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The village, they called it.

The flat area surrounded by the high cliffs and the thick forest sprawled on the mountain, they called it home.

They were farmers at the flat part of the village, hunters in the forest.

It wasn’t a small village, despite being stuck in a closed environment, the population has increased in recent years and they had welcomed the change and had led it to a more productive society. 

Living was fun there; People were kind, productive and funny. Children gamboled on their way to the school in the morning; their sound was mixed with the early twittering of the birds. They grew even more excited on their way back, found their way through a lively village to home.

Laughing and talking and boasting about their hunts, everything seemed to be in the perfect place.

But, in the silence of the beautiful calmness of the lovely village, a wicked fact underlay.

They lived in a magical realm, with magical creatures. The exact thing the civilians did for a living was actually, monster hunting. For if they didn’t, there was no living any more.

It could be terrifying, and it was, but every single person in the village was going to be at last a proper hunter, to protect the village and family.

The school was always filled with big dreams and boasting of the future hunters, bragging about their future hunts, and how they were going to be the pride of the village,

Jimin hated it!

There was nothing proved when they were still training in school and not in a real field, without facing a real monster. Expect providing some little backups when the village was under attack, which was, nothing to boast about. And still some of them dared to talk like they had killed a hundred. It was absurd.

He groaned internally and slumped on his desk when the door opened and the tall frame of hoseok came in. jimin sat straight in a second but he was the only one. Hoseok scanned the fuss which was supposed to be a classroom and sighed.

“Be quite you little dorks.” He yelled. “Aren’t you supposed to be in the training field already?”

The class fell in to silence. Every one turned to face hoseok standing in the door frame. He shot them a death glare and scratched the back of his neck,

“Do I have to repeat it every time? Really? The future of the village is in your hands?”

The way hoseok gestured to the whole class, it looked like the walls also shrank from embarrassment. Jimin sat firmly, completely offended. He was good. He was perfect.

Hoseok stepped in the middle on the class and huffed in anger

“When are you ganna learn a little discipline?”

He landed his fist on the table fiercely. Some pictures on the wall fell on the floor. The silence was suffocating. No one even blinked.

Hoseok glanced at the outside of the class where the chief was taking a little tour in the school along with the rest of the council. Seokjin raised his eyebrows in a mocking way and suppressed a smirk.

The elder nodded and passed by the class, hoseok remained his sulky face. Once the crowd got far away enough from the class hoseok sighed with relief.

“He is gone. Every one, relax.”

The tension was clearly cracked by numerous sighs and occasional whines. Hoseok burst in to laughter,

“Unbelievable, you really fell for it? Jiho are you crying?”

He exclaimed in awe. The named girl hiccupped by the time her name was called and the whole class turned to her. She blushed so hard and kept her firmest gesture.

“No. I am not.”

She yelled with a quivering voice. Hoseok raised an eyebrow obviously not believing her

“Whatever, now hurry up, use your legs. We are already late”

The class went in to its usual clutter and commotion of shouting and running and racing to the training field and hoseok glanced at jimin with frowned eyebrows. He tilted his head toward him in a way to get him up, jimin reluctantly followed up.



The weather was good, no annoying harsh winds thanks to the high cliffs surrounding them, no sunshine poking them in the eye thanks to the thick clouds. Hoseok tapped on his leg impatiently while watching jimin standing in position

“Don’t be relieved every one, weather is not nice like this all the time; just imagine the freezing cold of the winter. Can you do that jimin? Imagine the cold and aim.”

Jimin, tired of the stupid ramblings of him lowered his bow,

“In the winter the amount of the monsters deceases to 60 percent and those who dare to attack are either weak or smaller in frame.”

He finished with a bored tone and hoseok stopped tapping carelessly and stood straight, he locked his gaze with jimin who for the first time in his whole 16 years of life was getting afraid of him.

“Seems someone has been studying.”

Hoseok hummed, quietly approaching him. Jimin jammed in to himself biting his lips.

Hoseok stood next to him and put a hand on his thin shoulder and lowered his head to jimin’s ear level to mutter in a mysterious tone,

“Do you know who dares to attack in winter? Those who are hungry. And do you know what a hungry monster can do? No you don’t. why? Because if you face one, a really hungry one, you barely have time to blink before it tears you in to pieces and feeds you to its children, especially if it’s winter! We do not categorize hungry monsters based on the size or the race, a hungry monster is a hungry monster. And you have to be super extra careful in the winter case it won’t knock on your door and ask for your permission before hunting you my boy. Now imagine the awful weather condition in the winter and aim.”

Jimin was breathless by the time hoseok finished murmuring deathly in his ears, his grasp on his shoulder was firm and jimin could mistook him by a real monster if he didn’t know hoseok so well.

Jimin clutched at his bow and sighed. He aimed and released the arrow. It left the bow with a whoosh and hit the target bored, just a little away from the center. Jimin raised his eyebrows and looked at hoseok. Hoseok was watching with a tilted head and pursed lips

“What you saw was a pure example…”

He announced with clear voice, jimin’s eyes widened at his comment. Hoseok glanced at him before finishing his sentence.

“…of an absolute failure!”

Jimin huffed in frustration and stomped his feet. It was too cruel and unfair and yet hoseok wasn’t done with his harsh commentary.

“This is while his father is the best archer in the village!”

The class burst in to laughter. Jimin blushed and dropped his head. He was always under that suffocating pressure of being the son of the best archer in the village, aside from the other people he was living with and they were all the best in their own way.

“But I hit the board”

He exclaimed!

“Not the center.”

Hoseok didn’t even look at him. Jimin dropped his shoulder and moved for another student to take his place; hoseok noticed the way the bulky boy bumped in to him purposefully, causing jimin to stumble.

Jimin was quick to hide behind the others but before that he took glimpse of the crowd gathering on the hill containing the chief and the council, His father standing beside the elder, monitoring the training. He gasped and stiffened. Shit. Why were they still here?

Hoseok followed his gaze and saw seokjin talking with the elder. He shook his head sadly and repeated the structures again. Of course seokjin was not embarrassed and jimin didn’t mind to be laughed at in front of a crowd -he really didn’t- but messing up in front of his father was something else.

Hoseok wondered if his little ones had the same feeling. Though, they were too small to fight. Taehyung needed at least 7 years to become the pro student in the pro school and jungkook was just four. And by that time hoseok would stop teaching because he didn’t like to cause them pressure.

He looked at the crowd, gathered on the hill, and watched them rush down the hill missing the perfect aiming and shooting of the next student.



Hoseok gathered the papers on his desk and said goodbye to the last students leaving the class and collected his things.

He made sure the fire was off and checked the windows and pushed the chairs to their desk, mumbling something about discipline.

He stepped out of the room and searched with his eyes. When he saw him, a smile stretched on his face.

“I’m leaving jimin. You coming?”

Jimin snapped his head toward him and said a quick goodbye to his friends before running to him. Hoseok ruffled his hair, jimin tried to move away,

“Will you ever stop that?” He groaned.

“Never.” Hoseok grinned.

They both walked silently through the edge of forest. Hoseok let him lead the way.

“Are you upset?” He asked, a little guilty.

Jimin shrugged and moved a branch out of their way.

“No why?”

Hoseok chuckled. Jimin shot him a glare.

“I’m used to it any way.”

Hoseok bounced a little

“You know I love teasing you.”

He sang. Jimin rolled his eyes and snickered.

“What? You don’t take it personally do you?”

 “My dad was watching.”

Jimin finally said sighing. He broke a thin branch under his boot.

“I know. I saw him,”

Hoseok held a sour expression.

“Are you upset?”

“Of course I am.”

Jimin turned to look at him with tangled eyebrows for a brief moment.

“I don’t want to be a failure.”

He kicked a stone.

“Jimin who said you are a failure?”

The weather around them was cold and fresh. They never went home from the normal path. Jimin always lead the way making it to get home a bit more difficult through the trees and thick branches hovering over them. Hoseok walked slowly behind him and watched how he was trying to find the way home, he stopped, sniffed the air, looked around him and sometimes demanded to go back cause they were getting far instead of approaching home, hoseok obeyed, let the young man learn through instinct, school was bullshit by the way. And jimin loved him because he was the greatest companion.

“I am trying to be a good hunter.”

Jimin said and stopped. Looking around him, he tried to find the way.

“I can see that.”

Hoseok leaned to a trunk and watched jimin spinning around a tree.

“This way”

He mumbled. Hoseok followed.

“But my dad does not see that.”

“Which one?”

Hoseok jumped over a fallen tree.

“Your brother!”

Jimin groaned. Hoseok laughed.

“Won’t you adopt me?”

He pled miserably. Hoseok chuckled.

“Sorry buddy, our family is full, and you are already my baby can’t you see that?”

“Yeah…you don’t lecture me every night about the future though.”

Jimin stopped again. Hoseok stopped too.

“Well I’m not that kind of father.”

He smiled. Jimin scratched above his eyebrow, looking pissed.

“I think we are lost. Go back…”

He rushed past hoseok, who grabbed his arm gently.


Jimin sighed, turning to face him.

“You are trying too hard.”

Hoseok pushed away the hair of his forehead.

“You don’t need to.”

He said softly, smiling. Jimin tilted his head to the side

“Well in a world that we can die in any minute, it is not even an epsilon of trying my wise supportive beloved hyung. But thank you and I love you too!”

Hoseok amused laughter made a folk of birds to fly away and he smacked the back of his head with affection.

“Aren’t you the best nephew in the world?”

Jimin chuckled and blushed. Hoseok was too perfect to handle. Event when he was yelling at him in the class, jimin thought it was cool!

“You are going in the right path. Keep going, come on.”

Hoseok motioned to the way in front of them and pushed jimin forward. If jimin wanted to be the best hunter in the history, hoseok would give all he had to help him.


When they finally arrived home, it was already evening. The smoke was flying up to the sky from the chimneys and the lights were on. A torch was lit at the front gate.

Their house was huge, holding two families and seven people in it; making a whole laboratory for yoongi and a nice kitchen for seokjin. A whole room for namjoon to keep his weapons and a big library that they fought over the space for they own books. Namjoon nagged that yoongi’s chemo and spell books are getting too many.

And of course, each family had their own ward despite living as one! Privacy and stuff!

Suddenly the front door opened and light found its way out. A tiny frame appeared at the door before running at them with a screech


Hoseok opened his arms and jungkook throw himself at him happily, hoseok got him with a growl

“How is my lovely baby doing?”

Hoseok nuzzled his nose in to Jungkook’s face and made him giggle.

“kookie saw a deer today!!!”

He yelled and poked his finger in to his dad’s dimple. Jimin laughed. Hoseok smiled and looked at him fondly.

“Really? Where?”

“In the woods. But the deer went home. And didn’t say bye bye.”

He pouted and squished hoseok’s face with his tiny hands.

“Oh you went camping today,” he said and then frowned in confusion, “aren’t you home early?” he asked, jungkook now pulling at his hair.

 “Daddy came and picked me up when the sun was still awake.”

“Huh?” hoseok deadpanned. Jimin blinked.


Their attention was back at the door, where yoongi was standing wearing a worried expression. Hoseok suddenly tensed up seeing his husband paler than usual.

“Every thing’s okay?”

He asked rubbing the back of his son.

“Something’s happened.”

Yoongi said briefly. Hoseok and jimin exchanged a look and jimin reached his hands to hold jungkook and hoseok followed yoongi to the hall.

Namjoon and seokjin were already seated at the table.

“What is it?”

Hoseok asked pulling a chair to take a sit. His gaze moved on every one.

“Got some bad news.”

Seokjin sighed.

“Some enormous packs were sighted. Coming from east.”

Namjoon continued. His finger moved on the map in front of him.

“What kind?”


“They will be here in a week.”

Seokjin commented, his hand trembling a bit.

“That’s not enough to build defense. We don’t have proper defense in east. And why east? They never come from there.”

“Maybe they are some new kind?”

Yoongi suggested.

“It’s worst if it’s like that. Any way we don’t have enough time to wave it away with other tricks, there is a high chance of involving.”

Namjoon said with a deep voice.

“We can ask for help from the neighbor.”

Hoseok said, receiving the disappointed faces from the others.

“They…refused to help.”

Yoongi whispered rubbing his arm.

“What? Why?”

Hoseok was surprised. They never refused to help. They were in the same situation any way, they know how is it to fight a monster.

“Because the attack has no effect on them.”

Namjoon gave him a mirthless smile.

“How not?”

“Because,” Namjoon tapped on the map, “We are surrounded with high cliffs, the attack comes from east and neighbor is in the west. There are rough cliffs there. There is no way they can reach the west.”

“We are stuck here?”

Hoseok murmured a little deflated.

“And in case no one survives, this whole area is going to be the monsters nest.”

Namjoon draw a circle with his finger around the painted civilization on the paper.  

“we have to fight then!”

Hoseok smirked. Namjoon nodded before folding the map

“We need to take children to safety, yoongi hyung please check the last records of the shelter condition, honey bring the records of the monsters and our potential defense, and hoseok, gather you students, those who want to stay and they can fight, are allowed to stay. Meet in the school in 30 minutes.”

Everyone nodded in affirmation and rushed to their duties. Hoseok ran upstairs and opened the door of children’s room. Taehyung ran to him and wrapped his arms around him.


“Hi baby.”

Hoseok patted his hair absentmindedly,

“Where is you emergency package?”

“I already have it.”

Taehyung pointed to a big bag full of necessary things.

“Very good sweetie.”

Hoseok ran to the closet and search through it, pulling out extra clothes and blankets.


“Yes honey.”

“Are we going to die?”

Hoseok looked at taehyung for a mini second

“Of course not baby.”

Before taehyung can pour out his worries, jimin ran in to the room holding kookie.

“Hyung, what is going on?”

He asked with wide eyes, hoseok didn’t even look at him

“Jimin, good you are here. Take these,”

He handed him the blankets and checked the emergency bag.

“Where is your bag? Go fetch it.”

He rushed out making his way to his own room. The others followed.

“Hyung,” Jimin prompted but he was interrupted by hoseok pulling at his collar,

“You have your necklace with you? What about you tae? Very good.”

He mumbled hurriedly opening a closet and pulling another bag from it.

“Extra supplies, just in case, share it with other children.”

He checked everything on his children before puffing out his breath.

“Ok, all done. Jimin, I need you to keep an eye on these two.”

He patted taehyung and jungkook on the head, Jimin shook his head frantically

“No hyung, I wanna stay!”

He protested with a hurt expression. Hoseok just hooked up jungkook in his arms and made a disagree hum.

“You need to go and you need to go now.”

“Hyung, don’t you trust me?” he insisted.

Hoseok finally stopped rushing around.

“Of course I trust you.”

“Then let me stay. I can fight. I won’t disappoint you.”

Hoseok sighed and shifted jungkook on his hip

“I know you can fight, that’s why I trust you with my children.”

Jimin looked at kookie who was clinging to hoseok firmly, probably has sensed the danger and taehyung who was clutching at hosoek’s belt with glossy eyes.

“I wanna make sure my kids are safe. And I don’t know a better person than you.”

Hoseok half smiled, half sighed. Jimin inhaled a shaky breath holding the blankets tighter, contemplating the idea,



Hoseok looked at him warily in the eye

“I’m not trying to send you away, I promise. And you are going to lead the way to the shelter, you know how to find the way, your skills are coming handy. And you know how to fight.”

Jimin still seemed hesitant. Hoseok grabbed his chin

“Your mission is no lesser than the others, I promise.”

Hoseok reassured. Jimin finally sighed and lowered his eyes in surrender. Hoseok put a quick kiss on his forehead before being hasty again

“Okay every one’s ready? Let’s go.”



The village was in commotion. Everyone was gathered in the school the elder was talking. Namjoon was dividing the forces up between potential areas. Those who were old enough were volunteering to stay, hoseok qualifying them. Every one brought all the weapons they had in home piling them in a corner. Some were deciding for a safe place to gather, some were already on their way to the east, to be the first fighters.

Children were crying, clinging to their parents. Parents comforted them with gentle touches and words, double and triple checking on them. Yoongi was standing near the small group of children, his own kids sticking to him. Jungkook was hiding his face to his neck, sniffling. Taehyung was watching the disorder with horror. Jimin was shifting from one foot to another nervously, eyeing the small group of his classmates being qualified to fight. And some of them were joining the traveling pack. Jimin was relieved. Hoseok made his way to them and wrapped his arms around taehyung who was trembling.

“We are ready.”

Yoongi murmured. Hoseok nodded.

“Do you have the map?”

He asked jimin who nodded quickly and pulled out a piece of leather.

“Ok everyone here,”

Namjoon thick voice announced. All the attention turned back to him. Jimin reminded himself to take regular breaths. A hand was wrapped around his shoulder and he turned to face seokjin. He automatically hugged him tightly. Seokjin patted his hair.

“The way to the shelter takes 2 days; it’s a rough way, going through the mountain. My son will lead the way.”

Namjoon paused; a little hint of pride filled his voice. Jimin stood straight as all the attentions were suddenly on him. Hoseok gave him a reassuring smile.

“He knows the way and I want you to follow his structures. There is a short way in the woods before the entrance to the mountain, under any circumstances do not part away from the group. Soyeon and hyungmin will follow from behind. I want you two to make sure no one stays behind. Please stay with those you know, everyone make sure your sibling, your relative, your friend is with you. Don’t lose your necklaces. Do not wander around. I emphasize, stick with the group.”

After namjoon finished his lecture families continued to giving their children the orders. Namjoon walked to the small group of guards, consisting of jimin, soyeon, hyungmin and two other teenagers to give them the essential structures. Yoongi sighed and turned to his family. Jungkook was still clinging to him like a koala; yoongi was hugging him as tight.

“They are gonna be ok.”

He said. More to himself. Hoseok nodded patiently

“I know.”

“I don’t wanna go.”

Taehyung muffled voice was heard from somewhere around hoseok’s arms.

“I know baby. “Hoseok kissed his head. “But you have to. It’s not safe.”

“But…” His head was shot up to look at him, “But if it’s not safe, why don’t you come with us?”

Hoseok and yoongi exchanged a sorrowful look.

“We should stay here and kill the monsters so you can come back to us.”

Yoongi gently said and smiled at him. Taehyung looked at both of his parents and sobbed,

“Are you gonna die?”

Hoseok chuckled and pinched his nose

“Do you really think that low of your dads?”

 “Please don’t die.” Taehyung cried harder

“No one is gonna die baby. It’s just a while ok? Now listen to me.”

Hoseok squatted down in front of him and grabbed his arms firmly

“Taehyung you are a big boy now did you know that?”

Taehyung nodded and hiccupped. Hoseok wiped his tears and swallowed his own lump.

“You have to act like a big boy now. You should take care of your brother. It is your mission. And listen to jimin. Stay with him. Now what is your mission?”

“Take c-care of kookie…and…and listen to chim and…s-stay with him.”

Hoseok nodded with every sentence and smiled before kissing him and wrap him in a tight hug.

“Good boy. You are such a good boy I’m so proud of you. I love you so much.”

His voice cracked at the last sentence. He looked up at yoongi who was murmuring soft words to jungkook and bouncing him slightly. His eyes were glossy too. A few steps away jimin was trying to be stiff and strong and not hugging his parents like a 3 year old. Namjoon put a hand on his shoulder

“I know I can trust you.”

Jimin pursed his lips to avoid crying. Seokjin was wiping his tears with the tip of his finger but nothing else showed he was emotional.

“Are you scared?”

Namjoon whispered. Jimin looked at him uncertain. Namjoon nodded in understanding.

“I’m scared too.”

He said. Jimin felt his face contorted in agony and a sob left his lips. Namjoon squeezed his shoulder 

“I know. It’s ok. You’re gonna be alright.”

Jimin sobbed harder and suddenly pulled namjoon in to a tight hug.

“Please be safe. Please don’t die.”

Namjoon hugged him tighter in response.

“I won’t. I promise.”

Jimin turned to hug seokjin too and kissed his face forgetting all about adolescent pride. Yoongi handed him jungkook with a pleading look. Jimin held him who was squirming and screaming for yoongi.

“I’ll take care of them. I promise.”

“I know. I trust you.”

Yoongi murmured. Hoseok hugged jimin tightly, maybe a little tighter than always and kissed him on the forehead.

“You are the best. No one can do this better than you.”

He whispered.

“You are the best too. Please be safe. I love you.”

Jimin whispered back.





Everywhere was swallowed in to a thick fog. The smell of blood and smoke filled the air. Hoseok panted and span on his heels, an enormous black spider thingy was making its way toward him, knocking out the small trees and shrubs on its way and making growling noises.

Hoseok looked around him and sighted an ax. Picking it up, he saw two other men on his left, chasing after another beast which was set on fire and was roaring wildly. The monster in front of him growled and hoseok snapped his head toward it.

“Hoseok,” namjoon shouted from somewhere, “just kill it!”

Hoseok rolled his eyes,

“Like I was gonna say hello to it.” He mumbled and then yelled without looking away

“I can’t just kill it. I need to see how to kill it first.”

Nobody answered him. Probably no one even heard him.

“Ok I’m talking to myself.” He sighed.

The animal raised its one of many claws and hoseok saw the raw flesh inside. It didn’t take long after that he was running toward him and hanging from its tentacles that were waving furiously. The monster saw him and felt him on itself and brought another tentacle to strangle him. Hoseok was quick to let go and grab at the claw. The monster opened and closed its claw angrily; hoseok thrusting the ax once the claw was opened for him.

The monster roared and swung its claw and hoseok was thrown in the moment later. He landed on a bunch of leaves. The monster fell a little after.

“Hoseok, behind you.”

Hoseok was quick to look behind just before a sticky blue thing landed on him. He drew his dagger not knowing what for and a moment later he was covered in a sticky green material.

“What the fuck” He coughed

 “Holy shit, are you ok?”

Namjoon ran to him, panting.

“I am.” He said splashing the thick viscid slime from his hands. “What the fuck was that?”

“A baby Ssunchril!” namjoon deadpanned “If it was an adult, you would be dead by now.”

He helped hoseok to get on his feet. He trembled from disgust.

“I can’t die.”

“No you can’t.”

They looked at each other for a moment.

“How many are left?”

Hoseok asked finally. Namjoon looked around him

“Not much” he answered.

They both watched others, pulling a restrained monster to a deep hole in the ground next to some others, before releasing a load of huge stones on them. The stones rolled with a rumbling sound and filled the hole, burying the beasts in it. Someone raised a hand with thumb up


He shouted. Namjoon showed a thump up and nodded.


They were at the north-east part of the jungle. It was the fifth day of the apocalypse.

Three days after the children left, an army of monsters, mixed with all the kinds, invaded from the east borders.

And of course they were prepared, almost. The defense they were thinking of blocked the most of the wave but still there was some to survive, there was still more to come.

Their ultimate goal was as much as possible, keeping them away from the village.

But they were few, and the monsters were too many. So they needed other ways to fight with them, much wiser ways then hauling and running toward them with a weapon, like what hoseok did, it was the last option.

The monsters had their own life style. Living in packs, having their time routine, they had children, ways to breed and different weaknesses. While one could burn to ashes in fire, the other could get stronger with fire.

The major problem was, they weren’t divided in to specific group beforehand to make the work easier, so they needed all their knowledge to acknowledge them and then find a way to kill them, but before, they needed to make them separated, then gather them in to specific division and finish them.

The first part of the job was for the healers. Yoongi and the others would make the monsters to gather in specific areas with prey and spells and the hunters were going to kill them.

Still with all the tricks and wise ways they still needed to involve and not to get killed.

Hoseok had lost track of the number of his victims after the 30th one which was a small race of orange gulf monster. It shot poisonous darts toward its victim and hoseok almost died. Because he thought up a very silly way to destroy them, by making the monster chase him while he was running toward the other members of the pack, making the toxic darts kill their owners.

They made usage of the darts later.

Now they were clearing the remaining, mostly the older and the weaker ones.

“Oh I miss my bed.” Namjoon said while aiming a blue sand Laluin and shot. The creature fell a second later.

“I miss...”

Hoseok started but trailed off when his mind was occupied with all the things he has missed. It started from his bed and expanded to his husband who had seen just once since the beginning and his kids, their warm embrace and their voice and their smell, and jimin. He had missed his random complaining of how his fathers looked down on him.

“Don’t you miss chim?” he asked.

Namjoon casted a glance at him

“Please don’t remind me,” he pursed his lips. “The last thing I want now is to get emotional.”

“Do you thing they are doing fine?” Hoseok continued. Suddenly he felt a strong need of reassurance.

“Of course they are safe. There is no way these things reach them.”

“I know…I mean…kookie forgot to take his blanket with him…”

Hoseok started mumbling. Namjoon turned to him and grabbed him by the shoulder

“Hoseok. Focus.”

He demanded with firm voice. Hoseok came back to his senses and looked at him. Just when namjoon thought he was serious again hoseok frowned and smacked him on the arm

“You won’t die if once in your life to get emotional you heartless trunk!”

Namjoon frowned and ignored his wailing

“Let’s go…”




It was dark, maybe past midnight when hoseok was lying under the branches and having a growling puffy monster under his gaze. It was bright green and resembled a shapeless stone with long legs. Hoseok didn’t know its weakness and it seemed harmless. Well seeming harmless does not mean being harmless so hoseok had spent an hour observing it and his body was getting sore from staying motionless for so long.

The creature was wandering around aimlessly like a stray cat. Hoseok didn’t see any eye or a mouth on him and he getting annoyed by the time passed. How the fuck was he supposed to kill this thing?

He let his eyes shut for a brief moment before taking a deep breath and trying his limbs for an attack. So this was the plan. Do. Not. Die!

Such a perfect plan. Brief and clear. Hoseok slowly emerged from his hideout and stared at the green stone a few meters in front of him. It didn’t budge. Hoseok was confused; don’t they have a sense of smelling or something?

Hoseok got approached it carefully, taking each step calculated, eyes never losing the prey. The monster still didn’t move so hoseok got extra careful.

He softly bent and picked a small stone before throwing it a little far away from both of them.

The monster was still not budging and hoseok frowned. It was moving a few seconds ago unless…it was not a monster.

Hoseok should have kept his damn eyes open!

He heard a huffing sound from behind and all of his nerves flashed red light.

He carefully turned and in an instant he was clutched in some kind of sticky claws, the top of that green stone was now open in to a mouth with thousands of sharp tiny teeth. Hoseok gasped in both horror and amusement when the hard skin of the monster started to shine brightly. The monster squeezed hoseok in his clutches and he felt the air is slowly leaving his lungs. His mind was buzzing and his body felt numb but before his eyes shut from pain and lack of air the monster groaned and threw hoseok aside. He got to his feet in a second and stumbled to his dropped sword but the monster was falling dead on the ground, its skin was turning dark gray. And before him was standing…


Chapter Text


Hoseok exclaimed with wide eyes. Jimin was panting heavily and had a long spear in his hand. He shot a worried look to hoseok and ran to him to inspect everywhere for any injuries.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

Hoseok pushed him back to look at him, not believing his eyes. Jimin frowned and shifted to defense mode

“Well what do you think?”  He grimaced. “, Saving your ass of course.”

“Watch your language” Hoseok yelled.

“You started first.” Jimin yelled louder.

They both looked at each other fiercely before hoseok pulled him in to a hug.

“I have missed your stupid stubborn mind.”

He sighed; Feeling the life slowly coming back to him, much more different from the tingling sensation from rushing the blood stream in his limbs again.

“See? I can help! You had no idea what that thing was, did you?”

Jimin cheered excitedly.

“And you did?” Hoseok laughed

“Of course I did,” jimin chirped. “It is the fourth generation of the mutant Elephitoms and it can get you distracted by simulating an object to its current form which looks so pretty and silly. You fell for it didn’t you?” he bounced on his toes and tilted his head, a wide happy smile on his lips. Hoseok shook his head in awe


 “How do you know these things?” he laughed

Jimin arched his eyebrows and hummed, proud.

“You little brat. You know how to get rid of them?”

“Of course I know. I just killed one!”

He pulled back his shoulders. Hoseok almost died of cuteness.

“Perfect. Let’s go then.”

He sang, pulling jimin with him.




Namjoon didn’t like it.

He didn’t like it at all. When he caught sight of his son it was like he had seen a ghost.

 A very creepy ghost.

Jimin hid behind hoseok and he opened his arms to block namjoon from getting his hands on jimin.

“I asked you one thing, and you failed.”

Namjoon finally announced, enraged and out of control, hoseok lost control too,

“Your son just saved my life kim namjoon. Stop being strict and praise him for once for god sake.” He yelled.

Namjoon looked at him in confusion

“What do you mean?”

He glanced back at jimin who was avoiding his gaze.

“I didn’t know anything about that thing,” Hoseok said cautiously “I was being careless.”

 “You are always careless.” Namjoon snapped.

 “It was a different careless!”

Hoseok didn’t know how to divide his different types of stupidity right now. It wasn’t important, he wasn’t the case.

“Jimin showed up, just in time.”

He gestured with his hand to emphasize; namjoon’s expression was softening slowly.

“He did great.” He continued with enthusiasm “He knew everything about them. And if you are not gonna kill us both I have to tell you we went hunting afterward. Your son just killed all of them like it was nothing.”

Namjoon turned back to his previous anger mode

“What the hell do you mean you went hunting?”

“I was there namjoon it was okay.”

“You just said you were about to die, now don’t you dare take my son to hunting and get him killed with your stupid actions.”

“Didn’t you hear what I said about what he did? I’m not the stupid one namjoon, you are.”


Jimin shouted, frustrated. He looked at them flushed red and helpless

“Stop yelling at each other…I just…argh…I just wanted to help okay?”

He gestured toward his father. Namjoon opened his mouth


“And I think I did.” Jimin cut him off, “I helped to get rid of those things. You haven’t seen them yet right? But if you want me to get out of here, I’ll get lost and go back to shelter. Just…”

Jimin paused to take a breath. He fisted his hands and forced himself to talk

“I even don’t expect a thank you, it was my duty, it was…nothing…but…I have missed you too, okay?”

He sighed deeply before turning on his heels and rushing out of the cave, leaving namjoon and hoseok like mummy statues. Namjoon sighed, long and painful and ran his hand through his hair. Hoseok looked just tired.

“Go talk to him” He muttered, closing his eyes, “Even if you are sending him away, talk to him or I don’t know…just do something”

He waved his hand carelessly and plumped on the cold stone wall and let his body slip on it.

Namjoon looked at him with narrowed eyes

“Are you ok?” He whispered.

Hoseok hummed in response and rested his head on the wall behind him. Namjoon hesitated for a brief second before making his way out of the cave, to where jimin was cutting a stick with his knife furiously.

Namjoon took a sit next to him, jimin didn’t budge. Namjoon looked at his hands, clasping the knife so firm and making nice and calculated cuts on the stick with perfect angling. Though, jimin was just upset, nothing in what he was doing was based on thought. Namjoon reached his hand toward him; jimin stopped slaughtering the poor stick and stared at his hand. Namjoon waited for a minute and then chuckled bitterly.

“Do you hate me that much?”

Jimin was taken aback and he dropped the stick immediately.

“I don’t hate you.”

He mumbled quietly and reluctantly clasped his fingers with namjoon. Namjoon hugged his little soft hand with his big one. Jimin looked like an infant suddenly, so defenseless and vulnerable. He patted the back of his hand gently lost in thought. Jimin was watching him, curious.

“I didn’t mean it.” Namjoon said finally, “What I said about failing, I didn’t mean it.”

He looked at jimin, a mixture of passion and sadness and worry and regret in his eyes.

“Sorry.” He said.

Jimin smiled, a genuine, innocent understanding smile, showing he forgave him for what ever happened. Namjoon almost melted.

“I’m not a good dad!”

Namjoon sighed and dropped his head. Like the whole world was crushing on him. Jimin’s smile faded.

“But you are a good dad.” He said.

“You are strong and smart and you know a lot of things and you are the best archer.”

He explained in the most innocent way. Namjoon smiled at his lovely pure thinking.

“But I’m not a good dad!”

He laughed bitterly. Jimin’s face went blank. He didn’t understand. Namjoon almost teared up and let out a shaky breath,

“What’s the point of being strong and smart and whatever, if I’m not a good dad? What is most important than being a good parent huh?” Namjoon cupped his face. Jimin leaned in to the touch.

“But you are great.” He blinked and pouted. “It’s me that messes up all the time.”

He hanged his head low. Namjoon sighed.

“Do I make you think like that?”

His voice was firm. Jimin avoided his gaze, feeling guilty.

“No…it’s not like that…”

“Jimin look at me.”

Namjoon shifted so his body was toward him. Jimin raised his eyes slowly.

“Do I make you feel like a loser? Do I make you feel pressured?” He whispered softly.

Jimin shook his head frantically, his eyes and the tip of his nose a bit red.

“No no you don’t…”


 “It’s not your fault.” Jimin sobbed

“Then whose is it?” Namjoon smiled.

“I’m not the emotional type jimin. Don’t try to protect my feelings. I don’t get it if you don’t tell me what’s going on exactly in your head and your heart. You are my son. And I love you.”

Jimin wrapped his arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. Namjoon hugged him back, feeling jimin was too little, too fragile and he had to keep him safe, he had to make sure that nothing was going to happen to him and he shuddered from imagining such thing may happen.

But jimin was old. Old enough that he could trust him with such unbelievable things. It was overwhelming but he was not a toddler any more. He was not an infant who was learning to tell ‘dad’, he was not a child who was struggling to write his name.

He was a teenager. He was a student in pro school. He was smart and was the top of his class, he knew every potion, every spell yoongi knew, he was great in the way he was…he just wanted to be namjoon.

And namjoon was letting him struggling for it.

He had failed as a parent.





Jimin stretched his arms above his head and a yawn escaped his mouth.

 “Someone is tired.” Seokjin sang

Jimin’s sleepy eyes suddenly widened and he sat straight and cleared his throat.

“I’m not tired.”

He announced quickly with a flattering wide grin. Seokjin raised his eyebrows wisely while collecting a long rope in to small loops

“I didn’t say it was you.”

He chuckled again. Jimin looked around him and saw hoseok snoozing in a corner. Yoongi walked past him and tapped him on the shoulder gently.

“Hey, wake up.” He said softly.

“I’m not sleeping.” Hoseok mumbled without opening his eyes.

“What are you doing then?”

Seokjin folded his arms on his chest.

“I’m trying to save my energy.”

“So you are sleeping!”

Seokjin nodded. Hoseok sighed and looked at him with half open eyes,

“Sleep is one of the basic needs of the living creatures. It refreshes the body and the brain and,” He paused to yawn. “And it feels good!”

Yoongi squatted down in front of him,

“I can go.”

He said gently. Hoseok frowned and shook his head.

“No! I’ll go.”

“But you are tired.”

“I am not.” Hoseok giggled childishly “I’m trying to attract attention”

He whispered and then winked. Yoongi pursed his lips to stop himself from smiling.

“Whose attention?” He cocked his head. Hoseok pretended to think

“I don’t know? Maybe my husband? Have you seen him?”

He asked with wide puppy eyes and smiled one of those fall-for-my-dimples smiles

“I don’t know. Maybe…” Yoongi lowered his voice and pulled at hoseok’s sleeve coyly, “do you need him?”

He pressed his forehead to his husband’s.

“Of course. I haven’t seen him for a while and I miss him.” Hoseok hushed.

Jimin blinked slowly, finding the interaction super silly and turned his head looking green.

“Gross!” he mumbled loudly on purpose.

“Someone is unhappy about us.”

Yoongi pecked his husband’s lips, hoseok melted to the touch.

“When he begged me to come along, he would be happy.”

Hoseok leaned his head on yoongi’s shoulder and looked at jimin.

“huh chimmy?”

“I’m not going to beg.”

Jimin huffed not turning his head. Yoongi tsked

“He is so stubborn, and coldhearted. Guess we are not gonna see his wedding.”

They both sighed dramatically. Jimin rolled his eyes.

“There was absolutely no reason to mention my wedding.”

“Why not? It’s a fun topic.”

Yoongi laughed. Jimin sighed like he was pouring out all his existence.

I’m the fun topic you mean?” he looked at them with a bored expression.

“Funniest topic ever.”

Hoseok said in a dreamy tone, yoongi stroking his hair. Jimin just stared at them.

“Ok you two are so in love, practically lovebirds. I got it, can we get going now?”

He rolled his eyes.

“Oh I like lovebirds.” Hoseok smiled ignoring jimin’s last question.

“I prefer doves.” Yoongi said.

“Dove is for peace.” Hoseok argued.

“A peaceful love then.” Yoongi shrugged.

Jimin rolled his eyes and fake sobbed. Nobody even looked at him.

“Are we talking about favorite bird? Mine is eagle.” Namjoon stated. Yoongi nodded, impressed,

“ooooh as expected, jin hyung?”

“Parrot? I guess?” he though, then snapped his fingers, “no! Mockingbird.”

Hoseok and yoongi nodded like they were discussing a universal theory.


They turned to jimin who was watching them, given up.

“Oh you two are unbelievably ridicules.”

He snapped. Hoseok gasped,

“Oh my god.” He looked at yoongi with the most exaggerated expression, “is that a bird? What a bizarre name. What does it look like? Babe have you ever seen a ‘ohyoutwoareunbelievablyridicules’?”

He hardly blocked a snort.

“If that is what I get when I get married, I will never do it.”

Jimin sighed pointing to his head and shook his head with sorrow.

“Oh,” Hoseok and yoongi glanced at each other meaningfully, “you get much more than that when you get married.”

They both said in sync. A naughty grin spread on their lips and they puckered their lips and sent a kiss toward jimin with a mwah.

Jimin was quick to jump to his feet.

“Oh my god,” he gritted his teeth, “oh my god you are disgusting, oh god…”

He ran a hand through his hair as he walked away. Yoongi and Hoseok giggles filled the cave. Namjoon sighed

“Even jimin is more mature than you.” He smiled.

“I can’t believe you admitted that.” Hoseok said

“That you are immature?” Namjoon cocked his head

“No,” Hoseok laughed, “that jimin is mature.” He wriggled his eyebrows. Namjoon pursed his lips. Yoongi nodded meaningfully at him.

“Aren’t you supposed to go somewhere?”

Namjoon blinked at Hoseok as none of them stopped staring at him. Hoseok jerked himself up, getting serious at last.

“Right, I should go.”

He leaned forward to peck yoongi on the lips quickly.

“I’ll be back before dark.”

“Don’t do anything stupid please? You are just going to inspect the area.”

Yoongi warned, concerned. Suddenly all their comforting silliness vaporized to the air.

“I won’t, calm down.” Hoseok said with a soft tone.

Yoongi frowned.

“By counting the amount of your unintelligent deeds you’ve done till now, I give me the right to be worried.”

Hoseok chortled happily and pointed to jimin who was standing a little further wearing a poker face.

“This kid is with me, I’m not that stupid babe. Love you. Bye”

He kissed yoongi again before leaving.

“Be careful.”

Yoongi whispered, the crease between his eyebrows coming back.






About two third of the area was cleared from any kind of monsters. That was why hoseok could see yoongi again and they weren’t separated anymore.

They moved from place to place together for the last checking and they were death tired but it worth it.

The good news was, jimin was allowed to stay. And he was great. Mostly he was great in observing the creatures and finding their weakness so having him was a point. Regardless of namjoon’s subdued dismay, the things had gotten faster thanks to him and his knowledge.

It’s been nearly two months. two months of chasing and running and killing and attacking and everything. It was like all the monsters in the world were coming at once.

But it was okay, despite the weird behavior of their natural enemies, they were doing well. They were gonna be ok. They just needed a little more of resistance and everything was going back to normal again.

“I sorta don’t want this to end.”

Jimin announced shamelessly following hoseok in the woods.


“Life was a bit boring before.”

“Oh really?” Hoseok asked surprised. “And you think this is exciting? Waiting for monsters to come and make you feel it is the last seconds of your life?”

“I didn’t say that.” Jimin scrunched his nose up.  “I mean school. It is boring and useless and you are always nagging at me!”

“haha so you don’t like school.” Hoseok smirked.

“Don’t act like you love it. You hate school as much as I do.” Jimin accused.

“Oh who told you that?”

Hoseok said a little above a whisper, taking careful steps through woods and deep darkness of the forest.

“Keep your bow ready.”

He warned. Jimin stayed cautious and alert, carefully looking around him. Hoseok sat behind a thick fallen tree and jimin sat next to him.

“What is it?”


Hoseok put his finger on his lips and pointed to somewhere. Jimin narrowed his eyes.

“Oh shit.” He gasped.

Behind the thick bushes and trees, was lounging a huge ‘golden shine’ growling mindlessly as it dug in to the ground.

“It that…” jimin hissed


Hoseok said, staring at the creature without blinking.

“Where did that come from?”

Jimin looked around him with terror, suddenly feeling distressed. He forgot everything about liking the situation and hating school.

“Jimin” Hoseok breathed. “Tell me everything about golden shine.”

He tried to distract him and make him focus on their current condition; golden shine could feel anxiety from a long distance, maybe it was the reason for them being here, the area was filled with anguish.

“The golden shine is rated second in the most dangerous monsters” he started with a hushed voice, “is one of the 3 races provided with venom. It appears in light blue with golden lines, with having the weight of 2000 to 13000 pounds, they hunt by attracting the prey with their golden side, can kill the prey almost immediately by teeth or claws or just smashing them under their feet.” Jimin shuddered at his words.

“How to kill it?” hoseok whispered.

Jimin’s eyes snapped at him and nothing but a whimper came out of his mouth. Hoseok fixed him with his stare and repeated his question.

“How do I kill it?”

 “It...they don’t have an easy weakness…” Jimin shook his head

 “I’m not looking for anything easy.” Hoseok shrugged.

“Shot them in the eye…eyes. One is enough” Jimin said a little breathless.

“Very good.”

Hoseok finally looked satisfied.

“But the eyes are not easy to reach.”

“I know.” Hoseok said simply, like they were talking about a puppy with pink fur.


“Do you think it’s alone?” hoseok cut him off.

Hoseok glanced over the area, biting his lips.

 “It’s alone apparently.” Jimin mumbled

 “No I mean,” Hoseok seemed to be ready to do something stupid. “Is there a pack?”

“How do I know?” jimin yelled quietly. He seemed at the verge of tears. Hoseok looked at him a little from tip to toe and wrinkled his nose,

“Let’s find out then.”

“No hyung.”

Jimin suddenly was terrified, grabbing his arm, pleading.

“You promised to come back before dark. We just need to scan the area, not get involved, remember?” his voice was weird, like he was trying too hard to not to scream.

“I’m going to just scan. I want to find if there is a pack so we can come with full force later.” Hoseok explained.

Jimin inhaled a shaky breath. Hoseok smiled

“You miss the school now?”





“A queen?”

Jimin exclaimed with wide eyes. He couldn’t believe what he saw before him.

“Yup.” Hoseok answered, a little trembling.

“But…but if they have their queen, it means…means…” jimin gasped

“We are dead.”

Hoseok finished for him. Jimin gulped nervously.

“Oh god, we should go back, telling the others. Oh shit…” he panicked; his face white, his eyes glossy.

Hoseok glimpsed at the distressed face of jimin and then at the scene before him, a huge queen was lying before him in an almost flat area, her size as big as their house.

Jimin was babbling nervously beside him, seeming to forget all of his trainings about staying calm, hoseok was thinking.

“Hyung, let’s go back.” Jimin pleaded.

“Jimin.” Hoseok cocked his head, “Where is the rest?”


Hoseok gestured his hands toward the whole setting.

“The rest of the pack, where are they?”

“Looking for food?”

Jimin finished with a questioning tone, not comprehending clearly.

Hoseok looked frozen for a while, thinking deeply and calculating all the possibilities.

“The only possible food around is…were we took shelter.”

Hoseok said in a low voice jimin almost didn’t hear. He seemed he was losing himself for the first time and jimin went slack with realization.

“We have to kill her.” Hoseok said with the most serious tone jimin had ever heard from him.

Hoseok watched the queen and traced her shining lines on her body with his eyes. Jimin looked at him with teary eyes, nothing but terror could be seen in them. He said nothing, just shook his head in disbelief and grabbed hoseok’s hand. Hoseok squeezed his hand in response for a moment before getting up, jimin watched with wide eyes.

“What are you going to do?” he asked with disbelief.

Hoseok looked behind him like he could see what was going on far away from him. If the rest of pack was there to hunt, the family was in danger, they were alert but, the golden shine was not a joke, it really didn’t have a weakness. It didn’t have just one eye and the eyes were not stuck in its body; they were attached to a single string of nerve and they moved like crazy in the air, distracting and analyzing the prey at the same time.

Reaching its eyes was almost impossible and they weren’t lot in number to defend themselves properly, so killing the queen was the only way. The strong bond they had with their queen could kill them all once she was dead.

Hoseok looked at jimin who was staring at him with pleading eyes and thought for a moment. Could he ask for his help? Or he should tell him to hide? His brain didn’t work at the moment. He could just act on instinct.

“I want you to hide.”

He said quietly. Jimin frowned in confusion

“I want you to make sure no monster can reach you. Please do not involve.”


Jimin was on his feet all of a sudden and held hoseok with such strong grip that hoseok almost winced,

“You are not going down there, are you?”

Hoseok felt his cheek muscles stretching and he felt himself smiling. Great, anxiety didn’t suit him.

“What else do you think I’m gonna do? Having tea with you?”

He chuckled. Jimin hated when he was being ridiculous in serious situations like this.

“It’s dangerous”

“I know. That’s why I need you to hide ok? Now let me go. I’ll be back in a minute.”

He said, like he was gonna post a letter and return,

“What the hell? Hyung are you crazy?” Jimin almost screamed

 “Yes, is that a problem?”

Hoseok grinned and a second later he was gone.


Jimin hardly stopped himself from yelling after him. He pressed his hand on his lips and looked at hoseok who was walking right through the queen. She rose with an angry growl.





“Where the hell did these things come from?”

Yoongi yelled and sat behind a thick stone next to seokjin, trying to put an arrow to his bow with trembling hands.

It wasn’t long after hoseok and jimin left that they got a letter from another group, who was supposed to clear other areas, that the said areas were clear and practically they could go home. Soon after that a pack of golden shine, attacked, and shoved them all in an absolute state of bewilderment.

Seokjin, sweating, shook his head and shot to a random direction, not really minding if it hit the target or not.

“Out of nowhere?”

He suggested. They exchanged a look before a painful scream filled the air and yoongi watched one of the monsters split one of his fellow neighbors in two, before swallowing him. The scene made him sick and he pressed his mouth to his shoulder to muffle a scream.

“Let’s go.”

It was Namjoon who pulled Seokjin and he dragged yoongi with him. The others were running to a safety to buy some time. The roaring of the hungry monsters had filled the air.

“There is no use of escaping.”

Yoongi yelled as they settled under a thick rock which its angle with the ground made a little cave. His mind was circling around his 2 children and husband who may come back and never see him again.

“I know.”

Namjoon shut his eyes tight.

“Why didn’t I see that coming? oh I’m so stupid. I should have been more cautious.”

“It wasn’t your fault.”

Seokjin nearly scolded. There was no use in blaming themselves now. Actually there was no use of anything right now.

 “Thank god jimin is not here.” Namjoon sighed finally


Seokjin nodded with a broken voice. Yoongi cursed under his breath.

Things hadn't been going so well.

It wasn't a new thing; things always went in an unexpected unpleasant way. It’s been his whole life, he lived like this, it was his life style.

He wasn't pessimistic but he was a healer, he was used to pain and blood and distress. He was always worried. He was always alert, about everything. Always ready to jump and kill whatever threatened his family, being happy and cheerful was in hoseok’s expertise.

But during last days, he had gained a little hope, by the way their plan was going clean and spotless, he was hopeful, and it hit him hard.

Now that they were surrounded by deadly creatures all of a sudden, it took them aback.

A huge wave of anxiety flooded his mind, paralyzed him, and left him there like a scared child.


He heard Seokjin from like over the other side of earth. He turned his head toward him to look at him with unfocused eyes.

“You need to breath.”

Seokjin reminded. A scary growl of a baby golden shine sent a wave of chills in their spines.

“I know.” He said with a voice not belonged to him. “It’s the only thing I know right now.”

Namjoon wiped his forehead out of sweat. He put an arrow in his bow, seeming determined

“Guess we don’t have another choice...”

He turned and released the arrow, a painful shriek was heard and a thud came afterward and the ground trembled under their feet. He was really the best archer.

“Holy shit.” Seokjin breathed.

Suddenly the flat stone they had found refuge under, was raised and a big dented hole roared at them.

Yoongi looked at it mouth agape. The way the golden lines of the body began to shine was mesmerizing and beautiful in a horrific way. Yoongi felt the dark and heavy rays of fear radiating from him, filling everywhere and signaling the monsters.

His heart beat was irregular and his vision was blurry.


He heard namjoon like he was under water, he felt like throwing up.

“You need to calm down. They can feel you.” Namjoon said.

Yoongi shook his head as he clutched at the clothing on his chest. The monster above them screamed with rage.

“Something’s happening.”

Yoongi fell on his knees, unable to bear the bone crushing weight he felt on his heart.

They watched the monsters in awe; they all raised their head to the sky and let out an earsplitting shriek.

Then the whole universe went silent before the army of monsters fell lifeless all of a sudden, leaving the people in shock.

“What was that?” Seokjin asked with a tremulous voice. He grabbed namjoon at the arm, his face was chalk white by what he just witnessed.

They both turn to look at yoongi who was sobbing uncontrollably. He looked at them in agony and they watched with horror


Yoongi whimpered.




Jimin muffled his scream when the long tree cracked and fell with a horrible sound and crashed the 3 baby golden shines under it, their feet just a few inches away from jimin. He bit on the material on his forearm, leaving slight marks on his skin.

His mind was shut; the only thing he knew about was just the paralyzing fear that was crashing him like dried leaves.


Jimin didn’t trust his ears at first, he just couldn't comprehend.

“Jimin are you ok?”

This time though, his nerves suddenly started working and sending millions of tingling sensation through him.

Hoseok’s voice was weird. It was husky and loud and tight at the same time. It made jimin to come to his senses quicker. Hoseok must been worried.

Jimin was shot up on wobbly legs and stumbled his way to hoseok.


When hoseok saw him he was truly relieved. His face relaxed as the rest of his body. He let out a sigh.

 He was standing next to the giant queen where he had stabbed its giant eye with his sword. Golden blood was dribbling on floor.

“Hyung!” Jimin gasped.  “Did you kill it?”

He exclaimed with a high pitched voice

“Yes I think it’s dead” hoseok said simply.

“Wow. Wow!”

Jimin found his way to hoseok through the mess around, slipping a little on the slight slope of the ground.

“Wow hyung you are....”

A hero

He wanted to say a hero.

But it was before he saw the nasty wound on his neck

“...bleeding” He murmured.

Hoseok reached a hand to his neck and made a face.


And suddenly he lost balance and tottered to jimin who got him instantly and both sank on the ground.

“Oh my god...oh my god hyung.”

Hot tears fell on jimin’s face as panic covered him; he leant hoseok to a tree and looked at him with wide eyes.


Hoseok grabbed his arm and squeezed it.

“It’s alright”

He smiled kindly but jimin didn’t miss the pain in his eyes.

“You are hurt!”

Jimin felt his own throat hurting; there was a weird pressure on it. He wanted to choke.

“I know it’s let’s review our lessons. What is the first thing to do in these situations?” hoseok asked with his calm-and-cool teaching tone.

Jimin swallowed a sob before answering, it was so overwhelming that hoseok was talking to him so gentle and calm, and he already looked like a ghost.

“Stay calm.” He finally managed to say

 “yes.” hoseok nodded slightly. “Calm down. Breathe slowly through your nose...very let it out through mouth. Perfect.”

He instructed and beamed at the younger patiently while he was trying to take shaky breaths.

“What is step two?” he said with a restrained voice. The pressure on jimin’s throat intensified.

“ins…inspect the wound.”

“Ok. Do it then. Tell me what you see.”

Hoseok tilted his head to give jimin the perfect view. Jimin bit his lips and sobbed. The wound started from under his ear, next to his jaw and came down in an uneven dark line to his collarbone and in the middle of that line was a…dented part, the bite mark

“It’s… deep...god hobi hyung…” jimin bite his lips so hard he almost felt an iron like taste in his mouth.

“shhh it’s ok. What else?” Hoseok rubbed his thigh to comfort him

 “It’s...” Jimin narrowed his eyes and leaned forward to see better. “Hyung it’s…glowing!”

He said unsure. He looked at hoseok for explanation. How does a wound glow?

“Oh.” Hoseok pursed his lips. “I’m poisoned. It’s the venom.”

“What?” Jimin yelled. “What are we going to do? Oh my god oh...”

Jimin panicked again. Hoseok blinked slowly.

“Jimin...look.” he took some controlled breaths before continuing, “The last thing I need now is you to freak out. Now listen to me carefully. I really need you to focus.”

Jimin tried to calm his breathing again and wiped his tears before nodding frantically. Hoseok laced fingers with him.

“In 5 minutes I’m going to pass out on’s fine” Hoseok squeezed his eyes shut as he was feeling cold slowly.

“2 minutes after that the venom is gonna attack at my heart and it’s gonna pump the toxin to my organs to burn them completely, and use my body to settle and create a new being. In an hour I’m gonna turn in to a new golden shine ready to ruin whatever I just did.”

Hoseok chuckled bitterly when he felt jimin had stopped breathing.

“That's what a queen does,” he started to explain, “golden shine is a rare race, it’s their method to,” hoseok inhaled sharply, “to make sure they don't…extinct.”

He caressed jimin on the hair gently as he was breathless and shocked, staring at hoseok.


He was speechless, the new information were hideous.

“But there is a way to stop that.” Hoseok said.

“Ok...I’ll do anything”

Jimin sat cautiously just to be hit by what hoseok said next,

“To stop the process, I need you to kill me”

Chapter Text

“To stop the process, I need you to kill me”


Jimin yelled not believing his ears.

“No, no, no I’m not going to kill you, there is no way I do that…”

He choked up while pressing his hand on Hoseok’s neck to make the bleeding stop. “How can you even ask me something like that?”

“Jimin.” Hoseok said with a faint voice. “I’m not going to die.”

“What do you mean? I’m not going to kill you.”

“Jimin baby, don’t you trust hyung? I won’t die I promise.”

Hoseok cupped his face.

“Look, listen please.” He pleaded. “After I pass out you count to one hundred and then stab me right in the heart. Where is the heart located? Can you show me?”

He grabbed Jimin’s trembling hand and placed it on his chest.

“Where is the heart?”

Jimin squeezed Hoseok’s fingers before placing his hand on his heart which was beating really weird

“Yeah.” Hoseok budged his hand little to place it on the exact spot. “Yes right here. You need to stab me right here. Jimin listen!”

Hoseok prompted as Jimin started shaking his head

“I trust you. You are brave and reliable. I know no one better then you to do this. To save me.”

“I don’t wanna lose you” Jimin cried and hugged Hoseok for dear life.

“You are not going to lose me you silly boy. Do you think I really die this stupid?”

He laughed. Jimin didn’t. Hoseok kissed his forehead gently, “It’s gonna be ok I promise. I’ll be ok.”

Hoseok eye lids started to flutter shut

“You can do this. You are perfect already.”

“Hyung no.”

Jimin grabbed Hoseok’s shoulder in order to make him stay awake.

“Start counting now...right in the hundred...”

His head fell on his shoulder and Jimin felt his heart is burning.

“Hyung NO!”

He breathed heavily before forcing himself to focus and count. His fingers curled firmly around his dagger

“One hundred and one, one hundred and two...”






It was near sunset. The forest had a suffocating dark blue-green color and it was dead silent. Even the small habitants had gone quiet.

The fresh smell of the forest was replaced with fear and death and demonic vibes. The way Yoongi stepped on the stones and Namjoon pushed away the branches, someone might thought a hungry monster was coming.

That was what  Jimin assumed and hugged Hoseok tighter.



The desperate yell of his father startled him and his crazy heart, beat harder.

He opened his mouth to call them back but instead an ugly sob escaped his lips.

Jimin where are you?

Yoongi’s voice was trembling with distress. Jimin's face contorted with agony and looked at Hoseok

“'m here”

His voice was nothing above a whisper but the hurried rustlings alarmed Jimin that they had heard him. Soon after, they emerged from behind the trees and froze by the sight before them; Jimin was hugging Hoseok's lifeless body, pressing him hard to his chest like he would slip from his hands any moment.

Hoseok was pale. His face had a sharp contrast with the red color of blood covering him violently, His upper clothes soaked in crimson red.

An enormous golden shine was toppled a few feet away, fallen trees everywhere. Evidence of a battle could be seen. Golden blood of the monster had made a puddle on the ground as the blood dripped down from the big, round, black eye. The monster had turned to cobalt blue. No golden line was visible.

Yoongi reeled back from shock. It was like he was hit by an invisible concrete wall that separated him from the others. Suddenly the air around them felt heavy and thick, anxiety punched him like an iron fist, sucked out all the air in his lung. He felt his chest tightened and his knees almost buckled beneath him.


He took one step back before being shot like an arrow from a bow, toward his husband. Namjoon and Seokjin ran after him.

He threw himself at Hoseok. Jimin burst in to tears as Yoongi took his uncle from him with wide eyes and a wan face.

“Hobi. Hobi.” Yoongi gasped as he clasped at Hoseok’s blood soaked clothes while Seokjin reached for Jimin.

He grabbed him to wrap him in to his arms. Jimin cried herder when Seokjin hugged him tight and comforting. He just wept as he watched Yoongi from between Seokjin arms.

“Oh my God,” Seokjin pressed his hand on his mouth. “Oh my goodness”

Namjoon landed on his knees, his face was like the life was being sucked out of him. A mixture of pain and disbelief was in his eyes when he reached for his brother but cringed away all of a sudden, too afraid to touch the reality.

His eyes were running from Hoseok to his son to the dead monster, trying so hard to connect the pieces for a whole picture but everything was an annoying buzz and his mind was foggy. He even couldn’t fathom Jimin’s cries.

He plumped on the ground heavily.

Yoongi cupped his husband's face with trembling hands as he wept, brushed his fingers gently on his colorless lips and reached down, to the wound on his neck and to the one on his heart. He grazed his fingers on the bloody clothes and his eyes retreated on Hoseok’s face again. He choked on a sob, like he had just found out what’s happened.

He subconsciously pressed his palm on the wound but no blood was running. And no beat was there.

His body was cold, like the ground beneath them.

Seokjin was sniffling. He was stiff and terrified, be he was getting a hold on himself for Jimin. He was like a weeping mess. Seokjin rubbed on his back.

“Baby, are you ok?”

He gently pulled back to look at him. Jimin just contorted his face and sobbed.

Namjoon’s chin was trembling. His hands were trembling. He was trembling.

“What happened?”

He hissed.

“Daddy.” Jimin cried. “Please save Hoseok hyung.”

Seokjin pressed his lips together and rocked with Jimin. He turned his face away, couldn’t look at the others.

“Please save him.”

Jimin’s voice went small. So as himself. He looked like a 4 year old. He hadn’t cried this much in his whole life, even when he was a child. Fuck, because there was always Hoseok to make him laugh.

Yoongi blinked at Jimin. He turned his gaze again back to Hoseok.

He was shocked. Couldn't believe his eyes and his senses were all vanished together. It was like he was witnessing everything from a long distance. Even the weight of Hoseok's body in his arms didn’t feel real.

It was just a few hours ago when they parted. Hoseok promised to come back. He promised he wouldn’t do anything stupid.

He lowered his head to hide his face in Hoseok’s hair, breathing his scent just to feel his heart is parting in to pieces.

He rocked and pressed Hoseok’s face to his chest. The whole world was crumbling down. How was he supposed to tell the kids their papa was dead? How was he supposed to go on without Hoseok? Wait, Hoseok was dead? No way…he wasn’t, right?

Jimin what the hell happened?”

Namjoon yelled, shaking. There was no way in knowing what happened could bring Hoseok back, but knowing nothing, everything being in a fog made him feel being crumpled from inside out, something had happened and he didn’t know about, he was not there.

Jimin winced and buried his face in to his father’s arm like the whole incident was eating him alive. Namjoon didn’t mean to yell, he knew that, everyone knew that but Jimin wasn’t in a condition to empathy with the others, neither was Namjoon.

Namjoon breathed hard as the whole world was spinning around him. He felt nauseous and weak all of a sudden and pressed his palm on the ground to steady himself, and that was when he felt the knife under his touch.

He picked it like it was the first time he was seeing a knife, his eyebrows furrowed. There was blood on it. On the blade, on the shaft. His mind went blank. He looked at Hoseok and then at the blood stained blade. Then he watched the monster. But its blood was golden. The stains were red. His brain started to be filled with white noise.

He didn’t like it.

He didn’t like not knowing. He didn’t like being away from Hoseok. He didn’t like seeing Hoseok hurt. He didn’t like feeling oversensitive, he had promised not to feel like this. But he felt like floating and promises were meaningless when one in floating.

 “I don’t know what I did.”

Jimin’s voice dragged Namjoon on earth so wildly that his head span. It took a few moments for him to take his words in. Namjoon looked at him with furrowed eyebrows. Seokjin had the same confusion in his face.

“What do you mean?” he asked. Yoongi was watching, his gaze was distant, like he was floating too, but he was watching, and he saw the knife too.

“I killed him!”


Namjoon’s face went slack. He blinked and frowned and his face went blank again.

“wh-what…” Seokjin stuttered.

“I killed Hoseok hyung!”

They all looked at each other in pure shock and bewilderment, then at Hoseok, then at the monster, and then at Hoseok again.

Namjoon squeezed his eyes shut and rubbed at his forehead. “Jimin.” He tried to be gentle. His voice came out raspy and restrained. “Can you tell me what happened?”

Jimin just hiccupped.

“You did this?” Namjoon held the knife up. Jimin peeked from above Seokjin’s arm and nodded.

“Why?” Namjoon hissed.

Seokjin was looking at him with wide eyes, clearly worried that Namjoon would throw a fight. But Namjoon wasn’t gonna do that. He was emotional, right, but the amount of vague outline of the situation had made his mind unable to react quickly.

Jimin bit his lower lip as he hid in his father’s arms again. Namjoon took a deep breath, so did Seokjin. Yoongi was just watching, his hands clutching at Hoseok shoulders unknowingly.

“chim” Seokjin prompted before Namjoon can say anything.

“Look at me.” he coaxed him out of his embrace and wiped his tears. “Please tell us what happened.” He nodded, telling him it was ok. Jimin sucked his bottom lip as he tried to hold back a sob and let out a shaky breath.

“The queen,” Jimin pointed at the monster. Seokjin nodded.

“We found it.” his voice cracked. “Hyung said you were in danger. He said he needed to kill it. So he…he did it.” his lips turned downward as he looked at everyone. “but…but then…she bit hyung, and…it was…p-poisonous.”

Namjoon stopped breathing. Something snapped in his mind. The others were in the same condition as they casted a glimpse toward each other.

“So?” Seokjin urged. Namjoon crawled closer.

“So…hyung said…he said the venom was going to…do something and…and…” Jimin started to gasp, Seokjin didn’t notice he was clasping at his arms too tight, Jimin didn’t care though, he was shaking so bad. Namjoon was tensed. Jimin gasped again and tears rolled down on his flushed face.

“chim.” Seokjin whispered. Jimin’s eyes widened all of a sudden and Namjoon jumped forward.

“Jimin! Jimin breathe.”

He said, his voice tight with concern. Jimin whimpered as his lungs tried to absorb the air. He was all tensed under the panic he had no idea where the hell came from.

“Jimin…baby. You need to breathe.”

Seokjin begged, his own tears started falling down, Jimin grabbed at his clothes and shook his head.

He couldn’t breathe. It was too difficult. His throat ached and the air was stuck somewhere in his windpipe. He tried to breathe but it hurt. The image of the dagger in Namjoon’s hand suddenly was too big, it almost filled his whole vision

I killed Hoseok hyung

I really killed Hoseok hyung

Suddenly some other hands hugged him from behind, tight and warm. Jimin hadn’t noticed Yoongi had left Hoseok to come to him to calm him.

Yoongi placed his chin on his shoulder and started to rock from side to side.

“Fine. It’s fine. Breathe with me. Everything’s fine.”

He whispered so gentle and soft. His voice landed on Jimin’s spirit like a feather landing on the surface of a lake. Jimin tried to inhale broken amounts of air. His throat still hurt and his chest hurt too. Yoongi hugged him tighter.

 “Good, great, wanna take my hand? Wanna squeeze my hand?”

Yoongi offered his hand and curled Jimin’s fingers around it. Holding his hands with his own. Jimin breathed again, this time much easier.

“It’s alright, you’re doing great,” Yoongi sighed.

He kissed Jimin’s head on the side. Jimin couldn’t understand how Yoongi was calming him while he may needed comfort himself. But he didn’t want to protest, he was strangely calm. Yoongi was weirdly comforting. He took a deep breath and went limp in Yoongi’s arms. Yoongi sighed and looked at Seokjin. He was watching with gloomy eyes.

“He is ok.” Yoongi said.

Seokjin sighed as he relaxed slightly and looked at Namjoon whose face was so unreadable.

The forest fell in more silence and darkness. The only thing they could hear was Jimin’s loud inhale and exhales.

“Hoseok hyung…”

Jimin whispered pressing himself to Yoongi.

“Yes, he is going to be ok too.” Yoongi whispered back.







Jimin was pacing the short distance from the dining table to the pillar in the middle of the hall. Namjoon and Seokjin were watching him with worry.

They were in the house.

It was an odd feeling. Coming home after such a long time and they even couldn’t grasp the pleasant feeling of being home cause they were in no mood to feel pleasant.

Everything went in a flash, Jimin couldn’t remember much. He just found out they could go home and even didn’t question why. He didn’t care.

Even the hell had come to an end, he didn’t care. He had his own hell.

They didn’t talk much. And Jimin didn’t question that either.

But when they got home, he got all jittery; unable to sit or stand still. He just walked around and those times he hesitated, were because he was reminded of everything one more time.

Ok, Hoseok was not still alive!

 “I must have miscalculated the time!”

Jimin pulled at his hair for the thousand time.

“Or mislocated the heart.”

His voice came out weak and panicked.

“Baby do you want to sit down a bit?”

Seokjin offered. Jimin stopped to look at his dad like he had just noticed his presence. He finally shook his head.


He glanced at the ceiling above and resumed pacing the short distance. Namjoon pinned the bridge of his nose between his fingers

“Jimin you are making my head spin.”

“How long does it normally take?”

Jimin ignored him. Seokjin looked around a little bit,


Jimin stared at him, frowning. Seokjin could hear the buzzing of his brain. It was quite possible that Jimin hadn’t even heard him at all.

“It’s almost morning.”

His parents sighed together. Dark circles painted their tired eyes, they were worn out and looked a lot smaller when they crouched at the dining table, waiting.

Namjoon scratched his forehead, a throbbing pain was dancing in his head and he was feeling desperate. If he wasn’t that exhausted, he would pace the room with Jimin.

“I think I’m throwing up.”

Jimin mumbled. Seokjin rolled his eyes and walked to him to pull and sit him down on a chair.

“Sit down for god’s sake.” He breathed

Jimin huffed and folded his arms in his chest.

Early morning breeze flowed into the house from the open windows and made them shiver. Dust was covering everywhere. The house looked dark, empty and cold.

The villagers were settling back to their habitation, unaware from the events in the house at the edge of the forest. Life was coming back to the village like the sunshine spreading slowly on the earth, but not coming back to Hoseok.

“Should I go check on him?”

Seokjin asked his husband in a hushed voice. Namjoon glanced at Jimin before give his head a very faint shake. Jimin was tapping his foot nervously on the floor. He looked at his parents’ gloomy faces and their broken figures.

“Can’t we go and help? Is there…any help needed?”

He asked completely confused. He knew nothing about the method Hoseok spoke about and the others didn’t explain anything further. He felt like grasping at a rope without knowing where it ends.

“I don’t think if we can do something.” Seokjin forehead creased.

“Why are you two acting like this?” Jimin asked with an accusing tone.

His question made Namjoon gulp. Seokjin was obviously taken aback


“You are being weird. Is there something I need to know?”

Seokjin opened his mouth to answer (probably something lame!) but Jimin cut him off

“No, in fact there is something I need to know. About this method of survival and stuff, you should be explaining it to me, much more expanded than Hoseok hyung said, but you are doing nothing. What is it?”

“What are you talking about?”

Namjoon tried to laugh it off but was terribly failed.

“What have I done?” Jimin deadpanned.

 “chimmy…” Seokjin choked on the air

 “Don’t chimmy me. I am not a child. Tell me what is it? Why are you refusing to talk about it?”

“It’s nothing, it’s…”

“If,” Jimin raised his voice, the others winced. “What I did was right, why are you acting like he is done already?”

Jimin pierced his gaze on his breathless fathers who seemed had stopped functioning and he himself stopped breathing, not wanting to hear their answers.

“Because it was an unproven theory.”

The tired voice of Yoongi made them to turn toward the stairs which he was descending slowly.

He looked terrible, his eyes tired and his face paler than usual, his lips were chopped and he was like he was carrying the whole universe on his shoulder. Jimin looked at him going pale and he was about to run out of the house before Yoongi started laughing, like a sudden uncontrollable emotional burst of laughter and made him slightly bend down on his knees. His laughter finished as sudden as it started and he sighed,

“And you did it great!”








Jimin always wondered how it felt to stand at the edge of spirit realm.

And he was sure he did not want to experience it again.

It was cold. Like shivering cold and felt like floating.

It was like the heart had stopped beating and the body was weightless and he felt his eyes were hot. Not from the tears, but something else. Something completely different from the sensation he felt in his limbs. He though if he closed his eyes, he wouldn’t be able to open them again.

Like that he would just fly to the spirit realm.

But he was dragged down by the moment Yoongi smiled and said Hoseok had a pulse. He had fallen on the chair, feeling completely exhausted, as if he had run the whole distance to the spirit realm and back. He just wanted to curl in to a ball and cry under the warm covers on his bed. He just wanted to fall in to the untroubled realm of sleep and never, ever come back.

He let out a deep sigh while sitting at the same chair as three hours ago and repeating the whole scene, replaying Yoongi’s sentences in his mind to make sense of them. But he was so tired, too stressed and felt lost. Even if he was relieved that Hoseok was alive, the memory of him being stabbed with his hand sent chills to his spines. He wanted to crumple the whole table in his fist.

A hand smacked his shoulder and sent him forward almost making him to hit the surface of the table with his nose. He looked back startled and saw Namjoon’s smiley face!

“Dad!” He sighed angrily and rubbed at his eyes.

“Did I scare you? Good because it seemed you were drowning in something.” Namjoon arched a brow.

“Yeah yeah…you don’t have to pull me out like this. A gentle pat on the shoulder would suffice.”

He mocked. Namjoon shrugged.

“What is ‘a gentle pat on the shoulder’?”

Jimin turned his head to look at him. Namjoon smiled innocently before grinning widely that made his eyes disappear and his dimples pop out. Jimin couldn’t help but laugh. His dad was thrilled. How could he be angry at his silly happy face?

“I’m going to fetch the children. You coming?”







Seokjin stopped by of the sound of door opening and a screeching jungkook flashing toward him.

“Jinnie samchon!”

Kookie didn’t seem that tired by the way he was shot from the door to Seokjin’s arms.

“Hello little one. Welcome home!”

Seokjin lifted him up and gave him a tight hug which got a tighter one back from Jungkook. He smiled at Taehyung who was coming in a little sheepishly and with a wide smile.

“Hello to you too young man.” He ruffled Taehyung’s hair and he hugged Seokjin around his waist.

“Missing you a lot”

Seokjin said pouting and making Jungkook laugh. He watched Jimin and Namjoon coming in with children’s stuff.

“I have a pet.”

Taehyung announced looking up at Seokjin with the most innocent face.


Seokjin cocked his head and then looked at Jimin who was placing a little basket on the table.

“I don’t know how he found it, don’t look at me.”

He gave his father a bored forced smile which disappeared quickly.

“I didn’t find it.” Taehyung said seriously. “He found me.”

“He?” Seokjin scrunched up his nose. He stepped closer to the basket and leant forward to look inside it. Jungkook craned his neck too, still wrapping his arms around Seokjin’s neck.

A little gray rabbit was looking up at them, his nose twitching, and his eyes wide.

“A rabbit?” Seokjin asked after a moment.

“It’s jiji.” Taehyung nodded, swaying his arms. Namjoon smiled and leant to a chair with an elbow on top of it. He bit out a carrot and raised a brow. Seokjin looked at him with furrowed eyebrows and then shifted his eyes to Kookie.

“How did he find it?”

He whispered. Kookie just shook his head.

“He was lost.” Taehyung scooped up the little bunny carefully and hugged it like a baby. He was pursing his lips, clearly didn’t like it that Seokjin was asking jungkook instead of him.

“He came to me and I though we can be friends.”

“Oh,” Seokjin nodded seriously. “Is it safe though? I mean…is he…healthy?”

He smiled politely, looking at the other two. Namjoon was still smirking and watching the interaction between his husband and his nephew and Jimin was just tired. He was staring at jiji, like it was a two headed dragon!

“How did he manage to come to the cave? Are you sure you didn’t sneak out?”

Seokjin asked with his eyebrows raised, and a tone which was gentle but firm, it was supposed to make taehyung say the truth. But taehyung didn’t want to give Seokjin what he wanted,

“Jinnie samchon.” He deadpanned.


“I’m not an idiot,” taehyung stated and Jimin almost choked trying to hold back his laughter.

“I’m a big boy.” he continued. “And papa said it was my mission to take care of kookie and listen to chim. And Jimin told me to stay in the cave and listen to elders, and elders also told me to stay in the cave so I stayed in the cave.”

Taehyung finished, keeping eye contact with Seokjin who was completely speechless with a mouth agape.

“right.” he said, “who am I to judge you?” he smiled.

Jimin was wheezing with laughter and Namjoon was enjoying his carrot and grinning like an overgrown rabbit.

“Where is daddy?”

Jungkook saved Seokjin by asking for Yoongi. He immediately put him down, happy to change the subject.

“Oh daddy is upstairs sweetheart.”

He beamed at jungkook. He ran to the stairs and taehyung followed a little slower careful with jiji.

Seokjin exhaled a little deflated

“Children.” He said briefly.

Then turned back to the others and shook his head before heading to the kitchen,

“How is Hoseok?” Namjoon asked.

Seokjin stopped, and shifted to look at Namjoon, his mouth opening and closing pointlessly. Namjoon waited for his answer but there was no answer coming.

His smile and his chilled mood faded away as Seokjin continued to find something to say. Jimin stood next to Namjoon and they both stared at him. Seokjin watched as concern came back to Namjoon’s face and he held his eye contact with Seokjin, searching for an answer in his eyes.

“What happened?”

Jimin was the one who asked.







The kids found Yoongi in the little living room sitting like a lost child. Jungkook didn’t stop himself from screaming happily and make him jump out of his skin.


“Daddy, daddy.”

Taehyung shouted


He exclaimed a little loud. He was surprised by their sudden presence. He had somehow forgotten about his kids and guilt flowed in him. There was too much going on that he guessed they had been pushed back to the back of his mind, the lame reasoning didn’t help with the guilt so he just held them tight with love and apologies.

They had grown!

 “Hi I have missed you.”

He pouted and then pushed them back to look at them and his heart melted at the sight of the little faces of his sons.

“Oh look at you, look at your hair!” he exclaimed, running his fingers through their slightly long hair.

“You need a haircut.” He laughed, “or don’t” he added a little after, considering long hair suited them.

Jungkook giggled and climbed on Yoongi’s lap and wrapped his arms around his neck. Taehyung just stood close. Yoongi watched him for a moment, pushing his hair back from his forehead and absorbing his eldest, his wide, doe eyes, his round face, his adorable smile with those little teeth, one missing, and…what was that in his arms?

“Dad this is jiji, jiji this is dad!” taehyung introduced proudly.

Yoongi just watched the poor rabbit

“How did you find it?” he asked patting between his ears while scanning his tiny features.

“He came to the cave and I decided to be his friend.” Taehyung looked at Yoongi, recoiling a bit

“Can I keep it?” he asked carefully.

“Well he has nowhere else to go!”

Yoongi shrugged and smiled tiredly. He was not really ready for an argument he knew he would lost. He had other, larger problems.


Taehyung gasped like he didn’t expect it at all.

“But you have to feed him and clean him and he cannot come to the bed with you.” Yoongi ordered, booping taehyung’s nose with each sentence, making him smile and flicker his eyes cutely.

“Can he sit by my side while dinner?”

“No he cannot.”

Taehyung pouted a little but didn’t say anything for Yoongi’s firm voice was not debatable.

“Where is papa?” Jungkook finally asked with a small voice and Yoongi felt his heart dropped in to an endless hole. He looked at them and cleared his voice,

“Did you miss papa?”

He nuzzled his nose in to Jungkook’s face and made him giggle. Taehyung got excited again

“Jimin said papa killed a big monster.”

He opened his arms to emphasize the size and nearly threw the poor rabbit. Yoongi was quick to catch it and seated taehyung by his side.

“Yes. He did.”

“Where is he now?”

Taehyung blinked. He looked around him and Yoongi knew he was a little confused why Hoseok didn’t come to greet him with hugs and screams. He was supposed to cuddle with his kids and squeeze them to death if he wasn’t in this…state.

“Um…papa is…well resting!” He nodded wisely

“Sleep?” Jungkook pouted

“Yes. He is asleep.”

“When will he wake up?”

Taehyung asked loudly. He cocked his head and pointed to the rabbit

“I wanna show him jiji and feed him together.”

Yoongi felt himself shiver. With jungkook at his lap and taehyung beside him looking so piercing demanding an answer, he felt so vulnerable and weak. Since when children became so scary?

“Ok…well…that big monster papa killed, remember?”

They both nodded once. Yoongi almost died of cuteness.

“Ok that big monster was really, really big and papa was alone and…”

He stopped himself from choking right in time. He took a breath and smiled

“He was a little injured. Just a little.”

A lot

Yoongi internally screamed.

“And he is resting.”

He finished with a reassuring pressure on taehyung shoulder. There was no point in lying. They were children, they were observant. So, it was better they knew the truth. A little bit of the truth.

What Yoongi didn’t expect was the sudden change in taehyung’s expression. His face dropped as well as his shoulders and he inhaled slowly like he was inhaling the whole menacing reality.

“Papa is hurt?”

He brought his hands to his mouth and jiji finally jumped and ran away. Yoongi was quick to comfort his son.

“It’s ok love, don’t worry. It’s just a little.”

Teahyung’s eyes watered and big drops of tear fell down

“Is he going to die?” he sobbed.

“No. of course not.”

Yoongi was panicked as much as tae. The only difference was that Yoongi was pretty good at hiding it. He rubbed his back gently,

“Nobody’s gonna die angel. Don’t worry sweetheart.”

Jungkook was just leaning against Yoongi’s chest. He had felt the distress but couldn’t put a finger on what was happening. He was scared but didn’t know how or why. Taehyung was crying and dad looked sad and papa was sick.

He tried to look as small as possible in Yoongi’s embrace.

“it’s ok. I promise.”

Yoongi whispered one last time and wiped taehyung’s tears gently.

“Ok where did jiji go?”

Yoongi tried to distract them and he was successful; by the way jungkook jerked up his head and taehyung found a new worry

“Oh no. jiji!”







“He is what?”

Namjoon didn’t try to lower his voice. Jimin sank in to the chair. Seokjin bit his lips.


He deadpanned.

“What…what does that mean?” Namjoon stammered

“I…he…um…” Seokjin scratched above his eyebrows with frustration. “He was good, he was ok. Not ‘ok’ ok, but he was fine…”

“He isn’t now?” Namjoon cut him off. Seokjin took a long deep breath, he was already overwhelmed, and Namjoon was worsening it.

“Well…um…he was acting weird. It…scared Yoongi and I to death. Um..his eyes…were glowing and…”


This time Jimin cut him off. Jin huffed and pressed his palm to his forehead.

“I know. It’s scary…it’s…I don’t know what it is. Yoongi doesn’t know what it is. He was wild, like he wanted to run away and was…unresponsive and…he was, god…he was about to break Yoongi’s neck.”

He spit out the words before they can interrupt but no one did it this time. They were both too shocked. Seokjin was sure they even didn’t breathe.

“We had to tie him to the bed.”

He whispered. Trying to vanish. To get away from Namjoon’s gaze.

“Why?” Namjoon whispered. Jin sighed

“It’s for his own safety.” He reasoned.

“How the fuck it happened?”

“I don’t know Joonie.”

 “What can we do?”

“Namjoon…” Seokjin hushed. “I don’t know. I have no idea what is going on, I know as much as you do.”

Namjoon eyebrows were furrowed with concern, his nails were digging in to the table.

“Honey I know how you feel…”

“No you don’t.” Namjoon simply shut him up. He was getting furious. He was worried and desperate. He was…angry.

Again, something had happened, and Namjoon wasn’t there.

He got up from his seat and let out a shaky breath before heading out. Jimin was folded to himself. When he heard the door shut he jumped. He watched Seokjin held his head between his hands and exhaled heavily through his nose..

Jimin gulped. That irritating pain in his throat was returned. He slowly got up from his chair and walked to Seokjin taking slow and cautious steps.

“Dad.” He whispered, his voice laced with worry and fear.

Seokjin looked up and pulled him in his arms. Jimin made himself smaller to fit in there.

He stared at an empty spot on the wall, not truly seeing it.

“Dad.” He whispered again. Trying to convey something he didn’t know what it was.

“shh.” His father muttered in his ear. “It wasn’t your fault.”


“Jimin-ah” Seokjin sighed.

“It was not your fault. It was…”

He searched for words. Jimin waited for that.

Please be something nice. Please be something nice. Please be something nice.

“It was an accident.” Seokjin finally said, unsure. Jimin frowned.


Something they said when they didn’t know the reason. When they wanted to wave it off.

It was a stupid word. So vague. So obscure.

Ambiguous; like what had happened to Hoseok.

Chapter Text

Hoseok was suspended;

In between the worlds which he hadn’t heard of before. He even was not sure if they are worlds or just somewhere that existed. Or maybe didn’t. He wasn’t so sure, as he wasn’t sure about the essence of himself.

There was no sound, there was no light, there was nothing Hoseok could grab, there was simply nothing to sense. There was no weight.

He was suspended.

In a brief second Hoseok wanted to enjoy this careless suspension when suddenly he felt an awful pressure on his chest. Dull and unpleasant.

And he breathed; deep and painful. And his lunges begged for more.

He gasped. And arched his back as if the air was somehow a few inches away and gasped again. The pain between his ribcage stung and he wheezed uselessly for something to get in to his mad lungs; anything.

He opened his eyes but there was nothing to be seen, as if he was left in space, dark and airless.

He gasped and gasped and gasped and there was nothing to breathe. The air was hot and thick and damp. There was so much pressure; Pressure on his heart, pressure on his chest, pressure on his head, oh pressure on his throat. It was like someone was stepping on his throat.

He shuddered, feeling too many pressure to handle and got up all of a sudden, still not being able to see.

Nothing changed; everything was pitch black and empty. Suddenly a cold grip tightened around his wrist and he tried to fight it but it was too firm for him, and struggling for air and light and getting free all at the same time was too much. But he fought anyway, and there were more cold fingers holding him down, he shivered under all those sudden ugly sensations. He heard a scream from distance and shivered more. It was too overwhelming, his head span around nothingness and the pressure on his chest was almost unbearable when has was suspended again.








Yoongi’s firm demanding voice stopped little jungkook from dashing around. Yoongi reached a hand toward him, wriggling his fingers.

“Give it back.”

Jungkook sucked his bottom lip and blinked innocently before handing Yoongi a large book.

Yoongi took the book from him and bent over his knees to reach his eye level,

“We don’t touch daddy’s things bunny. Understood?”

 “Yes daddy.” Jungkook bounced on his toes.

 “Now go play somewhere else, daddy is busy.”

He ruffled Jungkook’s messy hair to make it messier and pushed him gently toward the door before turning to his absolute mess of library. Jimin peeked from behind a tower of books.

“Is he bored?”


Yoongi solemnly marched toward the desk and dropped the book almost violently on the table. Jimin peeked out again, this time a little worried. Yoongi hovered over the desk leaning on his hands, his head hanging low. He mumbled something about a 24/7 daycare. Jimin watched his broken figure for a while before Yoongi stood straight again like nothing had happened and walked to a long and thin ladder leaned to the shelves.

“Hyung are you ok?”

Jimin carefully asked.


Yoongi stretched his arm up for a higher level and cursed under his breath when he couldn’t reach the book he wanted.

“How do you feel??”

Yoongi’s hand rested on the books tiredly.

“I ache.” He sighed.

Jimin got up from his seat and put some books on top of each other and gathered the scattered papers on the table to roll them.

“You should rest.” He nodded surely.

Yoongi casted a glance at him before descending the ladder.

“It’s…” he whispered. “Not me.”

Jimin looked at him a little before his lips turn to a ‘o’ in realization.

“Oh.” He said.

Yoongi nodded.

“Is it…bad?”

Jimin asked a little shy, as if he was not allowed to.

“It’s not direct. More like a shadow. It’s dull and, annoying. Like when your limbs go to sleep; you feel them, but you don’t!”

“Can’t you block it?”

Jimin asked.

“Yes, but now I can’t concentrate. And…I don’t want to. I need the sensation. To know, how he feels.”

“How does he feel?”

Jimin breathed


Yoongi cleared his throat.

“Being a healer is difficult.” Jimin pouted.

“It is.” Yoongi confirmed. “It’s more difficult when you feel the pain but you can’t do anything to stop it.”

Jimin casted his eyes low. He was right. There was too much pressure. Among the physical pain, there was this annoying feeling of being useless, not being able to help others, though you are supposed to do that. That’s the healers job; helping people.

Jimin was wondering how Yoongi was even standing without crushing down? Wasn’t it too hard for him? What if he lied and actually felt the pain Hoseok was feeling? No dull pain but the real one? The one that caused him to scream like he was being torn apart.

He quivered from the thought.

Yoongi let out a shaky breath and closed his eyes. Jimin pushed his thoughts away.

“Hyung. I think you should rest a little.”

Yoongi shook his head but Jimin insisted,

“If you are going to feel Hoseok hyung, at least you need to be ok yourself.”


Yoongi said to himself. Jimin started to move around again.

“Yes. I can clean this mess and we can start over again.”

Yoongi sighed but didn’t budge, considering the idea. He was too worn out to do anything anyway, and jungkook was bored, and taehyung was about to come back from school and Hoseok probably needed him, and he was starving!

 “Is it ok if I leave?”

His eyes ran on the mess in front of him. Jimin nodded vigorously.

“Of course. Go.”

He motioned his hand toward the door and did it again when Yoongi didn’t leave.

“Yoongi hyung, Go!”

“Alright I’m leaving!”

He huffed and left the library to the open living room area. The smell of something delicious was dominating the house. Something like, chicken with mushroom and…bell pepper and a creamy sauce…

 He climbed the stairs with dropped shoulders as if each stair was a whole mountain to descend.

He opened the door of the room and was surprised when he saw jungkook was already there, curling next to Hoseok, holding a kids book and whispering things to himself.

“Honey, what are you doing here?”

He smiled and pushed his hair back. Maybe he really needed a haircut. Jungkook lifted his book up.

“Bedtime story!”

He announced.

“Oh you are reading for papa?”

Yoongi raised his eyebrows fondly while taking a seat next to the bed. Jungkook nodded with satisfaction and turned back to his book. Yoongi averted his gaze from him to Hoseok who seemed sleep. But Yoongi wasn’t sure. He put a hand in his heated forehead.

“Hey baby,” He whispered next to his temple. “Did you sleep well?”

Nobody answered him.

“Well you can sleep better since Kookie is reading a special bedtime story.”

He glanced at Jungkook who was struggling to turn the page.

“Let’s not tell him it’s not bedtime yet.”

He tried to joke, but eventually choked on his words. Hoseok was wheezing, like he didn’t have a proper way to breathe, Jungkook mumbled something and laughed to himself and Yoongi put his cheek on his husband’s damp hair.

“I miss you so much.”

He sighed and pecked him on the cheek before getting up to open the window, for everyone’s sake.

He pushed away the curtain just slightly for Hoseok didn’t respond to light so positively, and Yoongi had no idea how this was happening because golden shine, although being a fan of dark and damp places, never resented light as Hoseok did.

He saw Taehyung from the window, running toward the house with such a speed, one may think he was running away from a monster, but it was just him, always being super extra excited when he came back from school.

Yoongi watched him as he was trying to keep his little bag steady on his shoulder and winced when his son finally fell down. It was just yesterday when he tripped on the stairs and landed on his face.

Yoongi shook his head hopelessly and opened the window just a little for the air circle around the room and made sure the curtain didn’t sway away.

Soon, the door was burst open and Taehyung appeared in the door frame, with dust all over his clothes and a bloody knee and of course, a bright boxy smile.

“I’m home!”

He yelled, making sure if Kookie wasn’t startled from his bombastic entrance, get startle from his loudness.

Yoongi heard Seokjin was scolding him pointlessly for his behavior from kitchen. Yoongi folded his arms on his chest and watched him fondly as he walked in to the room, still trying to keep his bag on his shoulder.

“tae tae!”

Jungkook, sitting on the bad, frowning like a big boss, scolded his big brother! Yoongi nodded, narrowing his eyes

“Kookie is right. We don’t run in the house.”


“And we don’t yell in the house.”

Taehyung bit his lips but nothing was changed about his adorable smile.


Yoongi laughed and lifted him to kiss and set him on the bed, next to Kookie.

“And, we don’t have to run in the way home and come home with a bloody knee or elbow every day!”

Yoongi whispered, but loud enough for both of them to hear, well, for three of them; if the third one was listening by any chance.

Taehyung’s eyes widened and he blushed

“I didn’t run. I just walked...very fast!”

He bit on his lips.

Yoongi sent him a knowing look as he was inspecting the wound.

“Same thing.”

He pulled out a little white bottle from the nightstand drawer and dropped just a few drops on the wound and taehyung hissed and twisted his face.

“If you hate this that much why do you keep hurting yourself?”

Yoongi questioned seriously and placed his palm on his son’s knee.

“Just because after that you do this and the wound disappears.”

Taehyung beamed and pointed to Yoongi’s pale hand. Yoongi restrained his smile by a forceful frown and raised his hand. There was no wound there anymore.


Kookie exclaimed like every time he saw it happening and Taehyung clapped

“See? You can heal me whenever I want so I don’t cry when I get hurt.”

He pushed his shoulders back and held a proud expression.

Yoongi looked at him through his eyelashes and poked his belly.

“Having a healer father doesn’t mean you are allowed to hurt yourself. What if I’m not there? What are you going to do?”

“I’ll be careful when you are not around.”

“What if I refuse to heal you?”

Yoongi said with his meanest tone. Taehyung considered the idea.

“Well…you never do that because you love me so much.”

He cooed and held Yoongi’s face with both hands. Yoongi smiled and pinched his arm.

“Say hello to papa, lunch is ready I guess.”

He stood up, put Jungkook on his feet and watched Taehyung crawled to Hoseok and kissed his cheek.

“Hi, papa!”






“So you didn’t find anything neither?”

Namjoon asked.

Yoongi poked his mashed potato with his fork and nodded, loathing the fact that he couldn’t find any way to cure the love of his life.

“The elder said if there was any similar case, it was from centuries ago, no one really knows if it’s fact or just a superstition.” Seokjin shrugged.

“There is no record of golden shine,” Yoongi tapped with his spoon, “because it’s pretty rare and no one had ever encountered such situation. And the queen, its anatomy is different from the rest. How Hoseok killed it? Did you see?”

Yoongi asked Jimin.

“No I didn’t see.”

He muttered feeling weird. What happened if he saw? Maybe he could help, warn Hoseok. But if he couldn’t and actually saw, the scene would haunt him every night. Not that it didn’t now.

“Wasn’t the theory hyung said unproven? We can try the ways.”

He prompted, a bit on edge, trying to join the discussion.

“It was unproven and look what’s happened. He is…not dead but not alive either.”

Namjoon raised his eyebrows.

“But we won’t know if we don’t try.”

“What if we fail? What if he dies for real?”

Jimin winced. He didn’t mean to put Hoseok’s life into risk but, he still had hope, more than the others.

And that was because he was young.

The mood at the table was cold and heavy. If it wasn’t for Jungkook’s cute munching who was enjoying his meal a lot, they weren’t able to remain at the table. Yoongi pushed kookie’s hair aside for the thousand time that day and sucked on a shaky breath.

“Jimin’s right,”

Jimin turned to him hopefully.

“But…I can’t risk it. I’m scared. Sorry!”

He pursed his lips as his voice lowered to a cracked whisper at the end.

“What about the healers association?”

Namjoon tried to change the subject. Jimin huffed and rolled his eyes.

Yoongi widened his eyes in an exaggerated frustration.

“They are dumber than me!”

He leaned to wipe Jungkook’s face and, hide his face.

“We should find another healer.”


Seokjin objected. They were having this argument each time the topic was brought up.

“There is no other healer.”

Yoongi glanced at Taehyung who was hiding his face in to his glass of water and felt so like a loser and laughed at the innocent way of how Taehyung thought of him.

“You are enough you know that.”

Namjoon’s voice was not comforting or pleading or anything someone would expect to hear, but it was more like stating. It was true. Yoongi was enough. But he was too afraid to admit it.

“If you like to look for another healer, I’ll go for it, it’s fine, as long as Hoseok is safe, but hyung,” Namjoon leaned forward and interlaced his fingers,

“You won’t accept any of them, you know that, you won’t trust any of them, they won’t pass you, they can’t reach the high level you are considering which is you, yourself.”

Yoongi put a hand under his chin and looked away, he hated when Namjoon was right.

“Who cares about Hoseok more than you?”

Namjoon finished with a rhetorical question and a meaningful nod.

Yoongi sighed and scratched his creased forehead. He cared, so as Namjoon, but caring was not enough. He needed a solution. He opened his mouth to argue but he was stopped by a loud rustling sound along with a shriek filling the room. Everyone looked up with terror. Yoongi jumped from his seat almost knocked down Jungkook in the way.

“Shit I forgot to close the window!”

Taehyung jerked up terrified but Jimin grabbed his arm just in time.

“No, we stay here.”

He smiled and pulled Taehyung to his seat and they both watched the others as they rushed to the second floor.

Yoongi ran up the stairs, making them two at a time and nearly broke the door with his shoulder instead of turning the door knob.

He was right; it was the window, which was open wide and the curtain was pushed away by the wind and sunlight was flooding in room, right on Hoseok.

He was sitting in the bed pulling at the ropes which were pinning him there, trying to get away from the light. He already had freed one hand by pulling at the rope, shredding it in to pieces and now was struggling with the other one, panting like crazy.

Yoongi was wavering between closing the damn window or calming Hoseok down. But eventually he jumped on the bed to clutch at Hoseok’s shoulder with a death grip and tried to grab his free hand before he could hurt himself.

Soon after, Seokjin rushed and tamed the curtain, though Hoseok was still struggling. His hand flew out of Yoongi’s grip and hit Namjoon in the face. Yoongi looked at him with wide eyes as three red lines appeared on his side of face. Namjoon though seemed unbothered as he held his brother’s hands firmly and Hoseok bent over himself, letting out a painful howl, Yoongi didn’t know since when he had started crying.

“Baby it’s ok. It’s ok. I’m here. You’re ok, I’m here…”

He whispered whatever word crossed his mind, holding his head between trembling hands.

He tried to calm him but yoongi didn’t know what he was doing. Sending peace towards him or his own distress.

Hoseok was stiff and trembling, still panting like he had ran a marathon. He had fisted his hands too hard that Namjoon could see his veins popping out. His free hand was bloody around the wrist from how harsh he had pulled on the rope. He made a sudden move as to try to go away but they held him firmly that their own hands were hurting. Yoongi hunched over him and kissed everywhere he could reach in that position.

“shh, it’s ok. Calm down. I’m here. You’re safe baby. I love you.”

Hoseok’s frantic panting finally turned in to short gasps and he collapsed on Yoongi.

He hugged him tight and murmured ‘I love you’s and ‘you’re safe’s in to his ear though he had no idea if Hoseok can hear him at all. Yoongi placed his head carefully on the pillow, cupping his face. He wiped away the glowing tear drops falling down from his closed eyelids with his thumbs gently.

Yoongi felt the invasion of hot tears that made his vision blurry and blocked his view of Hoseok; his beautiful, precious, beloved husband who was glowing at that time, literally, in the dark of the room.

Yoongi pushed away the hair that stuck to his sweaty forehead and pecked him with each breath, feeling his heart is turning in to dust.

Hoseok sobbed. Yoongi sobbed. Hoseok arched his back and pulled against the restrains one more time. Namjoon held his hand ignoring the crushing grip of Hoseok.

His eyes fluttered open and Namjoon saw his glowing orbs, like melted gold, beautiful and terrifying. He blinked a few times before the glowing faded away; his own dark eyes stared at Namjoon.

Namjoon immediately smiled, a big one, a wide one. Hoseok didn’t show any sign of recognition, Namjoon didn’t know if he even could see him. He smiled any way, showing off his dimples. Hoseok blinked a little before closing his eyes and falling back to oblivion.

His grip on Namjoon’s hand got loosen and Namjoon sighed, kissing the tip of his fingers. He placed his hand in yoongi’s to heal it and got off the bed.

The glittering blood on his hands felt heavy.







The main door opened to two screaming creatures that were running after jiji, the poor rabbit was trying his best to run away.

Seokjin scanned the hall while hanging his cloak, Yoongi was sitting on the table, cross legged, holding a dirty book and reading it with a twisted face; he didn’t like whatever the book contained. Jimin was leaning to the table next to him and he had the same face, but actually considering whatever the book contained.


He greeted them softly and Yoongi hummed. Jimin gave him a smile.

He entered the kitchen where Namjoon was washing the dishes. The sounds outside were muffled by the walls.


Seokjin patted Namjoon on the shoulder before reaching for the kettle.

“Oh, hi. Where have you been?”

Namjoon said from above his shoulder.


Namjoon hummed

“How was council?”

“Boring, they are trying to estimate the damage and arrange new defenses and…whatever.”

Namjoon nodded, clearly uninterested. One of the children screamed and yoongi yelled at them, the house fell silent for a second before jungkook started crying, Yoongi groaned and a hoping sound told them he had jumped off the table.

Seokjin sipped a little of his tea, his mind was roaming somewhere else. Namjoon was placing the plates in the draining board.

“I went to visit the old healer.”

Seokjin said all of a sudden. Namjoon’s hand stopped at the top of the drainer.

“The witch?”

He asked. Seokjin nodded. Namjoon didn’t say anything for a moment. He washed the last pieces of dishes and dried his hands. He turned back to his husband.

“I wasn’t really considering it.”

Seokjin said quickly before Namjoon could say anything. He frowned.

“I just…” he raised his mug of tea higher. “Just…went to ask her, things.”

He nodded and sipped his tea.


Namjoon raised a brow.

“Um…she…knew something!” Seokjin shrugged casually. Namjoon dropped his hands.

“She was lying!” he shook his head.

“maybe.” Seokjin nodded.

“No witch.” Namjoon shook his head again.

“I know.”

“What witch?”

It was Yoongi. He was standing at the door, Jimin was behind him. The couple looked baffled for a moment before Seokjin smiled a little too wide.

“Oh! Nothing!”

He swirled the tea in his mug.

“You talking about the witch in the woods? The…the weirdo?”

Jimin asked this time. Yoongi raised his eyebrows with a questioning expression.


Namjoon sighed. Seokjin sighed too, dropping the pretension.



Yoongi exclaimed with a slightly open mouth. The brief hesitation said he was contemplating the idea.

“did she know a way?”

Yoongi asked curiously, a little flushed.


Seokjin confessed. He watched Yoongi’s eyes widened and his mouth fell open but he pulled himself together in a second.

“No, no, not a good idea.”

Seokjin just nodded again.

“Did she tell you what is it?”

Yoongi looked like a pleading kitten, though he knew the answer already but still prayed the opposite. Seokjin held an apologetic smile.


Yoongi blinked

“Whatever, I don’t trust her anyway.”

“But she knows a way. That’s great.”

Jimin nearly yelled. Namjoon rubbed his face.

“Jimin, there is a reason people call her the weirdo!”

“So what? She knows.”

Namjoon rolled his eyes.

“How did you even find her?”

He asked, ignoring Jimin.

“Oh, it was difficult.”

Seokjin sighed and put his mug in the sink.  

“She was scary wasn’t she?”

“Huh, scary!”

Seokjin scoffed, but deflated soon after,

“Yes she was. There is a reason they call her mad! There was a lot of creepy things in her house, I even didn’t know they were real of not. “

He exclaimed.

“Her ways are not normal certainly.”

Namjoon said firm and confident and folded his arms on his chest.

“We don’t have a normal situation either.”

Jimin stated with a little sharp tone when he was being ignored all the time. He was angry. Namjoon glared at him and he glared back, not wincing a little.

Namjoon looked at Seokjin with a confused expression and pointed to Jimin with his head. Seokjin just shrugged. Rude children weren’t a new phenomenon.

“Whatever I find contains dark magic! I don’t want dark magic.”

Yoongi said suddenly looking small, smaller than before. He looked at the others like he expected them to exchange the situation with a lollipop.

No one spoke for some good seconds. None of them had a pretty experience with magic. They stared at the wooden floor and let the loud noise of the children, still running around without showing any sign of tiredness, wrap around the house.

“Not all of them are dark magic.”

Jimin whispered. Namjoon fought the urge to break all the plates he had just washed.

“This witch…right…I know she is crazy and stuff but…she is old and kinda experienced, so…”

Jimin left his sentence to waver in the air. Letting the silence talk for itself.

“The elder is old too.”

Seokjin deadpanned.

“The elder is an idiot.”

Jimin said with such unusual rudeness that everyone cringed.


His father gasped. Jimin just shrugged. Yoongi snorted.


Jimin smiled, happy to see someone is on his side.

“Yeah maybe you’re right.”

Yoongi turned back to his gloomy attitude once again. Rubbing his finger on the counter.

“We are being too careful, and it won’t work.”

He mumbled, more like to himself, like he was convincing himself, fighting with the two different side of his heart.

Jimin nodded slightly while the other two tensed together.

“Whatever…I don’t…I don’t know…”

Yoongi mumbled again, frowning and chewing on his inside of cheek, thinking about whatever it was.

Namjoon rubbed his forehead and thought about a way to dissuade yoongi when a loud crushing noise made them all come out of their trance. Yoongi threw his head back and groaned. He pushed Jimin aside to go out of the kitchen and yell at his children. The others followed, one like he had won a battle, the others like they were about to start a battle.

“Bed time!”

Yoongi raised his voice over Taehyung and Jungkook who had cowered in a corner and grabbed both by the arm. He ignored their wailing and cries as he dragged them upstairs. The house finally fell in to peace and silence. Namjoon turned to look at Jimin, holding his hips.


Seokjin sighed, knowing what was coming up


Namjoon didn’t even look at him.

“I need to know why he is doing this.”

Jimin looked at him from the other side of the table, wearing the same expression of chiding the other.

“What?” He held his hands out, annoyed.

“What did I do this time?”

Seokjin darted a sharp look at his son by hearing his harsh tone.

“Do you even think before talking?” Namjoon spat. “Do you even understand what shitty situation are we in?”

“Of course I do!”

Jimin scoffed, taking a step forward.

“Then why are you acting like everything is a joke?” Namjoon huffed.

Seokjin hid his eyes in his hand.

“I didn’t do such a thing…”

“Jimin we don’t need your thoughtless commentary over the situation. Hoseok’s life is not something you can play with. I don’t care what you are thinking but I can’t risk. I won’t let you risk. You did something once, it turned out… vogue…”

Namjoon spat the last word like it was burning his throat

“Oh! It’s my fault then? That’s perfect because it was YOU who insisted that it wasn’t and I DID the right thing. And now what? The tables have turned? Or it’s just you who are looking for someone to blame?”


Seokjin snapped. Jimin glanced at him, clearly not giving a shit. Namjoon scoffed

“I don’t look for anybody to blame. Blaming does not bring him back. I am looking for the best answer and, I want to make sure it IS the answer. I can’t just cling in to might or might not, I can’t risk, I don’t want to risk. Call me a chicken but it is what it is. Yoongi hyung is distraught, you can’t say whatever you just feel because this is an important situation, and we don’t have time for childish fantasies of yours!”

Namjoon breathed with clutched teeth.

“Childish fantasies?” Jimin breathed, acting surprised.

“If I didn’t have those childish fantasies, father, there was no Hobi hyung for you to save now.”

Namjoon gasped. He was about to take a step back, it was like someone had just punched right in the chest, it left him hurt and breathless as he looked at Jimin who just was tasting his own words and was terrified, by the color slowly drained from his face and tears blurred his vision,

“I…I didn’t mean…”

He faltered and looked at Seokjin pleadingly. Seokjin was shocked and distressed and his eyes traveled between his husband and his son. Namjoon fisted his hands too hard that the nails dug in to the skin and his knuckles turned white. His bit his bottom lip to stop the tears from falling.

“Get lost, before I do anything stupid.”

He whispered with a terribly restrained voice, his whole existence was shaking with red, hot anger.

Jimin didn’t miss a second before running to his room. A door was slammed shut somewhere in the second floor.


Seokjin said carefully, slightly moving forward.


He stopped in an instant, squeezing his eyes shut. As soon as Namjoon found out he could move, he walked toward the door and grabbed a coat from hanger before rushing out. The whole house trembled by the time the door was shut.

“What happened?”

Yoongi asked from the middle of the staircase, looking worried and confused. Seokjin plumped on the chair.

“They argued.”

“But I thought they are getting better.”


He raised his eyebrows sarcastically.

“Do you want me to talk to chim?”

Yoongi offered.

“I’ll do it. I’m just waiting for him to stop crying.”

He sighed. Yoongi nodded in understanding.

“Tell me if you need anything.”

Yoongi throw him a weak smile and Seokjin smiled back, maybe a weaker one, and watched as he walked up the stairs.

He sighed and placed his chin on his hand and stared to an empty, cold house, which was too suffocating to stay in.

Everything, the walls, the stair cases, the doors, the windows, were cracking silently from pressure and heaviness of the dim mood, hunting the house.

He looked at all the books that were left on the cold table carelessly. Yoongi probably had read them all in these few days, but did he really read them? Or just scanned them for a key word and then realized he had no idea what he was doing, and got drowned, in guilt, distress, disappointment, being crushed in the hands of the feeling of ignorance, remorse, wavering between being careful and reckless. Contemplating the ideas of how to take steps, fast and sudden and brave like Hoseok did, or slow, testing every step cautiously, making sure nothing is going wrong, like Namjoon did.

Their mother must have been a really patient woman.







It was night, well, midnight, Jimin didn’t know the time.

He was sitting on the porch facing the front yard. A light breeze was flowing in the air, taking a little of the absurd weight he felt on his heart.

Some light steps from behind him told him some one was coming, but he didn’t budge. He already knew who it was.

A hand brushed on his shoulder gently.

“You are still awake.”

Hoseok said.

“Yeah.” Jimin whispered.

Hoseok chuckled and sat next to him.

“Too much going on in your little head huh?”

He ruffled his hair.

“It’s pretty empty.”

Jimin sighed. Hoseok nodded with understanding and looked forward.

“So you are suffering from an empty mind, interesting!”

He leaned back on his hands and hummed.

“What can I fill it with for you?”

He sang. Jimin just shrugged. Hoseok counted it as an invitation.

“Ok let me think!”

He looked around him and let the silence to flow with the breeze for a moment. The crickets were singing and the flowers in front of them were moving with the airflow. Hoseok looked up.

“Oh look, we have stars tonight.”

He pointed at the stars happily. Jimin averted his eyes upward.


He whispered, a little fascinated.

“Haven’t you seen them yet?”

Hoseok asked. Jimin shook his head without turning away his eyes.

“Oh,” Hoseok pouted. “Too bad, it’s almost dawn!”

They both stared at the night sky above them, absorbing the bling, bling of the stars.

Hoseok looked at Jimin from the corner of his eyes,

“Jimin-ah,” He said casually. “What do you think when you look at the stars?”

“They are beautiful,” Jimin said, more lively, forgetting all his previous low spirits. “They shine, and, make the sky bright. And special.”

He smiled. Hoseok hummed,

“What kind of special?” He pushed.

“I mean,” Jimin moved a little forward, excited to convey his meaning. “In the day the sky is always blue, sometimes with clouds, they are cool but the night sky…is…magical. It has different colors. Different shapes, but much unlike clouds.”

“it’s like a portal to heavens, right?”

Hoseok smiled kindly.


Jimin exclaimed excitedly. His eyes sparkling. Hoseok nodded.

“Now tell me,”

He said with a knowing tone, leading to a certain point.

“What do you think the stars think when they look at us?”


“The stars,” Hoseok pointed to the tiny spots above, “They stare at us like we stare at them. Actually I think they stare more than we do because it’s easier to look down than to look up.”

He scrunched up his nose. Jimin looked at the sky again but this time with a different view.

“They stare at us?”

He suddenly felt exposed, a little insecure, but more curious.

“Yes. Like ‘oh look that is Jimin, he is shining bright today, he must be happy’ or, ‘oh hey Jimin is difficult to spot I wonder why’, or, ‘Jimin is not there tonight, I miss him. I want him to be always happy and shining’.”

Hoseok said, changing his voice in order to imitate the stars. Jimin raised his eyebrows and held back his laughter

“Stars talk so funny.”

“Yeah they are a little ridiculous.”

Hoseok confirmed. Jimin snorted,

You are ridiculous.”

He laughed and slapped Hoseok on the shoulder gently. Hoseok held a proud gesture and Jimin laughed again.

“Now tell me this one.”

Hoseok smiled, Jimin turned to him, already eager to answer.

“How do people find their way when traveling the long distances?”

“By looking at the stars.”

Jimin pointed above.

“Right. Now what happens if the stars stop shining?”

“Oh, they get lost then.”


Hoseok nodded and turned to Jimin smiling. Jimin blinked.

“You may be some one’s star Jimin. They may look at you to find way, to be happy. They would be lost if you don’t shine.”

Hoseok said softly, pushing Jimin’s hair out of his glossy eyes.

“Whose star could I be?”

He asked shrugging, his eyes casted downward.


Hoseok cocked his head.

“Do I look like a star to you?”

Jimin looked at Hoseok from behind his wet eyelashes.

“You don’t just look like a star. You are a star to me. I don’t need them,” Hoseok motioned to stars with his head, “When you are here shining brighter than any of them.”

Hoseok whispered softly, his words covering Jimin’s heart like a fluffy warm blanket. Jimin smiled with quivering lips.

“Aren’t you supposed to tell these things to Yoongi hyung?”

He sniffled.

“I kept the star stuff just for you.”

Hoseok smiled fondly and cupped his face.

“Promise me to shine all the time, so I won’t lose my way. I can’t get lost, my kids would miss me.”

Jimin laughed and wiped his tears. Hoseok kissed on top of his head and got to his feet.

“It’s dawn little star. Go back to bed.”

Jimin listened to his footsteps getting quieter till he was surrounded by silence and breeze once again. He fell on his back and faced the celestial image up there.

“If I’m a star then…you are a galaxy.”

He sighed.

Chapter Text

Jimin leaned his head to the ropes as he swang slowly, brushing the sole of his shoes on the grass, the ropes squeaked slightly.

Taehyung was playing with the kids around his age a little further. A blindfolded one had to find the others as they dodged and ran away with screams and laughter. Jungkook was playing in the sandy area of the playground, building a castle, or whatever Jimin assumed it was supposed to be a castle.

He took the kids out, for his sake and for others sake. Handling two hyped up kids in that situation was overwhelmingly demanding and they were just going mad.

They were going mad and the kids were also going mad cause their routine was somehow messed up. Usually it was Hoseok, being naturally hyped up himself, who handled them to release energy in much more bearable ways, but in his absence, everything was in shambles.

No one seemed to be in the right state of mind and the kids weren't exception. They were kids, yes, but they noticed.

They noticed their papa wasn’t there to take them to walk or play monster hunting in the back yard. Jungkook at least once in a day demanded to have papa sit him on his shoulders and take a tour in the house.

They noticed daddy was so sad, he would space out when reading a bed time story and he cried a lot. He was worried all the time.

They would cry while going to bed, doing their little amount of home work, while brushing their teeth or when they had to sit on the table at every meal, throwing tantrums they didn't know the reason.

They noticed the elders were not the same, and papa was sleeping too much.

They were confused and though Yoongi being the perfect dad to have the situation under control, sometimes was too overwhelmed by everything and he just needed a break.

At top of those two different worlds in the house, of children and adults, it was Jimin, who fit in none.

He wanted to be useful but apparently they didn't need his help. He had done what he was supposed to do, and regardless of the result, seemed no one cared that he was able to do something. Anything.

He and Namjoon had avoided each other since that night. Just when they had to sit at the same table for daily meals, others could see them in the same room.

He didn’t want to admit that he had missed his father because he was angry. He was so much angry. He didn’t want to just give in. Nope, this time he had the right to protest and he was going to stand his ground.

It seemed no one trusted him, no one even noticed him, now that Hoseok wasn't there to make him feel better about himself, things were piled up, pushing him toward self-loathe every day.

It was just a while ago that he was finally feeling good, feeling better. He was being useful, Namjoon talked to him like he was something, Hoseok trusted him enough to put his life in to his hands, and now, everything was falling apart again. Like those good times never existed.

Namjoon hated him again. The confidence Jimin had gathered little by little was shredding apart. And he was feeling heavy. So, so heavy that he was wondering why the swing didn't give up under that hideous weight.

He sighed, staring at Jungkook who yawned and blinked to focus on his construction.

“At least I did one thing right.”

Jimin mumbled to himself as he was getting off the swing.

“Taehyung.” He yelled towards the crowd of children.  “Let’s go home.”

Taehyung didn't hear him. He was too occupied by running away from the grip of a girl with a blindfold after he got near enough to pull at her hair.

Jimin sighed


This time Taehyung heard him by the way he snapped his head to Jimin’s direction.


Jimin pointed to the direction of home with his thumb. Taehyung bend his knees and stomped his foot as he wailed. He didn't want to go home.

 “Come on.”

Jimin yelled one last time and walked to Kookie to get him to his feet.

“Baby bunny,” he smiled. “Let’s go home.”

Jungkook didn't protest thankfully. Jimin wiped the dirt away from his hands and clothes and kissed his cheek just because he was being too adorable.

“What a good boy.”

Jungkook grinned and wrapped his arms around Jimin’s neck and just clung to him. Jimin groaned.

“Come on, I won’t carry you home.”

Jungkook just clung in to him harder. Jimin laughed finally and hoisted him up.

“If you love me like this so I have no right to object.”

He turned to see taehyung walking to them pouting.

“At least some one will love me.”






Well, Yoongi appreciated him to make the kids busy, which didn’t make him feel better. He hated babysitting; the only children he could tolerate were his cousins.

 “That was very kind of you, thank you so much chimmy.”

Yoongi said softly taking a sleeping jungkook from him.

“It was nothing.”

Jimin shrugged.

“I can help with anything you need.” He wished his sound didn’t seem that desperate.

Yoongi shook his head giving him a soft smile.

“It’s ok. It's just a bath.”

He patted his shoulder before heading to kids’ room. Jimin flapped his hands.

“What else can I do...?” He wondered.

He saw Seokjin in the backyard hanging the sheets on the clothesline. He reluctantly made his way to the back yard.

Seokjin slightly turned his head to him.

“Oh you are back.”


He picked a white fabric to hang on the rope. His dad disappeared on the other side.

“How was your day?”

He asked. Jimin shrugged not caring his father didn't see him.

“Knock, knock?”

Seokjin lowered the rope and wriggled his eyebrows

“Anybody home?”

“Yeah right.”

Jimin sighed and turned to the pile of laundry sitting in a corner. He wasn't going to have this conversation.

“Are we going to ignore each other?”

Jimin heard his dad from somewhere at the other end of the rope.

“What do you want me to say?”

“Say that you love me.”

He sang. Jimin snorted not being able to keep a blank face.

“What’s wrong with you?” he snapped.

Seokjin appeared, holding an empty laundry basket and a smile.

“Which part of asking you to express your love toward your daddy is wrong?”

“It’s lame...”

Jimin averted his eyes to the woods, feeling embarrassed suddenly.


Seokjin exclaimed dramatically, putting a hand in his heart.

“Oh I feel really offended.”

“Dad, just stop it.”

Jimin didn't expect his voice to be this tired. Bending to take the basket to the other side, Seokjin stopped him by a gentle gripe on his wrist. His eyes were soft with affection,


He pulled Jimin toward himself. Jimin hanged his head and waited for a paternal speech to come. Jin raised his head by a finger under his chin.

“What is wrong?”


Jimin hissed. Seokjin opened his mouth but before that, Jimin was gone, somewhere behind the sea of bleached sheets swaying gently in the cool breeze.






Yoongi rubbed the towel on Taehyung’s damp hair and smiled. He was struggling with two action figures that one of them had lost an arm. Jungkook was snoozing on the other side of the bed cuddling his teddy bear plushie.

“Daddy, today we saw a turtle at school.”

“Oh really? Where?”

“Beside the lake. When we went there to see the fish. It was walking really, really slow. But when it went to the water it swimmed really fast. I think he didn’t like us.”

He pouted and bumped the little figurines in to each other.

“Daddy can I have a turtle?”

He asked with his small voice.

“You have jiji. You can’t have a turtle.”

“Ah, but papa said I could.”

He whined.

“He did? Well he didn’t tell me anything. So…”

“And he said we can hold a race between them.”

“Between who?” Yoongi sighed

“jiji and the turtle. I said jiji would win but he said maybe the turtle is faster. Dad, how the turtle can be faster? It walked like, ugh, it took ages for him to get in to the water…”

Yoongi tilted his head.

“When did you have this conversation with papa?”

“When I came back from park and went to say hello to him.” He said.

“You mean, today?”

Taehyung nodded. It took a while for Yoongi to take in his words,

“Papa talked?”

He asked in bewilderment.

Taehyung nodded again.

“Yes. He asked how was my day and I said it was good,” Yoongi’s eyes widened like a disk, he forgot how to breathe for a second. “Then I asked how was his day and he said it was boring but he was happy now that I was there and…”

“Wait.” Yoongi felt a little more conscious.

“He talked to you? Are you telling the truth?”

Taehyung looked at him with doe eyes and nodded with an innocent sincerity.

 “Yes. He then told me to be a good boy and I said I am a good boy. But he said he could hear me when I yell and run in the house and…make you upset.”

Taehyung lowered his voice and shrunk to himself and blushed.

“I promise to be good.”

Yoongi was frozen. What was Taehyung saying? Was he dreaming? How could Hoseok talk that much without feeling his whole existence being ripped apart?

“Daddy.” Taehyung let out his lower lip.

“I promise to listen to you.”

He tilted his head coyly and smiled bashfully. Yoongi patted his head absentmindedly.

“Of course. Of course. You are a very…good boy. Yeah.”

He looked around him and blinked.

“Ok. Time to sleep. Good night. I love you.”


Yoongi tucked him in the bed and kissed him and jungkook and rushed out. But before he jumps in his room, he stopped. What?

He stared at the door like he could he through it. He was thoroughly confused, that he doubted his own identity for a second. What?

After a while he stood there like an idiot he creeped inside slowly, still frowning. He sat on the bed and cupped Hoseok’s face.


He whispered. No respond.


He held his breath.

“Are you conscious?”

He waited. Hoseok even didn’t lift a finger.

Yoongi sighed and hanged his head low.

“Ok.” He murmured. “He must have assumed things.”


Yoongi jerked toward Hoseok. He swallowed nervously as he touched him like he was a glass that anytime would shatter in to pieces.



He breathed. Yoongi gasped loudly as he leaned closer and cupped his face with both hands.

“Hoseok, baby.”

Hoseok opened his eyes, his chest heaving. Yoongi didn’t try to hide his surprise.


It was the best thing that had happened in…oh it felt like ages; since the end of the battle; Hoseok talking without struggling to breathe and looking at Yoongi and actually seeing him. Yoongi just watched. No word was crossing his mind. No word could say how happy he was.


Hoseok sighed

Large tears covered Yoongi’s face as he interlaced hands with Hoseok. Hoseok blinked tiredly

“Sorry I don’t feel like crying.”

He mumbled using the least movement of lips. Yoongi scoffed and wiped his tears.

“Oh idiot. My beautiful, lovely idiot…”

He buried his face in to Hobi’s neck and absorbed his scent; a sweet scent like honey and fresh like flowers, along with the gloomy smell of sickness. Yoongi almost felt surreal.

“I thought taehyung was imagining things.”

Hoseok hummed. It was supposed to be laughter. Yoongi suddenly raised his head, remembering something.

“How are you? How do you feel? Are you in pain? Do you have trouble breathing? Do you see me clearly? The…the scars, do they hurt?”

He asked without taking a breath in between his sentences, his pupils moving frantically between each of Hoseok’s tired eyes. Hoseok closed his eyes and sighed

“Too many questions.”

“Sorry, I’m sorry. Oh I don’t, don’t know what to do…”

He looked around him frantically; a sudden urge of moving and doing something crawled to him. Should he call the others? Should he check his vitals? Should he check him up completely? Or, he should make sure to breathe first. Yeah, it was the best option, Hoseok squeezed his hand weakly.

“Yoon, relax.”

Yoongi gasped and tensed, ignoring what just Hoseok had said and reached to untie the ropes.

He felt everything was being on time lapse, his brain was still trying to swallow the fact that Hoseok was TALKING deliberately for the first time in weeks. And he wasn’t screaming and didn’t try to free himself and he even joked!!

Yoongi felt he could burst at any time.

Hoseok stopped Yoongi by recoiling his hand.


Yoongi’s fingers stopped in air.


He asked in confusion and a little heartbroken

“Don’t try to untie me. Isn’t safe.”

“But WHY?”

Yoongi cried out. He felt he was being torn apart. He was overwhelmed and hot and needed to do something.

And he was tired, he wanted his husband back.

He placed his forehead on Hoseok collarbone and closed his eyes.


His lips brushed on Hoseok’s skin. Hoseok brushed his hair with his fingers.

“I miss you.” Yoongi whispered. “I miss you a lot.”

Chapter Text


More than good even,



He saw it in Namjoon’s eyes.


Yoongi nodded and hummed, he felt somehow happy, euphoric even, relieved, but not that much. just a little, enough to ease that soul crushing weight of having Hoseok on the line, pulling him a little to this part of that line, a little to this life.

Seokjin gulped and moved his eyes rapidly between Yoongi and Namjoon who were looking at each other, almost lost in joy,

“It’s a good thing isn’t it?” He asked, tilting his head, looking unsure. The smile Namjoon was holding suddenly disappeared.

“I know it is a good thing” Seokjin corrected. “But…”

He trailed off.

“I know what you mean.” Namjoon nodded.

Yoongi forced himself down on earth. He blinked at the others.

“I know what you two mean.” He sighed.

He knew. Don’t hold too much hope. Don’t let relief distract you. Don’t lose yourself in the happiness. But, he wanted to lose himself in happiness. He wanted to scream at the top of his lungs and jump off a cliff; just to fly and soar after that.

“But...” He started. Namjoon cut him off.

“But it doesn’t mean we are done, we still don’t know what golden shine venom can do.”

Seokjin arched an eyebrow.

“That wasn’t what I meant.”

He said. Namjoon frowned.

“Ok,” he rolled his eyes. “That is not what I exactly meant. Come on, you just destroyed all of Yoongi’s happiness.”

He scolded. Namjoon looked at Yoongi with wide eyes. He pouted and nodded once.

“See?” Seokjin huffed.

Namjoon put a hand on his chest,

“What the fuck did you want me to do? You started first, you said ‘but’.”

“I didn’t mean to lead that ‘but’ in the way you did.”

“‘but’ is ‘but’, when you say it you have rejected the sentence before it. The meaning is the same…”

“But it can be conveyed with kinder words!”

Seokjin held a forced smile. Namjoon sighed with defeat. They didn’t see Yoongi is shaking with laughter.

“Oh my god” he snorted. “you too are sillier than I though.”

“Look!” Namjoon pointed to Yoongi. “He is still happy, I didn’t destroy anything.”

“Namjoon,” Yoongi said, still laughing brokenly. “If you talked to Jimin once like that, all of the problems would like, whoosh,” he wriggled his fingers in the air. “Disappear.”

Namjoon pursed his lips.

“Why are you changing the subject so suddenly?” he blinked.

“Good” Seokjin smiled, “better that discussing about the aspects of ‘but’”

Yoongi snorted again. The others stared at him with a questioning look.

“Sorry.” He pressed his fingers on the sides of his face to hold himself from laughing. “It’s just the…word ‘but’…we are talking about.” He held his fingers in to quotation marks “it just…haha reminds me of something else.”

He watched their confused faces and waited for their penny to drop. That was when they looked at each other, still confused and then their eyes traveled lower…on each other’s…butts.

Yoongi burst out laughing.

The aspects of ‘but’” he practically screamed holding his belly.

“Oh my god” Seokjin gasped “oh my god, Yoongi fuck off.”

He huffed; an amused laughter escaped his lips. Yoongi wiped away his tears.

“What’s wrong with you?” Seokjin kicked him from under the table and then both slumped on table, laughing. Namjoon just sighed

“I don’t understand how even you thought of that.” He smiled. “In this situation!”

He huffed out a laugh. But in fact he could understand. Yoongi didn’t mean to be funny, especially in this situation. He was just stressed out. The laughter was nervous, a little too much.  There was a lot piled up in him and he needed relief. Hoseok talking was just a trigger for him to let go of his bad feelings.

It could be anything, in Namjoon’s case, he yelled at Jimin.

Not that he was proud of it, but he didn’t know any other way. He couldn’t laugh like Yoongi and Seokjin did. He didn’t feel like laughing. He didn’t feel like crying either.

He felt like yelling. Braking things. Smashing things. He felt like killing someone. He felt like he wanted to turn back in time, to a long time ago, before the monsters attack. Like…many, many years ago when he was 14, the first day of school. Back row.

He watched the other two as their faces deformed in laughter and tears were rolling down. They were both out of breath and Seokjin was beet red. Yoongi too. They absolutely sounded like they had gone insane. But no complaints; insanity was good sometimes.

The door creaked open and Jimin appeared, he paused a little when he saw everyone. Yoongi and Seokjin pulled themselves together. There was no way they would tell him their reason of laughing. Especially when he expected everyone to be sad!

“Hi.” He mumbled.

“Hi honey.” Seokjin greeted him and extended a hand toward him.


Yoongi waved and beamed. Namjoon was so busy to find out the tiny cracks on his mug. Jimin let seokjin’s arm be folded around his waist.

“How was school?”

He smiled. Jimin shrugged.


He looked away with a bored gesture announcing his deep hatred from school.

“It’s even more boring when I have to come and go alone!”

He dropped his bag on the floor and took a seat next to Seokjin, grabbing his mug of tea and burying his face in it.

“Can I not go to school?”


Seokjin said without holding back his smile and ran his fingers through his hair. Jimin groaned in the mug which made his voice thicker and echoey.

“You’re adorable.”

Jimin groaned again. Yoongi sighed and looked at Namjoon and kicked him from under the table. He jumped and looked around and locked his gaze with Yoongi with an annoyed, questioning expression. Yoongi narrowed his eyes and Namjoon just rolled his eyes before standing up and mumbling something about a broken bench in the backyard or something like that. Yoongi just raised his eyebrows, turning his head; he saw the same expression on Seokjin who was looking daggers at Namjoon.


Father and son problems still on air!

Their parental staring was interrupted by a cry from outside and Yoongi jerked his head toward the door as it opened and a Taehyung with puffy and flushed face, along with a very confused Jungkook came in. Taehyung stepped inside and stopped crying for just a brief moment to scan the room and as soon as he saw Yoongi, he started crying again, harder.


His voice quivered as he ran toward Yoongi and buried his head in his chest.

“Baby what’s wrong?”

Yoongi asked coaxing his head up. Jungkook was just standing there looking at his brother, not really computing the events, till Jimin pulled him on his lap and tickled his sides to coax an adorable laughter from him.


Taehyung wailed. Yoongi’s frown deepened.

“Taehyung darling what is it?”

A little concern was waving in his voice,

“Daddy, jiji died!”

He said and sobbed like a wounded kitten. Yoongi didn’t get it.

“jiji died? What do you mean?”

He grabbed at his shoulder to lift him up.

“Tell me what happened.”

He wiped his wet face and caressed his cheeks with his thumb.

“Soyoun squeezed jiji and then jiji bit her finger and then Soyoun screamed and threw jiji out from the window.”

Jimin gasped loudly with a hand on his mouth.

“Oh no, jiji…”

Jungkook just looked at him and then looked at Taehyung

“Soyoun? How Soyoun had jiji? Was she here?”

Yoongi was so out of it. He just didn’t get the thing, before it hit him and his eyes widened in surprise,

“Taehyung, you took jiji to school?”

He asked with a high pitched voice. Seokjin sighed loudly and rested his forehead on his hand.

“Poor thing.”

Taehyung sniffed and scrunched his nose. He blinked a little before looking at Yoongi and nodding.

“Min Taehyung!”

Yoongi’s eyes couldn’t be wider. He looked at the others in disbelief and then turned to his son.

“You took your pet to school? When did you even do it?”

“He was…he was alone…and I thought he can make more friends…but…but…”

His faced screwed again in agony and fresh tears threatened to fall

“Dad…I want jiji back…”

He plumped himself in Yoongi’s embrace and Yoongi sighed. Jimin was wrapping his arms around Jungkook and watching in terror. Jungkook just yawned and turned to rest his face against Jimin’s shoulder.





Ok, well jiji was gone, and Taehyung was sad, and he was telling Hoseok, who was listening patiently, about it.

Yoongi was bustling around them hastily, Jungkook was pulling on Hoseok’s hair that had a few glowing strings among them.

“I’m sorry baby.”

Hoseok managed to say, patting Taehyung on the knee

“I’m sure jiji is missing you too!”

He grimaced, Yoongi wasn’t sure if it’s real or it’s just for taehyung sake. Jungkook giggled as the glowing hair he was pulling at suddenly dimed to a natural dark brown and another one started to glow.

“Ok, kids!”

Yoongi announced, a little on edge.

“It’s enough, papa in tired.”

Hoseok hummed and smiled and looked at Jungkook’s happy face. He clutched his little teeth in overexcitement and pointed to the mess of hair.

“You like it?”

Hoseok blinked slowly. Yoongi detached Jungkook’s hand from his stunning glowing hair after Hoseok managed to steal a faint kiss on the lips from him. Taehyung rocked a little before tapping his tip of forefingers together and mumbling shyly.

“Will you get me another bunny?”

“But you wanted a turtle last night,”

Hoseok’s voice came in a hush. Taehyung bit on his lips.

“It was before jiji gone. Now I want a bunny and a turtle.”

He lowered his head to his shoulders like a turtle and Hoseok laughed which followed by a cough,

“Ok, I’ll think about it.”

Yoongi’s patience disappeared,

“Ok, ok, Taehyung it’s really enough, kiss papa goodnight and let’s go.”

Taehyung leaned forward for a kiss and an ‘I love you’ and ‘I love you too’ and followed Yoongi outside with lazy steps.







Yoongi laid Hoseok back on the mattress carefully; a groaned barely escaped his lips.

“You are not heavy, are you?”

He teased. Hoseok hummed with closed eyes. It could easily be mistaken with a faint whimper but Yoongi knew he was there. He was there most of the time lately, and Yoongi was riding on clouds, dancing country with angels. He chuckled and grabbed the strings of his white shirt to tie them.

“You are as light as a feather.”

He hushed with a mischievously tone. He paused as the sight of the nasty scar on his chest and winced, he had tried to heal the scar, both the one on his chest and the one on his neck but they refused to be healed, all of them, the scars and Hoseok who winced whenever Yoongi touched them.

Hoseok didn’t answer this time. He probably had fallen back to sleep. Yoongi finished tying the strings and straightened the fresh white shirt one last time before pulling back the covers on him and pressing a kiss on his cheek.

The cheek which had a rose gold tint on it.

Yoongi cocked his head and pressed the back of his hand on Hoseok’s forehead. He didn’t have a fever. So it could mean that…he was getting better!

If it could be counted as a tiny sign of life in him; which Yoongi considered the same.

He turned his head to fold the clothes carelessly and threw them in the hamper before turning to look at Hoseok once again. He was startled to see Hoseok very close to his face. He nearly jumped off the bed.

“Seokie.” He breathed.

Hoseok was sitting, looking forward, his face was blank. Yoongi’s breath hitched in his throat when Hoseok turned eyes to look at him, and his eyes were glowing.

Glowing as hell, so empty and soulless and wild. He quietly growled.

Yoongi glimpsed at the lines of ropes tied lifelessly at the bedposts and grasping to air at the other end, color drained from his face as he glanced as Hoseok who had his hands on his lap, curling his fingers as he was going to crush something. Yoongi had to untie the ropes for a while for a change of clothes and he had forgotten to redo them. Fuck.

Yoongi let out a shaky breath as his mind shut down to reject any smart reaction

“Hoseok, it’s…it’s me.”

He said cautiously. Hoseok growled again, this time it sounded a little more serious to Yoongi’s ear and a shadow of animalistic want clouded his eyes and before Yoongi could do or say anything else, he was thrown on floor and Hoseok was crouching over him like a tiger caging his prey beneath his clutches. Hot tears found a way to run on his cheeks as Hoseok leaned closer to sniff him carefully. Yoongi was holding his breath and thinking so hard, so hard of what to do that he felt his brain was being crumpled like a paper.


He whimpered,

Hoseok huffed and stared at his brown eyes with his own glowing hypnotizing ones and Yoongi could see the tiny muscles around his crescent eyes, tightened in a not very good way.

Soon a hand, Yoongi wanted to hold so bad, clutched at his neck and tightened the grip, Yoongi choked

“Baby, it’s ME.”

He managed to say in a gurgled sound, he felt the blood rush to his head as his eyes teared up and his vision blurred. His hand searched helplessly next to him as his fingers brushed at something, what was it? What was it? Where was he? What the fuck was he touching?

He didn’t have much time to think twice as Hoseok did NOT want to come back to his senses, so he had to.

He grabbed the ‘thing’ and it appeared to be a leg of a stool and crashed it on Hoseok.

It worked for the grip to loosen enough for Yoongi to push Hoseok by a kick in his ribs. He didn’t mean to hurt Hoseok and he didn’t know what he was doing until he rolled on his side to get as far away as possible, grasping his neck. He looked up and saw the broken stool next to Hoseok who was curled to himself, breathing roughly. Yoongi swallowed painfully and tried to breath. He searched the room for anything to defend himself and his mind screamed at the idea of why the fuck was he supposed to defend himself against Hoseok, he was his fucking husband, his Hoseok…

Hoseok looked up at him, this time without any kind of mercy if it existed by any chance, the gold of his eyes now turned to a light, unfriendly orange…he got to his feet, his back to the door, glowering at Yoongi and making angry guttural noises.

Yoongi carefully took a step back as he held his hand in front of him, tried too hard to stay calm and overcome the urge of running away, Hoseok definitely could sense his desperation and, he was blocking the way, right, Yoongi was trapped!

“Hoseok, Seokie, babe, it’s me, calm down…”

Yoongi begged with a raspy voice as he stepped back carefully.

He wasn’t talking to Hoseok, he was not there, he didn’t look at Yoongi like this, like he didn’t know him, like he was a tiny, helpless prey who he could snap his neck with one hand.

Yoongi’s back hit the wall. The air stuck in his throat, Hoseok sprang up in a sudden movement but Yoongi made it to escape from under his arm, his hand just grazed the doorknob when something grasped at his ankle and he fell on his chest with a yelp, he turned on his back to see Hoseok’s flushed face.

His whole frame was glowing; his hair was ridiculously beautiful in the way it glared like it was set on an unearthly fire.

His tip of fingers, his cheeks, and his skin beneath the white outfit were glittering. He was shining in the mildly dark room, surrounded by an angelic halo. He looked ethereal. If he didn’t mean to kill Yoongi it would be so beautiful, like an angel, he just needed a pair of glowing wings.

“Hoseok stop!”

Yoongi cried out when Hoseok yanked him up by the neck and lifted him up of floor, Yoongi scratched at his arm while tears flowed like a river desperately.

He is beautiful

He was thinking, between that crazy mind blowing thoughts of getting attacked by his love, he was thinking how holy Hoseok looked like,

Hoseok pinned him to the wall beside and looked at him with a deathly glare.

Yoongi felt numb and his vision went blurry, his hands grasped at the white sleeve of Hoseok desperately,

“Hobi, please…”

He struggled from the back of his throat, with the last amount of oxygen remained…

Hoseok was not gonna let go.





Taehyung was sitting on the short piano bench, kicking his feet in the air and playing an inventory melody. Jungkook was sitting next to him and watched with wide eyes and a slightly open mouth and occasionally pressed a key just to see what happens.

Jimin was flipping through the pages of his school book, history, something Hoseok was supposed to teach, but now a grumpy, dreary old man was teaching them all but bullshit. And he was going to take a test tomorrow.

A test!

Jimin almost thought he had heard him wrong when raised his hand and asked that old bag of chaff to repeat himself again, only to be ignored by a grunt and a tired sigh.

Hoseok never, took tests. Never. He didn’t do many things in fact, which they found out when they tried to find a new teacher to teach instead of him for history and a supervisor for those practical action courses to make sure the children don’t kill each other accidentally.

For material art, a rough, brawny, tall man was chosen who didn’t know anything about teaching and training and well, the concept of ‘school’ in general. It was like those skinny, little, trembling students were all vicious monsters that he needed to kill.

Hoseok would kill himself if he knew what was going on in the class, in his class.

And for history, this fossil, a complete embodiment of fossil, taught them things that they had no idea what was their point. He just stood there and rambled and rambled and rambled and now he was going to take a test! They only had tests on the finals, just because they needed a certificate to go to the next grade.

Jimin remembered he froze when the teacher ignored him like he was a peg in the wall and the whole class turned to look at his slack face.


He scoffed angrily and bit his bottom lip in frustration. He closed his eyes and tried to take a deep breath to calm his buzzing nerves with a background of Taehyung playing a silly song and Jungkook’s giggling.

“He’s not going stay there forever right?”

He suddenly grabbed Taehyung by shoulder and turned him toward himself. Taehyung stopped playing piano and blinked, confused.

“Hoseok hyung will come back and save us from those human monsters right?”

He shook poor Taehyung aggressively and yelled a few inches away from his face. Taehyung, completely frozen, blinked again and gulped, startled.

Jimin let go of his shoulders and ruffled his hair.

“Ah I’m going mad.”

He stomped his feet and nearly screamed when a loud thud came from upstairs. Jimin raised his head and looked at the other two who were super confused now,

“What was that?”

Jimin asked with a twisted face.

Another thud and a yell and Yoongi cried out.

Jimin sprang up, terrified as Namjoon rushed in to the room and went to grab a crossbow on the wall.

Jimin watched him with absolute terror and ran to grab his arm.

“What are you going to do?”

He asked, feeling cold and insecure. Namjoon just pushed him away slightly.

“Stay here Jimin.”

He ordered with stern eyes. Jimin wasn’t going to stay there. He ran after him.

“Dad, don’t.”

 He was blocked by Seokjin who grabbed at his shoulders.

“Jimin, no.”

“No, no.”

Jimin screamed and watched Namjoon putting an arrow to the bow. Some small and quick tapping sound of steps came from behind them when Seokjin grabbed Taehyung by the arm.


He shrieked.

“No baby, stay here.”

Seokjin let go of Jimin to catch Jungkook by the other hand, slightly getting frustrated by the amount of children he had to control. Jimin ran after Namjoon.

“Jimin, come back here. Jimin!”

Jimin was deafened and blinded by the image of the crossbow. A weapon. They kill with weapon.

He ran up the stairs and Namjoon just had opened the door.

“Daddy, don’t.”

He rushed in to room just after Namjoon and saw Hoseok hanging Yoongi by the neck, Jimin gasped as Hoseok turned to them, releasing Yoongi.

He fell down on his knees and coughed and wheezed.

Hoseok took a step forward and Namjoon didn’t waver even a second to shoot the arrow and Jimin screamed.

Chapter Text

Hoseok fell on his back with an arrow in his left shoulder.

Jimin pressed his hands to his mouth and tried so hard to not having a panic attack.

His knees buckled and he grasped at the wall to not collapse and stayed like that, in that slack position for a time that seemed like eternity. His wide eyes were stuck on Hoseok. He felt sick. It was like he had entered a jungle with primitives instead of a house.

Namjoon seemed to be shocked as well, and he seemed like to be at the verge of panic himself assuming from the heavy huffed breaths he let out. He turned to Jimin and locked gaze with his questioning one. The sharp, accusing one that screamed ‘how could you do that’ at him.

He turned his head back to Hoseok again; the spooky glowing shade around him slowly faded and a pale, sick-looking Hoseok took the place.

Yoongi was still trying to catch his breath and was shaking on the floor. He probably hadn’t even noticed what had happened right in front of his eyes.

“Get Yoongi hyung out of here.”

Namjoon said lifelessly.

Jimin didn’t budge. Someone had to get him out of there. The scene of the red spreading through the white material with the smell of blood had paralyzed him. He couldn’t tear his eyes from it.


His father snapped. Jimin snapped out of his trance and found a control of his numb and shaking muscles and nerves.

He looked at Namjoon as if he didn’t know him. Namjoon eyes softened. He sighed and walked to Yoongi to help him. Yoongi took some broken breaths as he clutched at Namjoon clothing.

Namjoon glanced at Jimin and suddenly felt they are filling his head with lead.

Get out of here so you won’t see me break.

He tried to look at somewhere else as Jimin strode to them and lead Yoongi outside, his eyes never left Namjoon.







Namjoon was sitting cross legged in front of Hoseok on the bed, holding a spoonful of tomato soup and a piercing gaze,

“Eat, or you’ll collapse again.”

He demanded, mimicking his mother flawlessly.

Hoseok had his eyes downward on his lap, fidgeting with his hem of shirt.

“‘M not hungry.”

He whispered.

Namjoon lowered the bowl and spoon and sighed.

“Look,” He pursed his lips, “the school is so boring without you and you can’t skip classes anymore, and mother has put me on duty to feed you the whole bowl or she will chop my head off. So, here are your options; you will be a good Seokie and finish this up or I won’t cuddle with you tonight.”

He huffed. Hoseok looked up at Namjoon with sad and shy eyes.

“Have you eaten?”

He asked in a tiny voice.

“No!” Namjoon shook his head like it was obvious. “I won’t eat till you do.”

And he held the bowl in front of Hoseok again.

“If you are going to kill yourself by starving yourself to death, I’ll go with you.”

He said determined.

“Now open your damn mouth or I will throw myself out of the damn window!”


Namjoon brushed his fingers through Hoseok’s hair. He sighed as his eyes averted to his brother’s bandaged shoulder and plumped back to the backrest of the chair.

He felt disoriented, so out of time and place. His life priorities were all messed up. He didn’t know himself or Hoseok, who was about to kill Yoongi a couple of hours ago.

He felt like he was being yanked from thousand directions, and was being torn in to pieces. Tiny pieces like snowflakes and he couldn’t be able to pull himself together ever again. He was lost. He had been lost before, but this time seriously. So fucking seriously.

He wondered if he could ever stand up again. If he could look at Jimin’s terrified eyes again.


He couldn’t screw it better.

Great. Give me the ‘worst parent’ trophy.

He wished he had thrown himself out of the window that day.

The sound of door, opening with a creak, dragged him out of his troubled thoughts. Gentle steppes tapped on the wooden floor before stopping a few meter away from him,

“How is Yoongi hyung?”

He asked without looking back. He knew it was Jimin. He walked as if he wasn’t sure if he should be there, as if he had offended a sacred place.


He said briefly. Namjoon didn’t want any further explanation. Jimin stepped closer.

“How is…he?”

His words vaporized in the air. Namjoon shook his head.

“I don’t know chim.”

He looked at Hoseok who was breathing oddly again and he looked fragile and weak again, even more than before he felt better.

Namjoon ached like it was him who had been shot. He was worried if he had broken his shoulder. But he was fine, in theory!

No one is fine when they are acting like a mad man, choking their spouse and glowing like hell.

“Did I do the right thing Jimin?”

He asked in a vulnerable voice.

“I don’t think I’m in a right place to answer that.”

Jimin said softly, Namjoon’s lips were curled in to a gloomy smile.

“Are you not going to judge me? How bizarre!”

He said, his fingers grazing over the bandages.

Jimin let out a controlled exhale and looked at ceiling to overcome the urge to yell, but actually he was in no mood to argue, so he dropped his shoulders and stepped forward. He kneeled beside Namjoon’s foot and put a hand over his. Namjoon looked down in his eyes, they were so intense.

“Were you,” Jimin furrowed his eyebrows “going to judge me? If it was me?”

Namjoon blinked, like a student who was asked a very difficult question,

“Did you judge me when I did that?”

Jimin pointed to Hoseok, Namjoon spared a glance at him and stiffened. The air stuck in his throat.

 “I’m not going to judge you, I wanted to, but now I won’t. Because I think you didn’t have any other choice.”

Namjoon shook his head and Jimin grabbed his arms in a strong grip.

“It was your only choice, the only thing you could do. You were being brave!”


Namjoon gritted his teeth so hard that he expected his skull to crack any second, Jimin’s gaze was so piercing, he was stuck between Jimin and the chair, and Hoseok, who had no clue what was going on but Namjoon felt pressure in his presence.

“I’m not saying I agree with you about anything else, I’m still,” Jimin looked away. “I’m still going to ignore you.”

Namjoon laughed all of a sudden, his tears ran on his face after that. Jimin sighed.

“Whatever, I’m not going to judge you and if I don’t do that, no one else has the right to do that either, so…stop blaming yourself…if, you’re doing that.”

His heart suddenly ached and it was like someone had slapped him in the face. He looked down at his lap and his trembling hands. He tried to stop those damn tears but he didn’t care anymore. So he let that suffocating feeling dominate his strong facade and he let himself to break, to let Jimin see him break.

Jimin sighed again like he was frustrated but instead raised a hand to wipe away Namjoon’s tears gently. Namjoon felt like blushing. That was really embarrassing. He squeezed his eyes shut and tears fell down one after another on his hands, on jimin’s hands, tap, tap, tap, and hearing that, he wondered if he could ever stop crying.

He was going to die from embarrassment tomorrow but now he didn’t give a shit. He was sad and he wanted to cry. And he was sorry, though he didn’t want to say that loud.

And Jimin was so patient and mature that Namjoon had to double check if it was really his son and not accidentally Seokjin who might have come in and Namjoon hadn’t noticed.

But it was him. It looked like nearly a lucid dream, that Jimin was there so patiently and kindly, much unlike the sixteen-year-old boy he was, comforting his father, who was going to resume giving him cold shoulder after that.

He was deeply relieved. Jimin didn’t hate him. He was just upset. He could be upset. He could be upset as much as he wanted. No problem.

Jimin didn’t hate him.

He smiled between his tears.







Yoongi curled his fingers around his own neck, trying to forget the feeling of Hoseok’s strong fingers around it,

It didn’t hurt. Well at least physically. But the feeling, that sensation was still there; he was being choked every single second.

He pulled the covers up on his kids, tucking their tiny sleeping bodies in bed. Jungkook was smacking his lips in sleep, Taehyung was pouting. Yoongi ran his fingers through his hair. He mumbled something uncoherent and scratched his nose. His small hand rested on the pillow beside his face.         

Yoongi let out a shaky sigh as he was sitting at Taehyung side of bed, staring at nothingness. He blinked to push away the image of those golden eyes in front of him, oh, he was so hunted by Hoseok. No, not Hoseok.

It was not Hoseok. He wasn’t like this. He wouldn’t even raise his voice on Yoongi, let alone hurting him like this.

(No intention to kill, Yoongi had crossed that out long time ago.)

What he was feeling right now was the freezing panic that wrecked his already ruined nerves. Making him to space out and freeze, not able to move because he was afraid.

And the fear wasn’t even for him. It was for Hoseok.

It was nothing new, his eyes glowing and him being crazy like this (then why the hell they needed to bond him to bed). But it was before he started to feel better. It was before.  Not after he could talk and was aware to his surroundings.

Yoongi was right in the arms of the paralyzing fear that was cold and hideous. He picked at the soft skin around his nails unconsciously, thinking so hard what to do. There was nothing. There was simply nothing. His mind was empty like a sheet of paper.

He was so lost in his entangled thoughts; he almost forgot there was a kettle whistling in front of him waiting to be turned to tea.

He filled his mug with hot tea. He swiveled around; he was faced with Hoseok standing right behind him.

Yoongi let out a short scream and closed his eyes. Hoseok was quick to catch the mug before it shredded in to pieces and placed it on the counter to step closer and wrap his arms around Yoongi with a smile.

Yoongi pressed his tip of fingers on his eyes.

“God you scared me” he hissed.

“Sorry.” Hoseok giggled.

Yoongi took a deep breath and tried to calm his heart beat.

“Will you stop popping up behind me? Or make a noise or something, announce your presence.”

He tried to hold an angry tone but wasn’t that much successful and finished with a laughter.

“Sorry again.”

Hoseok smiled widely and his eyes turned to two adorable crescent lines. Yoongi hummed and wrapped his arms around Hoseok’s waist. He looked up and booped his nose with Hoseok’s pointy one, making him giggle.

“Hi.” He whispered.

Hoseok smiled softly and lowered his head to peck him on lips.

“Hi.” He said against his lips and Yoongi kissed him back. Hoseok smiled to the kiss.

Yoongi pulled back and buried his head in the crook of Hoseok’s neck, inhaling his scent. Hoseok leaned his head on top of Yoongi’s

“I’m sorry.” He said after a while. Yoongi frowned in confusion.

“Why?” he asked.

“I’m really sorry.”

Yoongi blinked slowly. Why was he apologizing? Oh? Was it because of the attack? Wait, which attack?

He placed a hand on Hoseok’s chest to pull back then he stopped by the feeling under his palm. He pressed his hand on Hoseok’s heart. Well, on where it was supposed to be a heart. And a heartbeat.


“I’m sorry.”

“Hoseok.” Yoongi gasped.

He maneuvered his hand on Hoseok’s chest but there was no heartbeat. He pulled back and looked at Hoseok with panicked eyes. Hoseok’s eyes were teary and apologetic. He cupped Yoongi’s face and caressed his cheek gently.


“No” Yoongi shook his head.



Yoongi cried out. Tears fell down on his face. That was…not going to happen…

“You can’t” he ordered.

Guilt and sorrow and apologize flooded in Hoseok’s delicate features.

“I’m so sorry, I love you.” He hushed.

“Don’t.” Yoongi hiccupped “please don’t leave me.”

“I’m sorry yoon.”

What can I do with your sorrow? Don’t fucking leave me.

Yoongi wanted to say. He wanted to yell at Hoseok. He was angry. He was so…tired…

“You’re gonna be alright”

Hoseok smiled.

I’m not.

Yoongi wanted to talk but he could only whimper against Hoseok’s chest. He could only fist his shirt, so maybe he could hold him there, maybe Hoseok won’t leave if he tugged on him tightly.

“You’re leaving all the time.” Yoongi sobbed. “Just stay for once.”

Hoseok didn’t answer him. Yoongi didn’t want to look up. To see he was clasping at nothing. Nothing.

He took a deep breath and slowly raised his head. It was dark everywhere, he didn’t see much but he felt a light pat on his head. He lifted his eyes and saw the silhouette of Taehyung, sitting in bed and slowly patting his hair.

Yoongi took another deep breath and blinked slowly, let Taehyung ground him, comfort him, taking care of him.

Then little fingers came to cup his face and wipe his tears away. He blinked again and looked at his eldest who was carefully wiping away the tears, even on his eyelashes; he nearly poked yoongi’s eyes with his thumb. Oh, how lovely Taehyung was.

“It’s ok.” he whispered gently. “You were just having a bad dream.” Taehyung nodded, “Do you want to talk about it?”

A faint smile spread on Yoongi’s lips. He shook his head. Taehyung nodded in understanding. “Ok…do you want a hug?”

Yoongi nodded and sat at the edge of bed and let Taehyung hug him and wash away his worries. He was warm. His little heart was beating fast against Yoongi’s. He was even rubbing circles on Yoongi’s back. Yoongi smiled and kissed his top of head. Taehyung tilted his head up.

“Are you ok now?” he asked.

“Perfect. Thank you.” Yoongi kissed his forehead, “now go back to sleep.”

He smiled and tucked Taehyung back in bed, he kissed Jungkook who was sleeping, safe and sound, the sound of his breathing filled the air.

“Good night” Taehyung said.

“Good night love” Yoongi kissed him again.

When he came back to his room, his and Hoseok’s room, he paused for a moment.

It wasn’t a dream.

It was not just a dream.

It was a vision!

Healer stuff!

He slowly moved forward, careful in his steps. He approached the bed slowly and put his fingers on Hoseok’s neck, holding his breath.

A beat.

He felt a beat. A faint one, but still a beat.

He sighed harshly and let himself slump on the bed. He waited a little for his breathing to even out before raising his head to look at Hoseok.

“I’m going to the witch…I’m going to the witch” he hissed.







“Yoongi hyung.”

Namjoon called.

Yoongi stopped and turned to Namjoon with a blank expression.

“Where are you going?”

It wasn’t the first time Yoongi left the house, but he didn’t do it much. Not if it was completely necessary. He even didn’t pick up Taehyung from school.

“To the witch.” Yoongi said bluntly. Namjoon was surprised.

“What?” he stepped closer. “Hyung…”

“He is dying Namjoon.” Yoongi interrupted. Namjoon’s face went slack. He looked like he was saying something but nothing crossed his mind.

How do you know?

He wanted to ask. But…he just couldn’t. Yoongi waited a little and when he saw Namjoon has nothing to say, sighed.

“Watch him for me.” He said with a tired voice and left.

Namjoon just stood there.

He watched the space in front of him. He tried to be scared, to be worried, to be sad, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t feel anything.

Maybe he was just shocked, but, why suddenly shocked? There was so much going on and now he chose to be shocked? Nonsense.

He was just tired.

He sighed and headed to library. He sat behind his desk heavily and stared at the books. Pile of books…so many books.

“Joon! You have lots of books”

Hoseok’s excited voice echoed in his head.

“Shut up.”

He groaned.

“You had more.”

He rolled his eyes before opening a random book and staring at a random page.

Let’s wait for the witch.




He didn’t know how long he had been there just spacing out like an idiot. He didn’t know what time it was, was it still noon or it was already night…?

Or even what kind of book was he reading?

Then the sound of some hurried steps snapped him out of his thoughts. Jimin appeared in front of him, a little breathless.


He exclaimed. Namjoon sat straight. His spine protested at the sudden act but he didn’t care.


Jimin took a deep breath before talking.

“Daddy,” he said. “Tell me, do you want a quick death or a slow one?”


Namjoon’s eyebrows shot up. Jimin waved his hand before Namjoon can say anything.

“No, no, no,” he tsked. “not a good question, of course you would choose a quick death. Nobody likes a slow death, how stupid I am…let me change the question.”

The only thing Namjoon could assume from Jimin’s behavior was that, he had lost his mind.

“Answer this one!” Jimin said seriously, but he was excited somehow. Kind of jittery. He was trying so hard to stand still.

“Do you like your grave to be in the forest? With flowers and plants? A romantic kind of, or you prefer the mountain? Like a stone tomb? It’s kingly! ”

He finished and waited for answer. Namjoon was totally puzzled. He stared at Jimin with an open mouth.

Jimin had come to him to talk after a long time and he was saying nonsense?

“What the fuck Jimin?” he managed to say.

Jimin frowned. “I won’t tell dad you cursed. Your welcome.”

Namjoon shook his head in confusion. Jimin put his hand on his hips.

“Dad…you are so dead!” he laughed. “Grandma is here!”

He grinned.

Chapter Text

“Dad…you are so dead!” Jimin laughed. “Grandma is here!”

He grinned.


Namjoon jumped up from his seat, knocked a pile of books from desk on the floor and hit his knee against the desk. His chair was toppled back from how suddenly he got up and made a loud noise.

Jimin raised his eyebrows and watched Namjoon rushing out of the library, stumbling on his way and he was…absolutely terrified.

“Yeah…” Jimin absorbed the view with all his heart.

“I love grandma…I love her so much.”






When Yoongi walked in the house, it was near midnight.

They must been sleep, from how quite everywhere was, and how dark, and empty…

He sighed and climbed up the stairs. He stopped at the door of children’s room and peeked in. they both were asleep.

Yoongi closed the door quietly and headed toward his room. He stopped before opening the door.

What was that?

He was hearing noises from inside?

But, weren’t they asleep?

Blood rushed to his veins as his heart drummed against his chest. A sudden wave of anxiety hit him and he opened the door without a second thought and pushed himself in.

The room was…crowded!

Every one stopped talking when they saw him. Yoongi felt weird. It was like he had entered the wrong room. Everyone had gathered around the bed, in the scariest way possible. Yoongi felt his heart was exploding. What had happened?

Hoseok was dead?

He panicked.

He started counting the people. His eyes moved from Jimin and Seokjin on the bed, from Namjoon who was standing at the foot of the bed, to the two other people, one sitting at the edge of the bed and one sitting on the chair, his mind completely stopped functioning when his eyes were locked with his mother’s who was looking at him with such coldness Yoongi quivered under it, before turning away and leaving him alone in confusion.


Yoongi muttered.

The only answer he received was the nervous shuffling of Jimin on the bed. He looked at Namjoon who just shook his head and Yoongi didn’t know what that was supposed to mean.

He dragged himself forward and suddenly the reality collapsed on him.

His mother was here!

His mother-in-law was here!

Mothers were here!

He was surprised, he was scared, he was happy.

Also he was dead!






“So,” Haejin said, “when were you gonna tell me? After it’s too late?”

She glanced at Yoongi as she spread a wet cloth on Hoseok’s warm forehead. Yoongi was standing at the foot of the bed, hanging his head, completely ashamed.

“I was…”

“Oh, or you just forgot about me. Maybe?”

“Mom!” Yoongi exclaimed.

“What? Tell me; am I lesser than a witch in the woods?”

His mother shrugged nonchalantly.

“Or you didn’t think maybe I can do something.”

“Mom, I did my best.” Yoongi sighed.

“Your best was hiding things from me?”

Ok, this conversation wasn’t going in good directions.

“How did you even know?” Yoongi asked. Haejin scoffed.

“We have ears Yoongi, we can hear things.”

Yoongi sighed again. He had done something terrible, his mother was really upset and she was right.

Hosoek’s breathing hitched and he whimpered.

“Oh honey…” Haejin patted his hair. “He doesn’t like it that I’m scolding you, right?” she pursed her lips.

Yoongi wavered a little before mumbling a tiny ‘yes’ and blushing like a sixteen year old.

“Always take each other’s side, even in these kinds of situations.” his mother shook her head but Yoongi could sense the sparks of fond in her voice.

“But I don’t care. I’m still mad at you, whether Hoseok likes it or not.”

She frowned. Yoongi bit his bottom lip when Hoseok cracked his eyes open and breathed a forced ‘mother’ at his mother-in-law.

“What?” she snapped too soft as she placed her back of fingers on his cheek. Hoseok just closed his eyes and turned away his face.

“Seriously?” Haejin exclaimed. “Now you are mad at me?”

She turned her face toward Yoongi and he swallowed his smile. His mother sighed and refreshed the cloth with fresh water.

“So…tell me how was your visit with the witch?”

She asked, with the most irritating tone she could manage. Yoongi rolled his eyes in frustration.

“Mom! Can we please drop the issue?” he said, pleading.

“No? I wanna know what happened!”

Yoongi crossed his hands on his chest.

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing. You…”

“Why did you come home late then?”

“Because…well…her home was…actually far and…”

“Did she agree to help?”

“Well…yes…please let me finish…”

“Why did you come alone then? You had to bring her with you.”

“Oh…she…um…we had to…go to her?”

Yoongi finished with a deep breath and a gulp. Haejin just blinked at him and looked at Hoseok, and then looked at Yoongi again. Her face was so blank that Yoongi swore she was one hundred percent done with him.

“How were you gonna go there? To her house which you say was far and Seokjin says was hard to find? What exactly was going on in your mind?”

Yoongi casted a glance at Hoseok and scratched the back of his hand nervously.

“Pure lunacy?”

He bit his lips and looked away. His mother sighed deeply and patted Hoseok’s hand.

 “Whatever Yoongi. Just get out of here.”

She said softly.

 “And find a place to sleep. You step in this room and your leg is broken from three different unhealable areas.”

Yoongi breathed to protest but was stopped by a firm ‘get out’ from his mother and reluctantly left Hoseok with the best person he could find in the world and stepped out of the room.

He saw Jimin leaning to the wall. He smiled when he saw Yoongi.

Yoongi sighed and stood next to him. He leaned his head against the wall and turned his face to Jimin.

“My mom hates me Jimin.” he said, his eyes sparkling and his lips all gummy smile.

“Grandma is scolding daddy Namjoon.” Jimin laughed, fascinated.

“You are happy, aren’t you?” Yoongi laughed too.

“She is getting my revenge.” Jimin nodded. “She is the only one dad is afraid of!”

He inhaled deeply, a happy smile on his lips. He should have probably felt guilty but he couldn’t. He was so happy. He was really happy that someone was yelling at Namjoon.

He couldn’t help it. Not at all.

Yoongi hit on jimin’s forehead with his head and groaned. They both laughed.

“I have to sleep with kids tonight.”

Yoongi sighed.






“We heard about the invasion of course.” Namjoon’s mother, Lia, said, sipping her tea.

Seokjin placed a plate of cookies in front of her carefully and looked at Namjoon who was standing there, just like Yoongi, looking like a scolded teenager.

“They banned us from exiting the village and forbade any kind of aid. And then, I headed to council, all alone, and I was like “my whole life is down there being slaughtered by some nasty beasts. What do you mean I can’t leave the village?” and he was like “oh you think you can go and fight the beasts old woman?” can you believe it? He called your mother ‘old woman’! And, I was like “if my sons were here you didn’t have a head right now you idiot fossil.” And guess what happens after that; I wait every single day to hear something, anything from my sons to know that they are ok, and then I hear the attacks have ended and I wait harder, literally expect something any second to come, I didn’t sleep at nights because, well, they may wanna give me the news at night. But, nothing happens. I look like a ghost walking from this side of the house to the other side of the house and I think I might gonna die from worrying too much. So I decide to come here to see for myself and what do I see? That one of my sons is hurt like hell and the other one does not bother to tell his old poor mother to come and at least make tea for everyone to relax. If it is the only thing this useless hag can do!”

His mother finished and Namjoon winced. Seokjin gently put a comforting hand on her forearm.

“I have no idea what you were thinking!”

She huffed. Namjoon bit his lips.

“Mom I didn’t want to… upset you.” He whispered.

“You meant to do what exactly?” she snapped. “It’s not like I have never been in these kinds of situations. I am used to it; to Hoseok to fall deep down in to trouble.” She made a diving gesture with her hand.

“Yes, that is exactly what Joon wanted to avoid. Didn’t want to worry you.”

Seokjin said. Lia turned to him.

“Ok, not me. Forget about me. What about Yoongi’s mother? Aside from everything, did you forget she is a healer? A very good one? And she may be able to do something?”

“We talked to every healer…they didn’t…”

“They didn’t know? That is your reason? So when they don’t know it means that she doesn’t either? And still, you go to a witch, to seek help!”

Namjoon and Seokjin both looked away. Ashamed.

“Mom…things were rough.”

 Namjoon said with a tired voice. His mother looked at him, with a little empathy.

“You are here now, thanks for coming.” He tried to smile.

His mother sighed, putting her rage aside.

“It must have been really hard for you.”

She sighed again and patted Seokjin on the shoulder. Namjoon was still standing with a tilted head.

“How did it happen?”

She asked. Not really angry, very casual like she just wanted to know.

“Um…” Namjoon ran his hand through his hair. “It was a golden shine…I told you before.”

“Tell me more.” She sipped her tea.

“Ok…um…it was the last days…we were not really, engaging…Hoseok was on patrol duty, he spotted a golden shin. And the queen.”


“Yeah…so…he…killed the queen.” Namjoon said quickly.

“Wait what?”

Namjoon winced again.

“He killed a what?” his mother exclaimed.

“A golden shine queen...”

He sighed internally. Why was he the one who had to report?



“Oh my goodness!” his mother gasped.

Yes, yes…Hoseok was gonna be in trouble later.

“Is he crazy?”

Seokjin pursed his lips. He really wanted to argue because internally he was on Hoseok’s side, but it was his mother in law and he needed to shut up. So he shut up.

“I’ll let Hoseok defend himself later.” She looked really pissed. “And then what happened?”

“He got bitten?”

Namjoon raised his eyebrows.

“Right. right…stupid boy…who did the knife thing then?”

Namjoon’s eyes widened. He opened his mouth but…


It wasn’t him answering. It was Seokjin, looking proud.


His mother was definitely shaken.

“What do you mean? Jimin was there? He wasn’t in the shelter?”

She yelled.

Ok, Jimin was going to be in trouble too.

“He…um…came back.”

 “And Hoseok took Jimin with him?” She gasped.

Namjoon and Seokjin just looked at her with wide eyes.

“What is wrong with this family?” she almost screamed.

Oh shit!

They all were gonna be in trouble.









Yoongi watched as his mother walked round his lab and grazed her fingers on his things, checking for dust. Jimin was following her, holding a quill and a notebook and was taking notes frantically.

“…The venom’s duty besides destroying the host organs is to build another creature.” She said with a flat tone.

“…Which means it has the ability to restore things, it can mend things. So, when the heart is damaged, the venom stopes being pumped to the veins, but it doesn’t mean it leaves the body; it stays there, repairs the heart and starts being pumped again!”

She finished with a knowing look. Jimin lifted his eyes from his notes, “like the process is resumed?”

“yes.” she said. “But in a very, very, very slow progress. It circulates in the system with blood and gradually kills the organs.”

Yoongi pursed his lips like he had tasted something sour. If he didn’t avert his thoughts to something else he probably would need to throw up, and Jimin chose that moment to know more.   

 “So…what happens at the end?”

“The host dies.” His mother said plainly.

Yoongi rested his throbbing head on his hand and groaned. He hated to be a healer.

 “Oh!” Jimin gasped.

“And you!” Haejin addressed Yoongi with a conical flask pointed to him. Yoongi reluctantly looked at his mother.

“Didn’t you feel it? It seems…pretty painful.” She turned her lips downward as if she was trying to imagine how it was painful!

“Of course I did!” Yoongi grimaced.

“Good. What did you do about it?”

“Gave him some pain reducing potion!”

“Oh good job!” Haejin rolled her eyes.

“You need to solve the problem not bury it under the rug.”

“I didn’t know how to do it. I looked at any book, asked a lot of people; no one knew what to do with golden shine venom. It is rare!”

He emphasized as his mother looked at him apparently not impressed. Oh…from those stares Yoongi could tell he had messed up for real.

“Seriously?” his mother deadpanned.

“What about you?” she asked Jimin.

Jimin looked at Yoongi and then back to Haejin,

“Me? What…what about me?” he stuttered, looking nervous.

“What was your solution?”

Jimin was pretty surprised that she was asking for his opinion. Like if he gave solution, they would apply it.

“Um…well. There were some solutions, but they were kind of vogue and complicated. Like casting a spell while the moon is complete? Some ancient rituals?”

His voice lowered slowly as Yoongi’s mother started shaking her head disappointedly and Jimin shut up.

“You are looking at things from a strange point of view. I don’t know, you are men, you should have a simple point of view.” She wondered. Yoongi narrowed his eyes.

“Was that a compliment?”

His mother just raised a brow.

“Ok…please, continue.” Yoongi pleaded. Jimin kept his quill pen ready above the paper eagerly. His mother spared a glance at him and sighed.

“What do you do with venom?” she asked.

Yoongi sighed internally. He really didn’t have time and wasn’t in the mood for a healing session. He just needed an answer.

“Oh,” Jimin apparently could think. Maybe because he was used to it. Hoseok!

“Um…about any kind of venom?” Jimin asked, Haejin nodded.

“Well there should be a potion for venoms.”

 “What kind of potion?”

“I don’t know, they are varied?”

Jimin looked at Yoongi with a questioning look.

“Antivenoms need the venom.” Yoongi tried.

“No, a potion which drags the venom out the body!”

His mother deadpanned.

Ok, what?

Jimin gasped. “Oh…right…such thing exists?” he asked with sheer interest.

“Yes. And he knows how to make it.” she pointed to Yoongi’s stunned face.

“Oh mom, that is…really…”

“What? simple?” she frowned.

No. not simple. He didn’t know what he wanted to say. Maybe…stupid…

“Mom…it…it can actually work?”

“You mean you thought of something weird from a stupid book but you didn’t think of such simple thing to work?”

Yoongi didn’t answer her. He was confused. Jimin was watching with wide eyes.

“ohhhh, oh, so…so we are gonna make a potion to…do what exactly?”

 “To pull out the venom from Hoseok’s system?”

Yoongi’s mother smiled. Jimin blinked.

“Ok.” he whispered “I think I’m getting it.”

He lowered his eyes to scribble in his notebook.

“It sounds weird.”

“Don’t try to imagine it.” Yoongi warned.

“Does it hurt?” Jimin asked chewing on his lips.


“I mean…I got what the potion does…but…does it hurt?”

“Of course it hurts.”

Oh, wish his mother didn’t say it like that, so straight.

“It doesn’t hurt normally.” Yoongi leaned forward with tense eyes.

“The venom structure is different. It isn’t just like a…I don’t know poisonous liquid. It’s golden shine venom.”

“Well, that is why I kept it complicated. Because it’s golden shine venom and I wasn’t sure if it works for sure. Are you sure it works?”

Yoongi argued, ignoring jimin’s terrified expression. His mother blinked.

“Of course I don’t.”


“Yoongi, nothing in this world is certain; there are always some chances of failure. So, I don’t say I certainly know it will work, but, the alternative is simple and neat and it is worth trying!”

His mother reasoned. Yoongi wasn’t reassured, but it was her mother, and she was good. So he let her lead everything. Good, he needed to let go.

“Imo,” Jimin mumbled. “How does it hurt?”

“Imagine two trees or plants grow next to each other. Their roots are entangled to one another and imagine you pull them out to separate them, you should untangle the roots.”

“Oh…oh that’s…” Jimin crumpled his face.

“It’s like tearing a tissue apart.”

“Don’t try to imagine it!” Yoongi once again reminded and Jimin cringed. Like he was caught imagining the situation.

“Isn’t there any other…”


Haejin cut him off. Yoongi flinched.

“Ok, alright. When are we gonna do it? I can help.”

“I really prefer you don’t!”

Yoongi wanted to bang his head against the wall. Was his mother always like this? No, he didn’t think so.

“What about me?”

Jimin asked carefully, blushing.

Heajin laughed.

“I prefer you study better than him!”

She smiled. Yoongi groaned and Jimin blushed more.









Yoongi was sitting on the last steps of the staircase, massaging his palms aggressively, trying to focus on his breathing.

That was what his mother told him when she kicked him out of the room.

“Go sit somewhere quiet and try to focus on your breathing.”

She had demanded.

But Yoongi couldn't focus. The only thing his mind could process was Hoseok’s muffled whimpers from the up floor. That thing fucking hurt, Yoongi could feel it deep inside his core.

He didn’t leave with Seokjin and the kids. He absolutely was no use, he was even a double burden, but still he chose to stay against his mother’s will.

Yoongi didn’t know how to stand it. He was gripping the stair rail to keep himself in place and not suddenly fly up there. Though he couldn’t stay in the room either, he just couldn’t stay still.

He hated to be a healer. Why Taehyung was so obsessed with healing? It wasn’t fun at all. It was the worst profession in the world. Who would like to deal with pain and stress all the time? Especially when he insisted in being rough but his nature was soft in the first place. How could he fight with his healing nature? Why the gods chose him to be a healer?

He heard Hoseok crying out and bit his knuckles. Why it was taking so long?

He subconsciously wrapped his fingers around his own neck and once again tried to focus on his breathing and push away the image of Hoseok squirming away from the potion-soaked cloth his mother pressed on his neck in order to force the damn venom out.

Yoongi was now convinced he hated anything with the color of gold. He was surrounded with that color now that he noticed; he was pretty sure there wasn’t that much golden stuff yesterday; he thought, as he stared at his golden wedding ring.

He choked and tried to breathe normally again, and forced himself to sit there and not jolt up and rush to the room otherwise his mother would kick him out of the house.

“It’s gonna be over, it’s gonna be over, he’s gonna be ok…”

He mumbled to himself as he rocked back and forth on the stairs, fiddling with his fingers.

Yoongi sat there in dark and silence. So caught up in his own distress that didn’t notice the pain had gone away. He didn’t hear the sound of footsteps from behind him and suddenly Namjoon’s voice sounded so close.

“Yoongi hyung.”

Yoongi’s head shot up and he heard a popping sound in his neck. Namjoon grimaced but Yoongi was on his feet in a flash.

“Are you ok?”

Namjoon asked and Yoongi just looked at him with wide eyes. He glanced at the large bowl he was holding, it was empty; no more potions left.  He grabbed Namjoon’s arms fiercely.

“What happened?”

“Oh, it’s over.”

Namjoon hummed, followed by a warm smile.

Yoongi gasped. His brain stopped operating. What? What kind of over?


Namjoon chuckled. “It’s over hyungie. He is ok.” he cooed.

“Oh...” Yoongi breathed.


Namjoon patted him with one hand as his other hand was occupied. Yoongi finally, finally inhaled without trouble. Namjoon’s arm was wrapped around his waist and Yoongi leaned to him heavily, almost dropping all his weight on Namjoon.

“I’m going to make dinner. Seokjin and the kids will be home soon.”


Yoongi rubbed his wet eyes and raised his head.

“Is he awake?”

“No, he fell asleep, but he was awake for a minute and said he needed to change the bedding’s color.”

Namjoon deadpanned.


 “Trust me I thought he was delirious at first too, but he was dead serious. He is going to change the bedding’s color. Wait for it.”

Namjoon smiled happily. Yoongi had still his forehead creased with concern. That was really weird.

Namjoon patted his shoulder, chuckling.

“He is Hobi. He is ridiculous.” He shrugged.

Ok, if Namjoon wasn’t concerned then there wasn’t anything to worry about. Yoongi was just oversensitive. He huffed out a worn out laughter.

“Yes. He is.”

He waved a hand for Namjoon before making his way to the room.

So good to have their ridiculous Hobi back.

He opened the door at the same time as his mother and they both looked at each other for a moment before Haejin gave him a loving smile.


She said with too much softness in her voice as if she wasn’t yelling at him a few hours ago. It washed all his tensions away.

Yoongi smiled back, much more lifeless than his mom and she stepped back to let him in. She brushed her fingers on his cheek before letting herself out, humming a melody.

Lia was still sitting at the bed though, murmuring motherly to her son, running smoothing fingers in his hair. It was so delicate; Yoongi didn’t want to disturb the moment.

He wavered next to the door, thinking if he had to leave, simply come back later, and was about to leave when Lia called him.

“Why aren’t you coming in honey?”

Yoongi’s lips curled in to a quick awkward smile and he paused a second before stepping in carefully.

His steps on the wooden floor were light and slow, careful to not shatter the peaceful slumber of his love.

The love, who was looking like an archangel with his new-found blond hair.

Yoongi’s mouth gaped open as he collapsed on the chair. Lia was watching him carefully. She chuckled quietly, patting Hoseok’s head,

“I know.”

“How that happened?”

Lia sighed, “His blood is golden too!” She said simply.

Yoongi’s eyebrows furrowed and he gulped. Why?

“Is he really ok?”

His voice came out broken, looking totally defenseless and pleading.

Lia gasped with affection.

“Oh dear.” Her hand left Hoseok in favor to caress Yoongi. “Yes he is. Don’t worry.’”

“Then why...” Yoongi gasped.

“It’’s just...”

Lia frowned contemplating her words.

“The venom,” she started, “your mother said, it was a long time in his system that affected him in some ways. Like this one.”

She smiled apologetically.

“It’s beautiful though, isn't it?”

She asked, a little less confident than before. Waiting for Yoongi’s answer nervously.

 “Yes, very beautiful.” Yoongi muttered.

He watched Hoseok sleeping so soundly that one couldn't believe he was suffering just a day before. His rise and fall of chest with every breath, that was so smooth and easy inhaled and exhaled with a calming sound, was life itself.

His golden bangs were sprawled messily on his high forehead and his fist was curling around his mother's hand tightly.

Lia kissed his head before getting up.

“Alright, I’m gonna help preparing dinner, oh I’m starving. Aren't you starving?”

She didn't expect an answer as she circled the bed and placed a kiss on Yoongi’s head too, and left.

When the door was closed Yoongi took a very long, very deep breath.

He sat there motionless for a long time and listened to Hoseok’s unbothered breathing like a meditating theme.

He didn’t care if Hoseok was blond now. He didn’t care if he wasn’t a red-blooded anymore. He didn’t care if Hoseok decided that their navy blue duvet was boring. If he said the color should be changed, then who Yoongi was to object?

Except a very happy, very relieved, very in love husband that didn’t trade the whole world with that moment.

No one called him for dinner. He was really thankful.

Chapter Text

Hoseok furrowed his eyebrows as some playful flickering lights tickled his closed eyelids and he cracked an eye open.

He saw the window frame surrounded by light and morning breeze.

Oh, sunlight.

He blinked.

There was a pleasant weight he was feeling as he reached the surface of consciousness, like after a long time of floating in space he was finally landing on hard ground. It was weird, but nice. He wriggled his fingers and toes, blinking again at the sunlight.

Something gently was brushed against his forehead and He turned his head to see Yoongi, all gummy smile and cute with his head tilted to the side. His dark bangs were draping over his happy eyes loosely. Hoseok’s lips stretched to a smile in an instant.


He hushed a little shy.


Yoongi smiled wider.

His eyes were practically all light and sparkle and he was shining with joy. He seemed restless on the chair as he was leaning toward Hoseok, drinking down his features. He brushed Hoseok’s blond hair up again, Hoseok flickered his eyes.

“How are you?”

Yoongi asked kindly. Hoseok yawned and then smiled sweetly.

“Good. How are you?”

“perfect.” Yoongi said with confidence and tilted his head up a little.

“You look cute.”

Hoseok commented. Poking his cheek. Yoongi cocked a brow.

“I was always cute.”

“You look cuter!”

Hoseok fiddled with his black bangs on his forehead. Then poked him on the cheek again. And was about to boop on his nose when Yoongi pulled back with a giggle.


 “You are doing the same thing.” Hoseok chuckled.

Yoongi rolled his eyes and groaned. But his hand remained on Hoseok’s cheek.

“Ah you’re not romantic at all.”

“If I am not romantic then you are literally a rock!”

Hoseok pouted.

“My ancestors were rock. Haven’t I told you?”

Yoongi stated gravely. Hoseok pressed his lips together to hold back laughter and shook his head.

“Sorry, the truth is revealed now.” Yoongi shook his head and sighed. “You have married a rock Seokie.”

He tried to be serious but snorted at his words.

“What a cute rock!” Hoseok laughed. “My ancestors were sun.”

“Well that’s obvious.”

Yoongi smiled and kissed his forehead. Hoseok hummed and tapped his toes together as he looked around the room. He watched the strands of light playing on the walls for a moment before turning back to Yoongi again.

“What time is it?”

“Sometime in the morning.”

 “Why is it so quiet?” Hoseok asked craning his neck to glance at the ajar door.

“Nobody’s home.”

“No one?”

“No. mothers took the kids out for the festival.”

“What festival?”

“Summer festival.”

“Oh.” Hoseok nodded.

“And Jimin dragged Namjoon with him to make him dance.”

“Oh I can’t believe I can’t see that.” Hoseok deadpanned.

“Yeah” Yoongi laughed.

Hoseok brushed his fingers under Yoongi’s chin.

“So we are alone?”

“Yes. Just you and me.”


Hoseok said nonchalantly.

“Do you need anything?” Yoongi hugged his hand in his own and pressed it to his lips.

“Yes.” Hoseok nodded. “I need a bath” he pouted.

Yoongi laughed.


“And I need my kids…and my mom…” Hoseok pouted again. Yoongi pouted too but his eyes were laughing.

“I miss tea and…sunlight.”

He pointed to the window. Yoongi laughed with amusement. Brushing Hoseok’s hair off his face again. It seemed intimate, lovely, comforting, and Yoongi was smiling, but he was nervous. Somehow that he couldn’t scale it. One second it was too much, the other second it sounded almost nonexistent.

He didn’t know how to tell him. Hoseok would find out eventually but Yoongi was so afraid of what Hoseok would do or say at his new appearance. It wasn’t something horrible, nothing scary or something but it was weird. At least in the first look.

He didn’t know how to handle the situation if Hoseok would get upset. He was sure if Hoseok was going to cry, Yoongi was going to bawl with him.

He was alone and a little helpless but when the mothers chattered about the festival and taking kids out to have fun, happily and with a knowing look toward Yoongi, he was really thankful and excited.

An empty house was a rare thing in their life. A whole day with an empty house was a fairytale. He didn’t know what he wanted to do though. He just wanted to spend time with Hoseok, even if he decided to sleep all day.

He wanted to stay by his side and push his pretty golden hair off his eyes and tell him that he was beautiful the way he existed. He wanted to thank Hoseok for staying. For being alive.

 “Ok, what else?”

Yoongi sighed.

“Um…I may need a kiss?” Hoseok raised his eyebrows.

“Oh.” Yoongi breathed. “I’m afraid I can’t provide you that one.”

“Why not?” Hoseok smiled.

“We have run out of kisses.” Yoongi sighed seriously. He shook his head.

“My bad.”


Yoongi sighed and nodded, rubbing his thumb on hoseok’s hand.

“Are you tired?”

He asked when hoseok yawned again, his eyes tearing up. Hoseok closed his mouth immediately and shook his head.


“You look tired though.”

Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows. Hoseok shifted a little closer and pulled at yoongi’s sleeve.

“Give me a kiss and I’ll be perfect.”

 “Ok. Maybe just one.” Yoongi said rolling his eyes and leaned on his elbows and pressed his lips to Hoseok’s.

The kiss was simple. Nothing too far. But it was sweet. So sweet than Yoongi went limp at the sensation of Hoseok’s warm lips against his quivering one’s and his heart skipped a beat when Hoseok’s hand touched the small of his back. He had missed the feeling of his hands touching him, hugging him tightly, pulling him closer and closer till they were pressed together till…

Hoseok pulled back with a smile.

“Ok enough.”

“No, why?”

Yoongi whined. Hoseok chuckled and was about to say something when Yoongi cut him off with a deeper kiss stubbornly. It was slow and lazy with a lot of breaks in between but it couldn’t feel greater.

Hoseok was drifting back to sleep again when Yoongi nibbled at his lower lip. Yoongi giggled as he made his kisses bigger and fatter and planted them all over Hoseok’s face, kept him in place when he tried to roll away. Hoseok squealed under all those kisses.

“You said you had run out of kisses.”

He laughed.

“I lied!”

Yoongi said and smooched his cheek repeatedly. Hoseok snorted and raised his hands to cover his face. Yoongi wrapped his arms around his torso and lifted him a little to hide his face in Hoseok’s now woundless neck and blew a raspberry.


Hoseok screamed between his laughter’s. Yoongi looked at him with a smirk.


Hoseok yelled as he half laughed, half pleaded. Yoongi pressed his lips together and nuzzled his nose in to Hoseok’s hair.

“Fine. You win.”

Hoseok curled to himself and pulled the blanket up to his eyes.

“You’re scary.”

He widened his eyes and Yoongi sighed.

“You are cute.”

“I’m sorry.”

Hoseok said with a high pitched voice and Yoongi chuckled.

“Take a nap till I prepare the bath. I’ll come and get you. Ok?”

Hoseok sighed happily. Yoongi kissed his temple and made his way out. He paused in front of the mirror, took a careful look at it and then at Hoseok. His eyes were closed already. Yoongi contemplated a little before reaching for the mirror and angling it a little to the side, for it doesn’t show anything in the way out.

He puffed his cheek. He was nervous.

He was nervous the whole time he prepared the bath with hot water and scented candles and the rose petals (he intended the bath to be romantic), or when he was making Hoseok’s favorite tea. Or when he was helping him out of the bed and in to the tub, he was nervous if Hoseok accidentally found out something was different about him.

He ended up babbling the whole time, not being able to think properly due to excitement and nervousness, Hoseok didn’t mind it though.  He was happy relaxing in the tub and splashing water to Yoongi between his words, giggling when Yoongi groaned.

He was enjoying every second of it. Yoongi was so cute that way and Hoseok was savoring the moments, without compliment.

Yoongi’s jaw was sore by the end of the two hour bath, talking about everything and anything. He hadn’t talked that much during his whole life. He even didn’t remember what he talked about, he just prattled the entire time.

The romantic was the last thing could be felt in that moment.

It wasn’t the way yoongi wanted to be at all. Not even close. But he didn’t care. Romantic could show itself in different styles, ridiculous was the one they had assigned for.

Hoseok splashing water and Yoongi threatening to leave if he wouldn’t stop, was something Yoongi was dying for.

At the end when hoseok yawned and rubbed his eyes again for the hundredth time Yoongi made sure Hoseok was pampered enough and helped him getting out of the bath.

Hoseok padded to the room with a towel around his waist. He was raffling his hair when he passed by the mirror. His hazy reflection was ghosted on the glass. Hoseok hit the brakes and stepped back in front of the mirror, staring. His reflection stared back.

Yoongi’s breath hitched in his throat. Ok, it was time. It was nothing. It was…all in perfect control.

He approached Hoseok carefully from behind and tried so hard not to gasp. His eyes flickered on Hoseok, touching his damp hair. Yoongi’s gaze moved rapidly on Hoseok and his reflection as if they were two different people, ready to meet for the first time and Yoongi needed to introduce them to each other without knowing how.

What if they didn’t like each other?

Hoseok turned his head toward Yoongi with a questioning look and Yoongi almost flinched. He looked uneasy.


He wriggled his fingers nervously.

“It turned blond!”

He shrugged with a tiny awkward smile and watched Hoseok through the mirror carefully. Hoseok didn’t budge.

“I can change it though.”

He blurted as silence was getting thicker.

“It’s a simple spell anyway…um…I…actually I can’t yet but I will learn it and…”

“Is it weird?”

Hoseok asked. Yoongi shook his head immediately.

“No. not at all. It’s beautiful. Do you feel weird?”

He held his breath as Hoseok fiddled with his hair.

Hoseok didn’t answer. He kept patting the new hair and pulled a few strings and crossed his eyes to them watch them closely.

“that’s all?”

Before Yoongi could even taste his words, his mouth started working on it itself.

“Your blood is also golden!”

He blurted and smacked a hand on his lips.


Hoseok turned around in wonder, his eyes jumped around the room. He strode to the drawer and pulled out a tiny knife. Yoongi jolted forward but before he could do anything, Hoseok had cut his palm and was watching his blood, dripping on the other palm.

Yoongi grimaced.

“You… didn’t have to do that.”

He looked at the tiny puddle of blood on Hoseok’s hand. He didn’t know if it was red, with tiny sprinkles of gold, or it was gold that a small amount of red fazed the harmony.

Hoseok cocked a brow.


He said nonchalantly. Yoongi looked at him through his eyelashes and grabbed his injured hand with a sigh. He handed Hoseok a cloth to clean his hand and Hoseok stared at it for a moment, as if he was counting the knots in it.

“What do you think about it?”

He asked carefully, not really looking at his husband.

“Think about what?” Yoongi hushed.

Hoseok licked his lips.

“I mean…do you like it?”

He brushed his hair right to his eyes. Yoongi’s lips opened to a genuine smile and he squeezed Hoseok’s hand gently.

“It’s beautiful. I like it. Do you?”

He said pointedly. Hoseok glanced at himself in the mirror.

 “I get used to it. Right?”

He turned to Yoongi for confirmation. He felt insecure, so bad. Yoongi was worse; they both seem on the verge of crying.

“You don’t have to.”

Yoongi cupped his cheek, his voice wet.

“If you don’t like it, I can change it. Not a big deal, right?”

He reminded. Hoseok sighed and smiled as he bobbed his head.

“Not a big deal.”

He turned back to his reflection again. Yoongi leaned his head to Hoseok’s shoulder and they both watched each other through the mirror.

“It’s lovely though.”

Yoongi smiled softly. His insides were loosen up a little bit now that the subject was over. The difficult part of the day was over. He released the breath he didn’t know he was holding and felt safe to leave Hoseok to go and fetch comfy cloths.

Hoseok looked at himself, trying to sink down the new hitting reality. Trying not to panic. It wasn’t a big deal. His hair was just blond. It wasn’t blue or pink or green. It was blond. It was nice.

Yoongi liked it, so it was nice.

He stepped closer scrutinizing himself. Everything else was fine. He looked like a human. He was like Hoseok. Nothing like a monster. That was good. Everything was normal. Except the hair. But it was nice.

Hoseok huffed. Who he was fooling? He felt insecure, lost. But there was no way he would let Yoongi know that. He felt empty, an ugly empty. It was a vague feeling, really exasperating. He looked at Yoongi digging in the closet to choose some comfortable pajamas. He was trying too hard by throwing most of them aside as if he was supposed to find a jewel among some glass.

Hoseok smiled. And then looked at himself again. He blinked. The reflection blinked.

Hoseok raised a hand and his reflection did the same. It made Hoseok angry. He wanted the other guy to stand still.

Stop imitating me.

He snapped in his mind, glaring daggers.

He touched the cool surface of the mirror, tracing the outline of his face.

Who are you?

He inhaled hard. Yoongi didn’t need to see him struggling. But he doubted if he already knew. He was so shrewd. He always knew. He was always one step ahead even if he acted otherwise. It was frustrating but comforting at the same time. Hoseok felt slightly better at the thought of Yoongi knowing. He wasn’t alone at this.

He exhaled and dropped his hand. It fell limply at his side. 

He moved to the bed and settled at the edge as he watched Yoongi contemplating between two pair of pants. Hoseok laughed and Yoongi glared at him. Throwing one in the dresser, he picked the other one and a shirt and walked to him with clothes pressed to his chest.

He stood in front of Hoseok with a half smirk and put the clothes on the bed before climbing on Hoseok’s lap. Hoseok wrapped his arms around his waist and pecked his lips. Yoongi hummed.

“This feels weird.”

He frowned. Hoseok nuzzled his nose in to the his neck.



Yoongi pointed to them.


Hoseok laughed.

“I don’t know.” Yoongi shrugged. “I feel like sixteen?”


Hoseok nodded.

“I think I’m falling in love again.”

Yoongi hushed brushing his nose on Hoseok’s.

“Weren’t you fifteen?”

Hoseok frowned. Yoongi rolled his eyes.

“It was actually thirteen to be exact, but it wasn’t the point.”

Yoongi deadpanned, disappointed that his attempt to flirt was ruined.

“Wait, you loved me when you were thirteen?”

Hoseok exclaimed. Yoongi smacked his bare shoulder.

“It isn’t the point silly. I’m talking about something else.”

“But I wanna know.” Hoseok whined.

“I don’t remember what I did when I was thirteen. No wait, I wasn’t thirteen, I was twelve.”

He gasped.

“Did we even know each other?”

He asked Yoongi who was watching him with a blank expression.

“Why did I marry you again?”

Yoongi blinked slowly.

“I don’t know you never told me.”

Hoseok shook his head. Yoongi sighed.

“You are not romantic at all.”

He pushed Hoseok and he fell on his back with a groan, pulling Yoongi with him.

“Are you trying to flirt?”

Hoseok narrowed his eyes. Yoongi huffed.

“Yes! Thank god I thought you were never gonna get it. No wonder it took a long time when we were kids, almost two years and you say what, did we even know each other?”

Yoongi scoffed looking away. Hoseok laughed lightly caressing Yoongi’s cheek.

“Keep flirting please.”

“No thanks. You ruined it.”

Yoongi tried to get off but Hoseok pulled him back, wrapping him in a tight embrace.


Yoongi sighed pursing his lips, hiding his smile.

“Ok, just if you insist.”

He murmured against Hoseok’s lips. Hoseok smiled and accepted the tender kiss Yoongi offered him. The weight of Yoongi’s body on him felt great. He was warm and he was soft. His hands were comforting as he brushed his fingers on Hoseok’s collarbone. Yoongi tilted his head and deepened the kiss, making it more heated. Breathing deeply through his nose as he tangled his fingers in Hoseok’s hair.

Hoseok made a noise and moved his hands up and down Yoongi’s back. Oh it felt weird.

His skin prickled like thousands tinny needles were poking at him and tremors travelled through him.

Yoongi pulled back, breathless, and when he looked at Hoseok’s eyes from that narrow distance, his eyes widened, forgetting that he may startle Hoseok.


He exclaimed loudly.

Yup. It startled him!

Hoseok gulped heavily. “What?” He asked worried.

“Hoseok wow!”

Yoongi didn’t seem that he could think right now. He kept his surprised expression without a change.

“What is it?”

Hoseok felt his heart was falling down to his guts. Yoongi cupped his face.

“Your eyes.”

“My eyes? What about my eyes?”

Yoongi suddenly laughed. Hoseok winced.

“Yoon you're scaring me?”

“Shit I’m sorry.”

Yoongi kissed him again on the mouth, Hoseok was truly confused as he kept his eyes open wide and waited for Yoongi to finish. Yoongi pulled back after a second but he was still surprised.

“Seokie love.”

Hoseok blinked like something was in his eyes.

“Yoongi I swear to god...”

He attempted to get up but Yoongi pinned him there.

“No...Sorry. I’m sorry. Shit why am I so surprised? Oh my god. Hoseok you are glowing.”


Hoseok yelled.

“Oh god it’s beautiful.”

Yoongi looked really excited. He was gasping as he ogled Hoseok with wide eyes tracing lines on his body. Hoseok raised a hand to look at and he was really...glowing.

There were sparkling tiny lines and shapes and dots like a thin river with too many branches dancing on his body, dimming and lighting up like the sunlight reflection on water.

His skin was glittering like he was a jewel in the sun.

“What the fuck?” He gasped.

“Oh baby that’s hot!”

Yoongi giggled.

Hoseok looked at Yoongi in bewilderment, it was just a few second that he forgot he was weird and now he was reminded again. Shit, he needed a mirror. But Yoongi wasn’t letting him get up. He wasn’t breathing, Hoseok could say. He was blinking and focusing, bouncing his gaze from here and there, making tiny exclaiming noises.

It made Hoseok laugh and itch with curiosity.

“Ok I’m sure now I fell in love again. I am pretty sure. Wanna marry you again. You are gorgeous. Your hair is like it’s made of diamond strings.”

Yoongi said with a high pitched voice and bounced, forgetting that he was practically sitting on top of Hoseok.

“Yoon, ouch, calm down.”

 “Sorry. Oh what am I doing? Sorry. Wow.”

He cupped Hoseok’s face and stared in his eyes. Mouth gaping with excitement.

His eyes were nothing near the wild gold Yoongi could remember staring at him, practically piercing through his soul, but a very delicate light brown, near gold, with delicate strands of the color of sun in different stages of setting and rising, filled up with warmth and life, the most magical eyes Yoongi had ever seen. It made him to fall in love over and over again in a loop.

Yoongi leaned down and brought Hoseok in to another hot kiss, giggling in between. He rubbed his thumb on Hoseok’s shoulder and giggled again, Hoseok assumed there was something he didn’t see but Yoongi did and it made him extremely happy. He wanted to know. But he could wait. There was now a thrilled Yoongi to kiss; there was now a moment to fall in love again.

Yoongi reached a hand and yanked the towel off Hoseok, making him gasp and he chortled again, eyes sparkling with childish mischief.

Chapter Text

Jimin hopped on Namjoon’s back who groaned but hooked his hands under Jimin’s knees any way.

“You are heavy Jimin.”

Jimin wrapped his arms around Namjoon’s neck, giggling.

“And you are strong. Now go, go, go.”

He ordered, tapping on his dad’s shoulder and kicking his feet in the air happily.

Namjoon rolled his eyes and huffed a laughter and made a beeline for the back yard where they were going to have lunch in the open air.

“Why are your hands empty?”

Seokjin gripped his hip when he noticed them and snapped with a disapproving frown. He smacked a hand on the wooden table with a white tablecloth on, which was currently being pulled by Jungkook.

 Namjoon made a face mimicking Seokjin’s expression.

“Do my hands look empty?”

He dropped Jimin and he landed on his feet with a lovely smile. Seokjin pulled the white material from the opposite side of Jungkook and scowled.

“You can’t just come and sit at the table like royalties. Go bring something. Kookie, sweetie, don’t pull the cover…”

Seokjin scolded, shifting his tone to the most gentle while talking to Jungkook who didn’t feel like listening and screeched when Seokjin strode to him.

Jimin shrugged. “Ok!” he said jumping one more time on his father’s back.


Namjoon exclaimed dumbfounded.

“It’s not even a long way, come one dad. Please.”

He begged kicking his feet and pressing his cheek to Namjoon’s face, pouting and making tiny cute noises. Namjoon looked at Seokjin for help but his husband was busy dealing with a naughty Jungkook.

“Daddy, daddy!”

Jimin said in a baby voice, Namjoon laughed, shaking his head. Jimin beamed.

“Yes! You laughed. Now let’s go. Go, go...”

Namjoon rolled his eyes in complete disappointment but there was a faint smile on his lips like he loved to be disappointed all the time, like this.

A few feet further, Lia was standing with Hoseok hugging her from behind, resting his head in her shoulder.

“You know I am still a little angry, right?”

She said with a stern tone, standing stiff.

“Yes, yes.”

Hoseok chirped happily.

“You are full aware that what you did was stupid.”

“Yes I am.”

“And you were really stupid even more to take Jimin with you. What were you thinking?”

“Uh-ha, of course. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

He admitted hugging his mother tighter. Lia sighed.

“But I don’t wanna think about what would happen if Jimin wasn’t there. You shouldn’t have gone alone. Ugh, Hoseok why are you so heedless?”

She smacked on Hoseok’s hand, he just chuckled.

“I’m sorry.”

 “But you don’t look sorry.”

She turned his head and looked at Hoseok with an accusing glare. Hoseok pulled back a little.

“What? I am! I really am. Don’t I look like it?”

He asked innocently and did his best to hold a guilty expressing but he couldn’t help the cheerful smile that creeped on his lips. Lia sighed.

“Arguing with you is useless.”

Hoseok hugged her again.

 “Yeah I think it is. What a bad boy.” He clucked his tongue.

 “So let’s put aside useless things. How have you been?”

His tone was as soft as velvet and cream and batted his eyelashes coyly to his mother and rocked from side to side.

 “What do you expect?”

“Oh, I expect a garden full of roses and sunflowers all over the front yard and, oh…vegetables in dad’s garden. And I expect to smell bread and tea and muffin and cookies…”

He said in a dreamy tone.

“And…cherry pie. That is the best part. Cherry pie! White bed sheets and clean stairs and…”

Hoseok trailed off when he saw his mother’s glower.

“Do I look like a servant to you?”

She deadpanned.


Hoseok raised his brows, confused. Lia smacked his hands off her shoulder and moved to the table before sending him another deadly glare.


Hoseok raised his hands, stunned.

“Mom! What did I do?”

He snapped his head toward Namjoon.

“What did I say?”

Namjoon yawned, beckoning him forward.

“I don’t know, you talk too much.”

Hoseok narrowed his eyes and walked to table and sat on the bench next to Taehyung, pulling Jungkook on his lap.

“Well I do clearly see how you all are so kind to me, I appreciate it.”

He sneered, ruffling Jungkookie’s hair and wrapping an arm around Taehyung. Yoongi sat next to him.

“Shut up Namjoon.”

He threw a grape in his direction which he dodged his head out of the way with a smirk.

“Of course.”

He said curtly sticking his tongue out.

Haejin placed a full turkey on the table that was glistening with butter and warmth emitted from it.

“You all will shut up. Thank you.”

Hoseok hid his face in to Jungkook’s soft hair.

“So kind.”

He mumbled to Yoongi.

“Kindest ever.”

Yoongi mumbled back.

Jimin watched everyone with a happy face. He was bouncing on his seat, hand’s folded in his lap as he watched his grandmother fill his plate with a mountain of everything on the table. He looked at Taehyung who was whining about the ‘gross’ vegetables he had to eat and Jungkook who was tugging at Hoseok’s hair and giggling merrily. Haejin was poking Yoongi with the end of his fork and Yoongi was groaning, scooting a little further to make room for her. Namjoon was helping himself with a good portion of turkey which, expectedly, was stolen from him by Seokjin who gave him a warm smile.

“Thanks babe.”

Namjoon just sighed, smiling back.


“Sweetheart, green beans?”

Lia asked him softly. Jimin shook his head.

“No, I don’t like green beans, but mushroom, do we have mushroom?”

He craned his neck.

“Of course. A pile of mushroom for my chimmy. Here you are.”

She placed the plate in front of him and Jimin beamed.


He poked at his sweet potatoes.

“What do we have for dessert?”

“Oh, cherry pie.”

Lia smiled. Jimin saw how obviously Hoseok perked up, looking excited.

“Cherry pie? We have cherry pie?”

A smile formed on his lips as he looked at his mother in anticipation.

“oh…ohhhh cherry pie.”

He clapped like a happy seal and nudged Yoongi in the side.

“We have cherry pie.”

Yoongi just laughed. Hoseok trembled with excitement and he didn’t notice the meaningful glance the mothers exchanged.

Well, that meaningful glance was discovered a few hours later.

When Hoseok was leaning over the kitchen counter, waiting impatiently for his dear, beloved dessert which he could kill for! Sparkles were shining in his eyes. Literal sparkles. He wiped fake tears off his eyes.

“We have cherry pie. What a bliss.”

He put a hand on his heart, Jungkook and Taehyung were looking at him with questioning eyes. He looked at his boys and blinked like he just had discovered them.

“I have to share it with you?”

He wondered, not so happy, not caring to lower his voice! Taehyung raised his eyebrows like ‘papa, we are your kids’ and Jungkook was staring like ‘what does share mean?’

Hoseok waved a hand.

“Don’t look at me like that. I’m not your papa when cherry pie is talking. This is not a joke.”

He said seriously like he was discussing a critical issue in a meeting. He stretched his hands from each side and pushed the two kids aside.

“Please go away!”

He hissed eagerly and squeaked in happiness when he saw his mom coming with the pie.

“Get your eyes off this. This isn't for you. It’s for my grandchildren.”

She passed by a petrified Hoseok to place the pie next to the window and the kids laughed happily following her. It was like they had hit Hoseok with an enormous hammer.


Hoseok exclaimed, not believing his senses. No one answered. Namjoon put an arm over his shoulders.

“Do tell me how you feel.”

“I feel betrayed and left alone.”

He fisted his hands, taking some controlled breaths. He wouldn’t be this angry if they told him their house was burned in to ashes. It was not a JOKE!

“Whatever. I can bake one for myself.”

He pulled back his shoulders, trying to relax. He hadn’t moved an inch yet when his mother peeked from the hall.

“Oh sorry we ran out of flour. pie for you today.”

She giggled and disappeared again. Hoseok took a very long deep breath and closed his eyes trying to pull himself together and not to bolt in to a fit of screaming. The sweet smell of the pie was right under his nose and his nostrils flared with anger. This was the time he could really kill someone. When he opened his eyes, they were glowing. Namjoon hummed.


Hoseok was trying so hard to stay calm and Seokjin tapped on his shoulder, the corners of his lips were tight from a suppressed laughter.

“I can see a ‘pie’ can drive you crazy. What a good tip I should remember that, and before you turn this house in to an oven and us to meat pies, please calm down. Kids have school tomorrow.”

He smirked.

Hoseok whined leaving his angry impression and changing to sad mood.

“Not any pie. Mother's pies. I want mother's pies. Joon...”

He pleaded hanging of Namjoon’s arm like a monkey. Namjoon held a pitiful expression.

“I’m sorry? But I am under punishment too. We are both doomed so shut up and stop fucking glowing it's scary.”

He said and walked away. Hoseok flapped his hands.

“But Yoon says it's hot...”



Hoseok didn’t know which was worse; being deprived of his favorite dessert or what he was doing for three days now, being covered in dust and sweat, looking like a miner and aching all over.

He thought, as he grabbed the books from the never-ending shelves and slammed them on top of each other and blinked hard to prevent the sweat getting in his eyes. He sighed miserably as he carried a pile of heavy books out of the library. Feeling he can be split in half any moment.

Mothers had special plans for them! Aside from sending them death glares and reminding them that they were stupid every once in a while, they had declared that they were literally living in a pigsty!!!

They wanted to clean the whole house brick by brick.

Everywhere was a literal mess, nothing like a normal house. It was more like the house was toppled over, nothing was in a proper place. Covered in dust, everything was piled up in multiple corners. And every one was working from dawn till night, it seemed like instead of the house getting cleaned, it was getting messier and messier every day.

Hoseok never found out the meaning behind it!

Dismissing from his previous mission of getting rid of the spider webs in any inaccessible corners, he had been digging the books out of the library for an hour now. Putting them where Jimin was sitting surrounded by them checking and categorizing each like a librarian.


Hoseok paused in the middle of the stairs. Namjoon was coming down with an indescribable expression. He was like he had left his soul at top of the stairs and his body was moving for itself. Hoseok leaned to the wall, panting.

“What are we doing?”

Namjoon sighed looking completely worn out.

“This is called servitude.”

“Why are we doing it?”

Hoseok sniffled like he was going to cry but in fact his nose was itching like crazy and he couldn’t itch it because his hands were fucking full!

“I think they want us to have a free course of pre-experiencing the hell.”

Namjoon blinked slowly. Hoseok wrinkled his nose.

“I had it already, can I quit?”

He finally sneezed hard, almost dropping the books.

“She is trying to kill me isn’t she? The cherry pie wasn’t enough.”

Hoseok said wriggling his nose. Namjoon chuckled at his silly face and whiny attitude. He had been complaining the whole time, every time meeting the others cooing and smiling at him! It was cute, Namjoon personally wanted to squeeze him like a pillow!

 “This isn’t fair...” Hoseok fake-sobbed. “Why the library is in the basement? Why the basement has so many stairs?”

Namjoon rolled his shoulders making them pop.

“How many is left?”

And it just made Hoseok more enraged.

“Why the hell you have so many books? There is an interminable amount of book; this is gonna take forever!”

He yelled his sentence after Namjoon who left him mid talking with a hand wave.

When he climbed the stairs he just dropped the books and fell next to Jimin who flinched at the loud thud of them falling helplessly.

“Hyung be careful.”

He picked them watchfully to put them neatly in a corner.

“Oh shut up.”

Hoseok laid down next to him limply and groaned.

“I’m going to cry.”

He closed his eye breathing loudly.

“You say this each time you come dropping the books.”

“Oh you’re happy I think, sitting here doing...I actually don’t know what you're doing...but it seems really easy.”

He scanned the mess around Jimin with a silly frown.

“Oh god.” Jimin breathed. “This is not easy. This is hell. My brain has turned in to juice three hours ago trying to get the idea of how to arrange a whole library.”

Jimin said with a raspy voice gesturing wildly with his hands. Hoseok gulped.

“Let’s switch.”

He moved his finger in the space between him and Jimin.

“Yes please.”


Lia suddenly appeared, catching them mid changing position, holding a basket of laundry.

“No, Jimin does it better. Hoseok will mess it up.”

“Mom! Please.”

Hoseok stomped his foot on the floor like a two year old.

“Come on hurry up it's almost done. I made tea!”

“I don’t want tea just let me go!”

“Mom, I suggest you...oh god...suggest you rethink about the conception of 'almost'.”

Namjoon panted heavily propping himself up on the wall holding a pile of books, his face shining with sweat.

Lia just hummed.

“I suggest you rethink about your status and do what you are said.”

She said and left.

Namjoon just dropped the books carelessly and collapsed next to Hoseok, ignoring the protests of Jimin to be careful.

“Let’s runaway together.”

He rolled to his side and draped an arm and leg on Hoseok nuzzling his face in his shoulder.

“Let’s die right here!”

Jimin chuckled at their silly faces and dried the sweat off Namjoon’s temple with his sleeve. Namjoon hummed cuddling Hoseok tighter. Jimin pushed their sweaty hairs back off their foreheads and smiled, feeling his heart swelling with passion and delight. He looked up and saw Lia peeking from behind the wall, a loving smile on her lips. Jimin put his hands together and rested his face on them, winking his eyes. Lia chuckled happily and nodded once.

“I know.”

She mouthed.




Mothers stayed for a week. They worked the whole week. There were cherry pies and apple pies and chocolate cakes and tea every evening when they crashed down on the cushions and comfy chairs after a tiring day and Jimin didn’t know what they said that kept making them laugh, he couldn’t remember clearly, it was all a happy haze.

 Although they kept whining about this whole cleaning situation, if Jimin had to name it, he would call it the golden age of their life. Well, it was quite appropriate with the pun that was Hoseok who moved around with his gorgeous hair and wiping away all the memories of those gloomy days almost forever with being a grumpy cute bun complaining about almost everything!

Jimin had to freeze those days and put them in a jar and hide it under his bed to take them out when he needed and lose himself in the awesome carefree mood of those days.

Jimin would call it the end of the golden age of their life, when mothers left.

Considering golden ages just occur once, Jimin wished he could just close the book right there and let it have a happy ending, rather than keep going and tripping on the shitty bumps of life, over again.

Chapter Text

“Namjoon wait!”

Namjoon stopped by the door when Hoseok called him. He watched Hoseok with a blank expression running to him happily, hair flapping up and down when he jumped right in front of Namjoon.

“I’m coming too!”

He said with a big smile. Namjoon just blinked with a puzzled expression thinking about a reply that doesn’t kill him.

“No you’re not going anywhere.”

Seokjin suddenly jumped out of a corner and grabbed Hoseok by the arm.

 “What? Why?”

Hoseok asked in confusion and disappointment, Namjoon clearly relaxed that he wasn’t the one who had to argue.

“We are going to do stuff. You are going to help.”

“But I wanna go with Joon.”

Hoseok pointed to Namjoon who was slowly stepping away and reaching for the door handle. Hoseok looked at him waiting for his support which would never come.

“Sorry Seokie.”

Namjoon smiled apologetically and Seokjin yanked Hoseok’s hand.

“No hyung! I don’t wanna come with you. Let me go.”

Hoseok pulled back.

“Nope. No way. You stay here. Come on.”

Seokjin waved Namjoon off and dragged Hoseok with him.

“Jin hyung.”

Hoseok stumbled after him with a sour expression. Namjoon laughed and Hoseok sent him a killing glare as Seokjin dragged him to the backyard. Jimin looked up from where he was sitting on the bench with a paint brush. Hoseok snatched his hand out  from Seokjin’s grip. Jimin smirked and opened the paint bucket.

“Table leg is loose. Fix it.”

Seokjin prompted.

 “Bored. I’m bored.”

Hoseok huffed, ignoring him and gripping his hips.

“Help me and you won’t be bored anymore.”

Seokjin said with an annoying happy tone. Hoseok pursed his lips.

“I’m not that kind of bored so you can make me work like a house elf. And we just cleaned the whole house to the core. Why there are still things to do?”

He snapped sharply.

“The table needs repair sir; you are going to fix it.”

Seokjin grabbed the table and shook it aggressively to show it had a loose leg, making it squeak innocently.

Hoseok glared at Seokjin.

“Do I look like someone who knows how to repair a table?”

He slumped on the grass, crawling to the table. He glanced at Jimin and the paint in his hands and frowned.


“Yes I got it this morning.”

Seokjin smiled.

“Why pink?”

“It’s my favorite color.”

“And green is mine, should I paint the table green?”

He grabbed the loose leg and forced a pleading squeak out of it. Seokjin sighed.

 “Why are you arguing with me mister?”

“I’m doing the only thing I have the freedom of. Is there a problem?” Hoseok yelled.

 “So grumpy.”

“I wanna go out.”

Hoseok wailed like a baby. Seokjin chuckled.

“Sorry I’m in charge of keeping you inside, safe and sound, warm and dry, you don’t like it? Talk to your mother!”

“My mother left yesterday.”

“Aww hyung.”

Jimin cooed and patted Hoseok’s head.

“Poor hyungie.”

Hoseok pouted and faked sobbed, testing the weight of the hammer in his hand.

“The consequences of being too brave.”

Jimin nodded.

“Being too stupid you mean?”

Seokjin said and hovered over them like a mean mom.

“I don't get it why you all say that was stupid! I saved your lives.”

Hoseok snapped irritated, his hair starting to grow lighter.

“Yeah me too!”

Jimin shrugged.

Seokjin hesitated.

“Honestly, I don't get in either. But I’m not gonna argue about that now. Fix this table please, it just takes two nails.”


Hoseok mumbled with a pouty mouth and pulled the nail box closer.

“Jimin, don’t drip paint on the grass.”

Seokjin ordered and Jimin nodded seriously and saluted.


Seokjin ruffled his hair and made his way to the woods.

“Where are you going?”

Hoseok shouted after him holding the hammer next to his ear like he was going to throw it at Seokjin.

“Pick raspberries, sing with the birds, dance in the woods…”

Seokjin piped turning around with a smirk on his lips holding the basket in his hands coyly. He laughed lightly before making his way to the little garden of vegetables. Jimin started laughing.

“The contrast between this dad and the other dad is really cute.”

He painted a long strip on the bench and Hoseok clutched the hammer. He smiled as he looked under the table and around it.

“I feel like you!”

“Ha!” Jimin pointed a finger toward him, laughing. “Now you get what I say all the time. Great! See how good it feels?”

Jimin mocked and laughed wholeheartedly. Hoseok snorted, hammering a nail.

“Feels like mom’s never left. It’s awesome.”

He chuckled and turned his head when he saw some movements from the corner of his eye. Yoongi appeared with Jungkook who was hopping like a bunny around Yoongi and Hoseok watched them going to the flower garden a little further. Taehyung sat next to Hoseok cross legged, already excited.

“Hello baby boy.”

Hoseok smiled to him.

“Are you done with your homework?”


Taehyung nodded looking at Jimin and poked a finger to the fresh paint.


Jimin scolded and he drew his hand back with a grin. Then he stamped a whole tiny hand on the surface and giggled happily at Jimin’s surprised face. He nailed it by brushing his pink fingers on Jimin’s face.

“What the…”

Jimin gasped with wide eyes and Taehyung laughed with joy. Jungkook’s giggles came along watching them. Hoseok cast him a glance.

“What do you have there, cookie boy?”


Jungkook exclaimed thrusting out the tiny pots in his hands.

“Kookie’s gonna plant them and water them and they are gonna growwww tall to the sky!”

He upstretched his hands as much as he could and rose on his tiptoes.

“That’s great baby.”

Hoseok cooed and banged the hammer on the wood a little intensely.


Taehyung asked after his laughter died and he had pink paint on his hands and hair and his nose, Jimin’s signature.

“Yes buddy?”

“Why do we kill monsters?”

“Because they are our enemies.”

Hoseok answered patiently trying the table.

“Why are they our enemies?”

“Because they kill us.”


“Um...” Hoseok thought, “Maybe they are hungry? Or maybe they don’t like us.”

“Like I don’t like Sohee because she makes fun of my hair?”

Hoseok turned his head toward him.

“Your hair?”

He asked studying his son to figure out what was wrong with his hair –expect it was littered with pink paint.

“No not like that. Do you kill Sohee because you dislike her?  No you don’t.”

“Why can’t we be friend with them?”

“Oh sweet baby it’s impossible. We don’t speak each other’s language.”

“But maybe they are alone and they are jealous of us. Maybe we can built a house for them and cook them food. So they don’t hunt us anymore. And...we can go to school together.”

Hoseok chuckled adoringly.

“I don’t think they go to school tae tae. And I don’t think they need a house. At least the one we build for them.”

“What about food?”

“Oh they are capable of providing their own food.”

He exchanged a look with Jimin.


“So...we can adopt a baby monster. Then it can live with us and we can show it we are good people so it can tell the other monsters to not hurt us.”

“You really want a pet, don’t you?” Hoseok sighed.

Taehyung nodded quickly.

“Yes I want a pet. Can we have a pet monster?”

“We cannot adopt a baby monster honey. They are naturally dangerous.”

“But you don’t look dangerous.”

Taehyung mumbled to himself quietly, but loud enough for everyone to hear.

The paint brush slipped out of Jimin’s hand and paint splattered everywhere. Yoongi swiveled around on his toes, looking surprised and annoyed.


He snapped.

Taehyung flinched and looked back.

“What?” He asked in a small voice. A little scared.

Hoseok cupped the back of his head protectively.

“Hey, yoon...”

He warned in a gentle soft tone, eyes wide with alert.

“It’s fine, come on. He’s just a child, He doesn't know what he's saying. Sit down.”

He gestured with his hand to Yoongi who was stiff, ready to get up. Yoongi opened his mouth and wavered before letting out a sigh and turning back to his work after sending a concerned and criticizing glance at Taehyung. Hoseok forced a smile and ruffled Taehyung’s hair.

“It’s good you think like that. Thank you.”

Jimin noticed the small tremble in his voice and leaned to pick up the brush.

“People talk hyung.”

He mumbled pissed off. And dipped the brush in to the paint bucket and groaned.

“And children repeat.”

“I know.”

Hoseok smiled at Taehyung who was still puzzled and didn’t know what he did that deserved to be yelled at.

 “I love papa!”

Jungkook suddenly announced, jumping to his feet and wearing an overjoyed expression.

“Papa is kind, He knows lots stories, He gives big hugses, And...And he the sun.”

He jumped in excitement and his smooth hair flapped on his forehead.

Amused laughter of Hoseok filled the air. Jungkook giggled happily.

“I do shine...right?”

Hoseok exclaimed as excited as Jungkook.


He nudged Taehyung in the ribs and he gave a timid laugh.

 “Ok I think this is done.”

Hoseok shook the table and turned to Taehyung and waved.

“High five.” He cheered.

Taehyung perked up and high-fived Hoseok and giggled. Hoseok raised his eyebrows and looked at his sticky hand that was now smeared in paint.

“Ok, we need a bath!”

He pulled Taehyung in to his lap and kissed his forehead. Jungkook was clapping his hands happily as he watched his little succulents were sitting neatly in the soil. He hoisted up the sprinkler to water them, Yoongi guiding his arm to the little plants. Hoseok turned his head to praise him but was stopped when he saw a shadow in the woods approaching.


Hoseok whispered, his cheerful expression fading.


Yoongi glanced at him before looking in the woods and gasped. A black three legged monster was roaming near them, slowly coming to that direction. Jimin slowly put the brush aside.


Yoongi pushed Jungkook gently toward Hoseok, Jimin got up from the bench slowly, fixing his gaze on the shadow that was getting nearer, pushing the bushes and leaves aside.

Yoongi stood gently and clapped his hands together like he was dusting them off, but actually little specs of gold like dust in the sun scattered in the air. The air in front of them waved as it there was a motion of hot air.

The monster stopped, sniffing the air. It circled around a little and then started moving again right toward them.


Hoseok questioned, clutching his children.

“I...don't know.”

Yoongi frowned, backing off a little.

“Do we need to run?”

Jimin whispered, already trying his limbs to run. Yoongi looked at them and then his expression changed in to something like another monster was behind them.


He exclaimed in a reprimanding tone. Hoseok stiffened.


“You are glowing!”

Suddenly all the heads turned toward Hoseok. His eyebrows jumped up and he gasped.


They all once again looked toward the monster which was walking gingerly to them like he had found something interesting. That was a cue to run.

Hoseok jumped to his feet pulling the kids with him. Once they all got inside Yoongi slammed the door shut.

 “Where is Seokjin?”

Yoongi asked peeking out from the little square window of the door. When he didn't receive an answer turned to others and saw all of them pale with horror. Jimin turned toward the quit house.


He called with a trembling voice.

“Oh god.”

Hoseok moved his husband from the door.

“I'll go get him”



“You stay here I’ll go.”

Yoongi pushed Hoseok quite harshly before he has the time to protest and rushed out. Hoseok just stood there frozen.

Fine, everything's fine

I’m not useless at all

I’m not worsening things at all

He repeated with himself, gulping hard.

“Hyung. You are glowing like hell.” Jimin warned.

“I know!”

He didn't know.

He watched Yoongi passing through the garden cautiously, keeping sharp eyes on the creature and then he got out of sight.

Hoseok's heart clenched as he stood there breathing heavily.

What if he doesn't come back?

What if he doesn't make it?

He looked at the monster circling lazily as he got closer...

He won't make it.

“Where daddy go?”

Jungkook asked as he was biting his fingers and looking up at the others with glossy eyes. Hoseok stared at him, he was just this far from breaking down himself. Yoongi didn’t have any weapons.

He shook his head scattering the annoying voices inside his head aside. Biting madly at his lips. He looked around the room. For something.

There should always be something.

Rule number one: always have your weapons ready.

He moved randomly around till he found an ax, and a grapnel hook.


Jimin grabbed his arm.

“Whatever you are thinking about, don't.”

Jimin demanded.

Hoseok looked toward the door in concern.

I’m not thinking

I can’t think at all

“You need to calm down.” Jimin tried his firmest voice, it came out somehow strangled and pleading. Hoseok shifted from foot to foot, he couldn’t stand there, he needed to move. How could they expect him to calm down and wait and stay in safety while Yoongi didn’t even have any weapon??

“I just wanna give them weapons, just that.”

“Hyung you are glowing!” Jimin clutched his arm tighter. “If you go out it will come this direction.”

“I don't think me being out or in changes the situation; it is coming this way any way!”

I’m glowing.

I don’t want to.

I can’t stop it.

I can’t help.

I just make everything worse.


‘You are useless Hoseok’

Hoseok made a desperate noise as the voice in his head snapped making him cower his head to the side.

“I’m just gonna help.” He hushed. “I’ll be back.”

Hoseok darted out without another word, leaving Jimin stunned and terrified behind.


Jimin gasped with wide eyes trying to take in whatever just happened. His face went white and his hands damp. He took a forced breath and turned to the kids that had their little arms around each other, eyes an ocean of unshed tears.


Taehyung hiccuped. Jimin looked at the door and then pushed them gently toward the stairs.

“Up. Go up. Now.”

He yelled and cursed under his breath, pulling at his hair. He pressed the heel of his palms on his eyes till he saw stars.

 “Why are you doing this hyung?”

Chapter Text

Hoseok stepped out of the warm, safe sanctuary of the house to a brooding open area of their backyard, the fair welcoming empty space between the trees and the house, which was a pleasant, cozy corner, perfect for summer evenings, in case there was no monster joining in.

Clutching the weapons he didn't know what to do with, he fixed his eyes on the monster that wasn’t in a hurry, lumbering around clumsily, rubbing his disgusting legs on each other.

You are useless Hoseok

Hoseok shook his head.

“Shut up.”

The table and the half painted bench were left there, pink dripped on the green from the brush, the little pots of cactus were discarded next to the flowerbeds.

The three legged monster hopped on his legs and circled around the trees. Suddenly stopping and moving again in haste.

If it was a harmless creature it would sound funny.

Hoseok knew deep inside he was doing the worst thing, he knew he was supposed to stay inside, that he was making everything worse, but he couldn't help it.

He felt dizzy as the blood rushed in his veins, his heart thumping like a war drum, he felt the familiar stupid excitement he couldn’t figure out where it came from; the guilty pleasure he was wrapped in to during a combat, maybe it was showing off?

It didn’t make sense how someone that eagerly walks toward peril while everyone tries their best to avoid it.

Maybe it was showing off.

‘You are useless Hoseok’

‘Do it with your life, make yourself useful’


Hoseok grunted from between his teeth and pushed the annoying sound aside. Concentrating on the black rather cute thing in front of him.

Hoseok didn’t know if the protection spells worked. They worked, they had worked till now. Yoongi was perfect at them. But they were supposed to keep the harm away, like from a further distance, not like now when it was just a few feet away, sniffing the air and growling deeply.

He spun the hook in his hand gently as he positioned himself for a good throw.

The monster growled and stopped moving for a second, giving Hoseok enough time to scan it.

It had a small body, in comparison to its three long and strong legs, firm and sturdy, having no claws but a sharp pointy end in each leg that punched the ground, leaving angry holes in delicate lawn.

The leg was wrapped in some thick, shell-like skin covered in tiny prickles, but it became softer by the joints, where it linked the body in a sharp angle, covered in thinner layer on skin.

Good. Chop off the legs.

He threw the hook, without any specific purpose, it split the air and landed on top of one leg, stuck in place. Hoseok pulled.

He didn't need though, if it was for dragging it closer, it was coming toward Hoseok anyway. But it was for toppling it forward, considering it had just three legs it could face fall if was pulled in a good aimed angle.

But it didn't fall. It shoved one leg in the ground, keeping itself steady and instead dragging Hoseok forward.

Hoseok released his grip on the rope in time but stumbled forward, tripping over a gardening tool left on the ground, and he fell.

He couldn't stop himself from laughing. It was insanely familiar. The rush of adrenalin in him, making his head buzz with excitement. Blocking all the other senses and the familiar challenging situation encouraging him to show what he got. Like all the other times he was stuck in life and dead situation and couldn't stop himself from doing something stupid.

He rolled on his back and looked up, where two little red teary eyes were fixed on him.

He propped himself up on his elbows slowly, the beast brought his head closer, tilting it, sniffling the air.

Hoseok looked at the legs on his sides, caging him in, he stopped breathing when a soft huff, was puffed in his face.

That was interesting, it had like twenty seconds to kill Hoseok but it didn't, it was distracted. Or Hoseok was interesting enough for him to hesitate.


He was one second away from considering adopting it for Taehyung!

I’m glowing

Hoseok was aware. He wished he didn't know.

The monster growled threateningly and pulled back its ugly head and Hoseok tensed to escape somehow, from under those disgusting legs when something ripped the air and the beast screamed shifting in place, Hoseok rolled and grabbed the rope and pulled it with him.

In between his rolling and standing up, when the whole universe was spinning and being upside down he saw Jimin next to the door, with his bow. Something sharp stabbed him in the brain but his body was a step forward, before he could stop himself, he pulled, the monster reeled, right toward Jimin!

“Shit, shit, shit…”

Jimin watched with wide eyes as the huge black mass roared and went straight to him.

Hoseok jerked forward but was yanked back all of a sudden and he fell once again, this time being face to face with a Yoongi who snapped his sharp eyes to him, now full of deep darkness. It was just a second of eye contact but it sent tremors to Hoseok before Yoongi jumped on his feet without a word and grabbed the rope before it gets away from their reach.

Hoseok searched for Jimin frantically with his eyes and he felt like falling from a high mountain when he saw him with Seokjin, both jumping away from the beast which was    tipping to the side, lean toward the house, bumping in to it, screeching.

Yoongi pulled; the monster finally was toppled over, shaking its deadly sharp legs aggressively in the air. Hoseok came to his aid and they pulled once again and a crunchy disgusting sound informed them the hook was stuck in to the vulnerable part of the leg. They pulled again and the long black leg was suddenly out of place.

Hoseok heard Jimin gaged next to him facing away.

The scream the monster let out was deafening, it made it more restless by losing one leg and one eye, it moved the remaining legs uselessly in the air, having no help to get to its feet and being in pain.

Seokjin appeared with the ax Hoseok had slipped before in his hand, his eyes were moving on the situation in front of him madly.

“That was good, do it again.”

He said to no one particular. Yoongi collected the hook and was about to throw it when things changed.

One pointy end of one leg was stuck in the wooden wall and the monster stopped screaming and withering for a second to prop itself up again and stand once more, this time on two legs.

They all gasped in awe.

 “It’s nothing, just throw it.”

Seokjin demanded with a positive tone and Yoongi spun the hook when the monster once again jumped in to another fit of rage and stormed to them, tearing their little group apart.

Hoseok dragged Jimin with him under the table, Jimin dragged both of them out when suddenly a second later the table broke in half.

The monster was moving like crazy, out of its mind, it just moved around and roared without any particular purpose. Blood dripping from its injured eye and the wound of the lost leg. After attacking at the table it retreated toward the house again bumping to the walls and screaming.

“What do we do?”

Jimin shouted. Seokjin was frowning moving the ax up and down.

It wasn't good, the monster had found the house a steady target which didn't move and it could bang itself on to it as much as it wanted.

The windows cracked and glass shattered inside, with the sound of wood cracking and the monster scratching on wood with one leg. The pointy end stuck in the door out of the blue, the monster howled in irritation, trying to pull its leg out.

The door screamed and was out of its frame a second later, and crushed down in front of their terrified eyes.

The monster jammed itself to the door frame, struggling to get through it and in a tiny moment when nothing was blocking the view, Hoseok saw Taehyung, standing right there looking at the door.

A cold deadly wave passed through him as he saw his child, defenseless, in front of a mad monster. He looked at Yoongi and he found him wan, he had seen him two.

In the next second they both were running toward the monster. It made a sudden desperate move and jostled forward, cracking and breaking the walls, there was a large hole in the wall, the monster was going through it.

Hoseok slipped on the broken pieces of timber and was thrown in side. He looked up to see Taehyung frozen with wide eyes having no color in his face.

“Taehyung run.”

He yelled, his voice was dimmed by a hostile scream from the creature that was destroying the inside walls now, spinning around with madness.

Overwhelmed with a cacophony of screams and surrounded by tiny pieces of woods and destroyed furniture and an out of control monster practically inside their house, he really didn't know how to make the next move.


Jimin screamed from somewhere. Hoseok dodged a head from an angry leg going toward him and looked up, noticing one leg was injured from the middle. It was just a painful injury. Nothing to kill him, but making it crazy more than before.

Hoseok pushed himself up on wobbly legs and dashed toward Taehyung who was like a statue eyes glued to the beast and not breathing.

Something solid and hard hit his back and sent him to the floor, again. The air was pushed out of his lungs when he blocked the collision with his forearms and he groaned. It was embarrassing; he really needed to stop falling down.

But it didn’t seem embarrassing from an outside view though, by the way Taehyung quickly came out of his trance and made a beeline to Hoseok.


“Taehyung no.”

Hoseok heard Yoongi and raised his head to see Taehyung was running to him not paying attention to his surroundings, aka the mad monster.


Hoseok had no idea how he got to his feet and rushed to his kid, throwing himself at him, gathering his shaking body in his arms, they both fell on the wooden floor, and Hoseok shielded Taehyung with his body.

He felt the wood beneath them quaked and then a sharp, hot pain traveled up in his spine. He clutched Taehyung tighter and suppressed a yell.

Something hot was spreading on his mid tight and then the monster pulled his leg out of his flesh and this time Hoseok really yelped, pressing Taehyung to his chest with a dead grip.

His vision went blurred with tears and he clenched his jaw. He didn't look up to see what was going on above him; his mind was filled with a low buzz and his own harsh breathing. He heard Taehyung, whimpering in his neck and trembling like a wet cat.

Hoseok put his head on the cold floor as a wet warmth spread on his clothing. He heard a sick screech and then something heavy and gross fell next to them, making Taehyung wince and squeak in Hoseok’s ear. He cringed, the low buzz turned in to a high buzz before fading away slowly, revealing the overwhelming silence beside their frantic panting and Taehyung’s tiny muffled whimpers.

Hoseok looked up and saw Seokjin, standing with a bloody ax in his hand, a trail of blood on the side of his face.

He saw the chopped leg near them and a little further the legless and lifeless body of the beast was lying.

He loosened his grip on Taehyung and leaned on one elbow to look down with a twisted face.

His left leg was soaked in blood. It didn’t seem terrifying since it wasn’t red, but on the other hand it was terrifying because it was not red.

 He saw Yoongi running toward them, jaw tight with stress and tear stains on his face.

Hoseok tried to sit up and pulled Taehyung up with him. But he was all tensed up, he didn’t budge as he was quivering and gripping to Hoseok for dear life, Hoseok fell on his back with Taehyung on top of him and hissed in pain.

Yoongi dropped on his knees next to them trying to tear Taehyung apart from Hoseok rather aggressively.

“Tae tae. Love. Are you ok? Are you hurt? Let daddy see you.”

Taehyung screamed once he was apart from Hoseok, stretching arms toward him and wrapping his arms around his neck. Yoongi recoiled his hands like they were burned.

“Sorry, I’m sorry…dad’s sorry. Can I see your face? Huh? Let me see your face.”

Yoongi mumbled with distress and rubbed his back trying to coax him out and Hoseok too, tried to comfort him with kisses and sweet words and finally he pulled back from Hoseok’s chest and looked around fearfully. Yoongi cupped his face looking truly concerned.

“Are you ok?”

Taehyung didn't answer, he scanned the mess around and his eyes dropped on Hoseok’s leg. His eyes widened and he looked at Hoseok in pure panic.


He shrieked and dropped himself on Hoseok again. Yoongi send Hoseok a glance and turned to him with trembling hands and quivering lips.

Hoseok winced. Not because Yoongi was tearing the fabric on his leg aggressively. Not because Taehyung was trying to wrap his legs around him in that position. Not because Yoongi clutched his thigh in a rather harsh grip to see the wound.

But because he saw Yoongi’s angry eyes.

Hoseok was afraid of two things in his life. The second one was Yoongi’s angry eyes.



When Namjoon came in, he sneezed from the amount of dust rushing in to his nose. He waved his hand in front of his face to scatter the dust and frowned by the weird eerie mood in the house. He dropped his things and went further inside just to freeze by the scene in front of him.

The wall to the backyard had disappeared and the space inside was destroyed like there was a very severe earth quick. Seokjin was in the middle of the mess sweeping the floor calmly.


Seokjin turned to him with a smile, hugging the broom in a charming gesture.

“Hey honey. You house is destroyed. How do you feel?”

He tilted his head with a lovely smile on his lips. Namjoon didn’t know which one was worse; what Seokjin had just said or his smile!


He said again. Seokjin sighed and continued to sweep the floor pointlessly.

 “We had a wonderful nice guest earlier who invited itself to tea. And he suddenly became too excited from our kind hospitality that tried to come inside. As you have eyes yourself and you can see clearly, he was successful in his laudable efforts.”

He informed Namjoon with a super calm tone that worried him more than anything.

“Everyone’s ok?”

Namjoon gasped.

“Of course. Everyone’s perfect!!!!”

He laughed and Namjoon winced.

“Everything is perfectly fine. Except we had lost a wall now. And…um…some other part of the house.”

He took a deep breath with a forced smile and Namjoon sighed, finally walking to him.

“Are you ok?”

He put a hand on his shoulder. Seokjin waved him off.

“I’m fine. I’m…just…”

He clutched the broom stick tightly.

“I’m just thinking about the whole week we…we…”

He moved his hand trying to dig out the words. Namjoon held his hand reassuringly.

“Ok, but I don’t think you need to clean up now.”

“I’m not trying to clean up.”

Namjoon winced when Seokjin’s voice reached a high pitched tone.

“I’m just keeping my hands busy.”

He thrusted out a hand, it was shaking terribly. Namjoon pulled him in to a tight hug.

 “Oh babe.”

Seokjin leaned against his shoulder and relaxed a bit, sighing.

“’m ok though.”

He mumbled and pulled back, resuming his sweeping.

“I just can’t believe it. Thank god it’s summer.”

He turned his head toward the mess, the dim light illuminated the side of his face, enough for Namjoon to see the trail of dried blood on his temple.

“Jinnie what happened to your head?”

He grabbed his jaw to look at it closely.

“My head?” Seokjin repeated, confused. “Oh, my head!”

He remembered.

“I had a wonderful encounter with the wall!”

“Why didn’t you say Yoongi hyung to fix it? Does it hurt?”

Namjoon was frowning like he was trying to attach his eyebrows together.

“Oh, Yoongi was busy with Taehyung, he was more important.”

“What happened to Taehyung?”

Namjoon gasped. Things were getting worse.

“Everyone’s ok?”


Seokjin rolled his eyes out of frustration and moved his hand like it was out of control.

“The last time I checked Jimin was spacing out in his room and Taehyung was still crying.  Yoongi and Hoseok are trying to calm him but, you know what happened? When this thing burst in, Taehyung was there, He probably heard the blasts and wanted to know what was going on, and in the exact moment the monster crashed inside! And…Hoseok tried to act heroic again…I’m going to kill him…and just…”

Seokjin moved his hands in a big circle and made an explosion noise that scared Namjoon to death.

“He saw everything. He is traumatized. He doesn’t let Yoongi touch him and begs Hoseok to not die.”

Namjoon sighed and brought his hands to his eyes.

“Baby, I ask for the last time, is everyone ok?”

Seokjin smacked his lips together with a blank expression.

“Everyone’s alive!”

He said briefly and Namjoon sighed again.

“Why all the bad things happen when I’m gone?”





“What do you think were you doing? Are you fucking crazy?”

“I was worrying over you...”

“I told you to stay inside.”

“I couldn’t. I couldn’t just stay inside….”

“You could, if you weren’t so selfish!”

 “How about you stop being overprotective? How does that sound?”

“Ha! Now I am overprotective and you are just concerned! What’s next? That I’m a feeble useless healer and you are the best fighter ever?”

“I never said that, why are you being so ridiculous tonight?”

“I’m ridiculous? That’s really funny! You almost got Jimin killed, you got Taehyung killed, you were about to get yourself killed.”

Yoongi finished with a harsh kick in to Hoseok’s shin. He hissed in pain and bent to clutch at his leg. Things were getting really un-pretty tonight. And Yoongi was getting physical. Everything had stressed him out too much and Taehyung had cried his whole existence out for hours and he couldn’t calm him, he was tired, scared, anxious, frustrated and Hoseok did not stop talking back.

“You say it like I did it on purpose.”

Hoseok whispered with a restrained voice.

“I was worried, you would do the same if it was you.”

 “Sure, but not when I know I can’t stop fucking glowing and that shit is attracted to me!”

 “What do I do about it? If you hate it that much then you should have just let me die! Better than having a weird husband who glows and carries trouble everywhere and puts everyone in danger and monsters get attracted to him! You could have had a nicer life without me!”

The silence after that was loud. The healer’s eyes widened and he put a step back in utter shock. Hoseok sighed and squeezed his eyes shut.

“I’m sorry.”

He said.

“Of course you are.”

Yoongi tried to hold back his angry tears by clenching his fists tightly.

“And I don’t want to see you right now.” he breathed, facing away. “The bed is occupied with kids, please sleep somewhere else.”

 “I will.”

Hoseok bit his lips. He was sorry. He was so fucking sorry.

He knew he had to just admit that this time he was being really stupid but he was too stubborn to do that.

He wanted to step forward and hug Yoongi and kiss his broken heart but he couldn't. The mood was too thick and tense and Hoseok didn't know what to do if Yoongi refused to hug him back.

He would sit there and start crying maybe.

Maybe it was better if he just started crying, but it was so pathetic.

He didn't want to be pathetic.

Maybe that was it,

Him being pathetic all his life.

Everyone circling around him like butterflies as if he was a fragile, frail dandelion ready to be scattered away at the slightest flowing breeze.

He hated it as much as he loved it.

Oh he loved it so much...

He was so thrilled to be pampered like that, it was like he was dreaming, he grabbed at it avidly like it could never be enough.

He hated himself for that. Of course it was enough. It was more than enough.

It was too much. He was overwhelmed with love. If anyone could possibly be overwhelmed with love.

And he wanted to appear tough. To break his image as a fragile, fearful teenager that was still stuck in their minds.

Ok, maybe this time he had really screwed up. Nothing smart about what he did. Nothing smart about what he said.

Nothing. He was just a pile of stupidity that existed in that damn moment and nothing more. He was useless.

And Yoongi didn't want him around.

That was probably the...he didn't remember when was the last time they argued.

They didn't argue. They talked. They maybe would be a little upset but they never told each other to sleep somewhere else. Yoongi didn't tell Hoseok to sleep somewhere else.

That was when he stood in the middle of their ruined house, he found out he didn’t know how to sleep somewhere else.

And the lump in his throat was becoming annoying because he didn't want to cry at midnight, in the dark, at the middle of their ruined hall, holding a pillow.

He thought to go to the kids’ room since it was empty but the idea made him sick. He had no idea why but, for some reason he was craving for the others attention. He needed it so much that he wanted to throw up.

Oh…he was really pathetic, wasn’t he?

What do you want Hoseok?

What do they do?

Why are you so selfish?

Why do you always ruin everything?

Why are you so useless?

“I don’t know.” He mumbled to the dark.

“You don’t know what?”

Hoseok almost screamed when suddenly two arms slid around his waist slowly and the idea of having a ghost in the house made him both choke and laugh at the same time.

He was about to punch Jimin in the guts.

“You just startled the shit out of me, please don't do that again.”

He gasped.

 “Sorry hyungie.”

Jimin chuckled, pressing his face to Hoseok’s back, between his shoulder blades.

“You look lost.”

“I am.”

“I can’t sleep.”

“Me either.”

Hoseok didn't try to sound cheerful; he sighed and put his hands on top of Jimin, rubbing on his chubby knuckles. Oh! He loved the sensation so much. He smiled.

Jimin pulled back and turned Hoseok around to look at him. He beamed and interlaced his fingers with Hoseok’s, dragging him towards his room.

Hoseok didn't object. He had had enough arguing.

Jimin’s room always smelled nice. Something cool and fresh. Like rain. He kept green plants in his room, in the left corner, next to the window, on his desk, on his nightstand.

The walls were full of papers; maps, memos, lazy sketches of landscapes and monsters, and a huge dreamcatcher, matching with the one in the kids’ room, was hanging above the bed. His covers were orange; too warm and in contrast with the cool smell but it was Jimin. Warm inside, cool outside, tender in both sides.

And when Hoseok finally found a place to sleep he was surprised that why he didn't come to Jimin in the first place. Jimin would be so happy to have him. It was like he had never had enough of him.

Jimin smiled when he finally settled on his stomach, leaning on his elbows to look at Hoseok who was resting his head to his fist on the pillow, poking at Jimin’s chubby cheeks.

Oh he had a place to sleep, he was shamelessly thrilled.

“I love you Jimin.”

He blurted. But he didn't regret it.

Jimin huffed, scrunching up his nose. Hoseok chuckled and pulled him in to a hug, rubbing his back.



“You are stupid!”

Hoseok snorted and jabbed a finger in his ribs.

“I’m your hyung, kid.”

Jimin squirmed and squeaked in to Hoseok’s arm.

“But you are stupid.”

He huffed, tilting his head to look at Hoseok. Narrowing his eyes.


He asked seriously like he really meant it, Hoseok wanted to laugh but after a second he realized Jimin actually meant it.

“You’re asking me why am I stupid?”

He deadpanned. Jimin nodded quickly.

“I don’t understand, is that a compliment? Should I be happy or just kick your ass out of the window?”

Hoseok frowned.

Jimin dropped his head, sighing.

“Ugh, hyung, I’m serious.”

He took a deep breath and pushed his hair up.

“There is a very thin line between being brave and being stupid and I think you have crossed that line. Why?”

Hoseok just stared at him trying to figure out how he ended up on everyone insulting him, but finally gave up with a sigh, the pure curiosity in his nephew’s sparky eyes always made him soft.

“I never said I am brave.” He sighed. “I’m just not afraid of monsters really.”

 “Obviously.” Jimin rolled his eyes. “Aren't you afraid for real? How can you not?”

“They are pretty harmless compared to...other...creatures?”

“What do you mean?”

Jimin’s eyes widened and he scooted closer, clasping his hands together.

“What other creatures are scarier than them? We have other creatures? Where? What do they look like? Have you seen them?”

He batted his lashes quickly, waiting for a mind blowing answer. Hoseok chuckled and moved his bangs off his eyes with his finger, adoringly.

 “I don't know if there are other creatures like that, sweetheart.”

He whispered with a soft tone, Jimin's eyes flickered, like all the times Hoseok called him with a pet name.

“When you are soft, like this, I wanna cry.” He sniffled.

“Are you going to cry?”

“No. I’m going to sleep. I don't think you can stop being like this...soft...”

Hoseok laughed. His laughter was soft too. It made Jimin pout.

“I love you Jimin.”

And he groaned when Jimin punched him in the ribs.


Hoseok sensed the slight wave in his voice and perked up.

“Ok sorry. I hate you. Hate you so much. Good night.”

He said quickly and pulled Jimin in to his arms before he could utter another word, and placed his cheek on top of his head, breathing his scent. Jimin’s breath tickled his neck.

“I love you Jimin.”

He mouthed.

Chapter Text

When Jimin woke up the next morning, he was alone in bed.

He rubbed his eyes, yawned as he stretched his arms above his head and mumbled carelessly under his breath something about school day. As he went down the stairs on wobbly legs, his nose sensed the delirious smell of fried eggs and coffee. The thought of a good breakfast woke him up and when he entered the dining room he saw Hoseok cutting bread and Namjoon already sitting at the table, looking at Hoseok with a scowl. Hoseok had a sour expression like he wasn’t happy with whatever Namjoon was saying.

Namjoon opened his mouth but Hoseok quickly shoved a piece of brown bread in his mouth to shut him up.

“Here, eat this. And leave me alone.”


Jimin said with a raspy voice and fell on a chair.

“Morning honey.”

Hoseok chirped and placed a plate full of fried eggs in front of him.


Jimin yawned. Hoseok hummed in response. He put a hand on his nape and spaced out for a second.

“I’m going to check on Taehyung.”

He mumbled to no one and walked to the stairs when a door was slammed and some little feet padded on the wood.


Taehyung yelled as he suddenly appeared upstairs, looking apprehensive and ready to cry. He ran down the stairs almost falling headfirst when Hoseok dashed to catch him in time.

“Slow down puppy. Hey…”

Hoseok squatted down and wrapped him in his arms.

“Where did you go?”

Taehyung muffled voice was quivering and wet. Hoseok rubbed his back.

“I woke up early to make you breakfast. Are you hungry? Huh?”

He coaxed Taehyung out and pushed his messy hair aside, rubbing his cheek. Taehyung just rubbed his wet eyes and leaned to Hoseok again.

Hoseok hoisted him up and walked to table. He pulled back a chair with his foot.

“Sit here, I’ll bring you pancake, ok?”

Hoseok pulled his arms away from his shoulders gently and pecked his head. Taehyung was pouting and his chin was quivering. It was like he had a nightmare and wasn’t fully awake to push it aside.

Namjoon tickled under his chin.

“Morning tae tae.”

Taehyung looked up and waved a lazy hand.

“Good morning.”

Hoseok was quick to distract Taehyung with pancakes and syrup and sliced strawberries with a big glass of chocolate milk. Jimin was watching Taehyung struggling to poke his strawberries with his fork in a weird wrist angle when Hoseok blocked his view to empty a pan of fried tomatoes in his plate.


Seokjin came down, massaging his shoulder and eyeing the table eagerly.

 “God bless you!”

He sat at the table and pulled a plate toward him avidly.

“Morning everyone.”

He mumbled reaching for bread.

“Why aren’t you eating?”

Namjoon asked Hoseok with a frown. Hoseok just shook his head as he made his way to kitchen again.

“I already had breakfast.”


“A few hours ago.”

Hoseok yelled from kitchen. Namjoon and Seokjin exchanged a look. When Hoseok reappeared again, Yoongi was coming, holding Jungkook who had his head on Yoongi’s shoulder, snoozing.

He sat at table without looking at Hoseok and sat Jungkook beside him. His little head fell on his chest immediately.


He muttered.

Hoseok placed a plate in front of him. It hit the table with a loud noise that made jungkook jump and look around with wide eyes.


Hoseok said with a rather loud voice and a smile that was too wide and awkward. Taehyung stabbed a strawberry that slipped and hit Jimin in the eye. Namjoon had to drop his fork after seeing the various silly expressions on everyone’s faces to go, hide under the table and not suddenly burst out laughing otherwise it would get more awkward.

 “Thank you.”

Yoongi said with his low voice, totally in contrast with Hoseok’s.

Hoseok’s smile stretched further on his face.

“Your welcome!”

He paused on his way to finger comb Taehyung’s hair which was sticking out to multiple directions. Namjoon emerged with a red and a tight face.

“Repair day.”

Seokjin announced when everyone went weirdly quite.

“What a hellish day.”

He said as he shoved egg and tomatoes in his mouth.

“You’d better say repair month!”

Jimin pointed out.

“This is gonna take more than a day.”

“I’m gonna say repair day for a month. That makes the situation more bearable.”

Hoseok popped up again like a genie holding a pan full of sausages this time.

“Hobi, you just cooked whatever you found in the kitchen, didn’t you?”

Seokjin asked blankly. Hoseok hesitated to scan the table.

“What’s the problem?”

He asked a little tight, clutching the pan.

“Nothing. It’s…great.”

Seokjin smiled and held out his plate. Hoseok blinked and emptied half of the pan in his plate. He put it down and retreaded again to the kitchen. Namjoon rubbed his forehead.

“This is weird.”

He said under his breath and looked at Jimin. He glanced at Yoongi and where Hoseok had disappeared and gave a small shrug, shrinking to his chair.

Hoseok appeared again and stopped, like he had forgotten something. He was about to go back when Yoongi rose from his chair, making Hoseok flinch.

“I’ll do the dishes.”

Yoongi said under his breath as he got up, collecting the few empty plates and rushing to the kitchen.

“You didn’t eat anything.” Hoseok said, wringing his finger.

“I did.”

Yoongi said briefly as he passed by him. When he finally disappeared, Hoseok dropped his shoulders with a sigh, looking worn out.

“How to beg for forgiveness?”

He asked, pleading.

“Simple.” Seokjin answered reaching for the untouched tomatoes in Jimin’s plate.

“Beg for forgiveness.”


Hoseok raised a brow and snatched Seokjin’s plate and fork snappishly.


 “Stop eating, isn’t council day today? Go, shoo...go to your duties.”

Hoseok said piling up all the remained dishes before making his way to the kitchen.

“We are dismissed. Gentlemen, have a good day, I can drop these little gentlemen to school and daycare, and let’s wish luck for our lovebird gentlemen.”

Namjoon whispered the last sentence teasingly and Jimin chocked on a laughter, immediately feeling guilty for laughing.

“Why are you making fun of them? It’s a sad situation?”

Seokjin scolded pretending to wipe his fake tears. Jimin snorted and pressed his hand on his mouth.

“Nothing is sadder than knowing your house lacks a whole wall and you have a repair month ahead.”

Namjoon said matter-of-factly.

Seokjin grimaced and dropped his silly attitude.

“Right. Repair month...”


Hoseok tip toed in the kitchen cautiously as he watched Yoongi’s tense shoulders and put the plates next to the sink with the slowest and most careful way possible. He gulped as Yoongi didn’t even blink at his presence.


Hoseok sang.


“Do you need help?”


“I can sing for you.”

“No thanks...”

“Why not?”

Hoseok tilted his head and looked at Yoongi’s sulky side profile.

“No more sad Yoongi. Please. Give me a happy Yoongi?”

“You can’t always have everything you want!”

“I know...I’m sorry...please forgive me?”

Hoseok pleaded with clasped hands.

“I’ll consider it.”

 “Please consider it now? Huh? See? I made breakfast for you!”

“If you didn't, the whole family would starve.”

“Ok...not just for you...but...oh, I’m sorry please love me again.”

Yoongi sighed.

“I’m mad at you. I don’t hate you.”

“I’m gonna cry. I am literally going to cry.”

Hoseok wailed. Yoongi didn’t answer. Hoseok wrung his fingers pitifully.

“Ok, then stop being this serious, it’s scary.”

“Do I scare you?”

“You do.”

“Good, taste what I feel all the time.”

Hoseok dropped his hands and pouted.

“I’m sorry. Really sorry. I can’t say how sorry I am.”

Yoongi just shrugged. Hoseok stayed still for a moment before slipping out of the kitchen in defeat. That was really bad. He wasn’t used to Yoongi ignoring him. Not like that. He usually went soft after a little begging but this time it wasn’t gonna work.  And Hoseok didn’t know what to do.

He spent the rest of the day cleaning the mess and cursing under his breath when he estimated the damage. There were crack lines on the roof and the side walls like the branches of a tree, going further inside till they disappeared in to the wood. The floor was painted with holes and scratches. Namjoon’s favorite chair was nothing more than a pile of woods and cloth. The rug was torn apart (it was his mother’s wedding gift!!!) and Hoseok saw some rubbles here and there that he didn’t have the slightest idea where they came from.

Shards of glass were scattered everywhere from the windows and Hoseok was so terrified that if he accidentally cut himself, even a little, Yoongi may want a divorce!

His thoughts were going too far but he was already considering the worst possibilities.

They cleaned the mess outside with Yoongi in silence and Hoseok had no idea that he could hold his breath for so long. Yoongi talked, but even the short sentences no more than three words were so cold and pitiless.

Hoseok smiled like an idiot and his face was hurting from the intensity of his struggling to be nice and Yoongi was just like an expressionless statue with the ability to move. Hoseok felt totally wretched at the end, he wanted to rip off his hair. A day without Yoongi was like ten years without summer. He had aged ten years already. Oh, it was so difficult.

Sometime around noon, they knocked on the door.

Hoseok answered and there was a man at the other side, in his mid-fifties, a little shorter that Hoseok, with a round face and small eyes and thin grey hair. The carpenter.

“Mr. Hong.”

Hoseok greeted the man whose face was a mixture of horror and awe as soon as he caught sight of Hoseok, ‘holy fuck’ was literally written on it.


He said, a little breathless. Hoseok threw him a polite tight smile, stepping aside.

“Come in, please.”

“Oh, thanks.”

The man came out of his trance and stepped inside, trying so hard not to look anywhere but Hoseok.

 “Namjoon sent you?”

Hoseok closed the door.

“Yes, he said it was an emergency.”

“It is. This way.”

Hoseok lead the carpenter to the other side of the house. He didn’t try to hide his surprise this time and gasped loudly. Hoseok chuckled.

“What happened?”

“Monster encounter!”

Hoseok shrugged walking after the man. He scanned around him with a perplexed expression

“It’s just here?”

“Yeah, I think so…beside this wall that is gone completely, these walls look a little in need of repair and, um, the floor, and…the furniture that isn’t that important though.”

Hoseok laughed timidly.

“The main wall is the priority.”

Mr. Hong nodded and reached for his bag to take out his tools. He measured the length and width for the walls and the windows and took careful notes as he looked around and talked.

 “How it happened?”

He scrunched up his nose.

“You don’t have much trouble here even you’re right next to the woods, your protection spell expired or what?”

Hoseok rubbed the corner of his eye. No! The protection spell was brand new! He messed up.

“No it was ok…it…”

“Yes. The protection spells weren’t working!”

He was cut off by Yoongi who brought in a cup of tea.

“I neglected them. Hi!”

Yoongi greeted with a beautiful smile which wasn’t for Hoseok and he sighed, looking away.

Great!  Mr. Hong was a good man but not good enough to back his nose off people’s lives and stop talking. Now he hopped in town and told whoever he saw that Yoongi was a useless healer. He couldn’t protect his family.

It wasn’t good. It brought up bad reputation. Bad reputation wasn’t something Hoseok would care about but Yoongi was different. He was a healer, and healers were respected, people looked up to them, they were expected a lot.

Beside healers being practically the doctors there, the healers association was responsible to provide the city with protection and in those families without a healer member, an assigned healer was supposed to take action for those houses and Yoongi was one of them, volunteered to provide protection for about five families and a part of the south east of the village.

If he was negligent of his own house (which he wasn’t), how could he be trusted with other’s?

Hoseok’s insides all churned up finding out it was all his fault if Yoongi was going to be rebuked later by the council. It added to the rumors about him that said Yoongi had failed to help Hoseok with his previous situation properly, and now this carpenter guy was here to just confirm everything and give them more topics to gossip about.

He absentmindedly pulled at his hair that was starting to hate it bit by bit.

The old man turned to Hoseok, smiling.

“I’m glad you are ok.”

Hoseok dropped his hand and forced a smile.


Mr. Hong hummed and shifted from foot to foot, taking his precious time sipping his tea. Hoseok felt uneasy at his presence, like it was his house they were lingering in and they weren’t welcomed. 

“I heard you had pretty much trouble with the…situation?”

He asked Yoongi casually and Hoseok barely managed to hide his irritated scoff as he stared at the man feeling how much he hated him.


He noticed the way Yoongi had his interlaced taut hands in a perfect contrast with his polite smile.

“It’s my job.”

He said with a strained voice and casted a careful glance at the situation and cringed at the grim expression he got in return.

Go on Yoongi, tell him how much a burden I am for everyone!

The man nodded thoughtfully and looked at Hoseok again, like he was something for exhibition. Hoseok didn’t try to hide his displeasure by crossing his arms and waiting for the next words Mr. Hong was going to say, to show how much of an idiot he was.

“But still,” he put his cup down with a thoughtful expression. “I really wasn’t expecting it.”

Yoongi breathed to answer but Hoseok beat him to it.

“Expecting what?”

He snapped and Mr. Hong started stuttering by the way Hoseok was piercing through his soul with his gaze.

“Oh…I mean…I know, I understand it was difficult and…”

“So what?”

Hoseok tilted his head to the side, Mr. Hong clearly shrunk in to himself.

 “I really didn’t mean to be rude.”

“But you are being rude.”

Well done Hoseok, just be an asshole.

Yoongi coughed and diverted the attentions, looking flustered. Hoseok casted his eyes downward and bit his lips between his teeth, trying to tame the bile of fire growing in him.

 “How long does this take?”

Yoongi pointed to the open area of the back yard and motioned to Hoseok with a nervous head shake to stop. Mr. Hong turned back to him almost too willingly and Hoseok just looked at them back and forth before excusing himself to somewhere without someone to see him and freak out; he didn’t need a mirror to know he was glowing. He just needed that man see him like this. Then the whole village would explode with the news.

That was rude! That was irritating.

That was really…

What was wrong with his blond hair? Yes! No one had blond hair but they knew Hoseok! He wasn’t possessed or something! He was just, a little different!

He plumped on a sofa heavily. He could hear Yoongi and Mr. Hong chatting over something he deeply hoped wasn’t him. He wished Yoongi hadn’t intervened. Nothing was his fault. It was really unfair to think like that.

He didn’t need to suddenly jump in and what? He wanted to defend Hoseok? Like he couldn’t find an excuse?

Or he just wanted to make Hoseok feel worse?

Like he was helpless, pitiful, vulnerable, and useless and couldn’t handle things? Wasn’t it too much? Not letting him go out wasn’t enough?

He could almost imagine Yoongi shaking his head in embarrassment to Mr. Hong and sighing in desperation, “yes, he is such a shame…”

Hoseok scoffed.

Did they really think of him like that?

And maybe they were right. The only wrong thing there was him. Yeah. He was really pitiful.

‘Such a shame’

“Oh my god shut up please!”

Hoseok jumped to his feet and just yelled to no one. Well, no visible one! And as he was the luckiest person in the entire universe when he turned around he was faced with a flat-faced Yoongi who was standing there, crossing his arms.


He deadpanned and Hoseok’s anger was replaced with panic.

“No, I wasn’t…”

“I just came to see if you are ok.” Yoongi shrugged. “But I think you are perfectly fine, so…”

He gave him one last heartless glance before turning on his heels and walking away, leaving Hoseok rooted on spot, opening and closing his mouth uselessly like a silly fish.

“I wasn’t talking to you.”

He finally managed to say in a whisper, but it was too late! What the fuck?

He slumped on the sofa again, stomping his feet out of frustration. What a shitty timing, what a bad day…



Hoseok slipped in the room late at night, heart thumping with apprehension. He closed the door like too slowly that he felt it took days for him to do it. He gulped. He felt like stepping to a room full of gigantic snakes. Yes. He was feeling like that. It wasn’t beautiful.

Yoongi was on the bed struggling with a knitting, Hoseok didn’t know what it was, maybe a sock, not like that he even cared.

He creeped on the bed, all tensed up and uneasy, bombarding his mind with nonsense as he pulled at Yoongi clothing carefully.

 “Yoon...are you still mad?”

He bit his lip when he didn’t receive an answer, he expected it though. Of course he was mad, when Hoseok kept messing up. But that was bad timing. That was a terrible…bad luck.

“Please talk to me.”

He pouted and sighed when Yoongi continued to ignore him.

“You didn’t talk to me the whole day.”

He emphasized as if they hadn't talked a whole century.

“We talked.”

Yoongi said coldly.

“That wasn't...talking...”

Hoseok groaned and grabbed Yoongi’s arm in a sloppy grip.

“Please, please.”

He pleaded at the verge of crying. Yoongi shot him a glare and Hoseok let go of his arm.

“Ok. I understand you are mad. You are really, really mad.”

Yoongi raised a brow. Hoseok shifted in his seat.

“What should I do? Huh?”

He craned his neck to get in to Yoongi’s sight, but he was still having his eyes on his knitting, his hands moving fast and flawlessly.

Hoseok sighed the deepest sigh and dropped his shoulders in defeat.

“Ok. Goodnight.”

He was about to climb down the bed in disappointment and excuse himself to the kids’ when Yoongi finally raised his head.


Hoseok froze and held his breath in anticipation.

“Don’t leave. sleep here.”

He mumbled and turned back to what he was doing. Hoseok gaped in surprise but he was quick to close his mouth and nod frantically.


He said breathless with excitement. Carefully he slipped under the covers making the little amounts of noises and turned to his side, facing Yoongi.


He said. Yoongi closed his eyes in frustration.

“It's your room.”

“It’s our room.” Hoseok pointed. “And you kicked me out last night.”

He said sheepishly. Yoongi looked pissed.

“Yeah it was really stupid. Shouldn't have done that.”

He muttered.

“No it’s fine. You were mad.”

Hoseok put a hand on his thigh carefully.

“I really get it that you were mad and I’m really sorry.”

His words came out easier now that he wasn’t too nervous anymore. He even sounded more cheered up. He couldn’t help it. He was really relieved.

Yoongi finally looked at him. His eyes weren’t tense, they were soft and somehow tired of trying to keep being angry. And a little sad.

“Do you really get it?”

He asked. Hoseok sat up slowly pulling his pillow to his lap.

“I do.”

Yoongi put aside his stuff on the night stand and shifted on the bed so he was sitting across from his husband cross legged.


Hoseok raised his head ready to listen.

“I’m not mad because you just got yourself killed yesterday.”

He said slowly.

“I’m mad because you are...”

Yoongi breathed.

“Because you act too reckless.”

Hoseok pursed his lips. He knew that, right?

“I know.”

 “What you feel about going out there and facing danger in the most stupid way is not bravery Seokie.”

“I know.”

“And it’s different with being selfless and self-sacrificing and…stuff.”

Hoseok looked at him through his eyelashes. He knew what was coming next.

“It’s stupid.”

Yoongi finished. Hoseok averted his eyes to his lap again, sighing. Another reminder of him being stupid. Like he didn’t know that already!

“I know.”

He hushed.

“I know it was stupid. I’m sorry. But I wasn't trying to be brave or something, I just...”

Hoseok shrugged searching for words.

“I didn't like to stay inside while you were out.”

He knew his excuse was lame. Yoongi huffed.

“Then what about me?” He put a hand on his chest. “What should I feel when I’m always worried about you? Do you even think about me?”

Hoseok clutched his teeth to not burst his words out.

Of course I think about you.” He frowned. “Then why did I come after you?”

Yoongi started shaking his head and Hoseok sighed, what were they even talking about?

“No…no, you don’t understand,”

Yoongi rubbed his eyes wearily.

 “Do you understand when you involve yourself in danger I want to die?”

Hoseok didn’t answer. If he said one more word he would start crying the ugliest way possible.


Yoongi scooted closer.

“I’m not saying you were right or wrong, I can’t tell what is right anymore, I just…see the fact that I told you to stay inside and you didn’t listen to me.”

He waited a moment for his words to sink down and rolled his eyes.

“Beside from how much I felt like an idiot, I just want you to know how much you scare me with what you do.”

Hoseok just nodded.

“Please, for once just listen to me.”

Hoseok nodded again. Yoongi sighed and pulled him in to a hug, relief covered his existence.

“You know how madly I’m in love with you.”

Yoongi whispered. He felt Hoseok nodding against his shoulder with a little sniffling.

“I know our life was nothing near normal and it will never be, but I really want to live like that. You teach, I heal, kids go to school, they grow up, we grow old...and we are happy.”

“Aren't you happy?”

Hoseok asked, his voice hoarse and wet.


Yoongi pulled back to cup Hoseok’s wet face.

“Of course I’m happy.” He smiled. “I’m just worried.”

Hoseok grimaced.

“I’m sorry.”

Yoongi hugged him again.

“Sorry for last night.”

He hid his face in Hoseok’s shoulder and sighed.

“I love you ok?”

Hoseok kissed his hair.

“I love you too.”

“Why did you yell at me then?”

“Oh God…”

Chapter Text

“Excuse me sir, what are you doing?”

Almost all the students turned their heads back toward the very much familiar and heartwarming voice and then they all froze.


The man in front of the crowd grunted as he struggled with the tiny boy who struggled back to get rid of all those muscles around him but he terribly failed every time and he was actually about to die!

“Good. I thought you were trying to strangle my student.”

So, the man finally stopped and the poor boy crawled out of his arms. Flushed and sweaty and he gasped for air. The teacher turned around and was faced with a very sour looking Hoseok who was observing him with narrowed eyes.

The students just watched the interaction in awe and excitement of the thought of who is gonna kill who.


The man said with a blank expression scanning Hoseok from head to toe. Hoseok raised his brows.

“Me? Yes I guess it’s me. Hello to you too. Nice body by the way.”

Hoseok motioned with his head, disapproval in all his features.

“What are you doing here?”

The man asked dryly. Hoseok blinked patiently, taking his time to smile at his eager students and remembering their silly faces, practically ignoring the guy.

“Oh, right. Thank you very much for substituting for me in my absence. I know, sounds really demanding. I’m here now to lift this unbearable burden off your sturdy broad shoulders and now you can go continue living your boring life again.”

Hoseok smiled politely interlacing his fingers. The man frowned.

“I don’t think I was substituting for anybody. I am the new teacher.”

Hoseok’s smile faltered and he inhaled a big breath to remain composed. So this guy was really having fun standing in his place showing off his muscles to some poor kids.

“Uh-ha...who chose you to teach?”

Hoseok asked pursing his lips.

“The council.”

 “I know. Who in the council chose you to teach? Cause from what I see you clearly lack the ability to do so.”

 “Oh. And you are qualified enough?” The man scoffed.

 “Of course. If wasn’t, I wouldn't waste ten years of my life training some naughty kids to become someone worthy for the society! Someone much unlike you. Who was your teacher?”

The man took a very deep breath as he stepped closer to loom over Hoseok. He didn’t budge though the man was much taller than him. He looked up at the stony face of the guy that Hoseok didn’t even bother to learn his name.

“Thanks for blocking the sun. It was becoming annoying.”

Hoseok smiled, unbothered. The man growled.

“You are not the teacher here anymore. Fuck off.”

 “We don't really curse in the school.” Hoseok shook his head in a mock-friendly way and pursed his lips, making his dimples pop out. Someone chuckled nervously in the background.

The man clutched his teeth and pushed Hoseok by the shoulder.

“I do whatever I want in my class.”

Hoseok sighed and rubbed his forehead.

“Seriously who chose you? Cause if you have a link or something in the council I have my connections too. And hey, don’t touch me or I’ll burn you!”

Hoseok widened his eyes slightly and a flash of gold flickered in them, it was enough for the man to back off. Hoseok had to gather all his determination to not laugh. If he hadn’t promised everyone at home to remain human and civilized, he probably would have done it sooner and in a bigger extent so that the guy would have been gone a while ago, probably screaming, that…made everything worse, ok, it didn’t worse it!

 It took just a few second for the man to pull himself together and collect his expression from scared to savage and step closer.

Hoseok sighed. This guy really wanted to turn things in to a complicated nonverbal violation. Hoseok looked at the children around them who were watching in awe and horror. Yeah they wanted a scene, he could see it in their eyes. They always wanted a scene.

Hoseok rolled his eyes and mumbled something under his breath before turning to the man.

“Are you gonna hit me or what? Because I don’t guarantee I won’t hit you back and if the council finds out, they kick us both out.”

Hoseok said full aware that no one was listening to him. He sighed once again and stopped the strong urge of turning this guy to a pile of bones. He would do that, there wasn't a problem but it was school and Hoseok had just bragged about his qualification and shit.

An enormous fist flew to his direction which he dodged easily from, smirking when he heard the crowd gasped.

“That was a good one but I suggest spreading your feet a little more for better balance.” The said circling around the man who did not expect to be surprised like that after all those times facing some clumsy teenagers who trembled like a leaf in front of him. Well, Hoseok wasn’t a leaf. And he was really rude actually, the man was a little taken aback.

But then, because he didn’t have any brain, immediately anger replaced the confusion and he threw another fist, just in a random direction.

“That was a bad one because you aren't focusing.”

Hoseok stepped back lightly, hooking his hands behind him.

“I can accept you here in the class as an honorary student if you want! Can’t believe you were chosen to teach, seriously, why are you so bad?”

The students laughed shamelessly. Maybe Hoseok could hold back his actions but he couldn’t do anything about his tongue. The man was now beet red and Hoseok was wondering if he could explode like a volcano. He reached out and grabbed Hoseok by collar, the crowd gasped again.

Hoseok was about putting his softness aside and teach him a lesson that definitely could be a hot topic for a week, but the chance was taken from him by the way someone gasped dramatically like they had seen a walking tree.

“What is going on here?”

All the heads turned in to that direction. Seokjin was standing there holding a horrified expression, Hoseok didn’t know he was worried about him or the man…or the students, who were about to explode from how everything got heated any second.

 “I can report your act of violation toward the school teacher right now to the council Mr. Kang. For the gosh sake, this is school!”

Seokjin exclaimed. The guy, Mr. Kang just looked at him and then at Hoseok who was waiting patiently to be released.

Seokjin rolled his eyes.

“Oh my goodness let him go!”

He stepped forward and separated the teachers from each other.

“I can’t believe it, you took an oath before being assigned to teach. I see you have forgotten it. I had the order of council for reassignment of the previous teacher but you know what? Forget about that. You are fired. And no, that is not a good thing, not at all. You could have gain a good background but you decided to just ruin it. How smart you are!”

The man was surprised by the rapid attacks of Seokjin and was blinking dumbly trying to adjust to the situation.

“Who are you?”

He asked, puzzled.

Seokjin choked.


He exchanged a look with Hoseok and then stared at the sky for a moment, probably questioning his existence. Hoseok snorted from behind him.

“Ohhh he knew me. I’m more famous than you hyung! Guess being a councilor isn’t that special!”

 Hoseok teased. Seokjin glared at him.

“Do you want your class back?”


“Then shut up please.”

Hoseok smacked his fingers on his lips and stepped back mockingly. Seokjin handed the man a roll of paper and winced.

“This is council’s order for you to hand the class over to the current teach. Thanks for your efforts and please leave!”

He pushed the guy as he was reading the paper with a crumpled face, Seokjin probably needed to explain it to him later.

Once the two finally left the field the kids screamed with happiness, throwing their fists victoriously in the air.

Hoseok laughed and held a ridiculous proud gesture.

“Everyone I’m back.”


Hoseok nodded when he saw them cheering for him happily. Someone threw some grass like confetti in the air.

“Good to see your stupid faces again.” Hoseok laughed light heartedly.


 “Good to see you too, Teach.” Someone yelled and the others cheered.

“You look gorgeous.” Another one screeched and Hoseok really needed to know who that was.

“Thanks for coming back.”


Hoseok nodded and threw his fist in the air with them.

“We've got to celebrate.”



The crowed silenced as Hoseok yelled happily.

“We've got to review our lessons. Yay.”

He cheered.

No one answered him. They all stared at him with bored and blank expressions and Hoseok wanted to squeeze them all one by one.

“No? Come on. It’s fun!”

They whined sullenly and Hoseok chuckled holding his hips.

“You are boring.”

“And you are rude! If you fail the finals I’ll make sure to send you one by one to Mr. Kang! Now…go back to class. Hope the history guy is sounder!”





The students snoozed in the hot weather of the early summer and tried to focus on whatever Hoseok was saying in a fruitless attempt.

“Healers population has increased during centuries. Before, it was really, really rare to find a healer. It was an upper hand for a tribe to have a healer among them compared to another without one.”

Hoseok walked in between the rows of desks and woke them one by one not so gently. He pushed someone’s elbow form under his head and the poor boy jerked up, terrified.

“Because of that paucity the healers were treated like a jewel. They usually were the chief and if they weren't, they had a great respect from the villagers. They were like counted as advisor or the wise one, since their existence was very important for the society.”

Hoseok stopped in front of another student who had his mouth open like a hippo, yawning. He closed his mouth and sank into his chair, embarrassed.

“Today, you look everywhere you see a healer. Of a family having one healer parent with four children, one of the children definitely is a healer. But they are still respected, because of the ancient beliefs and their mild difference, they are honorable part of the society.”

“Are we trash?”

A boy deadpanned. Hoseok snickered and the few healers in the class raised a weak fuss of protest.

“If you talk like that you are definitely trash Song Miyong!”

He flicked Miyong in the head and passed by him.

“Healing is an innate ability which means I can't fake it. Though it is possible to acquire some sort of medical and mental knowledge, it is the magic that makes a healer, healer. The ability of healing, their natural connection with nature and those creepy spells they cast, are all magic related and yes, we are totally trash compared to them!”

“Oh come on!”

Hoseok laughed carelessly.

“What? It’s true! Their ability shows itself in the early teens usually with puberty, they normally can heal their own self like my husband says the first time he healed a paper cut on his finger. This is basic and instinctual, the more developed ability needs a long term of education and study to gain control and actually use their power. An amateur healer is not supposed to heal real and serious injuries.”

He stopped to lean over Jimin’s shoulder to look at the book he was reading.

“I didn’t know you read romance.”

He mumbled not-so-quietly and Jimin blushed, biting his lip.

 “I already know everything you are saying.”

He said innocently and winced when Hoseok held out his hand for the book. He sighed when Hoseok impounded his book and walked away.

“As I said, healing ability is magic related, mostly associated with magic and magical things. But because their nature normally is tended in to peace and healing, they usually do not use magic except some spells that are confirmed to be safe. But not all of them are the same, during history we had some healers that they got attracted to magic and witchcraft more than healing. Like the weird witch we have in the forest. I really don't know exactly where she is and I don’t think if she is a real healer but she uses unusual spells and herbs and I don't recommend her at all.”

He slammed Jimin’s book on the desk and woke the class up.

“Most healers that stepped in to the path of magic, used dark magic. Actually light magic is what our healers use and we can see almost every day. The protection spells, the invisible shields, the mind control we use against the monsters, though the latter is not easy to learn because it’s risky and it can be used in wrong purposes. In a nut shell, dark magic is the perfect and powerful version of light magic but It’s like the overflow of light magic in some one and because we are not immortal and our anatomy is limited, gathering too much energy inside us can cause damages that would change the normal us, it can change some features like the eye color, hair color or blood color, increase physical power, some of them may not need to breath anymore...and I can see you are looking at me like I am an impeccable embodiment of dark magic!”

Hoseok pointed and the students shifted in their seats nervously. Hoseok smiled.

“But trust me; I don’t have a single drop of magic. So I may be a wicked teacher, but a wicked healer, I don’t think so.”

He scrunched up his face and shook his head more like in a disappointed way and the class laughed, the tension disappeared. A boy from the middle rows raised a hand.

“Yes Wojin?”

“I heard in the neighbor village at the other side of mountain, was a wicked healer years ago. He was really famous and was the best healer there, but when the people found out about his deeds, they gathered and killed him.” Wojin said.

A girl from the front seat looked at Hoseok seriously.

“Is it a fact or fiction?”

Hoseok turned to Woojin.

“What is it Wojin-ah? Fact of fiction?”

Wojin shrugged.

“I really don't know about its validation, I just heard it. So it may not be true!”

Hoseok arched a brow in a complimenting way.

“Isn’t it too harsh to be true?” A girl objected thoughtfully. “I mean people don’t kill their healers!”

“He wasn’t a normal healer.”

Someone argued.

“But still, how bad could he been that people wanted to kill him?”

“I heard he killed someone. He was bad enough.” Wojin shrugged.


“Healers kill people?”

“What kind of healer kills?”

“That is why people killed him.”

 “But you say you don’t know if it’s a true fact Wojin-ah.”

Hoseok watched as the students fell in to a heated argument about the topic and yelled their comments on the subject and the girl in the front row was about to slap Wojin when he used Jimin’s book to drag the room back to peace again.

“Dark magic scares people.”

Hoseok pointed.

“As Yeon said people don’t really kill their healers, that’s insane, as insane as healers to be bad, to the point people don’t want them anymore. But when a healer faces dark magic, they aren’t healers, they are magicians, sorcerers, witches…anything that has nothing to do with the soft sides of magic but the deepest and darkest secrets of manipulating nature in a form of nature itself. The contrast between fighting nature against nature is the problem, anything that disturbs the normal order of universe is not healthy, even if there are ways to do it.”

Hoseok explained looking pointedly at the few young healers in the class. They all nodded a little terrified.

“And that story is true. I was there when people set the house on fire!”

He confirmed Wojin’s tale and the whole class gasped in awe. Jimin who was doodling on his papers and snoozing in a corner suddenly jerked his head up and looked at Hoseok. A shade of betrayal covered his face. Hoseok smiled at the class and clapped his hands.

“Ok, class is over, next time we are gonna study about the best healers in the history. If you have any cool stories like the one Wojin had, share it with the class next time. Have a nice day.”

He beamed.





“Why haven't you said anything about it before?”

Jimin asked loudly, so focused on the issue that he tripped over something every once in a while.

“About that healer guy.”

“It wasn’t that special.”

Hoseok shrugged nonchalantly.

“What do you mean? Of course it is. Were my dads there too? What about Yoongi hyung?”

“Yes, we all were together.”

“Really? And dad has never told me anything! How old were you?”


“Oh, same age as mine. Wow. was it? What was his deal? How wicked was he? Did you know him?”

Jimin’s back hit a tree as he was walking backward, bombarding Hoseok with his questions.

“Chim, he was the best healer, everyone knew him. And he was bad, and he was killed. End of the story!”

Hoseok shrugged and Jimin made a face.

“Why are you so boring today?”

He whined as Hoseok walked past him, giggling.

“Ok if you're not telling me I’ll ask my dad.”

He huffed in frustration. It was the first time Hoseok avoided his questions…

When they got home, Jimin darted right in to the kitchen to find Seokjin. He was hit by a thick layer of smock.

“Dad, did you burn something?”

Jimin asked waving his hand to scatter the smock,

“Yes. Our lunch?”


Jimin whined, he was starving.

“What? I got distracted.”

Seokjin emerged, coughing and giggling.

“Haha do you really think I am that thoughtless? Lunch is safe don’t worry! I’m burning something else!”

He kissed Jimin on the head and turned toward the smock again.

“You are not funny!” Jimin sighed trying to lead the smock out of the window.

 “How was school?” Seokjin laughed.

 “Oh, oh school”

Jimin got excited all of a sudden. Actually, for the first time about school.

“Today we discussed healers. And Wojin said there was a wicked healer in the neighbor village, where grandma lives! And he said people killed him because he was so bad and...and Hoseok hyung said you were there too! Why haven't you said anything before?”

Jimin accused with excitement. Seokjin paused to open the oven.

“Hoseok said?”

“Ah dad I don’t know what a wicked healer is like. I thought they are all good like Yoongi hyung and imo. And you have seen one, you have killed one. I can't even imagine why would people kill a healer. Was he that bad? What did he do? Was he scary? Was...was he weird in appearance?”

He asked with pure curiosity in his voice.

 “Hoseok didn't tell you about it?” Seokjin frowned.

 “Oh no he doesn't tell me. Said it's boring.”

Jimin huffed in displeasure and crossed his arms on his chest.

“Oh well if he didn't say anything so there is not anything to tell. It’s not...really that interesting.”

“Aren’t you ganna tell me either?”

Jimin dropped his hands, deflated.

“Honey, because there isn't anything to say. Come on, can you set the table?”

He handed the plates to Jimin and disappeared. Jimin was confused.

“What is it that everyone avoids talking about?”



Jimin was dying from curiosity. The whole story was interesting, well, he never thought he could use ‘wicked’ and ‘healer’ in the same sentence, but knowing that his family was involved, made it much different.

He tried asking Yoongi who pretended he wasn’t choking on his coffee and clearly dodged his question by a haste “oh, that! Pffff that is just so boring…go waste your time on more interesting cases.”

And he just ran away!

But how could the whole situation be boring when they had participated in omitting a person, a villager, a healer. A bad healer!

Well, more interesting cases didn’t include his family, so Jimin did waste his time over thinking and searching about it but he didn’t find anything. Simply there was no record of it. Either it was simply a minor event or was too recent that there was still no document of it, and some people who actually knew what had happened, refused to talk!

He felt stupidly proud, but betrayed at the same time!

Well, Wojin knew, and he even wasn’t sure if the story was true, but Jimin whose family was there didn’t know anything and they didn’t tell him anything. He was just going mad from desperation.


Finally, he decided to ask him, the only one who apparently knew things and wouldn’t avoid answering.

“What’s up?”

Wojin scrunched up his face. Jimin leaned to his desk and wore a big smile. 

“Um, Wojin-ah…about that healer you said the other day,”

Wojin nodded.

“Who did you heard it from?”

“Oh...from my grandmother whose sister was there when they killed him. But, her sister is dead and my grandma is losing wits so...I really don’t know which part of her story is true.” He shrugged. “Actually I even didn’t expect the whole story to be true.”

A girl who was listening turned back on her chair toward them.

“I asked my mom about it. She is a healer and she said it’s all bullshit.”

She shrugged one shoulder with disdain.

“But Mr. Kim said it is true.”

Another girl joined the conversation. The first girl shrugged and side-eyed Jimin who was watching her with an empty expression.

“I don’t believe it. Healers can’t be bad.”

“Well, apparently some bad healers were sighted.”

Wojin made a face.

“Wow that’s really crazy, I didn’t know healers could be bad.”

Another boy from behind Wojin leaned on his desk to talk.

“And I asked my dad, he was a little surprised but said there were some healers like the one you say, but they were so few.”

“But still, they exist.”

A girl with curly hair stated firmly.


“Man, that’s scary.”

“I still don’t believe it!”

“Ok, you can stay in your safe zone Sura, don’t listen to us and shut up!”

Jimin watched as his classmates discussed about it with heat. He should have brought it up sooner, they were worse than him.

A tiny smirk sat on his lips and as he retreated to his spot at the corner, the others were going to do all the works for him.

There was an edgy mood when Hoseok walked swiftly between the rows and collected the essays. They all looked at him with anticipation.

 “Any questions?”

He asked standing at the front of the class. Suddenly all the hands were up in the air. Well, most of them, Jimin just watched.

“Wow! Yeon?”

“Can you tell us about that healer Wojin said the other day?”

Yeon asked with such an excitement that her words were all slurred.

Hoseok blinked slowly clutching the papers in his hands.

“Any...other questions?”


“You all want to know about him?” he deadpanned.


The class chanted in sync. Hoseok was amazed. It was the first time they all were in such harmony. He almost chocked on tears.

“Alright,” he leaned to his desk and crossed his arms on his chest. “What do you wanna know?”

The class exploded with questions.


“Like who was he? What did he do?”

“Did you know him?”

“Was he scary?”

“How did they find out about him?”

“How bad was he?”

 “Did he really kill someone?”

Hoseok chuckled and shook his head.

“No, I don’t think the killing part is true.”

“What did he do then?”

“He was a healer. Like every other healers. He was pretty famous in fact.”

“Like Sura’s mother?”

Someone decided to be funny and the class burst out laughing while Sura turned around on her chair and shouted to the class.

“Shut up!”

Hoseok flinched.

“Whoa, kids.”

“So, what was his deal?”

“And what did he do that people killed him?”

Hoseok tilted his head to think about it.

“People knew he wasn’t a normal healer. He was…well, into something more than healing, you know!”

He gestured with his hand to convey his point.

“But no one suspected him to be into dark magic, he put on a pretty good façade.”

“How did they find out about him?”

“I think someone reported about him?”

“What did he do?”

“You know healers are supposed to save people, not hurting them, right?”

Hoseok raised his eyebrows.

“So when you find out a healer is doing the exact opposite of his job…”

“You jump and kill him!” someone yelled with enthusiasm.

Hoseok grimaced, why these kids were so into violence?

“Yeah, not exactly like that, but yeah…”

“Did he have a family?”

Hoseok looked at the ceiling, thinking.

“I don’t think so.” He shrugged. “If he had, they probably had left him.”

“So, the people killed him when they found out their healer hurt people?”

“Yeah...they set the house on fire.”

“Couldn’t they just talk to him?”

Yeon asked innocently. Hoseok scoffed.

“I give you ten seconds to think about your question!”

 “Guess they couldn’t…” she mumbled, sinking in to her chair.

“Sorry sir?”


“If he had magic, couldn't he save himself? I mean I heard killing him wasn't easy.” Wojin asked.

“Ok actually I don't know about the details. I was there but I was just a kid. Like you. I wasn't deeply involved, so I don't know how exactly they did it, sorry.”

“Is he dead now?”

“Yes. He is dead.”




Seokjin yelled towered an empty house. No one rushed to the table. No one actually was there to rush to the table. That was why he announced dinner ten minutes earlier. There was just Namjoon sitting at the table scribbling something, and he had been there for the past two hours.

Jimin strolled to the table without a rush, an apple in one hand and a notebook in the other. He plumped on the chair in front of Namjoon, humming a melody.

Namjoon glanced at him through his eyelashes.

“You’re happy today.”


Jimin bit his apple and chewed noisily. Seokjin placed the platters of mixed meat and potatoes on the table before yelling another ‘dinner’ to the house.

“What happened?”

He smiled. It was really a rare thing to see Jimin this happy!


Jimin just exclaimed triumphantly like he had waited so long to yell it out. He looked at his fathers with a smirk and sharp eyes. Namjoon slightly smiled, curious, and put away his notes.

“What?” he asked.

Jimin pursed his lips to suppress his wide smile and narrowed his eyes, like he knew a secret everybody wanted to know.

“Remember that wicked healer you refused talking about?”

He asked Seokjin, who vaguely tensed.


Jimin giggled before continuing, “Well I finally found out about him!”

He slammed his hand on the table and leaned to the chair confidently, watching the blank faces of his parents.

“Wicked healer?”

Namjoon asked. “Wicked…” he trailed off in confusion, looking at Seokjin for explanation. He was obviously unaware about that healer thing; no one had mentioned it for him.

“The healer in the other village, the one who you all apparently helped to kill.”

Jimin informed his dad with a cool tone, too drowned in his happiness that didn’t notice Namjoon clearly went pale.

 “How did you find out about him?” Seokjin asked, trying so hard to sound normal and not like a quivering, gasping drama queen.

 “My favorite teacher in the whole world told us today when we just begged him to.”

Jimin opened his arms fondly and smiled wide and all teeth, he took a deep breath in and lowered his arms with satisfaction.

“I don’t understand why you don’t talk about it; it was just a simple historical event.” He frowned.

But, when he finally stopped talking and looked at his fathers, his expression fell.

None of them were smiling, none of them were impressed. They both were so looking like a ghost. Namjoon eyes were throwing fire at him. Seokjin was clutching his shoulder, his mouth slightly open and his eyes wide.

Jimin felt cold, all of his excitement faded away in a second. Why the atmosphere was so awkward?

He felt so little under his father’s gaze, he was going to kill him, though Jimin had no idea what he had done.

For the first time, he felt that he really had messed up.

“What did you do?”