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The Corrupted State Of You.

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 Your mother's hand felt warm wrapped around your own, as her soft, padded thumb swept over your small knuckles in a loving manner. Her bright smile caused her dark eyes to sparkle, and her plum hair swayed as she walked with you. The air was soft in your memories, hazy as if the happy memories were clouded in a blur of joy and love.

Trees swayed with the chilled autumn breeze, while the sun stood its ground in the edge of the sky as time threatened to press it below the horizon, a soft melodic hum coming from your mother. You were wearing your dad's favorite scarf, a beautiful black, and blue swirled pattern because you insisted you had to bring it to him as he got off of work.

 Your mother decided to humor you, dressing your tiny body up in thick layers of clothes: A pink polka-dot dress, dust pink leggings, and your favorite boot and coat combination. The two of you then set out to meet your dad halfway home.

When you saw him, his slicked, black hair and tired blue eyes filled with tears, worried little legs carried you into a sprint towards your father. Your heart raced; seeing your father look so distraught brought so much fear to your five-year-old heart. He wiped the tears from his eyes before kneeling on one knee with his arms stretched out to catch you as you threw yourself at him. 

"Dadda! What wrong, why you cryin'?  

  Your voice croaked as soft sobs began to build in your chest, you were always so quick to cry when you saw others doing so, partly (from your empathetic sensitivity) from your mother's side no doubt. He stiffened and pulled you into a tight hug, the shakiness in his voice apparent as he spoke, it was then when his habit of lying came to the surface.

"Oh, my sweet star... Nothing is wrong, Dadda isn't crying! He was just so happy to see you, and what's this?-"

The scarf around your neck was gently pulled away by his strong hands, scarred and calloused from working at the factory.

"-my favorite scarf, from my favorite girl? What a gift!"

His tone sounded forced, but your child-like mind immediately swelled in pride and you beamed at him, completely forgetting what had happened before.

Your mother laid her hand on your head softly, ruffling her daughter's dark purple hair, meeting her child's deep blue eyes. Sadness, fear, and love swam in her gaze, even back then she had been terrible at hiding fear, but you were much too young to understand it all. She gave a soft giggle, eyes closing peacefully, tears threatening to spill at the edges when she spoke.

"[Y/N], it's time to run." 

For some reason you could have sworn her voice was different just then, eyebrows furrowed before you realized something, it wasn't your mother speaking. 


  A loud explosion and a tugging of your arm woke you from pained unconsciousness, heavy-lidded eyes barely opening as you were thrust to your feet, your wrist gripped tightly by someone several times larger.

  "You heard me [Y/C/N], we gotsta' run, and we gotsta' run fast!" 

  Before you could even register anything, you were sprinting alongside the person who lifted the foggy haze. Shouting and crashing sounded from behind, deep in the abandoned traffic tunnel, a broken-down bus being thrown towards you. Thinking quickly, both of you leapt out of the way, stumbling behind an old burned car. Slamming against it as a form of cover, you finally had the chance to come to your senses. 

   A longtime friend sat next to you, tapping away at the communication device on his forearm. It was BoarDozer, a villain named after his boar-like features including, tusks, fur, tail and arguably the biggest part, his boar head. His massive size made getting through objects, and people, extremely easy, thus coining him the bulldozer of the group. You wouldn't brag, but you were the one who came up with the name and were surprised when he actually kept it.

 Everything started coming back: The mission to break into the bank, planning the sting operation in the tunnel hideout, and then the ambush... A group of Pro-Heroes had managed to find your boss's hideout and it led to a complete takeover. That hadn't stopped many of the villains from fighting back or trying to escape, though what you hadn't expected was for everyone to be sent flying from the force of the Pro-Hero's landing. That must have been what made you pass out, a human skull bouncing off the ground was bound to do that, you were sure.

  "Where is Vipera?" 

 Voice strained, you asked about your snake-like coworker, a slender hand reaching to touch the back of your head, wincing at the stinging, knowing there would be blood before actually seeing it. The crimson color stained pale skin, years of underground hiding and night trips caused your complexion to be very sickly, the harshness of the blood against it making your stomach flip. 

 "They caught 'er before she could get out, da Boss managed ta' get away jus' fine. Gotsta find 'em in Kagoshima." 

 Hearing the calmness in his voice settled any worries, but not the swirling of your stomach and the pain in your skull. Nausea took over and bile rose in your throat, doubling over, you let the feeling wash over. Retching in the corner of the hiding space, eyes squeezed shut with tears pricking them from the burn, though after a few moments the feeling had faded. BoarDozer hissed and pushed his arm swiftly against your chest, tugging the both of you farther behind the car remains before he spoke in a hushed tone. 

 "We both know what I gotsta do... I'll lead 'em away, and you gotsta run when they get distracted." 

 Normally arguing about the idea, refusing and forcing your friend not to follow through with such a stupid idea would be your forte, but both of you knew the severity of the situation and what it would spell for the rest of the group. He was stronger and had a better chance of driving off the heroes, quirkless people had no business in the battle. Without giving permission, your head nodded in confirmation before shrinking yourself closer to the vehicle to hide.

Taking the nod as an agreement, BoarDozer sprinted from the hiding place and started down the tunnel away from the heroes and you. Acting as bait, shouting obscenities that you would rather not repeat before the sound of joining footsteps appeared. 

 "I'll find the female one, you go after the Boar. Make this quick, we don't have much time."

A lazed almost bored voice came from behind the car bandage-like tendrils threatening to reach over the side of the hiding place, making your blood chill with fear. Hearing whoever the person had spoken to, give a small sound of understanding, you saw the hero sprint after BoarDozer and the bandages disappear.

The hero had grey hair which came to three different points, his armor sporting a bright red scarf and a blue coat-like covering. Edgeshot, you had remembered being briefed about the heroes before, and his name was one to come up quite often but you never knew exactly what he did. To your horror, you found out as Edgeshot seemed to flatten his arm, shooting it out to pierce your friend through the back, his body dropping with a guttural sound.

 Rage and emotional agony boiled through you, at the time you had thought they killed him, the only person in that fucked up little world who had given any kindness to you. Suddenly you found yourself sprinting at Edgeshot, faster than a human possibly could, body rising in the air as your hands itched and burned.

A dark purple, almost black liquid covered your hands, wrapped around your body like a snake. Screaming, you felt the aura pulsate in the air, shaking the tunnel as the dark liquid splattered onto surfaces nearby. Immediately the car which you had been hiding behind before began to glitch and lurch, the old metal creaking and folding in on itself. As if the power had begun to melt the already charred metal.

 Ignoring the searing pain of your flesh, your chest felt it was about to burst from the emotions rolling through it. The thought hadn't even crossed your mind yet; you were quirkless, so where did the power come from? Without missing a beat, power build around you, the sizzling and burning of concrete beneath you told you that whatever it was, it had hoisted you into the air. Though that way it moved as your body did, how fluid and smooth it felt to shift and rise higher into the tunnel let you know it was a part of you. Anger brought the situation back to what had started it in the first place, BoarDozer.

The last thing you remembered before you blacked out was the look of horror in Edgeshot's eye.