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Adorning great wings

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The last thing Evan expected was to be turned into an owl. He didn't even know what had happened to him, he'd just woken up on the street like that. What was he even supposed to do? He didnt even know where he was.

The empty streets were practically overfilling with snow, piles of it were made as it continued to rain down upon him. It was absolutely freezing- why did this have to happen in the middle of December? Hardly anyone was present. Probably enjoying the fact that they don't have to be out in the cold, Evan thought scornfully. A voice suddenly reached his keen ears and he turned his golden eyes in the direction of the culprit.

It was a middle-aged man with unusually vibrant blue eyes and light-brown hair and his cheeks were adorned with a small blush from the cold. He looked like a fairly average guy, apart from his eyes of course. The man wore a light blue jacket and black jeans as he appeared to be talking to somebody on the phone. "Look. I just- yes, I know! But I'm ready now, it's been long enough." He blinked, suddenly catching sight of the now-turned owl beside the lamp post. "Look, man. I'm gonna have to call you back." Evan stepped back, alarmed at his intense gaze. Oh fuck...

Jonathon stared at the bird infront of him, blinking with confusion. What's an owl doing all the way out here...? He wondered, tucking his phone into his pocket. The poor animal looked freezing as it shivered in the heavy downfall of snow. Stepping forward, Jonathon halted as the owl backed way and hissed. "Hey, hey, hey!" He chuckled, raising his arms to show that he wasn't going to hurt it. He felt stupid, honestly, talking to a bird. But seriously, that was probably the most normal thing he'd done today. "I'm not gonna hurt you, see?" He smiled, stepping towards it once again. This time, the owl merely blinked at him, almost as if with surprise. But that wasn't possible and the man knew so.

Crouching down in front of the owl, he clicked his tongue. "Hey there, little guy. You lost?" It still seemed skeptical, preferring to back away. At least it wasn't hissing still though. "You seem cold." He remarked, outstretching his hand. Jonathon attempted to stroke the owl, but instead received a bite to his gloved hands. "Damn," He hissed, snapping his hand back in pain. "It's okay..." He finally closed his arms around it, pulling it towards his chest like a baby. Jonathon knew that it was a wild animal, and that it wasn't supposed to be treated as a pet. But it was awfully cold outside, and he wouldn't let an innocent animal freeze to death. The owl screeched in protest, but eventually calmed down as he shoved his door open.

Setting his keys away, Jonathon made his way into the living room. It was fairly normal, with Christmas decorations and a tree sitting in the corner of the room. Carefully placing the owl on the beige sofa, the man lazily flung his gloves onto the carpet, practically hauling his jacket off. "Okay, owl." He started, turning to face the bird as it stared back up at him. "You obviously can't stay here forever, so I'm just gonna wait till the snow stops and then you'll be on your way again." Honestly, he still didn't know why he was speaking to it. But it did make him feel much less lonlier. But much to Jonathon's surprise, the owl hooted. Sinking into its feathers. 

The hell was he even thinking? He didnt know how to look after a damn owl! The snow didn't look like it was gonna stop anytime either, and it was already almost dark. Give me strength... The man sighed, shaking his head as he plopped onto the sofa beside the owl.