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Tony Stark Prompts made to Stories

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Chapter 1: A/N

Chapter 2: Mind Control

Chapter 3: Overworked

Chapter 4: The Game

Chapter 5: Fostering

Chapter 6: The Wrong Day

Chapter 7: Gym Class

Chapter 8: Camping

Chapter 9: Mirror Hate

Chapter 10: These Battle Scars Don't Look Like They're Fading

Chapter 11: Afghanistan

Chapter 12: Teasing

Chapter 13: Cat Tony and Cat Naps

Chapter 14: Stuckony + Self-Hate

Chapter 15: Shifter

Chapter 16: The Mother of the Avengers

Chapter 17: Hacker

Chapter 18: Need a Hug

Chapter 19: Bad Boy Tony (High School AU)

Chapter 20: Sneaking Around (to scare you)

Chapter 21: Birthday Losses

Chapter 22: Carnival

Chapter 23: Amusement Park Fun

Chapter 24: Stony Sketchbook Findings

Chapter 25: I just Wanted Pizza

Chapter 26: What's In Common

Chapter 27: The Tony Chart

Chapter 28: De-Aged Tony 

Chapter 29: Recovery

Chapter 30: Aquaphobia

Chapter 31: Needs and Wants

Chapter 32: The Anti Fight

Chapter 33: Look Alike Contest

Chapter 34: Arc Reactor Stories

Chapter 35: Pain Tolerance

Chapter 36: Kingdom AU

Chapter 37: They're Better

Chapter 38: What Happened in Siberia

Chapter 39: If Stane Won

Chapter 40: OCTony

Chapter 41: Thank Yous Needed

Chapter 42: Agent of SHIELD

Chapter 43: His Activity

Chapter 44: The Stars Give Me Panic Attacks

Chapter 45: Dragon Rider AU

Chapter 46: Super Soldier Tony

Chapter 47: He Fixes Everything

Chapter 48: Aunt Peggy

Chapter 49: Tony and the Hospital

Chapter 50: I have a Tragic Backstory Too

Chapter 51: I Need Help (But I don't Know How to Ask)

Chapter 52: I can't Hide it any Longer

Chapter 53: Two Years Ago

Chapter 54: Project in Progress (College AU)

Chapter 55: I Couldn't Read It (and now I'm Paying for It)

Chapter 56: I Gave Myself up For You

Chapter 57: Night Terrors

Chapter 58: They Never Listen

Chapter 59: I Just Need to Cry

Chapter 60: More Than Just Steve's Lost

Chapter 61: Hunted

Chapter 62: Can I trust You?

Chapter 63: Rhodey + Tony

Chapter 64: I Don't Like the Silence

Chapter 65: Gaming Tide

Chapter 66: Homelessness

Chapter 67: Introverted Tony

Chapter 68: You Need the Man

Chapter 69: Mute Tony

Chapter 70: Halloween

Chapter 71: The Hoard

Chapter 72: Panic Attack While Field Trip

Chapter 73: Amnesia

Chapter 74: Slavery (With Good Intentions)

Chapter 75: Wolf Pack

Chapter 76: Skater Boi (High School AU)

Chapter 77: Making A Come Back

Chapter 78: Shopping

Chapter 79: Flames Beyond Metal (Elemental Power AU)

Chapter 80: Thanksgiving