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I'm Your (Guardian Angel)

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Izuku wasn’t sure how he died.


He knew he was dead, but any memory from before a year ago were completely gone. Blank. As if his head was filled with an empty void of nothingness. How did he know he was dead? Well, besides his transparency and the fact that he had to focus on himself in order to even be seen by other people, there was just this feeling. As if, deep inside his soul, he just knew.

So, Izuku was dead. Who he was before a year ago, his last name, his family and friends… all of it was forgotten by him. He should have felt sad, or even a sense of loss for something that should have been so important to him, but he felt… nothing. It wasn’t as if he couldn’t feel emotions, no he certainly could. But, when he tried to recall something, anything , it was as if it never existed in the first place. So he pretended it never existed at all.

What’s the point in worrying over something you can’t even remember in the first place? If his mind didn’t want him to remember, and his heart didn’t pull at him to do so, then he wouldn’t. He would simply just be Izuku. But, there were some things Izuku did remember. Like his first name. His age, which was 15… he’s pretty sure. Okay, maybe that one’s a bit on the iffy side. The most prominent, however, was his wish of becoming a hero.

In his world, heroes were people who used superpowers called “quirks” to go out and fight crime while rescuing civilians and saving the day. While Izuku didn’t much care about the “saving the day” aspect, he felt a strong urge to rescue people. A strong need . Izuku found out that his quirk basically turned him into a ghost, though that was only one aspect of it. It’s main function was to create a “bond” with someone and boost their quirk’s power by three times.

While “bonded” with someone, that person will always be able to see Izuku, no matter what, and Izuku will be able to take damage for them. However, if he takes too much damage, he’ll disappear forever. Also, Izuku can only “bond” with one person at a time and can freely break the “bond” any time he wants. How did Izuku know all of this? Well… he felt it. The first time Izuku awoke, with no memory of who or where he was, he panicked.

However, a pull to his soul soothed him, calmed him down. It was as if something were coaxing him, reassuring him that everything will be alright.

And he believed it.

So, as he calmed down, information slowly began to seep into his mind. His abilities, his weaknesses, his strengths… All for his “quirk” that he didn’t even know he had. After that came a breaking dam; a determination to use his newfound powers to apply to Yuuei and become a hero. Become a person who saves others. He was shocked at first, because he didn’t even remember a place called “Yuuei”. However, after digging around a bit and getting used to his body that felt brand new to him, he concluded that, yes , Yuuei was where he wanted to be.

Yuuei, a school deemed by many to be the best hero school out there and the best place to go if you wanted to become a hero. A place heroes-in-training came to hone their skills before going out into the world to prove themselves. To save people. Izuku didn’t know why he was so obsessed with that one part, a part many people brushed off in favor of fame and glory, but it was the most important part for him.

He didn’t care about the glamour, the money, the recognition; if he could save someone, even if it were just one person, it would make his hard work worth it. If he could make someone smile, let them live another day to continue living and working towards their dreams… Their smile would be worth so much more to him than even gold. So, Izuku trained. He worked on his transparency first, figuring it wouldn’t do him much good to apply if even the examiners couldn’t see him.

Once he was able to go half a day without collapsing, he began to work on his “bond”, or what he called “Helping Hand”. He attached himself to small time heroes before hiding, finding out he couldn’t go farther than three meters from his “bond”, but that's alright. He stayed out of their sight and boost their skills, watching as his body glowed a light blue each time he did so. He observed their surprise at their quirk’s sudden increase in power, quite a few tripping up at first before allowing his power to properly sink in.

Izuku felt his “spiritual energy”, the power keeping him “alive” and what allowed him to use his quirk, drain quickly at first before slowing down to a more reasonable pace. After that, he worked on his “shield”, a part of his quirk that allowed him to take any damage his “bond” would receive and transferring it to himself. While he, himself, couldn’t actually get hurt or even show signs on his being of damage, it would take a good chunk of his “spiritual energy”, leaving him quite weak.

Calling that move “Celestial Shield”, Izuku did his best to work on it, training it daily at first after “Helping Hand” but changing it to weekly and then every other week due to how exhausting and taxing it was. He nearly “died” multiple times on the daily training which is what forced him to relax on it, not wanting to disappear just yet. Not when he still had so much more to do. Training “Celestial Shield” was hard; incredibly so. He found out that he couldn’t make much of a dent of how much “spiritual energy” he used when absorbing damage and that, while each use did use less and less, it was still an extremely dangerous thing to do.

So he decided he should only use it when there was no other choice. Izuku trained his quirk, feeling that there was still so much more he could do, but not knowing what he should be doing, and a year passed by quickly.

That all led up to today, the day Izuku applied for Yuuei.

Izuku stood in front of the gates, staring up at the large building in front of him, excitement bubbling up inside of him. Finally…! He can start his journey of being a hero! So, taking a deep breath, he stepped forward, transparent feet ghosting through the concrete slightly, passing over a crack on the ground. The feeling that something was off, that he had just missed something, went ignored by Izuku in favor of excitement for the exam. Whatever it was couldn’t have been that important, right?




Izuku breezed through the written exam, having nothing to do the past year besides studying all he could and training his quirk, so he had no problems there. Sure, it took some effort to concentre his quirk for long enough to actually hold the pencil, but that was something he could work on later. After that, Izuku handed in his test, ignoring the fact he was first and that his examiner seemed concerned about his see-through appearance and left, still excited for the day.

It took a few more hours for the rest of the written exam to be finished, making Izuku wonder if he truly did finish too fast… Well, it wasn’t his fault it was so easy. After everyone had lunch, Izuku skipping out because, well, he couldn’t exactly eat , the physical part of the exam started up. Izuku stood there and watched in amusement as a hero he knew as Present Mic shouted enthusiastically about what the physical part of the exam was going to be.

Just as he began to talk about something another to-be student brought up, Izuku took a look around, wondering who his fellow examinees were. He saw a variety of mutant-type quirks and normal-looking students before his eyes fell on someone who looked distraught. Well, to others, the boy looked fairly normal, if slightly pale. His face screamed “stay away from me”, he had deep bags under his eyes, and his hair seemed to defy gravity but Izuku saw

He saw the purple eyes filled with panic, the soft twitching of hands in pockets, the air of defeat clouding his entire persona. Izuku knew that, whatever quirk the boy had, was essentially useless against robots. While Izuku’s situation wasn’t any better, there was no way he was going to let someone like him, someone who practically screamed “help me” go through this alone. So, gathering up what little courage he had, he turned off his visibility, ghosting through the other students, ignoring their shivers and made a beeline straight towards the purple-haired boy.

Stopped just beside him, Izuku allowed his quirk to attach itself to him. He bit his lip; this was going to be the first time he showed himself to the person he was helping, but… Izuku knew that he couldn’t be alone in this. With that in mind, Izuku swallowed down his fear and pulled at the other’s sleeve, ignoring his surprise upon seeing a student pop out of seemingly nowhere and Izuku’s slightly curiosity at how he was able to do that without focusing on being able to touch him.

“H-Hi… I’m sorry if I’m butting in, but you seemed… worried.” Izuku stammered, settling on that word instead of a couple of others that appeared in his mind.

He flinched under the other’s glare, shrinking in on himself as the other sized him up.

“And why do you care?” A tired, cold voice asked, piercing into Izuku’s very soul.

He felt tears prick at his eyes as he waved his hands. “I-I’m so sorry! It’s just, you looked panicked, like you were worried you were going to fail or something, and I just wanted to help! I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to make you mad-”

“You don’t even know me.” He cut in, stopping Izuku’s rambling.

Izuku looked up at him, into eyes of uncertainty and distrust, as if they’d seen such “kindness” before, only to be hurt in the end. Izuku’s panic was quickly replaced with determination, “It’s a hero’s duty to help those in trouble.” It wasn’t a job. No, Izuku never saw hero work as a “job”. It was a duty .

Two pairs of eyes stared into each other, one uncertain and the other determined. After a few moments, the other relented. “Shinsou Hitoshi.”

Izuku blinked a few times before beaming. “Nice to meet you, Shinsou-kun! I’m Izuku!”

Shinsou raised an eyebrow, probably wondering what Izuku didn’t tell him his last name, but, thankfully, didn’t say anything about it and instead nodding. Izuku’s smile only widened as he floated up in the air, twirling around in excitement, unable to see the other boy’s look of surprise and instead focused on his own determination.

He might not be able to make it into the hero course, but he’ll make sure his new friend will! After all, what were heroes for?