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In Time

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“ Hello ? “

His small voiced echoed throughout the vast strong walls of the uncertain eerie castle he now stood upon, his sound tinged with worry and full of doubt.

“ Hello? “ He tried again prolonging the last two letters in a yodel , when no answer came after his fourth call, with much force he mustered in his little body he tried to walk little by little carefully feeling his every step. His cerulean eyes scrutinize with concern the dark fog that blurred his vision. He swayed his feet a bit when he felt he stepped on a large rock that almost made him lose his footing. His brows followed his eyes as it squinted trying to figure out the appearing dark abstract from afar.

“ Elise, are you there ? “ He called out again.


Tik tok


A sound of a clock startled him to a halt, his small feet retreated three steps back. His hand automatically lands on his chest, the feel horses galloping inside his heart. He steadied himself, breathing in and out just like how his mother taught him whenever he felt panic arising. ‘ that’s it sweetie, inhale and exhale ‘

He progress onward. Looking sideways, he felt the fog that blurred his vision slowly depreciating from the atmosphere and sipped into the dark corners of the uneven rocks that held the castle together. Somehow, he could finally outline the dark mansion and his dwelling.


Tik tok



“ Elise, tell me where you are or mom will kill me! “ The boy stresses.



Tik tok


He settles himself when his sister didn’t even squeal in reply. He breathed in and out, usually when his sister knows he’s within feet from her, she would always generate babble for attention. Agitated, he messes his brown tresses sending it to wide angles.



Tik tok


A slight spark brought his focus up, his eyes met a light that formed from afar. His feet lifted in urgency when a sudden giggle resounded from the forming light.



Tik tok


Getting close, He formed from vision that the objects he made out earlier where large screws and levers moving in a very distinct motion. A great multitude of metal adorned the stoned castle. Looking up he could make out a large wheel being pulled up and down by a driving weight, making him feel suddenly small and cautious of falling debris. The contraptions made of steel releases out a cloud of steam that smelled of burning metal. The boy shielded his nose in distaste. Like a struck of genius, Suddenly he realize that the machines were some kind of a moving clock, reminding him of the grand grandfather clock his uncle once tried to reassemble. Another batch of small clocks welcomed him in the center, a continuous sound of tik tok came out from every pointed hand that was plastered from the stoned wall and ground. Following the paths that lead to the inner most part of the castle, he turned twice when he encountered a dead end in a form of a large screw. The boy retraced his trail when he heard another rounds of giggle and more prominent this time. Fastening his phase, he stopped in surprised when a sudden light spark formed upfront blinding him for a second. Luckily he lifted his arms to shield himself.

Opening his tight eyes when he felt it was safe to, he saw his little sister perched up in an enormous metal bar, her hazel eyes shined in amusement when she saw his big brother stand in bewilderment by her state of being, another round of amused giggles echoed through the dark façade of the castle, her small hands colliding with each other clapping. A feel of relief washes over him for a moment then dread came right after.

Seeing it now clearly, his eyes grow times in size as the realization hit, the metal bar where his sister sat was the hour hand and the other that was turning every second was the minute hand of an enormous ground clock. It was the sacred thirteen hour clock that holds their dimension together. Looking down towards his booted feet the dark marking that adorned the castle floor now shifted and formed into paths and continuous giant roman numbers appeared side by side signalling every hour of a clock. He was standing in six.

In all his short years, he never thought that a life sentenced to being grounded for eternity is possible, but now he is already contemplating his life of solitude, it may or may not be that bad, he inwardly shrugged. If his parents found out that he let his sister teleport them to the infinity castle, he could kiss his life good bye.

“ Elise, Don’t move I’ll get you down “ Shaking his nerves, James starts to carefully strategize his phase. Slowly he moved waiting for the minute clock to come his way, another minute the hand would struck near him. Timing his leap, he almost misstep his left footing costing him to get unbalanced, luckily his sword training gave him a good sense of equilibrium. Finding his footing he struts towards his sister. Carefully he made a walk towards the middle step by step, his arms stretched on both side controlling his body whenever the short hand moved every second. Finding that he was three feet away from his sister, James reached out his hand to grab a section of the pink gown the infant wore. He almost got the end of the material, his fingers reaching hard forward, when the child popped out and into the middle screw that held the two hands together, a glowing crystal station in the middle. James grunts in disapproval.

“ Really?! “

Patience thinning, he trust forward for another attempt but suddenly the hour hand clock shook and he landed crudely against the rusted metal, he felt the whole castle tremble as if the soil where it stood turned soft, drowning the castle. His wild eyes flew in different direction of worry searching for the infant. Dust and rock started to hit the ground as debris started to dance in the wild. James raised his hand against his mouth, careful not to inhale the swarming dust. He let his eyes squint long lashes kissing his cheeks before opening it fully; pushing himself up with much power he rushes towards the center.

“ Elise! “

Without a choice, he opened up his magic; his gloved hand glowed for a moment, the barrier that once enveloped it now gone. Blood rushed towards his veins as he felt his powers jump start. Looking up he saw his sister happily clapping in the middle, the dust almost made her a blur. James tried to raise his hand and control the chaos as best as he could but it was already too late. The sound of the clocks stops then suddenly went into a whirlwind of forwards and rewind, a screeching sound almost made his ear pop. The hand where he stood broke into uneven pieces causing his body to collide with gravity. He was falling.

“ Elise ! “

The last thing he saw was his little sister in the middle, a glowing crystal ball in her hand and a sound of cracking glass.