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Drag me down

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      A teenager stands by an underpass not looking anywhere but her phone, occasionally moving into a different position. She was a plain looking girl besides her hair, which was white, and most assumed that she skipping school, or was at least out for her lunch. Other than taking a glance at her no one paid much attention to her, something she used to her advantage. Once again the teen pushed herself up against the wall but instead of going into a different position she walked into the underpass which was devoid of people.


        Izumi let a smirk crosses her face, hidden under the medical mask she had put on before she went out earlier. She let the woman that had walked in after thinking that she was unaware of her. She stopped as her shoe came untied and remembered what the others Quirk was. String- the ability to use any type of cloth string. Useful for all sorts of things including but not limited to,  making knots, tying and untying shoes, playing pranks. In this case, it was used by the other to get the victims to stop and lower their guard as they had to tie their shoe. 


       Just as Izumi finished tying the shoelace the woman was near enough to grab her. She let the criminal grab her, making sure to make herself look as meek as possible. The woman pressed something against her back, to think to be a knife yet not cold enough to be a gun.  All the victims were strangled to death and any information that Mei has dug up says that the woman has zero access to any weapons. 


        There was no weapons at the crime scenes, only the body. It had honestly taken many days of going undercover at places where the suspects have been seen at for then to get to Aiya Chibana. A divorced woman with a grudge against people that appeared to be teenagers or young adults. Considering her husband left her for a younger woman it was understandable, as long as she wasn’t going out every few days and killing people.


       But no the lady was and the police and hero’s were to busy, or didn;t care, to even try to help. So here was Izumi, luring the woman down the underpass to catch her in action. She was brought back into the present as Chibana started to use her quirk to untie one of her laces. Right, Toshi had theorized that she was using her quirk to choke her victims with their own chuslace, there for not leaving anything to identify the killer. With the weaponized shoelace starting to creep up on her and the not gun moving away from her back she sprang into action.


        Izumi shoved her elbow into the other stomach, wenching her other arm away from the woman and turned. The woman was shocked by the attack, usually all the victims were too shocked to even try to fight. Taking the advantage she stepped forward and landed a hit to Chibana’s nose then her jaw. Chibana’s nose broke, causing blood and tears, and the hit to the jaw knocked her right out. She wasn’t used to fighting, relying too much on the fear of her victims and her quirk that she was too late to defend herself due to the pain she must have felt. Izumi stared down at Chibana, before using her phone to text Mei.


                                                                                                            The lgbt+ agenda-Cats




                                             QuirkedBitch: Hey @ The one who knows all Chibana’s taken care of. Call it will ya? Gotta tie her up.


                                             The one who knows all: yee yee babes. Texig our fav police right now.


                                              Cats are best ill fiht u: u hurt lovely


                                               QuirkedBitch: Perfect Mei.


                                                                                And i'm fine Toshi, not even a buies.


                                                                             You were right about her using her quirk to.


                                                Rip off Zuko more like better balanced Zuko: Of Course Our Zombea Was Correct. I’m Am Also Glad That You Are Alright Zu.


                                                Cats are best ill fiht u: of course oh shit teacher g2g love ya


                                                The one who knows all: pffff love you to babie. Babes masa is on his way, get ready to act or get going. 


                                                Rip off Zuko more like better balanced Zuko: She Hasn’t Left Yet?


                                                 The one who knows all: no and im worryd. 


                                                                                                Zumi ples anwer


       In the short time that Izumi had been alive she didn’t know how to get out of this situation. After her last text she had tied up Chibana and had her sitting close to the opening of the underpass. That wasn’t the problem, no the problem was that shortly after a sludge monster had crawled out of the serwer and had started to attack her saying something about how she would be the perfect meat suit to get him out of here without being recognised. It didn't take a genius to figure out what he meant and Izumi didn’t plan to give up her body for the other.


       She took out the tiny taser that Mei had made her and set it to the highest setting and let the other reacher her. The sludge monster wrapped around her and she had a moment of panic before she pressed the button. Electricity raced out and her opponent screamed pulling away from her enough for her to breath. Before she could try and use the tazer again, someone came up from the sewer. 


      Her inner fangirl freaked out the minute she saw it was All Might, but otherwise she tried to say calm and play the damsel in distress. If she was honest with herself, it was a childhood dream come true to see All Might in person fighting. But Izumi has stopped being honest to herself since she was five. 


      She blinked back to herself as All Might blasted away the sludge monster, finally free she put her taser away and gathered her stuff. As All Might grabbed the villain and shoved him into some empty two liter bottles she made sure she had everything before making sure that All Might didn’t spot Chibana.


        In the end when All Might when to leave, after giving her an autograph, she panicked, and grabbed on to him. She started to scream, both at herself for being stupid and about the hight, before making her way up All Might and grabbing a hold of his waist. Subquecally she ended up keeping the bottle filled with sludge between the two of him.  


      She was to scared to even look at wear they were going or to see at how high they were. Even after the wind stopped rushing and she was pretty sure that All Might had landed somewhere she didn’t look. She felt a hand in her hair, petting it in way that she has not felt since she was five and she was with her mother. 


       “Young one, are you okay?”


      “I panicked. Before the sludge a woman started to attack me. I didn’t want to be alone. Sorry.”


       All Might moved but this time he more or less moved to hug her. She sort of felt bad for taking advantage of him,  but she didn’t have time to even think about as she could hear an almost hissing sound. Soon the body that she was hugging started to feel lean and bony, she blinked to herself and then sat up. 


        It was All Might, it had to be, but instead of the broad shoulders and fitting clothes, there was a skeleton of a man that wore too big clothes. Almost instantly the motherly instincts that came with worrying over her family, came forward and she started to fuss over the other. Asking things like if he was eating, getting enough sleep, was he hurt did he need to go to the ER.


         All Might stopped her with a ruffle on her head, it stopped her for one reason only, All Might was giving her a smile, full of amusement. She huffed and turned away from him a blush on her face and crossed her arms. 


      “Thank you for worrying young one, but I am fine, this is just the result of an old injury.”


      She glanced over at him. “The one with Toxic Chainsaw? I know that you were gone for a moment after that fight.”


      All Might looked shocked that she could name a fight of his but otherwise shook it off. Instead he lifted up his shirt showing an injury to her looked like a vortex, vacuuming up any and all health that the owner had. 


      “This injury wasn’t from a fight that was televised. I asked for it not to be. The fight itself took a toll on not only my body but everywhere else. Families were killed during it and no one should see that.”


      Izume nodded, there were some things that know one should go through or see, and if a fight left that nasty of a wound on All Might, then the fight was bound to have been horrible. She sighed, before asking if he would tell her who the villain was. All Might may have looked hesitant but he told her.


    “His name was All for One.”


    Izumi felt her heart skip a beat in fear and for a moment she felt faint enough to lean against All Might as she slowly slid to the floor. The first time she heard that name was just before her life fell apart. The last time had been when she was ten, and she and Toshi had been digging for her father.  She shook it way before looking at All Might, she couldn’t help but feel guilty. Even if she didn’t cause the injury it was her father that did, and though she couldn’t have stopped him maybe if she had been strong enough she could have helped just a little bit.


     “I’m sorry.” She couldn't but apologize. 


     “Why? It’s not you who landed the blow?”


      She looked away again, her old insecurities coming up and almost choking her with them.


      “He was still my father, you wouldn’t be hurt if I helped.”


       She could feel All Mights eyes on her, surprise on his face no doubt. 


       “Your father? Young one even if he's your father you are not responsible for what he does.”


        Out of the corner of her eye she saw All Might sit next to her, before she felt arms around her. It felt so much like how her mother and father use to hug her she couldn’t help but stiffen before leaning into it.  After a few minutes, in which she held back the tears that tried to come out, before deciding to tell All Might a highly edited version of her life. After all, she couldn’t have him know of her vigilante work.



        Three hours later Izumi was drained, mentaly and emotionally. All Might had hugged her tightly through all of it. Though she pretended that she wasn’t listening to the comments the other was mumbling she couldn’t help but be glad that All Might wasn’t a villain or worse a lawyer. He would be terrifying. 


        Both forgot about the villain in the bottle, All Might too busy comforting Izumi that he didn’t realize that half way through the story they knocked the bottle off the roof that they were on. Instead he focused on controlling his thoughts. It hurts him to think that the little girl in front of him was hurt because of discrimnation. It also hurts him to think that as great of a villain All for One made, he was almost a better father. 


        Izumi closed her eyes for just a moment when screams came from a distaints. They two of them got up, All Might went to grab the sludge villain in the bottle when he realized that it wasn’t there. He cursed as explosions came from the distance he couldn’t help but think it was his fault. Izumi quickly ran to the streets, taking the quick way and using the rooftops as a very large step ladder until she was running on concrete and going the opposite way most people were running from. She didn’t care that All Might was most likely behind her, what mattered more was getting the sludge villain back into custody.

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    The day Izumi Modoriya was born way a cloudy day, she was greeted with a happy yet crying mother, and a proud yet almost distant father. She was soon introduced to her “Aunt “ Mitsuki, “Uncle” Masaru, and her soon to be best friend, Bakugo Katsuki. 


    From there, like in another universe she grows up happy, best friends with Katsuki, her mom taking care of her while her father was on some business meeting. Izumi was loved, and she in turn loved her family and friend back. And though it wasn’t obvious, Izumi had inherited her father's smarts. 


    Izumi’s three, it's still a few months before her own birthday, yet she doesn't think about that now, instead she thinks about Katsuki birthday that was the next day. Right now she was with the other in the forest that took them away from the park, following the older girl. It cheered her up getting away from the park, considering she was picked on by the other kids.


    Soon Katsuki stopped and Izumi stopped with her, coming up besides her. Katsuki had taken them into the other side of Musutafu. She looked around, she hadn’t been to the city part of her home without her mom or dad before. There was so many people she couldn’t help but cling to Kacchan as the other took her to the side walk. 


    “Come on Deku-chan, there's nother park where there are nicer. And puppies”


    Izumi giggled at the nickname, though the adults had told the girls that it was a mean nickname, Izumi didn’t mind. After all, It wasn’t like Kacchan was trying to be mean, it just happened that the other hadn't read her name right when Izumi had first wrote it. The nickname itself was a secret between the two of them, something that was between the two of them, just like Kacchan was Izumi’s nickname for Katsuki. 


    “Otay Kacchan.”


    Like Katsuki said, there was another park, right along the sidewalk with big metal gates and fences. Kacchan walked in like she owned the place and Izumi ran after her, giggling as she saw all sorts of dogs. 


    “Oh oh, Kacchan! That one, look at that one.”


    Izumi pointed to a long haired dog that was about bigger than she was. Kacchan looked over to wear she was pointing and grinned, before grabbing Izumi’s hand and running over. There was no time to wait, there were dogs to pet.


    Sometime later, Kacchan took Izumi out of the park to go back home, as the two were hungry. Izumi waved bye to the last dog they were petting and to its owner, a man a little older than her own father with quirk called “Push” that did exactly as it said. 


    The sky was getting darker, or at least it seemed like it was and Izumi made sure to hold on to Kacchan’s hand. Just before they got to the woods, a woman came up to them with a grin. 


    “Hey kiddies, where do you think you are going? Where's your parents?”


    Izumi stepped back from the woman, she felt off almost and Izumi didn't want to be close to her. The womans grin seemed to grow as she saw the movement, while Kacchan stepped forward to cover Izumi somewhat. 


    “We know where they are, go away.”


    “Fisty aren’t you little one, I like that?”


    Izumi felt scared, she noticed the world seem to go black, was that her quirk? She didn’t have the time to worry as the woman lunged and she screamed, she wished she had the man from before quirk. At least then she would be able to push the woman away from her and Kacchan.


    ( Anyone that lived through All for One talked about how painful having their quirk taken away was. There was no one with enough sanity to talk about the gut-wrenching pain that came with getting a quirk that wasn’t theirs. And the one person that could talk about the mortifying experience that is taking a quirk for the first time was too old to even remember his own humanity most days. )


    Izumi panicked as soon as she felt the pain, which soon turned to a light inside her, and instinctively pushed the woman away, thinking that she was the cause. Instead she pushed and the woman flew back, and the world faded back into existence. Izumi froze before Kacchan grabbed her and ran into the forest, letting instincts take them to a safe place.


    ( They didn’t see the man fall, didn’t see the people crowd the man and would be something woman. They didn’t see the police try and chase after them before losing them in unfamiliar territory. They didn’t see the black eyes of a man watching and smirking. )


    By the time they felt even remotely safe, they were up in a tee, just out of site from most of the people in the playground. Kacchan held her friend as she sobbed. In Between breaths, Katsuki could make out “villain”, and “I’m sorry.” She tried to rock Izumi back and forth, like she saw Uncle Hisashi do the last time he was home and Izumi fell and hurt her leg. For once in her short life, Katsuki Bakugou felt hopeless and scared. This unfortunately, would not be the last time.

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     Hitoshi Shinsou didn’t bother to pay attention as he walked out of school. As much as a good reputation would help him get into UA Izumi was more important. He would sacrifice more than a good rap sheet for her. Besides he usually skipped his last class anyway, what was one more class anyway.


      He makes his way down passed what was generally called the “good” part of town. Other wise the middle class to high-end, into what assholes like to call the bad end. The place where it wasn’t uncommon to see a pick pocketer or two. Still Hitoshi walked without fear. He knew where he was going and that he could take down anyone that tried something.


     It didn’t take long before he made it home. Home being an apartment stuck between an old corner store and a loosely covered up prosituion ring. Most of the workers lived in the same apartment building that his family made home, and didn’t ask many questions about them.  It was one of the reasons why they didn’t shut the business down, it had taken a while to get to a place where no one would ask questions.


    He walked in and knocked on the door that was to Mei’s work room. The other two rooms were for more practical things like sleep and medical treatment for when they got hurt. There was only one other room, the kitchen that also was a living room. 


    From the work ei told him it was safe to come in. Hitoshi opened the door, careful of any flying wenches, before walking in fully. He set his bag just outside the door and took the rolly chair that was next to Mei. Mei looked over at him, their hair getting in the way for just a second before it was pushed back. Hitoshi nodded and smiled at her, just a small one, neither could smile much with Izu not answering her phone.



     “Any news,” he asked as he looked at one of the many computer screens that decorated one side of the room.


     There was movement next to him before one of the screens changed to a news station. “Sho texted me to turn on the news. Imagine my surprise when Izu turned up.”


     Hitoshi watched, as like Mei said, Izu ran into the fight. Of course she had the medical mouth cover but she would have to dye her hair for a while if she wanted to go out. That is, if they didn’t want Eraserhead to find them outside of patrol. Because there was no way that if he saw the footage he wouldn’t recognise Izumi’s fighting style.


     He groaned as the phone rang, it was the only phone that Easerhead the number too. It was the only phone that was used for work. Mei giggled next to him, she always found it funny that Eraser had basically adopted all of them. And that he could get overprotective of them and their “case” as it was called.


    He rolled over to the phone, glared at the computer that Izumi was on, before picking it up. Deadpan, Hitoshi put the phone to his ear and said, “Thank you for calling your resident group of insomniacs and one loser that doesn't know the meaning of safety. How may I help you?”


     “Where is she.”


   Hitoshi sighed. “At the moment she's not answering us so we don't know.”


    There was no point in lying, if they couldn’t get her to talk then Eraser wouldn’t have any luck finding her. Never mind that they could always use the tracking device in the ear cuff that they made Izumi wear to find her.


     “She's grounded.”


     Mei giggled as she heard Eraser, Hitoshi would laugh too if Eraser wasn’t on the phone. Instead he kept it down and simply grinned.


     “Sure. but I don’t know how shes going to react.”


     “Grounded,” Eraser growled out. “Three days.”


     “Okay boss man.” he rolled his eyes before saying, “Talk to you later Pops.”


     Eraser huffed muttering about “crazy kids giving him heart attacks” before hanging up. Hitoshi set the phone down, rolling back over to Mei. She jumped into his lap, still giggling, and asked him about his day. The panic over Izumi now fading, they knew that she was okay and not in jail at least, Hitoshi let himself calm down and rant about school.


     After complaining, Hitoshi made sure that Mei would sleep and started to make dinner. Shoto had texted saying that he would be over by nine at the latest, his asshat of a wanting to “train” before he went on a business trip to help North America with their forest fires. 


    Hitoshi didn’t know what the flaming shit could do besides cause more fires but whatever, with him gone Shoto would be staying over until he gets back. Which was better than staying in that fucking cold house, at least here Shoto would be getting the love he deserved. Hitoshi shook his head and stretched as he turned the rice off.


     Dinner was done soon after, Mei had come out and helped him set the table. Together they sat down and glanced at the door, Izumi should be back by now. If there was one thing thing that Izumi never missed it was dinner. Mainly because it was the one meal that almost everyone would sit down to eat. Hitoshi knew that something was wrong if Izumi didn't come through that door for dinner. 


     However just as Hitoshi and Mei were about to get up and get their gear on to track Izu down the door burst open. It was Izumi, coming in with a grin, wild hair and scruffed knees. It was the first time in a while that he had seen Izu this excited. The last time had been after they had ran into Eraserhead and Present Mic at the store. Shoto and Mei owed him and Izu money after that.


     “Guys!” Izumi yelled to get their attention, coming to sit down as she did.


      Hitoshi held in the sigh that wanted to escape, he knew that he couldn’t be mad at Izu for too long. He still didn’t want her to know that though. Now that Izumi was home though, they could start eating.


     “If you are going to talk about how you decided to take care of a villain on live television then I don't want to hear it.”


     Mei was mostly silent as she gathered what she wanted. She still was laughing at him, knowing that he would be the one telling Izumi that she was grounded by Eraser.


     “But Toshi, I met All Might.”


     Hitoshi paused, He put his chopsticks down and looked at Izu. A part of him is not surprised, Izu had always found heros when she really shouldn’t. However the fact that All MIght, number one hero of Japan, is. So one could excuse him for forgetting to tell Izu what Eraserhead had said in favor of grilling Izu about what happened.

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Hitoshi Shinsou wasn’t born to the crowd of family members like some people. No, he only one there for him was the doctors and his mother Uta Shinsou. It was a cloudy day for all that outside was nice for walking and playing. But for all the pleasantries, Hitoshi was a young baby and was born screaming. As he was handed to his mother for the first time it was the only time that the young mother would smile at the young one.


    Uta Shinsou was young, just seventeen, and though she tried her best for the first few days, that ended as the days turned into weeks. It’s not surprising, but the young girl would leave her child often in pursuit of following the same man that helped her father young Hitoshi. It didn't last longer than a few months and she soon went to chasing after other men. Men that, more often than not, cared little of the little boy that lived in the apartment with the woman. 


    Hitoshi didn’t not grow up loved, he grew up in the shadows with hunger pains and loneliness as companions. Hitoshi grows his hair long, not because he likes it but because his mother never takes him to cut it. Even if she calls him names and tells him he looks like a girl.


    Then he gets his quirk. And like most kids, he thinks that when it come, everything will get better. That his mommy will love him and the man she says is his father, who loved his girlfriend but hated the son he mad and it was his fault he left me brat, would come back. It doesn't, in fact it made it worse.


    He’s in the tiny apartment that only really has room for the woman and maybe a partner when it comes in. Hitoshi was standing just to the side of the couch that somehow fit in the apartment when his mother told him to hurry it up with his mumbling. His quirk activated and when he asked if he could get some food from the fridge, silently telling her to say yes. Under the quirk Uta said yes before breaking out of the control due to Hitoshi’s excitement.

    It quickly goes away as his mother gets up and starts to scream at him for controlling her. Screaming until her voice breaks and cracks until she can't go on any longer even talk. It goes on for hours, and Hitoshi can only sit there. Sit there clawing at his ears to make the screams stop, to make his ear hurt. 


When Uta leaves, going out for another night of drinking and caching after men too old for her, Hitoshi just sits. He is quiet except for his sobs from the pain in his ears. They're bleeding, he can feel the slick feeling of blood and he feels horrified deep down. But he’s four and he can’t do anything, he doesn't know what he could do really. So he sits and sobs, over the pain in his ear and over the injustice the world handed out a boy too young. 


Hitoshi Shinsou is only four years old, but that day he learns that having a quirk doesn't help anyone. Sometimes, it makes things worse.

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Izumi sings as loud as she can, she wants to annoy Mei for laughing at her when Toshi told her that Eraser grounded her. What right did he have to ground her, he wasn't her father. Not really at least even if she thought of him as one. Maybe that was why she went along with it though. He was trying to look after her she knew, and making sure she wasn't going out for a while made sure of that. 


It wouldn't work for long, they both knew that Izumi couldn't just stop helping people. It was one of the reasons why she became a vigilante. But for three days she could relax, not only would Eraser patrol the areas that she usually did more, but Toshi and Sho would be out too. 


The song came to an end and she switched it to play Mic's radio. Though he was probably either teaching or out patrolling, he always had some podcast set up to play. There was always a change that he was interviewing another hero too, which was cool. But Izumi would have to say that her favorite podcast would be when the voice hero would talk about today's issues.


It ranged from the problems of the economy, to how people treated the twenty percent population that was discriminated against. Once upon a time, she was part of the twenty percent, she felt the discimination, she knew how true what Mic was talking about. 


Izumi plugged her headphones in to her phone, putting on her hoodie before waving to Mei goodbye. She had told All Might that she would meet him at the beach sometime after school normally get out. She could have made it earlier, she didn’t have anything else to do. But she didn’t want to get All Might suspicious, sure she told him some of the stuff that happened however she hid the important things.


As much as she adored All Might, she didn't trust him as far as she could throw him with both hands tired. That was to say almost not all, even in the panicked and emotional state she had been in yesterday wasn’t enough to gain her trust. He would have to work for it. 


She arrived at the beach and wrinkled her nose at the garbage. A long time ago the beach a beautiful beach, her mother used to keep pictures of it when she was a little girl. Now though, people used it as an illegal dumping ground. Izumi couldn’t help but wonder if All Might was going to have her clean it up, if he was then she would be able to do it while everyone was at school, it would fill up her otherwise boring and blank days. 

All Might showed up not long after she did, in his sickly form which she has taken to call ‘Small Might’ in her head. He explained to her what he had planned, handing her a workout plane pull a diet to follow. He did indeed plan for her to pick up the trash, explaining that as fit as she was now she still needed more muscles to handle “One for All.”


Understandable really, some of the quirks that she has run into, so to say, needed some sort muscles to work. It made sense to her, that a stock piling quirk would need a body that could handle the backlash. All Might figured that it might not take her long to figure out a trick to using the quirk. Something about how since she already had a quirk she already had a basic understanding on quirks and how they flow through the body and other things that Izumi tuned out. 


Everything was fine except for one part. She had hinted that she was either homeless or very poor yesterday. She wasn’t really lying, for a long time she was, and most of their funds went to food, rent, and saving up for Toshi to get into UA. Sho was getting in on recommendation, something that was Endeavors doing and thus far the only good thing the man had going for him. Mei’s parents were also paying for her to get in, though she was going to do the entrance exam. 


That left Toshi and her. Izumi hadn't had a proper education since she was six, and despite Toshi living with her, he wasn’t legally dead. So the money was for him, and though the others insisted that they save enough for her she didn't think that she would be able to go. Until now that is, she just had to somehow get All Might to recommend her. Even if it would cause rumors and put her in the spotlight. 


“All Might?” Izumi stopped and picked at her nails as if she was nervous. She was just not as much as she was portraying. 


All might stopped and looked at her with an eyebrow raised. :What is it young Izumi?”


“I was just wondering how I was going to get into UA.” She quickly let her backstory open up just a little more. “I mean, mom cantt pay and I sort of dropped out of school to help around. I do go to the library to keep up and stuff but I haven't gone to school in a while.”


She let All MIght stop her from saying anything more and watched as he figured out what to say. There was a chance that All MIght just give up and pick a better successor, but she hoped that he didn’t. And if he did, there was always the plan b, though that wouldn’t happen until years from now. 


“Let me work on that Young Izumi. You said you kept with your studies even if you have not gone to school?’”


“Yes,” she nodded her head as she watched him. He didn’t look like she was going to give up on her.


All Might smiled at her, “That should help a lot, I can see if I can get you placement test and we can add it to you school records, if not I can ask Nedzu was we can do.”


She smiled shyly at the older hero, “Okay thank you.”


Inside she was freaking, yes she had papers for something like this, however they would not stand up against the Principal of UA. Not yet at least, it seemed that she had a few places to visit tonight than. 


All MIght waved goodbye after separating at the train station, setting up another meeting tomorrow around the same time as today. She herself walked home, se had lots to do before the end of the night and she needed to get started on them.