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Risks Taken (Error x Ink)

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Ink stared out of the window, pressing his hand against the freezing glass. Frost had built up behind the transparent material; the crystals blinding the prince’s gaze. He adjusted his position on the window sill, backing his bony hand against the oak frame and kicking his legs up so they rested near his chest.

That day would be the day he’d meet someone who would change his life. The artist just failed to realize that. His palms became dampened with perspirant anxiety, and tugging at the cream cravat that laid tucked beneath his silky amber blazer did not help him calm his nerves.

Soon his little panic attack came to a halt. Three knocks on the door made Ink suck in a sharp breath, he turned to face the door of his room. They were nice wooden doors, painted with a reagle white and rimmed with a golden trim. Biting down on his tongue, Ink began to compose himself. He stood from his rather cold seat and adjusted his posture. His expression was a sad attempt at a stern and cold poker face. Deep inside, he was filled with emotions, fake emotions, but nonetheless they existed. He felt mixed emotions of anxiety and excitement. The strange mix of the paints he’d had were perfect to form a genuine reaction. Though, his older brother had tried to explain how he had to act proper and cold around his new servant. The prince ignored his older brother’s warning.

Ink just couldn’t contain himself, though he couldn’t feel his own emotions, he could have his own wishes and desires. One of which was to have a real friend, and he saw this new servant as an opportunity for just that. After straightening up, he said,

“Come in!” The door clicked open and in walked a skeleton. He had dark black bones, while another oddity was the glitches that spread out, spritzing about, all over his body. As for the servant’s attire, he wore a black tailcoat over a cream colored blouse he had tucked into his worn pants. He bowed, one hand held at a 90 degree angle in front of his nonexistent stomach and the other behind his back. Ink formally introduced himself.

“Prince Ink of The United Kingdom.” The servant smiled, shoving his red rimmed glasses back on his nose.

“Error.” He responded, his voice glitching. Ink’s eyelights formed into stars, and a smile snapped onto his face. Once again, he just couldn’t contain himself and with great energy, exclaimed,

“You look so amazing ! What happened to your bones? Why does your voice sound like that!?” Error nervously smiled and shrugged. Something was off in his behavior and Ink immediately recognized it. Though, saying Ink had no idea how normal emotions worked, he couldn’t pin down what was wrong.

“I have Pixelation Syndrome, my lord.” Ink placed his hands on his hips and studied Error’s mannerisms closely while continuing to talk.

“Well, that’s a shame.” Ink responded, forgetting about how his brothers had taught him to sympathize with others. Ink did become distracted easily after all.

“Also, you don’t have to call me that. I would rather be friends than master and servant!” In the manner Ink said that, he sounded like a child. It was naive of him to propose such an idea; after all the king’s, his eldest brother’s, punishments for speaking out of turn and without address were severe. Nightmare seemed bent on inspiring negativity at any moment possible. Something as minor as speaking without address could be “rewarded” with quite the beating.

“Understood.” Error noted, his behavior still appearing odd. Ink quickly noticed how the servant gazed in awe at his master’s room. Of course, this confused Ink. He’d never been outside the castle and thought everyone lived in the same luxury he did, or possibly he thought this way because he’d turned a blind eye all his life. Curiosity getting the best of him, he questioned,

“What is so interesting?” Error flinched, and stared at Ink. He fumbled with his words until he managed to form a few sentences.

“Everything is so open and decorated with such expensive gems and materials. The palace is amazing.” The prince snickered, placing one hand on his hip.

“You think my room is intriguing? You clearly have not seen the study! It’s where I draw, and where my br- Prince Dream goes to relax away from everyone. I should show you it when he is not lingering around there. He would panic if he saw me being all friendly… for some reason.” Error nervously chuckled and let his arms hang down by his sides. For a split moment, silence crept into the room. Both socially awkward young adults just stared at one another. Error was amused by Ink’s constantly changing eyelights, while Ink was fascinated with Error’s glitchy appearance. If they didn’t have things to do, they’d have stared at each other all day. Error coughed, bringing his hand to his pocket and pulling out a sheet of paper.

“A-Alright.” He stuttered, gazing at the page. Ink attempted to look over at the sheet with little success. The servant continued, “First order of business is to get the new defense mechanisms and statistics from The Captain of The Royal Guard then deliver them to Prince Dream. From there we dine for lunch, visit the king, and finally check with the Head Doctor about the competing energy from the two eldest brothers.” Error’s voice pitched with confusion at that last task while Ink simply sighed.

“Of course, they want me to talk with the doctor because they can never come to a compromise other than shove it on to the younger brother!” Error looked to the side, unsure of how to express empathy to such an important person. His expression quite drab, Ink mumbled,

“Well, we had best be off.” Ink didn’t enjoy running around the castle all day. He’d much rather create artistic works or play with his brothers like the good old days. That particular day, he’d wanted nothing more than to learn more about his odd servant.

They walked into the halls, Ink leading the way. Due to the common vacancy of the fifth floor, the sound of their shoes clicking against the marble floor was quite audible. That noise being the only sound between them was uncomfortable for the two, they both were curious about one another but unable to ask. After a while, they had walked all the way down to the first floor, walking down more discreet corridors and less fancy halls. The ceilings became lowered to a usual height of about eight feet, and fewer windows were placed.

Soon enough, they’d arrived at the office of the captain. Ink didn’t usually visit the guardsman, after all, Dream clearly had taken a liking to the rather attractive soldier. It did not cross Ink’s mind that his brother was romantically attracted to the soldier. After all, it was more than just illegal for a man to love a man, it was considered a disgrace and morally wrong.

Ink let out a breath, and allowed his servant to knock on the door. Error knocked three times as he had on Ink’s door just minutes before.

“Come in.” A deep voice yelled from behind the dark wooden door. Error opened the door, cringing at the creaking sound it made as it opened. As for the room, light from the window penetrated through the curtains and lit the room. A large wooden desk sat in the middle of the room, shrouded with papers and large files. The guardsman, Cross, stood polishing a very expensive looking plate of armor. He spun around to look at the two, his expression changing from a grin to more of a disappointed smile.

“Aw, where’s Dreamy?” Cross questioned, walking over to the pair. Cross was above the rule of speaking in and out of turn for one, he was quite wealthy and held an important position, and two he was childhood friends with the princes. Ink clicked his tongue while Error took a mental note of the soldier’s behavior.

“Nightmare wanted me to get the schematics. Don’t ask me why. Also, Dream is in the study.” Cross snapped his fingers and flicked the collar of his silky red shirt, seeming rather disappointed before swapping his attention to Error. The servant gulped. Ink was just over four feet tall while Error barely hit five feet, and in front of him was a six foot giant who had a massive sword clutched in his gloved hand.

“Would you look at that. Ink has a servant; hope Nightmare doesn’t kill this one.” Both of the skeletons went pale. Error had an internal panic attack while Ink held back a belched up splotch of ink. Cross laughed, humored by the younger skeletons’ reactions.

“I am just joking. Nightmare would never kill someone… on their first day.” He nearly inaudibly mumbled those last few words. The two shorties exchanged worried looks then looked back at the taller guardsman.

“Oh, yes, papers. Let me get those.” Error was practically shaking out of fear. He was terrified both by the soldier and with whatever his fate held. Cross returned with a few papers that he handed to Error who avoided touch as much as he could. Ink took note of that behavior as well. Something was off about Error, and he was determined to get to the bottom of it.

With his eyelights shaped into stars, the prince shouted out,

“Thanks Cross!” The soldier gave Ink a friendly salute and returned to his work.

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The duo continued down the halls, walking to the study. Error, breaking a rule, decided to strike up conversation.

“So, Dream is your brother. How is he?” Ink looked at Error, surprised he was speaking.

“Dream is wonderful and so is my younger brother, Blue. He’s always positive but lives in fear of our eldest brother though I think most of us are terrified of him.” Ink’s entire demeanor had changed at the mention of Nightmare. An unsettling stream of fear was visible, and his eye sockets went blank for just a few seconds. The servant was quite unnerved, all he’d heard about Nightmare was negative and Ink’s reaction served as a cherry on top to his conclusion. Nightmare was a threat a very dangerous one at that.

Before he knew it, Error stood in front of the door to the study. Ink’s favorite room. When the large wooden doors were pushed open, Error completely understood why it was his favorite. While Ink adored the decorations that strung about the room, thousands of books on shelves that reached nearly two stories tall. Error enjoyed how spacious the room was, the ceilings weren’t low but not necessarily high. There were a few couches surrounding a fireplace where the flames charred away at the wood beneath. Over all, the room was dimly lit. The crimson curtains draped over the grand windows, blocking most light from entering. Sure enough, Error saw a desk with plenty of paper’s spread out near it.

Near the fireplace sat Dream, the twin brother of the king. He was engaged in reading, not even noticing the two younger skeletons standing in the entryway. Ink reached into his blazer’s pocket and took out an indigo colored bottle. He took a small sip of it and walked over to his desk. Bending down, the prince lifted a few torn pieces of paper, holding them up to the light of the fire. Error could see that the shredded paper had once been a sketch.

“What happened?” Ink asked his older brother, choking back tears. The warmth of the fire was the only thing comforting him. Dream closed his book and looked at Ink, his expression heartbroken.

“Nightmare came in here. I told you that you’d better hide those from him. He yelled at me and said I had to tell you to quote on quote “Stop wasting your damn time”.” His explanation brought Ink to tears, well the vials did that for him but he, in fact, was crying. Error ran over, bending down to Ink and hesitantly stroked his back, reassuring him.

“Hey, it will be okay. Oh stars- don’t cry.” Ink was over the age of 18, so Error didn’t expect to see him cry like that. His haphephobia caused the servant to quickly pull his hand back.

“Nightmare does it all the time! He ruins my things and I’m fucking sick of it. I’m just wasting my time!” With that, the young prince threw the pieces of paper to the side. Each piece landing on the outer hearth. Dream closed his book and stood up, walking over to the pair.

“Sorry, you are not exactly allowed to touch him.” Dream mumbled, sitting next to his brother. His disappointment painted gaze focused on Error. In reaction, Ink cried out,

“That is just stupid!” Then placed his face down in his hands. The eldest brother sighed, rubbing his hand over Ink’s back. Error watched, observing how Dream calmed his brother. In near silence they all sat there for a bit, the eldest stroking his little brother’s back while Error studied the two. Sniffling back tears, and holding back whimpers, Ink had calmed down.

“I know it is quite unreasonable, but Nightmare has some awful punishments. I don’t want either of you getting hurt.” Dream explained as his brother curled up in his lap. Ink groaned, still not understanding how awful what Nightmare was capable of doing to his servant was.

“I just want a friend!” Ink complained, knocking his fist onto the wooden floor. Dream thought for a moment before reminding Ink,

“Cross is your friend.” Ink sighed.

“No, Cross is your friend.”

“I’m your friend.”

“You’re my brother. My rule following, always scared of Nightmare, older brother. What happened to the fun and rebellious Dream? I don’t know, but even if you are my friend you aren’t very fun.” Ink was quite brutally honest and Error couldn’t help but smile. Though he was a poor servant and Ink, a wealthy prince, they still had something in common, their brutal honesty, whether it is intentional or not. Dream looked down, his brother’s words stung, but they were true.

“Prince Dream, I have some things from Sir Cross for you.” Error interrupted. Dream’s face lit up, both with blush and a cheerful smile. Though Ink remained oblivious, Error immediately clued into it. Dream was crushing on Cross. The servant thought, maybe Dream wasn’t the rule follower that Ink saw. After all, the punishment for being in a relationship with the same sex was imprisonment or to be hung. Wiping away his thoughts, Error told dream what Cross actually gave him.

“Schematics and battle formations.” Dream’s grin changed to a forced one. His posture became weak and the positive aura slightly faded.

“D-Did he say anything about me?” The eldest prince questioned, fiddling with the collar of his white blazer. Ink reached into his pocket at gulped down some yellow paint. Soon, his voice became cheerful, blocking out the sorrow he’d felt.

“Yep! He seemed super disappointed when we were the ones there. He even asked were you were.” Dream’s face flared a bright yellow hue, he kicked his foot up and held back a squeal. With a very lovestruck voice, he said,

“Of course he did. He’s just perfect isn’t he.” Ink crawled out of his brother’s lap and sat next to Error, his legs crossed in almost a pretzel shape.

“You are really weird friends.” Ink murmured Error’s response was a quick look of “Are you that oblivious?” Before he remembered, he had to be respectful to Ink, fooling around was dangerous.

“I will go visit him once I finish reading this chapter. You two should be off to lunch, don’t wanna mess up that schedule.” Error and Ink jumped off, Ink yanking our his golden pocket watch and grabbing Error by the wrist, something he wasn’t supposed to do. Dream was still too deep in his outlandish and quite lustful fantasies to notice.

“Woah, woah!” Error shouted as he tried to keep up with the artist who was dragging him down the hall. Ink slowed down, panting heavily. Error looked completely worn out.

“You are very energetic.” Error mumbled, bending down to tie his shoe. Ink let out a heavy sigh.

“I just wanted to spike something interesting into the day. Something memorable so we would remember this day!” Error pulled the strings, yanking at the worn fabric. Each string became intertwined in a bow. The sunlight shined on Ink’s face as he told him,

“Well, I think meeting you is pretty memorable in my opinion.” At first, this made Ink squeal with joy. Then he realized something that made his excitement deflate.

“Only because I’m a prince.” Error shrugged, standing back up and without much thought, saying,

“A pretty weird prince.” Ink snorted, bursting out laughing while Error cupped his hand over his mouth. He knew that Ink could put him through hell for saying that.

“I like you! Nobody ever makes fun of me!” Error crossed his arms. Saying Ink was okay with it, he said yet another playful remark,

“I take it back. You are in fact a very weird prince.” The light from the window shining on the prince’s face just made his oddly genuine smile seem cuter to the servant.

After the two had their moment, Ink grabbed Error once again, tugging him down the hall. Though, behind the vials facade, he kept continuously noticing Error’s odd behavior, his reluctance to touch, the sudden showing of an attitude after seeming pretty generic, and that expression he wore. That expression was nerve wracking, and Ink had only caught a glimpse of it when Error had gotten bored of staring at Dream consoling Ink. When Error had paused long enough to think, his expression became near emotionless with a hint of something Ink couldn’t quite recognize.

Something was up with Error, and Ink’s new goal was to figure it out, figure Error out, starting with lunch.

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Ink had decided to dine alone with Error, after all getting to know his potential friend was important, or that was what he told the chef. He really just wanted to know every little detail about this guy. First, the servant examined the room, amazed by the high ceilings, red walls rimmed with expensive wood, and the giant crystal chandelier that hung from above. Error’s expression lit up when he saw the banquet that had been spread across the dark oak table.

For the appetizer was A classic Italian salad with a seasoned vinaigrette. The main course was a stylish beef stroganoff with a side of noodles covered in melted butter. Beef had been spread atop the noodles, seasoned with various spices. For dessert we had plum pudding with brandy lightened. Error pulled out Ink’s seat for him and Ink sat down. The servant then took his seat, staring at the food and realizing how hungry he really was.

A young maid walked over, she was what appeared to be a yellow lizard monster. She looked at Error then at Ink and set down three bottles of wine.

“I’ll take a little rosè.” Ink said, as he stared at his plate, waiting to eat. The girl nodded, pouring the prince some wine. When it came down to Error, he froze up. He’d never had any wine before; it was extremely expensive.

“Any red will do fine.” Error mumbled, staring back at his plate. Before Ink could even begin to ask his servant questions, Error dug into his food. The guy was clearly starving.

“I could not help but notice your hesitation to get a drink.” Ink noted, Error nearly choked on his salad. He swallowed, wiping the dressing from his chin.

“I-uh just did not know what to get.” Error’s stare made his speech believable, but his sudden stutter said otherwise.

“Lying to me could get you in trouble.” The prince reminded his servant as he twirled the expensive metal silverware around the noodles. Error looked to the side.

“My family- well what’s left of them lives in near poverty. There was an… incident. Medical expenses were too much for us to handle and with our mom dead we didn’t have much money left. It was a miracle my brothers lived.” Ink kept his gaze locked on his servant who began choking up on his words. Error then stuttered out,

“It was all my fault.” Ink pushed his chair back, setting down his fork in the process. He made his way over to his servant who was losing his grip on the ability to hold back tears. Ink tried to hug him only to be lightly pushed back.

“And, I have always wanted to make up for it but I’ve been scared to get a job.” Ink raised an eyebrow at that statement and the sudden shove.

“Is that why you took a job here?” Ink asked, squatting near the glitchy servant. Error, choking back his tears, nodded yes. Ink, refusing Error’s push, hugged him. A burning feeling shot through Error, he wrenched his body. He did his best to hold back a scream, numbing it to a whimper. Ink got the signal and let go. Error cursed under his breath.

“Shit, that hurt.” Ink hadn’t ever upset anybody with a hug, it was what he’d been taught to do. He simply was just doing as he was taught.

“I thought that when someone’s upset…” Error cut off Ink, something that, yet again, he wasn’t supposed to do.

“It’s fine I’m just extremely haphephobic.” Ink’s memory was awful, and he knew it, so he whipped out a small notebook from the inner pocket of his blazer. Error calmed down, now only confused about what Ink was writing.

The two soon finished their lunch. Conversation had felt more tense since Error had a panic attack. So, the walk through the halls was near silent. Ink leading, his eyelights switching between swirls and question marks. Error avoided most eye contact with the shorter, pretending to be preoccupied with looking around the halls. Both were nervous, not just from their embarrassing encounter, but also because of who they were going to see. The walk was quite long, and silence became torture for both the young adults.

“So, from what I’ve heard Nightmare is quite the actual nightmare. No offense to y” Ink couldn’t keep his trap shut; he was too relieved at the break in the silence.

“I’m afraid that’s true. He’s pretty awful, but I don’t get exactly what I’ve been warned about with all this.” Ink gestured to Error. The glitchy skeleton shuddered, if Ink wasn’t careful then he’d be the one in trouble. What trouble meant, he’d yet to find out.

“Dream warned be about so much rubbish. My memory is worse than a goldfish’s, so I don’t remember most of what he said. Nightmare wouldn’t really hurt anybody. He’s just a- well, he’s an asshole.” While an odd uncertainty lingered in Ink’s claim about Nightmare being passive, Error had his doubts as well, but proceeded to say,

“I have no choice but to trust you.”

Before he’d even finished talking, Error stood in front of the large doors to the throne room. A strong negative aura was given off from the area.

“It’s just a short visit.” Ink mumbled as Error shoved the doors open. Sitting sprawled out on the throne was the king. The room was huge, but the lighting was kept extremely dim, only amplifying the creepiness factor that echoed through the room. Error stared at the king in horror, he was covered head to toe in a tar like substance and a bright aqua color glowed as it dripped from the ooze covered tentacles.

Nightmare stood up, an almost sinister smirk resting on his face. Ink walked over, trying to keep a smile on his face.

“Nightmare this is my servant Error.” Nightmare shoved his younger brother to the side and focused on Error.

“Hmm, your emotions are sickening yet pleasurable.” The goop covered skeleton noted, glaring at Error with the same smirk. Error kept his trap shut, Nightmare was dangerous despite what his boss had said.

“Smart.” He chuckled even his voice was nightmarish, “I thought he was coming tomorrow. I would’ve kept better watch if that were the case.” Ink and Error were both bright, but Error was not oblivious. What Nightmare was doing was almost crystal clear. He stared at the servant in a way that a predator stalks its prey.

“Nightmare you’re making him uncomfortable.” Ink murmured, noticing Error gradually start to fidget with his shirt.

“And I do what I want. I’m king. I could pin down and rape him if I wanted! Nobody can arrest me.” Error began to heat up with glitches that gave off an agonizing burning sensation. Even the idea of being raped was extremely unsettling. Especially, when someone was theoretically speaking about doing it. Ink couldn’t help it, he completely flipped out, sneaking a sip of his red vial.

“What the actual hell? That is so wrong! Why would you even say that!?” Ink screamed, his stance firm. Nightmare switched his attention to his little brother.

“I mean- it would inspire more negativity than other methods.” The king replied in a nonchalant tone. Ink snapped back,

“People are not just toys you can use for your own sick desires!”

“I can though.” Ink grimaced, his eyelights now formed with one as a crosshair and the other a teardrop. Before the artist could open his mouth, Nightmare pointed to Error.

“Also, you should probably help him. I’m not doing it.” Ink stared at where Error laid unconscious, and of course he panicked. He’d never seen someone pass out like that; then again Error was special. Ink shot a glare at Nightmare before picking up Error. Sure enough, he was heavy, but with a strict posture, Ink left the room.

Once he was far enough, he started running to the infirmary. Nightmare had taken things too far, as he usually did. He just didn't know when to stop or how to be a good person in general. Ink didn’t know if his friend had simply passed out or something worse. As he was running, he noticed that glitches didn’t build up while he held Error.

‘Maybe they don’t burn and build up if he’s unconscious?’ Ink thought, pushing away the worst theories. He continued down the hall, one foot in front of another. He constantly had to pause, Error was bigger than the prince and Ink wasn’t very strong.

Somehow, Ink made it. He breathlessly pushed open the infirmary door and set Error on the nearest bed. The infirmary was quite unsettling to Ink. It’s walls were wooden and the tiled floors appeared damaged. The sheets on the beds were tinted yellow with age and the smell of chemicals became more prevalent by the second. Of course, this wasn’t where Ink would go if he were sick. A doctor would come to his room instead. The prince stared at Error, his nerves getting to him. It was the staff’s usual lunch break, so it would be a while until a medic would arrive. His thoughts wandered,

‘It wouldn’t hurt if I just checked for injuries.’ Ink stood, staring at Error. He was breathing, which was good, but he could’ve fallen and hit something. That was Ink’s reasoning. Hesitantly, Ink climbed onto the bed, on all fours over Error; it was the best angle for him.

Ink then proceeded to take off Error’s shirt, being as careful as he could manage. He never meant for anything to be awkward, he was just making sure his new friend didn’t break a rib. Thing is, that Error’s ribs were black, making it near impossible for Ink to see any cracks.

Unlike any normal person who would give up and sit back down in a chair. Ink decided to just feel for cracks. Not only was he curious about the injuries but also how his touch affected Error. He ran his hands over each individual rib, watching as Error had barely any glitchy reaction.

Each bone was a smooth texture, though some had been bruised. When Ink’s hand caressed the lowest rib Error stirred in his sleep, letting out a tired groan. Ink froze up, his grip secured on Error’s rib. His servant looked at him, his expression exhausted.

“Mngh- I-Ink what are you doing.”

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There Ink was, on all fours over his very confused servant, who was only half dressed. His hand was placed motionless on the other’s ribcage. A moment of silence set in, the two staring at each other. That was when the door clicked open. Ink and Error both shot their gaze at the door where Dream stood staring at them. Error was less confused than the older of the two princes.

"I-I uh… Ink? You should really be doing this in private- I mean not at all! The second rumors spread you're on watch. Nightmare would hang you both!" Error's face gave off a deep blue hue while Ink tried to understand what was going on. Then it hit him, and his face became completely flustered.

"Dream, I promise you it's not what it looks like!" Ink said, leaning back so he was on his knees. He didn't even realize he was spreading his legs over Error and sitting on his crotch. The servant squirmed at the odd sensation it brought.

"Let me get this straight. So, I'm just seeing two heterosexuals blushing, one under the other with his shirt off, and the other sitting so his crotch is against the other's." Ink shot his gaze down and realized the awkward situation he'd made. He backed off Error only to notice the nurse standing behind Dream, who quickly ran off.

"We are not doing that!" Ink yelled as Error sat up.

"Listen, Ink I will support you no matter what, but Night won't! He'll kill you or imprison you, and I don't want to lose my baby brother!" Error grabbed his blouse with tie and slid it on. Being undressed only made him more uncomfortable with the situation. His voice a bit less confident than usual, he tried to explain.

"I don't think your brother was trying to uh- have sex with me. I just woke up and he was feeling all over my ribs." Dream’s expression remained nervous. He was worried for his brother’s safety, and even though he barely knew Error, he seemed like a nice guy.

“And that’s not arousing?” Ink became desperate to slam his face into something; his vials allowed him to feel embarrassment, and it was not a nice feeling. Error was trying to answer truthfully, he was surrounded by two people who would kill him if they wanted and was faced with a question he’d rather not answer. Stuttering, Error responded.

“Well, I do have sensory issues, so touch usually creates pain. When I was asleep, I felt no pain. I don’t quite understand how, but when I woke up the pain was at a minimum too, though he was certainly touching me. If he’d kept doing it then… I guess I would be turned on.” Dream looked at Ink, knowing love was one of the things he was incapable of.

“Ink, you can’t do this to someone. This is exactly why that rule exists. Plus, you can’t love.” Dream explained, referring to the no contact rule Nightmare had. Ink dropped into a panic attack. He’d never once considered being gay and now that it was brought up, he was actually thinking about it. True, he couldn’t love, but he could feel lust. Error noticed Ink was nearly having a full blown panic attack, clawing into his own arms, nearly inaudibly mumbling to himself, and of course how his eyelights changed with every single blink.

“Uh… Sir it’s fine I know you weren’t trying to-“ Error tried to say before Ink settled on an emotion. He popped out a red vial once more, taking a sip from it. Rage quickly consumed the artist. He stood up, walking over to his brother while speaking.

“Hah, you have the audacity to come in here and judge me for something I wasn’t actually doing, when after this everyone knows you’re going to suck off The Captain of The Royal Guard!” Dream had no clue Ink had figured out about his and Cross’ relationship. For a long while everything went silent. With every second that passed, Dream rushed to find a reply. He had to say something, anything.

“How’d you know we were dating!?” Dream asked, panicking even more by this point. Ink scoffed, his gestures becoming more broad.

“Oh please! You obsess over the guy! It was clear you were gay for him, but I never said anything! Yet the moment you see me on top of a guy you say I can’t do that!” He kept his strict posture and a genuinely pissed off glare. By this point, Error had backed up against the wall, still sitting on the bed.

“I didn’t mean it like that! It’s just that if Nightmare finds out then…” Dream tensed up, his brother was clearly getting defensive. Ink became more irked and panicked with every second, he tried desperately to win this argument.

“I’m not gay!” He screamed, before shoving his brother and storming off while saying,

“Also, don’t fucking follow me!” Dream stood slack jawed. His expression was pale and he looked rather shocked. Error looked to the side, embarrassed for the most part.

“I’m sorry, Ink isn’t usually like that. I’m just scared that even if it was innocent, if Nightmare had seen you two you’d both be severely punished.” Error let out a sigh, clutching onto the cotton sheets. He’d stayed relatively calm the whole time.

“Don’t apologize Sir. Your brother seems nice. He just is socially awkward because of the lack of a soul, I assume.” Dream nodded before leaning against the wall.

“Ink is a good liar when he’s off his vials, and when he’s on them he knows how to use them in his favor. I just didn’t think he knew about me and Cross.” He paused, exhaling. “If anyone else finds out, news would spread, Cross could be killed, and I’d be shunned.” Error nodded, he understood what Dream was going through. Though he hadn’t been in a relationship, he’d done something that put him in danger. Dream glanced at Error.

“You should probably go home. Ink needs some time to cool down.” Error silently agreed, standing up and bowing before exiting.

Error quickly made his way out, his posture slouched. That day had been stressful to say the least. A chill ran down his spine as he stepped outside. Snow was falling, coating the ground in a cold blanket.

Once Error was out from the castle walls, he continued walking home, his arms crossed. The icy snow began to cover his outfit, melting due to the servant’s body heat. While walking, his thoughts began to wander. He’d had such an eventful day. One thing in particular nagged him, tugging at his emotions. That last encounter with Ink was quite out of the ordinary.

The way Ink’s delicate touch felt against his ribs was different than anything else he’d ever felt. It was oddly comforting for the short amount of time it lasted. Then there was Dream walking in on the scene. It wasn’t until that conversation that Error had ever questioned his sexuality. Of course, he couldn’t let any feelings show when it came down to that. Not only was Ink not allowed to marry a poor guy who has no money whatsoever, but also a gay relationship would put the pair through hell. Dream and Cross were obvious about it, but nobody dared to question the sexuality of the captain and prince. They simply were kept safe by their titles. Error couldn’t do that and neither could Ink. After all, the artist was considered the least liked of the princes due to his lack of a soul. Even though Error constantly ruled out as Ink as a romantic partner, he couldn’t help but think of what he’d said. After all, he’d said Ink would’ve turned him on.

By the time Error had arrived home, he was still engrossed deep in his thoughts, trying to understand what had happened. Now he had to hide most of what happened from the two people he couldn’t keep secrets from out of guilt, his brothers.

Chapter Text

The click of the door was a signal to the youngest brother that Error was back. Geno didn’t pay much attention and continued drinking the beer clutched in his palm. The brother’s house wasn’t luxurious whatsoever. First was where Error entered, straight into the living room that was connected to the kitchen which was to the right. The walls were coated in wallpaper that tore at the ends, mold making its new home in the cracks. The floor was rickety, creaking with every step. The home was two stories and the staircase was against the right wall, right next to the kitchen and in front of the door.

“Heya Error!” Fresh greeted in the southern accent he’d received from the eldest of the brothers. Error was the only one who retained any form of a somewhat british accent in between his glitching. The middle child sighed, taking off his trench coat and hanging it on the worn rack.

“How was work?” Geno questioned, not bothering to make eye contact. This question was inevitably going to be asked, but Error had failed to come up with a solution quite yet.

“Uh- it was fine. Random question, what do you guys think of homosexuals.” Geno rolled his eyes at the simple mention of that. Fresh, on the other hand, wasn’t too bothered. He clicked his tongue and answered first.

“I don’t see a problem with dem. They ain’t hurtin’ no one.” Geno laughed, though it was more of a pissed off laugh.

“What are you a damn liberal? I got no respect for those sodomizing faggots! They deserve to be hung for that crime. I swear to Asgore moving to Britain was mom’s worst choice! We should’ve stayed back in America where slavery isn’t abolished and liberalistic thoughts ain’t tolerated!” Error gulped and began nervously fiddling with his fingers, unable to look at Geno.

“Theoretically speaking, if I was gay what would you do?” Fresh shrugged.

“It’s wrong but I wouldn’t kick ya out or nothin’.” Though Error always had a blind hatred towards Fresh as a kid, he genuinely got along with him as an adult. Geno became cold hearted and rough around the edges, drinking excessively. He wasn’t exactly the most peaceful when he was intoxicated, beatings had ensued and heartbreaking comments had been thrown. Of course, Geno scoffed.

“Hell no! You wouldn’t be. You know I couldn’t throw you out or anythin’. If you were, then expect me to whack some sense into you.” After hearing that, Error only debated his preferences more. He wasn’t sure if he could take another beating from Geno, the guy was scarred up but he wasn’t weak.

“Okay then.” Error said, taking a seat in between the two. The couch was extremely uncomfortable, it had stains and the rustic springs screeched with every movement.

“So, how was meeting the prince? That’s not somethin’ ya get to do everyday.” Error’s face glowed blue with blush. Now, Fresh did still wear glasses that changed with every thought. They suddenly switched to exclamation marks.

“He is a short guy, same age as me though. He’s pretty friendly and hasn’t really figured out my haphephobia. Sure, he knows, but he doesn’t quite grasp the idea.” Fresh’s smile grew. His brother had a crush, gay or not it had definitely improved Error’s mood. As long as Error was happy, he was content. Geno on the other hand, remained stern, his expression not changing much,

“You look exhausted.” Error looked down, falling unconscious back there had taken a chunk out of him. He yawned, cocking his neck to the side so it popped.

“Guess I am. The guy made me run my ass off to try and keep up with him. It’s best if I get some rest.”




Skipping dinner wasn’t a big deal for Ink; he’d had a good lunch. While the dim light from his oil lamp flickered, he pressed his body into the silky white sheets of his bed. Nearly all of his bones covered by his silky pajamas.

His red vial had not worn off.

‘Dream is an idiot. I’m not gay. I’m not. He’s stupid and I’m right.’ The prince thought to himself, turning over and yanking his sheets up. He stared at the lamp, letting out a depressed sigh.

‘How am I going to face Error?’ The simple thought was enough to send a chill down his spine. He cringed at the feeling. ‘My brother probably still thinks I was attempting something, how stupid.’ Ink facepalmed, his own fake personality was being tried by debating this.

Soon, he came to a conclusion. It was late in the night and he’d be willing to bet that Dream was sound asleep. Nevertheless, he decided to make his way to his brother’s room. The walk wasn’t long, but roaming through the halls that seemed so much more eerie in the darkness, made Ink pick up his pace. He felt his emotions draining from him, and nothing could be done. The vials had been placed on his desk in his room.

When he came to his brother’s door he entered without warning. The door creaked open revealing his brother asleep in bed next to Cross. Of course, if it had been anyone else they’d have freaked out. Ink didn’t mind. He could tell his brother was shirtless and as to whether or not he had anything else on was up for debate, though the answer was clear.

“Dream!” Ink yelled, not bothering to quietly wake his brother. Both Cross and Dream jolted forward. Cross yanked the sheet so it was covering his lower ribs while dream held the covers to his face. It was quite clear what the pair had been doing prior to Ink’s arrival.

“O-oh Ink you sca-“ Ink cut off his brother. The prince once again observed his brother’s appearance, shirtless, blushing, and sweating.

“Oh, sodomy, that’s nice. Anyhow, I came here to remind you how I will never be some dratted mary like you.” Cross’ face was bright with blush before he took in that last sentence, he and Dream exchanged looks.

“Do not worry about my sex life, and that’s just g-great Ink. Now, promise you won’t tell anyone what you saw in here.” Dream mumbled, crossing his legs underneath his sheets. Cross subconsciously placed his hand on prince’s bare inner thigh bone.

“Okay, I just wanted to remind you that I’m into girls only.” Ink’s smile twisted at the mention of being into girls. Something about saying that made him feel discombobulated. He wasn’t entirely confident in his words.

“A-ah, alright then.” Dream responded, holding back pleasurable noises which became harder by the second because of his lover’s sudden vigorous attempt to turn him on.

“Good, I’ll leave you two to- do that.” Ink responded, his expression bland and eyelights both white. He turned and left the room, not emoting at all.

Cross wrapped his other arm around his boyfriend, running his fingers down the other’s neck.

“Your brother’s in denial. Isn’t he?” The guardsman said, continuing to explore Dream’s body. The prince let out a whimper, before trying to answer.

“I really cannot tell. He is incapable of actually loving anyone. Though if we are speaking of his sexual desires he very well could be into men.” Panic cracked into Dream’s expression. The soldier ran his hand down Dream’s spine, trying to calm him down.

“Your stressing out about it.” He noted, carefully resting his head against the other’s shoulder.

“If someone finds out about Ink, if he is gay, then you know what’ll happen.” Cross sighed. Dream was worrying about Ink more than himself or his boyfriend. He knew Dream just got nervous over things, but his panic was unnecessary.

“If someone finds out about us then I’ll be put to death for sodomy and treason and same goes for you. Ink isn’t a child. You cannot always worry about him. You should worry about us because right now you are in more danger than Ink.” The prince stared at Cross before turning around and hugging him. He buried his face into the soldier’s chest and held him close. The prince became nervous at any mention of losing his lover. It was one of the few things that could completely shatter his positive aura. Cross pat his lover’s back before he tensed up. He suddenly felt something wet and quickly realized Dream was crying.

“Shit Dream- I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…” Speaking wasn’t doing anything so Cross just hugged back, embracing the other. Both of them were overwhelmed by the thought of losing one another. Despite Cross being one of the bravest people in the country, he found himself terrified at the thought of losing Dream.

Both Ink and Error fell asleep debating their identities. Ink tried to convince himself while Error let his thoughts go free, opening up to the idea of liking men. Little did either know that they’d soon figure out their identities.

Chapter Text

When Error arrived at work he headed straight to Ink’s room. Though on his way he noticed something off. His attention became constantly drawn away by hearing other servants and maids mutter his name along with various terms for gay people ranging from a mary to a faggot. The disapproving glares clawed into Error, making him pick up the pace. He soon walked close to where some guards were while on his way to Ink.

One of the guards smirked, having the nerve to shove Error onto the floor. Due to being malnourished and quite frail, the servant couldn’t catch himself and smacked down on the floor. He struggled to stand while the two tried to keep taunting him for being gay. To Error's luck, someone snapped their fingers and yelled.

“Hey! Back off the guy.” Error recognized the voice as Cross’. Of course the monsters obeyed, running off. The soldier walked over just barely kicking Error in the side.

“Get up.” He said, his voice seeming exhausted. Error winced in pain, pushing himself back to his feet.

“No offense sir, but you seem like you have had a bad day.” Cross had dark circles under his eyes and appeared to be in a sour mood.

“I have to be more strict around these people. If I am not in my office or alone with Dreamy then I cannot risk showing my personality. Plus, Dream kept me up late and I just wake up before the sun is even out. He's my safe place and someone I can talk to. Error, I am warning you. This place is hell, you have to find a safe place before it’s too late.” With that Cross continued forward, making his way to the training field. Error contemplated those last few words. This place seemed prejudice, but it was not as if he’d been beaten or whipped. He sighed, bringing his hand to his head. The idea gave him a headache; it was only his second day.

He continued on to Ink’s room, his expression kept bland as more insults were whispered amongst the halls. It wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle. Once he arrived at Ink’s room he knocked three times to be met with Ink’s usual line of,

“Come in” Once the door, the barrier between the two, had been opened silence broke in. Ink stared at Error, not sure of how to break some news to him after the events of the day prior. Error simply did not speak out of fear. Ink was unpredictable, and Error, unlike yesterday, didn’t tempt fate.

“There’s some news.” Ink said, breaking the silence. Error raised an eyebrow, giving the prince his full attention.

“Apparently, Nightmare is hosting a ball for me and Dream, a ball to find
significant others.” Error was left slack-jawed. Who the hell would plan such a big event with such short notice and why? Then it hit him. Nightmare knew a lot more than what comes to the eye. He knew Dream was queer. He knew Ink was in denial. This event would put both of the princes under tremendous stress, more so Dream than Ink.

“I can’t dance. Nightmare never bothered having us learn, but now he’s threatening that if we don’t find a partner then…” Ink trailed off into his own thoughts. Telling Error was risky especially saying Nightmare could have Error on his side. Ink stammered, deciding to keep mostly secretive,

“Something bad will happen.” Error didn’t like the sound of that.

“Well, I could teach you.” He suggested, hoping to do something to numb the thoughts of yesterday. Ink smiled, then thought.

“But where would we go. If I told Dream I learned to dance in the bedroom he’d probably freak out.” Error snickered then shrugged. He didn’t know the palace’s layout. Ink recognized the other’s confusion and quickly noted,

“We should go to the dining hall, it’s close to the ballroom.” Error nodded, and the two walked off. Ink didn’t want his mind to wander, so he started a conversation

“Are you a vi- have you ever had a girlfriend?” The servant ignored Ink’s sudden change in question.
“No, I’ve never felt for a girl. It’s not like they’d like me but even if they did, I’ve never dated or even had a crush on one. I guess people would find that weird.” Ink shrugged.

“I’ve never had any interest in any girls either.” Error smiled, cursing himself for the odd feeling he got when Ink admitted that. The two made small talk for the rest of their walk. To Error’s surprise, the other servants left him alone when he was by Ink’s side.

The two soon arrived at the dining hall, for then it was empty. Later it would be filled with tables covered in pastries.

“I’m not supposed to touch you, but physical contact is a must for dancing. Now, I’ll tell you what to do alright.” Ink nodded, moving to the center of the room with Error. Of course, Ink paused, reaching into his pocket and taking out a few vials he thought he’d need, taking a sip of each. The colors were, yellow, red, green, purple, and a smidge of pink.

“Okay, so first off I’m haphephobic so please can we keep redoing this to a minimum.” Error admitted. Ink crossed his arms, looking to the side.

“I need to learn this. You’ll have to put up with me. I have a bad memory and it'll take awhile for me to get good at this.” Error held back a groan and decided to just get it over with.

“Alright, fine just come here.” Error said. Ink got close, too close for the servant’s liking but that’s part of it. He began instructing.

“Okay, so take my hand.” Ink held onto Error’s gloved hand keeping it slightly lifted. Error placed his other hand and rested it on Ink’s upper back, nearing his shoulder. Continuing to teach, he said,

“Now put your hand on my lower spine.” Ink attempted but judging by Error’s look, he did it right. After that, he tried to show his boss the steps. A painful amount of tripping on one another ensued. After thirty minutes Ink had memorized it and could actually dance correctly. Error felt awkward taking the female role, feeling as if that should be Ink’s job. The two did a few more practice rounds. Ink couldn't help but smile at Error, the servant seemed flustered through the whole encounter.

Once they’d gotten the hang of it, Ink couldn’t thank Error enough, he was practically bouncing off the walls.

He paused for a moment and hugged Error, and to his surprise Error didn’t glitch as much as he usually did.

“Sorry! I just am really excited! Maybe, Nightmare is not going to” Ink was cut off by the door being slammed open. There in the doorway stood Nightmare himself, a sinister grin upon his face. Ink let go of Error, staring at his brother. It wasn’t the reaction he’d had to the visit with his brother yesterday. His body was visibly more tense and his overall behavior became driven with fear.

“I’m not going to do what?” He asked, as if he knew what Ink would have told me. Ink fidgeted with his hands, glancing away from his older brother.

“Nevermind! Now, if you’ll excuse us, Error and I have business to attend to.” Nightmare raised an eyebrow. He began to approach the duo, the same smirk residing in his expression.

“I purposefully cleared your schedule so you could have the day off before speaking with all the ladies that will be visiting tonight. I come here to see you’ve snuck out to dance with another man, your servant, in particular.” Ink was bright and quickly backed himself up.

“He was teaching me to dance in preparation for tonight. I do not see one problem with that.” Ink stated, proudly resting his hands on his hips. Nightmare chuckled, his laugh seemed twisted.

“Except there are multiple problems with that. One being the no contact rule I have in place. That’s not to mention how you’ve taken part in the egregious act of dancing with another man.” Ink was about to interrupt, there was no rule against that. Nightmare held his hand up, focusing on Ink.

“Quiet, don’t you dare contradict me. Now, regarding your servant, I must speak with him alone.” Ink looked as if all the color had been drained from him.

“He didn’t do an-” His attempt at arguing was useless, Nightmare gave him his last warning to shut up through a hostile glare. Error appeared quite perturbed by this point. The constant glares and warnings gave off the vibe of an almost toxic relationship. What really unnerved the servant was the amount of negativity that spilled into the room at Nightmare’s arrival.

“Error come with me. Ink you can do without a servant for a few hours. Go get dressed in your suit and be ready for the party. Most likely, you’ll see that your servant is perfectly fine and working diligently at the event.” The king assured his little brother.

“Also try and get Blue to stop fooling around in his room. His fantasies are pathetic, and I’m baffled by how many times he’s put that damn toy sword back together.” Ink sighed, looking down to the floor. It was best if he just agreed to do as Nightmare asked.

“Error follow me.” Nightmare demanded. Acutely, Error agreed; he didn’t want to learn the lesson the hard way.

Not a single word was spoken as the two walked to Nightmare’s room. If anything the silence was quite nightmarish in itself. The aura Nightmare gave off made Error’s thoughts turn dark, forcing him to remember some of the worst moments of his life. Those thoughts were some that Error wished were only nightmares instead of reality. Nightmare got a kick out of the sudden spike of negativity in Error’s behavior and couldn’t wait to abuse it himself.

Once they’d arrived at Nightmare’s room Error tugged open the heavy doors. Inside the room was nearly pitch black. Even the candles were dimmed with dark blue glass that surrounded them. The room was quite prepossessing. The walls were painted a dark blue and rimmed with an antique walnut wood. In the middle of the room was a large canopy bed and in front of it was a chest and two chairs facing one another.

“Take a seat won’t you?” Nightmare said, motioning to one of the fabric covered chairs. When Error sat down he nearly sunk into the chair it was so comfortable. Nightmare then took a seat across from him, a smirk on his face that suggested his malevolent intent.

“Now, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Either way will work out in my favor.” Error nodded, waiting for Nightmare to continue.

“Right, are you homosexual?” Error flinched at that question. First of all, shouldn’t the guard or officers have questioned him about something like that. Error, though telling a half lie, answered,

“No.” Nightmare’s grin became twisted as if he were pleased with that answer. He reached over, opening the chest to reveal multiple whips and various metal objects. Error’s heart skipped a beat, his expression went blank, and his body tensed. He understood what Nightmare meant. Either way he won. If Error had responded yes, he’d beat him to a pulp. In this case, Error had responded no, and Nightmare easily accused him of lying easily able to beat him into admitting it. Either way, it worked in Nightmare’s favor.

Chapter Text

Error remained stern, though his expression remained wracked with fear. Nightmare smirked, grabbing a leather whip. The servant stared in horror at the weapon. He’d seen whip marks before, and had always hoped he’d never have to go through such a thing.

“Listen, we can talk it out! I’m not gay!” The desperation in Error’s voice only motivated Nightmare. He raised the object slamming it down across Error’s face. In retaliation, Error screamed, jumping out of his chair and kneeling down on the floor. The leather had hit him so hard that his face began to bleed out. A huge gash was now present on Error’s face. His screams were loud enough to make Nightmare cringe at the noise.

“Fuck! Stars fucking damnit!” Error cursed, holding one hand to his face and the other signaling Nightmare to stand back. Nightmare burst out maniacally laughing.

“This is much more fun than using Dream, Blue, or Ink!” Error’s heart sunk, no wonder Ink was desperate to learn to dance, and no wonder Dream lived in fear. As for Blue, he was still a child. Ire got the best of him.

“You beat your brothers!?” The servant snapped, glaring at Nightmare. The king groaned, setting the whip down.

“I never said that, but you were doing so well keeping your trap shut.” Nightmare mumbled. Error swallowed, holding back tears. His face was in unbearable pain and he could barely see straight. The other spoke,

“The only words that should be coming out of your mouth are “I confess”.” Error became paralyzed with fear at the sight of an iron crowbar secured in Nightmare’s grip. The weapon was capable of killing Error with the right intent and desire. Of course, the sadist was only amused by the other’s panic.

He yanked Error by the collar of his shirt, slamming him face down on the ground. Then, raising the weapon, he smashed it onto Error’s legs. The noise of bones cracking was oddly satisfying to Nightmare. The other screeched, wrenching in pain. He screamed for help, begging for Nightmare to stop, but Nightmare whacked the bar down once again, cracking Error’s bones even more. Blood curdling screams rang out, while Error began fearing for his life. He began to try and stand up to make a run for it, only to feel that his legs were in too much pain to carry even half his weight.

“Ready to admit it?” Nightmare asked, seeing as the other was dragging his own body, cutting it against the rough floor. Error stared up at Nightmare, acknowledging it was a trick, and a confession would partially justify the sadist’s attack. Nightmare grabbed Error by the wrists, unbuttoning the buttons that tightened the blouse around his wrists.

“Please stop!” Error screamed, squirming, trying to yank away. Nightmare simply nodded, Error was too frail to fight back, his legs rendered useless. The touch was painful enough, not to mention his now broken legs and bleeding face.

“You having haphephobia makes this even more fun.” Nightmare pulled out a razor blade. The edges were stained with a crimson substance. He pushed down the servant’s sleeves, aiming the razor at the tender bone. Error’s breath hitched as Nightmare began cutting away at his arm. Each slice was torture and the sheer amount of blood made Error sick. Glitches began building up, stinging Error. If he wasn’t careful, he’d crash. Crashing was dangerous, motivating him to win the fight.

“I’m not admitting to something I’m not guilty of!” Error screamed; blood freely flowing down his cheeks. The source of negativity suddenly dropped at that statement. Error smirked, staying positive was all he had to do to win this fight. Nightmare wasn’t doing this for answers, he was doing this to feed off of Error. A confident grin appeared on Error’s face as another slit was added to his arm. He flinched in pain but stood through the torture. Nightmare seemed to give up, letting go of Error’s arms. At first, Error let out a sigh of relief, holding his hands over the cuts. He scanned his thumb over each stinging incision.

“You remember what I said yesterday?” The insane questioned, throwing the razor back in the chest. The servant stared at him, holding back screams of agony. His bones were cracked, and blood was draining from his body. He knew that the only way to persuade Nightmare was by being positive, something the sadist couldn’t stand. The king’s tentacles whipped menacingly behind him as his usual smirk sat on his face. He grabbed Error by the chin, forcing him to look up. The eye contact between the two seemed anxious.

“I can pin down and rape you if I want.” His confidence in winning was instantly shattered. Error became hysterical, clawing at his upper arms. His breathing became stressed, weighed with his anxiety. He nearly crashed at the idea. Nightmare had stooped to beating people before, and he would again. Taking it to sexual assault was something he’d never considered.

“Don’t be too loud.” Nightmare threatened, grabbing the servant by the wrist, now drenched in blood.

“It’s not like you can run.”

Error looked back at his legs, cracks shrouded the red bone. He was speechless, losing his virginity through means of rape would be possibly more traumatizing than the death of his mother.

Nightmare used his tentacle to throw Error onto his bed. The servant’s pleas and cries for help should’ve been loud enough to get someone’s attention. His screams were ignored by anyone who heard. The embodiment of negativity pinned Error, soon stripping him.

What followed were by far some of the most horrifying moments of Error’s life. He attempted, with all his strength, to throw his rapist off him, but was unable. With every thrust came a pain drowned yelp. Despite his attempts to hold back tears, he cried. His tears nearly blinded him, fogging his vision. Though he could endure his legs being broken, the servant was driven to tears at the sight of his own body being abused in the most disgusting way imaginable. He was screaming for Nightmare to stop, repeating it over and over, begging for him to stop it. Due to the amount of physical contact Error crashed twice through the entire ordeal. Each crash was rewarded with a violent awakening.

Error’s legs were sprawled over his rapist’s shoulders, secured by the dominant’s grip. There was no undeniable pleasure, he was in too much pain to even feel as he reached a climax. It wasn’t until he felt the warm and gooey substance on his inner thighs that he realized. Overstimulating the other, Nightmare continued on as did the screaming. After what seemed like an eternity, the rapist pulled out, his cum staining the once clean sheets. He then, without giving the servant a moment to recollect, demanded.

“Get out.” Error couldn’t even walk, let alone put his clothing on. His arms were bleeding out and the mixture of blood, tears, and sweat were still all slipping down his cheeks.

“I can’t” Error responded hoarsely, his tears now burning the cut.

“If I didn’t want to be fucked a second time, I’d run my ass out the damn door.” With that, a spike of adrenaline shot through Error slid on his slacks, and without buttoning it, put on his shirt and tailcoat. He hastily limped to the door, the pain agonizing, his bones cracking more at the pressure of his weight. Once he’d walked outside the door, Error collapsed, passing out from a combination of blood loss, pain, and exhaustion. Chances were that nobody would help him, but somebody came.

Chapter Text

Ink sat in his throne like chair, scanning over the crowd of women. Dream appeared bored out of his mind, he’d taken not one ounce of interest in the ball. He was focused more on the pulsing negativity that had constantly been spreading through the area. Lacking interest in the task at hand, he paid more attention to his brother.

The ballroom had been decorated, and a feast was laid out on the banquet table. Talented pianists and violinists were playing, all alluding to the fact that this was an important event. The only people who didn’t seem too interested were Dream and Ink. Now, Ink appeared to be looking for someone, and with every passing second he began to panic without finding them.

“Ink are you alright?” Dream asked, snapping Ink away from his original focus. The younger bit his tongue, constantly looking away from Dream to continue searching as he answered.

“I can’t find Error.” Such a simple response instantly evoked panic though Dream.

“Did you send him off?” He questioned, remaining positive as he usually tried to. Though, the odd amount of negative energy that had been surging made it more difficult for him.

“No, Nightmare pulled him away to ask questions or something.” Ink took another sip of his purple vial mixed with some indigo and red. The nervous feeling kicked in first, and didn’t aid Ink in trying to calm himself.

“Maybe Nightmare sent him home early.” Dream suggested, trying to lighten his little brother’s spirits. Ink growled, the red vial taking its effect.

“We both know damn well he wouldn’t do that.” The eldest took a deep breath, breaking something to Ink that he should’ve kept to himself.

“Listen, I’m not saying anything, but there has been a very strong negative aura recently.” Dream was quite confident Ink wouldn’t overreact, after all to the core Ink was a soulless creature. Though, Dream hadn’t accounted for the artist’s desires and wishes. Unlike what he’d predicted, Ink freaked out.

“A strong negative energy, Error being missing, and Nightmare, how fucking delusional do you think I am!?” Ink screamed, most of the crowd turning to look at the commotion between the brothers. Dream held his hands up, bending them at the elbow.

“I never said you were delusional.” Ink snapped back at that.

“Bullshit! You thought it! Now, I might lose my first ever potential friend, because Nightmare could beat him to death!” Guilt began weighing down Dream, making him prepare to make an apology. Ink began to stand up, ready to go and search on his own. The other quickly reminded him,

“Ink you can’t leave. You don’t even know if something bad happened to him.” If Ink left he’d have to face Nightmare who wouldn’t be happy. Even if, for Dream to notice such a surge of negative energy something beyond Nightmare’s usual aura, something awful had to be going on. He couldn’t be certain.

“Just sit back down, I’m sure everything is fine. It’s not worth the risk.” Dream warned. Reluctantly, Ink sat down, now paying not one ounce of attention to any maiden that approached him. He just slouched back, nearly falling asleep if it weren’t for his constant scrutinizing for his servant.

Now, Ink and Dream were two of the three princes. The youngest wasn’t at the ball, actually he was supposed to be asleep. Blue was ten, nearing eleven years of age, but he was filled with boundless energy, so of course, the two quickly noticed their little brother signaling for them to come over to the entryway. Blue was wearing his bright blue bandana and white blazer. Nearly every young female in the room squealed at the sight of him. After all, he was adorable.

“Dream, I don’t have the patience to sit around. I’m going to put Blue back to sleep.” Using the predicament as an excuse was smart. Though, Ink knew it’s chances of going unnoticed by his brother were slim to none. As Ink stood up, Dream quietly told him.

“Good luck looking for him.” Dream had given up on trying to keep his little brother from risking it. Ink spun around, facing the other. He gave his thanks with a simple smile, before running off.

Blue was quite an odd child. While his brothers aged in their early twenties, he was over ten years younger than them. Blue had his ways of sneaking around the castle, entering rooms he wasn’t supposed to, and sneaking midnight snacks from the kitchen. He also had a strong passion to join the guard, something he wasn’t allowed to do, and Nightmare ridiculed him for even dreaming of it. Of course, Ink wouldn’t have been surprised if at some point he had witnessed something he wasn’t supposed to.

To his surprise, this day was the first that his younger brother had witnessed something disturbing at the least. Once he’d made his way over, Blue was jumping impatiently.

“Alright, let's go back to bed.” Ink said, grabbing Blue by the collar of his shirt. Ink’s objective was to find Error; he wasn’t in the mood to take care of his little brother.

“Wait! Ink!” Blue said, after Ink had dragged him pretty far down the hallway. The younger of the two tugged free and put his hands on his hips. While standing in the moonlight that shone through the window, Blue began to explain.

“Okay! So, I found this person about your age passed out and bleeding in the hall. Because of how strong and amazing I am, I was able to drag his body… not very far. Anyhow, I put him on the couch in your room then ran downstairs to the infirmary to get some painkillers and bandages, but they turned me away because I was supposed to be asleep and didn’t look injured.” Ink quickly snapped his attention to Blue. His expression lit up but in more of a worried tone.

“Oh really? What's the guy look like?” Blue smiled,

“He was a skeleton like us, but his bones were all black. They were covered in blood and bruises. There were lots of glitchy things on him.” Sure enough, that met the description of the one person Ink hoped it wouldn’t be. The possibilities were terrifying.

“What could he have done to make him pass out in the hall?” Ink mumbled to himself as he began racing to his room. Blue took it as a challenge and ran ahead of his older brother. By the time that the pair had arrived at Ink’s room at least ten minutes had passed.

Ink shoved his door open, walking into his room. Sure enough Error laid nearly motionless, the only movement was caused by his breathing. The prince shut the door behind him, letting it click closed. He didn’t take his eyes off Error for one second.

Once he stood only about a foot from his servant, he began to observe his injuries. The gash across his face had clotted, but dried blood had stained his cheeks. Other than that, Ink couldn’t see any other injuries. That was, until he noticed the crimson colored stains that painted Error’s once white sleeves.

‘Self harm?’ He first thought, kneeling down and lifting the sleeves. Sure enough, what appeared to be self harm cuts resided all down the servant’s arms.

‘Impossible. He’s not the kind of person to crack into that, at least from what I’ve seen. Stress and impulse clearly are problems for him, but he’s just not the kind of guy to hurt himself.’ That thought made Ink debate his knowledge of Error.

“Hey, Blue. Go fetch some adhesive bandages, painkillers, and something I could use to hold in place or reduce swelling of a broken bone, if there are any. If the nurses give you any trouble say I demand that they give the supplies to you.” With a cheerful grin, Blue saluted. He felt important because of such a task.

Ink continued to focus on Error, sure the cuts and bruises worried him, but the way that Error’s shirt wasn’t even buttoned was off putting. It was almost as if he’d had to put his clothing on again. Ink sighed, he was confused. There was no reason that Error would have to change clothing, so that made little to no sense.

After about five minutes of waiting, Error came too, slowly regaining consciousness. This time, not with someone touching all over his body. Ink sat, kneeling next to the loveseat Error was lying on.

“Error are you feeling okay?” Ink asked. Unlike any normal person waking up, Error jolted forward, sitting up in one sharp motion. The look he gave Ink was one that could be read with ease. The prince was easily able to tell something was wrong. It was almost perturbing to see how terrified, upset, confused, and disorganized Error was. Wanting to know what happened, Ink thoughtlessly asked,

“What happened?” He used a caring tone and expected a calm answer in return. Instead, the simple question made Error hysterically break down crying. Error didn’t seem like a cryer, yet there he was, breaking down into a mess of tears. The sight was hard to watch, after all most people don’t cry like that. Through heavy breaths and cries, Error spoke one sentence.

“I don’t know!” Ink wasn’t good with emotions, and only grew more confused. Hugging Error was out of the question because of his haphephobia and asking questions had only made things worse.

“Okay, whatever happened it’s okay! I’m here and nothing can hurt you. Now, my brother will be back with some medica-” Ink couldn’t even finish speaking before Error panicked, hugging himself while clawing into his arms. With a terrifying amount of trepidation, Error asked,

“Which brother?” That fear in his voice gave Ink his answer. Nightmare had definitely done something.

As if on cue, the door slammed open. Error jumped, falling face flat on the floor next to Ink. He was actually shaking, either from frailty or fear, possibly both.

“I brought the things!” Blue shouted, not recognizing the servant’s skittish behavior.

“Thanks Blue, can you leave them on that dresser. We are having an adult conversation, so can you head off?” Ink questioned a persuasive grin on his face. The younger groaned.

“I’m old enough!” He argued, crossing his arms. Ink shook his head.

“Are you an adult?” Blue pouted, he was at a loss for excuses.

“No… but I” Ink gave him a quick look of ‘Just go’, which reluctantly Blue obliged with. Once the door was closed again, Ink walked over to grab the supplies, Error still on the floor in the fetal position.

“Error, nobody is going to hurt you, sit up so I can look at your injuries.” Ink demanded, his voice calm yet demanding. Pressing his hand onto the marble floor, Error shoved his body up.

Ink first held Error’s hand, making as little contact as possible. Actually, he held it as he’d done earlier that day when he was being taught to dance. Once again the prince lifted his servant’s sleeves, noticing one thing. The cuts on both arms were done at nearly equal angles, ones that seemed more like if someone had grabbed his arms by the wrists, and like using a blade as a paintbrush, effortlessly cut across his arms. He carefully wrapped the bandages around Error’s arms. The physical contact made Error constantly flinch but he’d managed to dry up.

“I’m sorry.” Error mumbled, looking to the side.

“Why?” Ink questioned, continuing to wrap Error’s arms so that the bleeding would stop, though most of the cuts had clotted.

“You’re missing the ball.” He explained. Ink gave a half hearted laugh in response.

“You think I really cared about that shitty event. You matter more to me than some strangers who all want to marry me.” Error became slightly flustered. Ink was successfully procuring his focus on the hell he’d been through away.

“You had a chance to find a wife out there.” Error noted, looking down at the floor.

“Do you not get it that I’ve never loved anyone? You’re the only person other than my brothers that I’ve ever had any real connection with. Why would I risk losing that?” Error leaned forward, hugging Ink. Although the contact burnt, it was nothing compared to the pain in his legs.

“Thanks for saying that.” Error paused, letting a few tears slip out, dampening the other’s blazer. Ink placed his hand on the back of Error’s back, securing the other in his grip. Tightening his embrace, Error said just a few more words. “I really needed to hear that.”

Chapter Text

Error, being in no state to return home, stayed with Ink. He showered off, the unfamiliar warm water was extremely comforting. He’d never had a better shower in his life, which may have also been caused from the fact of how much he’d needed to shower because of being raped. Once he’d walked out, Ink was sitting reading a book in bed. The covers were lying comfortably over the prince’s lower body. He appeared to be halfway into a romance novel, no doubt one that Dream had recommended.

“Where should I sleep?” Error asked, a robe covering his bare bones. His entire body still warm from the shower. Ink firmly closed his book, hooking the leather latch through the frame, and sticking the prong through the leather.

“If you’re okay with it, you can sleep with me.” The prince quickly noticed how Error had calmed down, the door was locked and he was safe with Ink. Error smiled,

“Of course, but do you have something for me to wear?” Ink motioned over to the wooden dresser that was placed against the wall. Error looked over at the expensive piece of furniture before walking over to it. Each step he took was a limp, the pain was still there just not as ubiquitous as before.

Error quickly changed, not bothering to see if Ink was staring. Of course, Ink was respecting his servant’s privacy for the most part, only peeking once or twice. Error quickly dressed himself, though his movements were infirm, shaking without much of a cause.

Like everything else in the room, the outfit was by far the most expensive and comfortable thing that Error had ever felt. The red silk on the outside looked formal and proper while on the inside it was soft. As Error predicted, they were a bit small. The shirt fit a bit too short, but the pants were very, very short.

“Yep it’s a bit small.” Error said, adjusting the collar of his shirt. The other snickered, playfully remarking,

“Oh how scandalous.” Somehow, that got at least a half hearted laugh out of Error, even if he was exhausted. Still limping, Error made his way back over to the bed. He placed his hand on the golden colored comforter, pushing himself onto the comfy surface. Error pulled down the covers, plopping underneath them. Being in such a comfortable bed next to someone he trusted aided him in finding somewhat of a solace. Ink turned off the gas lamp that had been the dim source of light in the large room. Once the light was off, the only luminessence came from the moonlight and the magical energy that the skeletons’ eyes gave off. A tranquil silence entered right after Ink had turned off the lamp. Ink never did well with stillness, but allowed it to remain as so for a little longer.

After a few minutes, Ink flopped over on his side, facing Error. He wanted answers, but knew he’d have to take a slow approach.

“So, what are you going to tell your family about spending the night?” Ink asked, inching closer to Error, so they laid about thirty centimeters apart.

“Geno’s probably relieved I’m not there. Fresh will be relieved when I get back tomorrow.” The servant looked down, ashamed of himself.

“Geno hates me. I deserve it, especially after today.” Error held back tears, but his voice remained lachrymose, cracking between his breath. Ink, now disconcerted, tried to take a step back and calm his friend down.

“Error, you were beaten. That’s not deserving of being hated by your own brother.” He was not only beaten. Lightly clawing into the sheet, Error cracked, snapping at Ink,

“I wasn’t just beaten. Your brother raped me! Pinned me down and fucking raped me!” Ink clasped his hand over his mouth. He’d never thought that Nightmare could ever stoop to that level. To kill someone is one thing but to torture is another. A sexual abuse form of torture had to have been the most disgusting thing Nightmare had ever done.

“What am I now, Ink, fucking used garbage!?” Error yelled, not even considering how much trouble he could be in for saying such a thing. Ink wouldn’t ever punish Error for yelling, he had the right to be upset. Now it was up to Ink what happened next. His servant was bawling, looking for an answer, for any reassurance, someone to tell him that he was worth something.

Ink grabbed Error, latching his arms around the other’s neck. He pulled them together, kissing the other without much hesitation. Back then, it was morally wrong, yet Error instantly relaxed, kissing back. The warmth of the kiss was comforting in the cold room. He held his hand shakily, on Ink’s cheek. Though the kiss only lasted under thirty seconds, it felt breathtaking for both of the skeletons. Each of them held onto each other, despite Error’s haphephobia. When they pulled back, both of them stared at each other.

“What was that for?” Error asked, panting heavily. The two attempted to catch their breath. Ink’s face was glowing a rainbow hue, his face burning hot, as was Error’s. Still holding onto Error, Ink told him,

“I-I wouldn’t kiss garbage.” Ink moved forward, begging for another kiss, but Error held him back, asking an important question.

“What are we, Ink?” A pause ensued, this question was more complicated than anything else Ink was expecting to answer.

“Error, Dream says I can’t love but-” Though Error’s expression said it all, Ink continued. “If you want to, we could have a lust based relationship.” It was probably not the best proposition Ink could’ve made, especially saying that Error had been raped hours prior. Not wanting to damage his friendship with Ink, the rape victim turned over, facing away from his crush, mumbling the words,

“... I’ll think about it.” Tension between the two had never been so uncomfortable. They’d just shared such a passionate moment, only for it to be destroyed with an extremely upsetting one. Error wasn’t usually emotional, but to suddenly have all this thrown on him certainly stressed him out. If anything, the whole situation only made his thoughts become more self-deprecating.

The two soon fell asleep, Ink had placed his arm above the comforter, resting it over Error. Even if Ink had messed up, Error appreciated the act nonetheless. The two drifted off, each into a dreamless slumber.

Error was the first to wake. His body ached, but to his surprise Ink had remembered to put out medication the night before. It was clear Ink was trying desperately to remember things for Error. After taking his medicine, he stood up, limping over to where he’d set his clothing. Ink seemed to be a light sleeper, so Error remained extremely cautious.

It was the weekend, and Error had the day off. He’d collect his pay and head home for the day. Once he was dressed, he took a seat on the loveseat, waiting for Ink to wake up. The soul crushing memories of the night before began to surge into Error’s mind. Though the rape was traumatizing, that kiss was a huge event. One, it proved that both Ink and Error were, in fact, gay. Two, it forced Error to think about Ink’s deal.

On one hand Error was reluctant to accept. It was illegal and risky. Plus, it would mean a friends with benefits relationship, something he was quite unsure about. Then there were the benefits. Having sex would be stress relieving and help him get better sleep at night. Not to mention he’d get to make love with his crush. It would also get his mind off of being raped.

After weighing out the options, he came to the conclusion that he’d need more time to debate. With a heavy sigh, Error kicked his feet up on the couch and tried to keep his mind off of the living hell he’d gone through. He didn’t even realize Ink getting up until the artist was dressed and energized on his paints.

“So, have you come to a conclusion?” Ink asked, referring to his proposition. Error shook his head no in response.

“I will have one by tomorrow. I’m just…” He slammed his face into the palms of his hands, almost silently cursing at himself. Everything that had happened to him, the rape and beating, Error put on himself, hating himself for not being able to stop it.

“Hey, Error, let's just go get your pay then you can go home.” Ink said, attempting to remain positive, though he’d had a lot more negative vials than positive. Error simply nodded, standing up and ignoring the pain he felt throughout his body.

“Pretty sure Nightmare has it, so we just gotta drop b-” Ink paused. At only the mention of Nightmare, Error had begun to glitch out. He needed that money, but to be within the same room as his rapist, was a petrifying concept. If he walked in alone, fuck knows what Nightmare would do to him then.
“There’s no need to worry. He won’t lay a hand on you.” Ink assured the other, grabbing him by the wrist and tugging him to the door. Error had no choice but to follow. They walked down the hall and to the very room that Error had lived through hell in.

Ink knocked on the door, mimicking Error’s usual three knocks. Nightmare shouted for them to come inside. Ink quickly obeyed, shoving the doors open. Each door made an awful creaking sound. It took everything in Error for him not to hyperventilate at the sight of his rapist and the scene where he’d been violated.

“Can you give him his pay?” Ink bluntly asked, not wasting any time with Nightmare, after all he had plans to attend to. The eldest shrugged, standing up and walking over to the two. Ink held his arm out in front of Error. His expression was oddly stern compared to his usual starry appearance.

“Why, may I ask, are you getting so protective?” Nightmare questioned, putting Ink on the spot.

“He’s my servant. I’m the one who punishes him if I so please. You aren’t to lay one finger on him.” Ink was confident that with that he’d won the argument. Nightmare just smirked.

“Alright, you win.” He said, handing over the cash to Ink who passed it back to Error. The money was real, meaning that smile had to mean something else. Most likely it was that Nightmare knew something.

Ink ambivalently nodded, turning around and leaving alongside Error. Nightmare calmly said,

“Bye Error.” Error shuddered. Those simple words made both Ink and Error uncomfortable, both of them picking up the pace.

Since that was done, it seemed as if Ink and Error would part for the day, but Ink had other plans. It was forbidden for him to exit the castle, but it was a task he’d always wanted to do. Meeting Error just made him want to explore out there even more. He wanted to see what Error’s life was like. At that point he had no clue that risking sneaking out would be the best choice of his life.

Chapter Text

Ink stood back, letting Error leave without noticing him. He hid around the corner, backed into the living room. His trench coat didn’t make him unrecognizable, but it would keep him warm, after all it was snowing. Coming prepared, Ink threw on a backpack, stuffing it with snacks and a few other essentials.

If he wanted to even get out of the castle, he’d need to be disguised, but that wasn’t easy. The splotch on Ink’s face was a good enough clue to who he was, not to mention his constantly changing eyelights.

Ink was Ink, and scatterbrained as usual, decided to waltz out with no plan at all. He shoved the door to the area open, squinting at the sudden gust of wind. It wasn’t too bad out there, but it was definitely cold. Clutching his gloved hand against his chest, he made his way to the outer gate.

Of course, in the back of his mind, he thought about the night before. Kissing Error had to have been one of the most liberating things he’d ever done, but how Error turned away was heartbreaking. Ink took a large sip of his indigo vial, sadness and regret spilling into thoughts. He stuck his hands in the pockets of his coat and sighed. Error had passed the guards, and with no plan Ink followed after.

He quickly ran past the guards who only caught a glimpse of him. Somehow he made it to the main road, following a few feet behind Error. Ink was mesmerized by the city. So many people were walking through the streets, some being pulled around in carriages. Of course some people raised an eyebrow at the sight of him, saying he had a “striking resemblance” to their prince.

Ink simply smiled and continued on his way. Each building was gorgeous, and the smells of fresh baked bread and cooking food were tempting, making him want to stop in every store. Though he did have about two days worth of fresh bread, fruit, and warm cinnamon roll in his bag. Despite his temptations, Ink continued to follow Error.

They passed a park where children threw snowballs at one another, enjoying their weekend. Ink missed his childhood, when he still had his soul. Nightmare was happy, though he enjoyed reading more than playing outside. The memories of playing with his two older brothers and watching over the younger amplified the effect of the blue paint.

The walk seemed to last forever and at one point the scenery began to change. Main roads changed to alleyways and happy people walking around were replaced by beggars, peasants, and rats. Error seemed to be more aware of his surroundings, Ink constantly ducking behind boxes and abandoned trash to avoid being seen.

Soon enough they reached a street with various houses that walled with other houses, everything looked dark and dirty. Snow was grey, and rats squirmed practically everywhere. An awful stench reeked through the area, it smelled of smoke and rotting meat. Error approached what Ink thought of as a very sad looking home that was attached to the one on it’s left. The prince observed from a distance as his friend fiddled with his key.

The moment Error was inside his house, Ink ran forward to peek in through a frost covered window. Due to the icy particles, he couldn’t see much more than their figures. Error threw his coat onto the rack while one of the other people snapped at him for something. Ink couldn’t quite hear, but Error lashed out, storming upstairs.

Curiosity lead the prince to find a metal ladder on the side of the house that lead to the upper floor’s window where a flimsy platform stood. He climbed up the ladder, tugging his body up, while each foot landed on a metal bar. Excitement surged through his body as he hopped up. Watching Error live his life was intriguing.

He made it to the platform, kneeling down on his knees, his hands resting on the window, wiping the frost away to the best of his ability. Once he had a clear view, he settled down, keeping his hands pressed against the latch of the window. Error sat at his desk, crying. His hand moved across a paper, spreading the black substance of ink through it to form some sort of letter. Sniffing back tears, Error folded the note, placing his note into the pocket of his tailcoat. He placed the coat onto the bed and walked over to his nightstand.

Ink tried to peer in at an angle to where he could see into the drawer. When Error turned slightly, Ink saw something in his hand but couldn’t quite make it out. Error was holding a pistol; he popped in the ammunition while his entire body was shaking. He looked back at his bed where Ink was staring through the window, out of luck, Error didn’t see him.

When Error sat down, finger on the trigger with the barrel pointed to his skull, Ink realized what was going on. Error's hand was shaking, and he didn't even try to stop the tears. The note was a suicide letter.

In a matter of seconds a loud thud could be heard from downstairs. Everything froze, and Ink’s breath was uneasy. It was almost as if time froze for everyone except the pair.

Ink had pounced on Error before the trigger was pulled. Of course, Error screamed at the sudden pounce. The movement terrified him for a multitude of reasons. The prince held his suicidal servant down, gripping his wrists and sitting on his lap to keep him from thrashing back. Error’s haphephobia and panic made him crash.

“Damnit.” Ink cursed, looking over at the gun. He got off of Error and emptied the weapon of it’s ammo. He walked over to the window throwing the bullets to the ground. Error soon came to, still panicked and crying hysterically. Ink rushed over to his friend, resuming his position in holding him down. Error could barely make out any words and Ink was at a loss, tears of his own beginning to run down his cheeks.

“What the hell were you thinking!” Ink screamed, seeming genuinely concerned and distressed. Error struggled, looking at his door.

“Quiet Ink.” He instructed, making Ink raise an eyebrow. He wasn’t used to lower classes bossing him around. Carefully loosening his grip, Ink decided to obey. He stood back so he was just sitting on Error’s pelvis. Error was still held down by Ink’s weight, but could sit up.

“Listen- I just… please leave. I don’t deserve you! You deserve better. I don’t get why you want used trash. You’re a prince for fuck’s sake!” He whispered, his voice only rising when he got mad. Ink looked down to the side, for some reason, he wanted Error. The maids that helped raise him had convinced him at a very young age that it had to be a sexual desire because he simply couldn’t love. While sitting on the other, Ink was confused, he didn’t only want sex from Error but something else. Most of all, he didn’t want him dead.

“So you just decided to kill yourself?” Ink asked, keeping his voice quiet. The other quickly shook his head no, pushing himself up so that Ink was sitting more comfortable in his lap

“It’s not just that! I’m raped trash, a faggot who quote on quote deserves to be hung! My brother wants me dead! I don’t mean anything to anyone and should’ve killed myself a long time ago!” Ink stared at Error, his eyelights changing between hearts and teardrops. He wanted to love. The one thing that he wished for was the ability to tell Error he loved him, and know he meant it.

So, Ink did the second best thing, getting off Error and yanking him up. Each heavy movement was complemented by the creaking of the splinter giving boards beneath them. Though the room was small, only a few meters wide, Ink was able to have enough room to push Error against the wall.

Unable to communicate using emotions or words, Ink roughly kissed the other. It wasn’t like Error could resist; he didn’t really want to. Though he was suicidal, he coveted for any reason not to die, Ink was his chance of survival. Things between the two escalated, the artist pinning his depressed friend to his bed. Of course he checked to make sure he was okay with it before unbuttoning his collared blouse.

He pushed the fabric back and began to attack the other’s neck. The hickies on his neck, sent a sharp pain through him. For some reason, Error took an odd liking to the strange pleasurable pain. It was all happening quicker than Error could process. Was he even ready for a relationship, a purely sexual and physical one at that? No, he wasn’t, but he sure as hell wasn’t going to stop it. Ink’s touch was different, the distraction of lust and passion was enough to numb the pain.

Ink was high off his pink vial, his frequent slip of tongue mixing the aphrodisiac into Error’s system. It only took minutes for the glitch to be almost undressed, his shirt completely unbuttoned and his belt slung to the side, making his pants hang off the side of his pelvis. The dominant was practically drooling, his expression filled with lust. It was a crime, what the two were about to do. He then stripped himself down, revealing his ink marked bones. He began carefully groping Error, carefully watching his face for any cues to stop. Carefully, he pushed down his servant's pants, rubbing his hand against his inner thigh bone.

The prince tried to make as little physical contact with his servant as possible, yet still had to arouse the other who was dripping with pre-cum. Though once he was inside the other, it was a lot harder not to make complete contact. Through the exchange, both of them kept their moans hushed. Ink was quite rough, trying to satisfy both him and his partner without hearing screams of ecstasy it was quite difficult to limit how much pleasure he put the other through.

When the two neared their orgasms, they began to lose their composure. Ink leaned forward, hugging onto Error, changing the position so that it was easier to maneuver his body. In return the sub, grabbed onto Ink, wrapping his arms around the other, screaming his name not even realizing what he’d just done. Both of their tongues laid lolled out of their mouths as they finished off, Ink pulling out and finishing onto his partner’s ribcage.

They’d now committed the crime of sodomy, punishable by death. There was no doubt that Geno and Fresh had heard them, whether or not they knew Ink was a male was yet to be figured out.

Error sprawled out next to Ink on his very uncomfortable bed. Ink panted, trying to speak.

“Don’t,” He took another breath, “ever hold any weapon- or anything else with the intent to kill yourself.” Error brushed sweat off his forehead, barely nodding yes.

“I understand- I can’t make any promises but right now I’m doing well.” He explained, holding onto Ink’s hand, rubbing his thumb against the back of his lover’s hand.

“I’m not going to be able to fall asleep on this.” Ink mumbled, poking at the pillow while leaning against Error.

“No shit- your bed is fucking amazing.” Error said, holding his hand over his ribs. Ink gave a half hearted chuckle, then turned to his side. The two laid next to each other in a peaceful silence. Error then admitted

“Nevertheless, that was the most pleasurable act I’ve ever engaged in.” Ink smiled, putting his arm over the cover, so it didn’t actually touch Error, and hugged his lover saying,

“Glad it made you happy. I hope we will do it again sometime.” Error couldn’t help but grin before realizing something. He groggily sat up, not even considering if his brothers had heard him.

“I’m going to get a sip of water. You come down when you’re ready.” Ink looked at his clothing that had been carelessly tossed onto the floor along with his bag, the only thing he’d cared to carefully place. Error dressed himself, making sure he looked like he hadn’t been crying, about to commit suicide, or having sex.

Error walked out of his room, closing the doors and letting out a sigh.

‘Oh brother, what have I gotten myself into.’ He thought, his arms crossed. He made his way downstairs, where Geno had began drinking as usual. Fresh gave Error a smirk that felt off putting to Error. It didn’t quite hit him that Fresh had heard.

Error walked into the kitchen where in the metal sink was a bucket of water that Fresh had collected from the local well. Error grabbed a cup, scooping up the water and taking a big gulp of it. He set the glass down and walked back into the room where his two brothers laid sprawled out on the couch. It was their day off too.

“So, who’s the girl?” Geno asked, Error standing by the staircase. His face became concealed in a dark blue blush.

“I-I, you heard us?” Error asked, his body tensing up. Geno couldn’t help but snicker, something he rarely did.

“Well, who is she?” As if on cue, Ink walked into the brother’s sight. He clearly wasn’t a girl, the tan trench coat over the expensive blazer and pants along with the exorbitantly priced shoes. Geno froze up while Fresh’s glasses switched to say “Oh no.”. Ink sensed the tension in the room and pulled out an apple. Geno nearly fell out of his sight at the fresh fruit, while Fresh just stared at how carelessly Ink ate it.

“He’s a he. His name is Ink and we are just lovers.” Calling Ink his boyfriend was a stretch, possibly even a lie. Geno threw his hands in the air then slammed his beer bottle down on the coffee table.

“Great, a faggot in the house! Started your new job and here you are fucking some random idiot. Jesus fucking christ, you’re a disappointment .” Ink’s eyelights began switching through question marks, swirls, and crosshairs.

“Hey, do not call him an idiot! He’s ten times smarter than your drunk ass!” Ink backed up, he’d never seen this side of Error. The side of Error that wasn’t afraid.

“First, you come in here thinking that you can try and get pity for being quote on quote raped by the king. Even if it did happen it’s your damn fault! You could’ve fought back!” Geno snapped, shoving Fresh back and standing up. Error took a protective stance in front of Ink.

“Maybe if you didn’t spend all our money on alcohol so we could eat at night, then I would have been strong enough to fight back!” Error argued, pointing his finger at Geno who was already slightly tipsy. Ink was gazing around the house stunned at the awful condition it was in. His distraction was a good way to keep him from becoming too upset by the situation that was folding out. Geno slapped Error, getting violent.

“Stop! He’s suicidal, and you can’t just hit him like that! I found him with a gun to his head, finger on the trigger! This is your fucking fault isn’t it!” Ink yelled, backing up his lover. Geno went completely passive, his eyelights switched off and his fists rested.


Chapter Text

“What the fuck? You’re trying to kill yourself now!” Geno screamed, not sure whether to get mad or cry. He decided to go with the violent option, grabbing his brother by the collar of his shirt. Ink backed up against the wall only for Error to be slammed against it right next to him.

“You wanna do that shit. You wanna sleep with a man. You ain’t doing all that in my house!” Fresh jumped up, putting his hand on Geno’s shoulder and ever so slightly pulling him back. Error shoved Geno off him. Ink kept his body pressed against the cold wall, looking at his lover.

“It’s impolite not to bow to a prince, but this is quite obscene. If it is okay with Ink, then I will gladly move out! Karma’s a bitch ain’t it!” The taller snapped, glaring at his older brother. Fresh looked over at Ink, quickly bowing while Geno seemed to have an epiphany.

“A prince can’t date another man!” He screamed, backing up and clawing his fingers into his arm, tearing at the bone.

“Error it’d be best if you n’ your boyfriend go back to the castle. I’ll take it for y’all.” Fresh said, a sad smile resting in his expression. Error grabbed his lover’s hand rushing out the door. What fresh meant by “taking it for them.” Was taking another one of Geno’s ruthless beatings

Ink held onto Error, clutching his hand as they ran out into the cold storm. While Error’s legs were quite swollen, he was also weakened from having such rough sex just minutes prior. His coat had been left inside and we were only in his black pants and white collared shirt.

“Your brother is terrifying.” Ink mumbled, slipping off his trenchcoat and handing one side to Error so they could huddle together as they walked.

“He hates me, probably even more now that he knows I slept with you.” Ink sighed, holding Error’s gloved hand. He intertwined his fingers with the other’s, just as he’d observed in those books. Error’s face got a bit flushed.

“We should tell Dream. He can make sure your family is okay. The situation you were living in was… drab and run down. Your brothers seemed hungry.” Error sighed, strengthening his grip on his lover’s hand. He didn’t even notice it was a touch that he could stand.

The two eventually made it back to the castle, both unnerved and shaking from the cold. Dream ran over to Ink, hugging onto him on the verge of tears. Ink quickly moved so that he, Dream, and Error were out of earshot from anyone.

“Oh god! Ink you had us all scared to death!” Dream said, a nervous sweat running down his forehead. Ink shrugged, he’d enjoyed his time out a little too much. Dream turned to Error, hugging him.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing him home safely!” He said, holding the haphaphobe, close. Once Dream let go, Error had to cool down, glitches covered his body nearly head to toe. The moment Error came to his senses, he accidentally said out of guilt and confusion said,

“I had sex with your brother!” Dream’s expression couldn’t be described, he simply tried to smile. Error backed up against Ink who simply grabbed his wrist, keeping him from running off.

“Ink is this true?” Dream asked, just barely crossing his arms. His expression remained positive, as did his aura.

“It’s a long story, but yes we did.” Error once again held onto Ink’s hand, anxiously looking at Dream. His nervous expression was enough of a hint to him being uncomfortable in the new found situation.

“Well, saying you came out about that. I believe that I should admit something.” The eldest brother pointed over to the fireplace where the fire crackled, charring away at the wooden base. Error and Ink relaxed, glad that Dream had not completely flipped out. The three sat down on the floor near each other, just as they had just days before. It seemed as if with the arrival of Error, things had gotten out of hand. Dream smiled summoning his soul to display for his brother and his brother’s lover. Next to his soul was a smaller, developing soul.

“Cross and I made a mistake, a big one at that. We are having a child. Chances are if Nightmare finds out both me and the child will probably die, along with Cross.” Dream went silent, letting a few golden tinted tears run down his cheeks. He leaned against the back of the couch still sitting with his legs crossed.

“How does that even work? Nightmare told me that humans can’t reproduce with other males.” Dream’s face drained of any color almost instantly.

“Humans can’t, but monsters. Don’t tell me you-” Error’s face went blue with blush, it was clear what Dream was afraid of. The mention of the experience that had happened hours before still was able to cause blood to rush to Error’s face. Ink’s face became flushed as well as he answered,

“No, I pulled out.” He couldn’t seem to sit still. His body began demanding physical contact from Error. Ink scootched to the side, leaning against Error. His body stung with glitches, but he wasn’t going to shove away his partner.

“This is what scares me, Ink! What if you don’t pull out one time? You’re in a sex based relationship. One time is all it takes until you’re dead. Nightmare will kill you for being gay.” Dream warned, throwing his hands up. Ink glared at his brother, his eyes swapping between crosshairs and diamonds.

“I am not a child! I’m an adult. If I end up having a kid with Error we’ll flee. If you die, I don’t know about Error, but I will flee the country. If Nightmare has the guts to kill you then I’m not safe.” Ink said, anger and doubt flaring in and out through his uneasy emotional state.

“Ink-” Dream tried to say, only to be interrupted by Ink.

“If you die. I’m fleeing, and I’ll even learn to love while I’m at it.”

Chapter Text

How many months had passed since Ink promised he’d flee? Around nine months. Ink and Error had stayed with their sexual relationship. Error had moved into the castle, living with Ink, not only as servant and master, but lovers. Dream and Cross remained intimate, their child due any day. Both Ink and Error had grown as people. Ink researched more about the soul, while Error began to heal from his abusive household.

Fresh and Geno detached from Error, who feared the worse for his brothers. He promised Ink that they’d order them to visit the castle once Dream and Cross had their child.

It was now July. Ink woke up, undressed as usual. He felt that feeling of satisfaction from having sex the night before. As he always did, he moved his hand forward to caress his lover’s cheek. Only to feel nothing. Ink shot up, looking around the room. Error was nowhere to be found, though off his vials, a rush of panic shot through his body.

Ink quickly gulped a few different vials before throwing them onto the bed and running, still in pajamas, out of his room. The fact that Nightmare had raped his lover still haunted him, so Ink panicked trying to find Error.

After he searched the entire third and second floor, he broke down, having a full blown panic attack. He knelt down on the marble floor bursting into tears. Fearing the worst, he curled up not even caring if someone were to walk by and see him in the state he was in.

Tears began to stain his sleeves, drenching his shirt. He belched up ink, quickly swallowing it back before it spilled out onto the sleek floor. Once he’d nearly thrown up twice, despair faded into rage. Ink feared the worst, and that was that Error was once again being abused by Nightmare.

He felt like he knew that his lover wouldn’t willingly just up and leave without alerting him. Ink pressed his palm against the freezing cold ground, shoving himself up and bolting down the hall. His rage wasn’t aimless, the red vial clearly hadn’t been the only thing that drove him to slam open Nightmare’s door so hard that it busted the wall that it swung into.

“Nightmare!” Ink screeched, some extra of his carbon black substance spilling out of his mouth, only adding to the creepiness factor of his malicious grin. Nightmare had been minding his own business, and stood up from his desk, quill in hand. The negativity Ink gave off came out in dangerous amounts and though Nightmare was able to feed off of it, he was unsettled by his brother’s rage.

“Where the fuck is he!?” Ink screamed, demanding an answer from the other. Nightmare looked to the left, then to the right. Genuinely confused, he asked,

“Who?” Ink walked so that he was a mere foot in front of his superior. Each of them were both capable of badly injuring one another, though it appeared that Nightmare would hold the higher ground. Clenching his fists with fury, and grinding his teeth together, Ink looked into his brother’s eye, refuting.

“Where is Error?” Each word was painted with both desperation and ire. He paused in between each word, hoping to get his point across. Nightmare didn’t know, and with a smirk responded,

“I have no clue. Get out.” Ink snapped forward, trying to throw a punch, only to be restrained by the other’s tentacle. The appendage wrapped around Ink’s wrist, cooling it with the ooze while heating it with the lack of circulation.

“No need for violence, Ink.” Nightmare wrapped one tentacle around Ink’s neck lifting him off the ground, choking him. Ink gripped onto the gooey appendage, clawing at it desperately. The king laughed, smacking Ink down onto the floor. The younger screamed in pain, trying to get out of the other’s grip.

Within seconds, the door burst open. There stood none other than Error. Splotches of inky acid and blood laid on the floor as Ink barely fought back against his brother who relentlessly threw punches. Though Error avoided entering the room where he was raped all those months ago, he felt compelled to help the guy he’d been having sex with for months straight.

“Ink!” Error screamed, shoving Nightmare back. Because Error had regained his strength, he was able to force the other away from Ink. Nightmare tripped over his own feet, smacking his head onto the floor. Error tugged on Ink’s arm, pulling him upwards.

“Come on- what were you doing in here!?” Ink was nearly unconscious due to the amount of punches Nightmare had inflicted. He didn’t respond, just leaned into Error’s chest as if he were wanting Error to carry him. Without any hesitation, Error lifted his lover, holding him close to his chest and running out of the room.

Ink was shaking in pain, gripping onto Error’s shirt.

“Did he hurt you?” Error asked, ignoring the inky blood and simply asking the question. His lover nodded, nearly on the brink of tears once again. The next question asked was inevitable.

“...Did he touch you?” Ink knew what Error meant by that. Over the months the two had become protective of each other. The thought of sharing each other, even if it was unwillingly, was a disgusting idea to the two. Even if their relationship was just sex based, they weren’t okay with sharing.

“No! No- no… Nightmare wouldn’t rape me. We are family!” Ink explained, coughing up some more of that inky substance.

“Right, just like on that first day you told me Nightmare wouldn’t really hurt someone. Then he raped me days later.” Ink went silent at that. His eyelights dimmed and his grip on Error became stronger, clinging to him out of a mix of fear and dread.

“Nightmare isn’t the best person, but even he wasn’t the same after raping you. You weren’t there to see it, but he didn’t sleep that night. When I went to check on him after we made it back he was nearly falling asleep on his throne. Guilt practically was tearing him apart, but he didn’t dare show it. He can’t handle his own negativity.” Ink explained, flinching at the pain coursing through his body.

“So that’s why he lashes out? He can’t handle his own emotions?” Ink nodded, Nightmare’s lashing out was similar to Ink’s throwing up. Saying they’d both become either soulless or completely negativity corrupted from the same event, it wasn’t surprising.

“I suppose. I think, I pissed him off this time. He seemed genuinely fine before I started yelling at him.” Ink gave Error a guilty smile, shrugging as his voice pitched.

“Oh shit, this was my fault. I should’ve left a note or something. Cross ran in urging me to come and help him. It was good to help because now I have some good advice to work with.” Ink raised an eyebrow, cocking his head to the side. He opened his mouth, about to say something, only for Error to cover his mouth.

“Hush about it. I’ll tell you when we’re alone and you aren’t completely beaten up.” Ink nodded, allowing his lover to carry him to the infirmary.

By the time he was healed, the clock had hit noon and having not eaten any breakfast, Ink was quite hungry. Painkillers were the only things that allowed him to walk on his own, if he hadn’t taken any, he’d probably have sprawled out on the floor cursing the world and gravity.

Error and Ink made their way to the kitchen, their conversations had changed over the months, there was rarely silence saying Ink couldn’t keep his trap shut.

“Tell me!” He demanded, looking up at the taller. Error pat the other on the head, snickering.

“Impatient much?” Ink crossed his arms before snapping onto a new goal.

“Let’s hurry and get some food! Then we can go out to the garden and eat. You can tell me there.” Error shrugged, allowing Ink to drag him to the kitchen where servants hurried to get food for the two. Saying Error was respected by Ink, the others were forced to respect him when the prince was around.

The two grabbed some pork and salad, then quickly made their way out of the castle and into the garden. Ink chased Error who quickly ran ahead to their usual dining spot.

“And, I beat you again.” Error said with a smile, he didn’t like wasting his energy but the daily race was enjoyable.

“I told you, it is only because you have long legs.” Ink huffed. He took his seat on the iron bench, jabbing his fork into his salad. The other taunted,

“Sure it is.” Ink was slightly upset by that, but he loved how Error would antagonize him with no hesitation.

“Whatever, now explain.” Error crossed his legs, taking a bite of his salad, taking his sweet time.

“Well, it involves your brother.” Ink hurriedly nodded, trying to non-verbally tell Error to just spill it all out. Though, Error knew damn well Ink was dying to know.

“And a ring.” Ink’s eyelights changed into stars, then quickly fading to question marks, switching between the confused sign and hearts. Error nearly facepalmed.

“And getting down on one knee.” Ink once again scratched the back of his skull. He thought over the last hint.

“He’s going to give Cross a bl-“ Error quickly cut Ink off.

“Stars, Ink, Who gets down on one knee for a blowjob? It involves something not sexual.” Ink’s face lit up with blush at his mistake. He leaned forward, resting his head onto his hand that he’d propped up on his lap.

“Wait,” Ink perked up, He squealed out of pure excitement. “Cross proposed! I read about that in those peasant books you go and get me! They’re engaged!?” Error nodded, adjusting his bow tie.

“Yep, Cross is proposing tonight.” Ink jumped up, nearly spazzing out.

“I want to catch the bouquet! Oh the cake is going to be so delicious! Gosh, the wedding ceremony will take quite a while to prepare!” Error couldn’t even look at Ink. He didn’t want to crush the guy’s dreams about going to his brother’s royal wedding.

“Ink, they can't get married. Even if they secretly elope, they won’t be able to have a wedding ceremony.” Ink’s excitement deflated, his entire body just seemed to sulk. Error continued,

“They’re gay. I still get called a faggot on a daily basis, even though nobody knows for sure that I like men. If your brother and Cross went public about their relationship, god knows what would happen to them.” Ink plopped down on the ground, not bothering to sit back on the bench.

“I wanted to catch that bouquet.” He began to pout, mumbling to himself.

“You know what catching the bouquet means right?” The servant asked, getting off the bench and sitting on the grass next to Ink.

“Of course I do! I want to get married too.” Error wasn’t quite sure if Ink was implying that he wanted to marry him or not.

“Ink if we got married, that would imply more than just a sexual relationship.” Error reminded the other. Ink let out a sigh, leaning back into the grass and staring up into the sky.

“You wouldn’t be happy. Would you?” He asked Error, who’d never expected that to come up.

“Married to a guy who can’t feel emotions without paint. Nope, I’d be overjoyed.” Ink cocked his head to the side, confused once again. Discussing feelings really wasn’t his thing, but this was just plain confusing. Error grabbed onto Ink’s hand and laid back next to him.

“I mean, in the end it's you who chooses which vials to drink.” Ink never thought about it that way, and didn’t plan on changing his thought process.

“That doesn’t change the fact that they are fake emotions.” Error shrugged, tightening his grip ever so slightly on his lover’s palm.

“Who are you to say what qualifies an emotion as real or fake?”

“I’ve said this time and time again. I can’t love. That’s not one of my vials, you can’t compose such a strong emotion into a simple paint, and even if you could, it would just be forcing me to feel love.” Error couldn’t help but smile. Heart break was nowhere in his expression, not even an ounce of disappointment.

“Ink, what would you do if I were to die one day?” Ink seemed to panic.

“I’d drink a lot of the blue vial and I’d kill whoever was responsible.” Error smirked.

“Why would you do that?”

“I- because- I don’t want you to die!” Ink shouted, clenching with a little too much force down on Error’s hand.

“Then that proves my point. You care about me, at least a little.” That was enough. Ink jumped up, suddenly throwing up. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. The prince wiped away the drips of ink that had been left from his sudden spewing of the dark substance. He tried to argue,

“I can’t care.” Error quickly responded, patting the ground next to him.

“But you do.” Everything Ink had been told about his condition came crashing down. He made the decision to feel, meaning it had to be his own desire when he grabbed those vials. Even when he was on low doses of paint, he did have his own hopes.

Right then Ink felt compelled to kiss his lover. He reached into his pocket, searching for the pink vial. His pockets were all completely empty, his vials had been left up in his room. Without his vial, Ink went ahead and kissed Error. The taste of the ink that he’d thrown up was clearly not a pleasing taste for his lover, but despite that, Error kissed back.