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The music is already booming like crazy when Donghyuk slips into the building, with Chenle and Renjun. Half of the people are drunk already and the other half is in the progress of getting there. Most of them are from Donghyuk's class and he gets greeted left and right by boys and girls whom he doesn't care to remember. His eyes are searching someone particular, but there's no trace of him yet. So, Donghyuk does the only sane thing to do in a place like this and looks for the drinks.

In the kitchen, he also finds Ten. He faintly remembers that his on-and-off boyfriend Johnny, is supposedly the host of the party, so he thinks it would be better for him to be nice. Not just because Johnny throws the best parties within the student body, of course.

"Hey cutie." Ten greets with a dazed grin.

His eyes are red and the way he immediately drapes himself around Donghyuk's shoulders, tells him enough already; "Are you high?"

"All over the clouds." Ten giggles, "Where's Mark?"

Donghyuk frowns; annoyed at the mention of the name and shrugs, "I don't know. Why do you ask me?"

Raising a brow, Ten says: "Oh please, I see you two always hanging around each other's necks somewhere." Then, he lifts his hands with the most delighted squeal in history and shouts "Renjunnie!"

"Don't." A very un-amused Renjun, pushes Ten right past him and into Chenle's happy arms. Ten doesn't seem to mind, as he presses the young boy into a crushing hug, "I've had about enough body-contact for one day."

Chenle sends a loud wave of laughter through the kitchen. "We had swimming in sports today and some girl tried to get it on with him. He was so panicked, he didn't know what to do and at some point–" another laugh, "at some point he just went: 'can you back off? I'm gay."

While Ten is busy with laughing his ass off and Renjun with trying to murder them both with just his eyes, Donghyuk helps himself to a beer. It's been a long day and right now, all he wants is to get wasted and either have a good evening with his friends or find someone to make out with, until his lips fall off. Even though the first name that comes to mind (as it always does) is very appealing, Donghyuk denies it to himself.

He keeps slipping around Mark, allowing him to act all lovey-dovey and touchy with him. It usually results in the same thing; just when it looks like they could actually be something exclusive, he finds both of them sucking someone else's face. Renjun keeps telling him he should quit everything completely, Chenle keeps suggesting he asks Mark to be his boyfriend. Honestly though, neither of the options is very appealing to him. The first, is impossible, just because it seems to be Donghyuk's default to not be able to keep his hands off Mark. The second – No. He's just not going to.

After a bit more glancing around the crowd, Donghyuk does find Mark. He wishes he hadn't right away, though. Mark isn't alone – because, why would he be – and has a very familiar body hanging off him in that obtrusive manner that is usually reserved for Donghyuk himself. It's not fair, really, who can compete with Lee Taeyong? The man is gorgeous and the fact that he's a senior and therefore basically way too cool to hang around a Sophomore like Mark, just makes him even more desirable than he already is.

When Mark looks up, they meet eyes and he has the audacity to give Donghyuk this adorable, innocent smile of his, which indicates that he truly has no idea what is going on right now. Rolling his eyes, Donghyuk throws him a nasty eye and averts his gaze. Maybe he's being childish, but it really doesn't sit right with him, when Mark has Taeyong in his lap and his hands draped so tight around his waist. Donghyuk sucks in a breath. They're not boyfriends, he has no reason, nor right to be so jealous.

As his eyes scan the crowd once more, they land on another familiar face. If Mark insists on making a statement out of the fact that they can be all touchy with other people – please. Two can play that game.

"Hey." Jeno greets him in a lazy tone, when Donghyuk approaches him.

He looks handsome, in his jeans and black silk shirt. Styling the hair off his forehead also makes him look a lot older than a Sophomore. When his eyes linger a little too long on the white neckline of Jeno's shirt, Donghyuk decides to give the boy a smile.


"You look cute." Jeno says and Donghyuk's smile widens.

Jeno has always had the hots for him, it's even obvious for Donghyuk himself. He supposes, since Mark and him aren't boyfriends, Jeno doesn't really have a reason to hide it either. Leaning in a bit closer, Donghyuk rests a hand on Jeno's waist. Innocent, but also open to develop.

"And you", he murmurs, "Look delicious."

Whoops – that must be his low alcohol tolerance. How is one beer enough to loosen his tongue so much? Perhaps it's connected to the fact Donghyuk has next to no shame. Or maybe he's trying to prove something. Not to Mark though, obviously.

Luckily, Jeno just laughs and a slight flush spreads across his cheeks, "Thanks I guess. Did you come alone?"

It's obvious, why Jeno would ask such a question, "No, I brought my friends Chenle and Renjun. I left them with Ten though."

"I see." Jeno hums. Then, he gets a bit bolder and his hand snakes to Donghyuk's hip, pulling him in, "You think they're gonna survive a few minutes without you?"

Donghyuk's eyes hush over to where he last saw Mark. He's still there and to no surprise, so is Taeyong. The elder is mumbling some things into Mark's ear and he looks very endeared by whatever is said. His bottom lip is between his teeth; a lame attempt at suppressing a pleased smile. However, the expression disappears, when he meets Donghyuk's gaze for the second time. His eyes follow the line of Jeno's arm around Donghyuk and, just to dump a bit of gasoline into the fire, Donghyuk hooks an arm around Jeno's neck and pulls their bodies even closer together.

There's annoyance in Mark's eyes and he turns away, directing his attention back to a clueless Taeyong. Donghyuk waits, until the boy can't resist his curiosity anymore and looks over again. In that exact moment, Donghyuk sends Jeno the sweetest smile he can muster and answers: "I'm sure they'll be fine."

He follows Jeno upstairs then and soon, he's pressed against the closed door of the restroom, Jeno's lips on his neck. It's not the first time they've done this, by far. Donghyuk used to feel a little guilty for not having any interest in Jeno past the physical aspect, until Jeno had assured him that the feeling was mutual. Now, it's just a very beneficial agreement – no strings attached. Donghyuk wishes it was that easy with Mark.

Moaning a breathy version of Jeno's name, Donghyuk lets the boy pull the collar of his fluffy, black crop top down. His breath hitches a bit, when Jeno's cool hands graze the skin of his waist again.

"Can I suck you off?" Jeno whispers, already a tad breathless.

Donghyuk groans at the words and lets his head bump back against the door, "Rhetorical question I assume."

Jeno only smirks at him and kisses his way down Donghyuk's waist, soon reaching the edge of his jeans. A whine leaves Donghyuk's lips, when Jeno sucks a small mark into his hipbone. His fingers are daft and impatient, as they work Donghyuk's belt open and pull his zipper down. Just when it's about to get good, Donghyuk's body jolts with a hard knock against the door. He whines again, but not in pleasure this time.

"Fuck off, it's occupied." he shouts and Jeno chuckles at his annoyance.

Giving him a shit-eating grin, Donghyuk's hand trails into Jeno's hair and pulls. A soft groan escapes the boy's lips and he ressumes pushing Donghyuk's pants down. The knock sounds again, more insistent this time. Donghyuk tries to ignore it, but after the fourth time, the knocks start to hurt against the back of his head. So, he pushes Jeno off his crotch and zips up his pants. Jeno, a bit dazed and confused gives him a questioning frown. Donghyuk ignores him with a huff and, wearing the most threatening death glare he has in store, opens the door.

"Sorry, but there's some people who want to use the restroom for its original purpose." Mark says, with the dumbest grin Donghyuk has ever wanted to punch off his face.

"There's another one downstairs." he snarls, "Why don't you take that one?"

Mark shrugs, "Looks like you're done anyways, so..."

Jeno steps out of the restroom, clearly un-amused by the situation. His hair is still a complete mess and the colour on his cheeks hasn't subsided yet. Donghyuk feels a little sorry for bringing Jeno into such an embarrassing situation, but the guilt is nothing compared to the rage that waves through him. How is Mark such a dick? And furthermore: How is Mark such a dick and still manages to have Donghyuk's heart in his hand?

"I'll wait downstairs, Hyuk." Jeno declares and when he passes by, Mark 'accidentally' trips him.

"Shit dude, I'm sorry. Are you okay?" Mark asks, obviously not caring much if Jeno just bumped his elbow or actually broke his nose.

With a pissed sound, Jeno gets back to his feet and shoots Mark a nasty look, "Watch it."

Then, he is gone; disappearing down the staircase and leaving Donghyuk on his own, to deal with the biggest problem of his daily life. Mark is still looking at him with one corner of his lips curled up. Obviously, he's not planning to use the restroom after all.

"What the hell was that?" Donghyuk asks, frowning.

Mark shrugs and takes a few steps closer, "Poor guy fell. It happens. I think, in your presence, I would have trouble staying on my feet too." His lips graze Donghyuk's ear and the younger shudders at the contact, "I'd at least fall on my knees for you, all the time."

Donghyuk can't help himself; his arms are around Mark's neck in no time. He realizes, in the back of his mind that he is making this way too easy for Mark, but seriously, how is he supposed to resist when he just looks so damn good? Mark is wearing a black tank top with a ripped denim jacket thrown on top and there is more jewellery on his body than should be allowed. He even has his hair styled in that messy way, he knows Donghyuk can't resist. It's an unfair game already and Mark has been cheating from the beginning.

"You're such a nuisance." Donghyuk whispers, before smashing their lips together.

He can feel Mark's stupid grin press against his lips and he wipes it off, by pulling at the hair in his nape. The small groan he receives, right into his mouth has him swim in the feeling of victory. Trying to mask his embarrassment, Mark presses him into the closest wall. His grip is tight on Donghyuk, as if he doesn't want his body to just slip away. It's tempting – to give Mark a taste and then leave, just to let him realize what he's missing out on, but Donghyuk doesn't have enough self-control for that today.

Quite the contrary, he realizes, when Mark pushes a thigh between his legs and he immediately starts rolling his hips against the pressure. They're in the middle of the hallway and the party is still thrumming from downstairs. Usually, Donghyuk would try to at least pull Mark into a room they could lock, but right now, he's drowning in the alcohol on Mark's tongue.

"You look so pretty, baby." Mark whispers, sucking a big mark into his neck, "The top looks so sexy on you."

"Wanna know what would look even more sexy on me?" Donghyuk responds, his hand snaking down to grab onto Mark's ass, "You."

With a pleased grin, Mark connects their lips again and lets his hands run along Donghyuk's thighs, "Should we look for a more silent corner?"

"Hm, unless you want to do me right here."

"Fuck, Hyuk don't just say stuff like that." Mark's face disappears into Donghyuk's neck.

With a pleased grin, he feels Mark press his hips into his thigh; desperately searching for friction. When Donghyuk attacks Mark's earlobe with his teeth, he bucks up even harder. The wall thumps slightly, with the force Donghyuk hits against it, but the rough feeling only sends more heat through his body. His palm slides across Mark's chest, his stomach, lower, lower and lower until-

"Hey you guys, we're just about to play beer-pong, you in?"

They break apart, panting heavily, to find Yuta at the end of the hallway. He looks unbothered by what he found and it doesn't take long for Donghyuk to understand that the boy is probably high out of his mind. Mark clears his throat and pulls away, making Donghyuk whine internally.

"Yeah, we'll be right there." Mark declares and they watch Yuta run back downstairs happily.

"Will we now?" Donghyuk pouts, his eyes glinting.

"Come on", Mark's hand closes around his and the gesture is so affectionate that it makes Donghyuk forget the world for a moment, "we can still continue later."

Settling for the agreement, Donghyuk lets Mark pull him downstairs again. The game has already started and, as they participate, both of them get increasingly more wasted. At some point, Donghyuk is so out of it that he has to stop playing and sits down. There's still a drink in his hand, but he has his doubts about whether drinking it would really be a good idea. Soon enough, there's a familiar body back by his side. He gives Mark a lazy grin and receives the same expression back.

"You really suck at this game." Mark slurs.

Donghyuk rolls his eyes, "Yeah well, you suck at giving head, but do I complain?"

"I do not suck at giving head." Mark says and when Donghyuk gives him a sceptical look, he starts looking around the people. Two seconds later, Mark has a hand on Taeil's wrist and pulls him down to where Donghyuk still waits, "Hyung, Donghyuk says I'm bad at giving head, that's not true right?"

Taeil chokes on his drink and coughs a little, before he gives Mark a frown and then looks at Donghyuk, "I mean... If you want to compete with Ten or Taeyong I guess you need more practice but–"

"Why of all people are you asking Taeil-hyung?" Donghyuk interrupts.

Mark looks at him as if the answer is absolutely obvious, "Because he knows from first-hand experience and I don't know anyone who gets his dick sucked as much as he does. I figured his opinion would be the most expert, statistic-wise."

"Technically Kun is ahead of me." Taeil chirps in.

"Yeah but", Mark raises a swaying index-finger, "I've never been with Kun. He's scary."

"No, don't worry he's very sweet, especially when you're-" Taeil stops midsentence, when he realizes what he just exposed and then gets up from the couch, "I think I don't want to be part of this conversation anymore, bye you guys."

They watch Taeil go, while Donghyuk tries not to be pissed off at the fact that him and Mark had been a... situation at some point, even if it was just for the span of a mere hour. He takes another gulp of his drink after all. Then a second one, when, not even twenty seconds later, someone is in Mark's lap again.

Jaemin looks like a fashionable thot. A look that deep down, Donghyuk knows to aspire. However, everyone knows that only Na Jaemin can pull off the casual baby–pink–sweater–off–one–shoulder and fishnets look without looking ridiculous. Annoyingly enough, even Donghyuk wouldn't mind having Jaemin in his lap, but he's not that lucky today. Mark is. And that is really just pissing the hell out of him.

"Hey boys." Jaemin says with that bright grin of his.

He barely seems out of it and Donghyuk quickly remembers that Jaemin doesn't drink on parties. How is one a hoe without a drop of alcohol? Donghyuk still aspires. Then he thinks, without Mark around, maybe he would actually be free to live out the hoe-life and he gets salty again.

"Hey babe." Mark says.

Donghyuk scoffs. Babe? Really Mark? "Hey kitten."

Jaemin sends Donghyuk the most blinding smile and shifts a little to drape his upper body over Donghyuk's lap as well, "I like that. Sounds super cute."

"You are super cute." Mark says and like a lightning, Jaemin is back all over him.

"Jaemin", Donghyuk whines, "Why are you so far away?"

Jaemin's cheeks colour and he grins, "Want me to come over, Hyukkie?"

"Uh-uh." Mark's hand slides around Jaemin's waist and presses him tightly against his body, "This one is mine right now."

"Lucky for you", Jaemin leans in a little, "you're quite cosy."

Huffing, Donghyuk leans back with a pout. Jaemin attempts to apologize to him but Mark manages to pull his full attention to him and suddenly, Donghyuk isn't even there anymore. It hurts a little. The way that Mark is caressing Jaemin's side, while listening to him talk about the new addition to his Vinyl-collection sends daggers through Donghyuk's heart. Who can blame Mark, really? Jaemin is absolutely endearing and looking like the angels came from above to give him styling advice. And who can blame Jaemin?

Donghyuk looks at Mark through his dazed, intoxicated state and his heart tremors. He's just so handsome and so near, yet so far. They're playing this stupid game of push and pull, trying to see who gets jealous first. Trying to see what the other is willing to do to get them back. It's been like this for ages now and Donghyuk is surprised to find he's starting to get tired of it.

Sighing, he silently apologizes to Jaemin in his mind and then shuffles closer. Thanks to having a past in the drama-club, Donghyuk is now absolutely capable of dumping his drink all over Jaemin, give a very exasperated, yet convincing gasp of shock and act like he regrets his entire existence. Jaemin, the angel just gets up and tells Donghyuk that it's okay. He laughs and says, he'll be right back, trying to clean up. Donghyuk hopes he won't but he can't really say that out loud. So, instead, he waves Renjun over.

The boy seems exasperated at being ordered around, but he asks: "What?" nonetheless.

"Jaemin is in distress, Romeo." Donghyuk teases and points his finger in the general direction Jaemin has headed to, "It's your chance to gather some boyfriend-material-points, eh?"

Spluttering, Renjun tells him he's an asshole and goes after Jaemin a little too fast to not be considered eager. Donghyuk tries not to make Renjun's crush on Jaemin a big deal, since he's not strictly a prime example for having a healthy and stable relationship. Yet, he can't help himself in situations like these. He just hopes Renjun won't try to flirt again. Usually those attempts involve a lot of history-references and Donghyuk is not sure if Jaemin will get them.

"I saw that, you know?"

Donghyuk turns his head to Mark, who looks admittedly a little pissed, "Saw what?"

"You did that on purpose."

"And Jeno isn't that incapable of walking." Donghyuk slurs, shuffling a little closer, "but I didn't call you out either."

Mark huffs, "Fair, I guess." Then, as Donghyuk cuddles into his side and Mark envelopes him in a tight hold, he adds: "Why did you do it?"

"Cause I don't like it." Donghyuk's mouth is very heavy. Maybe he did have a little too much to drink, but Mark is indeed cosy.

"Don't like what?"

"When you're so touchy with other people." Donghyuk whispers and his eyes fall shut, "You should only be like that with..." he starts snoring and Mark is left frowning at him in confusion.


On Sunday morning, Donghyuk is certain that his hangover will be what causes him to run in front of a car and die. Maybe he's being dramatic, like Renjun said, but he really is sure that it's the worst one he's ever had. Probably a lie, but you get the gist. Luckily, Mark is used enough to hangovers to function in the morning and, even as Renjun is gone from their shared student-dorm, he manages to make breakfast for the two of them.

"Smells soooo good." Donghyuk moans as he filters into the kitchen, his eyes still stuck closed.

Mark gives him a fond smile and divides the scrambled ham and eggs onto two plates, adding two slices of crunchy toast. Donghyuk moves to make them coffee and it's all so domestic that he wants to squeal. Really, Donghyuk loves Renjun but it's just so nice to just be with Mark and share some alone time with his best friend. No risks of having someone else hang around Mark's neck. No pressure of making him jealous by pulling some broad dude into his side. It's just them in the moment and no worries about a relationship-status they don't have.

With his sleeping shirt-sleeves pooling around his wrists, Donghyuk takes Mark's hand into his own and pulls him, to face him. The older does so with another grin and his free hand goes to Donghyuk's waist out of habit. Donghyuk's own arms circle around his neck to pull him down for a gentle kiss. And another one. And just one more, because why would he stop when it's the nicest?

"Thank you for making breakfast. You're the best." He whispers and presses another kiss to Mark's cheek.

"Hmmm", Pulling the smaller boy against his chest, Mark buries his face in Donghyuk's neck and inhales deeply, "You still taste like hangover and morning-breath."

"Screw you."

"What happened to 'you're the best'?" Mark laughs, when Donghyuk pushes him off and grabs his plate to sit on the kitchen counter.

Naturally, Mark gravitates to the other boy with his own plate and settles with standing between Donghyuk's spread legs. He's just wearing boxers beneath his shirt, but really, the amount of times they've seen each other naked has thrown any shame he could have out of the window.

Once they've both finished their food and Donghyuk is in the middle of dutifully placing their plates in the sink for Renjun to wash, Mark wraps his arms around him from behind, "I have to go to campus today."

"It's Sunday." Donghyuk eyes him, a little worried, "What could you possibly have to do?"

Mark groans, "Remember I told you I might fail in history?"

"Yeah, cause you keep mixing up the year dates."

"Right", his nose rubs against Donghyuk's neck and, even though he's done with not doing the dishes, he doesn't move, "Well, I finally found someone who's nice enough to tutor me."

"That's great, even though I have to wonder who would be patient enough to get stuck with your ass." Donghyuk teases.

Mark smirks, "You mean apart from you?"

Donghyuk rolls his eyes at the memory that follows. They had barely known each other back then, but Donghyuk had given Mark some tutoring in Korean for a while. Admittedly, they hadn't done as much work as making out, but Mark had passed the year with flying colours still.

"For real though", Donghyuk says and turns around to face Mark, "Whose feet do I have to kiss in gratitude?"

"Taeyong-hyung." Mark simply answers.

Donghyuk has that bitter taste in his mouth then, but he manages to nod with a smile, "What a sweet guy."

"Yeah", Mark doesn't even seem to mind, when Donghyuk pulls away from his grasp to go to his room, he just keeps following him, "He's totally packed with school work right now, being in his last year and all, but he still said he'd make some time for me. Said I'm his favourite underclassman."

"I'll send you a trophy." Donghyuk says, as he walks into his room, to get dressed.

"Where are you going?"

"I've got some studying to catch up to, since someone" Donghyuk gives him a pointed look, "thought it would be a great idea to spend an entire Thursday afternoon with Netflix and chill."

Mark pouts and leans against the doorway, "No fair, you said it yourself: Renjun wasn't home the whole day and we barely get time like that."

Donghyuk rolls his eyes, as he pulls on a pair of jeans, "I guess."

When he notices Mark lingering, to watch him pull off his shirt, Donghyuk throws it in his face. He catches it with a chuckle and walks out, to give Donghyuk a bit of privacy. Settling with a normal low-cut shirt, Donghyuk packs his books and notes into a bag and walks out just a few minutes after. Mark has changed into casual clothes as well, some earrings hanging from his ears. Donghyuk frowns at him in thought for a moment, before slipping into Mark's room and returning to hand him one of his several caps. Mark raises a brow but takes the cap anyways.

"Completes the look." Donghyuk shrugs, he doesn't have to admit that he just really likes it when Mark wears caps.

When he turns to the door, Mark holds him back by the wrist, "Are you going out like that?"


He feels Mark's eyes linger on the collar of his shirt, which reveals just enough chest to not quite be scandalous but certainly be an eye-magnet, "It's cold outside."

"I'll be fine-"

"Wait a second", Mark goes into his room once more and comes back with a black hoodie in his hands, "Just wear that and if you're too warm you can take it off. Better safe than sorry."

Donghyuk takes the hoodie with a soft smile and pulls it over his head. It smells like Mark and it's soft and comfortable from being worn so much. Usually, Donghyuk loves seeing Mark wear it, but he finds that on himself, it looks just as nice. He twists the fabric of the sleeves between his fingers, before leaning up to exchange a kiss and mumble a faint 'thank you'. Together they go to campus, picking up a cup of coffee on the way that Mark pays and say their goodbyes with a tight hug in front of the entrance.

Watching Mark leave with a swing in his step, Donghyuk feels his heart sink with the knowledge that he will probably not study with Taeyong. Reminding himself that – again – this is none of his business, Donghyuk makes his way to the library. There, he finds a silent spot to distract himself with his art history notes for a total of two hours. Only when he finally thinks he can tell apart Mannerism and Baroque painting-styles, the seat in front of him gets taken by a tornado of Renjun.

Donghyuk startles and manages to just pull his notes out of the way, when he knocks over his water bottle. It doesn't quite work. Looks like he'll study -oque instead of Baroque now. Works with him, he realizes when the fog of concentration gives way to a headache.

"I've been trying to call you." Renjun pants.

"Study break, I always turn my phone off." Donghyuk answers, bored, "What's got your ass full of ants?"

It's obvious that Renjun is trying to bite back a smile, "You remember when you sent me to help Jaemin out, after you dumped your drink over him, yesterday at the party?" Donghyuk nods, not really remembering but fully convinced that he would do such a thing, "Well, guess what, I finally have enough boyfriend-points together to get the plushie at the register."

"...I'm sorry, you what?" Donghyuk deadpans.

"He kissed me!" Renjun exclaims and shrinks a little when the other students around the library shush him, "Well, more likely he uhm- tried to eat me." Pulling down his collar, Renjun reveals a bunch of hickeys, some the size of a small tomato.


"Yeah, I was as surprised as you are." Renjun admits, a faint blush to his cheeks.

"So what, you guys", Donghyuk raises a brow with a grin, "Are a thing now?"

Renjun shrugs, "Actually, I have no idea. I'm not even sure what he remembers of yesterday."

"Well he better treat you like fucking gold, or else I'll have to beat his skinny ass."

Smiling shyly at Donghyuk's declaration, Renjun falls silent for a moment. Then, as if he just remembered again, his eyes widen: "Also, I actually came to tell you something different."


"I saw Mark and Taeyong in one of the classrooms and they were... very friendly." Renjun says, an apologetic expression.

"And you tell me that now?"

Shrugging, Renjun pulls out his own books, "Yeah?"

"Priorities Renjun. Sort them." Donghyuk groans, then his face is in his hands, "Whatever, it's none of my business anyways."

"Are you gonna cry?"

"No, Renjun, I'm not gonna cry."

"You sure?"

"... ninety per cent, yeah."

Renjun gives him that look he has, when he's absolutely sure he's right about something and Donghyuk is not, "I keep telling you to break it off, but you-"

"Fuck it, it is my business." Donghyuk jumps to his feet, "I'll be right back."

Without waiting for Renjun's response, he's speeding out of the library and out onto the campus. Belatedly, he realizes he should have asked Renjun what classroom he'd been talking about, but he figures he'll just have to check the more secluded ones and he'll be successful. Running up and down the hallways, Donghyuk looks through every one of the windows in the classroom doors. Some are occupied by teachers, preparing for the classes tomorrow, others are occupied by couples and Donghyuk witnesses one or two ordeals that he wishes he could have skipped.

Just when he's about to give up, he strides past one of the classrooms furthest in the back of the building. If it wasn't for Taeyong's tacky, pink hair, Donghyuk would have missed them. But there he is, in Mark's lap and definitely not telling him shit about history. He actually looks like he's trying to suck Mark's soul out from between his lips and the worst part is that Mark doesn't seem very attached to his soul in that moment. When Mark's hand slides to his ass and Donghyuk can hear Taeyong's whine even outside, he sees red. Fine, if he wants to play it like that.

He looks around and with the most devious grin, his eyes get stuck on the fire extinguisher. He'll get in trouble. He shouldn't. But it will be so, so worth it. Unhooking the device, Donghyuk slings it over his shoulder and holds the opening out in front of him. Taking a deep breath, he pushes the door open and aims right for the two boys in the middle of the classroom. Taeyong's squeal and the way Mark falls off his chair is probably the most satisfying thing that Donghyuk has ever experienced in his life. Every inch of them gets covered with white snow. When he has finally emptied out the entire fire extinguisher, he smiles at them.

"You guys looked like you were burning up, so I figured I'd jump in and help you out." With that and another smile, he throws the fire extinguisher into a corner and prances out of the classroom door with the satisfaction blooming all the way through his being.


"Are you serious? That's like the eighth one today." Donghyuk groans.

Waving the love-letter in his face, Mark smirks at him, "Guess I'm just that loveable."

"Eat shit."

It's Valentine's day and, given Donghyuk has to watch Mark accept presents and confessions left and right, definitely marked as his least favourite day of the year by now. Don't misunderstand, he's got a fair amount of them himself, some so unexpected that he had choked on his spit. That doesn't change the fact though, that it annoys the shit out of him to see all those girls and guys give Mark heart eyes. To double the trouble Mark even flirts with those he thinks are cute and as soon as they're out of hearing range, he'd have Donghyuk rate them from a scale of one to ten. If Donghyuk were to be honest, he'd want to give them all numbers in the minus area (except for Sicheng, he's an angel, he gets a fifteen).

"You're just jealous." Mark says then.

"I don't have any reason to be." Donghyuk says and waves his own bag of heart-shaped chocolates into Mark's face, "I just don't understand why you get all the good ones."

This is obviously not the real reason he's upset, but at least Mark Lee is fairly easy to lie to, "Good ones? Enlighten me."

"Yeah, I mean; first Taeyong?"

"Ah yeah, what was up with that fire extinguisher-story, I still-"

"Duh, that's not the point of this conversation." Donghyuk rolls his eyes, "Now you get self-made cookies from THE Dong Sicheng? And even Johnny winked at you in the hallway today."


"Mark", Donghyuk makes a wild gesture of frustration, "Johnny has a boyfriend!"

"I thought that's an on-off story?" Mark seems confused.

Shrugging, Donghyuk resumes their journey to the courtyard, for lunch, "They don't mean that. It's just a code word for being together, because they're too afraid to put a label on it yet. But they don't sleep with anyone else, like-" he breaks off, before he can continue, knowing perfectly well he's screwed if he ends that sentence.

"Like whom?"

Shit, frick, heck, shit, "Like... some people just do, okay?"

Mark, clueless as ever, shakes his head and runs a hand through his hair, "That's mad complicated."

"Just because you have the social education of a stone." Donghyuk says.

Mark doesn't even disagree, having accepted the fact that Donghyuk is right, ages ago. They make their way to the courtyard, sitting on one of the tables to eat their lunch together. It's a thing they end up doing every day. A sweet sort of habit that neither of them analyses too much. It has simply become a given for both of them to look for each other in the hallways and then eat their lunch together at the same table as everyday. They'll share the sandwiches they buy at the vending machines. Donghyuk gets Mark's tomatoes and Mark scratches the cheese off his veggie patty.

Usually, it's just the two of them. Once in a blue moon Renjun might join but everyone else stays away from their table. The reason might be Donghyuk's stink eye. He's pernickety about his time with Mark and he won't have someone else ruin what little domestic interaction he gets with him. Today though, even his infamous stink eye gets ignored.

"What's up guys?" Donghyuk internally groans, when Jung Jaehyun slides into the seat next to him. Honestly, if he's going to give Mark anything for Valentine's day, Donghyuk will just throw his sandwich into his face and leave.

"Hey Jaehyun, how's Doyoung?" Mark asks.

Jaehyun smiles at the mention of his ex. An unusual reaction but Donghyuk found out they're on friendly terms and still sharing their apartment, "Still a raging feminist."

"Good to hear."


When Jaehyun takes a deep breath, Donghyuk realizes he'll have to listen to another confession laid out in front of Mark. He fumbles a little and Donghyuk is definitely prepared to roll his eyes so far into his skull he's going to go blind. To suppress his sigh, he moves to take a sip from his juice box.

"So, Donghyuk." The surprise sends the orange juice straight out of Donghyuk's nose and he chokes. Jaehyun doesn't seem to mind much and just carries on: "I've been wondering if you'd like to go for dinner with me?"

"As in like, a friend-dinner?" Surprisingly, it's not Donghyuk who asks, but Mark.

Jaehyun chuckles shyly and rubs the back of his neck, then he looks back at Donghyuk, "Not quite, if that's fine with you."

Donghyuk's brain stops, "Fine? Finesse? I mean– you are fi– yes. Yes that's fine with me."

"Sorry, that is fine to you?" Mark asks.

Donghyuk shoots him a dagger-glare, "Yes, that is very, very fine with me."

"Fine, if that's fine with you, it's fine with me." Mark says.

He looks offended and Donghyuk feels a bit guilty. He thinks about taking his answer back. Then, he thinks about how Mark hadn't seemed to feel very guilty, sticking his tongue down Taeyong's throat. They're not boyfriends. Donghyuk bites the inside of his lip and musters Jaehyun.

If Jaemin had his styling done by the angels from above, Jaehyun definitely had some tips from the demons on the other side. He looks dangerous, even when he isn't trying; with piercings around his nose and lips and tattoos peeking from under his collar. Chenle told him that Jaehyun owns a Suzuki GSX S1000 in matt black, with neon green designs. He'd also told him a couple of other rumours involving said motorbike, but they're definitely not fitting for a young audience.

"I'd love to go." Donghyuk says with a smile.

Jaehyun's smile widens and his dimples throw shadows on his cheeks, "Fantastic! I'll pick you up at eight?"

Nodding, Donghyuk watches Jaehyun raise from his seat. He gives Donghyuk a sweet flying kiss and an eye-smile, throws a quick 'later, Mark' at the other boy and then wanders down the courtyard. When he's out of ear-range, Mark leans across the table.

"So, now you'd 'love' to go?" He puts an unnecessarily bitchy emphasis on the word 'love'.

"Say what you want to say, Mark."

"We got our movie night today, Hyuk." Mark whines and the way he seems genuinely upset, has Donghyuk's guilt returning full-force, "I already borrowed 'Homecoming' and 'Far from Home' from Johnny."

Donghyuk intertwines their fingers apologetically, "I'm sorry, Mark. It's just this once, though. I'm sure you'll find someone else to watch them with you..."

"But it's not the same if it's not with you." Mark mumbles.

Donghyuk is so surprised by the statement that he leaves his mouth hanging open for a little while. Usually, he's always the one to be clingy. The one, to be disappointed when Mark accepts an offer to go out with someone else. The one to whine, when he gets ditched for another person. Right now, for the first time Donghyuk thinks the tables have turned and under all the guilt, he feels strangely satisfied. The thought of Mark tasting his own medicine after all this time feels reassuring in some kind of way.

Which is the reason why he does not call Jaehyun to cancel their dinner, like he initially would have planned. Instead he stands up and sits next to Mark, cuddling into his side and suggests, they just play video games tomorrow afternoon instead. Mark seems only half-happy with the compromise but Donghyuk isn't going to accommodate him even more.

They spend the rest of their time at the lunch-table, exchanging silent and comfortable conversation. Mark only tries to convince him to stay for the movie night one more time, which is, as much disappointing as it is relieving. Donghyuk is pretty sure he would have said yes after the third try.

When Mark's next class begins, they separate. In theory, Donghyuk could go home already, but he wants to stay around a little longer and use the grand piano in their music-room. So, he skips down hallways with an easy smile. Admittedly, he's still basking in the fact that Jung Jaehyun asked him out AND Mark tried to stop him. He's so far gone, he doesn't even know which of the two makes him giddier. Opening the door to the music room, Donghyuk finds it's almost empty.


The Grand is taken and a sweet Debussy-melody fills the room. It's a bit sloppy, but Donghyuk guesses he can appreciate someone playing one of his favourite composers. Until he sees who plays.

Taeyong looks up, upon noticing his presence and sends him an easy smile. How someone can smile at you, after you've covered their ass in fire extinguisher foam, Donghyuk isn't quite sure. The longer he looks though, the more apologetic Taeyong's eyes seem and that really doesn't make any sense. Oh god, maybe he got back at Donghyuk and he just doesn't know yet.

"Nice fingers." Donghyuk says, on a brain-fart based impulse, "I mean the way they play- you play nice."

He's still busy with internally sighing his heart out, but Taeyong only laughs, "Thank you. Though, I doubt I could really compete with you. Top in your major, I heard?"

"Uh, yeah." Is Taeyong... flattering him?

Something is definitely wrong. Maybe he should make a run for it. That's just what he's about to do, when Taeyong speaks up again: "Listen, I think I should apologize."

"Why?" Donghyuk shifts, "Did you poison my sandwich?"

After a short break, filled with Taeyong giving him the most confused frown, Donghyuk has ever seen he says: "No I didn't poison your sandwich."

"How about my locker?"

"You're asking if I poisoned your locker?"

"No", Donghyuk sighs – amateur, "Did you fill it with water balloons?"

"No, I just-"

"Did you put gum in my shoe?"

"Donghyuk I didn't do any of these things to you, promise." Taeyong shakes his head in disturbance, "But if anyone else did, you need to call the police." then, he clears his throat, "What I wanted to apologize for was that whole thing with Mark."

Donghyuk's eyes grow wide, "Huh?"

"I can't imagine how mad you must be with me. I shouldn't have-" he sighs, "I didn't know you were boyfriends."

That's when Donghyuk starts to laugh, "Oh, we're not boyfriends."

"Are you sure? Could have fooled me." Taeyong deadpans.

Donghyuk stops laughing abruptly, "Not the point.", then he adds: "So, you're not mad at me for the foam?"

"Nah. I think I would have reacted similarly, if some twink made out with my boyfriend."

"Not boyfr-"

"I just wanted you to know that I never wanted to do you dirty like this. I'm not that type of person." Taeyong reassures, "So yeah... I'm sincerely sorry and I hope you can forgive me."

Trying to comprehend the whole situation, Donghyuk takes a moment that has Taeyong fidget in his seat, "I mean, I guess since you didn't uh- intent to be a twat."

He shrugs and Taeyong jumps up in glee. With a blinding smile, he has Donghyuk wrapped up in a tight hug and thanks him. Awkwardly patting Taeyong's back, Donghyuk reassures him that everything is forgiven and forgotten, if he gets to have the grand now. Taeyong agrees without hesitation and pulls his stuff from the piano to make space for the younger. Soon enough, he says his good byes to Donghyuk and slips out of the door. Once he's on his own, Donghyuk allows his head to fall down on the piano keys and let the sound shatter his brain.

They're not boyfriends, they're really not.