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Tiny Prompts

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  • AU where Midnight is Izuku's biological parent in some way, shape, or form. (I've only found one bio momnight and that's a travesty)


  • Villains to heroes or heroes to villains KamiDeku.


  • H-Houndad?? (AKA Inui Ryo parenting someone. Maybe Izuku, Hitoshi, or Katsuki?)


  • AU where Izuku and Mei are siblings. (Chaos duo, unite!)


  • Still riding the Hatsume Mei high, how about a 5+1 thing involving her?


  • Izuku being close with the LoV. (As a hero or as a villain, both are hella nice.)


  • Rei and Inko being good friends because they're both great moms.


  • A sorta roleswap deal. LoV as heroes and UA as villains.


  • AU where Hitoshi and Izuku are siblings. (I've found a handful of fics about it and every single one is amazing.)


  • UA children actually getting some therapy.


  • AU where Izuku is a Todoroki. 


  • Inko adopting the younger LoV members before they become villains. (Younger members meaning Himiko, Tenko, and Dabi.)


  • Can I get some uhhhhhhhhhhh traitor Momo?


  • Izuku with a telepathy quirk. (I love the thought that sometimes he just accidentally broadcasts his thoughts similar to his mumbling habits.)


  • AU where Izuku is around Kota and Eri's age during the events of BNHA and him just being friends with them. 


  • Nezu mentoring Izuku because the bean is hella smart.


  • Izuku being taken in by the Wild Wild Pussycats. (Kinda like how Kota was after the whole Waterhose death happened.)


  • Nighteye adopting Izuku after something or other happens to Inko. (I'm sorry Inko I don't hate you ; - ; )


  • I wanna see an AU where Izuku and Shouji are childhood friends. Maybe add in Tokoyami too because you know I love the birb son.


  • Hanahaki disease IiDeku.