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Izuku runs his feet back and forth, scuffing the floor as he stares blankly at the mirrored glass across from him. Sansa had been pretty annoyed this time, so he's sporting some bulky quirk suppressing cuffs, one of which he's already slipped off and begun fiddling with absentmindedly. The interrogation room is chilled, designed to make it's occupant uncomfortable, but Izuku is immune after so many times behind its door. 

When Tsukauchi walks in, Izuku is adding another sharpied tally to the corner of the table. He sighs and sits down, dropping a file on the table. Izuku caps his marker and has the decency to keep up pretenses by squeezing his free hand back through the cuffs. Tsukauchi gives him a exasperated look, which is returned as an exhausted eyebrow raise, and flips open the folder.

"Two attempted burglars stopped, with minimal collateral destruction. The owners of the store have decided to not press charges—" Here Izuku starts mouthing along to himself, a testament to how often he hears these words. "—There was no quirk use, and you responded to a threat in self defense. There are no charges against you."

Tsukauchi knows that Izuku is not like the other almost-vigilantes they get in the precinct. There's no smug aura when an officer announces that they can't be pinned for getting involved with a crime, no smirk at the mirror to prove they know the officers are watching and couldn't give a shit. Izuku just looks tired every time he's brought in. Whenever someone asks why he'd gotten involved, the kid just shrugs.

"Someone had to help, I guess." He says with a look in his eyes that no child should have. Like he's seen enough of the horrors of the world firsthand that all he is now is numb. And Tsukauchi may not know Izuku enough personally to divine it, but he can tell there's something else to his catchphrase. A hidden meaning, a hint of bitterness.

Tsukauchi leans over and uncuffs Izuku, who stands up, rubbing his wrist.

"Next time can you do the cuffing?" He asks, and Tsukauchi has to grimace a little at the request. Next time. He knows that Izuku is going to keep getting into situations like these with no back up and no training, but hearing it so casually is a bit of a slap to the face. There's really nothing he can do to stop him—his mother is aware of his habit of doing this, but she's also at a loss on how to stop him. He slips out even when grounded, refuses to promise to stay out of conflicts, and in general acts like he couldn't care less that he could get killed one day. "Sansa likes to tighten them. He's really passive aggressive about it too."

Sansa is behind the mirrored glass, and later Tsukauchi is going to have to listen to yet another rant about not being appreciated for his concern about the kid's well being.

"I'll see what I can do." Tsukauchi promises, giving Izuku a terse smile. His frown seems to deepen at the expression, and Tsukauchi coughs. "Be safe going home, alright?"

Izuku lets the request hang between them a beat too long—like he's considering if he should be agreeing to something he doesn't want to do—before nodding and pushing through the door. Tsukauchi drops his head into his hand with another sigh. He stays that way for a few moments, then collects himself and leaves the room, joining a fuming Sansa. He ignores the way his friend is obviously waiting for a signal to start talking and looks past him to watch the kid leave the office. Eraserhead is coming the opposite way, a crook tangled in his capture weapon, and Izuku stops to hold the door long enough for him to slip through. He gets a lingering glance from the pro that he doesn't return in the slightest.

Eraserhead catches Tsukauchi's eye and heads over, dragging the crook behind him. The detective puts on a smile and they get the guy put in a cell. Tsukauchi tells Eraserhead that his report can be turned in later. And, he offers, he can fill out the paperwork for him. He needs something to get his mind off of Izuku anyway.

"No offense, Eraser-san, but you look like you're about to collapse." He points out when Eraserhead looks like he isn't going to accept the offer. "I'm sure you can use the break."

"Alright," He finally relents, "I'll owe you one."

"No no, don't worry about that." Tsukauchi waves off.

Eraserhead gives him a look of exhausted disbelief before turning to leave, not the type to push such an issue. The look in his eye, however, makes Tsukauchi think of Izuku, and an idea suddenly pops into his head. It's a long shot, but—Eraserhead patrols the area around Izuku's neighborhood often. Maybe he can keep an eye for him? A tough ass hero like Eraserhead might look at Izuku putting himself in unnecessary danger and be able to hammer some sense into him.

"Actually!" He calls out before the pro can move too far away. Both Eraserhead and Sansa turn look at him, and he flashes a sheepish smile. "Could I cash in on that favor right now?"

Eraserhead listens to his request, and then, impossibly, gives a sharp nod of agreement. Tsukauchi tries to tamp down on the relief rising in his chest, because there's no guarantee that this will mean Izuku stays safe. But it's something.

Eraserhead leaves after Tsukauchi thanks him, another word not spoken. Sansa watches his back silently, contemplating. Then he turns to the other detective.

"I give him two weeks before Midoriya tires him out." He says, a joke, except for the sort of exhaustion layering his tone. The two of them have seen Izuku more than other detectives, which means they're the ones most concerned and tired out by it. Tsukauchi smiles and pats his partner's shoulder, then they move on to deal with other matters that demand their attention.