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Unknown To Hero

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Like usual, I don't own anything but the plot. This takes place after Blood of Olympus (Except Jason never asked Neeks to stay and Nico never liked Will) and Season 2 of Young Justice (Imagine Season 3 hasn't come out yet and I am changing the plot).


Warning; This story will have strong language (*cough* Jason *cough*) and might have triggers (Nico's time in Tartarsauce) and other stuff I might add....
Also: I have an account on Wattpad, same name, and stories, so if ya want, go check it out! I also have a Pinterest account as well. Enjoy!

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Nico couldn't take it anymore. No one noticed him, and the good things he had done. He had saved everyone from Gaea by uniting the camps, but nooooo, people only notice the seven, and thought Nico just tagged along. No one noticed when he did good deeds, they only noticed the bad. No knew how sad and depressed he had become, only the anger. So, Nico decided.

It was time to leave.

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Nico packed what little belongings he had, including the Hades figurine from Bianca. It was a reminder that he had failed one sister, and that he won't stand to lose anyone else close to him. He also brought nectar, ambrosia, unicorn draught, and food and water he stole. He decided to leave at night, so no one would see him leave. He also left a little note for everyone:

Dear Camp Half-Blood,

Once you read this note, it will be official. The son of Hades has left. No one ever notices me anymore, they just see me as dark and evil. No one sees the good things I have done, only the bad. I am done with this. I helped to stop the war, and no one even noticed that! Only the seven, and why? Because they were in the prophecy. I am sick of all this, and nothing is here to keep me here, so I will find my own way in life. Maybe in time I will come back, but it would only be because A) Thals kidnapped me and brought me back so she can beat me up for leaving, B) I get seriously injured and need nectar and ambrosia, or C) I got over my fatal flaw and finally forgave you all. See you never...

-Nico Di Angelo, son of Hades


Nico finished writing the note and started heading out. He walked for a couple hours when a small horde of monsters came across him.

An empousa said, "A son of Hades? Interesting, we smelled the scent of a strong demigod, but we assumed it would be the sea spawn. Well, no matter, any demigod is welcome!" and then they attacked.

Nico held his sword up and charged.

He sliced two cyclopses in half before they knew what was going on. He whistled really loud to distract the mini-pack of hellhounds and stabbed and sliced, letting his Stygian Iron sword take in their "souls". He then looked at the empousa, and ran. However, this empousa had to be a senior empousa, since she reacted quickly. She dodged his sword and swiped at Nico, raking her fingernails across his non-sword arm. Nico hissed, and shadow-traveled behind her and successfully beheaded her, and she turned to dust. However, since "visiting" Tartarus and shadow-traveling the Athena Parthenos, he got so much weaker shadow-traveling, and he then tried to shadow-travel back to Camp, but accidentally traveled to the worst city in the world, Gotham. He collapsed, but the last thing he saw was someone with a red helmet on.....

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Jason was patrolling around Gotham, being cautious of his surroundings and making sure he couldn't hear anyone, especially his brothers or Bruce. Bruce had gotten into another argument with him since he had accidentally put regular bullets into his gun rather than the blanks he is supposed to use. Which he then used to kill a couple of criminals. Okay, maybe it was 10 or 15...

Anyhow, Jason was supposed to be at the manor, but couldn't stand being with his brothers. Damian, or "Dami" as the brothers called him, was trying to kill Tim, who moved his katana, and Dick was trying to prevent Dami from killing Tim. It was too much for Jason, so he yelled, "FUCK THIS, I'M LEAVING," ran to the Batcave, took his Red Hood suit, and ran, not really knowing where he was going to go.

Anyhow, Jason was just patrolling around randomly and decided to go to his secret apartment that he never told Bruce or ANY of the Bat-Family about, when he stumbled across a kid, maybe 14 or 15, with heavily-bleeding scratches along his left arm, and he had just slumped over, unconscious. He made a split-second decision and picked him up, careful not to get blood on himself since Dick would notice in a split second and interrogate him. He carried the mysterious boy to his apartment and tied him up, not knowing if he was friend or foe. He cleaned his cuts, then waited.

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Nico knew after he passed out he would have a flashback, and he was right....


Nico was wandering around, after being forced into Tartarus, and after falling for who knows how long, he decided to make it out. For Hazel. And Percy... He was walking around when he heard thundering footsteps. He could hear at least 10 monsters, and voices. Suddenly, Nico heard a monster hiss,

"Demigod! I smell a DEMIGOD!"       "If we capture him Tartarus might let us out faster! "Find him!"

Then, I was kicked from my hiding spot by an Empousa. "Look what we have here! A son of Hades!" the Empousa said. "Kelli, you don't want to mess with me" I growled. Kelli smiled, "But the thing is, I do! ATTACK!" Then, I started fighting. I dodged flying "fists" and swung my sword. "NO, I WON'T BE TAKEN!" Nico screamed. But more and more monsters heard and came to join the fight. Soon, I was surrounded.

I was being beaten and kicked and punched until I almost blacked out and couldn't walk anymore. Then, they tied me up and brought me to him. "Hello Nico Di Angelo," Tartarus said. He brought a whip out. "Are you ready for a little fun?"He started lashing me across the back. "I wonder how many you can make it to before you scream," He hissed. I made it to 23 before I screamed. He laughed and continued until I blacked out. He said, "When you wake up, it will be time to play again, and we will have even more fun!" He cackled, and I finally had the bliss of darkness.

Nico shot up, screaming.

Jason knew something was wrong when the boy started whimpering in his sleep. Then he heard the boy cry out, "NO, I WON'T BE TAKEN!" Then, the boy started screaming in his sleep, and he shot up screaming.

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After Nico woke up, he began to hyperventilate. He saw he was tied up and thought he was down...there...again. Suddenly, someone was in front of him, saying, "Kid, you need to breathe." 

Nico tried but found he couldn't.

 The man with the red helmet said, "Watch me and do what I do, breathe in," he inhaled motioning with his hands, "and out," he exhaled using his hands. Nico copied him and found he could breathe again. Once his breathing evened out, Nico asked, "Who are you and why have you tied me up?" 

The man sighed, and said, "I found you in an alleyway with FOUR parallel claw marks on your arm. I brought you here, patched you up, and tied you up cuz I didn't know if you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or if you aren't just a teenage kid."

Nico didn't know how to answer. Someone...helped...HIM? On their own? With choice? He guessed since everything that happened at CHB, he thought no one loved or even liked him, he thought people had to bear him, but this man helped him even though he didn't know who he is. But one thing made Nico not trust him.

His aura showed that he should be dead.

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Nico was confused. How could this man be here when he is supposed to be dead? It was possible that he escaped when the Doors of Death were open, but there was something odd about his aura, but Nico didn't know what.

Red Hood asked him, "What's your name kid?"

Inside, Nico scoffed. He was definitely older by about 65 years, since his aura showed he was 19. Nico had learned the trick since after the war, Hades had given him the power to see auras. However, they didn't say the name of the person, which would come in handy now.

Nico decided to tell him his real name, since no one cared about him anymore, and said, "My name's Nico. Nico Di Angelo."

"Well, Nico, where do you live, who do you live with, and how old are you," Red Hood asked.

Nico knew his face looked down, and said, "I am 14 years old, and I'm an orphan. My father, Haden Di Angelo, and mother, Maria Di Angelo, died in a fire and my sister, Bianca Di Angelo, died in an accident due to a piece of machinery." Nico didn't mention Hazel since he didn't want her getting involved.

Red Hood sadly said, "I'm sorry for prying. I know it's hard to lose family. Last question, why and how did you get those claw marks on your arm?"

Nico's face hardened. "I was just minding my own business when someone with some knives came up to me and wanted money. When I told him I had none, he didn't believe me and attacked me. Due to some self-defense I learned before...the accidents...I was able to drive him away, but before I could he was able to make those marks."

From his body language, Nico could tell Red Hood wasn't satisfied with his answer, but he didn't question him anymore. However, Nico was surprised when Red Hood spoke again.

"How would you like to have a home, kid?"



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After the kid woke up screaming, Jason thought, "This kid must have been through some sh#t to have been screaming in his sleep."

Jason knew it would take a lot for someone to scream in his sleep, he did it due to memories of the Lazarus Pit and his death. Once the kid woke up, he studied him.

The kid was definitely not eating enough, maybe anorexic or just not enough food, some scars were noticeable near the collar of his shirt, but Jason couldn't tell if they were from torture or abused. But the worst was his eyes. His eyes were almost pitch black and were like jagged pieces of shattered glass that dug into Jason's soul. Jason knew that something terrible had to have happened for someone to have eyes like that...


While he was questioning him, Jason could tell he was telling the truth, for the most part. He knew he was hiding something when he was talking about his family, but he didn't know what. He could also tell something was wrong with Nico since he felt like the Lazarus Pit. In Jason's dreams, he could feel the Lazarus Pit and the stinking aura of death. However, he knew Nico was sad. Why? 

While looking into Nico's eyes, Jason looked deep enough to see the sadness in his eyes, and the look of betrayal.


While Nico was talking though, Jason knew he needed a home. His family was dead, he didn't look like he had many friends, and he looked...broken...somehow.

Jason knew he had to do something.

When Bruce took him in off the streets, he was so grateful, since he could leave that life behind. Jason wanted to help Nico leave his terrible life behind, and start another, better life. Jason knew Bruce would tell him off for not giving any warning, but he knew he had to do it.

Even after Jason died, he still had a heart for kids who, like him, didn't have the choice of a good or bad life, only the worst. He hated seeing kids on the streets, seeing them in alleyways eating scraps from garbage cans. It hurt him so much. But Nico was different. He looked like the embodiment of death himself, (AN - Ha!), and he looked like he'd never seen the light of day. So, Jason asked the only question left.

"How would you like to have a home, kid?"

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Thoughts were coming and going in Nico's head. 

Why would this man ask him that?         Having a home?      "Living with other people?"


                                         Who would want to live with someone like him?


But Nico was... grateful. He didn't know what he was going to do after leaving Camp. He could live in the Underworld like he usually did, but his father would most likely be upset with him for leaving, but not surprised. Children of Hades don't get happy endings, remember?

Nico was also terrified. What if the family he lives with figures out his secret? What would the Gods and Goddesses do? Kill them? Force an oath of secrecy? Nico had no clue. 

Nico asked, "Who would want to take me in? Look at me, I look like death, and if you can't tell, I wouldn't be the easiest person to live with."

Red Hood pondered for a minute. He replied with, "I know a family who takes in children from anywhere and who have...terrible backgrounds. One of the children witnessed his parent's murder, another was a street rat who's mother OD'd, another was kidnapped and his parents killed and he had to make the choice to live or die, and the last was brought up by his mother, who didn't even treat him like a kid but a weapon. I also had my fair share of a bad life, but it brought me to this. There may have been some bumps in the road, but now, my life isn't at a bad point."

Nico thought about what he said. Usually, he wouldn't trust families in Gotham since most people didn't care, but if a vigilante trusted this family, then he thought that maybe it was worth a shot. Red Hood then made his decision final.

"The family is trustworthy, they secretly supply the Justice League, and are great at keeping that a secret from the public. The JL trusts them completely, and they know who to trust."

Nico made his final decision.

"I would like a home."

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Once Jason had Nico's answer, he went into another room so he could call Bruce. Once he could, Bruce almost instantly picked up. "JASON WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?! We've been worried sick!"

"Bruce, I'm fine. I just took my suit and was patrolling for a while, it isn't THAT big of a deal..."

"It is Jason!  Last time you did did that, the Joker got you, and nothing was the same! Also, what did you mean by 'Were patrolling'?"

"Bruce, I found a kid who was unconscious with four parallel claw marks on his arm. I took him to one of my safe houses, patched him up, and asked some questions, and he answered most of them truthfully, but he looked broken Bruce. Something happened to him that might have even been worse that me--he's only 14-15 years old, Bruce, but his eyes look like shattered glass! I--I want you to take him in Bruce. He looks so sad, and after what you did for me, Dick, Tim, and Damian, we could maybe help him! Please?"

Bruce was quiet for a couple moments. After Jason's little rant, he knew this meant a lot to him. JASON almost never ranted like this to him, and Jason NEVER said please. From what he heard about the kid, Bruce knew the kid had been through a lot. None of the boys or Bruce ever had shattered eyes.

He then asked, "I'd be glad to take him in. Can you tell me what you learned about him?"

Jason sighed in relief. "His name is Nico di Angelo, he's 14-15 years old, he had a father called Haden di Angelo, mother was Maria di Angelo, and had a sister called Bianca di Angelo. All of them are dead, his father and mother in a fire and his sister in an accident with machinery, though I don't think he is telling the whole truth.  He is pale as milk, had black hair, and his eyes are almost black and look like shattered glass. He had some scars peaking out from under his shirt, maybe abuse or even torture, it even looked like there was whiplash! He looked like he was betrayed, probably by friends somehow, and he has bags under his eyes yet looks alert."

Bruce said, "I can do some digging before I adopt him. Drop him off at the nearest orphanage, and tell him to wait there. Tell him that the family that will be adopting him are the Wayne's, and tell me his reaction."

"You got it, Bruce," Jason replied.

Jason left the room and talked to Nico, saying, "Nico, I'm going to take you to an orphanage. The family that will be adopting you are the Wayne's, and Bruce Wayne will be adopting you sometime in the next couple days. Are you okay with that?"


Nico thought for a couple moments. He knew that some orphanages were terrible, but if Red Hood said he would get adopted soon, he thought he could endure a couple days in an orphanage. After all, he was able to get through Tartarus all alone. Also, Nico noticed the way Red Hood talked about the Wayne's like he knew them. Nico deduced he either knew them or was a part of the family. Nico nodded and said, "Yeah, I'll be fine." 

Red Hood then untied Nico from his bonds and they walked to the orphanage since it was near by. 

When they walked in, the lady that was at the counter was surprised, and even more surprised when Red Hood said, "This kid will stay here for a couple days, and Bruce Wayne will be adopting him." 

The lady nodded, and Red Hood looked at Nico, and said, "I hope we meet again soon," before walking out.

Since the lady found out Nico was going to get adopted by a billionaire, she was nice to him and gave him a nice place to stay. 

Once Nico got settled, he stared at the ceiling before smiling. 

'I will finally have a home'

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Nico stayed in the orphanage for a couple days. They weren't bad, considering all he'd heard about the orphanages in Gotham, though he did wish the Wayne's would hurry up and adopt him. He knew the process was long, but a guy could wish, couldn't he?

After a couple days, a man in a suit and tie came in and said he was Bruce Wayne, and he was adopting Nico. Right when Nico saw him, he hoped Mr. Wayne was a nice man since he looked important and most men like that are cruel to their children. Nico hurried to collect his stuff and went with Mr. Wayne. They were walking outside when Mr. Wayne started talking.

"Nico, my name's Bruce Wayne, as you know, but please don't call me Mr. Wayne, that was my father. If you want, you can call me Bruce, if you don't feel comfortable with anything else. As you know, I have connections to the vigilantes of Gotham, since I help the Justice League with their finances. Though I just thought I would warn you, I have four other boys at my house that I adopted. Three of them were orphans, so I adopted them, and one of them is my blood-son. There is also our butler, Alfred Pennyworth, but he does everything in the manor from cleaning to cooking to handing out punishments for breaking the rules. He is very kind, he is my pseudo-father since he raised me after my parents were killed in front of me when I was 8."

Nico's eyes widened a tad, he didn't know Bruce's parents were killed in front of him! He knew how the pain never goes away, seeing family killed. Nico himself never really got over Bianca's death, and he was sad he couldn't remember anything about his mother, other than what he knew from Hades. After a second, he realized Bruce was calling his name.

"-co. Nico!"

Nico shook his head a little and asked, "What?"

Bruce looked a little worried. "I've called your name a couple of times already. Are you okay?"

Nico hesitated, trying to decide whether he should lie or not. In the end, he decided to speak the truth. "I have ADHD, so sometimes I don't pay attention and I fiddle with stuff a lot, especially if I have a long line of thought or am nervous. I also have Dyslexia, so I can't read. Mine is worse, though than regular people's. Usually, the words just float off the page. Mine, I literally cannot read the words. I hope that won't be a huge issue?"

Bruce nods his head. He has to deal with Insomniacs, Nightmares, Anxiety, and Anorexia in Dick, Tim, Jason, and Damian. This wouldn't bother him as much, or so he thought.

They get to the limo, which leaves Nico surprised. He didn't realize until then where he had heard the name Bruce Wayne from, but he remembered the name from the news, because of Wayne Enterprise. Bruce was a billionaire! That's how he can take care of so many kids!

He was shocked for a moment, and once he got over it, he was approached by an old man who had a friendly face, and Nico remembered him from when he was young. (Alfred is immortal guys!!! Just go with it ;] It will be set around 1935 and not in the 1920s so Alfred isn't too young, and Nico remembered this memory)


Nico was walking with his mom and sister. They were in a park in Italy, and he was playing catch with Bianca while his mother watched from a bench. Bianca threw the ball, and Nico was too small to reach it and sail over his head, into a mysterious man's hand.

The man walked over to Nico, and handed him the ball. "You better not lose this, young man." The man said to Nico.

"Thanks! I'm Nico. What's your name?" Nico questioned.

"My name's Alfred. Alfred Pennyworth. I'm actually here on business." Alfred replied.

Nico looked interested. "What kind of business?"

"Government business, but don't tell anyone. I trust you. You seem like the kind of person to keep a secret."

Nico gave him a beaming smile. "I won't!"

Biana came running over to Nico and said, "Nico! You can't go talking to random strangers!"

Nico pouted. "But Bia, he caught our ball and even told me his name was Alfred!"

"No buts! We also have to go home. Mom says to come back, Dad might be coming home tonight!"

Nico lets out a small gasp, and starts running to his mother. Then, he stops, turns around, and waves good-bye to Alfred. "GOOD-BYE ALFRED! MAYBE I'LL SEE YOU AGAIN SOMEDAY!"

Alfred smiles and waves back.

End Memory

Nico hoped Alfred wouldn't remember him, and he did look a lot different than he did when he was young. He had olive skin and was maybe six years old when he had met him and was a cheerful kid. Now, he was so pale he could be considered sick, is 14 years old, and was sad and gave off a 'Get away from me' aura.

However, Alfred had a good memory and thought he remembered him from somewhere, but couldn't place it.

"Hello, Master Nico, I am Alfred Pennyworth, the butler of the house. I do everything around the house, from cooking to cleaning. Ask me if you have any questions."

Nico nods in understanding. Alfred motions for him to give him his bag of stuff the orphanage gave him and puts it in the back of the limo. Nico then gets in the back of the limo, followed by Bruce. After Alfred starts driving, Bruce starts talking to Nico.

"So Nico, I have four boys at the house. Dick Grayson is the oldest, he's 22 and he is a cop. Also, most of them have different last names, other than my youngest. He was a part of the Flying Graysons before they were killed. He is an acrobat. However, he is a touchy-feely kind of person and loves cuddles, and is really friendly. "

Nico vaguely remembered the name. Then, it clicked. When he went to the Underworld once, looking for Bianca, he met Mary and John Grayson, and they were a nice couple. He remembered that they asked him if he ever met Dick to tell him they were waiting for him and that they loved him.

"Next is Jason Todd, he's 19 and he goes to Gotham University. (I don't know any collages in Gotham, sorry!)." He is a 'street rat', as he calls it, and is really good at running, he was on track and was one of the best. He has a bit of a temper, though.

Nico definitely remembered this one. He remembered his father was angry that someone called Ra's Al Ghul brought back a boy called Jason Todd after he was brutally killed by a manic called the Joker.

"After Jason was Tim Drake, he's 15 and he is in his last year of high school, he skipped 2 grades and he is really good with computers. He is shy, but once he gets talking he is really technical and he loves when someone knows what he is talking about."

Nico didn't remember anything about the Drake family.

"And last is my biological son, Damian Wayne, and his mother wasn't a good woman, she drugged me and had my child in secret and was cruel to him. He is 11 and is in his Freshman year in high school. He can be a little rude, but he was really lonely as a child, and never learned how to act like a child."

Nico felt sad at that. From what he could remember, after the Casino, he had a couple weeks acting like a kid before he turned cold. Before he turned into...this Nico Di Angelo.

Bruce noticed Nico's expression turn sad, but it was barely noticeable. "So, Nico, could you tell me about you?"

Nico stiffened, and Bruce thought that meant he didn't want to talk about it. But, Nico surprised him by talking.

"Well, my name's Nico di Angelo, I'm 14 years old, I'm half-Italian half-Greek, my father and mother, Haden and Maria di Angelo, died not long after we arrived in the US, and my sister and I went to a boarding school, but we hated it there. So, we ran away. My sister joined a girls-only group, and they got her killed, a piece of machinery fell on her. I ran away and ended up here. I was attacked by some man with knives, and the vigilante Red Hood found me and helped me so I wouldn't bleed out. He asked me a question, got you to adopt me, and dropped me off at the orphanage. You know the rest."

Bruce was shocked. He lost his parents, and then his sister just abandons him?! He couldn't imagine anyone ever doing that! However, being the World's Greatest Detective, he could tell Nico was hiding something. It wasn't very obvious, but he could tell. He was twisting his ring at a slightly faster rate. He let it drop, though. He was going to collect information as Batman that night.

Then, they finally got to the mansion.