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This is my fault, how?

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Jotaro looked around him. They were in Egypt, closer to Dio than ever before. But that didn't mean anything. They still had to find and defeat Dio only in a few days. Yare yare daze. It wasn't going to be easy. But he had to save his mom, no matter what. 


"This city is huge!" Polnareff screamed. "How are we supposed to find Dio?" 


"The best way of doing it is to ask people about the photo" Kakyoin replied. "Someone must have seen this mansion". 


"It's a long shot" Avdol said.


"But the only one we have" Joseph said. "So we better get started". 


And that's how they spent the last hours, asking everyone in Cairo if they had seen the mansion. Unfortunately, everyone shook their heads and apologized. Jotaro maintained his stoic expression, but internally he was worried. What if they didn't find the mansion in time? Things were not looking good. The group decided to meet again in the market. No one had any luck. 


"This is impossible" Polnareff said. "We can't ask everyone in Cairo for the photo in time". 


"It is true it is a dubious method. But we don't have any other option" Avdol said. 


"Hey! Look at that" Kakyoin said, pointing at the center of the market.


A figure had gotten out of one of the alleys. That wasn't weird. But the bloody trail he was leaving behind was. The man was limping and holding one of his shoulders with his other bloodied hand. 


"Do you think it's an enemy Stand?" Jotaro asked. 


"Maybe it's just an average brawl. I guess those happen in Cairo too" Joseph replied. 


At that moment, the man collapsed on the street though everyone around him chose to ignore him. 


"I can't believe this. People could be a bit more considerate!" Polnareff said outraged. 


"I'm going to get closer" Kakyoin said. 


"It's not our problem". 


"Maybe it is, Jotaro. You never know". 


Reluctantly, Jotaro followed Kakyoin and the rest of the group went behind. When they were beside the man, they realized he wasn't a man at all, but a boy. He probably was the same age as Jotaro and Kakyoin though he wasn't as buff as them. He had a blue, pompadour hairstyle that was rather eccentric and more importantly...


"Is that a Japanese school uniform?" Polnareff said.


Jotaro frowned. The possibilities of another Japanese student appearing in Cairo and not having any relation to the group were minimal. Which only left one question: who the hell was this guy? 

Morioh was a quiet town. That didn't mean it was normal by any means. A third of its inhabitants had Stands. Weird things were bound to happen. But things had been quiet for a long time. And Josuke Higashikata appreciated peace and quiet. Don't get him wrong, he loved getting into fights. But he preferred, you know, normal fights. With the occasional bully and preferably, without him getting impaled twice.


Okuyasu thought it was boring. But honestly, Josuke didn't have time to be bored thanks to the most stupid idea he had ever had. So, his train of thought had started like this: he had a Stand that allowed him to heal anything and anyone, as long as they weren't dead. But if they were even two seconds away from drawing their last breath, it was fair game. Josuke knew he was very lucky to have that Stand, and he wanted to use it to help people. He knew he could make a difference in the lives of so many people. Like a kid losing his grandpa. 


Of course it wasn't like he was going to find many people in trouble walking down the street. He had to go where hurt people were: hospitals. In the end, modern medicine could only go so far.  There was only one problem: to become a doctor you had to study a shit ton. And not only in the degree itself, but you needed to get a really good score in the exams to get into the university, which was why Josuke was buried in books right now.


Ok, maybe he wasn't buried, but it certainly felt like it. And the fact that he had never paid attention in high school didn't help. He always got a 5 or a 6. It wasn't that he was stupid and didn't understand things. It's just that high school had never interested him, so he always made the minimum possible effort. Just enough to pass. Now he was suffering the consequences.


His friends had been helping him, though. Koichi gave him a hand with maths and chemistry. Even Jotaro had decided to join. Since Josuke was a disaster who couldn't utter two sentences in English to save his life, everytime Jotaro called him he spoke to him only in English, which made Josuke feel both infuriated and grateful at the same time. And Okuyasu... Well, he couldn't help much, but he was there for moral support.


He would be a nervous wreck until June, when the exams took place, but no matter what would happen, at least he knew he had some awesome friends and family. That's what really mattered.


He sighed, put the books aside and looked at the time. 18.30... 18.30?! Oh no, he had met with Okuyasu and Koichi in five minutes! He was so late! He jumped out of his bed, ran down the stairs and got his shoes as fast as he could. His mom was watching him from the kitchen with an amused expression.


"You're late, right?"


"Why do you ask things you already know?"


He opened the door without even saying goodbye (she would yell at him for that later, he was sure) and ran to the square. If he hurried, he could make it in 10 minutes. He dodged people like a ninja, but it was a Saturday afternoon. The street was packed and Josuke thought it would be faster if he used the alleyways. They were a bit of a labyrinth, but not for Josuke who knew them since he was a little brat.


He was currently in one of the alleys, specifically the one behind the main street (he knew that because there was a small restaurant there) when he heard a rumble. Josuke automatically stopped because rumbles were never a good sign. He looked around, but the street was empty. Of course that didn't mean anything. It could be an invisible stand. Or maybe he was being paranoid. But he had a right to be, if he was being honest.


The rumble didn't stop, just continued to get louder and louder until Josuke had to put his hands over his ears.


"Fuck it, I'm getting out of here".


But before he could take one step forward, the floor opened below him. Literally. It was as if someone had opened a door. A door to complete darkness. Josuke jumped and a strong wind came out of the breach, trying to suck him in.


"Crazy Diamond!“


"Dora, dora, dora, dora, doooora!“


Crazy Diamond destroyed the wall beside Josuke and reformed it over the breach in less than two seconds, covering it up. He had been training his speed. Josuke fell on the barrier, but he didn't have time to relax. The wall was already falling apart by the pressure. For security's sake, he made Crazy Diamond destroy the other wall and put it over the breach too. Then he ran towards the mouth of the alley, trying to escape.


However, the wind suddenly stopped. Josuke turned around. Everything looked quiet and if not for the debris laying around, it would have been impossible to say something had happened. Carefully, Crazy Diamond lifted the walls used as barriers. The hole had disappeared, like it had never been there.


Josuke sighed. It seemed like the peace was over.  At least Okuyasu would be happy.