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Unlike the others

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"Wooseok! I didn't expect you to actually come!" Wooseok doesn't need to turn around to know its Donghyun who is basically screaming right next to his ear so he's able to listen to him over the loud music that is being blasted through all the speakers surrounding the room.


The younger's arms are wrapped around him in a back hug so Wooseok places his hands on top of his, giving them a slight squeeze before Donghyun lets go and steps back, quickly taking his wrist in his hand and pulling him to turn around and follow him in the direction of the table he and their friends are sitting at.


"Oh! You came?" Is Jungmo's silly question. Minhee who is sitting next to him rolls his eyes but a smile blooms on his face.


"No, he's just a collective hallucination we all are having." Wooseok chuckles as he watches Jungmo turn towards Minhee and pushes him by the shoulder with a pout on his lips.


Donghyun pulls Wooseok to sit down next to him, his eyes still shining under the colorful lights as he looks at him, awed Wooseok was truly there with them.


Why were they so surprised? Well, Wooseok didn't enjoy going clubbing unlike the majority of the people his age. It is not that he didn't like dancing because he did or that he didn't enjoy drinking with his friends and have a good time in general.


To put it simply, Wooseok doesn't like how loud and crowded clubs are, he prefers to stay inside the apartment he shares with Yein. He could be laying on his comfortable bed wearing his worn down clothes instead of the tight pair of skinny black jeans that matches the navy blue button-up he's waring, his glasses back home as he is wearing his contacts instead and feeling his skin a little itchy thanks to the makeup Yein put on him, the younger being firm on 'dolling' him up.


His friends go back to the conversation they were having before Donghyun saw him and fetched him. Wooseok listens to them and eventually joins them, throwing his head back laughing moving a hand up to his face when Donghyun makes a teasing comment jabbing at Jungmo's latest obsession with collecting some fluffy keyrings that were too expensive.


"The price is worth it!" Jungmo tries to defend himself but Donghyun just gives him a cheeky grin.


"You do know they sell bags filled with pompoms for a much cheaper price right? Just glue on yourself the eyes and the keyring and that's it, spray some perfume in them I don't know." Minhee says joining on teasing the beta. Jungmo looks at Wooseok as if expecting him to take his side but the older just shrugs, there is no way he can defend him on this one.


Suddenly a glass filled with a bright blue liquid is placed in front of him. Wooseok turns to the side and up to meet the waiter's eyes, raising an eyebrow in question. The girl leans close enough so they are on the same eye level and lifts a thin finger to the right, towards the bar where an honestly attractive but older male lifts his drink towards them.


"From the gentleman over there," She backs away, a customer-friendly smile on her bright pink lips. "He's an alpha." She adds before turning on her heels and walking back towards the bar.


Wooseok meets the stranger's eyes, gives him a smirk before taking the blue lagoon. Instead of taking the drink to his lips like the other male must be expecting, Wooseok moves his hand forward to the middle of their table to the bucket that still has a few cans of beer on it alongside the ice used to keep them cold.


Then he tilts the glass on his hand, the blue alcoholic drink spilling into the bucket until the last drop, the stranger's eyes widening and his mouth falling open. Wooseok fakes a kind smile before putting the glass back on the table and turning back towards his friends who are trying their best to hold back from laughing.


Wooseok lets out a giggle himself and reaches inside the bucket to take a can of beer, popping it open as his friends finally burst into laughter.


"So, when are we hitting the dance floor?" Wooseok asks after he takes a big gulp of his drink, Jungmo basically jumping to his feet and rushing around the table, his hand finding Wooseok's and pulling him to follow him, a bright smile on his handsome face. Minhee and Donghyun following them only a few steps behind.


A couple of other alphas try to get too close but a glare from Wooseok is thankfully enough to keep them away more often than not and when its not enough Jungmo steps in, placing his hands on Wooseok's waist and pulling him close to his chest, intimately nuzzling his neck, breathing in Wooseok's sweet honeysuckle scent and scenting him with his minty and fresh scent, tricking the alphas into thinking they must be mates.


Jungmo doesn't only do this with him but also with Minhee and Donghyun, the three omegas trusting him enough to do so. He still catches the way that Minhee sometimes tenses, baring his neck for Jungmo something he is still uncomfortable doing.


This is another reason why he didn't enjoy clubbing. The alphas that behaved like vultures, their eyes on him that stared at him as if he were a piece of meat or a toy for them to claim for themselves.


There was no way Wooseok could trust an alpha.



"Gosh he's so pretty." A boy, probably a freshman, whispers as Wooseok walks past him and his friend on his way to his class. "Too bad he's so feisty." Wooseok glances over his shoulder, his eyes cold making the beta flinch. The boy standing with him, another beta, pats his friend's back.


So yeah, Wooseok has quiet the reputation on campus.


He earned it since his first semester, when an alpha who was two years his senior thought it was a good idea to wrap an arm around his shoulders on the cafeteria. Wooseok had pushed his arm away and even turned to face him, his pink lips pushed back enough for his sharp -not as sharp as an alpha's or a beta's but still sharper than most omega's- canines to be shown.


People whispered his name and a couple of adjectives alongside it wherever he went but he couldn't care less, it was mostly done by alphas who couldn't get their head around an omega acting up against them.


Wooseok had actually become something like an idol for omegas, especially male ones. Some even developing puppy crushes on him, like Donghyun who did a very bad job of hiding it.


Its not that Wooseok resented being an omega, back when he presented after his first heat at the tender age of 13 he had received nothing but support from his parents, his omega mother teaching him about everything he needed to know. His beta father had even bought and put together himself an armoire for his bedroom for Wooseok to use as his nest.


Wooseok's friends that presented as alphas were always nice to him and the only change in their behaviour was how protective they became, Sooil sometimes taking an extra coat for him to wear when they hanged out together, his strong alpha scent enough to keep other alphas from looking twice in his direction and Minsoo always walked him home after school.


What made Wooseok so hostile towards alphas was when in high school he kept finding himself in positions that made him scared and anxious, when a stronger and bigger than him alpha cornered him against a wall in the school's hallway and the other omegas and betas didn't dare to step in, his friends somehow always arriving on time and taking care of it.


He didn't like feeling so weak, hated praying someone would help him.


He finally gathered the courage to stand against an alpha when in their last year of high school, Sooil and Minsoo not around to help anymore, Wooseok entered Yein's classroom to pick him up and found his friend looking all kinds of uncomfortable as a trio of alphas Wooseok himself had troubles with before, were looming over his friend.


Wooseok had rushed to stand in front of Yein, a snarl on his lips and a growl he didn't knew he was cabaple of making crawling up his throat. His knees were shaking and he knew the other boys would soon smell the fear in him but he stood firm and glared at them, ordering them in a cold voice to leave them alone.


The alphas were shocked and thankfully left them alone, word spreading like wildfire thanks to the beta that had seen everything from the doorway and no one bothered him or Yein for the rest of the year.


Wooseok knew not all alphas were possesive and aggresive assholes -Sooil and Minsoo being the only exceptions he personally knows of- but he still couldn't trust any of them, no when he always sees the predatory glint in their eyes when they look at him.


That's why he's dreading the class he is walking into. It was barely two weeks into the semester so he shouldn't be dreading a class so early but last Friday before dismissing them, professor Haeyoon had told them she would be assgining the pairs for the rest of the course.


Why didn't he study English before? He should have joined his friends at their english academy back in high school or taken this class earlier but he kept pushing it back and now he had no option if he wanted to graduate so he had to take this intensive english course.


He sits on his usual seat, on the up front row and right next to the window. Wooseok is a few minutes early, just a handful of other students sitting on their seats. He feels someone staring at him and he turns to the right, meeting Sejin's eyes.


Sejin gives him a smile and a little wave that Wooseok reciprocates. Sejin is also an omega and Wooseok sometimes talks with him, he hopes they end up paired together.


More than anything he prays he doesn't get paired with one of the alphas, the odds are in his favor with only four alphas being in this class, the majority of the students being betas and omegas something Wooseok was thankful for.


A few minutes pass by and a handful of students hurry inside with professor Haeyoon closely behind them, a small smile on her red lips, her brown hair that is cut and styled in a perfect bop bouncing with her steps, the noise her heels make somehow louder than the chairs being pulled back.


She waits until everyone is seated before clearing her throat. "Good morning everyone!" A couple of students greet her back, accent heavy on their voices but her smile just becomes brighter. "Fist I need to apologize to all of you, I have a personal appointment so I won't be able to teach today's class. I'm going to announce the pairs and give you your first assgiment that you need to turn in tomorrow, okay?" A chorus of 'yes' makes her nod to herself and open the folder she holds against her chest.


Wooseok frowns when Sejin's name is called followed by a name that isn't his. Too bad. The pairs keep getting announced and he grows more nervous as his name isn't called.


"Kim Wooseok," Wooseok sits up straigher, professor Haeyoon's eyes glancing up from where she's reading the pairs and meets his big eyes, a glint that confuses him on her warm brown eyes. She then glances behind him, Wooseok's stomach dropping because he knows who she is looking at, her smile broadening showing her pearly white teeth. "Lee Jinhyuk."


Wooseok doens't know how he is able to stop the groan that tried to escape him or how he doesn't just slam his head on the desk. Professor Haeyoon may look like an angel but she clearly was a devil in desguise.


Why else would she pair Wooseok with Lee Jinhyuk?

An alpha.