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.the moon is beautiful || nielwink

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They boys were settled on the floor, surrounded by candy scraps and junk while telling stories.

They were on a school trip that lasted three days and two nights. They were now on their last night and would be returning back home the following day.

It was 2am, everyone was now asleep. Everyone but the young Park Jihoon who was struggling falling asleep next to his friend. He glanced around the room, checking to see if everyone else was sleeping and then sat up and walked out of the dorm.

Park Jihoon walked along the path outside of the dorms to the rock he saw earlier that accended from the ground into the air. He was fascinated by it.

The cool wind blew past his face sending shivers up his body as he climbed the rock to the top and sat down. It truly was a nice place. The small building behind, filled with resting boys and girls, yet he was only looking ahead.

He thought about life. What was he going to be when he grows up? Is he studying hard enough? Teachers always would praise him so he was pretty happy all the time.

Pretty happy. Faking smiles and always up to everyones expectations. Was that really happiness? He just wants the title of ‘perfect’. He just wants everyone to like him.


10 minutes loosing himself in thoughts, Park Jihoon thought it was time to go back. He would be in a lot of trouble if he was caught out of the dorms.

“Hey there."

He was caught, he thought. Turning around to meet to eyes of his teachers face, he was met with another boys eyes. He had never seen this boy in his school before.

“Oh.. Hi.. I was just leaving.” Jihoon said uncomfortablely and got up only to be sat down again by the boy and sat down next to him.

“My name is Kang Daniel. What about you?” said the boy.

“I-I’m Park Jihoon..”

Jihoon was always awkward around new people and the feeling was getting to him.

“Are you in my school?” Asked Jihoon avoiding eye contact.

“Nope. I was just walking by and found you all alone so I decided to keep you company.” stated Kang Daniel. “What are you doing here anyways?

‘Just walking by’? This place was quite hidden and no other living spaces were around. Jihoon soon felt more uncomforatble and kept quiet.

“Hey.” said Daniel suddenly.

“The moon is beautiful, isn’t it?”

The moon? Jihoon looked up and examined the moon. It was full and indeed beautiful. How did he not notice it before? It soon wasn’t uncomforatble anymore. Park Jihoon hesitantly looked to the side at the boy named ‘Kang Daniel’.

His eyes were closed and he was humming softly. He was really pretty. His fair skin and puppy-like faciel features standing out beautifully to Jihoon. His cheeks looked soft, the moons light shining nicely onto them. Jihoon found himself drawn in by his beauty, more than anyone else he knew has.

Jihoon’s eyes soon was met with Kang Daniel’s. Embarrassed, Jihoon quickly looked away hiding his red face. He chuckled at Jihoon.

“Don’t hide, I want to show you something.” “There’s this really gorgeous place nearby, close to the forest.”

… What?

“Would you like to see it with me?”

Was he trying to kidnap me? He didn’t look much older than me..

I should have not accepted. But enticed by Kang Daniel and curiosity,

I accepted,

and he took my hand and took off into the night.


The two boys ran away from the camp, past the buildings and further down the forest. Jihoon was getting worried if the others had woken up and they were looking for him. He really would be causing a lot of trouble.

The puppy-like boy seemed to not care either, Jihoon’s hand still in his as he led him further away from the camp. Jihoon just thought he should trust the other boy and try not to think about the others.

“We are here.”

Those words left Daniel’s lips and the sight in front Jihoon paralysed him.

There was a huge field of healthy grass, surrounded by all kinds of nature. From detailed trees, to stunning flowers and the moon reflected gorgeously upon the pond on the upper left side. The ground was almost sparkling almost as much as Jihoon’s eyes when he saw the magnificant landscape.

His worries all vanished from his head. All that was on his mind now was Kang Daniel.

Daniel looked satisfied with the shocked boys reaction, giggling childishly. He looked really cute like this. Cuter than anyone else Jihoon has ever seen. Oh, what did he get himself into.

“Amazing right?” spoke Daniel.

All Jihoon could do was nod, still stunned from the scenery and Daniel’s beauty combined. He was going crazy with all these sudden emotions.

Before Jihoon could act next, Daniel was already pulling him by the hand again started running into the field filled with laughter. Enough of all this worrying, what was he so worried about anyways?

Jihoon finally let himself go and ran along to catch up with Daniel. They held hands and swung in circles around the field. It was indeed dizzy but Jihoon would be lying if he said he wasn’t having fun.

Their eyes met and they stared at each other.

Jihoon smiled.


Out of breath the boys sat down again and had a normal conversation, exchanging phone numbers and laughing along with each other. Jihoon was happy for once. And it was a stranger that made him happy. He never had felf this way with anyone before.

It was now 4am and Jihoon thought he should get back to camp soon as the others or teachers might have realised he was gone. However, Jihoon didn’t want to leave Daniel. He felt happy and safe even when with him, a stranger.

“I should go now..” spoke the worried boy.

“Yeah, I have to go now too.” replied Daniel.

Daniel walked Jihoon back to camp as the shorter boy was relivied that it was quiet and seemed there was no lookout for him.

They hugged and spilt from each other.

“I’ll text you later.” said Daniel, winking.

Jihoon’s face went red and nodded as he began walking off back to his dorm.

Jihoon felt amazing. He found himself a potential best friend.

He smiled to himself and crept back inside the dorm. Snuggling back up to his friend and closed his eyes with the thought of Daniel in his head.

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The day came quickly as the bus was parked outside, ready to pick up the high school students from their trip. Jihoon couldn’t stop thinking about Daniel making him feel giddy all morning. He tried acting as normal as possible because he knew his friends would yell at him if he told them he met up with a random stranger he didn’t know.

He fell asleep on his friends shoulder on the bus due to lack of sleep and rested peacefully for the rest of the trip home. 2 hours past quickly when Jihoon was woken up. It was time to go home. Looking outside the window he could see his mother waiting for him. Quickly saying goodbye to his friends he rushed to his mother and hugged her. The car ride home Jihoon told his mother all about his trip. Well, mostly everything.

Jihoon decided to keep Daniel a secret from her because he didn’t want to make her scared or disappointed in him. He has made a new friend and he couldn’t risk ending it.

Once Jihoon got home he went to his room and got out his phone. Daniel had texted him,

“did you get home safely?”.

Jihoon quickly typed in an “yes, thank you for asking” text and waiting anxiously for a reply. A few seconds later Daniel did reply back,

“We should hang out sometime, we mustn’t live too far apart since last time I saw you”.

He wants to see me? I want to see him. Jihoon quickly replies back with a yes and gets a location and time tomorrow. Telling him to ditch school and go there with him. Jihoon agrees with doubts and worries in his mind, but curious to see what type of friend Daniel can become for him.


Jihoon wakes up to the sound of his mother calmly telling him to get ready for school. He has to do something…

“I feel sick. I might throw up, can I stay home today? Please?”

It wasn’t the first time he had lied to his mother. His whole life is controlled by lies, he’s addicted to it.

His mother lets him stay home after thinking about it for a while and getting ready for work. 10 minutes later, she leaves, and Jihoon is left alone in the house.

He got changed into casual clothes and texted Daniel,

“I’m coming now” and then left for the place.

When he arrived at the right location, it looked like very old and ancient house, the air changing suddenly as the almost dead trees swayed in sync of the wind. The walls were brick but looked like they were going to collapse anytime soon. Spider webs and dust in every direction. Jihoon wondered if he was in the right place. He thought he should go back, he was all of a sudden scared of what was going to happen to him if he stayed there.

Turning around quickly, he was met with the sound of Daniel,

“Where are you going?” he said softly.

Jihoon was glad that he hadn’t been lied too and followed him inside the house, still feeling anxious and scared. He continued to follow him upstairs to a specific room. He was too caught up in inspecting the surroundings already around him and didn’t even relaise that Daniel had already entered the room. Walking in, he found Daniel sitting on top of a old, dusty looking drawer, waiting to hear his opinion on the room or house.

Jihoon was still wearily of the area and was examining every single bit of the room.

The wallpaper was old and pealing off and there were spider webs in every corner. There were two drawers on each side of the room and they looked like they were there for a very long time, dust on top of them like they haven't been touched since years ago. There was a royal looking bookshelf with all types of books in them, although they were all in a foreign launguage he couldn’t understand.

There was a large mirror on top of on of the drawers and the mahogany-made patterns around it fascinated Jihoon, although there was a crack in it. The floor was also wooden and quite creaky when he stepped on it. On one of the walls, there was a big window. Even if he couldn’t see anything out of it for some reason, it glowed against the heavy violet curtains. Finally, in the middle of the room, there was a single wooden chair. He really liked this room.

“Cool, right?” spoke Daniel, breaking Jihoon from his thoughts.

“Yes, is this your house?”

Daniel reminded silent for a few seconds, staring at Jihoon and then out the window,

“I guess you could say that.” replied Daniel nonchalantly.

The answer confused Jihoon but he didn’t push on a direct answer, instead changing the topic, asking about the room and its contents.

It was a long, yet pleasant conversation. Daniel giving Jihoon a tour around the room, explaining everything and its origins. Jihoon never realised his passion for history until now, paying immerse attention to Daniel and everything he says. It made Jihoon happy. The presence of Daniel made him happy. Something that Jihoon had forgotten about since birth.

The taller boy pulled out a mirror from one of the drawers, blowing the dust of it and holding it up. Jihoon found himself and the other boy in it. Jihoon was smiling. He saw himself smiling and suddenly got embarrassed, turning away from the older boy hiding his face in his hands.

“Don’t hide, you’re really cute.” Daniel spoke.

The comment only made Jihoon blush harder and embarrassed. He had been complimented before many times, but when Daniel complimented him, it felt real. Like he was actually telling him the truth. Like he really meant it. He really liked Daniel. He really wanted to be his best friend, someone he can open up his pent up feelings too and have fun discussions with. The type of friend that he’s always wanted, one that actually knows the real him. He just wants to be normal.

When turning around, he was embraced by warm, comforting hands.

“I know that you feel weird around me, but I want to be your friend. You seem really sad and lonely. Please let me help you become happy.”

No one has ever said something like that to Jihoon. He was shocked. He didn’t know how to act or what to say. Instead he just wrapped his pale arms around the taller boy and managed to whisper a “thank you”.


It had been a few weeks since that visit, and Jihoon had been spending quite a lot of time with Daniel. Visiting the room when he could, texting and calling him all the time, sometimes Daniel would even come to his house at night so they could talk outside.

Jihoon had never been so happy before. He had won many awards and always had people wanting to be his friend around him, but he never felt happy about it.

Soon enough, Jihoon began to enjoy things. Taking school activities and interacting with people at his school more. It may have been a month of knowing Daniel and he could already consider him the closest person to him. He opened up everything to him. Every detail of his day to him in detail, while Daniel gladly listened to him, not missing any detail about his stories. Jihoon had never thought that having a friend was this amazing, he wish he had one sooner, but he didn’t want any friend that wasn’t Daniel. If he wasn’t in his life, it may have ended much earlier than imagined.

Kang Daniel had saved his life, and for that, Jihoon could never let him go. He couldn’t let his only friend go. He was his happiness.

Jihoon was excited for the following days, weeks, and years for him.

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Park Jihoon said his goodbyes to his friends at school before making his way home.

On the bus, he texted Daniel, asking if he was free to hangout tomorrow, it was going to be a Saturday and his mother was out on a business meeting all day. It took a few seconds for Daniel to reply back with an “of course, can’t wait :)”. A smile made way to Jihoon’s face.


The next day came quickly and his mother left after kissing him goodbye. The door shut and he waited an hour before heading out to Daniel’s house. Awaiting him was the greeting face of Daniel who took him upstairs to the room Jihoon had become familiar with. The older boy was looking quite different.

“Is there something wrong?” asked Jihoon.

“Oh, no no, I just have a present for you!” replied the boy in question.

A present? For Jihoon? Was it a special occasion? He hadn’t gotten anything for him.. Is this something that best friends would do?

Daniel handed him a little violet box wrapped in navy ribbon telling him to open it. The smaller boy slowly took the box and hesitantly opened it. Inside was silver butterfly charm. It had a glint of gold on the top and shined beautifully. Had Daniel really just given him such a pretty thing? He can’t take this.

“Do you like it?” blinked the taller boy.

“I-I can’t take this.. I don’t deserve this.. It’s so pretty.” stuttered Jihoon.

“Of course you can. I want you to have it. I have all sorts of charms that I’d like to share with you.” started Daniel.

“They’re pretty. Like you.” he ended.

What? He had complimented him again? He never thought of himself as pretty but somehow Daniel did make him feel special.

The rest of the day was irresistibly happy for the smaller boy. He was indeed lucky to have Daniel.


The day was ending and it was getting dark. Daniel had Jihoon blindfolded, getting ready for a little game of hide and seek in the small room. He hid behind the broken mirror and remained silent, trying hard not to give away his spot. Jihoon walked around the room with little steps, making himself aware of his surroundings, to not bump into anything, arms spread out to steady himself.

Jihoon must have misplaced his step and was tumbling to the floor within seconds, following with a bump and yelp.

Daniel jumped on him, removing his blindfold and laughed. He made jokes on how cute he was. All Jihoon could do was laugh when the other boy started to tickle him. Yells of “stop! stop!” and laughs echoed across the room as they wrestled on the floor.

It was fun…

Until Jihoon opened his eyes.

Daniel was on top of him with mischievous giggles sounding off him.

He was close. Too close. Too close to his face.

Jihoon pushed the older boy off of him with all his strength and hid his face from him. Jihoon thought he must of looked stupid in front of him.

“Hey.. Are you ok? Did I hurt you?” Daniel said worried.

“I-I’m fine.. I just don’t feel that well.” replied the flushed boy.

The following 10 minutes consisted of Daniel babying Jihoon and giving him snacks. Jihoon got up and said his mother would return home soon and that he should get going now.

Daniel still looked worried but said his goodbyes.

Jihoon felt horrible the way home.

That night, Jihoon couldn’t sleep at all. He was anxious that Daniel wouldn’t like him anymore. He couldn’t lose Daniel. He was his happiness. His best friend. Daniel had texted him when he got home, asking if he got back safely. Jihoon didn’t reply.


7am hit before he finally replied to Daniel. He must of felt really worried for him. He doesn’t want that.

“Sorry for not replying. My phone died.”

Jihoon felt awful for lying to Daniel.

He went outside for a walk. He needed fresh air.

When he opened the front door of his house, he was awaited with a shocking sight. Daniel was already here. He looked dirty and had scratches along his arms and a cut across his left cheek.

Before Jihoon could ask why he was here or if he was ok, Daniel ran up to him and hugged him. Panting, saying he was so worried for him. Jihoon felt even worse than before.

“I’m sorry.”

It seemed like forever since the taller boy started hugging him. When he unwrapped his arms around Jihoon, the smaller boy only then relaised how cold it was out. It sent shivers up his spine and secretly wished the other would hug him again.

But then, his thoughts came back to him. His mother was home, and Daniel was right in front of the house. She couldn’t know about him.

Jihoon reached for Daniel’s hand and took off down the street, around the corner and behind a tree.

Looking up at the older boy, he looked slightly flustered and confused. He looked pretty. He always looks pretty. Before he could react next, he had pinched Daniel’s cheek.

“Cute.” Jihoon chuckled.

Jihoon thought it was adorable that Daniel’s cheeks were slightly red and that he covered his face in his hands, shaking. Then reality hit him.

“I-I’m so sorry! Did I hurt you?!”

When the taller boy removed his hands from his face, there was a smile. He was laughing. Jihoon loved his laughing face. He looked like a happy puppy.

“That was so cute!” exclaimed Daniel.

Before Jihoon could refute, Daniel told him to follow him. He reluctantly agreed and was pulled along by the hand.

“Close your eyes~” spoke the older boy.

Jihoon closed his eyes and held onto the others hand as he lead him to an unknown place.


He opened his eyes and the sight was stunning. There was a large tree surrounded by greenery. Jihoon would have asked where they were, but he was too stunned to ask.

The tree was amazing. Green moss falling between the bark and it almost looked like it was sparkling. How did Daniel know about all these places?


2 hours past as the boys talked and played games under the tree. Suddenly Jihoon’s phone vibrated in his sweatpants pocket.

It was a text from his mother.

He now remembered that he had left home without telling his mother. His anxiety built up and he started panicking. Shaking, Daniel tried to calm him, telling him that they would go back now. They rushed back to the scared boys home before Daniel hugged him and ran off.

The front door slammed open and Jihoon’s mother rushed to him.

“I’m sorry. I just went for a morning walk to get some fresh air."