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The Mystic's Kiss

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*Jinxx's point of view*
         It's six o clock in the morning and I'm laying in my bed and i cant sleep for shit, last night has got to have been the worse night of my life. I woke up yesterday morning to find a note from Sammy saying its over Jinxx and i hope you made the right choice.  I look around the room to find every thing of Sam's gone and all that's left is my stuff and feel like shit to be honest. I knew i shouldn't have gone out the night before and followed her only to find my gut instincts to be true she was cheating on me. God damn I'm such a fucking fool how could I be so stupid. It hasn't even been two months since we got married and she is cheating on me. She said she loved me and that i was her everything what the fuck did i do? 
         I roll over in the bed and pull the covers over my head as the alarm clock on my phone goes off on the dresser and i reach out and make a grab for the phone only to reach over too far and fall out of the bed and onto the cold hard wood floor and freeze my self from the cold shock of it touching my skin. I think to myself today is gonna suck balls like yesterday did just my fucking luck welcome to Los Angeles Jinxx you got fucked over dude and this isn't the first time that this has happened. i think to myself as i sit up and grab my Iphone and turn off the alarm, i wish i had someone who loved me for me and not just because I'm a rock star and have a lot of money and fame.