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At The End Of The Road (Lies Happiness)

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Todoroki is in pain. He’s aware of this, but not much else. His brain is filled with cotton. He knows he’s in pain from training with his father for hours or was it days? He can’t tell at this point, all the days just blended into a mess of pain. But now he is close, so close to being safe. A few steps away from being safe even. He passes out three feet from the doorstep.


2 weeks prior

“HEY LISTENERS!!!!! FOLLOW IIDA FOR AN EXCITING ASSEMBLY!!!” Present Mic yelled to his nearly deaf English class.

“EVERYONE FALL IN LINE BEHIND ME!” Iida said to his classmates as they start to walk to the assembly.

“Hello everyone! It’s your favorite furry mammal, the principal! I’m here to announce the start of summer vacation. Since the League of Villains hasn’t shown up within the past two weeks, we have decided that it is safe to send you all home for the next month! You can start packing as soon as you leave this assembly!” the principal announced from his podium in between cheers from the student body.

As the principal spoke, no one noticed the slowly spreading ice coming from the dual quirk user’s foot.

“Hey, Todoroki! You excited to go home man?” Kirishima asked, pumping his fist in the air excitedly on the way back to the dorms. “Me, I can’t wait! It’ll be just me, Katsuki, my bed, and video games!”

Todoroki just nods as a response, his face completely void of emotion.

“You sure you’re ok Shouchan?” Izuku asked, worry clear on his face as he studied the other boy’s two-toned eyes. “I-I know you’re gonna say that you’ll be fine. I just... worry is all, and with your sister getting married she’ll be out of the house and well... If she’s not there I don’t know what he might do to you,” he finished, seeing the younger boy start to break down a little, and starting to break down himself just thinking about it. “I-If you want to talk we could step into the grass for a minute. It’s no trouble, really!”

Shouto nods mutely, following Midorya into the grass. “Midori-Izuku. I’m honored that you’re worried for me, but there’s no reason to be. He’s out of town the last week, so it’s only 21 days with him. After 14 years, I think I can handle 21 days with that bastard.”

Only 21 days. 21 days until he can go back to school. 21 days until he’s free from his father. 21 days until he gets to see Izuku. Only 21 days. He repeats this in his head while he packs, over and over and over again, until he starts to forget about the coming three weeks.