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Jeffrey Dean Morgan, a legendary super rocker, plans for his comeback -- a great and final performance that will secure his immortality. His computers work at deciphering an ancient satanic code which could unlock a doorway between his world and a darker dimension. Obsessed with his dark experiment, Jeffrey himself searches or the last crucial component -- a very special voice.

Jeffrey glances out the window of the moving limousine, sipping idly at a beer. "Computer, report," He states aloud.

Your sales are dropping. A confidential analysis shows a downward trend in popularity -

He grimaces and squeezes the chilled bottle tighter in his grip. "Enough," He hisses with a low tone.

That could result-

"Stop!" The limousine screeches to a halt and he jerks forward spilling icy beer all over the seats. "Not you stupid, drive on."

Jeffrey downs the rest of his beer and says,"A downward trend in popularity. Hmph. Computer, report on our... project."

Progress on this project is unchanged.

“Show me the Armageddon key," Jeffrey states, leaning forward to grab another beer from the mini refrigerator. A hologram of the incomplete moebius strip is projected a few mere inches from his face. His eyes widen with interest. "Have you finished decoding it?"

Decoding not yet complete.

The strip fades from view and his face is bathed in shadows once more. "I see," Is his short answer.

Most recent calculations show you will need a living voice. The vibrations of this voice will create the doorway, through which the being will enter.

“Hmph," Jeffrey huffs, twisting off the cap of his beer with a 'hiss'.

The ring I designed will identify the voice needed.

Jeffrey rolls his eyes and waves his hand in annoyance, as he exclaims, "Yes, yes. Thank you!"

You're welcome.

"That one voice will bring me a powerful being from another dimension. A scientific breakthrough for me; an unforgettable show for the masses," Jeffrey chuckles lowly and brings the beer bottle to his lips, downing nearly half the bottle in one swig.




Jensen Ackles fools around with his guitar, murmuring lyrics to himself as his foot taps along to the beat in his hand. His boyfriend, Jared Padalecki, stands in front of him with his arms crossed over the strip of skin his crop-top doesn't cover. His magenta lips are slack in an unimpressed frown as he raises a brow at the latter.

"So, what do you say," Jared asks aloud, not expecting an answer, "Nothing... That's what I thought you'd say. You really have a way with words, Jen."

Jensen glances up at last, a heavy sigh leaving his plush lips as his hands leave his guitar and settle on his boyfriend's waist. "Sorry, I was rehearsing," He murmurs, running his thumps over the warm, tan flesh,"What were you saying, Jay?”

Jared opens his legs and sits on Jensen's lap, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend's neck. "So, we play one song. One of your songs, of course."

"Of course," Jensen repeats, running his hands from his waist to the small of his back.

"So, if we did two songs... One of them could be mine."

"...yeah, okay," Jensen mutters, running his dry lips down the length of Jared's neck, one hand staying at the small of his back, the other playing with strands of his long hair.


"Yeah, Jay?"

Jared stands up, easily pulling away from Jensen's groping hands. "I'm gonna trust you," He states, shrugging on his cherry red bomber jacket, and running a few fingers through his messy hair,"You mussed up my hair."

"I can solve that problem with three minutes and a pair of scissors."

Jared rolls his eyes and retorts,"You loveee my hair. Don't even try to deny it, Jen."

"I do," Jensen agrees with a small smile as he picks his guitar back up and begins to fiddle with it, again,"Hey, where are Tom and Chad? We're goin' soon."

Jared dismisses him with a wave of his hand and kiss to his cheek. "I'll find them," He reassures him, before going out the door of their dressing room and down the hallway, until he reaches the makeshift arcade area

You cannot defend your planet alone. Prepare to die space cadet!A computerized voice shouts as Jared's eyes settle on Tom and Chad, both standing in front of an old arcade game, apparently the only working one.

"C'mon," Tom shouts impatiently, smacking Chad's shoulder,"We're on in five. The last thing we need is another chewing out from Jensen 'stick-up-his-ass' Ackles."

Chad shakes his head frantically and jerks the joystick from left to right. He screeches, "No, nyet! Not yet, Tommy! I'm nervous!"

"It's Tom, Bozo. Just Tom."

"Look out!" Chad slams his palm on a button repeatedly, when abruptly the screen goes black with a 'pop',"Nooooo! Redo. Redo! I want a redo - Sonofabitch!"

Tom waves the plug for the game in his hand with a smirk. "Come on, Bozo," He presses with a long suffering sigh, slapping his friend upside the neck. He turns and sees a third person waiting into the doorway, "Oh hey, Jared. Jensen send you?"

"Jensen? Who's Jensen," Jared inquires, scratching at his chin,"I only know Jensen 'stick-up-his-ass' Ackles."

Tom blanches and he sputters, "Whoa, whoa, man. You're not gonna tell him... are you? I'm already on thin ice for the... incident at the last concert.”

Chad chuckles, propping his elbow on Jared's shoulder and leaning on him as he says, "Incident? Is that what you're calling it," He laughs harder, laying his face against the taller man's shoulder blade to muffle it,"Man, you were so drunk, you pissed all over your seat and missed your drum solo. Then, when Jared tried to help you off the stage, before you embarrassed yourself even more, you grabbed his ass. Well, Jensen's ass, technically."

"He doesn't own me, you know. I'm not a damn object," Jared objects, shoving the shorter man off of him,"I'm not going to say anything, okay? But we all need to get our asses in gear. No one here wants another shouting match, from rock n' roll Hitler."

Jensen suddenly pokes his head through the door, making Jared jump several feet into the air with a startled yelp. "What was that," He drawls with one brow raised.

"Nothing," They all shout in unison.

"Whatever, we've got a song to get off," Jensen states gruffly, grabbing Jared's hand and leading him out the doorway.

Jared squeezes his hand tightly and growls,"Two songs."

"Yeah, yeah."

Chad gulps and points out,"But I'm still nervous."

"C'mon," Tom barks in annoyance,"Snap out of it."

"I can't play until I'm relaxed!"

Tom sighs, running a hand over his face as he grits out,"You'll be, okay. You're just nervous. Just take a deep breath."

Chad closes his eyes and inhales deeply, before slowly letting it out. "Hey, it worked! I'm not nervous," His smile falls and he goes on,"I'm scared."

"C'mon, Bozo."




The owner of the bar they were performing in, Richard Speight Jr., took the stage as a foursome of singing girls exited. He wears a cheap suit with his light brown hair slicked back, and he had a pair of sunglasses shielding his eyes from the stage lights. His mouth was curled in a big, toothy grin as he took a microphone in hand.

“Fabuloso! Thanks guys, I too love the sound of cats in boiling water,” Richard declares, pausing for a beat as the audience roars with laughter,”Heh, heh, heh. Okay, now, join me, Richard Speight Jr., in welcoming tonight's last act... The Winchester’s!”

Tom raises his drumsticks in the air and counts off the band. Jensen looks fierce on lead guitar, his fingers running up and down the strings with practiced precision. Chad just happily plays second, messing around with his guitar as he winks at a group of ladies in the crowd. Jared sighs from his spot at the keyboard, on the farthest side of the stage, watching as Jensen begins his song.

Jensen is about halfway through his song, when he abruptly tosses his guitar to Jared, who scrambles to catch it. Jensen slides on his knees across the stage, still gripping the microphone, when he stops in front of a pretty young thing in the very front of the crowd. She’s nearly half Jared’s height with shoulder length dishwater blonde hair and big blue eyes that widen as Jensen’s hand catches her chin.

You're so pretty, you're so pretty

You're so fair, love your hair

You're so pretty, you're so pretty

Love your makeup, love your nose

Love your eyes

Love your clothes

You're... pretty useless!

Jensen snatches his hand away from the young woman, who gasps loudly, startled. Jared tosses Jensen back his guitar just in the knick of time for him to lean back into the microphone and go on with the next set of lyrics. Richard at the back stage gives a thumb down and shakes his head to the stage manager, who gleefully cuts the power on the stage off.

Jensen freezes as his microphone goes dead silent, and the music blasting around him follows in turn. “Did you cut the power?” He demands, turning to the owner of the bar who’s standing at the side of the curtain.

“What happened?” Tom asks, lowering his drumsticks in confusion.

Jared huffs and waltzes over to where Jensen and Richard are standing. “We didn’t even get to finish,” He exclaims angrily, moving his fingers through some of the fringe that falls over his eyes.

Richard snorts, his eyes traveling up and down Jared’s towering figure. “Easy, Jolly Green Giant. Give me one good reason why you guys should finish.”

Jensen laughs coldly and holds his guitar at his side like a dwarf would a battle axe. “Here’s one,” He hisses,”I’ll break your -“ He leans down to whisper something in the little man’s ear.

“Okay, that’s one good reason,” Richard admits, chuckling nervously as he adjusts his tie.

“Chop, chop, same song,” Jensen exclaims, motioning to his band mates with his free hand as he moves to take his place at center stage.

Jared’s cheeks flush with anger as he whisper-yells,”Jensen - My song!”

Richard walks up the stage and very sarcastically says,”And now, back by... popular demand, tonight’s last act.”

Jensen starts to play the beginning of his song on his guitar, but none of his other band mates join in. Tom and Chad look from Jensen to Jared, unsure of who’s side to take. Jared glares defiantly at Jensen and steps out from behind his keyboard, then slams his finger a powerful chord that interrupts Jensen. Tom and Chad, look at each other, shrug and follow Jared’s lead.

Jared grabs a microphone, closes his eyes and brings it to his lips. The heavy guitar and bass from Jensen’s song is no more, now replaced by a soft beat and gentle strums every so often.

Oh what will the signal be

For your eyes to see me

Watching outside as I wait, just in case you need me

Jared turns to see Jensen at the side of the stage, his eyes cold and distant. He shakes his head, his lips curling into a sneer and storms off, slamming the door behind him. Jared sings on, trying to push down the hurt the lump that raises in his throat as tears blur his vision.

So I still will set the stage, send my thoughts to you

I'm receiving every wave, this song sends love through

Richard sighs, leaning against the side of the stage, partially listening to the soft rock ballad the young man was singing. The kid had a good voice, but in truth, he’d heard a lot of good voices go to waste, and he didn’t doubt this one would, too. Suddenly, one of the servers runs over, her bubblegum painted lips parted in anticipation as she leans over and whispers in his ear,”Jeffrey Dean Morgan is here!”

Richard shoves aside the girl with ease and eyes the man in question had taken a seat at the very back of the audience. A hulking man with bulging muscles and a pair of unwavering eyes stands beside by the rock legend, who’s partially hidden in the shadows. Richard straightens his tie and licks his lips, letting out a shaking breath, before scampering over to his table.

“Jeffrey, right? I’m one of your biggest fans! Welcome to the launching pad of the stars, my bar -“ The bodyguard groans and shoves him aside with ease, clearing the view for his employer.

Oh what will the signal be

For your eyes to see me

Watching outside as I wait

Just in case you need me

“Hey, easy on the polyester, guy!” Richard huffs, dusting himself off. He attempts to talk over the singing, standing a few feet off to the side, so he can still have a good view of the show. “So uh, what's going down, I mean this wouldn't have anything to do with your world-wide talent search, would it?”

Jeffrey doesn’t even look in his direction, and his bodyguard stays equally silent. “Okay okay, so it's hush hush, I don't know anything, except I might just have a band that could make us both a bundle. ...a tidy sum?”

Our love is goin' through

My love to you

Send love through

Me and you

The bodyguard snorts shaking his head, and Richard asks,“...a couple of bucks,” The bodyguard rolls his eyes and he’s tempted to pop in the mouth, but knows he’d probably get his dick snapped off,”Hey, I didn’t say it was this band, did I?”

The young man singing, walked off the stage and wandered into the audience, microphone in hand as he finished the song.

Now I have revealed exactly why I'm here

I'll be your angel if you want to see

How perfect sharing love with an angel can be

As the young man continues singing some nonverbal tones, one of the man rings on Jeffrey’s flashes. He brings it up, so it twinkles in the dark back area, and in his eyes. He claps, slowly. Richard is stunned, but he recovers, and quickly changes his tune.

“Like I said, this band's on it's way to fame and fortune,” Richard glances over, only to see that Jeffrey and his bodyguard have already disappeared out the door,”Damn. Didn’t even get a picture.”






Richard kicks open the dressing room door, startling the two young men who are chatting idly to themselves. “I loved it! And so did a warm personal and influential friend of mine,” He declares, shooting the pair a dazzling grin.

Excited, Chad exclaims,”Um, um... Don't tell me... um, who?”

Richard flourishes his hands and replies,”Jeffrey Dean Morgan!”

“Jeffrey Dean Morgan... Morgan the Magic Man,” Chad yelps, his eyes wide,”Don't let him get us! He'll put a heck on me!”

“Hex, Bozo, Hex,” Tom stresses with a long suffering sigh.

Chad snatches Tom’s drumsticks from him and uses them to form a cross as he shouts,”Ooo, two of them, that's even worse!”

Richard rolls his eyes, and reassures the jittery fellow,”Relax, kid. All that ‘magic’ is just special effects,” He goes on and licks his lips,”So, guys, I'm gonna work up your promo, so uh which one's your lead singer?”



Tom and Chad do a double take, staring at each other indecorously. They try, again.



“A duo,” Richard exclaims,”Fabulso! Old fashioned but new... I love it!”




Tom grabs one another one of the many suitcases and shoves it into the back of the van, eyeing Jensen uneasily. Jensen is leaning against the side of the vehicle with his arms folded over his leather cladded chest, his expression thoughtful. Abruptly, he turns to Tom, his thoughtful expression back to his usual cool, uncaring expression.

“Where’s Jared?” Jensen questions, trying to keep any real hint of concern from his voice.

“I dunno. She left. So, uh, listen Jensen, have you ever thought about, well, about singing with Jared?” Tom inquires leaning against the vehicle with Jensen, carefully watching his expression.

Jensen’s lips twitch a bit, but he doesn’t say anything. He just stares at his shoes. Chad quickly jumps into the conversation, encouraging him,”Yeah Jensen. You know, two lungs are better than one, right?”

“You mean four?” Tom asks with a scoff.

“Four what?”

“Lungs, Bozo. Four lungs,” Tom shakes his head, giving up and returning to the more important conversation,”Anyway, we were talking to Mr. Speight, and he wanted to know who our lead singer was. You see, he was a little confused about -“

Chad interrupts,”Yeah, and Tom said it was you and Jared.”

Tom glares at Chad, sticking his hands in his jean pockets. “Thanks, Bozo,” He says sarcastically.

“Okay, okay, I'm getting the idea,” Jensen states, at last speaking,”I may be stubborn but I'm not stupid.”

Jensen turns and sees a large neon sign across the street. ‘Coming soon from Jeffrey Dean Morgan... Morgan the Magic Man! Rock and Rule is here to slay!’ Jeffrey Dean Morgan in his usual flamboyant get-up is on the board, sparks shooting from his fingers with his lips curled into a gruesome expression. Jensen tries to imagine himself in his place, but no ostentatious pageantry, just him and his guitar.

Tom snaps him out of his thoughts by thumping his shoulder. “Come on, Jensen, I bet if you and Jared ever got together, someday we could be as big as Morgan!”

“Screw Morgan,” Jensen hisses, turning away from the sign.

“Ooo,” Chad exclaims, glancing nervously around the empty parking lot,”Jensen, don't talk like that! Morgan is everywhere! M-M-Morgan knows everything!”

Jensen shakes his head at Chad, but a brief smile flits across his lips. “Hey you guys, you were great tonight,” Hands shoves into the pockets of his leather jacket, and his collar popped to the wind he begins to walk down the street,”See ya at the hotel later.”

Jensen keeps walking down the mostly empty street, the only expectation being a stray cat with untrusting eyes and a low hiss as greeting. He walks around it, being careful not to give it the impression he’s trying anything, but stops walking when he eyes another person a few dozen feet away. Jared is leaning against the base of a fountain, his chin settled on his knees as silent tears track down his face. He just sense Jensen watching him because he glances up and it quickly move to wipe the tears from his face.

“You've already screwed things up for one night,” Jared snarls going to his feet as he begins to stomp away in the opposite direction,”I trusted you, you, you jerk!”

Jensen jogs after him, and drawls,”Nice talk. Look, I came to tell you... You were good,” He throws his hands in the air and repeats himself,”You were good!”

Jared stops and turns to Jensen, his lips parted. “So why'd you walk?” He whispers, hurt lacing his voice.

“Sometimes I walk, sometimes I talk. I'm talking now,” Jensen quips, giving his boyfriend a tiny smirk.

Jared sends him a knowing smile, ducking his head so that his bangs shield his eyes. Jensen slowly edges closer, until he’s close enough to brush his bangs out of his face and gaze into his warm hazel hues. Jared’s cheeks are a soft pink and his lips are still poised in the tiniest of smiles as he leans down and lays his head against his boyfriend’s shoulder.

Jensen rubs his hands up and down his back, before settling them on the small of his back. “Hey you know, everything got a little weird,” He admits softly, keeping one hand at the small of his back and using the other to caress the side of his jaw,”I-It just went to my head...”

“Yeah, I know what you mean.”

“I don't know, Jay. I guess I just want it all, now.”

Jared nods in understanding, moving his head from his shoulder and facing him. “I want everything too, Jen. It takes time,” He reassures him pressing a chaste kiss to his sharp cheekbone.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan watches the scene with a strange fascination, his eyes never leaving the taller man. “Drive,” He orders, rolling up his tinted window. The limousine rolls out of sight, going unnoticed by the two, who begin to walk out of the park, walking arm in arm.




Jensen grabbed Jared’s ass as his finger’s tangled into his hair as he kissed him hard. Jared gasped loudly as Jensen bit down on his lip. Taking the opportunity, he pushed his tongue forward, into his mouth. His tongue explored his mouth frantically, as his hands squeezed his ass in an iron grip.

Jared laughs and pulls away, tugging the sheet over his bare chest, panting softly as he curls into Jensen’s side. “It’s almost morning,” He whispers, brushing his lips against the shell of his boyfriend’s ear,”We’ve got to go to sleep sometime.”

Jensen snorts, and inquires,”So? You goin’ somewhere?”

“No. I’ve got everything I need, right here,” Jared responds, curling his arms around his boyfriend’s neck and pulling him into another kiss.

Knock, knock.

Jared sighs and gently pushes off Jensen, who groans aloud and flops onto his back. “Put some clothes on first,” He murmurs, eyeing the latter’s bare backside,”...On second thought...Just use the sheet, but leave the back hanging out.”

Jared flips him in the bird as he pulls on a pair of boxers and goes to answer the door. When he swings it open, he’s greeted by a man that is nearly his height, with light brown hair spiked up with gel and dazzling blue eyes that swivel down to his exposed stomach, and then down further.

Jared gulps, wishing he’d gone with the sheet. “Sorry, and you are...?”

“Stephen. Stephen Amell,” The man greets him, bowing his head slightly. He reaches into his suit’s jacket and pulls out a small egg white business card, slidding it into the elastic of his boxers,” I have a message from my employer, Jeffrey Dean Morgan.”

Jensen who was watching the white exchange, swings his legs over the side of the bed and stands, junk proudly swinging about. “Listen you sleazy son of a bit-“

Jared reads over the card and gasps softly, quickly thanking Stephen and promptly slamming the door in his face. “Jen, forget him, look at this,” He exclaims, shoving the card into his boyfriend’s hands, unable to contain his excitement.

In glowing letters the card reads,’Won’t you come up for a spell? Tomorrow night.’ And in smaller print at the bottom there’s an address.

“Won’t you come for a spell. Cute,” Jensen tosses the card over his shoulder,”Forget it. I said it once, but I’ll happily say it again... Screw Morgan.”

Jared groans in exasperation,”Come on, Jen, he wants to talk to us,” He tugs his boyfriend back to the bed by hand, and shoves him down, straddling his hips,”It could be big fun.”