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Mysterious Circumstances

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She had a feeling that today wasn’t going to be the best day, but she never could’ve expected an alien invasion of all things would come about today. To be fair, they didn’t really look like aliens, and to be even more fair, her day actually started off as a pretty nice day. 

It started as any normal day for her would’ve started, and because it was the weekend she had decided to go grocery shopping on her day off, her flat being lower on food than she would’ve liked, and that’s where it all started she supposed. 

Living in London her whole life was a blessing and a curse, she loved being in a busy area and having plenty of things to do and people to see, but at the same time she’d lived there her whole life and at 23 years old, it was getting a little bit boring. The routine she’d made for herself had just become a little too old for her, and she couldn’t wait for things to change, not that they would anytime soon, but she could hope. 

Getting groceries for one person was really easy, took her less than an hour, which had been a different story when she was living at home and went shopping for her whole family, but thankfully, it didn’t take up much of her day. 

Jenna rolled her eyes when she realized that she was thinking about how easy grocery shopping had become, her life was a little too dull for her liking at the moment… 

She was so wrapped up in her thoughts about her grocery shopping adventure that she didn’t realize she was going to crash into the man walking her way until it was too late. 

The two collided, neither of them looking at where they were going, sending Jenna’s bags to the ground as she tried to steady herself and not fall over, and it took her a moment to realize the only reason she didn’t fall over was because of the tight grip the man had managed to get around her wrists, keeping her from collapsing into him or on the ground after their collision. 

“Oh,” Jenna gasped, recovering slower than she would’ve liked, but trying to rectify the situation as quickly as possible, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking-” She began, but was cut off when she looked up at the stranger who was flashing her a wide smile. 

“Jenna!” He exclaimed, once she looked up at him, much to her confusion, and before she knew what was happening she was being pulled sharply into the man’s chest in a tight hug from him. 

Her mouth fell open from where her head was pressed against him, not quite knowing how to deal with what was going on at the moment, and she had a feeling with his tight grip on her she wouldn’t be able to push him away so easily. 

The man holding her was quick to start talking before she could, which was surprising to her, “Didn’t think you’d show up this time, you’ve never mentioned it, but I guess you don’t mention much about your past, you know?” He said, quickly, as if she was going to be pulled away from him at any minute. 

She was given some space from the man when he pulled back and held her at arm’s length, looking her up and giving her another second to look over him for the first time. For a second there, she had thought that the two of them had met before and she just hadn’t gotten a good look at him, but once she saw him, she found herself even more confused. 

Jenna was pretty sure she would’ve remembered seeing this man before now, he didn’t seem like someone she would forget that easily, and for the most part she was pretty good with faces, but this one was one she’d never seen before. There was no way she’d forget someone who looked like that ! The first thing she realized was that he was so much taller than she was, he definitely had to be at least six feet tall, maybe taller, and he was slim, and dressed smartly too in a brown striped suit with a matching tie. His dark eyes were scanning over her, not in a creepy way which was something she expected from most strangers, but more like he was checking to make sure she was alright. The man’s hands had tightened around her arms ever so slightly, bringing her back to the present for the moment as she realized how strange this situation was. 

Her mouth fell open and closed a couple of times, really not knowing how to handle the situation, “I’m sorry, who are you?” She frowned, shaking herself out of his grip. 

The man’s face fell and before she knew what was going on, he had stepped forward and grabbed her by the wrist, turning it over so he could look at it, his fingers gently gliding over the bare skin there. 

She knew she should’ve yanked her hand away when he grabbed at her, but for some reason she couldn’t quite bring herself to do just that. The two of them were standing very still until he reached his other hand up and let his fingers brush over the skin there, the contact sending shivers down her spine, but it wasn’t like anything she’d ever felt before, she could’ve sworn that at his touch it felt like her entire body erupted in electricity, and it was the strangest sensation in the world, but she couldn’t help but enjoy it. 

Jenna was snapped out of her strange stupor when the man looked back up at her again, “You don’t know who I am?” He demanded, looking down at her with sad eyes. 

At that point, she really felt like she had to pull away, but she still felt frozen, now from looking back up into his dark brown eyes, and it didn’t help that her wrist was still trapped in his tight grip, “No, um, no I don’t- have we met?” She asked, hesitating slightly as she fought to get the words out. 

It was his turn to find himself at a loss for words now, “Er- I guess not, I thought you looked like someone I knew,” He mumbled, finally letting go of her hand and letting his fall back to his side. 

She nodded in response, for some reason, she didn’t quite believe him, but now that the two of them weren’t touching anymore, she felt like it was a little bit easier for her to extract herself from the strange situation they two of them had found themselves in. 

“Yeah, sorry again for running into you, I’ll just- I’ll just be on my way,” She muttered, bending over and picking up the two bags that she’d dropped in her surprise earlier. 

The man had nodded, and shoved his hands in his pockets, taking a couple of steps away from her to give her the space she wanted, “It was my fault,” He muttered in response, “Maybe I’ll see you around,” Before she could respond to the confusing goodbye, he had gone, disappearing around a corner and leaving before she even had a second to think about what was going on. 

She shifted the bags up her arm, deciding that she should just get home and put her food away before she had a chance to drop it again, which was very likely in the way that her day was going. 

One last look over her shoulder showed her that the man really had disappeared and she was on her own once more, but the situation had been strange, and she decided it would probably be the best idea if she just forgot about it and went about her day as normal. 

Jenna turned to walk home, leaving the mysterious man in the back of her mind, or she would’ve, if it weren’t for her nearly stepping on a small, golden pocket watch. She was quick to pick up what looked like a rather precious item, holding up so she could get a better look at it in the sunlight. 

The watch was a dull gold, clearly an older relic, and on the back of it, it had a strange pattern of circles and lines that made absolutely no sense to her, but it looked rather interesting, perhaps it was a strange family crest? She turned to look over her shoulder, and before she knew what she was doing, she tightened her grip on her grocery bags and set off down the road she could’ve sworn the man just left down. It had to be his watch, and it was so gorgeous she couldn’t bear to take it away from him if she had the chance to get it back to him. 

But he really was gone, she thought she would’ve found the man, but she had no such luck, his tall form not sticking out to her at all, it was like he’d just vanished into thin air. With a sigh, Jenna shoved the watch into her back pocket, deciding that she’d hopefully be able to find the man later and tell him that she had his watch, after all she was rather good with faces, and they ran into each other once, maybe they’d be able to do it again for all she knew. 

The walk back to her house went by quickly, and once she had her groceries put away she decided that continuing to be outside wouldn’t be a bad thing, she might even be able to find her stranger if she kept to the outdoors for the meantime, and it’s not like she had anything else to do today. 

Just as she got outside her flat, a feeling of dread came over her, and it didn’t take her long to figure out why. Not a moment later, the ghosts that had been visiting their planet popped up, one of them nearly running straight into her, but she managed to dodge it at the last moment. For the last couple of months, these so called ‘ghosts’ have been popping up, and even though most people had grown to trust them and were thrilled at the return of their family members, but Jenna still wasn’t quite sure what she thought about them, honestly she just had this gut feeling telling her that she shouldn’t go anywhere near them if she could help it, she just hadn’t been checking the time when she’d left the house, she should’ve stayed put and waited for them to disappear again. But it was too late for that, so she just made sure to be aware of her surroundings as she went on her walk, not wanting to get too close to any of the creepy things just in case. 

Thankfully, the ghosts never stuck around for long and soon enough they had disappeared again and she was left in peace to continue her walk, which she was very happy with. She didn’t know how long she’d been walking for, really she felt like she could spend the whole day walking if she had the time, she loved to go to new places and just get the chance to intimately explore the area, honestly she thought there was nothing quite like it. 

She didn’t know how much time had passed, but as soon as the ghosts had reappeared she knew something wasn’t quite right. The ghosts only came once a day every day, but here they were for the second time that day, it didn’t make sense. 

Jenna had been sitting on a bench, but as soon as she’d seen the ghosts reappear she’d jumped to her feet, feeling very uneasy. She didn’t know what was going on but she knew that she wanted to get out of there. She set off in a brisk walk, but she couldn’t walk quickly enough, her stomach dropped before she had seen what had happened too, which was almost a blessing for Jenna because she wasn’t sure if she could believe what she was seeing. Right before her very eyes, the ghosts began to materialize and form into slightly more realistic figures, until finally, they phased into their beings, huge, metal robots. 

Her eyes widened, and she was almost thankful she was standing in a crowd of people, because that way she had time to figure out how other people were responding to them, but when the robots started chanting ‘delete’ and the first person was electrocuted to death, people began to panic. She couldn’t do anything about it either except run with the masses, there was nothing to do, none of them had guns, and how could you fight a metal robot? She had no clue and it was obvious that the rest of the people running had no clue either, so she decided to follow along for now. 

Over the screams, she could hear the heavy pounding of the robot’s feet falling as they chased after the people, apparently not being able to move super fast, but there were plenty of them appearing out of nowhere, more and more of them hounding the crowd as people tried to run left and right, but at every turn there seemed to be another large metal man blocking the way. 

She could feel a slight headache coming on as she ran, but she knew it was too late to stop it then, if she stopped she could be killed, and she hardly had any time to mourn the death she and about a hundred other people just had to witness back in the park. All she knew at the moment was that she wanted to get as far away from the metal men as possible! 

It took her a moment to realize it, but it almost seemed like they were being herded, she couldn’t tell where, but with the robots appearing at nearly every turn she didn’t know how else to explain it. Not long after she realized that she decided that she’d have to break away from the crowd if she wanted to survive for the time being. Out of the corner of her eye, she was able to spot a dark alleyway, and without putting too much thought into it, she ducked out of the way and into the safety of the small path, hoping by hiding there she would be able to stay out of sight for the time being, until someone could help them. 

She ran as far into the alley as possible before taking a sharp turn to the right, and she would’ve kept running, if it weren’t for the giant metal man standing with it’s back to her. Jenna was able to stifle a gasp, but it wasn’t enough, the machine had heard her and turned to face her, “You will be deleted,” It exclaimed, holding it’s arm up to Jenna. 

Jenna took a step backwards, ready to run as quickly as possible in the opposite direction, despite her head pounding in protest, but before she even had the chance to, there were the same heavy footsteps marching up behind her, scaring her out of her wits! 

She looked in between the two robots cornering her, there really was no way for her to get out of this one alive, it was pretty obvious to anyone with two eyes to realize she was good and properly trapped. Without thinking about it, her hand flew down to the watch she’d stowed away in her pocket, seeking comfort in the cold gold casing that the watch had, her thumb running over it in a way that was meant to be calming even though her situation was anything but. 

With a cringe, she shut her eyes as one of the robots reached its arm out to her, still chanting ‘delete’ as they approached her. She managed to hold up her hands in protest, the one still tightly clutching onto the pocket watch, and the robot’s hand snagged her around the wrist. 

She felt a jolt of electricity run through her, the sensation running throughout her entire body, but she didn’t feel like screaming, she didn’t even want to cry, until she felt something burning on the inside of her wrist, it felt like flames were liking up and down until it finally stopped. The robotic hand was pulled away from her, and she collapsed to the ground, her breaths shallow and her head throbbing in pain. 

Jenna wasn’t sure if this was how the man in the park felt when he’d been ‘deleted’ but it wasn’t as bad as she’d thought it was going to be, in a way it was almost relaxing, despite the burning sensation that seemed to linger along her wrist that slowly started to turn into a tingling, but that was easy enough to forget about when her eyes slid shut and she drifted off into a deep sleep. 

Jenna couldn’t help but be surprised when she woke up, mainly because she didn’t expect to wake up at all, she thought that the robots would’ve gotten to her before anyone could save her, and they had, from what she could remember, she’d been electrocuted, but she was pretty sure she was waking up… 

She could feel her head, the ache had died down a little bit but hadn’t completely gone away, which was the first thing that told her she was alive and waking up, the second thing was the slight burning sensation that she’d recognized coming from her left wrist, and after she felt that she was sure her hand was still tightly clasped around the pocket watch she’d chosen to cling onto in what felt like her last moment. 

The most conscious she became the faster she was able to take in her surroundings, she could tell she was laying down somewhere, which she appreciated, but the thing she was laying on didn’t feel the most comfortable, and it was small, her legs dangling off the edge along with one of her arms, but somehow she hadn’t fallen off the edge of whatever she was on. 

Her eyes slowly cracked open, revealing the dull glow that illuminated the room she was in. It was a place she hadn’t recognized, maybe she had been rescued and brought to a strange top secret government facility, but the more she looked around the room, the more she realized that was probably far from what actually happened. Turns out, she was laying on an old seat, well, three cushioned seats that were right next to each other. In the center of the room there was a large console, with plenty of large levers and flashing buttons, her mind really couldn’t comprehend what she was looking at at the moment so she chose to ignore it. Still laying down, she could see that the room was large, there were several doors around the room, one looking much more like an exit than the others. It was a little bit of an overload, everything going on around her, the room just felt so much larger than life that she didn’t know what to think of it. 

And she didn’t have much time to think about it, just as she was about to sit up, she heard one of the doors open and she snapped her eyes shut, hoping whoever entered the room wouldn’t have noticed that she had just been awake, and whoever had entered the room walked up to her at a brisk pace. She decided quickly that it would be best if she just waited to open her eyes, pretending to play dead for the meantime in case it was one of those robots that had just trotted over to her, the memory of their incredibly loud footsteps completely forgotten at the moment. 

She expected herself to feel a painful shock running throughout her body, or somehow being forcefully jolted back to life by someone who would be looking to harm her, what she didn’t expect was a warm set of hands coming up to cup her face, turning it gently to each side as if someone was inspecting it. Then, one hand left her face, the other still resting on her cheek, thumb swiping over her cheek at a steady pace, and she felt the hand that was holding the watch get turned over, the touch soothing the burning sensation that was still present on her wrist before the watch was being tugged at. 

The watch was something she didn’t plan on losing anytime soon, she promised herself and her mystery man that she was going to return it to him, even if he didn’t know she had it, and she wasn’t about to let someone take it from her when they thought she was passed out! 

Her hand tightened around the watch and she shot up, taking a deep breath in, ready to make a run for it, and she would’ve, if it weren’t for the now familiar man that was kneeling right in front of her. The first thing she noticed about him was his sad eyes, the same as before but this time they were glazed over, like he’d been crying and part of her couldn’t help but wonder what could’ve happened to him since she’d last seen him about five hours ago. 

“It’s you?” She asked, still clutching the watch to her chest. 

He blinked a couple of times, clearing up the haze in his eyes before standing up to his full height, “Jenna,” He breathed in recognition. 

She didn’t know what was happening, he’d said her name, briefly she remembered him saying her name the first time they’d ran into each other, but brushed it off as coincidence before, but clearly this wasn’t just a coincidence, and while her mind was running through this information, she was wrapped up tightly in the man’s arms once more. 

There was something he wasn’t telling her, and if he wanted his watch back she was going to make him tell her. She didn’t want to waste too much time being stuck in this man’s grip this time around, he’d somehow managed to stun her into silence before, and this time around she definitely needed to get some things straightened out. 

She quickly pushed herself out of his arms, throwing herself back into the seat she’d woken up in, and made sure to get on her feet as quickly as possible, not wanting to feel smaller than she actually was at the moment, “Who are you?” She asked immediately, eyes wide as she took careful steps away from him, making sure she was getting closer to the exit as she walked. 

The man looked confused, his brows knitting together as he held his hands out to her, “Woah, woah, what happened, where did you come from?” He asked, matching her steps as she crept away from him. 

“No, you tell me who you are first,” She demanded, fighting her fear of the situation, trying to keep his watch hidden for now even though she was pretty sure he’d seen it when he tried to pull it out of her grip earlier. 

He paused, his mouth falling open as he stared at her for a moment in silence, but he didn’t stay like that for long, understanding flashed over his face and he relaxed, continuing to hold his hands out to her as if trying to calm her down, “Alright, I understand, is this your first time?” He asked, still not answering her question. 

She frowned, clearly he wasn’t catching on to what she was asking him, so she pulled out his watch, holding it up to him, “You see this?” She demanded, frowning at him, “I know it’s yours, and if you want it back you’d better start answering my questions, who are you?” Jenna insisted, holding the watch in front of her as if it would protect her from him. 

The man grinned now, thoroughly surprising her, “Right, sorry, I’m The Doctor,” He introduced, letting his hands drop to his side as he relaxed a little bit. 

“Doctor who?” She wasted no time in asking, deciding his answer wasn’t quite good enough for her. 

If it were even possible his grin widened at the new question, “Just the Doctor,” He repeated, “And you’ve got my watch,” He continued. 

Jenna narrowed her eyes at him, “How do you know my name?” She asked, not willing to give him back his watch after he answered only one of her many questions, “I know it wasn’t just a coincidence, you said it back in the square and you just said it again here,” She explained. 

The Doctor’s hands were shoved into his pockets, he looked really at home standing there in this strange room that she found herself in, “We’ve met before,” He explained with a shrug, “Well, I’ve met you before, looks like you’ve met me, but only once, I’m guessing?” He deduced, turning the question around on her. 

She nodded slowly, “Yeah, like I said in the square, where you dropped this,” It was strange that he didn’t remember it, they’d only run into each other a few hours ago, she didn’t think she was that forgettable, especially after the strange altercation, “And what do you mean we’ve met, I didn’t give you my name!” She argued, her heartbeat accelerating at the implications behind his words. 

“Oh, no, no, no,” He quickly got out, before running a hand through his hair and muttering to himself, “Of course this had to be my job… Right, so we’ll just get straight to the point, I’m the Doctor, this,” He gestured to the room they were in, giving her a spin as he did so, “Is my TARDIS; stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space, pretty cool, eh?” He asked, grinning at her once more, “I’m a time traveler, and so are you,” He finished. 

Jenna felt herself frowning, she could believe this man went by the name The Doctor, she could believe that wherever she was was his room that he called the TARDIS or whatever, but time travel? Herself being a time traveler? It was all a bit too absurd. 

She laughed before she knew what was going on, “Alright mate, I don’t know what you’re on, but I’m getting out of here, and I’m taking this with me,” Before he could stop her she turned her back to him and ran for the doors, wanting to get as far away from the man as possible. 

The exit was closer than she hoped and she ran down the long ramp, hearing his footsteps chasing after her as he called her name, trying to get her to stop, but that only egged her on more. She flung the door open, and before she had the chance to step outside, she was frozen in place. There wasn’t an outside… or there was, but it was much too large, and definitely not Earth! It was like they were floating in mid air, the doors opening into the vast expanse of space, and if she had managed to take the last step to get her away from the madman she would’ve fallen into the vastness of space, who knows what would’ve happened then. 

She had only been standing there for a moment before she was pulled backwards by an arm around her waist and the doors were slammed shut again, cutting her off from the outside world, and she realized that she was upset to see the heart stopping sight be hidden from her so quickly. 

But she was still being held by the Doctor who was standing tall behind her, and she didn’t need him to get the wrong idea, she was just a little dazed, that all, she knew that she couldn’t get out of those doors, but she definitely needed some more explained to her. 

She pushed away from him once more and spun around, pressing her back against the doors she’d almost just fallen out of, looking up at the man again, “Space,” She managed to get out, not quite believing what she’d just seen, “Was that outer space?” She breathed, looking up at him with wide eyes. 

He nodded, “Oh yes,” He agreed, “You’ll get used to it, don’t worry, next I’ll prove to you that it can travel in time too,” The Doctor grinned, clearly not fazed by her nearly falling out of this strange room. 

“You’re serious?” She demanded, after seeing that she wasn’t really sure what to believe. 

The Doctor nodded, “Deadly,” He said, sending her a wink, which shocked her for a moment. 

“Alright, I suppose if you’re telling me the truth then you can prove it to me later, how did I get here? I was with those robots, they shocked me, but I didn’t die like the others,” She explained, wanting to get her answers. 

His eyes widened in remembrance, “Right, it was the Cyberman, the robots,” He explained, “I haven’t figured out why it didn’t kill you yet, we’ve been trying, but you won’t tell me,” He mumbled the last part, clearly not wanting to hear him as he trailed off before getting himself back on track, “We don’t know how it works exactly, but when you got that nifty little tattoo on your arm you started following me-” She didn’t let him finish, wondering what exactly he meant by tattoo. 

“I think you’ve got the wrong person, I don’t have any tat-” She couldn’t let herself finish her sentence as she looked over her arms, her eyes landing immediately on a dark red mark burned into her arm, the strange symbols very similar to the markings on his watch, not that she realized that at the moment, but she was very clearly staring at a strange kind of tattoo on her arm, one that she did not put there herself, “What did you do?” She breathed, stuffing his watch into her pocket and running her hand over the angry red marks on her arm that had thankfully since stopped burning, but still looked rather scary. 

He looked like he wanted to reach out to her again, but he hesitated, holding himself back, “Nothing, I swear,” He held his hands up as if he was being held at gunpoint, “You told me it was the Cybermen, somehow, when they tried to kill you it triggered this, instead,” He explained. 

His phrasing caught her off guard though, finally she realized how he’d been referring to her telling him all of these things she was sure she’d never mentioned to him in the short time she’d known him. She couldn’t help but let her mind go all over the place at the moment, there was just so much she had to ask him, she couldn’t keep her head straight, “You keep saying- I haven’t told you any of that, we’ve barely spoken before,” She demanded to know, feeling herself start to shake slightly, from nerves or anger she wasn’t sure though, and she forced herself to take a deep breath, looking up at him again, “You said you were a time traveler, and you said so was I, what does that mean?” She asked. 

The Doctor nodded, rubbing his hands together before shoving them into his pockets, “Right, well, you are a time traveler, you just did it for the first time, actually,” He said, slowly. 

She responded initially by shaking her head, not quite knowing how to dispute that, “No, but, time travel, it’s impossible,” She demanded, mindlessly rubbing the red mark on her arm. 

He shrugged, “Give me your phone,” He told her, and due to the insanity of the situation, she found herself passing it over, watching as he fiddled with it for a moment, slipping a new chip into the side before passing it back to her, “Check the date,” He enforced. 

Jenna frowned as she took it back, looking for any damage he might’ve done before narrowing her eyes at him, “You’re joking,” She laughed sarcastically, looking down at her phone and expecting to see July 2006 lit up on her screen, but her jaw nearly dropped when she saw it said December 2007, which just wasn’t possible, “What did you do to my phone?” 

The Doctor shrugged again, acting impassive, “Nothing, honest, just gave it a little update, you can use it anywhere now, any time and place,” He explained, sounding proud of himself, like he was expecting praise from her, but all she did was narrow her eyes at him. 

“So you’re telling me it’s Christmas and a year in the future from where I was just an hour ago?” She nearly laughed at the insanity of the situation, there was no way that this was believable, but here she was, almost finding herself believing it, after seeing space right in front of her very eyes, she realized she had opened herself up to this strange scenario a bit more than she would’ve liked. 

He nodded, “Yep,” He agreed, popping his ‘P’ and looking very pleased with himself as he rocked on his feet. 

She put her phone in her pocket, still not believing what he was telling her 100%, but questioning him didn’t seem to be getting her anywhere, and the sooner he was able to prove it to her, the sooner she would be likely to believe him, “Alright, say I do believe that you’re a time traveler, I still don’t believe I am one, if anything you must’ve kidnapped me and brought me on board your freaky alien spaceship, but I won’t believe it until I see it,” She decided, crossing her arms over her chest. 

The grin on his face was unsurpassable and nearly made her want to smile back at him, it was so infectious, but she forced herself not to, not wanting to give the stranger, which she would still consider him for now, the satisfaction of making her smile, “I’ll be happy to prove it to you,” He decided. 

But before either of them could move, a loud sound met their ears, it sounded almost like a foghorn and she frowned at him, maybe this was what spaceships sounded like in the future, but she had a bad feeling that wasn’t the case. The sound came again, and the Doctor looked at Jenna, grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the center console again, just in time too as a large boat came crashing through the side of the ship. 

“What?” He breathed, hanging onto her as the two of them stared at the literal boat that had crashed through the walls. 

He pulled her closer to him, almost like he was pulling her away from the boat, “What?” He repeated, a little bit louder that time, as if she would know what was going on. 

She shrugged and pushed herself out of his arms, not wanting to get used to the sensation, “Is that a boat?” She asked, frowning up at it, but at the same time feeling slightly amazed by the sight in front of them. 

He nodded, turning towards the console, which she silently decided to call the control center after she saw him pulling some levers and pushing some buttons, seemingly at random, “Not just any boat,” He agreed, looking up at her, “The Titanic! And it’s going to get two new passengers!” He exclaimed with a laugh, pulling at another lever and moving whatever strange ship they were on away from the crash, getting further away from the so called Titanic as the walls of the ship began to repair itself around the two of them. 

The Doctor ran to the doors just as his TARDIS repaired itself, urging her to follow him, “Jenna Gray, you wanted proof, you’re going to get it, welcome aboard the Titanic!” He grinned as he threw open the doors. 

Jenna stepped forward, fully expecting to see the same view of space that she saw just a few moments ago, but instead, she was met with the sight of a long, rather elegant hallway, one she was curious to find out where it would lead them, “The Titanic?” She repeated, “But that’s not possible,” She looked up to him for confirmation. 

He was nodding as he grinned down at her, “And yet, here we are,” He said, closing the doors and shutting them inside once more, “Better get dressed first, we should try to blend in, eh?” Before she knew what was going on, she was being marched towards another layer of the ship, being marched straight towards a huge wardrobe, which he promised he would explain to her later after she thoroughly questioned him about it, finding it rather odd that he had a wardrobe filled with women's clothes. 

It didn’t take long before she was dressed in an elegant black dress with matching heels and her hair pulled back into a ponytail, deciding that this outfit was simple enough to work on the apparent Titanic. She met the Doctor back in the control center, unsure of how she wound up there, especially because the walk back seemed to be much shorter once she was on her own, she really had no clue how she made it back, it was just another question to add to her forming list of questions she had for the Doctor. 

Her plethora of questions went out of her mind once she saw him waiting for her by the doors, dressed in a simple black suit with a matching black bow-tie, despite her annoyance with the situation, she had to admit that he looked good, and with the smug look on his face she noticed after she finished checking him out, he knew what she was thinking too. 

She shook her head as she approached him, silently cursing herself, “What are we waiting for?” She asked, once she reached his side, ready to finally get her proof that he was a time traveler sooner rather than later, the more she learned the sooner she would find out what happened to her, and she didn’t want to waste a minute of it waiting around in this room. 

He smiled down at her, his warm eyes meeting hers before he offered her his arm, “Just taking in the view,” He winked, his face flushing slightly as he did so, flinging open the doors to his ship before she could think about what he was saying, and then she was dragged out into the hallway, thrown right into the mix of whatever strange situation she’d found herself in! 

The first thing she noticed was the Police Box that the two of them had darted out of, and she forced the two of them to come to a stop, staring at the box with wide eyes, “Wait, did we just come from there?” She demanded, unlinking her arm from his as she turned to get a good look at the thing. 

He immediately was at her side, “Yep,” He agreed, “That’s the TARDIS!” 

Her eyes widened, there was no way she was just inside that small box, it looked like it was barely big enough for the two of them, let alone for a full wardrobe! She quickly scampered around the box, making sure it really was the small size on the outside that it was letting on before she met him at the front of it again, pushing the doors open with ease and peeking inside once more. She slammed the door shut behind her, keeping her back to it when she turned to look at the Doctor, wonder written all over her face, “It’s bigger on the inside,” She breathed, not understanding how that could be possible. 

He was grinning again, what a surprise, “Love it when you say that!” He exclaimed, offering his arm to her once more but not giving her an explanation. 

She hurriedly accepted his arm, feeling like the longer she stuck around with him the more would slowly but surely be explained to her over time, “How can it be bigger? From the outside it looks like it could barely fit the two of us,” She muddled, her mind racing with how this box could be so large! 

He shrugged as he dragged her down the hall once more, “Alien technology, just makes my ship infinite on the inside, it’s a bit hard to explain when you don’t even believe we’re time travelers yet,” He decided on, wrinkling his nose down at her almost playfully before he was smiling again. 

Jenna couldn’t help but scoff at that, sure she believed in aliens, but how could he have gotten his hands on something like that, “Alien?” She teased, “Come on, how did you go about getting an alien spaceship?” She was almost smiling now, finding it was rather easy to talk to the man who she was attached to at the moment. 

“Well,” He began as the two of them reached a set of doors at the end of the hallway, “My people invented it a long time ago, I just stole her,” He explained with a wink. 

Her mouth fell open, and before she could ask him any more questions he had pushed open the doors and led her into the middle of a beautiful reception filled with all sorts of strange looking people, rich strange looking people, she corrected quickly, completely forgetting about how the man next to her had just heavily implied that he’s an alien. 

The Doctor pulled her further into the room, sweeping the two of them past several party goers as he explored the strange buffet, “Welcome to the Titanic,” He offered, stepping closer to her as he pulled them past a strange looking golden angel. 

Jenna felt her eyes linger on the angel statue for a moment too long, she had a strange feeling about the robots, but maybe that was because some robots- or Cybermen, as the Doctor put it, had just been trying to kill her not too long ago, she supposed it made sense if she was wary for now. When she pulled her eyes away, they landed on another figure, an incredibly short, bright red, spikey man standing amongst the crowd and engaging in normal conversation, “Doctor,” She breathed, not realizing this was the first time she’d called him by his title, “What is that?” She spoke quietly, not wanting to attract any sort of unwanted attention at the moment. 

He turned sharply to face her, unlinking their arms as he stared down at her, “I’m not sure, but I’m positive he doesn’t think you look so great either, so stop staring, dear, it’s rude,” The grin on his face as he snatched her hand now and linked their fingers together was ever so present as she faltered for a moment, moving on autopilot as he dragged her behind him, away from the red man and up to the windows of the ship. 

She stood next to him, momentarily trying to shake her hand out of his grip but he held on tight, keeping her still against his side, and he looked like he was going to speak, but then a voice came over the reception, “Attention all passengers, the Titanic is now in orbit above Sol Three, also known as Earth. Population, human. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Christmas!” There was a slight murmur of excitement as more people joined the two of them over by the windows, looking down at the planet that didn’t look too far away from where they were floating. 

“That’s Earth?” She asked, not quite believing what she was seeing. 

He nodded, “That’s Earth,” he agreed, “A year later too, Christmastime, believe in time travel yet?” He asked, squeezing her hand lightly. 

She didn’t really know how to respond, to be fair she was a little struck by the fact she was looking down at her planet from a spaceboat, this wasn’t something you got to do everyday, and frankly she had no clue how to comprehend what exactly was going on, so she stayed silent, staring down at the Earth below them. 

The Doctor pulled her further into the reception, snapping her out of her stupor as he did so and forcing her to keep up with his long strides as he mingled with the many guests, a few of them greeting the pair with ‘Merry Christmas,’ which Jenna found all sorts of strange, but thankfully the Doctor did most of the talking.

“I don’t know about you,” The Doctor muttered, shooting her a look, “But I want to get a closer look at those angels,” He confessed, his eyes darting towards the nearest golden angel. 

She didn’t know if she really wanted to get a closer look at them, they unnerved her, but at the same time, she wasn’t on Earth, holding hands with a man that may or may not be an alien, and she really had nothing to lose, so with another reassuring squeeze from his hand, she decided why not, “Yeah, lead the way,” She decided, her eyes so focused on the golden angel that she didn’t notice the way his lit up with excitement as he turned from her and dragged the two of them over towards the angel. 

“Evening,” The Doctor greeted, waving his free hand at the robot, “Passengers 57 and 58, terrible memory, remind me, you would be?” He spoke very quickly, almost impressing Jenna with his ability to spin a lie that easily. 

The angel whirred to life, “Information, Heavenly Host supplying tourist information,” The angel told them, and Jenna felt herself immediately deflate at the sound of its voice, it didn’t sound evil like the Cybermen had, and it had just told them that it was here to help, it was definitely relieving. 

“Good,” The Doctor nodded, “So tell me, because I’m an idiot, where are we from?” 

“Information, The Titanic is en route from the planet Sto in the Cassavalian Belt. The purpose of the cruise is to experience primitive cultures,” It explained simply. 

Jenna felt her jaw nearly drop, she was sure she would’ve looked offended too, if it weren’t for the Doctor shutting her up with a sharp glance down at her. But honestly, primitive cultures? The Earth wasn’t primitive! She almost wanted to argue with the angel right then and there, but clearly the Doctor hadn’t thought that was a good idea and he seemed to know a lot more than her at the moment, so she shut herself up and continued to listen to the two of them. 

“Titanic, who thought of the name?” The Doctor mused. 

“Information, it was chosen as the most famous vessel of the planet, Earth,” It explained and Jenna couldn’t help but roll her eyes, so much for primitive, here they were naming a spaceboat after the Titanic of all boats, not having even bothered to look up why it was famous! 

The Doctor was clearly on the same page she was, “Did they tell you why it was famous?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. 

“Information, all designations are chosen by Mister Max Capricorn, president of Max- Max- Max-” The angel began to glitch, twitching its head every time it said Max. 

The Doctor was quick to shift so she was standing half in front of Jenna now, “Oo, bit of a glitch,” He said to her over his shoulder, but still making sure to keep his sight on the robot in front of him. 

Before the Doctor could inspect the glitch, a stewardess was running towards them, two men following her as they quickly grabbed the robot and carried it away, “Software problem, that’s all,” The woman explained quickly, “Leave it to us, Sir, Merry Christmas,” She finished, hurriedly turning around to follow after the two men that were carrying the robot away. 

The Doctor spun around to look at her, the smile she was starting to get used to seeing on his face growing, “Looks like this cruise just got a little more interesting,” He said, before spinning the two of them around and pulling her along amongst the crowd once more. 

She could barely keep up with the Doctor’s long strides let alone his thought process, he just seemed to move so quickly, she could only hope to keep up with him as he scurried about. She was following blindly, almost too blindly because she didn’t realize he’d stopped himself, sending her crashing into his back. 

“Oh, sorry,” He mumbled, stepping to the side so she wasn’t pressed against his back. 

When she recovered, she realized why he had stopped in his place, in front of the two of them, there was a female employee speaking with a male passenger, the man looking none too pleased with the woman as she stared down at the drinks that had fallen to her feet, the two of them must’ve collided.

“I’m sorry, sir,” The woman said, as she scampered to pick up the dropped drinks in a hurry, but the man didn’t seem to care too much for her. 

“You’ll be sorry when it comes off your wages, sweetheart,” He sneered, turning away from her, “Staffed by idiots, no wonder Max Capricorn’s going down the drain,” Thankfully he was quick to leave the woman, and before the Doctor had a chance to do anything, Jenna was pulling him forward, moving to help the woman at their feet without even thinking. 

“Oh, careful!” She said, watching as she picked up glass with her bare hands, Jenna quickly helping cleaning up the shards before putting them down on the empty tray, “There we go!” 

The blond woman flushed slightly, as the two of them straightened out and Jenna went back to the Doctor’s side without even thinking about it, “Are you alright?” He asked, immediately, seeking out Jenna’s hand again. 

“Thank you, Ma’am, Sir, I can manage,” She muttered, her cheeks a dull red. 

The Doctor smiled down at her, “We never said you couldn’t, I’m the Doctor, by the way, this is Jenna,” He introduced. 

“Astrid, Astrid Perth,” She replied, her eyes briefly wandering down to their twined fingers before shooting up to their faces once more, the blush still present. 

Jenna shot her a reassuring smile, “Nice to meet you Astrid Perth, Merry Christmas,” She greeted, wanting to calm the poor girl down, feeling like if she could calm down Astrid it would help herself calm down, since she still wasn’t completely convinced of what was going on around her. 

“Merry Christmas,” She returned, smiling at the pair, “Are you enjoying the cruise?” 

The Doctor nodded now, squeezing Jenna’s hand, something she realized he did quite a lot, “Oh yeah, thought I was going to be boarding alone, they’re not very fun by yourself, but then Jenna showed up,” He grinned, smiling down at the woman next to him. 

Astrid frowned, “Why were you going to come alone?” She asked, and Jenna wanted to know the answer for herself too. 

“Well, it was just going to be me, used to have someone,” He coughed quickly, changing the subject, “What about you? Long way from home, Planet Sto,” The Doctor pressed, seemingly wanting the attention to stray from himself, making Jenna even more curious about just who this man was. 

The blond shrugged, “Doesn’t feel that different, I spent three years working at the Spaceport Diner, traveled all the way here and I’m still waiting on tables,” She sighed, clearly not too pleased with her current situation, which Jenna could easily sympathize with. 

“No shore leave?” He asked with a curious frown. 

The woman shook her head, “We’re not allowed. They can’t afford the insurance. I just wanted to try it, just once,” She sighed, clearly lost in thought, “I used to watch the ships heading out to the stars and I always dreamt of- it sounds daft,” She finished with a laugh. 

The Doctor could clearly understand where she was coming from too, “You dreamt of another sky, new sun, new air, new life. A whole universe teetering with life! Why stand still when there’s all that life out there?” He grinned, and Jenna felt her heart stop, it really did sound fabulous, but she supposed being on this boat was the same thing to her as it would've been to Astrid if she made it to Earth. 

“So you travel a lot?” She asked, looking just as excited as Jenna felt. 

“All the time, just for fun,” He paused, “Well, that’s the plan, never quite happens,” He trailed off, looking almost sheepish. 

Astrid leant in a little closer, “Must be rich though,” She grinned. 

The Doctor was quick to let go of Jenna’s hand, choosing instead to wrap his arm around her shoulders, unexpectedly pulling her into his side, “Haven’t got a penny,” He whispered, “Stowaways!” 

“Kidding,” Astrid gasped. 

Jenna rolled her eyes at the Doctor’s dramatics, “Serious,” She muttered back, hoping to not catch anyone else’s attention since the two of them actually were stowaways. 

“No!” The woman continued, her eyes shooting over to Jenna’s now. 

“Oh yes,” The Doctor finished, causing Astrid to look between the two of them in confusion. 

“How did you get on board?” She demanded. 

The Doctor paused, straightening himself out, “Accident, I’ve got this sort of, ship-thing,” He muttered, and Jenna fought the urge to roll her eyes again, it was a box , there was no way it was that grand of a ship, “I was just rebuilding her, left the defenses down, bumped into the Titanic. Here we are! Bit of a party, thought, why not?” He grinned. 

The blond narrowed her eyes at the Doctor’s explanation, but there was still a grin planted on her face, “I should report you,” She decided. 

“Go on then,” Jenna couldn’t help but challenge, not noticing the pleasantly surprised look on the Doctor’s face. 

Astrid smiled, “I’ll get you a drink, both of you, on the house!” She decided, slipping away from the pair of them quickly. 

“What do you think of that?” The Doctor exclaimed, grinning at her. 

She smiled back at him, not knowing what she was going to say to him, but just feeling slightly in awe at the situation, and she would’ve answered him, if it weren’t for her eyes falling behind him, on a table of smartly dressed men and women who seemed to be laughing at a lonely couple dressed in matching purple clothes, “What are they doing?” She asked. 

The Doctor spun around and immediately noticed what she’d been looking at, and he wasted no time in marching her over to the table with the couple dressed in purple, the man comforting the woman with a hand on her back, “Just ignore them,” He muttered, clearly feeling embarrassed. 

Jenna was quickly led by the Doctor to take a seat by the couple, as he started to speak to them, “Something’s tickled them,” He said, shooting the comment to the couple. 

The woman began to speak, “They told us it was fancy dress, very funny, I’m sure,” Jenna felt her heart drop for the couple they didn’t deserve to feel like this on their once in a lifetime vacation. 

“They’re just picking on us ‘cause we haven’t paid, we won our tickets in a competition,” The man explained. 

The woman perked up at that, “I had to name the five husbands of Joofie Crystalle in By The Light of The Asteroid. Did you ever watch it?” She asked, looking pleased with herself. 

“Is that the ones with the twins?” The Doctor asked, looking pensive. 

“That’s it! Oh it’s marvelous!” The woman grinned, clasping her hands together. 

The man was still frowning though, “But we’re not good enough for that lot, they think we should be in steerage,” He sneered. 

The Doctor looked down at Jenna who was very upset over the whole ordeal, she thought these two were lovely people, so what if they didn’t buy their tickets, but the doctor squeezed her hand again, capturing her attention, “Well, we can’t have that, can we?” He turned away from the couple, letting only Jenna see him as he pulled something out of his suit pocket, a long glowing wand sort of thing and pointed it towards the group of people that had been laughing at the couple. She turned her head just in time to see the cork popping out of the champagne bottle on their table, sending champagne all over their fancy clothes and causing quite the commotion.

“How did you do that?” Jenna immediately asked, turning to face him again as he put the object back inside his jacket pocket. 

“I’ll tell you later,” He whispered back to her, the two of them looking expectantly at the couple. 

“Did you do that?” The woman gasped. 

The Doctor smirked at them, “Maybe,” He decided on.

“We like you!” 

“We do,” The man agreed, “I’m Morvin Van Hoff, this is my good woman, Foon,” He introduced, looking between Jenna and the Doctor expectantly. 

“Foon,” The Doctor repeated, “Hello, I’m the Doctor, and this is my good woman, Jenna Gray,” He introduced, squeezing Jenna to his side. 

She pushed at his side slightly, not wanting to be that close to the strange man she’d been around for much too long, but he wasn’t quite letting her go, “It’s a pleasure to meet you both,” She offered, smiling at the couple. 

Foon laughed, “I’m going to need a Doctor by the time I’ve finished with that buffet!” She exclaimed, pushing over her plate to the two of them, “Have a buffalo wing, they must be enormous, these buffalos, so many wings!” 

Jenna laughed with the woman, it was just all so strange to her, she assumed the people sitting across from her were humans, but they weren’t from Earth, which was strange, she didn’t really know what to think, but they clearly meant well, “Don’t mind if I do,” She happily accepted one of the wings. 

Before she could eat it though, there was another announcement over the PA, “Attention, please, shore leave tickets red six seven now activated, red six seven!” Came the announcement. 

Foon and Morvin looked incredibly happy as they pulled out two matching tickets, “Red six seven, that’s us! Are you red six seven?” Foon asked as she stood up. 

The Doctor looked down at Jenna who glanced back up at him in confusion, not really knowing what was going on, so he clearly took it upon himself to make the decision for them, “Might as well be!” He grinned, pulling Jenna to her feet so they could follow the couple. 

“Come on then,”  Morvin called, urging the two of them to follow, “We’re going to Earth!” 

He grinned at her, pulling her along as he squeezed her hand, “What do they mean going to Earth?” She asked in a hushed voice, not wanting to attract too much attention to her confusion. 

He leant down as well, so she could hear him a little bit better, “This is a cruise, they let their guests visit a few of their destinations, we just happened to get lucky enough to go to Earth,” The Doctor explained as a group of people she assumed were in red six seven gathered around a small podium where a man was passing out some wristbands. 

“Red six seven, red six seven, right this way, fast as you can!” He called, urging the group to come to him. 

The two of them were poised to follow him, but the Doctor jerked her to a stop when Astrid jumped right in front of the pair, “I’ve got your drinks!” She grinned, showing them the tray she was carrying. 

“And I got you a treat,” The Doctor decided, grabbing her drink tray and setting it to the side, “Come on,” He pulled both the women forward up to the man that was clearly in charge of the group. 

The Doctor was quick to pull something out of his coat, a piece of paper, it looked like before he tucked it back into his pocket, “Red six sevens,” He motioned to himself and Jenna before turning to Astrid, “Plus one!” 

The man nodded, passing the Doctor three bracelets, “Quickly, sir, please, and take these three teleport bracelets if you would,” He instructed. 

“I’ll get the sack,” Astrid hissed, looking with wide eyes towards the two strangers. 

The Doctor was quick to put on his bracelet, before helping Jenna with hers, fastening it tightly around the wrist that didn’t have her strange new tattoo before turning to Astrid, “Brand new sky,” He promised, helping her next. 

Astrid opened her mouth, like she was going to reply to the Doctor, but was cut off when their expedition leader started talking, “To repeat, I am Mr. Copper, the ship’s historian and I shall be taking you to an old London town in the country of UK, ruled over by good King Wenceslas,” Jenna frowned up at the Doctor but he was looking at Mr. Copper, “Now, human beings worship the great God, Santa, a creature with fearsome claws, and his wife, Mary. And every Christmas Eve, the people of the UK go to war with the country of Turkey. Then eat the Turkey people for Christmas dinner like savages,” He weaved his tale, sounding very sure of himself. 

Jenna nearly snorted, but she choked her laughter back, not wanting to upset the older man with her laughter, it was just so ridiculous, maybe she should start relaxing and focus on enjoying her time in this strange place while she could, “Ship’s historian?” She snickered to the Doctor, whispering so only he could hear her. 

He shushed her, “He’s trying his best,” He hissed back to her, before straightening out, “Excuse me, sorry, but where did you get all this from?” He asked, cocking an eyebrow. 

Mr. Copper shifted, looking almost uncomfortable, “Well, I have a first class degree in Earthonomics,” He said as if the Doctor should’ve known that, “Now, stand by!” 

“And me!” A high pitched voice came from behind the group, “And me! Red six seven!” Jenna spun around to see the spiky red man from earlier come running up to meet the group. 

“Well, take your bracelet please, sir!” Copper nodded, gesturing for the alien to take the band. 

The Doctor wasted no time in spinning around, looking between the new group member and Copper, “But, er, hold on- hold on! What was your name?” He asked, turning to the red guy, clearly liking to be in charge of the situation, which Jenna had caught on to almost immediately. 

“Bannakaffalatta,” He introduced. 

The Doctor nodded, “Okay, Bannakaffalatta,” He agreed, making sure to pronounce each syllable, “But it’s Christmas Eve down there. Late night shopping, tons of people. He’s like a talking conker. No offense, but you’ll cause a riot because the streets are going to be packed with shoppers and partiers and-” The Doctor was rambling, and Jenna understood why, if she’d seen Bannakaffalatta before when she wasn’t with someone like the Doctor she would’ve certainly freaked out the moment she laid eyes on him, and he was clearly trying to protect the little creature, but that didn’t matter because before he could even finish talking, they had been wisped away from the deck of the Titanic, and sent down to Earth. 

She blinked and when she opened her eyes again they were on a street in the shopping district of London, a street that really should’ve been incredibly crowded this time of night like the Doctor was trying to warn them about, but there was no one here. He spun around, getting himself much too close to her side as he looked down at her, his hands holding her by the arms before he pulled her sharply into his chest, “I thought you disappeared, I haven’t even had a chance to explain all of it to you,” He breathed, letting her go as quickly as he grabbed her, but still making sure to keep a tight grip on her hand, almost like if he let go then she would disappear. 

Jenna shook her head, looking around the deserted street and trying to ignore the Doctor’s strange reaction to them being teleported, since she’d run into him this was the first thing she’d handled better than he did, and the thought made her smile. But it was strange, it was almost eerie being left alone in the streets of London, without anyone else out and about, it was unlike anything she’d ever seen, she realized she was seeing a lot of strange things since she’d met him. 

“Now, spending money, I’ve a credit card in Earth currency if you want to buy trinkets or stockings, the local delicacy, which is known as beef. But don’t stray too far, it could be dangerous. Any day now they start boxing!” He exclaimed, sending the guests on their way to walk around London. 

She frowned, looking around the streets, “Something’s wrong, if this is only a year into my future, there should be people here, what’s happened to all of them?” She asked the Doctor, frowning at the deserted shops. 

“But it’s beautiful!” Astrid breathed, smiling as she took in all the sights. 

The Doctor tisked at her, looking around the street, “Really? Do you think so? It’s just a street. The Pyramids are beautiful, and New Zealand,” He commented, offhandedly. 

Jenna slowly pulled her hand from his, “Now who’s being rude,” She whispered, not being able to avoid teasing him, it almost felt natural to her, but she pushed that thought down. 

Astrid didn’t seem to mind though, “But it’s a different planet, I’m standing on a different planet! There’s concrete and shops! Real shops! Look, no stars in the sky! And it smells, it stinks!” She laughed, jovially, “Oh this is amazing, thank you!” 

“Yeah?” The Doctor sounded pleased with himself, “Come on then, let’s have a look!” 

Jenna was happy she’d pulled her hand away from his now, not having to get dragged along by him anymore and instead she trotted over towards a small new stand, having noticed a single man sat inside, reading a paper, a real newspaper, which she decided would come in handy if she could see the date. 

“Hello,” She greeted once she came up to the white haired man, assuming that the Doctor was not too far behind her, for some reason he liked to stick pretty close to her, and if he was her chance at getting back to 2006, she wasn’t going to complain about it for too long. 

“Hello!” He greeted in response, sounding very cheery, “Good to see there’s still some folk out and about on Christmas Eve!” He grinned, holding his hand out for her to shake. 

She did and took a subtle glance down at one of the newspapers, frowning when it said December 24th, 2007, but smiling when she looked back up at the man, not wanting to ruin his Christmas Eve, “Of course, wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” She told him just as the Doctor stepped up to her side. 

“Hello there,” He greeted, slipping his hand back into Jenna’s, “Sorry, obvious question, but where’s everybody gone?” He asked. 

The man in the booth chuckled, “Oh, ho! Scared!” He told them, laughing as he did so. 

“Right, yes, scared of what?” He demanded. 

The older man frowned at him, “Where have you been living? London at Christmas? Not safe, is it?” He asked, and Jenna did have to agree with him about that, the past couple of Christmas eve’s have been pretty strange for Earth standards. 

“Why?” The Doctor continued. 

“Well it’s them, up above!” The man explained, “Look, Christmas before last we had that big bloody spaceship, everyone standing on the roof. And then last year, that Christmas star electrocuting all over the place, draining the Thames,” He told them, shrugging as he did so. 

Jenna had almost forgot that Astrid had been following the two of them as she perked up, “This place is amazing!” She exclaimed. 

The old man continued on though, not paying attention to the blond, “And this year, lord knows what’s going to happen. So everyone’s sharpened. Gone to the country. All except me and her majesty!” He exclaimed, proudly, “God bless her, we stand vigil!” 

The Doctor nodded, watching the TV behind the man’s back, “Well between you and me, I think her Majesty’s got it right. Far as I know, this year, nothing to worry about,” He promised, just having enough time to finish his sentence before the three of them disappeared again, ending up on the Titanic once more. 

“I was in the middle of a sentence!” The Doctor cried, spinning around to stare accusingly at Copper. 

The man rubbed his hands together, looking taken aback, “Right, I’m sorry about that. A bit of a problem, if I could have your bracelets,” He demanded, collecting the transporters back. 

“Apologies ladies and gentlemen, and Bannakaffalatta,” A steward came over and held up his hands in apology to them, “We seemed to have suffered a slight power fluctuation. If you’d like to return to the festivities. And on behalf of Max Capricorn Cruiseliners, free drinks will be provided,” The steward supplied. 

“Thank you!” Foon cheered, happily. 

Astrid was still gushing, “That was the best! The best!” She exclaimed, smiling widely. 

Jenna frowned up at the Doctor, not being able to get something off her mind as he looked down at her, a worried glance on his face as well, “What kind of power fluctuation?” She asked him. 

The Doctor perked up a bit at her question, pulling his strange glowing thing out of his pocket and he smiled at her, “I suppose we should go find out!” 

“What is that, exactly?” She asked, pointing to the object he’d just pulled out of his pocket. 

He flipped the object in the air, catching it without even looking as he stared down at her for a moment, “Right, forgot you’re new,” He muttered before letting her have a better look at whatever it was he was holding, “It’s called a sonic screwdriver, it’s sonic and it does… things,” He finished a little lamely, looking sheepish at his explanation. 

“What kind of things?” She asked, taking the screwdriver from him and looking it over, if it had managed to make a cork fly out of a bottle earlier she was sure it had to have a few more tricks up its sleeve! 

The Doctor didn’t let her play with it for long, not knowing how naturally using it would come to her and he didn’t want anything too out of the ordinary to happen whilst she was holding it, “I’ll show you,” He decided, marching the two of them over towards a picture of Max Capricorn who was repeating the catch phrase she’d heard him say earlier and the Doctor was quick to point the sonic at it, successfully detaching the frame from the wall. Once the picture had been removed, he continued to point the sonic at it, changing the screen so that the two of them could see an image of the ship’s status, frowning when he realized that the shields were down before he jumped into action. 

He pulled her towards a porthole, quickly ducking his head to peer through the small window, immediately stiffening as he looked outside, “Not good, not good, not good,” He began to chant, looking around the Reception with desperate eyes. 

Jenna managed to move herself far enough away from the Doctor so she could peer through the porthole, barely catching a glimpse at the strange fireballs that looked like they were heading directly towards the ship before the Doctor had tugged her away, heading back to the frame that the two of them had just destroyed, swiftly letting her go to pull at some wires before deciding he’d found a way to contact the bridge, “Is that the bridge? I need to talk to the Captain, you’ve got a meteoroid storm coming!” He warned, “West Zero by North Two!” 

“Who is this?” Came the Captain’s hesitant surprise. 

Jenna was looking around the ship, no one else seemed to notice the meteorites heading towards them, and if the Captain was hesitant to even answer the Doctor she wasn’t going to stick around and wait for them to make anything happen. Since the Doctor had let her hand go to be able to fiddle with the controls around the frame, she was able to slip away, making quick work of getting away from him to be able to run up to where the entertainment was, wasting no time in pushing the woman out of the way and grabbing the microphone from her, “Everyone, listen up! This is an emergency; There’s a meteorite-” Before she could finish her sentence, a heavy metallic hand was falling over her mouth and she was being dragged backwards and off the stage by one of the hosts. She flailed against it, feeling terror hit her hard just as it had when she’d first run into the Cybermen, and she felt very desperate as she fought against the robot. 

She didn’t even notice that she was being dragged alongside the Doctor at that point, he was still shouting as the two of them were pulled out of the room, finally being released once they were away from the Reception. Jenna felt her legs collapse underneath her as soon as she’d been released, and she would’ve fallen straight to the ground if it weren’t for the Doctor gathering her to his chest, keeping her on her feet as she couldn’t help but to cling to him, not liking the memory of the Cybermen that was forcefully brought back to her. 

The Doctor was quick to wrap his arms around her, holding her as close to him as he could get, his one arm wrapped firmly around her waist and the other wrapped up in her hair, pressing her face to his chest as she trembled against him, making him rather upset, “If you don’t believe me check the shields yourself!” He hissed at the men who had thrown him out of the room. 

Jenna felt herself calming down as he held onto her, and she peeked out from where she was pressed against him, watching as Astrid came running after the two of them, followed closely by Morvin, Foon, and Bannakaffalatta, Mr. Copper coming up on their other side, “Sir, I can vouch for them!” Astrid called, panting slightly as she reached the duo that were still clinging to each other. 

Morvin was next, holding his hands up to the man who had pulled the Doctor out, “Look, Steward, they’ve both just had a bit too much to drink,” He tried, hoping to help his new friends out. 

Mr. Copper came up too, “Sir, something seems to have gone wrong, all the teleports have gone down,” He warned, looking just as confused as everyone felt. 

“Not now!” The Steward hissed at Copper. 

She could hear the Doctor’s heart beating, using the timing to calm herself down, but something wasn’t quite right, the longer she listened, the more she realized that something wasn’t quite right, it didn’t sound like a normal heart. Her mind immediately jumped back to his cryptic comment earlier about having alien technology and suddenly she felt her hands get a little clammy from where she was still clutching onto his coat as he addressed the people around the two of them. Slowly, so he wouldn’t notice, she released her tight grip on his jacket to move her hands over his chest, feeling for his heartbeat, making sure her ears weren’t deceiving her, but when she moved her hands it was anything but what she expected, because very clearly on the proper side of his chest, one heart was beating steadily, and underneath the other hand on the wrong side of his chest was the beating of another heart. 

The Doctor was yelling about something to the Steward, and she vaguely realized that Slade, the jerk who had made Astrid drop her tray earlier, had entered the room as well and was yelling, too. She slowly lifted her head off of him, his hand slipping out of her hair and meeting his other one around her waist as she began to move away, her uneasiness towards the Doctor coming back in full, what was he if he had two hearts? 

She didn’t have the chance to fully pull away from him though, in her confusion, she’d immediately forgotten about impending danger that all of them on The Titanic were facing, and the next thing she knew the ship gave a terrifying lurch, and she was being thrown to the ground, the only thing stopping her from most likely cracking her head on the ground was the Doctor’s arms anchoring her to him as she landed directly on top of the man, groaning as she did so. It didn’t stop there, the ship continued to jolt around, sending the people around them flying as the Doctor attempted to climb back to his feet, pulling a stunned Jenna with him as they fought to stand tall. 

He pulled her forwards, she could hear screams as he tried to move her away from the stumbling people around them, Foon and Morvin already on the floor, Astrid grabbing onto the pipes on the side of the wall to steady herself, Slade stumbling about shouting obscenities, and The Doctor somehow still managed to keep his footing somehow, helping Jenna in the process before he flung the two of them forwards, sending them back to the ground just as a giant explosion came from directly above their heads. 

She was panting, her confusion palpable as she struggled to understand what was going on, but now that the Doctor was on top of her, practically shielding her from the explosion with his body before he climbed back to his feet, the ship steadying itself somehow. 

Jenna gave herself a moment on the ground, taking a deep breath, and finally getting back to her feet to keep up with the Doctor, she had a feeling he was someone that didn’t like to wait around for too long. 

“It’s alright, sweetheart,” Morvin was comforting his wife, the two of them both still on the ground. 

“Shush, it’s stopping,” The Doctor, commanded, looking around the space that their group was in, “You alright?” He asked, finally looking back towards Jenna who was just getting to her feet. 

She nodded, brushing herself down, “Yeah, a little overwhelmed, but I’m fine,” She confessed, feeling herself blush slightly, she hadn’t wanted to admit that to him but here she was. 

The Doctor was quick to help Astrid and the others up, “Bad name for a ship,” He commented, offhandedly, “Either that or this suit is very unlucky.” 

While the Steward began to try and do some damage control, Jenna happened to look over at Mr. Copper, who had a rather large gash on his forehead. Without thinking about it, she moved towards the man, steadying him by throwing his arm over his over shoulders and guiding him into a seat. 

Once she had him seated, The Doctor seemed to notice her and Copper, running up to also check on the man, “Are you alright?” he asked, his hands hovering over the two of them as if he wasn’t quite sure how to help. 

Before the Doctor could attempt to help Copper who had started dabbing at his head with a handkerchief, The Steward was walking confidently over towards a door, “She is a fine sturdy ship, if you all could stay here while I ascertain the exact nature of the situation,” He said, his hand landing on the door handle. 

“Don’t open it!” The Doctor shouted, running towards the steward. 

He was just a second too late, and that was probably a good thing, the Steward threw the door open and the door was flung off, the Steward flying out of the ship with it. Jenna let out of fright, acting quickly and grabbing onto the panelling next to her, resisting the tug towards space that everyone in the room felt. 

The Doctor jumped around, making sure to hold different fixed object as he moved closer to the doorway, pulling out his sonic and sending an oxygen field over the open doorway, ending everyone's struggle to hold on almost immediately, and he was quick to set off to work after that, continuing to call each person’s name in the room until he’d gotten a reply from all of them. Then he was standing at Jenna’s side again, looking over her with concerned eyes, but she brushed him off, still feeling uneasy. 

“What happened?” Jenna asked, wanting to steer The Doctor’s attention away from her, even though she had a pretty good idea of what happened, “How come the shields were down?” 

“I don’t think it was an accident,” The Doctor murmured, cryptically. 

He wasn’t looking at her anymore, he was looking at the door that had just been opened and out into space. If this had been a ‘normal’ situation, Jenna would’ve found herself in awe at being able to look out into space again, but this felt more like life or death, especially when they could see the wreckage and bodies floating around in the vast expanse of the space around them. 

Jenna felt her heart lurch when she spotted a familiar blue box floating off into space with the ship’s debris, and it took her much too long to realize she’d zoned out once she realized their chances of survival were even lower now, especially once the TARDIS shot off towards Earth, getting even farther away from them and their impending doom. 

She found herself coming back to the present when Astrid put a gentle hand on her arm, drawing her attention away from space once more, “You shouldn’t look out there, it won’t do us any good,” The blond muttered, sounding almost sad about it as she offered Jenna a reassuring smile. 

Jenna forced herself to look away from the wreckage and towards Astrid, “Yeah, you’re right,” She mumbled, allowing herself one last sad look outside of the safety of the ship before turning away from the door completely, silently promising herself that if they made it out of this alive, she’d do her best to remember the people out there, for her own sake. 

When she turned back to the Doctor, she realized he’d still been able to communicate with the bridge like he had earlier and he was currently striking up a conversation. She frowned as she watched him, something she’d been doing a lot of lately- frowning and watching him- but there was something so intriguing about him, and at the same time she didn’t know how to feel around him. Clearly he was trying his best to save all of them, and for the most part it was working, if only the crew had listened to him earlier this wouldn’t have been a problem, but at the same time, he seemed to be an alien who knew a lot more about her than she did about him, and if that thought wouldn’t freak someone out, she didn’t know what would! She hadn’t even realized the Doctor was addressing them again, until he prodded her gently with his elbow, “To the bridge!” He declared, grabbing her by the hand before she could stop him and pulling her along once more. 

“We’re going to die!” Foon muttered, desperately. 

Copper piped up too, “Are you saying someone’s done this on purpose?” He demanded. 

Foon was still moaning about dying while Morvin tried to comfort her, and it didn’t take long for the Doctor to become annoyed with the lot of them, “Shush, shush, shush, shush, shush,” He demanded, repeating the command several times, leaving Jenna wanting to swat at him for being so rude, these people all almost just died, he should show them a bit more patience, but at the moment she didn’t really want to get in the middle of anything involving him, which was proving to be hard since he was still clutching tightly at her hand, “First thing’s first; one, we are going to climb through this ship; B, no- two, we’re going to reach the bridge. Three- or C- we’re going to save the Titanic. And, coming in at a very low four, or D, or that little iv in brackets they use in footnotes, why. Alright then, follow me!” His rambling turned into action at a pace Jenna had trouble following as he spun the two of them around, preparing to start their ascent towards the bridge. 

“Hang on a minute!” Slade called out, leaving Jenna to force herself not to roll her eyes at the man as he spoke up, “Who put you in charge and who the hell are you anyways?” He demanded. 

The Doctor spun back around, the corners of his lips turning up in an almost smug grin, “I’m the Doctor. I’m a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. I’m nine hundred and three years old and I’m the man who’s going to save your lives and six billion people on the planet below. You got a problem with that?” 

“No,” Slade muttered, sounding embarrassed. 

“In that case,” The Doctor nodded, straightening up, “Allons-y!” 

Slade clearly didn’t have a problem with the Doctor’s admonition, but Jenna most certainly did! She just had no clue where to start ! An alien, that was obvious, she’d figured that out a few moments ago when she realized he had two hearts, but what on Earth was a Time Lord, and that constellation was one she’d never even heard of. On top of all that, how in the world was he nine hundred and three? He couldn’t have been much older than herself, he had to be only in his thirties at least! Honestly, this was a bit cheeky at first, it would’ve made for a good story and an even better laugh in a couple of years, but it was all getting a bit too real for Jenna’s liking, and she didn’t know what to think about it. 

So she wordlessly followed the Doctor, deciding she’d pester him with questions once they were in a safer environment, but for now, she was just going to have to stay confused, and hope that he’d be able to get her back hope in her own year safely once this was all over.