasn’t an entirely fair statement because honestly, not every boy was annoying, but the prideful ones were the most annoying. They refused to admit to anything. Y/N wasn’t sure why she even liked a prideful bastard like Bakugou. She was fine when they were alone, they could banter back and forth, it was pretty great. But god, he was annoying around their classmates. Anyone who even brought up the possibility of them being more than friends, he’d screech at them, screaming about how she was just a ‘dumb idiot who always needed help with studying and nothing more.’

It pissed her off. A dumb idiot? If she was such a dumb idiot to her, then why bother hanging out with her? Despite this, Y/N was prideful herself. She couldn’t let go of these feelings and continued hanging out with him every other night in his room because she’s just too damn prideful to admit he wasn’t good for her.

Friday was normal, regular. Boring, even. School was a drag and the only thing Y/N looked forward to was studying with Bakugou. As soon as Crementoss left the class, dismissing them, Y/N jumped out of her seat, packing her stuff away hastily to get to Bakugou sooner. As she stepped forward, Midoriya jumped into her view.

“Oh, Midoriya. You need something?” She tried to recall if she borrowed anything off him, or if he borrowed something off her. But nothing clicked.

Midoriya just smiled, twiddling his thumbs. “Ah, nothing really, I just wanted to know if you wanted to study together sometime? Mr. Aizawa said you were pretty good at Maths.”

“I wouldn’t say I’m good, it’s just that I try and take a lot of notes. And even then, I struggle.” Y/N sighed, rubbing her neck.

“Well, better than me still. In exchange, I can help you with hero laws.”

“Deal.” Y/N said, smiling. “Let’s do it Monday, okay?”

For those two minutes of talking to Midoriya, Y/N completely forgot about Bakugou, standing at his desk and glaring at the two of them. Y/N almost scoffed and called him a child, but kept her mouth shut. “I’ll talk later Midoriya, got a study thing with Bakugou today. You’re welcome to invite whoever for Monday, though, okay?” Y/N gently pat his shoulder as she walked past him, meeting with Bakugou as he walked in stride, walking faster and further than Y/N could keep up with.

Upon arriving at the dorms, no one else was in the common room, but from the loud music that could be heard, at least Jirou was there. Some of the other guys had planned to go out for a bit after school so they weren’t going to be back for a while. Like always, Bakugou grabs his snacks from the kitchen cupboard, which he locked at all times. It was pretty selfish, having an entire cupboard to yourself but it was Bakugou, no one was about to fight him on it. At least not yet.

“What first?” Y/N asked as they entered his room. Bakugou’s hands reached for her bag, taking it off her and throwing it to the floor. Before Y/N could even turn, Bakugou was already kissing her neck, arms wrapped around her waist.

This. This is what Y/N was too prideful to give up. Even if he screamed at everyone that he hated her, she couldn’t do it to herself to give this up. She liked it, the attention. It felt good if only he would just be open about it. Was she that bad that he couldn’t admit to people what they did? She supposed they both were at fault for this.

Both too damn prideful for their own good.


Y/N and Bakugou never really studied. It always ended with them laying on the bed, kissing. Before Bakugou, Y/N had never actually kissed anyone, not that she’d let him know that. It was nice, his hands were bigger than hers. Holding them in her own hands felt good, warm and really comforting. Bakugou pulled away for just a second to kiss her jaw, trailing the kiss down to her neck. His hands were low, squeezing at her thigh just below the school skirt. It was slowly moving up, so close that Y/N quickly grabbed it, pushing it away. Bakugou pulled back again, confused. “What?”

“Nothing.” She said a little too quickly. “I just…” Not want to have sex, “want to relax today, tired. From the long week.” Y/N curled away. It was embarrassing. They were nearly eighteen (or in Bakugou’s case, he was already eighteen) and she was still terrified to go that extra step. Terrified of what? Y/N knew there was nothing to be scared of.

Bakugou didn’t question it, thankfully. He just lay behind her, kissing the nape of her neck once more before his breathing settled. He was going to sleep.

It was dark outside. Y/N couldn’t even remember falling asleep but her eyes were burning. Bakugou’s arm was still wrapped tightly around her but she could hear him shuffling behind her and there was a dim light. “You could have woken me up sooner.” Y/N joked, turning slightly to look at him. His face didn’t change. He just grunted, his grip tightening around her. “Want me to stay the night, huh? Love me that much?”

“Not really.” It was only a joke on her end but it still stung a lot hearing his answer. Y/N sat up, brushing her fingers through her hair to untangle it.

“Well, I’m going to go wash up, see you in the morning.”

He didn’t even reply. Picking up her stuff, Y/N left, closing the door softly as to not annoy Kirishima next door, which turned out, she didn’t need to, as Kirishima was also just leaving his room, pausing to stare at Y/N.

“Oh, Y/N! Hi!” Kirishima grinned, turning away to check himself on his phone quickly. “Whatcha doing...out here?”

“Was studying with Bakugou, fell asleep and so he kicked me out. What’s wrong? You okay?”

“Oh, well, was heading to the showers and I don’t look the greatest right now or...smell good.”

Y/N would never have pegged Kirishima as the type to care about that stuff. So, she smiled, pointing to herself. “You look fine, meanwhile, I look like a complete mess right now.”

Kirishima laughed and shook his head. “Nah, you always look fine, even Bakugou says you do and you know he can’t even compliment someone without adding an insult onto it at the end.”

“Huh?” Bakugou thinks she looks nice? Sure they did...intimate things but he’s never actually complimented her during any of it. It was all purely physical, not emotional, on his end at least. Kirishima didn’t say anything else on the topic, walking ahead of Y/N to get to the showers quickly before it got too late. Y/N, on the other hand, headed down to the kitchen and was pleasantly surprised to see Uraraka, Midoriya, and Iida down there gathered around one of the tables.

“L/N! What are you doing up this late?” Iida asked.

“You’re up too, Iida…” Y/N said, grabbing a cup to pour some water into it. “Were you guys studying or something?”

Uraraka held up her notebook with a nod, showing off all the work they got done in the few short hours. Midoriya had his head down, still scribbling in his notebook intently. Y/N walked over, sitting in the seat opposite him, sipping her water. “What you writing there, Midoriya?”

His head snapped up, cheeks beginning to slowly turn red. “Ah, I was writing about today’s training, just noting how some people used their quirks. You know me.”

Before Midoriya could say more, Y/N grabbed the notebook off the table, skimming through it. “Write anything about me?” She asked, skipping past the many, many pages. His drawings definitely improved from the last notebooks he had from previous years.

“Y-Yes, but-” Midoriya snatched the notebook back, holding it tightly to his chest, “just boring stuff, nothing exciting.”

Snickers from the kitchen alerted Y/N, reminding her that Iida and Uraraka were still there, both of them cleaning up their dishes. Y/N shook her head, smiling at them. “What you two laughing at, huh? What? Did he draw me super ugly or something.”

Uraraka bit her lip to stop herself from laughing. “Yeah, something like that.” She wheezed. Iida was trying to shush, shaking his hands.

Y/N hummed, standing up again with her glass. “Well, I’m gonna go hit the showers. Oh,” she turned to Uraraka and Iida, causing both of them to quiet down to see what she says, “Midoriya and I are studying on Monday, want to join us?”

“Su-” Uraraka slammed her hand over Iida’s mouth.

“Sorry, Iida and I a thing! His parents invited us to dinner.”

Iida’s eyebrows knitted together in confusion. “My parents-”

“They texted me personally, shut up!” Uraraka hissed, dragging Iida away by his hand towards the staircase. Y/N glanced back at Midoriya who seemed petrified, but let out nervous laughter.

“Is it a problem if it’s just us two?” He asked her. Y/N smiled, shaking her head.

“Of course not, but you’re always studying with them so I thought to ask anyway. Ah, I better head, get to that shower. See you later, Midoriya.”

For another ten minutes, Midoriya didn’t leave the kitchen, cheeks still red and heart racing from when she snatched away his notebook. “So close.” He whispered, pressing his hand to his chest.

“What the hell you muttering about, Deku?” Bakugou pushed Midoriya away from the cupboard that hoarded all the snacks. He reached in, pulling out a small tin filled with biscuits. Midoriya watched intently.

“Could I have one?”

Bakugou turned, glaring. “Get your fucking own, touch my shit and I’ll kill you.” He walked away to sit at the table as Midoriya muttered to himself, talking to himself about when he should go buy some snacks. As Bakugou sat down, he eyed the notebook just next to him. He glanced at Midoriya briefly before opening the book. He almost spat out his biscuits see the crappy drawing of himself. “Fucking weirdo,” Bakugou muttered as he read all the notes Midoriya had on him. He turned the page, seeing some stuff on Iida. Then the next page had Kaminari, talking about the time he stuck a fork into an outlet as an experiment. He turned again. It was you this time and Bakugou glanced at Midoriya once again, trying to hold the scowl back as the green-haired boy counted on his fingers about his money.

‘Has good reflexes’ Bakugou read. ‘Fast when she can be bothered.’ Well, that was pretty accurate. Y/N was kind of lazy sometimes. Bakugou bit into his biscuit, watching the crumbs fall onto the page of the notebook. He brushed them aside before pausing. ‘Cute and smiles a lot which is nice.’

Bakugou’s eyes flickered to Midoriya again. He stood, taking the notebook with him as he walked over. He slammed the notebook against the back of Midoriya’s head, pushing him down to slam his face against the counter, not caring that he let out a yelp of pain. “Jeez, you really are a fucking dumbass if you think Y/N’s ever gonna like you.” Bakugou threw the notebook behind him and walked away happily, giving Midoriya a look as though to say ‘don’t fucking say anything.’


Sunday night was quiet, most of the class 3-A students had gone to visit their parents or were doing some odd jobs. But Y/N had the day to relax, mainly in Bakugou’s room. Right now, he was doing some training and just let Y/N chill in his room while she waited. Most of the time she was on her phone, her homework pushed to the floor as she curled up on his bed. It comforted her, being surrounded by his things, especially when she’d sneak out one of his shirts. He never seemed to notice. Or if he did, it didn’t bother him at all.

Rolling over in bed again, Y/N smacked her lips together, feeling dry. She reached for her bottle on the side table but sighed seeing that she drank it all already. Threw the bottle into the bin by Bakugou’s door and headed out the door to go to the kitchen for a glass. The halls of the dorm house were quiet, barely a sound could be heard, except the scribbling of a pencil on paper when she made it to the kitchen.

“Oh, Midoriya, why don’t you ever study in your room?” Y/N asked, walking over to the cabinet.

“Too many distractions.” Well, she’s seen his room and she couldn’t help but agree. It was quite...the sight. She didn’t seem to notice Midoriya staring at her or to be more accurate, at the shirt. “I didn’t know you and Kacchan were dating, Y/N.”

She froze, hand hovering in the air. “Dating? We aren’t dating, why you think that?”

Midoriya pointed to her. “You’re wearing his shirt, so I fig-”

“We aren’t dating.” Y/N repeated, her hands gripping at the hem of the shirt. “I’m not sure actually, what we are.” She took a seat opposite him, laying her head on her arms. “Am I acting dumb?

“About what?”

Y/N groaned. “Dumb for being so hung up on him? I don’t know why I even bother anymore, I don’t want just the physical stuff, you know? I want to be able to walk into his room and talk about stuff instead of just making out all the time. I really don’t think he cares. Yeah, sometimes we joke around but it’s nothing that he doesn’t do with others like Kaminari and Eijirou.”

Midoriya tapped his chin, ignoring the pang in his chest. “Well, that wasn’t the impression he gave off the other night.” Y/N looked up, wanting him to continue. “Ah, well um…” What the hell was he supposed to say now?! He couldn’t really say what Bakugou had said. “Well, he seems...possessive of you. I noticed that he stares at you a lot in class, glares at the other guys when they talk to you. And uh, he said no one would be able to date you. I think he likes you.”

None of that made Y/N feel better, it just made her guesses correct. He truly is too prideful. Why? What’s so wrong with admitting that he likes her? Y/N groaned, dramatically falling to the floor. “Dead, just leave me here, Midoriya, I’ll just suffer the consequences of liking such an asshole. My own fault, really.” Midoriya just laughed, reaching out his arm for her to grab, hauling her off the floor. His arm wrapped around her waist, his cheeks red as she laughed. He smiled, glad to know she was in a chipper mood again.

“I don’t really think it’s my place to give you my opinion, but just know, no matter, you can get through this!”

“Hell yeah! Now,” Y/N placed her hands on his broad shoulders, “make me some food mister Midoriya, I know you know how to make good food.”

Bakugou stopped in his tracks, towel over his shoulder as he watched Y/N grinning at Midoriya, jumping around him as he made food, laughing at whatever stupid shit he was saying. It didn’t matter what, it just pissed Bakugou off. He marched over, slipping his arm around Y/N’S waist, causing her to yelp, turn quickly to see who it was before she relaxed again, smiling.

“Hey-” Bakugou cut her off, pressing his lips to hers as he glared at Midoriya still, who looked confused. And mostly awkward as he glanced around, wondering if he should leave or continue cooking. Bakugou pushed Y/N against the counter, his fingers tangling themselves in her hair. Y/N snapped out of it, glancing at Midoriya, a little confused herself as she pushed against Bakugou to get him off but he wouldn’t budge, just trying to edge closer to her although Y/N doubts that’s even possible.

“Hey, Kacchan, maybe you should ease up a bit.” Midoriya touched his shoulder, noticing Y/N still trying to push at him and thankfully, Bakugou pulled away, glaring.

“What the hell has it got to do with you, Deku? You aren’t her boyfriend.”

“And neither are you!” Midoriya snapped.

The tension in the air was thick, so Y/N ducked under Bakugou’s arm, moving a good bit away from him. “Look, I’m really not sure what’s gotten into you, so I’m just...gonna go to my room, catch you later, Midoriya.” She gave two of them a short and curt wave of the hand, heading to the stairs.

As soon as Y/N was out of sight, Bakugou’s hands started to shake, gritting his teeth. “Look, Kacchan, just calm do-”

Bakugou turned, grabbing Midoriya, he pushed him against the fridge. “Shut the fuck up and don’t fucking inject yourself into mine and Y/N’s relationship. What we do is none of your fucking business, got it? Just give up and realise you got no fucking chance.” With one final snarl, he threw Midoriya to side, who hit the edge of the counter, grunting in pain. Bakugou stepped back, hands in his pockets as he headed to the stairs to go find Y/N in her room.


After the incident the night before, Y/N kept her door lock and ignored any knocking, wanting to be left alone to her own thoughts. Even as she walked into class, she still felt confused. Bakugou had never kissed her in front of someone before. It still felt odd. Weird. As soon as she spotted Bakugou, tried to test her theory. Gripping her bag strap tightly, she walked over to him, standing in front of his desk, smiling. “Hi.” She says, leaning on his desk, kicking up her feet behind her, humming happily. She leaned close, intending to kiss him. Well, not really, because just as she thought, he moved his head away, confused.

“What the hell are you doing?” Bakugou dodged his head away from her, now glaring, “you know I don’t do that shit here...leave that for the bedroom.”

“You weren’t saying that last night.” Y/N leaned away, arms crossed over her chest. “I really don’t get you, honestly. You confuse me.” Not wanting to hear anything from him, Y/N walked to her seat, laying her head on top of her bag as Tsuyu and Mina tried to talk to her to see what’s up.

Class like usual dragged on. Every now and then Y/N caught Midoriya turning to look at her and she’d just smile to reassure him. She hadn’t spoken to him since last night and the way things were left off, it was kind of awkward. When Present Mic had his back turned to the class, Y/N stood up for two seconds to throw a paper ball at Midoriya, landing it perfectly on his desk. She sat down and turned to stick her tongue out at Iida before facing the front again, acting like the perfect angel her teachers thought she was. When Present Mic asked the class a question and turned to the board to write the answer down, Y/N looked at Midoriya as he opened the note.

‘My room or yours for studying?’ It said. Midoriya quickly scribbled his reply, using his arm block it off when he noticed Bakugou’s body turn to look at what he was doing. Waiting a beat, Midoriya turned, throwing it across the room towards Y/N, not without a small whistle from Kaminari and a ‘nice shot’ from Kirishima. Y/N leaned forward in her seat to push at Kirishima’s head, snickering. “Don’t peek, my business.” She said, smiling as she opened the note.

‘Kacchan might barge in if we’re in your room, so mine?’


Okay, so since their first year, Midoriya managed to get rid of some of his All Might stuff. Y/N was almost impressed. Keyword, almost. It was then revealed that the rest of the All Might stuff was just at his mother’s place.

“Sorry it’s so messy, I didn’t have time to clean, heh…” Midoriya rubbed the back of his neck as he threw his dirty clothes into the hamper, trying to at least a little. Y/N hummed and sat on his bed, looking at the photos he had on the nightstand. She picked up the picture of a younger Midoriya.

“So cute.” She teased, laughing. Midoriya stared at her, brain still processing what he was watching.

“No, not cute, I cried a lot.”

“Precious.” Y/N laughed, placing the photo back down. She laid down on the bed as she lazily went into her bag, stopping to look at Midoriya. “You going to come sit? It’s your room.”

Midoriya walked over and sat down stiffly, opening his textbook. Y/N raised a brow but didn’t say anything, laying on her side. “I hate hero laws. Everyone else in class can remember them all, even Kaminari and we all know he’s a moron…” Y/N trailed off, “maybe...I was the moron all along.”

Midoriya straightened up. “Huh? You’re hardly a moron, you’re one of the smartest.” Y/N didn’t reply to that. Midoriya’s nice. Of course, he’d say that. He compliments everyone and always knows what to say.

“You don’t have to say that.” Y/N said, reaching up to poke his freckled cheek. “Bakugou calls me dumb a lot. Just kind of used to it at this point.” The topic was kind of depressing. Bakugou was just so...confusing. With the way he acts, he makes it seem like he likes her but won’t actually say anything that makes her think that. “Give me your honest opinion, should I just give up?”

Well, this was shitty. It’s not as though Midoriya could answer with an unbiased opinion. But he also didn’t want her to give up with confiding in him.

“Well...does he make you happy?”


Midoriya repeated his question again. “Does Kacchan make you happy?”

There was a long pause, neither of them speaking as Y/N sat up, hands in her lap. “I don’t know. He does. Did. I just don’t get why he won’t tell people what we do. Am I that embarrassing to him? He kissed me in front of you and I don’t get it. Why you but not anyone else? He hasn’t even told Eijirou and they’re basically best friends. It’s frustrating. I can’t even tell my friends that the guy I like brings me to his room to kiss me because he gets mad and frustrated and shouts and I just don’t get it.” Y/N stopped, taking in a deep breath. She touched cheek. “Fuck, sorry, got a bit heated there.”

An arm wrapped around her, letting her head rest on Midoriya’s shoulder. “I don’t think him making you cry is a good sign.”


After the small, touching moment, Midoriya left his room to go grab some food for himself and Y/N to eat, leaving her alone in the room. She mainly stared at his pictures, smiling as she looked all over his room for more. She came to a stop at his desk, picking up the frame with himself and Toshinori, All might. It was sometime during their second year. Y/N could tell because during that time, Midoriya went for a trim at the hairdressers and they took off way too much and it kind of looked like a bowl cut for a while. “Cute…” She whispered, placing it back down gently before her hand hovered over the notebook Midoriya always carries around. All the notes he takes of his classmates.

It was rude to do, awful really, to go snooping through his notebook but she did it anyway. She flipped through all the pages before coming to a stop at her own page. The drawing wasn’t bad, he didn’t make her look awful like she assumed.

Her eyes trailed over the notes.

‘Cute’ ‘Works hard’ ‘Good reflexes’ ‘Quirk isn’t flashy but she uses it creatively’ that there was probably the best compliment she got on her quirk yet.

“There wasn’t any pork left so I hope chicken is okay.” Midoriya’s voice startled her as she slammed the notebook back down the desk, staring at him with wide eyes as she nudged the door closed with his food, struggling to carry the plates of food. He let out an ‘ah-ha!’ when the door softly clicked shut, turning to look at Y/N with a smile as he placed the plates on the table, asking her if she wanted to take the desk and he’d sit on the bed, but Y/N was barely paying attention. It didn’t take long for Midoriya to notice, glancing at her hand, still placed on top of the notebook. “...Did you it?”



Taking one of the plates and a fork, Y/N started eating, not even bothering to sit down. She just wanted to eat and leave. “Sorry,” she said with a mouthful of food, “I shouldn’t have read it but I was really curious.” She wiped away the rice that clung to around her mouth. “I get it if you’re upset. But thanks. Never really been told my quirk is good before. I mean, I get complimented, sure, but it always feels empty and half-asses really.”

Y/N placed the plate down, looking at Midoriya. He was still quiet, staring at the notebook. “You’ve had to work harder than most to get where you are now with your quirk and I think that deserves praise. I just wish I had the courage to actually tell you instead of just writing it-” Y/N wrapped her arms around Midoriya, cutting him off.

“It’s fine, thanks. Really.”

Neither of them moved. It was nice, just being able to hug someone who has no other motive. Y/N hummed, pressing her head to his shoulder. “You’re warm.” She muttered, not even intending for him to hear properly but he did.

“You’re kind of cold yourself.” He said. Goosebumps went up along her arms as though just realising how cold his room really was. They didn’t move though, content on staying like this for however long.

Until their legs get tired it seemed because, after another minute, Midoriya noticed Y/N twitching his arms. He tried to move both of them to the bed to sit her down but she wouldn’t let go, still clinging to him like some sort of koala. “Comfy?” Midoriya joked as Y/N sat down but didn’t let go, pulling him down onto the bed with her.

“Cuddling people is so fun, don’t go.” She whined, legs tangling with him. Midoriya’s cheeks flushed, trying to budge away just slightly so Y/N wasn’t so pressed up against him. Just turned eighteen and he still felt like a teenage boy, god, he really wanted to get over himself. Squeezing his eyes shut, he felt as though he couldn’t look Y/N in the face, it was too much, too close. But he cracked open an eye and it was a big mistake.

She looked cute, hair messy and cheeks flushed. Ah, his chest hurt. His heart was beating too fast that his chest felt so tight, it was almost hard to breathe. Y/N took notice, pressed her hand to his chest.

“Just take a deep breath. Never laid in a bed with a girl before, huh?” She teased, tapping his nose.

“N-no, not really.” He said, “this is more a thing to do with your partner and well, I’ve never had one of those.”

“Seriously? I honestly don’t believe that, you’re so cute!” Y/N pinched his cheek this time, “so freckly and cute!”

They both laughed as Midoriya tried to push her hand away but Y/N was determined, trying to now pinch his other cheek. Midoriya grabbed both her wrists, pushing her onto her back. “You really got to work on your physical strength, Y/N.” He said, looking down at her from above.

“Shut up, I train!” A bold lie. Half the time she’s asleep or eating food, when has she ever trained in her spare time? Midoriya just laughed. He knew she was lying, he wasn’t stupid. Both of them tried to calm down their laughter, Y/N’s stomach hurting from not breathing properly. “Okay, okay, off, I can barely breathe.” She laughed again when Midoriya jokingly tried to fall on top of her, crushing her. “I’m going to die!”

Letting out a final shaky, breathy laugh, Midoriya rolled over onto his side again, laying his head down onto his pillow next to Y/N. Her face was still flushed, eyes closed and trying to stop herself from going into another laughing fit. Y/N glanced at Midoriya. “You stare at me a lot.”

“Because you’re, you know, really…”

“Really what?”

“Attract attention.”

Y/N raised a brow. “I really attract attention? That makes no sense.”

“You’re pretty.”

Now it was Y/N’s turn to make a fool out of herself. “T-thank you.”

There was silence. Comfortable, but still a long silence between them. Like two awkward teenagers who had no idea what to do next as they stayed laying in bed, limbs tangled together still. It was weird, to say the least. She could do this with a friend but the second she tries to do it with someone she likes, he just pushes her away, unless it benefits him at all. It’s confusing. Y/N sat up, running her fingers through her hair, almost felt like deja vu. Midoriya joined her, sitting up too. “You okay?”

“Yeah, yeah...just thinking.” She says, smiling. They stared at each other for a few seconds before Y/N cleared her throat, climbing over him to stand up. “I should go back to my room, get ready for bed.”

“Yeah, of course, see you tomorrow.”

Y/N picked up her bag and shoes, nodding. “Of course, see you in the morning.”


The morning after, it was normal for the most part. Y/N ate breakfast in her room while she filled in some parts of her homework she left blank and left shortly after. She could hear Iida just behind her shouting. Then footsteps. And then he was running ahead of her. “Slow down, Iida, jeez, we still have twenty minutes.” Uraraka’s voice called out. Y/N turned to see the girl running over to her, out of breath.

“Morning.” Y/N greeted her, “Midoriya not with you?”

“Oh? Looking for Midoriya, hm?” Uraraka leaned closer to the girl, devious intent in her eyes, “why?”

“Because he’s usually with you?” Y/N looked around, lost, “seriously though, where is he?”

“Back at the dorm, I think. Maybe he slept in.”

In class, Y/N tried to be patient, not able to stop her hands from moving around all over her desk. Whenever the door opened, she’d perk up, waiting to see who’d walk through next. Finally, Midoriya walked, his tie still not tied properly and looking dazed. Must have slept in, like Uraraka said. When he spotted her, he smiled.

“Oh good…” Y/N whispered, a sigh of relief leaving her lips. At least nothing was awkward between them from all that, well, hugging. The first time and she Bakugou had kissed, he seemed to have gotten second-hand embarrassment the next day and avoided her. People truly were strange, but at least Midoriya didn’t seem any different.

As Aizawa was calling attendance, a paper ball hit the side of Y/N’s head. It tumbled to the floor and she looked up, seeing Midoriya stretching, looking at her. Real smooth. Y/N leaned down and snatched the paper ball up and unraveled it.

‘My room tonight?’

She quickly scribbled on the back on the paper (‘Bring snacks’) and tossed it back, but she overshot it, it landing perfectly on Bakugou’s desk. Not even missing a beat, he opened up the paper ball and turned towards Y/N, nodding.

“Ah fuck…” She whispered, laying her head on the table. Now Bakugou would be joining her in her room. Great.

After class, Y/N was praying. Praying that Bakugou would forget all about the stuff on the note, but as life really doesn’t like Y/N, he didn’t. He was loitering around the door, ignoring Kirishima and Kaminari as they invited him out.

“Sorry, Midoriya…” Y/N muttered when she walked past his desk, “I’ll make it up to you, promise.”


What the hell was she supposed to say? It felt awkward, walking to her room with him by her side. Bakugou didn’t say a word either, not until they reached her room at least. He waited for her to unlock the door and walked in. Surprisingly, he went over to her bed and laid down, kicking his slippers off. He relaxed into the pillows, looking tired. Y/N joined him, just sitting on the edge. He glanced at her, cracking open an eye. Sighing, he opened his arms wide. “Want know...cuddle?”

“Cuddle?” Bakugou wants to...cuddle? Sure, sometimes he wrapped his arm around her when they would nap but she wouldn’t call that cuddling. Now, thinking about it, she would call that more of a ‘you’re mine’ sort of thing.

Not seeing her budge, Bakugou sat up, running his hand over his face. “I could tell you were annoyed at me, for you know, not treating you better. So how about it? Would you be my girlfriend?”

If it were any other day, Y/N would have said yes within a millisecond. Her heart would have soared and she would have been so overjoyed to be asked that. But now, she didn’t feel anything. Her heart didn’t even skip a beat. Why didn’t it skip a beat?


“You look hesitant,” Bakugou spoke first.

“Because I am.” Y/N said softly, scared to hurt him. She didn’t want to, she liked him. A lot. But maybe not in that way anymore. “I really liked you for your confidence. You weren’t afraid to speak your mind, you’re a skilled fighter, helped me out a lot with honing in my quirk. I liked your attention. But,” but was never a good thing, “it wasn’t the attention I wanted. And I really, really don’t think you’re ready for a relationship. That isn’t a bad thing. I’m not saying you don’t like me or can’t like anyone, but you’re more...of an ambitious guy. Ya know? Makes sense you’d want to focus on work and not have distractions. One of which, I am.”

Bakugou opened his mouth but closed it promptly, eyebrows scrunched together, nose wrinkled up. Frustrated. “I know I didn’t deserve to. Act jealous I mean. Not my place but I couldn’t fucking help it. I like the time we spend together and I don’t want to lose that but-”

“But relationships are pretty emotionally taxing and you aren’t ready.” Y/N finished.”

“Yeah, I wanted to give it a go. Guess not.”

Now Y/N just felt like an ass. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling his head to her chest. “You’re still my friend, right?”

“I guess.”

“Don’t say ‘I guess’ please. Call me a dumbass, idiot, something.”


Y/N smiled, squeezing him tighter. “You know, I’ve heard from some people you compliment me behind my back but never to my face. Want to do it now?” She teased a little.

“Shut the fuck up, don’t get all cocky!”

“I’m not!”

They stared at each other for a few seconds before Y/N pressed her head to his shoulder.

“Nothing?” He asked.

“Nothing.” She answered, smiling sadly, “I don’t feel a thing.”


Shortly after Bakugou left the room, along with three of his shirts that Y/N had stolen, (which honestly, she was kinda hoping he’d leave behind, his shirts were comfy and smelled like caramel) Y/N headed to Midoriya’s room.

With a single knock on the door, he answered quickly, drowning in a large All Might shirt. “Cute.” She said, walking into his room, holding up her homework, “sorry, Bakugou and I had a small chat, all free now.”

“Everything okay?” Midoriya asked, ignoring her comment about him being cute. Y/N threw her notebook onto the bed and joined in after it, laying out flat on her stomach.

“He asked me to be his girlfriend.”

Midoriya stiffened. “O-oh, that’s nice. Congratulations.”

“Hm…” Y/N rolled over, staring at the ceiling. “I don’t think I like Bakugou as much as I thought I did. I mean, I like it, the things we did, but it feels weird now.”

Midoriya nudged Y/N gently with his foot, getting her to move over so he could lay down next to her, letting his arm rest under her head so she could lay on it. “Do you feel bad?” He asks her, “because you shouldn’t.”

“No. Well, maybe a little. Kind of wish I just ended it sooner instead of dragging it on. Both our faults really, can’t just blame him for being shitty with his feelings. I knew he struggles with that sort of thing yet continued on like nothing.”

“He was your first wasn’t he?”

“...Yes...look, i’m bad at this kind of stuff! I’ve never had a boyfriend!”

“I could tell.”

Y/N hit him with her pillow, glaring but he just laughed, catching it in his hands and ripping it from her.

Pouting, Y/N turned away, arms crossed over her chest. “You haven’t had a girlfriend either. You’re also a loser. Just. Like. Me.” Y/N poked his more playfully, watching Midoriya scrunch it up, trying to wiggle away from her. He reached up, grabbing her hand.

“You aren’t a loser.”

“I just rejected a really nice looking guy because I’m a bit of an insecure dumbass. I really am a loser.” Flopping back down onto the bed, Y/N sighed. “He asked me to cuddle earlier. It was weird because normally I would have gotten butterflies. But nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not like when I was with you yesterday. Now that, that gave me all the butterflies in the world and I feel...strange.”

Y/N turned on her side and Midoriya did the same. They stared at each other, noses nearly touching. He didn’t get embarrassed this time, just smiling at her. “What about now?”

“My chest hurts.” Y/N whispered, “stomach hurts too. Like, when you feel so giddy inside that it physically hurts you.”

“Yeah.” Y/N pressed her hand on top of Midoriya’s which was laying next to his head on the pillow between them. She squeezed his fingers, prompting him to change it, wrapping his hand around hers. “So small.”

Nuzzling closer, Y/N closed her eyes. “You’re warm.”

“And you’re cold.”

The light beam hurt Y/N’s eyes. She scrunched her face up, trying to block out the light. Cracking open her eyes when she realised that the light won’t go away, she saw that the room was still dark except for Midoriya’s phone shining in his face. He was typing away at something and when she leaned into his shoulder to look, he was texting a group chat.

“Hm, who’s that?”

“N-nothing!” He squeaked, upon realising she’s awake. He slammed his phone down onto his chest, turning to smile at her but it was pitch black without the phone light. She couldn’t see a thing anymore. “You okay?”

“Yeah, tired.” Y/N yawned. Even after that nap, she was ready to change into more comfortable clothes and go to sleep in her big and comfy bed. She stretched out a bit, listening to her bones pop. “You okay yourself?”

“Yeah…” Midoriya moved her hair from her face, turning on his phone screen to see. He leaned forward, kissing her nose. “Your nose is cute.”

“Thank you, but,” Y/N gripped his hand, admiring how big it is and the scars he got from training, “will you ever ask me on a proper date.”

“O-oh, you actually want to go on one?”

“I wouldn’t be laying here, holding your hand, if I didn’t want to, Izuku.”

Y/N didn’t need the phone light to see that he was turning a hundred shades of red, stuttering his way through a sentence now, stumbling over simple words to ask her out on a date. Y/N just laughed, holding Midoriya in between her hands and leaning close until their noses were smooshed together.

“Next week, Friday, date, okay?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Y/N laughed again, kissing his nose this time. “We also have to buy Bakugou a lot of spicy food. I still feel bad.”

“Yep, yep, of course, all the spicy noodles. On me. Although, you know he did slam my face into the kitchen counter the other night, right?”