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The One Where They Time Travel..Again

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Some days, Emma and Hook were at home spending time with their daughter, giving her everything they barely got as children.

Other days, they were asked to take the Jolly Roger out on missions for the United Realms.

Behind closed doors, Hook would tell Emma that the United Realms was a stupid as fuck idea because of all the problems it might cause.

He wasn’t wrong.

The only reason Emma was okay with it was because of her parents,brother, Henry and his family, and the added bonus of seeing Elsa, Nemo, and Liam II.

She was not okay with it due to the easy access for other villains and people seeking revenge on their family. 

Emma and Killian always have patrol to find quarrels occurring which usually end up being resolved by the end of the day.  

Afterwards, they took Hope out on the Jolly Roger and sailed away for what felt like days, despite it only being hours.

Killian just held both of them as the sun met the ocean.

It was 9 am, when Emma and Killian were called to the United Realms Council. 

They called Granny to babysit Hope. They said goodbye to their daughter with a big hug and kiss on the head, they told her that they would see her later.

When they arrived to Council, no one is there except their immediate family.

Regina explains to them, that they have to run an errand for her on the Jolly Roger to bring a bunch of magic beans to go to different realms.

Hook starts getting the Jolly Roger ready with David. While Emma and Snow get the magic beans together.

”Mom, if something hap-“ starts Emma.

“Emma, honey, don’t worry.” interrupts Snow who was helping bring magic beans on the ship. “Hope is going to be fine, nothing is going to happen while you and Killian are gone.”

Emma smiles at her mother at her reassurance.

As they leave, Emma and Killian hug Henry and the Charmings goodbye. They think they will see them soon.

Killian is at the helm, all decked out in his old pirate garb. The salt water and wind blowing through his hair. 

He closes his eyes for a peaceful moment of just hear the waves crash against his girl.

Then a raindrop falls on his nose. He opens his eyes and see a gigantic storm cloud coming toward them. Emma looks back at him with confusion.

A tidal wave started to rise as a result from the storm.

What the Bloody fuck?

As the wave hit, everything went dark. 

The only thing left was the Jolly Roger.