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"Lan Zhan, you came back to me!" There it was, that sunrise smile, the one that had taken possession of Lan Zhan's heart back when they were barely more than children. The one that he'd missed every second since they'd parted, with an ache that no amount of meditation could suppress, unlike the familiar pain of his scars.

"Mn," he replied, heart filled to bursting. Lan Zhan had long ago made his peace with the fact that his love for Wei Ying was unrequited, more than content with the connection they shared, forged in pain and death, unbreakable.

Somehow Wei Ying's smile grew even brighter, and Lan Zhan couldn't stop the corners of his mouth from twitching helplessly when Wei Ying stepped closer to him. Uncharacteristically silent, Wei Ying clasped his hand in a warm grip, dark eyes boring deeply into Lan Zhan's.

"Wei Ying?" Hope bloomed in Lan Zhan's heart, like a lotus flower at Yunmeng Pier.

Wei Ying just shook his head. "No more talking."

"Mn," Lan Zhan agreed hoarsely, letting go of years of longing on a soft exhale, eyes fluttering closed as they swayed forward completely in sync - falling into a kiss, into a future together.