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Silencioso Tararear Gestures

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A heavy studded door slams open, hitting the wall and making a huge dent, where multiple other dents were. “Is that necessary?” The voice of a young lady in her early twenties spoke up as she’s rudely guided to walk inside. The room was quite spacious. To match the door, the walls were studden and the desk in the middle of the room was bolted to the floor. She rolled her eyes, “Really boys, is this necessary?” A single metal chair sat behind the desk. In the middle of each wall mirrors, the width of windows and the length of the entire wall, were placed. “Oh, great I’m being motiereted. Nice hospitality boys.” One of the men that guided her in, shoved her onto the metal chair. She scoffed at the rude treatment but sat still anyways.

Seeing that their guests weren’t going anywhere soon, the guides walked out, making sure to slam the door firmly closed. The sound of heavy duty locks were heard.

She looked around and sighed, wondering how she got herself into this situation. A voice on a hidden intercom made her jump. “Hello Madame V. It’s a pleasure to have you here.”

She raised an eyebrow. That wasn’t the name she goes by. “Um, excuse me-“

“If you look on the desk, there should be a headset. Please put it on.” The intercom voice completely ignored her. She scoffed again but followed the orders. Looking around on the desk, she was going to call out and say it wasn’t there because the desk was empty when she walked in. But there, right in front of her, was a headset. Slowly reaching for it, she gripped onto it and brought it to her head. Placing it atop her head, it glowed a mellowed out yellow with black and red flares. It felt like a princess tiara. She smiled, reeling in the nostalgia of her childhood. The light dimmed down to a slow pulsing.

“Yes, perfect. It looks very pretty on you Madame V.” She blushed a bit putting a hand on her cheek to stop herself from smiling. “Now, can you press the button on the left side and then on the right side? All in a span of six seconds apart.”

She raised another eyebrow before muttering a quick, “Uh, sure?” Raising her left hand, she felt around for the button. Pressing it once she’s found it, she waited six seconds before quickly raising her right hand and repeating the same motion.

She looked up towards where she thought the intercom was. “Hey, what’s suppo-“ She was then cut off from a bright light. The light shone multitudes of colours, ranging from red all the way to bright violet. The intercom voice spoke but it was cut off from static. “Hello, what’s happening?!” She all but screamed as her head got fuzzy and she watched as her eyesight began to fail. “No, no! What’s happening boys?” The thing she saw before her eyes completely shut was a man dressed in a black robe, a red sash tied around the waist with weird balls dangling from them, and rainbow blank gleaming eyes.