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Obito sighed on his chair. Think about that he still has 5 times left to have sex—to be a slave—for his boss make him got a headache this morning. Last week was the second times they had sex and it already make his ass feels broken. Well, it got better now tho, glad he still can walk. They made a deal to have sex once a week so Obito has time to recovery.

Huft, first time he wanted me to be his slave, I thought he will force me to have sex every day, I can't imagine it, definitely I won't be able to walk after that. Glad he such a nice and kind master.

Then Obito realized what he thought.

No, wait, what am I thinking?! He's a bully. Evil. PREDATOR!

A pat landed on his shoulder, "Yo, Obito, why you look so limp today?" Mitarashi Anko, a tomboy girl, one of Obito's colleagues asked.

"Nothing. Just tired."

"Oh, I knew we have a lot of works lately, but cheer up!"

''Yeah. Yeah.'' Of course he can't say the truth to her and all colleagues.

''Anyway, it almost 10 a.m and boss hasn't come yet, it's rare."

''Why you waiting for him?'' Obito asked.

''Nothing. I just want to see him.''

''Come on, Obito. Don't you know? Anko has crush on our boss.'' Another colleague, Raido, said to him.

''What?!'' Obito surprised, ''You have crush on someone like that?!''

Anko stared at him suspiciously, ''What do you mean by 'someone like that'? Do you know something about him?''


"N-No, don't mind me, ahaha. Of course our boss is loveable by everyone, he's—"

"Handsome, and sexy."

"Yes." Not at all. Obito thoughts.

"Just bring him to the bed already, Anko." Raido joking.

"I'll throw my body to him, you know." They laughed.

"No way, Anko. You won't be able to walk after that." Obito said.

"Huh? What do you mean? Don't act like you ever had sex with him."

Obito blushed, "I'm not! I mean maybe he's good on bed and has girlfriend already, so you have no chance and only get pain on your body."

"Oh, don't be so serious. I'm kidding about the sex." She chuckled, "Seeing him in the office is a refreshing for me because there's no handsome colleagues here. Ok, except both of you because we are friend." She laughed and back to her table.

What? Is she really have crush on their boss? Because she only enjoyed to see him for refreshing.

"Oh, boss coming." Raido said while looking at the window. All of them clean their table before Kakashi come, it's a bit mess, but suddenly Obito yelped when the silver haired man walked behind him.

"Morning, boss." Raido and Anko smiled showing their respect.

"Morning." Kakashi smiled back at them and get in to his room.

"Hey, Obito, why you yelped? You should greet him too!" Anko said.

Obito didn't answer. The black haired man gritted his teeth as a blush appeared on his face, they didn't know... that their boss just grabbed his ass! Obito sat on his chair, ugh even this morning when he woke up, his master was played with him, and until today he still wearing that bunny sexy outfit!

"Master, we should do it at night, right?" Obito said when Kakashi nuzzled his face.


"Let me go." Obito tried to pull his hand that being pinned by Kakashi on bed.

"No, until you obey me."

Obito didn't reply, but it would be embarrassing.

"Spread your legs, bunny."

Obito bite his lips and slowly spread his legs, he can't get out of this situation if he didn't obey his master, "A-Ah..." He moaned when Kakashi's knee pressed his crotch, moved there, "Master, don't... Ah... W-We need to go office." He will get hard!

"I can't help it, seeing you sleep in this costume make me want to tease you all the time."

Then Kakashi's phone ringing and stopped them from their activity.

Obito sighed on his chair.

Glad his phone was ringing! He wanted me to wear that bunny costume this whole week and I don't know how many times he grabbed my ass already. Shit, for the first time of my life, I hate my ass!

"Obito, hey, boss calling you." Anko distracted him from his mind.

"O-Oh, yes." Obito stood. What he wants this time? The black haired man knocked the door and went in. "Yes... Master?" Kakashi greets him with a smile, "Look, aren't you looked adorable here?" He showing a photo on his phone.

Obito blushed when he saw that, it was his photo sleeping in that bunny costume, "Delete it!" He tries to reach the phone but Kakashi moves his hand so fast. The silver haired man took the opportunity to kick Obito's leg causing the black haired man fell on him.

"Ouch, Obito, eager to have another sex?"

Obito blushed even more seeing Kakashi using his photo for his laptop wallpaper. The black haired man going to change it but Kakashi hold his hand, "Don't you dare to touch your master things." Tch, Obito take his hand away before Kakashi mad at him.

Better he get out of here soon, Obito moves his body but Kakashi hold his waist, "Where are you going?"

"Outside to finish my work."

"Do you think I called you for nothing?"

"...What do you want?"

"I want you to suck me."


Obito ended up stood on his knee under the table, between Kakashi's legs. The black haired man take off the belt and unzip the trousers to set Kakashi's cock free. Seriously? He going to blowjob someone's cock! He never did this before. Obito meet his lips with the tip of Kakashi's cock, doubt to do it.

"Put it in. Now."

The black haired man opened his mouth and started his blowjob. Kakashi hissed at the sensation, "Oh, I don't know you're good at this, Obito. Your lips stretch so prettily around my cock."

Obito feels his mouth is so full, Kakashi's cock quite big, he didn't believe his ass can take it when bigger than this. His master currently moaning at his touch. Obito peeping to see Kakashi's face, there's a little blush and his master seems enjoying this.

"So good, Obito... Ah..." Obito's eyes widened when his cock twitched in his pants. Damn, don't tell him he was hard? Again, by his master's moan?

"Oh, someone getting excited, too." Kakashi smirked.

"Mnhh!!" Obito surprised when Kakashi's foot rubbing his crotch, he didn't want his master to notice that he was hard.

"Sstt, didn't you said you don't want anyone to hear your voice? Then, my cock is a perfect gag for your mouth, isn't it?"

"Nghh..." Obito feels Kakashi move up and down on his crotch.

"Keep doing your job."

Obito tried to keep focus on what he doing as a blush started to appeared on his face because Kakashi keeps teasing him down there.

"You looks beautiful, Obito. Gonna fill your mouth with so much cum."

Kakashi finally cum in Obito's mouth. The black haired man pulled the cock out but surprised when his master grabbed his chin to keep his mouth shut. "Not a single drop of it leave your mouth, understand? I want you to swallow every fucking drop." That demanding tone again, Obito feels Kakashi treated him like a pet every time he heard that demanding tone.

Obito swallows that cum even though it was disgusting. "Good boy. Now come here, let your master give you a reward." Kakashi pulled Obito out of the table.

"N-No, I can do this alone."

Kakashi trapped Obito against the wall, "What do you mean? You want to get out of this room with that bulge?" The silver haired man wrapped his arm around Obito's waist and started to rub their crotch together.

"A-Ah... Don't, Master..."

"Seeing your lusty face in this close such a good memory, Obito." Kakashi rubbing them faster.

"N-Nghh, you promised we won't do it at office anymore."

"Huh? I didn't do anything to you."

"P-Please stop, Master..."

"Oh, I want to hear you begging that you want me to fuck you so hard next time, ok? I can fuck you anytime, anywhere." Kakashi untie the belt and let Obito's trousers loosened.

"Gonna cum!"

"Cum then."

Obito moaned when he finally cum, glad his master loosened his trousers so it didn't get dirty, "Sorry, I messed up your room..."

"Oh, it's fine. This is just an appetizer for us. We will go to the mall after work to take new clothes for you and start the main menu at night."

After Obito fixed himself, he get out of the room and back to his chair, letting a long sigh.


As Kakashi said, they're going to the mall after work, Obito looking around while Kakashi busy talking with the staff about the clothes he ordered a few days ago. Please, Obito hopes it's not another sexy costume. Seeing the fitting room here make the black haired man remembered what he did in that tiny room last week with his master.

"Hey, try this." Kakashi gave Obito the shopping bag.

"Can't I just try that at home?"

"No, we will ask for another size if this size isn't fit on your body."

Obito took the bag. Oh, why after he remembered that embarrassing moment, he has to stuck again in fitting room. He looking what's inside, damn another sexy stuff? Seriously, his master has a weird fetish!

"Is this a woman sleeping dress?" Obito mumbled as he took out that black lingerie.

With a little blush on his face, Obito changed into it, "This is too short." He tried to pull the tip down, it's exposed his thigh too much, "...and transparent." Obito can see his body behind the dress on the mirror.

"Are you done?" Kakashi asked in the outside.

"Oh, n-not yet." Obito surprised when Kakashi went in, "Told you I'm not done—"

"Bad boy, lying to me."

"Listen! If you're going to buy me something—" Kakashi touched his lips.

"No yelling at me and now shut up." Kakashi cupped Obito's face, "Well, you look sexy in this lingerie." The Uchiha surprised when his master pushing him to the mirror and kissed his lips.

"What are you doing?!" Obito pushed Kakashi away, "We're in public!"

"What? It's only a kiss." Kakashi smirked, "Or you want me to do something to you here?"

Obito shivers when Kakashi's finger trailing his back, "Master, stop!" The silver haired man can see the Uchiha blushed even more and that's totally cute, "Well, let's have fun tonight." He whispers and get out waiting Obito to change back to his own clothes.

Obito sighed touching his chest. Damn, why recently his heart beating fast every time Kakashi tease him? No way, he can't be fall in love with his master, right?! Obito isn't really stupid about love and such, but no, there's no reason for him to fall for someone like that!

And please my cock, don't get hard easily because of someone I didn't love!


"Ah, so tired." Went work at the morning and get home at night almost every day. Obito throw his body on bed. Kakashi told him to wait until the silver haired man finished his work first. "I'll sleep for a while."

Kakashi come two hours later, "Oh, he sleep." The silver haired man walks over and get on the bed, "Hm, I don't know he has such a peaceful face when he sleeping." Kakashi unbutton Obito's clothes, strokes his bare chest, "Maybe I'll do something for him."

A while later, Obito opened his eyes when he feels someone nuzzled his face.

"Oh, sorry, I fell asleep." He said to his master.

"It's fine, I got a nice view when you sleep, so I forgive you."

Obito looking around and found his shirt and trousers are there on the floor, "W-What?!" He surprised seeing that sexy lingerie already on his body, "H-How..."

Kakashi smiled, "I'm the one who did it, and I really enjoy changing your clothes."

What? Pervert! Now Obito understand what "nice view" his master said!

"Why you blushing? I've seen you naked twice, and tonight will be the third times."

"Yeah, but—"

"Sstt, what about we do it with a little sweet moment?"


"Like you hug my neck or something like that?"

"Why suddenly you..." They never did that "sweet moment" before.

"Maybe because I saw your peaceful face, so I want to treat you like a jewel tonight?"

Kakashi leaned over and kissed the Uchiha's lips, Obito wrapped his arm around Kakashi's neck, ah his chest beating fast again. Kakashi slips his tongue into Obito's mouth as he strokes the Uchiha's thigh. Obito moaned softly when Kakashi strokes his inner thigh and go up to his ass.

The silver haired man rolling their position to make the Uchiha on top of him. Obito greets Kakashi's tongue with his own, playing together for another three minutes. The Uchiha stopped the kiss when he needs to breath.

"Oh, you're kinda good at kissing now, just need a little longer." Kakashi said.

"I just don't want you to think that I'm not good at this!"

"You're right, you always being so passive, letting me to fully dominated you, it's nice to see you respond my touch sometimes." Kakashi sat up make Obito fell on his knee, "Put your hands in the back."

The Uchiha confused but still doing it. Kakashi took out his tie and tied Obito's hands in the back.

"W-What? Why you tied me up?"

Kakashi just smiled and whispers seductively, "Because tonight I will make you feel good by touching the spot you love the most."

"Huh?—Ahh!" Obito moaned as Kakashi pinched his nipple through the lingerie, "M-Master..." He bites his lips as a little blush appeared on his cheeks.

"Don't you love it here?" Kakashi rubs them together, still teasing from the outside.

"Nhh... Master..." Obito never know that he was sensitive on his chest until someone playing with it. Kakashi really enjoy Obito's sexy expression, he noticed the Uchiha blushing even more, breath turn out heavier, "You getting aroused just by your nipples, so cute."

Obito feels his cock twitched down there, "Stop playing with it, Master, nghh."

"But I love to play on your weak spot, well maybe this is my favorite foreplay for you. Bet I can make you cum without ever touching your cock." Kakashi smirked, he had noticed that Obito was weak on his chest since they had sex in office for the first time.

The silver haired man pulled the lingerie up to expose the Uchiha's body, "Bite." Obito doubt to do it but still obeying, he moaned as Kakashi's fingers back on his nipples. Kakashi started to get aroused also, seeing Obito bite the lingerie to hold his moan, seeing his blush and lusty face definitely make Kakashi hard in no time.

The silver haired man twists those nipples as another tease.

"A-Ahh, no, Master." His body trembled because of the pleasure he received. Ugh, his hands cannot move.

"You like that? You like when I touch you like this?"

"I don't... like it."

Kakashi smiled, "Body trembled, and here's got erected." The silver haired man flicks that pinky thing causing Obito to jolted, "Right, you don't like it, but you love it." Obito can't deny, because all the pleasures on his chest are going straight to his cock.

"Here hard too." Kakashi moves his knee.

"N-Nghh... Don't move..." Obito bites his lips, he sat on Kakashi's knee, a little move can give pressure to his cock.

"Oh? Wet already?'' Kakashi smirked, he loves to see Obito helpless under his control, "I've barely even touch you." The silver haired man took off his tie and put Obito on bed, "Touch yourself."

Obito still panting, doesn't believe he was wet only by his chest, his cock hard with a little pre-cum on the tip, but he understood that Kakashi wants him to stretch himself and give him a show, the Uchiha grabbed his cock and started to pump it.

Kakashi enjoys the view, Obito's moan such a beautiful melody for his ears, their eyes meet but Obito turned his face away that even looks cuter in Kakashi's eyes. The Uchiha then pushes his fingers into his hole.

"A-Ah... Ah..." Obito moaned as he started to stretch himself.

Fuck, Obito who playing with himself and didn't want to see him looks even sexier. Kakashi can't hold it anymore, he grabbed Obito's chin and kissed his lips, then shoves his three fingers into the Uchiha's hole.

"Ahh!! Put it one by one, Master." Those fingers continue to stretch Obito more.

Kakashi go down to suck Obito's nipple and the Uchiha moaned louder, "Nghhh, stop that." But his master didn't listen. Ugh, what's the meaning of 'treat you like a jewel' if Kakashi still playing with him like this?

"Master, a-ah, stop sucking my chest."

"Why? You worried milk will come out of your chest?" He smirked.

Obito blushed darkly, what the hell is that?! A dirty joke?! Kakashi pulled his fingers out as he satisfied teasing the Uchiha, "Going to fuck you." The silver haired man spread the Uchiha's legs widely and shoves his cock.

Obito moaned when Kakashi thrust him harder and harder, his body jolted following Kakashi's move. "Ah! Ah! Master!" The Uchiha admitted that his master was good at this, good at fucking someone. The room was full with lewd voices until both of them cum together.

They panting, this room always feel so hot after they had sex. Kakashi fell beside Obito, "You did great today." The silver haired man pulled the Uchiha closer, hugged him and kissed his shoulder. Obito still trying to calm down his breath, having sex with his master is so tired, need so much energy to catch up with him.

"Hey, I think I got an idea for our next fun." Kakashi said.

"What? Sexy stuff again?"

"No. I want you to cook me dinner with an apron." That isn't weird and hard.

"Oh? I'm fine with it."



Debt 03 – END