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After Life: AnK x Zetsuai

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White. White everywhere. This pure white light should have been dazzling, but strangely, it wasn’t. It was warm and comfortable. Though it was a great relief, for his eyes if not for his heart, when it disappeared. The young man who was experiencing this didn’t know exactly when it did, since his vision took some time to come back while he began to notice little by little that people around him were speaking. Maybe the light had been dazzling, after all. The words spoken near him became clearer:

“Poor one, it must have been horrible!"
"Died in an explosion, probably."
"If he is, then he surely hasn’t suffered that much. Died in the instant. Impressive but not the worst death either so don’t worry Kagome."
"Are you all right, Sir?”

The new-commer became aware of a blue-haired braid which was falling just in front of his eyes. The person who had asked the question probably was its owner. He tried to get up on his feet and, stumbling, looked around him, still feeling dizzy but now able to discover his environment. Someone shouted that he shouldn’t get up but the voice seemed far away since his dizziness had temporarily increased with this move. Moving freely by himself was the only will he could identify though, so he just decided to ignore both the voice and the feeling and concentrate to stay up.

He was in a room which was quite luminous, even if it was far less than the place he was certain to be before awaking here. Four… no, five other silhouettes were standing here, looking at him. Behind them, several computers were working. He realised that he had been laying at the ground itself, at the feet of what looked like a big hollowed rock sculpture. He asked the nearest silhouette who now looked like a pretty young boy with, as he had already seen, a very long blue braid:

“Where am I?"
"You’re in After Life World, Sir."
"You’ve just died so it’s normal that you feel a little lost."
"Welcome here!"
"I am… dead?”

At this moment, he realised that his clothes were ragged and looked burnt. He remembered what one of the people said earlier. So… an explosion, wasn’t it?

“Do you remember your name?”

The information just came to him:


The boy looked please.

“Nice to meet you, Riki. I am Aladdin. My friends and I are here to help you discovering this new world. Do you remember what send you here? How are you dead?"
"It’s okay… you look very quiet about it so it probably wasn’t too terrible. You’re lucky! Anything else?"
"… no.”

At this moment, a very unpleasant feeling of void engulfed him.