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little slut

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Jimin sobbed “c-can we stop” 


Jungkook looked into his eyes 



“Keep fucking yourself onto me” 


Jungkook grabbed Jimin by the waist and started to thrust up and down onto Jimin


“Keep riding me. Ride me until you love it” 


If I keep getting fucked like this, I’ll actually start to like it 


Jimin started to sway his hips and thrust harder onto Jungkook 


“Ngh. Good boy. Keep going, j-just like that oh god” 


Jungkook threw his head back. 


“Are you starting to like it Jiminie?”


Even though it was a lie Jimin shook his head. 


“Oh? Then I guess I have no choice” 


Jungkook quickly threw Jimin to the floor and shoved his fat cock into Jimins mouth 




Jungkook was Hitting the back of Jimins mouth with every pound, deeper and deeper. 


Jungkook could see Jimins eyes rolling back


“It’s working, soon you’ll be my cock slut”

Oh no, it’s starting to feel good… maybe I should give in, his cock feels warm and fills up my mouth. I can feel the veins against me tongue… no! 


Jimin tried hard to not give in, but it almost seemed inevitable. 

“Jimin, put on those shorts I bought for you. So you can suck my cock while looking like a true whore” 


Jimin whined with Jungkook cock still stuffed in his mouth 

Jimin popped off his cock and put on the shorts 

“It-it’s kinda tight” 


“Lemme help you” 


Jungkook forced it up his thighs, while Jimin winced 


“Does it hurt?”


“Kind of… I can’t breathe in it too well” 


“Good” and with that Jungkook gave a quick slap at his huge ass 

The tights were short enough too see his plump ass and went up to his waist, giving him a more curvy figure. 

“Looks so prominent in those cute ass tight shorts” he gave one quick squeeze before shoving his dick into Jimins small mouth again 

Jimin started to sob 


“Oh yeah. Eat it, you love it don’t you.” 

“Say you love it bitch” 


Jungkook kept Jimins head in place, preventing him from breathing from sucking so long. 

“L-love cock” he tried to say it as best as possible 


Jimin started to bob his head on his own hence why Jungkook let go 


I like it. I really like this now, I could get used to this. 

Wanna get fucked in cute shorts for Jungkook. Need his dick

Jungkook cooed at Jimins dead eyes 


“Finally, my own cock slut. Can’t live without my dick Jimin” 

Jimin hummed. 


Jungkook quickly threw him back on the bed and fucked into his prostate, deeper with each pounce. 

“I’ll swell you up with cum, to make you addicted to my cock forever” 


Jimin started to cry 

Not such a bad idea. I love cock right now, can’t live without it. Need cock need it now and later. 


“Want cock Jungkook, always want your semen inside me. Fill me up in ev-every whole” 

Fuck fuck fuck thought Jungkook 


“I really fucking broke your mind” 

Jungkook came into Jimin twice in 20 minutes 


“Going to pour my cum in you in every while as you wished” 

Jungkook shoves his dick into Jimins mouth 

“God look at you” 


Jimin whined, looking so dead and dumb for cock


Love cum I want to drink cum juice for breakfast dinner and lunch 


Want cum in all my food. Can eat it forever if it’s cum yummyyy

Jungkook poured it into Jimins throat until Jimin started to choke and started to fuck his mouth again 

“One more time just want to make sure I fill you to the brim” 


Jimin voluntarily sucked him off


“Wanna drink all your cum. Thank you master” 

Jimin was totally gone. He loved cock, dick, sex, cum 24/7 


“I’ll wear tight thongs and booty shorts for you. Tight stockings and tight bralettes for master” 


Jungkook came into Jimin and went for his 2nd hole in his ass 

“Oh my god. Going to fucking breed and swell you up” 


Jungkook was so happy. 


Fucking broke Jimin forever

Jimin eagerly thrusted himself onto Jungkook 

Cum cum I love your cum Jungkook. Wish I did this before, wish I did it earlier. I fucking love sex. 


Jimin sobbed “want to fuck all day. Plug me up with your cum and slep with vibrators turned on inside me” 


“As you wish” 


Jungkook shoved up 4 vibrators into Jimins ass and put back on his booty shorts that pushed the vibratory in deeper and put on a tight belt so Jimin could take off his jeans even when he comes while sleeping. 


Jungkook wa so turned on.


“Sleep tight slut” 


Jimin was so numb “good night master” 

But Jimin couldn’t sleep with the vibratory inside him 


“Oh! Ohhh my god. Help. Fuck too much” 

Feels so good too good


Jimin came but it kept going. Making Jimin cry from overstimulation

Fuck I can’t stop it feels so good 

Jimin fell dropped into love for sex. Vibrators abusing his prostate g spot 


“Ughhh gunna f-guck me all night!!” 


Jimin curved off the bed trying to pull the jeans off but the vibrators completely took over his mind, infesting him with one desire


To please Jungkook and get fucked all the time. 

Jungkook made breakfast in the morning, he watched Jimin weakly walk to the kitchen table 




Jungkook noticed that Jimin was still wearing the booty shorts 


“Hmmm do you really wore it all night huh? Feel good inside you?” 


Jungkook could hear the vibrators still inside Jimin st full speed. Fuck 


It was a part of Jimin. Like it embedded inside of Jimins ass, he couldn’t live without being fucked for a second. 

Jimin trembled and fell to the ground. 


Junglook cooed and brought over his food 


“T-thank you mast—“ 


Jimin saw only a smooth in Jungkook a hand 


“Here you go slut. A cum smoothly just for you~!”


Jungkook put it near Jimins mouth, indirectly asking for entrance and the moment Jimin opened his mouth Jungkook glushrd it down 


Jimin gulped a sfadt as he could 

Creamy and thick hmmmm


“Good job slut. You must be hungry still :( wait here” 

Jimin started to heat up. Having ate a glass of cum sloshing inside him and vibratory basically a part of his system, he wanted more. 


Jungkooks cock. Want it, need it. 

Jungkook came back with the whole blender of cum smoothie 


“Drink up, slut” 


Jimin on the floor sitting like a hentwi Twinkie took the blender with both hands and gulped it down. 


Jungkook took Jimin belt and tightened it more, all while taking a button out of Jimins own pocket and upping the vibrator mode. 


Jimin shrieked. 

“You has the button the whole time knowing well you could have turned it off. But you want it don’t u slut? Why did u try so hard to deny sex you slut when you obsvouly love it” 

“I- I don’t know master OH” Jimin jerker from the sensations “b-but I wish I was fucked sooner. Fuck me forever master” 

Jimin was completely broken


“Oh my cum bucket. Going to fuck you forever”


Jungkook Gave Jimin a soppy kiss, took off his pants and shoved his fat thick cock into Jimins mouth again. 


“Get used to this bitch whore” 


Jimin eagerly swallowed his dick snd balls into his mouth 


My religion. Want sex, sex all the time  


Jungkook thrusted super deep that you could see it’s implant through Jimins throat, continuing the cycle of fucking Jimin deep into oblivion and despairs that he craves so bad now on a daily.